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Volume 36, issue 12, 2011

The complexity and challenges of determining GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions from grid electricity consumption and conservation in LCA (life cycle assessment) – A methodological review pp. 6705-6713 Downloads
Sampo Soimakallio, Juha Kiviluoma and Laura Saikku
Energy use efficiency in greenhouse tomato production in Iran pp. 6714-6719 Downloads
Reza Pahlavan, Mahmoud Omid and Asadollah Akram
Comparison between externally fired gas turbine and gasifier-gas turbine system for the olive oil industry pp. 6720-6730 Downloads
D. Vera, F. Jurado, B. de Mena and G. Schories
Experimental–theoretical methodology for determination of inertial pressure drop distribution and pore structure properties in wall-flow diesel particulate filters (DPFs) pp. 6731-6744 Downloads
F. Payri, A. Broatch, J.R. Serrano and P. Piqueras
Techno-economical analysis of a thermo-chemical biofuel plant with feedstock and product flexibility under external disturbances pp. 6745-6752 Downloads
Nannan Kou and Fu Zhao
Analysis of a pumped storage system to increase the penetration level of renewable energy in isolated power systems. Gran Canaria: A case study pp. 6753-6762 Downloads
S. Padrón, J.F. Medina and A. Rodríguez
Forecasting of peak electricity demand in Mauritius using the non-homogeneous Gompertz diffusion process pp. 6763-6769 Downloads
N.R. Badurally Adam, M.K. Elahee and M.Z. Dauhoo
Study on the use of MgAl hydrotalcites as solid heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production pp. 6770-6778 Downloads
João F.P. Gomes, Jaime F.B. Puna, Lissa M. Gonçalves and João C.M. Bordado
Choosing a standard reactor: International competition and domestic politics in Chinese nuclear policy pp. 6779-6789 Downloads
M.V. Ramana and Eri Saikawa
Comparative study of the performance of the M-cycle counter-flow and cross-flow heat exchangers for indirect evaporative cooling – Paving the path toward sustainable cooling of buildings pp. 6790-6805 Downloads
Changhong Zhan, Zhiyin Duan, Xudong Zhao, Stefan Smith, Hong Jin and Saffa Riffat
Optimal operation of an integrated energy system including fossil fuel power generation, CO2 capture and wind pp. 6806-6820 Downloads
Charles A. Kang, Adam R. Brandt and Louis J. Durlofsky
A combined thermodynamic cycle used for waste heat recovery of internal combustion engine pp. 6821-6829 Downloads
Maogang He, Xinxin Zhang, Ke Zeng and Ke Gao
Thermal performance analysis of a direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump water heater pp. 6830-6838 Downloads
X.Q. Kong, D. Zhang, Y. Li and Q.M. Yang
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of novel ejector-expansion TRCC (transcritical CO2) cascade refrigeration cycles (Novel transcritical CO2 cycle) pp. 6839-6850 Downloads
Mortaza Yari and S.M.S. Mahmoudi
Exergy, economic & environmental (3E) analysis of inlet fogging for gas turbine power plant pp. 6851-6861 Downloads
M.A. Ehyaei, A. Mozafari and M.H. Alibiglou
A modified diesel engine for natural gas operation: Performance and emission tests pp. 6862-6866 Downloads
Chedthawut Poompipatpong and Kraipat Cheenkachorn
Intermittency-friendly and high-efficiency cogeneration: Operational optimisation of cogeneration with compression heat pump, flue gas heat recovery, and intermediate cold storage pp. 6867-6878 Downloads
Morten B. Blarke and Erik Dotzauer
Power generation from a new air-based Marnoch heat engine pp. 6879-6889 Downloads
P. Saneipoor, G.F. Naterer and I. Dincer
Low-energy district heating in energy-efficient building areas pp. 6890-6899 Downloads
A. Dalla Rosa and J.E. Christensen
Availability analysis of n-heptane and natural gas blends combustion in HCCI engines pp. 6900-6909 Downloads
A.K. Amjad, R. Khoshbakhi Saray, S.M.S. Mahmoudi and A. Rahimi
VLAN auditing for preliminary assessment of after hours networked equipment electricity wastage pp. 6910-6921 Downloads
A. Schoofs, A.G. Ruzzelli and O’Hare, G.M.P.
Technology sustainability assessment of biodiesel development in South Africa: A system dynamics approach pp. 6922-6940 Downloads
Josephine K. Musango, Alan C. Brent, Bamikole Amigun, Leon Pretorius and Hans Müller
Effects of saturation medium and pressure on strength parameters of Latrobe Valley brown coal: Carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen saturations pp. 6941-6947 Downloads
M.S.A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith and M. Peter
Methods for in-cylinder EGR stratification and its effects on combustion and emission characteristics in a diesel engine pp. 6948-6959 Downloads
Seungmok Choi, Wonah Park, Sangyul Lee, Kyoungdoug Min and Hoimyung Choi
Interactions of energy technology development and new energy exploitation with water technology development in China pp. 6960-6966 Downloads
Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang
A dynamic model for the efficiency optimization of an oscillatory low grade heat engine pp. 6967-6980 Downloads
Christos N. Markides and Thomas C.B. Smith
A hybrid fuzzy mathematical programming-design of experiment framework for improvement of energy consumption estimation with small data sets and uncertainty: The cases of USA, Canada, Singapore, Pakistan and Iran pp. 6981-6992 Downloads
A. Azadeh, M. Saberi, S.M. Asadzadeh and M. Khakestani

Volume 36, issue 11, 2011

Simulation study of the production of biodiesel using feedstock mixtures of fatty acids in complex reactive distillation columns pp. 6289-6297 Downloads
Cossio-Vargas, E., S. Hernandez, Segovia-Hernandez, J.G. and Cano-Rodriguez, M.I.
Simulation–optimization of solar–thermal refrigeration systems for office use in subtropical Hong Kong pp. 6298-6307 Downloads
K.F. Fong, C.K. Lee, C.K. Chow and S.Y. Yuen
Storage and Demand Side Management as power generator’s strategic instruments to influence demand and prices pp. 6308-6317 Downloads
Natalie Prüggler, Wolfgang Prüggler and Franz Wirl
Can ‘negative net CO2 emissions’ from decarbonised biogas-to-electricity contribute to solving Poland’s carbon capture and sequestration dilemmas? pp. 6318-6325 Downloads
Wojciech Marcin Budzianowski
Hydrogen production from wind energy in Western Canada for upgrading bitumen from oil sands pp. 6326-6339 Downloads
Babatunde Olateju and Amit Kumar
An investigation on energy consumption and sensitivity analysis of soybean production farms pp. 6340-6344 Downloads
Z. Ramedani, S. Rafiee and M.D. Heidari
Energy use patterns and econometric models of grape production in Hamadan province of Iran pp. 6345-6351 Downloads
Sara Rajabi Hamedani, Alireza Keyhani and Reza Alimardani
A comprehensive life cycle analysis of cofiring algae in a coal power plant as a solution for achieving sustainable energy pp. 6352-6357 Downloads
Murat Kucukvar and Omer Tatari
Modified exergoeconomic modeling of geothermal power plants pp. 6358-6366 Downloads
C. Coskun, Z. Oktay and I. Dincer
Optimal bidding strategy in a competitive electricity market based on agent-based approach and numerical sensitivity analysis pp. 6367-6374 Downloads
M. Mahvi and M.M. Ardehali
Energy and exergy analyses of an ice-on-coil thermal energy storage system pp. 6375-6386 Downloads
Mehmet Akif Ezan, Aytunç Erek and Ibrahim Dincer
Analysis of parallel connected synchronous generators in a novel offshore wind farm model pp. 6387-6397 Downloads
E. Pican, E. Omerdic, D. Toal and M. Leahy
Measuring efficiency and productivity change in power electric generation management companies by using data envelopment analysis: A case study pp. 6398-6405 Downloads
Alireza Fallahi, Reza Ebrahimi and S.F. Ghaderi
Comparative studies of thermochemical liquefaction characteristics of microalgae using different organic solvents pp. 6406-6412 Downloads
Xingzhong Yuan, Jingyu Wang, Guangming Zeng, Huajun Huang, Xiaokai Pei, Hui Li, Zhifeng Liu and Minghui Cong
A Romanian energy system model and a nuclear reduction strategy pp. 6413-6419 Downloads
Dan-Ioan Gota, Henrik Lund and Liviu Miclea
A modified shuffle frog leaping algorithm for multi-objective optimal power flow pp. 6420-6432 Downloads
Taher Niknam, Mohammad Rasoul Narimani, Masoud Jabbari and Ahmad Reza Malekpour
Comparison of energy consumption and specific energy requirements of different methods for drying mushroom slices pp. 6433-6441 Downloads
Ali Motevali, Saeid Minaei, Mohammad Hadi Khoshtaghaza and Hamed Amirnejat
The effects of sub-critical and super-critical carbon dioxide adsorption-induced coal matrix swelling on the permeability of naturally fractured black coal pp. 6442-6450 Downloads
M.S.A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith, S.K. Choi and D. Airey
Isothermal torrefaction kinetics of hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin and xylan using thermogravimetric analysis pp. 6451-6460 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Po-Chih Kuo
Thermodynamic analysis of thermal efficiency and power of Minto engine pp. 6461-6470 Downloads
Wei He, Jingxin Hou, Yang Zhang and Jie Ji
A fundamental study on the optimal/near-optimal shape of a network for energy distribution pp. 6471-6478 Downloads
Liang Xia, Ming-yin Chan, Minglu Qu, Xiangguo Xu and Shiming Deng
Experimental study on the heat exchange effectiveness of a dry coil indirect evaporation cooler under various operating conditions pp. 6479-6489 Downloads
Min-Hwi Kim, Jin-Hyo Kim, An-Seop Choi and Jae-Weon Jeong
Multi-objective operation management of a renewable MG (micro-grid) with back-up micro-turbine/fuel cell/battery hybrid power source pp. 6490-6507 Downloads
Amjad Anvari Moghaddam, Alireza Seifi, Taher Niknam and Mohammad Reza Alizadeh Pahlavani
Planning future investments in emerging energy technologies for pulp mills considering different scenarios for their investment cost development pp. 6508-6519 Downloads
Elin Svensson and Thore Berntsson
Fuel conservation and GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions mitigation scenarios for China’s passenger vehicle fleet pp. 6520-6528 Downloads
Han Hao, Hewu Wang and Minggao Ouyang
Comparative analysis of Fischer–Tropsch and integrated gasification combined cycle biomass utilization pp. 6529-6535 Downloads
J.P. Reichling and F.A. Kulacki
Energy efficiency and econometric analysis of broiler production farms pp. 6536-6541 Downloads
M.D. Heidari, M. Omid and A. Akram
A novel seasonal decomposition based least squares support vector regression ensemble learning approach for hydropower consumption forecasting in China pp. 6542-6554 Downloads
Shuai Wang, Lean Yu, Ling Tang and Shouyang Wang
Spatial interaction models for biomass consumption in the United States pp. 6555-6558 Downloads
Sicong Wang and Shifeng Wang
Technoeconomic assessment of China’s indirect coal liquefaction projects with different CO2 capture alternatives pp. 6559-6566 Downloads
Wenji Zhou, Bing Zhu, Dingjiang Chen, Fangxian Zhao and Weiyang Fei
Stochastic optimal charging of electric-drive vehicles with renewable energy pp. 6567-6576 Downloads
Miloš Pantoš
Study on the maximum operation speeds of metro trains for energy saving as well as transport efficiency improvement pp. 6577-6582 Downloads
Xuesong Feng, Baohua Mao, Xujie Feng and Jia Feng
Impact of injection conditions on flame characteristics from a parallel multi-jet burner pp. 6583-6595 Downloads
Jianchun Mi, Pengfei Li and Chuguang Zheng
A methodology for identifying and improving occupant behavior in residential buildings pp. 6596-6608 Downloads
Yu, Zhun (Jerry), Fariborz Haghighat, Benjamin C.M. Fung, Edward Morofsky and Hiroshi Yoshino
Shale gas reservoir characterisation: A typical case in the southern Sichuan Basin of China pp. 6609-6616 Downloads
Shangbin Chen, Yanming Zhu, Hongyan Wang, Honglin Liu, Wei Wei and Junhua Fang
Second law analysis of reverse osmosis desalination plants: An alternative design using pressure retarded osmosis pp. 6617-6626 Downloads
Mostafa H. Sharqawy, Syed M. Zubair and John H. Lienhard
The impact of global oil price shocks on China’s stock returns: Evidence from the ARJI(-ht)-EGARCH model pp. 6627-6633 Downloads
Chuanguo Zhang and Xiaoqing Chen
Market power in a coal-based power generation sector: The case of Poland pp. 6634-6644 Downloads
Jacek Kamiński
Co-liquefaction behavior of a sub-bituminous coal and sawdust pp. 6645-6650 Downloads
Hengfu Shui, Chuanjun Shan, Zhengyi Cai, Zhicai Wang, Zhiping Lei, Shibiao Ren, Chunxiu Pan and Haiping Li
Performance of solar air heater ducts with different types of ribs on the absorber plate pp. 6651-6660 Downloads
Giovanni Tanda
Benchmarking the energy use of energy-intensive industries in industrialized and in developing countries pp. 6661-6673 Downloads
D. Saygin, E. Worrell, M.K. Patel and D.J. Gielen
Fluctuating renewables in a long-term climate change mitigation strategy pp. 6674-6685 Downloads
Sylvie Ludig, Markus Haller, Eva Schmid and Nico Bauer
Turkish aggregate electricity demand: An outlook to 2020 pp. 6686-6696 Downloads
Zafer Dilaver and Lester Hunt
A statistical approach to electrical storage sizing with application to the recovery of braking energy pp. 6697-6704 Downloads
V. Musolino, A. Pievatolo and E. Tironi

Volume 36, issue 10, 2011

Utilization of BA (boiler ash) as catalyst for transesterification of palm olein pp. 5791-5796 Downloads
Peng-Lim Boey, Shangeetha Ganesan, Sze-Xooi Lim, Sau-Lai Lim, Gaanty Pragas Maniam and Melati Khairuddean
A novel household refrigerator with shape-stabilized PCM (Phase Change Material) heat storage condensers: An experimental investigation pp. 5797-5804 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Bao-Jun Mei, Yi-Ning Liu, Yong-Hua Huang and Xu-Dong Yuan
Thermodynamic analysis of small-scale dimethyl ether (DME) and methanol plants based on the efficient two-stage gasifier pp. 5805-5814 Downloads
Lasse R. Clausen, Brian Elmegaard, Jesper Ahrenfeldt and Ulrik Henriksen
Experimental investigation of the hydraulic characteristics of a counter flow wet cooling tower pp. 5815-5823 Downloads
M. Lemouari, M. Boumaza and A. Kaabi
Energy and economic analysis of rice production under different farm levels in Guilan province of Iran pp. 5824-5831 Downloads
Pishgar-Komleh, S.H., P. Sefeedpari and S. Rafiee
Comparison of the performance of a spark-ignited gasoline engine blended with hydrogen and hydrogen–oxygen mixtures pp. 5832-5837 Downloads
Shuofeng Wang, Changwei Ji, Jian Zhang and Bo Zhang
A new hybrid approach for nonconvex economic dispatch problem with valve-point effect pp. 5838-5845 Downloads
Celal Yaşar and Serdar Özyön
Evaluating energy security performance from 1990 to 2010 for eighteen countries pp. 5846-5853 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool, Ishani Mukherjee, Ira Martina Drupady and D’Agostino, Anthony L.
Simulation of cavity formation in underground coal gasification using bore hole combustion experiments pp. 5854-5864 Downloads
V. Prabu and S. Jayanti
Domestic application of solar PV systems in Ireland: The reality of their economic viability pp. 5865-5876 Downloads
Zhe Li, Fergal Boyle and Anthony Reynolds
Analysis of a 50kW organic Rankine cycle system pp. 5877-5885 Downloads
Chi-Ron Kuo, Sung-Wei Hsu, Kai-Han Chang and Chi-Chuan Wang
Exergy, exergoeconomic and environmental analyses and evolutionary algorithm based multi-objective optimization of combined cycle power plants pp. 5886-5898 Downloads
Pouria Ahmadi, Ibrahim Dincer and Marc A. Rosen
Analytical model for predicting the effect of operating speed on shaft power output of Stirling engines pp. 5899-5908 Downloads
Chin-Hsiang Cheng and Hang-Suin Yang
Using LMDI method to analyze transport sector CO2 emissions in China pp. 5909-5915 Downloads
W.W. Wang, M. Zhang and M. Zhou
Getting ready for carbon capture and storage through a ‘CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) Ready Hub’: A case study of Shenzhen city in Guangdong province, China pp. 5916-5924 Downloads
Jia Li, Xi Liang and Tim Cockerill
Product generational dematerialization indicator: A case of crude oil in the global economy pp. 5925-5934 Downloads
Jadwiga R. Ziolkowska and Bozydar Ziolkowski
Optimization of an HVAC system with a strength multi-objective particle-swarm algorithm pp. 5935-5943 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak, Guanglin Xu and Fan Tang
The critical scale and section management of cascade hydropower exploitation in Southwestern China pp. 5944-5953 Downloads
Yiping Fang and Wei Deng
Energy and exergy utilization, and carbon dioxide emission in vegetable oil production pp. 5954-5967 Downloads
Mustafa Özilgen and Esra Sorgüven
A novel method for the determination of dynamic resistance for photovoltaic modules pp. 5968-5974 Downloads
Jen-Cheng Wang, Jyh-Cherng Shieh, Yu-Li Su, Kun-Chang Kuo, Yen-Wei Chang, Yu-Ting Liang, Jui-Jen Chou, Kuo-Chi Liao and Joe-Air Jiang
Integration of wind power into the British system in 2020 pp. 5975-5983 Downloads
Ngoc Anh Le and Subhes C. Bhattacharyya
Modelling renewable supply chain for electricity generation with forest, fossil, and wood-waste fuels pp. 5984-5993 Downloads
Teijo Palander
Green economy and green jobs: Myth or reality? The case of China’s power generation sector pp. 5994-6003 Downloads
Wenjia Cai, Can Wang, Jining Chen and Siqiang Wang
An experimental study of the effect of a homogeneous combustion catalyst on fuel consumption and smoke emission in a diesel engine pp. 6004-6009 Downloads
Mingming Zhu, Yu Ma and Dongke Zhang
Energy and the state of nations pp. 6010-6018 Downloads
Dietmar Lindenberger and Reiner Kümmel
Development and implementation of an optimisation model for biofuels supply chain pp. 6019-6026 Downloads
Christiana Papapostolou, Emilia Kondili and John K. Kaldellis
Operating conditions of an open and direct solar thermal Brayton cycle with optimised cavity receiver and recuperator pp. 6027-6036 Downloads
W.G. Le Roux, Bello-Ochende, T. and J.P. Meyer
Sustainability indicators for the assessment of nuclear power pp. 6037-6057 Downloads
Laurence Stamford and Adisa Azapagic
Large-scale time evaluation for energy estimation of stand-alone hybrid photovoltaic–wind system feeding a reverse osmosis desalination unit pp. 6058-6067 Downloads
Habib Cherif and Jamel Belhadj
Forecasting the diffusion of wind power in Pakistan pp. 6068-6073 Downloads
Khanji Harijan, Mohammad A. Uqaili, Mujeebuddin Memon and Umar K. Mirza
Studies on porous radiant burners for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cooking applications pp. 6074-6080 Downloads
V.K. Pantangi, Subhash C. Mishra, P. Muthukumar and Rajesh Reddy
Modelling of start-up time for high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells pp. 6081-6089 Downloads
Debanand Singdeo, Tapobrata Dey and Prakash C. Ghosh
The contribution of direct energy use for livestock breeding to the greenhouse gases emissions of Cyprus pp. 6090-6097 Downloads
Nicoletta Kythreotou, Savvas A. Tassou and Georgios Florides
A concept for storing utility-scale electrical energy in the form of latent heat pp. 6098-6109 Downloads
Richard B. Peterson
The refrigerant R1234yf in air conditioning systems pp. 6110-6120 Downloads
Claudio Zilio, J. Steven Brown, Giovanni Schiochet and Alberto Cavallini
A new method to develop typical weather years in different climates for building energy use studies pp. 6121-6129 Downloads
Liu Yang, Kevin K.W. Wan, Danny H.W. Li and Joseph C. Lam
An experimental study of the effect of water content on combustion of coal tar/water emulsion droplets pp. 6130-6137 Downloads
Shengxiang Deng and Jiemin Zhou
Flywheel rotor manufacture for rural energy storage in sub-Saharan Africa pp. 6138-6145 Downloads
R. Okou, A.B. Sebitosi and P. Pillay
Influence of direct reduced iron on the energy balance of the electric arc furnace in steel industry pp. 6146-6155 Downloads
Marcus Kirschen, Karim Badr and Herbert Pfeifer
Economic and environmental impacts of insulation in district heating pipelines pp. 6156-6164 Downloads
Yusuf Başoğul and Ali Keçebaş
Oil consumption, CO2 emission and economic growth in MENA countries pp. 6165-6171 Downloads
Usama Al-mulali
Energy harvesting, reuse and upgrade to reduce primary energy usage in the USA pp. 6172-6183 Downloads
Alexander S. Rattner and Srinivas Garimella
The influence of swirl burner structure on the gas/particle flow characteristics pp. 6184-6194 Downloads
Lingyan Zeng, Zhengqi Li, Guangbo Zhao, Jing Li, Fucheng Zhang, Shanping Shen and Lizhe Chen
Classical and minimum entropy generation analyses for steady state conduction with temperature dependent thermal conductivity and asymmetric thermal boundary conditions: Regular and functionally graded materials pp. 6195-6207 Downloads
A. Aziz and W.A. Khan
Comparison of trilateral cycles and organic Rankine cycles pp. 6208-6219 Downloads
Johann Fischer
Operating characteristics of constant-pressure compressed air energy storage (CAES) system combined with pumped hydro storage based on energy and exergy analysis pp. 6220-6233 Downloads
Y.M. Kim, D.G. Shin and D. Favrat
Mathematical modelling of a hydraulic free-piston engine considering hydraulic valve dynamics pp. 6234-6242 Downloads
Jibin Hu, Wei Wu, Shihua Yuan and Chongbo Jing
New approach to gas network modeling in unit commitment pp. 6243-6250 Downloads
Maziar Yazdani Damavandi, Iman Kiaei, Sheikh-El-Eslami, Mohamad Kazem and Hossein Seifi
Biofuels and biochemicals production from forest biomass in Western Canada pp. 6251-6262 Downloads
Susanjib Sarkar, Amit Kumar and Arifa Sultana
Coproduction of district heat and electricity or biomotor fuels pp. 6263-6277 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson and Nguyen Le Truong
Performance improvement of a butane/octane absorption chiller pp. 6278-6284 Downloads
Nihel Chekir and Ahmed Bellagi

Volume 36, issue 9, 2011

Heat transfer design in adsorption refrigeration systems for efficient use of low-grade thermal energy pp. 5425-5439 Downloads
R.Z. Wang, Z.Z. Xia, L.W. Wang, Z.S. Lu, S.L. Li, T.X. Li, J.Y. Wu and S. He
Energy recovery from high temperature slags pp. 5440-5449 Downloads
M. Barati, S. Esfahani and T.A. Utigard
Study and development of a high temperature process of multi-reformation of CH4 with CO2 for remediation of greenhouse gas pp. 5450-5459 Downloads
Chunguang Zhou, Lan Zhang, Artur Swiderski, Weihong Yang and Wlodzimierz Blasiak
Energy resources demand-supply system analysis and empirical research based on non-linear approach pp. 5460-5465 Downloads
Mei Sun, Xiaofang Wang, Ying Chen and Lixin Tian
Tillage effects on energy use for corn silage in Mediterranean Coastal of Turkey pp. 5466-5475 Downloads
Zeliha Bereket Barut, Can Ertekin and Hasan Ali Karaagac
Two energy conservation principles in convective heat transfer optimization pp. 5476-5485 Downloads
Fang Yuan and Qun Chen
Influence of spray-glow plug configuration on cold start combustion for high-speed direct injection diesel engines pp. 5486-5496 Downloads
J.V. Pastor, V. Bermúdez, García-Oliver, J.M. and Ramírez-Hernández, J.G.
Low temperature heat source for power generation: Exhaustive analysis of a carbon dioxide transcritical power cycle pp. 5497-5507 Downloads
Fredy Vélez, José Segovia, Farid Chejne, Gregorio Antolín, Ana Quijano and M. Carmen Martín
Application of the ensemble empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert transform to pedestal looseness study of direct-drive wind turbine pp. 5508-5520 Downloads
Xueli An, Dongxiang Jiang, Shaohua Li and Minghao Zhao
Effect of low temperature on the flammability limits of methane/nitrogen mixtures pp. 5521-5524 Downloads
Zhenming Li, Maoqiong Gong, Eryan Sun, Jianfeng Wu and Yuan Zhou
Choosing the site for the first wave farm in a region: A case study in the Galician Southwest (Spain) pp. 5525-5531 Downloads
G. Iglesias and R. Carballo
Influence of the management strategy and operating conditions on the performance of an adsorption chiller pp. 5532-5538 Downloads
Alessio Sapienza, Salvatore Santamaria, Andrea Frazzica and Angelo Freni
A numerical investigation of heat transfer in phase change materials (PCMs) embedded in porous metals pp. 5539-5546 Downloads
Y. Tian and C.Y. Zhao
RETRACTED: Establishment and solution of the model for loop pipeline network with multiple heat sources pp. 5547-5555 Downloads
Jie Pengfei, Zhu Neng, Na Wei and Li Deying
Dynamics of rural energy access in India: An assessment pp. 5556-5567 Downloads
P. Balachandra
Electric load forecasting by seasonal recurrent SVR (support vector regression) with chaotic artificial bee colony algorithm pp. 5568-5578 Downloads
Wei-Chiang Hong
Technical and economic analysis of electricity generation from forest, fossil, and wood-waste fuels in a Finnish heating plant pp. 5579-5590 Downloads
Teijo Palander
Assessment of energy performance and air pollutant emissions in a diesel engine generator fueled with water-containing ethanol–biodiesel–diesel blend of fuels pp. 5591-5599 Downloads
Wen-Jhy Lee, Yi-Cheng Liu, Francis Kimani Mwangi, Wei-Hsin Chen, Sheng-Lun Lin, Yasuhiro Fukushima, Chao-Ning Liao and Lin-Chi Wang
Life cycle cost analysis of a multi-storey residential Net Zero Energy Building in Denmark pp. 5600-5609 Downloads
Anna Joanna Marszal and Per Heiselberg
Do homes that are more energy efficient consume less energy?: A structural equation model of the English residential sector pp. 5610-5620 Downloads
Scott Kelly
Modeling and analysis of six-phase synchronous generator for stand-alone renewable energy generation pp. 5621-5631 Downloads
G.K. Singh
Muskmelon (Cucumis melo) seed oil: A potential non-food oil source for biodiesel production pp. 5632-5639 Downloads
Umer Rashid, Hafiz Abdul Rehman, Irshad Hussain, Muhammad Ibrahim and Muhammad Sajjad Haider
Metal requirements of low-carbon power generation pp. 5640-5648 Downloads
René Kleijn, Ester van der Voet, Gert Jan Kramer, Lauran van Oers and Coen van der Giesen
Forecasting future oil demand in Iran using GSA (Gravitational Search Algorithm) pp. 5649-5654 Downloads
M.A. Behrang, E. Assareh, M. Ghalambaz, M.R. Assari and A.R. Noghrehabadi
Effects of low pressure exhaust gas recirculation on regulated and unregulated gaseous emissions during NEDC in a light-duty diesel engine pp. 5655-5665 Downloads
Vicente Bermúdez, José M. Lujan, Benjamín Pla and Waldemar G. Linares
Proposal of a control strategy for desiccant air-conditioning systems pp. 5666-5676 Downloads
G. Panaras, E. Mathioulakis and V. Belessiotis
An interval-fuzzy two-stage stochastic programming model for planning carbon dioxide trading under uncertainty pp. 5677-5689 Downloads
M.W. Li, Y.P. Li and G.H. Huang
Development of IREOM model based on seasonally varying load profile for hilly remote areas of Uttarakhand state in India pp. 5690-5702 Downloads
Kanase-Patil, A.B., R.P. Saini and M.P. Sharma
Characteristics of co-combustion of anthracite with bituminous coal in a 200-MWe circulating fluidized bed boiler pp. 5703-5709 Downloads
Jong Min Lee, Dong Won Kim and Jae Sung Kim
An exergy based test protocol for truncated pyramid type solar box cooker pp. 5710-5715 Downloads
Naveen Kumar, G. Vishwanath and Anurag Gupta
Optimal real time pricing in an agent-based retail market using a comprehensive demand response model pp. 5716-5727 Downloads
Shaghayegh Yousefi, Mohsen Parsa Moghaddam and Vahid Johari Majd
Parametric analysis and optimization of regenerative Clausius and organic Rankine cycles with two feedwater heaters using artificial bees colony and artificial neural network pp. 5728-5740 Downloads
M.M. Rashidi, N. Galanis, F. Nazari, A. Basiri Parsa and L. Shamekhi
Performance comparison of three trigeneration systems using organic rankine cycles pp. 5741-5754 Downloads
Al-Sulaiman, Fahad A., Feridun Hamdullahpur and Ibrahim Dincer
Can reserve additions in mature crude oil provinces attenuate peak oil? pp. 5755-5764 Downloads
Samuel Okullo and Frédéric Reynès
The pricing of charging for electric vehicles in China—Dilemma and solution pp. 5765-5778 Downloads
Zhe Li and Minggao Ouyang
Potential of best practice technology to improve energy efficiency in the global chemical and petrochemical sector pp. 5779-5790 Downloads
D. Saygin, M.K. Patel, E. Worrell, C. Tam and D.J. Gielen

Volume 36, issue 8, 2011

Optimal design of plate-and-frame heat exchangers for efficient heat recovery in process industries pp. 4588-4598 Downloads
Olga P. Arsenyeva, Leonid L. Tovazhnyansky, Petro O. Kapustenko and Gennadiy L. Khavin
Model-size reduction techniques for large-scale biomass production and supply networks pp. 4599-4608 Downloads
Hon Loong Lam, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš and Zdravko Kravanja
Targeting for energy efficiency and improved energy collaboration between different companies using total site analysis (TSA) pp. 4609-4615 Downloads
Roman Hackl, Eva Andersson and Simon Harvey
Exergy analysis of an isothermal heat pump dryer pp. 4616-4624 Downloads
Will Catton, Gerry Carrington and Zhifa Sun
Targeting the optimum steam system for power generation with increased flexibility in the steam power island design pp. 4625-4632 Downloads
Barbara B. Botros and John G. Brisson
Controller tuning of district heating networks using experiment design techniques pp. 4633-4639 Downloads
László Dobos and János Abonyi
Advanced energy saving in distillation process with self-heat recuperation technology pp. 4640-4645 Downloads
Kazuo Matsuda, Kenichi Kawazuishi, Yasuki Kansha, Chihiro Fushimi, Masaki Nagao, Hiroshi Kunikiyo, Fusao Masuda and Atsushi Tsutsumi
Short cut performance method for the design of flexible cooling systems pp. 4646-4653 Downloads
Picón-Núnez, Martín, Graham T. Polley, Canizalez-Dávalos, Lázaro and Medina-Flores, José Martín
Effective biomass integration into existing combustion plant pp. 4654-4662 Downloads
Michal Touš, Martin Pavlas, Petr Stehlík and Pavel Popela
Multi-component optimisation for refinery hydrogen networks pp. 4663-4670 Downloads
Nan Jia and Nan Zhang
A techno-economic analysis of biodiesel biorefineries: Assessment of integrated designs for the co-production of fuels and chemicals pp. 4671-4683 Downloads
Anestis Vlysidis, Michael Binns, Colin Webb and Constantinos Theodoropoulos
Modeling methods for GenCo bidding strategy optimization in the liberalized electricity spot market–A state-of-the-art review pp. 4686-4700 Downloads
Gong Li, Jing Shi and Xiuli Qu
Ion transport membrane reactors for oxy-combustion – Part I: intermediate-fidelity modeling pp. 4701-4720 Downloads
N.D. Mancini and A. Mitsos
Ion transport membrane reactors for oxy-combustion–Part II: Analysis and comparison of alternatives pp. 4721-4739 Downloads
N.D. Mancini and A. Mitsos
Exergy analysis and optimization of a biomass gasification, solid oxide fuel cell and micro gas turbine hybrid system pp. 4740-4752 Downloads
Bang-Møller, C., M. Rokni and B. Elmegaard
Large-scale integration of wind power into the existing Chinese energy system pp. 4753-4760 Downloads
Wen Liu, Henrik Lund and Brian Vad Mathiesen
Applying traditional architectural rules for energy efficiency and lateral structural stiffness to an 80 story tower pp. 4761-4768 Downloads
Hatice Sozer, Raymond J. Clark and Mahjoub Elnimeiri
Fuelwood consumption patterns in Fakot watershed, Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand pp. 4769-4776 Downloads
Y.S.C. Khuman, Ranjita Pandey and K.S. Rao
Implementing of the multi-objective particle swarm optimizer and fuzzy decision-maker in exergetic, exergoeconomic and environmental optimization of a benchmark cogeneration system pp. 4777-4789 Downloads
Hoseyn Sayyaadi, Meisam Babaie and Mohammad Reza Farmani
Technical and economic feasibility study of using Micro CHP in the different climate zones of Iran pp. 4790-4798 Downloads
Fatemeh TeymouriHamzehkolaei and Sourena Sattari
Regional societal and ecosystem metabolism analysis in China: A multi-scale integrated analysis of societal metabolism(MSIASM) approach pp. 4799-4808 Downloads
Yong Geng, Ye Liu, Dan Liu, Hengxin Zhao and Bing Xue
Design study of configurations on system COP for a combined ORC (organic Rankine cycle) and VCC (vapor compression cycle) pp. 4809-4820 Downloads
Hailei Wang, Richard Peterson and Tom Herron
Financial viability and eco-efficiency of the solar home systems (SHS) in Bangladesh pp. 4821-4827 Downloads
Sayan Chakrabarty and Tawhidul Islam
CRS4-2: A numerical code for the calculation of the solar power collected in a central receiver system pp. 4828-4837 Downloads
Erminia Leonardi and D’Aguanno, Bruno
Using thermally coupled reactive distillation columns in biodiesel production pp. 4838-4847 Downloads
Nghi Nguyen and Yaşar Demirel
Improvement of estimation of surge arrester parameters by using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization pp. 4848-4854 Downloads
M. Nafar, G.B. Gharehpetian and T. Niknam
A new approach for predicting cooling degree-hours and energy requirements in buildings pp. 4855-4863 Downloads
Z. Oktay, C. Coskun and I. Dincer
Entropy generation analysis of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) with a fermat spiral as a flow distributor pp. 4864-4870 Downloads
Rangel-Hernandez, V.H., Damian-Ascencio, C., Juarez-Robles, D., Gallegos-Muñoz, A., Zaleta-Aguilar, A. and Plascencia-Mora, H.
Crude palm oil fuel for diesel-engines: Experimental and ANN simulation approaches pp. 4871-4878 Downloads
T.F. Yusaf, B.F. Yousif and M.M. Elawad
Heatline based thermal management for natural convection within right-angled porous triangular enclosures with various thermal conditions of walls pp. 4879-4896 Downloads
R. Anandalakshmi, Ram Satish Kaluri and Tanmay Basak
Cold recovery during regasification of LNG part two: Applications in an Agro Food Industry and a Hypermarket pp. 4897-4908 Downloads
Vincenzo La Rocca
A numerical investigation of entropy generation in the entrance region of curved pipes at constant wall temperature pp. 4909-4918 Downloads
E. Amani and M.R.H. Nobari
The Darrieus wind turbine: Proposal for a new performance prediction model based on CFD pp. 4919-4934 Downloads
Marco Raciti Castelli, Alessandro Englaro and Ernesto Benini
A risk-averse optimization model for trading wind energy in a market environment under uncertainty pp. 4935-4942 Downloads
H.M.I. Pousinho, V.M.F. Mendes and J.P.S. Catalão
On effect of wind speed on passive solar still performance based on inner/outer surface temperatures of the glass cover pp. 4943-4949 Downloads
El-Sebaii, A.A.
Assessment of different configurations for combined parabolic-trough (PT) solar power and desalination plants in arid regions pp. 4950-4958 Downloads
Patricia Palenzuela, Guillermo Zaragoza, Alarcón-Padilla, Diego C., Elena Guillén, Mercedes Ibarra and Julián Blanco
The value of compressed air energy storage in energy and reserve markets pp. 4959-4973 Downloads
Easan Drury, Paul Denholm and Ramteen Sioshansi
CO2 mineral sequestration mechanisms and capacity of saline aquifers of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Central Europe) - Modeling and experimental verification pp. 4974-4982 Downloads
Krzysztof Labus and Petr Bujok
Experimental study of combustion noise radiation during transient turbocharged diesel engine operation pp. 4983-4995 Downloads
Evangelos G. Giakoumis, Athanasios M. Dimaratos and Constantine D. Rakopoulos
A network-based modeling framework for stakeholder analysis of China’s energy conservation campaign pp. 4996-5003 Downloads
Feng Fu, Wen Feng, Zheng Li, Edward F. Crawley and Weidou Ni
A new approach for multi-agent coalition formation and management in the scope of electricity markets pp. 5004-5015 Downloads
T. Pinto, H. Morais, P. Oliveira, Z. Vale, I. Praça and C. Ramos
Electric power generation based on variable speed wind turbine under load disturbance pp. 5016-5026 Downloads
Abdelkarim Masmoudi, Achraf Abdelkafi and Lotfi Krichen
The geothermal characteristics of the ground and the potential of using ground coupled heat pumps in Cyprus pp. 5027-5036 Downloads
G.A. Florides, P.D. Pouloupatis, S. Kalogirou, V. Messaritis, I. Panayides, Z. Zomeni, G. Partasides, A. Lizides, E. Sophocleous and K. Koutsoumpas
Effectiveness of single and multiple energy retrofit measures on the energy consumption of office buildings pp. 5037-5052 Downloads
S.E. Chidiac, E.J.C. Catania, E. Morofsky and S. Foo
Heat transfer and friction factor correlations of solar air heater ducts artificially roughened with discrete V-down ribs pp. 5053-5064 Downloads
Sukhmeet Singh, Subhash Chander and J.S. Saini
Entropy generation due to natural convection in discretely heated porous square cavities pp. 5065-5080 Downloads
Ram Satish Kaluri and Tanmay Basak
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow generated in baffled stirred vessels equipped with three different turbines in one and two-stage system pp. 5081-5093 Downloads
M. Ammar, W. Chtourou, Z. Driss and M.S. Abid
Modeling the CO2 emissions, energy use, and economic growth in Russia pp. 5094-5100 Downloads
Hsiao-Tien Pao, Hsiao-Cheng Yu and Yeou-Herng Yang
Energy utilization and carbon dioxide emission in the fresh, paste, whole-peeled, diced, and juiced tomato production processes pp. 5101-5110 Downloads
Ahmet Karakaya and Mustafa Özilgen
Impacts of carbon motivated border tax adjustments on competitiveness across regions in China pp. 5111-5118 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Aijun Li
Optimum heat storage design for heat integrated multipurpose batch plants pp. 5119-5131 Downloads
Jane Stamp and Thokozani Majozi
Development of energy efficient porous medium burners on surface and submerged combustion modes pp. 5132-5139 Downloads
M. Abdul Mujeebu, M.Z. Abdullah and A.A. Mohamad
Determination and modelling of energy consumption in wheat production using neural networks: “A case study in Canterbury province, New Zealand” pp. 5140-5147 Downloads
M. Safa and S. Samarasinghe
Techno-economical optimization of hybrid pv/wind/battery system using Neuro-Fuzzy pp. 5148-5153 Downloads
R.K. Rajkumar, V.K. Ramachandaramurthy, B.L. Yong and D.B. Chia
Simulating the dust effect on the energy performance of photovoltaic generators based on experimental measurements pp. 5154-5161 Downloads
J.K. Kaldellis and M. Kapsali
Fuel life cycle emissions for electricity consumption in the world’s gaming center–Macao SAR, China pp. 5162-5168 Downloads
Wai Ming To, T.M. Lai and W.L. Chung
Comparative cost analysis of algal oil production for biofuels pp. 5169-5179 Downloads
Amy Sun, Ryan Davis, Meghan Starbuck, Ben-Amotz, Ami, Ron Pate and Philip T. Pienkos
Generation expansion planning (GEP) – A long-term approach using system dynamics and genetic algorithms (GAs) pp. 5180-5199 Downloads
Adelino J.C. Pereira and João Tomé Saraiva
Operation method study based on the energy balance of an independent microgrid using solar-powered water electrolyzer and an electric heat pump pp. 5200-5213 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya, Seizi Watanabe and Balaji Rengarajan
Three-dimensional transient cooling simulations of a portable electronic device using PCM (phase change materials) in multi-fin heat sink pp. 5214-5224 Downloads
Yi-Hsien Wang and Yue-Tzu Yang
Multi stage flash desalination plant with brine–feed mixing and cooling pp. 5225-5232 Downloads
Majed M. Alhazmy
Chillers energy consumption, energy savings and emission analysis in an institutional buildings pp. 5233-5238 Downloads
R. Saidur, M. Hasanuzzaman, T.M.I. Mahlia, N.A. Rahim and H.A. Mohammed
Thermodynamic analysis of high-temperature regenerative organic Rankine cycles using siloxanes as working fluids pp. 5239-5249 Downloads
F.J. Fernández, M.M. Prieto and I. Suárez
Experimental and analytical study on thermoelectric self cooling of devices pp. 5250-5260 Downloads
A. Martínez, D. Astrain and A. Rodríguez
On the performances of a hybrid air-conditioning system in different climatic conditions pp. 5261-5273 Downloads
Stefano Bergero and Anna Chiari
Development of a gas turbine performance analysis program and its application pp. 5274-5285 Downloads
Jong Jun Lee, Do Won Kang and Tong Seop Kim
Carbon monoxide, dinitrogen and carbon dioxide adsorption on zeolite H-Beta: IR spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies pp. 5286-5291 Downloads
Montserrat Rodriguez Delgado and Carlos Otero Arean
Experimental studies on a ground coupled heat pump with solar thermal collectors for space heating pp. 5292-5300 Downloads
Chen Xi, Yang Hongxing, Lu Lin, Wang Jinggang and Liu Wei
Development of cogeneration in Germany: A mean-variance portfolio analysis of individual technology’s prospects in view of the new regulatory framework pp. 5301-5313 Downloads
Günther Westner and Reinhard Madlener
Effect of oxy-fuel combustion with steam addition on coal ignition and burnout in an entrained flow reactor pp. 5314-5319 Downloads
J. Riaza, L. Álvarez, M.V. Gil, C. Pevida, J.J. Pis and F. Rubiera
Calculating exergy in flowsheeting simulators: A HYSYS implementation pp. 5320-5327 Downloads
Abdollahi-Demneh, Farzad, Mohammad Ali Moosavian, Mohammad Reza Omidkhah and Hossein Bahmanyar
Effect of biodiesel origin on regulated and particle-bound PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) emissions from a Euro 4 passenger car pp. 5328-5337 Downloads
Georgios Karavalakis, Evangelos Bakeas, Georgios Fontaras and Stamos Stournas
Thermo-oxidative characterization and kinetics of tar sands pp. 5338-5342 Downloads
Mustafa Versan KOK
Conceptualizing and measuring energy security: A synthesized approach pp. 5343-5355 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool and Ishani Mukherjee
Generation of synthetic daily global solar radiation data based on ERA-Interim reanalysis and artificial neural networks pp. 5356-5365 Downloads
Linares-Rodríguez, Alvaro, Ruiz-Arias, José Antonio, Pozo-Vázquez, David and Tovar-Pescador, Joaquín
Optimization with constraints for excitation control in synchronous generators pp. 5366-5373 Downloads
A.E. Leon, J.A. Solsona, J.L. Figueroa and M.I. Valla
Demand response in electrical energy supply: An optimal real time pricing approach pp. 5374-5384 Downloads
P. Faria and Z. Vale
Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of biodiesel fuelled variable compression ratio engine pp. 5385-5393 Downloads
K. Muralidharan, D. Vasudevan and K.N. Sheeba
Study on energy efficiency in corn production of Iran pp. 5394-5402 Downloads
Narges Banaeian and Morteza Zangeneh
The influence of seed and oil storage on the acid levels of rubber seed oil, derived from Hevea brasiliensis grown in Xishuangbanna, China pp. 5403-5408 Downloads
Yixin Zhu, Jianchu Xu and Peter E. Mortimer
Long term storage stability of Jatropha curcas biodiesel pp. 5409-5415 Downloads
Siddharth Jain and M.P. Sharma
Viscous dissipation effect on entropy generation in curved square microchannels pp. 5416-5423 Downloads
Jiangfeng Guo, Mingtian Xu, Jun Cai and Xiulan Huai

Volume 36, issue 7, 2011

Performances of a heat exchanger and pilot boiler for the development of a condensing gas boiler pp. 3945-3951 Downloads
Seungro Lee, Sung-Min Kum and Chang-Eon Lee
Analysis and characterization of an optical fiber for Carrol–Water liquid pair pp. 3952-3958 Downloads
Basurto-Pensado, M.A., R.J. Romero, Sánchez-Mondragón, J.J. and Dorantes-Romero, D.
Characteristics of heat dissipation from photovoltaic cells on the bottom wall of a horizontal cabinet to ambient natural convective air stream pp. 3959-3967 Downloads
Y.L. Tsay, J.C. Cheng, H.F. Hong and Z.H. Shih
Assessment of the benefits of numerical weather predictions in wind power forecasting based on statistical methods pp. 3968-3978 Downloads
Maria Grazia De Giorgi, Antonio Ficarella and Marco Tarantino
Forecasting the differences between various commercial oil prices in the Persian Gulf region by neural network pp. 3979-3984 Downloads
Kamyar Movagharnejad, Bahman Mehdizadeh, Morteza Banihashemi and Masoud Sheikhi Kordkheili
A new scheme for cooling tower water conservation in arid-zone countries pp. 3985-3991 Downloads
Al-Bassam, E. and G.P. Maheshwari
Theoretical and experimental investigation on the application of solar water heater coupled with air humidifier for regeneration of liquid desiccant pp. 3992-4001 Downloads
A.S. Alosaimy and Ahmed M. Hamed
Thermodynamic performance assessment of wind energy systems: An application pp. 4002-4010 Downloads
Adel Mohammed Redha, Ibrahim Dincer and Mohamed Gadalla
Model of a total momentum filtered energy selective electron heat pump affected by heat leakage and its performance characteristics pp. 4011-4018 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Zemin Ding and Fengrui Sun
Optimal waste heat recovery and reuse in industrial zones pp. 4019-4031 Downloads
Mirko Z. Stijepovic and Patrick Linke
A simulation study on the enhancement of the shift reaction by water injection into a gasifier pp. 4032-4040 Downloads
F. Kiso and M. Matsuo
Concentrator performance within a centrally fuel-rich primary air burner: Influence of multiple levels pp. 4041-4047 Downloads
Zhichao Chen, Zhengqi Li, Qunyi Zhu, Lianjie Yang and Lizhe Chen
Investigation into topping cycle: Thermal efficiency with and without presence of thermoelectric generator pp. 4048-4054 Downloads
A.Z. Sahin, B.S. Yilbas, S.Z. Shuja and O. Momin
Cloud classification in a mediterranean location using radiation data and sky images pp. 4055-4062 Downloads
Martínez-Chico, M., F.J. Batlles and J.L. Bosch
Thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen rich synthetic gas generation from fluidized bed gasification of rice husk pp. 4063-4071 Downloads
Chanchal Loha, Himadri Chattopadhyay and Pradip K. Chatterjee
Thermodynamic information system for diagnosis and prognosis of power plant operation condition pp. 4072-4079 Downloads
J.A.M. Silva, O.J. Venturini, E.E.S. Lora, A.F. Pinho and J.J.C.S. Santos
A novel analytical transient heat-conduction time function for heat transfer in steam injection wells considering the wellbore heat capacity pp. 4080-4088 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Yong-Hua Huang, De-Tang Lu and Hong-Ru Yin
Development of a mathematical model for predicting water vapor mass generated in micro-explosion pp. 4089-4096 Downloads
Hirotatsu Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Takuji Harada, Hideyuki Aoki and Takatoshi Miura
Technoeconomic assessment of ethanol production via thermochemical conversion of biomass by entrained flow gasification pp. 4097-4108 Downloads
A.L. Villanueva Perales, C. Reyes Valle, P. Ollero and Gómez-Barea, A.
Improvement of an existing solar powered absorption cooling system by means of dynamic simulation and experimental diagnosis pp. 4109-4118 Downloads
F. Palacín, C. Monné and S. Alonso
A general methodology for energy comparison of intermediate configurations in two-stage vapour compression refrigeration systems pp. 4119-4124 Downloads
E. Torrella, J.A. Larumbe, R. Cabello, R. Llopis and D. Sanchez
An adsorption air conditioning system to integrate with the recent development of emission control for heavy-duty vehicles pp. 4125-4135 Downloads
Yongfang Zhong, Tiegang Fang and Kevin L. Wert
Comparison of performance of a Greener direct-injection stratified-charge (DISC) engine with a spark-ignition engine using a simplified model pp. 4136-4143 Downloads
Yousef S.H. Najjar
Integral indicator of ecological impact of the Croatian thermal power plants pp. 4144-4149 Downloads
Vadim Strijov, Goran Granić, Željko Jurić, Branka Jelavić and Sandra Antešević Maričić
An experimental study of a cylindrical multi-hole premixed burner for the development of a condensing gas boiler pp. 4150-4157 Downloads
Seungro Lee, Sung-Min Kum and Chang-Eon Lee
The effects of oil prices on inflation, interest rates and money pp. 4158-4164 Downloads
Man-Hwa Wu and Yen-Sen Ni
Causal relationship between energy consumption (EC) and GDP: A Markov-switching (MS) causality pp. 4165-4170 Downloads
Firouz Fallahi
Optimal heat distribution in the internally heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC) pp. 4171-4181 Downloads
B. Suphanit
Analysis of coffee cut-stems (CCS) as raw material for fuel ethanol production pp. 4182-4190 Downloads
Cristian F. Triana, Julián A. Quintero, Roberto A. Agudelo, Carlos A. Cardona and Juan C. Higuita
Recommendations for implementation of energy strategy of the Republic of Croatia pp. 4191-4206 Downloads
Daria Karasalihović Sedlar, Lidia Hrnčević and Igor Dekanić
Integrated evaluation of radiative heating systems for residential buildings pp. 4207-4215 Downloads
Dimitrios Anastaselos, Ifigeneia Theodoridou, Agis M. Papadopoulos and Manfred Hegger
Performance comparison between partial oxidation and methane steam reforming processes for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) micro combined heat and power (CHP) system pp. 4216-4226 Downloads
Vincenzo Liso, Anders Christian Olesen, Mads Pagh Nielsen and Søren Knudsen Kær
Modeling the relationship between energy consumption and economy development in China pp. 4227-4234 Downloads
Jing Zhang, Shihuai Deng, Fei Shen, Xinyao Yang, Guodong Liu, Hang Guo, Yuanwei Li, Xiao Hong, Yanzong Zhang, Hong Peng, Xiaohong Zhang, Li Li and Yingjun Wang
A linear diversity constraint – Application to scheduling in microgrids pp. 4235-4243 Downloads
Pavan Kumar Naraharisetti, I.A. Karimi, Abhay Anand and Dong-Yup Lee
Market-based congestion management in electric power systems with increased share of natural gas dependent power plants pp. 4244-4255 Downloads
Miloš Pantoš
The stationary of energy consumption for Turkish disaggregate data by employing linear and nonlinear unit root tests pp. 4256-4258 Downloads
Alper Aslan and Hakan Kum
Medium-term electric load forecasting using singular value decomposition pp. 4259-4271 Downloads
Abu-Shikhah, Nazih and Fawwaz Elkarmi
The thermodynamic basis of entransy and entransy dissipation pp. 4272-4277 Downloads
Mingtian Xu
Primary energy savings through thermal storage in district heating networks pp. 4278-4286 Downloads
Vittorio Verda and Francesco Colella
Identification of the building parameters that influence heating and cooling energy loads for apartment buildings in hot-humid climates pp. 4287-4296 Downloads
Yusuf Yıldız and Zeynep Durmuş Arsan
Life cycle assessment of a micromorph photovoltaic system pp. 4297-4306 Downloads
Mirko Bravi, Maria Laura Parisi, Enzo Tiezzi and Riccardo Basosi
Analysis of electrical motors load factors and energy savings in an Indian cement industry pp. 4307-4314 Downloads
M. Thirugnanasambandam, M. Hasanuzzaman, R. Saidur, M.B. Ali, S. Rajakarunakaran, D. Devaraj and N.A. Rahim
Modeling Lebanon’s electricity sector: Alternative scenarios and their implications pp. 4315-4326 Downloads
Leila Dagher and Isabella Ruble
The performance analysis and multi-objective optimization of a typical alkaline fuel cell pp. 4327-4332 Downloads
Houcheng Zhang, Guoxing Lin and Jincan Chen
An analysis of used lubricant recycling, energy utilization and its environmental benefit in Taiwan pp. 4333-4339 Downloads
Wen-Tien Tsai
Conceptualizing and evaluating best practices in electricity and water regulatory governance pp. 4340-4352 Downloads
Darryl S.L. Jarvis and Benjamin K. Sovacool
Combustion characteristics of a charcoal slurry in a direct injection diesel engine and the impact on the injection system performance pp. 4353-4371 Downloads
Valentin Soloiu, Jeffery Lewis, Yoshinobu Yoshihara and Kazuie Nishiwaki
Assessment of a stand-alone gradual capacity reverse osmosis desalination plant to adapt to wind power availability: A case study pp. 4372-4384 Downloads
Baltasar Peñate, Fernando Castellano, Alejandro Bello and García-Rodríguez, Lourdes
Thermodynamic assessment of hydrogen production and cobalt oxidation susceptibility under ethanol reforming conditions pp. 4385-4395 Downloads
C.N. de Ávila, C.E. Hori and A.J. de Assis
Energy efficiency actions related to the rollout of smart meters for small consumers, application to the Austrian system pp. 4396-4409 Downloads
Luis Olmos, Sophia Ruester, Siok-Jen Liong and Jean-Michel Glachant
Chelating agent assisted heat treatment of carbon supported cobalt oxide nanoparticle for use as cathode catalyst of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) pp. 4410-4414 Downloads
Chia-Hung Huang, Shyh-Jiun Liu and Weng-Sing Hwang
Property modification of jatropha oil biodiesel by blending with other biodiesels or adding antioxidants pp. 4415-4421 Downloads
Yi-Hung Chen, Jhih-Hong Chen, Yu-Min Luo, Neng-Chou Shang, Cheng-Hsin Chang, Ching-Yuan Chang, Pen-Chi Chiang and Je-Lueng Shie
Exergoeconomic assessment of a geothermal assisted high temperature steam electrolysis system pp. 4422-4433 Downloads
Mehmet Kanoglu, Abdulkadir Ayanoglu and Aysegul Abusoglu
Electricity market auction settings in a future Danish electricity system with a high penetration of renewable energy sources – A comparison of marginal pricing and pay-as-bid pp. 4434-4444 Downloads
Steffen Nielsen, Peter Sorknæs and Poul Alberg Østergaard
Summoning earth and fire: The energy development implications of Grameen Shakti (GS) in Bangladesh pp. 4445-4459 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool and Ira Martina Drupady
Candidate radial-inflow turbines and high-density working fluids for geothermal power systems pp. 4460-4467 Downloads
Emilie Sauret and Andrew S. Rowlands
EUE (energy use efficiency) of cropping systems for a sustainable agriculture pp. 4468-4481 Downloads
Francesco Alluvione, Barbara Moretti, Dario Sacco and Carlo Grignani
Offshore wind energy potential in China: Under technical, spatial and economic constraints pp. 4482-4491 Downloads
Lixuan Hong and Bernd Möller
Comparative assessment of alternative cycles for waste heat recovery and upgrade pp. 4492-4504 Downloads
Adrienne B. Little and Srinivas Garimella
The effect of missing data on wind resource estimation pp. 4505-4517 Downloads
Aidan Coville, Afzal Siddiqui and Klaus-Ole Vogstad
Ethylene separation by feed-splitting from light gases pp. 4518-4523 Downloads
Daniel Salerno, Arellano-Garcia, Harvey and Günter Wozny
Experimental and numerical analysis of electrical metal foam heater pp. 4524-4530 Downloads
Karima E. Amori and Hussein Alwan Laibi
Heat transfer and friction in solar air heater duct with W-shaped rib roughness on absorber plate pp. 4531-4541 Downloads
Atul Lanjewar, J.L. Bhagoria and R.M. Sarviya
Pressure and temperature preservation techniques for gas-hydrate-bearing sediments sampling pp. 4542-4551 Downloads
Haiyan Zhu, Qinqyou Liu, Jingen Deng, Guorong Wang, Xiaohua Xiao, Zhenglu Jiang and Deyu Zhang
Production capacity estimation by reservoir numerical simulation of northwest (NW) Sabalan geothermal field, Iran pp. 4552-4569 Downloads
Younes Noorollahi and Ryuichi Itoi
A new type of district heating system based on distributed absorption heat pumps pp. 4570-4576 Downloads
Yan Li, Lin Fu, Shigang Zhang and Xiling Zhao
Thermodynamics of n-type extrinsic semiconductors pp. 4577-4584 Downloads
M.P. Mazzeo and L. Restuccia

Volume 36, issue 6, 2011

The ECOS 2009 World Energy Panel: An introduction to the Panel and to the present (2009) situation in sustainable energy development pp. 3620-3628 Downloads
Noam Lior
Energy consumption and related CO2 emissions in five Latin American countries: Changes from 1990 to 2006 and perspectives pp. 3629-3638 Downloads
Claudia Sheinbaum, Belizza J. Ruíz and Leticia Ozawa
The energy situation and its sustainable development strategy in China pp. 3639-3649 Downloads
Na Zhang, Noam Lior and Hongguang Jin
India’s energy needs and low carbon options pp. 3650-3658 Downloads
Jyoti Parikh and Kirit Parikh
Does biodiesel make sense? pp. 3659-3666 Downloads
Luiz A.H. Nogueira
The potential contribution of thermo power plants in the Brazilian electric sector pp. 3667-3674 Downloads
Cláudio P. Pinto and Arnaldo Walter
Synthesis and parameter optimization of a combined sugar and ethanol production process integrated with a CHP system pp. 3675-3690 Downloads
Matteo Morandin, Andrea Toffolo, Andrea Lazzaretto, François Maréchal, Adriano V. Ensinas and Silvia A. Nebra
Improving bioethanol production from sugarcane: evaluation of distillation, thermal integration and cogeneration systems pp. 3691-3703 Downloads
Marina O.S. Dias, Marcelo Modesto, Adriano V. Ensinas, Silvia A. Nebra, Rubens Maciel Filho and Carlos E.V. Rossell
Combined production of sugar, ethanol and electricity: Thermoeconomic and environmental analysis and optimization pp. 3704-3715 Downloads
Luiz Felipe Pellegrini and Silvio de Oliveira Junior
A LCA (life cycle assessment) of the methanol production from sugarcane bagasse pp. 3716-3726 Downloads
Maria Luiza Grillo Renó, Electo Eduardo Silva Lora, José Carlos Escobar Palacio, Osvaldo José Venturini, Jens Buchgeister and Oscar Almazan
Two performance indicators for the characterization of the entropy production in a process unit pp. 3727-3732 Downloads
L.V. van der Ham, J. Gross and S. Kjelstrup
Application of the exergy method to the environmental impact estimation: The nitric acid production as a case study pp. 3733-3744 Downloads
Kirova-Yordanova, Zornitza
The crepuscular planet. A model for the exhausted atmosphere and hydrosphere pp. 3745-3753 Downloads
Antonio Valero, Andrés Agudelo and Alicia Valero
The relative contribution of waste heat from power plants to global warming pp. 3754-3762 Downloads
R. Zevenhoven and A. Beyene
The environmental impact of post-combustion CO2 capture with MEA, with aqueous ammonia, and with an aqueous ammonia-ethanol mixture for a coal-fired power plant pp. 3763-3770 Downloads
R. Strube, G. Pellegrini and G. Manfrida
Comparative evaluation of LNG – based cogeneration systems using advanced exergetic analysis pp. 3771-3778 Downloads
T. Morosuk and G. Tsatsaronis
Optimal synthesis of trigeneration systems subject to environmental constraints pp. 3779-3790 Downloads
Monica Carvalho, Luis Maria Serra and Miguel Angel Lozano
Proposal and analysis of a dual-purpose system integrating a chemically recuperated gas turbine cycle with thermal seawater desalination pp. 3791-3803 Downloads
Chending Luo, Na Zhang, Noam Lior and Hu Lin
Comparison of carbon capture IGCC with pre-combustion decarbonisation and with chemical-looping combustion pp. 3804-3815 Downloads
B. Erlach, M. Schmidt and G. Tsatsaronis
Optimal sizing of residential gas engine cogeneration system for power interchange operation from energy-saving viewpoint pp. 3816-3824 Downloads
Tetsuya Wakui and Ryohei Yokoyama
Exergy analysis of biomass-to-synthetic natural gas (SNG) process via indirect gasification of various biomass feedstock pp. 3825-3837 Downloads
Caecilia R. Vitasari, Martin Jurascik and Krzysztof J. Ptasinski
Theoretical and experimental investigation of biomass gasification process in a fixed bed gasifier pp. 3838-3845 Downloads
P. Plis and R.K. Wilk
Assessment of the rice husk lean-combustion in a bubbling fluidized bed for the production of amorphous silica-rich ash pp. 3846-3854 Downloads
Juan Daniel Martínez, Tatiana Pineda, Juan Pablo López and Mariluz Betancur
Availability analysis of heat recovery steam generators used in thermal power plants pp. 3855-3870 Downloads
F.J.G. Carazas, C.H. Salazar and G.F.M. Souza
Qualitative analysis of a thermo mechanical pulp and paper mill using advanced composite curves pp. 3871-3877 Downloads
Pekka Ruohonen and Pekka Ahtila
Thermoeconomic analysis of a low-temperature multi-effect thermal desalination system coupled with an absorption heat pump pp. 3878-3887 Downloads
Yongqing Wang and Noam Lior
Design of water and energy networks using temperature–concentration diagrams pp. 3888-3896 Downloads
Martínez-Patiño, Jesús, Picón-Núñez, Martín, Luis M. Serra and Vittorio Verda
Organic solid waste originating from the meat processing industry as an alternative energy source pp. 3897-3906 Downloads
Elaine Virmond, Robson L. Schacker, Waldir Albrecht, Chtistine A. Althoff, Maurício de Souza, Regina F.P.M. Moreira and Humberto J. José
Heat release and engine performance effects of soybean oil ethyl ester blending into diesel fuel pp. 3907-3916 Downloads
Andre Valente Bueno, José Antonio Velásquez and Luiz Fernando Milanez
Durability studies of mono-cylinder compression ignition engines operating with diesel, soy and castor oil methyl esters pp. 3917-3923 Downloads
P.R. Wander, C.R. Altafini, A.L. Colombo and S.C. Perera
Biodiesel/mineral diesel fuel mixtures: Spray evolution and engine performance and emissions characterization pp. 3924-3932 Downloads
Gerardo Valentino, Luigi Allocca, Stefano Iannuzzi and Alessandro Montanaro
A hybrid multi-level optimization approach for the dynamic synthesis/design and operation/control under uncertainty of a fuel cell system pp. 3933-3943 Downloads
Kihyung Kim, Michael R. von Spakovsky, M. Wang and Douglas J. Nelson

Volume 36, issue 5, 2011

Numerical study of evaporation by mixed convection of a binary liquid film pp. 2316-2327 Downloads
Abdelaziz Nasr, Chokri Debbissi Hfaiedh and Sassi Ben Nasrallah
Hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass: A review of subcritical water technologies pp. 2328-2342 Downloads
Saqib Sohail Toor, Lasse Rosendahl and Andreas Rudolf
Comparative studies on fly ash coated low heat rejection diesel engine on performance and emission characteristics fueled by rice bran and pongamia methyl ester and their blend with diesel pp. 2343-2351 Downloads
M. MohamedMusthafa, S.P. Sivapirakasam and M. Udayakumar
Optimum conditions for maximising pyrolysis liquids of oil palm empty fruit bunches pp. 2352-2359 Downloads
F. Sulaiman and N. Abdullah
Modeling and optimization of the chamber of OWC system pp. 2360-2366 Downloads
Nader Dizadji and Seyed Ehsan Sajadian
Energy inputs and crop yield relationship in potato production in Hamadan province of Iran pp. 2367-2371 Downloads
Sara Rajabi Hamedani, Zeinab Shabani and Shahin Rafiee
Performance analysis of humid air turbine cycle with solar energy for methanol decomposition pp. 2372-2380 Downloads
Hongbin Zhao and Pengxiu Yue
Heat exchanger networks retrofit with considering pressure drop by coupling genetic algorithm with LP (linear programming) and ILP (integer linear programming) methods pp. 2381-2391 Downloads
Hadi Soltani and Sirous Shafiei
Integrated battery controller for distributed energy system pp. 2392-2398 Downloads
Vasudeo Virulkar, Mohan Aware and Mohan Kolhe
Solid desiccant air-conditioning systems – Design parameters pp. 2399-2406 Downloads
G. Panaras, E. Mathioulakis and V. Belessiotis
Method for optimal design of pipes for low-energy district heating, with focus on heat losses pp. 2407-2418 Downloads
A. Dalla Rosa, H. Li and S. Svendsen
A sectoral decomposition analysis of Turkish CO2 emissions over 1990–2007 pp. 2419-2433 Downloads
Gürkan Kumbaroğlu
Estimation of maximum steam pressure by a mathematical linear technique pp. 2434-2439 Downloads
Anita Kovač Kralj
Multi-objective optimization of HVAC system with an evolutionary computation algorithm pp. 2440-2449 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak, Fan Tang and Guanglin Xu
Modeling and forecasting the CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and economic growth in Brazil pp. 2450-2458 Downloads
Hsiao-Tien Pao and Chung-Ming Tsai
Life cycle assessment of the offshore wind farm alpha ventus pp. 2459-2464 Downloads
Hermann-Josef Wagner, Christoph Baack, Timo Eickelkamp, Alexa Epe, Jessica Lohmann and Stefanie Troy
Determination of cycle number for real in-cylinder pressure cycle analysis in internal combustion engines pp. 2465-2472 Downloads
M. Akif Ceviz, Bülent Çavuşoğlu, Ferhat Kaya and İ. Volkan Öner
A life cycle approach to Green Public Procurement of building materials and elements: A case study on windows pp. 2473-2482 Downloads
Mario Tarantini, Arianna Dominici Loprieno and Pier Luigi Porta
Identification of congestion and valuation of transport infrastructures in the European natural gas market pp. 2483-2492 Downloads
Stefan Lochner
Hydrogen generation by aluminum corrosion in aqueous alkaline solutions of inorganic promoters: The AlHidrox process pp. 2493-2501 Downloads
Jorge Macanás, Lluís Soler, Angélica María Candela, Maria Muñoz and Juan Casado
Community perspectives on the introduction of biodiesel production in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa pp. 2502-2508 Downloads
B. Amigun, J.K. Musango and A.C. Brent
Field analysis of solar PV-based collective systems for rural electrification pp. 2509-2516 Downloads
P. Díaz, R. Peña, J. Muñoz, C.A. Arias and D. Sandoval
Experimental characterisation and modelling of thin layer direct solar drying of Amelie and Brooks mangoes pp. 2517-2527 Downloads
A.O. Dissa, D.J. Bathiebo, H. Desmorieux, O. Coulibaly and J. Koulidiati
Power generation from medium temperature geothermal resources: ANN-based optimization of Kalina cycle system-34 pp. 2528-2534 Downloads
Oguz Arslan
Second law analysis of wind turbine power plants: Cesme, Izmir example pp. 2535-2542 Downloads
Omer Baskut, Onder Ozgener and Leyla Ozgener
Modeling and simulation of solar collector/regenerator for liquid desiccant cooling systems pp. 2543-2550 Downloads
Donggen Peng and Xiaosong Zhang
Evaluating and ranking energy performance of office buildings using Grey relational analysis pp. 2551-2556 Downloads
Wen-Shing Lee and Yeong-Chuan Lin
The influence of distance between adjacent rings on the gas/particle flow characteristics of a conical rings concentrator pp. 2557-2564 Downloads
Zhichao Chen, Zhengqi Li, Zhenwang Wang, Chunlong Liu, Lizhe Chen, Qunyi Zhu and Yuan Li
Stochastic reactive power market with volatility of wind power considering voltage security pp. 2565-2571 Downloads
A. Kargarian and M. Raoofat
An analytical prediction for performance and optimization of an annular fin assembly of trapezoidal profile under dehumidifying conditions pp. 2572-2588 Downloads
Balaram Kundu and Debasis Barman
The portfolio of renewable energy sources for achieving the three E policy goals pp. 2589-2598 Downloads
Yung-Chi Shen, Chiyang James Chou and Grace T.R. Lin
Biomass integrated gasification combined cycle power generation with supplementary biomass firing: Energy and exergy based performance analysis pp. 2599-2610 Downloads
Abhishek Bhattacharya, Dulal Manna, Bireswar Paul and Amitava Datta
Wind characterization analysis incorporating genetic algorithm: A case study in Taiwan Strait pp. 2611-2619 Downloads
Feng-Jiao Liu, Pai-Hsun Chen, Shyi-Shiun Kuo, De-Chuan Su, Tian-Pau Chang, Yu-Hua Yu and Tsung-Chi Lin
Data analysis and short term load forecasting in Iran electricity market using singular spectral analysis (SSA) pp. 2620-2627 Downloads
K. Afshar and N. Bigdeli
An experimental study of structured packing dehumidifier/regenerator operating with liquid desiccant pp. 2628-2638 Downloads
M.M. Bassuoni
Fluids and parameters optimization for a novel cogeneration system driven by low-temperature geothermal sources pp. 2639-2649 Downloads
T. Guo, H.X. Wang and S.J. Zhang
Comparison of five exergoenvironmental methods applied to candidate energy systems for rural villages in developing countries pp. 2650-2661 Downloads
A. Banerjee and M. Tierney
Energetic and exergetic performance analyses of a combined heat and power plant with absorption inlet cooling and evaporative aftercooling pp. 2662-2670 Downloads
Abdul Khaliq and Ibrahim Dincer
A new probabilistic method to estimate the long-term wind speed characteristics at a potential wind energy conversion site pp. 2671-2685 Downloads
José A. Carta and Sergio Velázquez
Effect of finite heat input on the power performance of micro heat engines pp. 2686-2692 Downloads
Kerwin Khu, Liudi Jiang and Tom Markvart
Heterogeneous catalysis for biodiesel production from Jatropha curcas oil (JCO) pp. 2693-2700 Downloads
Abebe K. Endalew, Yohannes Kiros and Rolando Zanzi
Influence of intake manifold design on in-cylinder flow and engine performances in a bus diesel engine converted to LPG gas fuelled, using CFD analyses and experimental investigations pp. 2701-2715 Downloads
Mohamed Ali Jemni, Gueorgui Kantchev and Mohamed Salah Abid
Development of energy and emission parameters for densified form of lignocellulosic biomass pp. 2716-2732 Downloads
Arifa Sultana and Amit Kumar
A model for optimization of process integration investments under uncertainty pp. 2733-2746 Downloads
Elin Svensson, Ann-Brith Strömberg and Michael Patriksson
Performance and combustion characteristics of alcohol–gasoline blends at wide-open throttle pp. 2747-2752 Downloads
Ahmet Necati Ozsezen and Mustafa Canakci
Thermo-economic analysis of solar thermal power cycles assisted MED-VC (multi effect distillation-vapor compression) desalination processes pp. 2753-2764 Downloads
M.A. Sharaf, A.S. Nafey and García-Rodríguez, Lourdes
Improving energy use efficiency of canola production using data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach pp. 2765-2772 Downloads
Mousavi-Avval, Seyed Hashem, Shahin Rafiee, Ali Jafari and Ali Mohammadi
Numerical simulation of novel axial impeller patterns to compress water vapor as refrigerant pp. 2773-2781 Downloads
Qubo Li, Janusz Piechna and Norbert Müller
Hydrogen generation by splitting water with Al–Ca alloy pp. 2782-2787 Downloads
Zhongwei Zhao, Xingyu Chen and Mingming Hao
Experimental investigation of a vapor compression heat pump used for cooling and heating applications pp. 2788-2795 Downloads
M. Fatouh and E. Elgendy
Fuel subsidy in Nigeria: Fact or fallacy pp. 2796-2801 Downloads
Maxwell Umunna Nwachukwu and Harold Chike
Heat pipe based cold energy storage systems for datacenter energy conservation pp. 2802-2811 Downloads
Randeep Singh, Masataka Mochizuki, Koichi Mashiko and Thang Nguyen
Control-oriented Automatic System for Transport Analysis (ASTRA)-Matlab integration for Tokamaks pp. 2812-2819 Downloads
M.G. Sevillano, I. Garrido and A.J. Garrido
Exergy-based indicators to evaluate the possibilities to reduce fuel consumption in lime production pp. 2820-2827 Downloads
Alexis Sagastume Gutiérrez and Carlo Vandecasteele
A novel cryogenic power cycle for LNG cold energy recovery pp. 2828-2833 Downloads
Yanni Liu and Kaihua Guo
Combustion optimization of a port-array inverse diffusion flame jet pp. 2834-2846 Downloads
L.L. Dong, C.S. Cheung and C.W. Leung
Energy and exergy analysis of an indirect solar cabinet dryer based on mathematical modeling results pp. 2847-2855 Downloads
Samaneh Sami, Nasrin Etesami and Amir Rahimi
A multi-objective multi-sectoral economy–energy–environment model: Application to Portugal pp. 2856-2866 Downloads
Carla Oliveira and Carlos Henggeler Antunes
Passive heat and moisture removal from a natural vented enclosure with a massive wall pp. 2867-2882 Downloads
Di Liu, Fu-Yun Zhao and Han-Qing Wang
Performance of a gas engine driven heat pump for hot water supply systems pp. 2883-2889 Downloads
E. Elgendy, J. Schmidt, A. Khalil and M. Fatouh
A new approach to analysis and optimization of evaporative cooling system II: Applications pp. 2890-2898 Downloads
Qun Chen, Ning Pan and Zeng-Yuan Guo
Use of C-factor for monitoring of fouling in a shell and tube heat exchanger pp. 2899-2904 Downloads
Dillip Kumar Mohanty and Pravin M. Singru
Economic impacts and challenges of China’s petroleum industry: An input–output analysis pp. 2905-2911 Downloads
Tang Xu, Zhang Baosheng, Feng Lianyong, Marwan Masri and Afshin Honarvar
Small scale impact of gas technologies on electric load management – μCHP & hybrid heat pump pp. 2912-2923 Downloads
Cyril Vuillecard, Charles Emile Hubert, Régis Contreau, Anthony Mazzenga, Pascal Stabat and Jerome Adnot
Application of exergy balances for the optimization of non-adiabatic small turbomachines operation pp. 2924-2936 Downloads
A. Diango, C. Perilhon, G. Descombes and E. Danho
Development of an empirical model of turbine efficiency using the Taylor expansion and regression analysis pp. 2937-2942 Downloads
Xiande Fang and Yu Xu
Measurements of household electricity and domestic hot water use in dwellings and the effect of different monitoring time resolution pp. 2943-2951 Downloads
Hans Bagge and Dennis Johansson
Facilitation of renewable electricity using price based appliance control in Ireland’s electricity market pp. 2952-2960 Downloads
P. Finn, C. Fitzpatrick, D. Connolly, M. Leahy and L. Relihan
Liquid CO2 droplet extraction from gases pp. 2961-2967 Downloads
Ton Theunissen, Mike Golombok, Brouwers, J.J.H. (Bert), Gagan Bansal and Rob van Benthum
The geo-database of caprock quality and deep saline aquifers distribution for geological storage of CO2 in Italy pp. 2968-2983 Downloads
M. Buttinelli, M. Procesi, B. Cantucci, F. Quattrocchi and E. Boschi
Numerical study of radiative heat transfer effects on a complex configuration of rack storage fire pp. 2984-2996 Downloads
Kamel Guedri, Mohamed Naceur Borjini, Mejdi Jeguirim, Jean-François Brilhac and Rachid Saïd
An experimental investigation of exergy loss reduction in corrugated plate heat exchanger pp. 2997-3001 Downloads
Shive Dayal Pandey and V.K. Nema
Techno-economic and spatial analysis of vertical ground source heat pump systems in Germany pp. 3002-3011 Downloads
Philipp Blum, Gisela Campillo and Thomas Kölbel
Thermal pretreatment of wood (Lauan) block by torrefaction and its influence on the properties of the biomass pp. 3012-3021 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Huan-Chun Hsu, Ke-Miao Lu, Wen-Jhy Lee and Ta-Chang Lin
Incorporating life cycle assessments into building project decision-making: An energy consumption and CO2 emission perspective pp. 3022-3029 Downloads
Wen-Hsien Tsai, Sin-Jin Lin, Jau-Yang Liu, Wan-Rung Lin and Kuen-Chang Lee
Fuel conversion efficiency of a port injection engine fueled with gasoline–isobutanol blends pp. 3030-3035 Downloads
Adrian Irimescu
New sunshine-based models for predicting global solar radiation using PSO (particle swarm optimization) technique pp. 3036-3049 Downloads
M.A. Behrang, E. Assareh, A.R. Noghrehabadi and A. Ghanbarzadeh
Minimum variance hedging with bivariate regime-switching model for WTI crude oil pp. 3050-3057 Downloads
Jui-Cheng Hung, Yi-Hsien Wang,, Matthew C. Chang, Kuang-Hsun Shih and Hsiu-Hsueh Kao,
Liquefaction of Shengli lignite with methanol and CaO under low pressure pp. 3058-3062 Downloads
Zhiping Lei, Muxin Liu, Lijuan Gao, Hengfu Shui, Zhicai Wang and Shibiao Ren
Energy flow analysis in pulp and paper industry pp. 3063-3068 Downloads
Gui-Bing Hong, Chih-Ming Ma, Hua-Wei Chen, Kai-Jen Chuang, Chang-Tang Chang and Te-Li Su
An investigation on partial shading of PV modules with different connection configurations of PV cells pp. 3069-3078 Downloads
Yaw-Juen Wang and Po-Chun Hsu
Optimization of diesel engine performances for a hybrid wind–diesel system with compressed air energy storage pp. 3079-3091 Downloads
H. Ibrahim, R. Younès, T. Basbous, A. Ilinca and M. Dimitrova
Design and development of a SPMB (self-aspirating, porous medium burner) with a submerged flame pp. 3092-3100 Downloads
W. Yoksenakul and S. Jugjai
The energy efficiency of crude oil refining in Brazil: A Brazilian refinery plant case pp. 3101-3112 Downloads
Romulo S. de Lima and Roberto Schaeffer
Investigation of potential of improvement of helical coils based on avoidable and unavoidable exergy destruction concepts pp. 3113-3119 Downloads
Farid Bahiraei, Rahim Khoshbakhti Saray and Aidin Salehzadeh
Allocation of sulphur dioxide allowance – An analysis based on a survey of power plants in Fujian province in China pp. 3120-3129 Downloads
Boqiang Lin, Zhujun Jiang and Peng Zhang
A stochastic security approach to energy and spinning reserve scheduling considering demand response program pp. 3130-3137 Downloads
Farzad Partovi, Mehdi Nikzad, Babak Mozafari and Ali Mohamad Ranjbar
Analysis of 3000T class submarines equipped with polymer electrolyte fuel cells pp. 3138-3147 Downloads
P.C. Ghosh and U. Vasudeva
Environmental assessment of grid connected photovoltaic plants with 2-axis tracking versus fixed modules systems pp. 3148-3158 Downloads
Bayod-Rújula, Ángel A., Lorente-Lafuente, Ana M. and Cirez-Oto, Fernando
Modeling and experimental validation of a humidification–dehumidification desalination unit solar part pp. 3159-3169 Downloads
K. Zhani, H. Ben Bacha and T. Damak
Production behavior of methane hydrate in porous media using huff and puff method in a novel three-dimensional simulator pp. 3170-3178 Downloads
Gang Li, Xiao-Sen Li, Yi Wang and Yu Zhang
A simple and efficient algorithm to estimate daily global solar radiation from geostationary satellite data pp. 3179-3188 Downloads
Ning Lu, Jun Qin, Kun Yang and Jiulin Sun
Property risk assessment for power plants: Methodology, validation and application pp. 3189-3203 Downloads
George J. Orme and Mauro Venturini
Customization and validation of a commercial process simulator for dynamic simulation of Helium liquefier pp. 3204-3214 Downloads
Rohan Dutta, Parthasarathi Ghosh and Kanchan Chowdhury
Construction and dynamic test of a small-scale organic rankine cycle pp. 3215-3223 Downloads
Gang Pei, Jing Li, Yunzhu Li, Dongyue Wang and Jie Ji
Energy analysis of a solar-ground source heat pump system with vertical closed-loop for heating applications pp. 3224-3232 Downloads
Kadir Bakirci, Omer Ozyurt, Kemal Comakli and Omer Comakli
Comparative analysis of hourly and dynamic power balancing models for validating future energy scenarios pp. 3233-3243 Downloads
Jayakrishnan R. Pillai, Kai Heussen and Poul Alberg Østergaard
Prospective on the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in the EU cement industry pp. 3244-3254 Downloads
Nicolás Pardo, José Antonio Moya and Arnaud Mercier
Effect of nonlinear energy on wind farm generators connected to a distribution grid pp. 3255-3261 Downloads
Labar Hocine and Mekki Mounira
Assessment of the Portuguese building thermal code: Newly revised requirements for cooling energy needs used to prevent the overheating of buildings in the summer pp. 3262-3271 Downloads
Marta J.N. Oliveira Panão, Susana M.L. Camelo and Helder J.P. Gonçalves
Analysis of a multi turbine offshore wind farm connected to a single large power converter operated with variable frequency pp. 3272-3281 Downloads
Mikel de Prada Gil, Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol, Andreas Sumper and Bergas-Jané, Joan
Regulation, efficiency and equilibrium: A general equilibrium analysis of liberalization in the Turkish electricity market pp. 3282-3292 Downloads
K. Ali Akkemik and Fuat Oguz
Synthesis of group IA alkali metal-aluminosilicates, and their hydrogen production abilities on methanol thermal decomposition pp. 3293-3301 Downloads
Juhyun Lee, Jun Su Lee and Misook Kang
Effect of a contaminant source (CO2) on the air quality in a ventilated room pp. 3302-3318 Downloads
J. Xamán, A. Ortiz, G. Álvarez and Y. Chávez
Fuzzy multi-objective reactive power clearing considering reactive compensation sources pp. 3319-3327 Downloads
A.H. Khazali, M. Kalantar and Ali Khazali
Effect of temperature on the corrosion behavior of mild steel upon exposure to palm biodiesel pp. 3328-3334 Downloads
M.A. Fazal, A.S.M.A. Haseeb and H.H. Masjuki
Energy use and economic analysis of corn silage production under three cultivated area levels in Tehran province of Iran pp. 3335-3341 Downloads
S.H. Pishgar Komleh, A. Keyhani, Sh. Rafiee and P. Sefeedpary
Photocatalytic activity of predominantly rutile mixed phase Ag/TiV oxide nanoparticles under visible light irradiation pp. 3342-3347 Downloads
Ranjith G. Nair, A.M. Tripathi and S.K. Samdarshi
A dynamic econometric study of income, energy and exports in Turkey pp. 3348-3354 Downloads
Ferda Halicioglu
Modeling CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion using the logistic equation pp. 3355-3359 Downloads
Ming Meng and Dongxiao Niu
Preparation and characterization of proton exchange membrane based on SPSEBS/PSU blends for fuel cell applications pp. 3360-3369 Downloads
Perumal Bhavani and Dharmalingam Sangeetha
Comparative field performance study of flat plate and heat pipe evacuated tube collectors (ETCs) for domestic water heating systems in a temperate climate pp. 3370-3378 Downloads
L.M. Ayompe, A. Duffy, M. Mc Keever, M. Conlon and S.J. McCormack
Regulated emissions from a direct-injection spark-ignition methanol engine pp. 3379-3387 Downloads
Chang-Ming Gong, Kuo Huang, Jing-Long Jia, Yan Su, Qing Gao and Xun-Jun Liu
Development of a GHG-mitigation oriented inexact dynamic model for regional energy system management pp. 3388-3398 Downloads
G.C. Li, G.H. Huang, Q.G. Lin, X.D. Zhang, Q. Tan and Y.M. Chen
Spray characteristics and spray cooling heat transfer in the non-boiling regime pp. 3399-3405 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Feng-Yun Han, Qi-Nie Liu and Han-Lin Fan
Study of working fluid selection of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for engine waste heat recovery pp. 3406-3418 Downloads
E.H. Wang, H.G. Zhang, B.Y. Fan, M.G. Ouyang, Y. Zhao and Q.H. Mu
Multi-objective optimization of a cooling channel with staggered elliptic dimples pp. 3419-3428 Downloads
Hyun-Min Kim, Mi-Ae Moon and Kwang-Yong Kim
An execution, monitoring and replanning approach for optimal energy management in microgrids pp. 3429-3436 Downloads
Eleonora Riva Sanseverino, Maria Luisa Di Silvestre, Mariano Giuseppe Ippolito, Alessandra De Paola and Giuseppe Lo Re
A fuzzy environmental-technical-economic model for distributed generation planning pp. 3437-3445 Downloads
Ali Zangeneh, Shahram Jadid and Rahimi-Kian, Ashkan
Numerical simulation of non-isothermal compositional gas flow: Application to carbon dioxide injection into gas reservoirs pp. 3446-3458 Downloads
A.K. Singh, U.-J. Goerke and O. Kolditz
An evolutionary game approach to analyzing bidding strategies in electricity markets with elastic demand pp. 3459-3467 Downloads
Jianhui Wang, Zhi Zhou and Audun Botterud
Halting hydro: A review of the socio-technical barriers to hydroelectric power plants in Nepal pp. 3468-3476 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool, Saroj Dhakal, Olivia Gippner and Malavika Jain Bambawale
A probabilistic multi-objective daily Volt/Var control at distribution networks including renewable energy sources pp. 3477-3488 Downloads
Ahmad Reza Malekpour and Taher Niknam
Testing for unit roots, causality, cointegration, and efficiency: The case of the northwest US natural gas market pp. 3489-3500 Downloads
Yohannes Mariam
Modeling and optimization of a utility system containing multiple extractions steam turbines pp. 3501-3512 Downloads
Xianglong Luo, Bingjian Zhang, Ying Chen and Songping Mo
A numerical model and comparative investigation of a thermoelectric generator with multi-irreversibilities pp. 3513-3522 Downloads
Fankai Meng, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Optimal configuration of an integrated power and transport system pp. 3523-3530 Downloads
Nina Juul and Peter Meibom
Adaptive unscented Kalman filtering for state of charge estimation of a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles pp. 3531-3540 Downloads
Fengchun Sun, Xiaosong Hu, Yuan Zou and Siguang Li
Revisions of international firms’ energy reserves and the reaction of the stock market pp. 3541-3546 Downloads
Bert Scholtens and Robert Wagenaar
Study on using acetylene in dual fuel mode with exhaust gas recirculation pp. 3547-3553 Downloads
T. Lakshmanan and G. Nagarajan
Using the Taguchi method and grey relational analysis to optimize the flat-plate collector process with multiple quality characteristics in solar energy collector manufacturing pp. 3554-3562 Downloads
Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, Te-Li Su, Po-Ruei Jhang, Chao-Yang Huang and Chin-Hsun Chiu
An experimental investigation of high performance natural gas engine with direct injection pp. 3563-3571 Downloads
M.A. Kalam and H.H. Masjuki
Selection and evaluation of biofilm carrier in anaerobic digestion treatment of cattle manure pp. 3572-3578 Downloads
Wei-jia Gong, Heng Liang, Wen-zhe Li and Zhen-zhen Wang
Reactive power price clearing using multi-objective optimization pp. 3579-3589 Downloads
S. Surender Reddy, A.R. Abhyankar and P.R. Bijwe
Theoretical evaluation of thermal and energy performance of tropical green roofs pp. 3590-3598 Downloads
S.W. Tsang and C.Y. Jim
Influence of secondary air mass flow rates on gas/particle flow characteristics near the swirl burner region pp. 3599-3605 Downloads
Jianping Jing, Zhengqi Li, Lin Wang, Lizhe Chen and Guohua Yang
The cost of energy analysis and energy planning for emerging, fossil fuel power plants based on the climate change scenarios pp. 3606-3612 Downloads
Kyungtae Park, Dongil Shin and En Sup Yoon

Volume 36, issue 4, 2011

Building a low carbon society pp. 1842-1847 Downloads
Maria da Graça Carvalho, Matteo Bonifacio and Pierre Dechamps
A prediction of the exergy loss of the world's mineral reserves in the 21st century pp. 1848-1854 Downloads
Al. Valero and A. Valero
A projection for global CO2 emissions from the industrial sector through 2030 based on activity level and technology changes pp. 1855-1867 Downloads
Osamu Akashi, Tatsuya Hanaoka, Yuzuru Matsuoka and Mikiko Kainuma
Energy efficiency trends and policy in Slovenia pp. 1868-1877 Downloads
Al-Mansour, Fouad
How to select appropriate measures for reductions in negative environmental impact? Testing a screening method on a regional energy system pp. 1878-1883 Downloads
Ilze Dzene, Marika Rošā and Dagnija Blumberga
Toward a European Eco-label brand for residential buildings: Holistic or by-components approaches? pp. 1884-1892 Downloads
Vincenzo Franzitta, Maria La Gennusa, Giorgia Peri, Gianfranco Rizzo and Gianluca Scaccianoce
A Swedish environmental rating tool for buildings pp. 1893-1899 Downloads
Tove Malmqvist, Mauritz Glaumann, Åsa Svenfelt, Per-Olof Carlson, Martin Erlandsson, Johnny Andersson, Helene Wintzell, Göran Finnveden, Torbjörn Lindholm and Tor-Göran Malmström
Life cycle assessment in buildings: The ENSLIC simplified method and guidelines pp. 1900-1907 Downloads
Tove Malmqvist, Mauritz Glaumann, Sabina Scarpellini, Ignacio Zabalza, Alfonso Aranda, Eva Llera and Sergio Díaz
Energy efficiency public lighting management in the cities pp. 1908-1915 Downloads
Dusko Radulovic, Srdjan Skok and Vedran Kirincic
Energy efficiency in transport and mobility from an eco-efficiency viewpoint pp. 1916-1923 Downloads
Alfonso Aranda Usón, Antonio Valero Capilla, Ignacio Zabalza Bribián, Sabina Scarpellini and Eva Llera Sastresa
Energy efficiency in long-term Mediterranean cropping systems with different management intensities pp. 1924-1930 Downloads
N. Nassi o Di Nasso, S. Bosco, C. Di Bene, A. Coli, M. Mazzoncini and E. Bonari
Geographic evaluation of trigeneration systems in the tertiary sector. Effect of climatic and electricity supply conditions pp. 1931-1939 Downloads
Monica Carvalho, Luis M. Serra and Miguel A. Lozano
Analyzing a self-managed CHP system for greenhouse cultivation as a profitable way to reduce CO2-emissions pp. 1940-1947 Downloads
Tine Compernolle, Nele Witters, Steven Van Passel and Theo Thewys
Conversion of brown coal in supercritical water without and with addition of oxygen at continuous supply of coal–water slurry pp. 1948-1955 Downloads
Anatoly A. Vostrikov, Oxana N. Fedyaeva, Dmitry Y. Dubov, Sergey A. Psarov and Mikhail Y. Sokol
The impact of variable demand upon the performance of a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant pp. 1956-1965 Downloads
Robert J. Bass, Weeratunge Malalasekera, Peter Willmot and Henk K. Versteeg
Exergetic comparison of two different cooling technologies for the power cycle of a thermal power plant pp. 1966-1972 Downloads
Blanco-Marigorta, Ana M., Victoria Sanchez-Henríquez, M. and Peña-Quintana, Juan A.
Spanish energy roadmap to 2020: Socioeconomic implications of renewable targets pp. 1973-1985 Downloads
Antonio Gómez, Javier Zubizarreta, César Dopazo and Norberto Fueyo
Solar orbital power: Sustainability analysis pp. 1986-1995 Downloads
Aleksander Zidanšek, Milan Ambrožič, Maja Milfelner, Robert Blinc and Noam Lior
Photovoltaics on flat roofs: Energy considerations pp. 1996-2010 Downloads
Bayod-Rújula, Angel A., Ortego-Bielsa, Abel and Martínez-Gracia, Amaya
Biochar as a viable carbon sequestration option: Global and Canadian perspective pp. 2011-2016 Downloads
Darko Matovic
Geographic distribution of economic potential of agricultural and forest biomass residual for energy use: Case study Croatia pp. 2017-2028 Downloads
Boris Ćosić, Zoran Stanić and Neven Duić
Cofiring versus biomass-fired power plants: GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions savings comparison by means of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology pp. 2029-2037 Downloads
F. Sebastián, J. Royo and M. Gómez
Effects of operating conditions and fuel properties on emission performance and combustion efficiency of a swirling fluidized-bed combustor fired with a biomass fuel pp. 2038-2048 Downloads
Vladimir I. Kuprianov, Rachadaporn Kaewklum and Songpol Chakritthakul
Studies on bamboo for sustainable and advanced utilization pp. 2049-2054 Downloads
Masamitsu Nakajima, Keisuke Kojiro, Hiroyuki Sugimoto, Tsunehisa Miki and Kozo Kanayama
How much hope should we have for biofuels? pp. 2055-2069 Downloads
Govinda Timilsina and Ashish Shrestha
Biofuels versus food production: Does biofuels production increase food prices? pp. 2070-2076 Downloads
Amela Ajanovic
The current status of liquid biofuels in Chile pp. 2077-2084 Downloads
A.E. García, R.J. Carmona, M.E. Lienqueo and O. Salazar
Potential of waste palm cooking oil for catalyst-free biodiesel production pp. 2085-2088 Downloads
K.T. Tan, K.T. Lee and A.R. Mohamed
Assessing the sustainability of biofuels: A logic-based model pp. 2089-2096 Downloads
Edgard Gnansounou
Issues to consider, existing tools and constraints in biofuels sustainability assessments pp. 2097-2110 Downloads
Electo E. Silva Lora, José C. Escobar Palacio, Mateus H. Rocha, Maria L. Grillo Renó, Osvaldo J. Venturini and Oscar Almazán del Olmo
Can sunflower provide biofuel for inland demand? An integrated assessment of sustainability at regional scale pp. 2111-2118 Downloads
G. Ragaglini, F. Triana, R. Villani and E. Bonari
Sustainable ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass – Application of exergy analysis pp. 2119-2128 Downloads
Karina Ojeda, Eduardo Sánchez and Viatcheslav Kafarov
A comparative study of vegetable oil methyl esters (biodiesels) pp. 2129-2137 Downloads
M. Satyanarayana and C. Muraleedharan
Inoculum acclimation to oleate promotes the conversion of olive mill wastewater to methane pp. 2138-2141 Downloads
M.R. Gonçalves, J.C. Costa, I.P. Marques and M.M. Alves
Bio-crude production from secondary pulp/paper-mill sludge and waste newspaper via co-liquefaction in hot-compressed water pp. 2142-2150 Downloads
Linghong Zhang, Pascale Champagne and (Charles) Xu, Chunbao
Waste to energy by industrially integrated supercritical water gasification – Effects of alkali salts in residual by-products from the pulp and paper industry pp. 2151-2163 Downloads
I. Rönnlund, L. Myréen, K. Lundqvist, J. Ahlbeck and T. Westerlund
Enhancing wastewater degradation and biogas production by intermittent operation of UASB reactors pp. 2164-2168 Downloads
Helena Nadais, Marta Barbosa, Isabel Capela, Luís Arroja, Christian G. Ramos, André Grilo, Sílvia A. Sousa and Jorge H. Leitão
Sustainability estimation of energy system options that use gas and renewable resources for domestic hot water production pp. 2169-2175 Downloads
Marina Jovanovic, Valentina Turanjanin, Vukman Bakic, Milada Pezo and Biljana Vucicevic
Connecting research to practice to improve energy demand-side management (DSM) pp. 2176-2185 Downloads
S.C. Breukers, E. Heiskanen, B. Brohmann, R.M. Mourik and C.F.J. Feenstra
Efficiency and effectiveness of promotion systems for electricity generation from renewable energy sources – Lessons from EU countries pp. 2186-2193 Downloads
Reinhard Haas, Gustav Resch, Christian Panzer, Sebastian Busch, Mario Ragwitz and Anne Held
Financing off-grid rural electrification: Country case Nepal pp. 2194-2201 Downloads
Brijesh Mainali and Semida Silveira
Exergoenvironmental analysis of a steam methane reforming process for hydrogen production pp. 2202-2214 Downloads
Alicia Boyano, Blanco-Marigorta, A.M., T. Morosuk and G. Tsatsaronis
Hydrogen from aqueous fraction of biomass pyrolysis liquids by catalytic steam reforming in fluidized bed pp. 2215-2224 Downloads
J.A. Medrano, M. Oliva, J. Ruiz, L. García and J. Arauzo
Numerical simulation of intermediate-temperature direct-internal-reforming planar solid oxide fuel cell pp. 2225-2234 Downloads
H. Iwai, Y. Yamamoto, M. Saito and H. Yoshida
Lifetime optimization of a molten carbonate fuel cell power system coupled with hydrogen production pp. 2235-2241 Downloads
Flavio Nicolin and Vittorio Verda
Analysis of a model for the operation of a vanadium redox battery pp. 2242-2256 Downloads
M. Vynnycky
Dew, fog, and rain as supplementary sources of water in south-western Morocco pp. 2257-2265 Downloads
I. Lekouch, M. Muselli, B. Kabbachi, J. Ouazzani, Melnytchouk-Milimouk, I. and D. Beysens
Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions reduction in a power system predominantly based on lignite pp. 2266-2270 Downloads
V. Taseska, N. Markovska, A. Causevski, T. Bosevski and Pop-Jordanov, J.
Assessment of CO2 emissions reduction in a distribution warehouse pp. 2271-2277 Downloads
Deepak Rai, Behzad Sodagar, Rosi Fieldson and Xiao Hu
Preliminary evaluation of seismic isolation effects in a Generation IV reactor pp. 2278-2284 Downloads
R. Lo Frano and G. Forasassi
Thermal analysis of a spent fuel cask in different transport conditions pp. 2285-2293 Downloads
R. Lo Frano, G. Pugliese and G. Forasassi
Mathematical modeling of convective drying: Lumped temperature and spatially distributed moisture in slab pp. 2294-2301 Downloads
E. Barati and J.A. Esfahani
Thermal-fluid assessment of multijet atomization for spray cooling applications pp. 2302-2311 Downloads
Miguel R.O. Panão, António L.N. Moreira and Diamantino F.G. Durão

Volume 36, issue 3, 2011

Forecasting the growth of China’s natural gas consumption pp. 1380-1385 Downloads
Junchen Li, Xiucheng Dong, Jianxin Shangguan and Mikael Hook
Technical feasibility studies for Langkawi WCO (waste cooking oil) derived-biodiesel pp. 1386-1393 Downloads
P. Kumaran, Nur Mazlini, Ibrahim Hussein, M. Nazrain and M. Khairul
Hydrate-based pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture process in the system with tetra-n-butyl ammonium bromide solution in the presence of cyclopentane pp. 1394-1403 Downloads
Xiao-Sen Li, Chun-Gang Xu, Zhao-Yang Chen and Hui-Jie Wu
Assessment of climate change impact on building energy use and mitigation measures in subtropical climates pp. 1404-1414 Downloads
Kevin K.W. Wan, Danny H.W. Li and Joseph C. Lam
A new and applicable method to calculate mass and heat transfer coefficients and efficiency of industrial distillation columns containing structured packings pp. 1415-1423 Downloads
Hamidreza Sadeghifar and Ali Akbar Safe Kordi
Wind turbine aerodynamics and loads control in wind shear flow pp. 1424-1434 Downloads
Xin Shen, Xiaocheng Zhu and Zhaohui Du
Logistics cost analysis of rice straw for biomass power generation in Thailand pp. 1435-1441 Downloads
Mitra Kami Delivand, Mirko Barz and Shabbir H. Gheewala
An exergy-based framework for evaluating environmental impact pp. 1442-1459 Downloads
Adam P. Simpson and Chris F. Edwards
Offshore and nearshore wave energy assessment around the Korean Peninsula pp. 1460-1469 Downloads
Gunwoo Kim, Weon Mu Jeong, Kwang Soo Lee, Kicheon Jun and Myung Eun Lee
New strategy of pitch angle control for energy management of a wind farm pp. 1470-1479 Downloads
Achraf Abdelkafi and Lotfi Krichen
Structured exergy analysis of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant with carbon capture pp. 1480-1487 Downloads
Christian Kunze, Karsten Riedl and Hartmut Spliethoff
Life cycle assessment of electricity generation in Mexico pp. 1488-1499 Downloads
Santoyo-Castelazo, E., H. Gujba and A. Azapagic
Preliminary exploration on low-carbon technology roadmap of China’s power sector pp. 1500-1512 Downloads
Qixin Chen, Chongqing Kang, Qing Xia and Dabo Guan
Experimental investigation of the effects of orientation angle on heat transfer performance of pin-finned surfaces in natural convection pp. 1513-1517 Downloads
Ahmet Ali Sertkaya, Şefik Bilir and Suna Kargıcı
Study of a TE (thermoelectric) generator incorporated in a multifunction wood stove pp. 1518-1526 Downloads
D. Champier, J.P. Bédécarrats, T. Kousksou, M. Rivaletto, F. Strub and P. Pignolet
Experimental investigation of the natural gas confined flames using the OEC pp. 1527-1534 Downloads
Alex Álisson Bandeira Santos, Ednildo Andrade Torres and Pedro Afonso de Paula Pereira
Extraction of cardanol and phenol from bio-oils obtained through vacuum pyrolysis of biomass using supercritical fluid extraction pp. 1535-1542 Downloads
Rajesh N. Patel, Santanu Bandyopadhyay and Anuradda Ganesh
Direct interconnection of offshore electricity generators pp. 1543-1553 Downloads
E. Pican, E. Omerdic, D. Toal and M. Leahy
Methodology of life cycle cost with risk expenditure for offshore process at conceptual design stage pp. 1554-1563 Downloads
Kiil Nam, Daejun Chang, Kwangpil Chang, Taejin Rhee and In-Beum Lee
A graphical procedure for desiccant cooling cycle design pp. 1564-1570 Downloads
C.E.L. Nóbrega and N.C.L. Brum
Extraction of synoptic pressure patterns for long-term wind speed estimation in wind farms using evolutionary computing pp. 1571-1581 Downloads
Carro-Calvo, L., Salcedo-Sanz, S., Kirchner-Bossi, N., Portilla-Figueras, A., L. Prieto, Garcia-Herrera, R. and Hernández-Martín, E.
Synthesis of Mo/TNU-9 (TNU-9 Taejon National University No. 9) catalyst and its catalytic performance in methane non-oxidative aromatization pp. 1582-1589 Downloads
Heng Liu, Shuang Yang, Shujie Wu, Fanpeng Shang, Xiaofang Yu, Chen Xu, Jingqi Guan and Qiubin Kan
CO2 capture efficiency and energy requirement analysis of power plant using modified calcium-based sorbent looping cycle pp. 1590-1598 Downloads
Yingjie Li, Changsui Zhao, Huichao Chen, Qiangqiang Ren and Lunbo Duan
The role of in-cylinder gas density and oxygen concentration on late spray mixing and soot oxidation processes pp. 1599-1611 Downloads
Jesús Benajes, Ricardo Novella, Antonio García and Simon Arthozoul
Optimization of use of waste in the future energy system pp. 1612-1622 Downloads
Marie Münster and Peter Meibom
Evaluation of energy requirements for all-electric range of plug-in hybrid electric two-wheeler pp. 1623-1629 Downloads
Shaik Amjad, R. Rudramoorthy, S. Neelakrishnan, K. Sri Raja Varman and T.V. Arjunan
Air conditioning in the region of Madrid, Spain: An approach to electricity consumption, economics and CO2 emissions pp. 1630-1639 Downloads
M. Izquierdo, Moreno-Rodríguez, A., González-Gil, A. and García-Hernando, N.
Potential for electrification from biomass gasification in Vanuatu pp. 1640-1651 Downloads
Barry Fischer and Attilio Pigneri
A study on the effects of CO-tubes insertion on the emission characteristics of a compact heat exchanger pp. 1652-1658 Downloads
Jaepark Lee, Jong-Min Kim, Seungro Lee and Chang-Eon Lee
Design optimization of insulation usage and space conditioning load using energy simulation and genetic algorithm pp. 1659-1667 Downloads
Xing Shi
A corrected hybrid approach for wind speed prediction in Hexi Corridor of China pp. 1668-1679 Downloads
Zhenhai Guo, Jing Zhao, Wenyu Zhang and Jianzhou Wang
Experimental investigation on diesel engine with diestrol–water micro emulsions pp. 1680-1687 Downloads
G.R. Kannan and R. Anand
Modeling of a reacting nanofilm on a composite substrate pp. 1688-1697 Downloads
Amini-Manesh, Navid, Saptarshi Basu and Ranganathan Kumar
Stocks and energy shocks: The impact of energy accidents on stock market value pp. 1698-1702 Downloads
Bert Scholtens and Arieke Boersen
Assessing the performance and benefits of customer distributed generation developers under uncertainties pp. 1703-1712 Downloads
Mansoureh Zangiabadi, Rene Feuillet, Hamid Lesani, Hadj-Said, Nouredine and Jan T. Kvaløy
On-site efficiency evaluation of three-phase induction motor based on particle swarm optimization pp. 1713-1720 Downloads
V.P. Sakthivel and S. Subramanian
Entropy generation of turbulent double-diffusive natural convection in a rectangle cavity pp. 1721-1734 Downloads
Sheng Chen and Rui Du
Modelling the promotion of biomass use: A case study of Thailand pp. 1735-1748 Downloads
Suthin Wianwiwat and John Asafu-Adjaye
New silicon thin-film technology associated with original DC–DC converter: An economic alternative way to improve photovoltaic systems efficiencies pp. 1749-1757 Downloads
F. Dadouche, O. Béthoux and J.-P. Kleider
Methodology for modelling plug-in electric vehicles in the power system and cost estimates for a system with either smart or dumb electric vehicles pp. 1758-1767 Downloads
Juha Kiviluoma and Peter Meibom
A six-phase synchronous generator for stand-alone renewable energy generation: Experimental analysis pp. 1768-1775 Downloads
G.K. Singh
Laboratory studies on cavity growth and product gas composition in the context of underground coal gasification pp. 1776-1784 Downloads
Sateesh Daggupati, Ramesh N. Mandapati, Sanjay M. Mahajani, Anuradda Ganesh, R.K. Sapru, R.K. Sharma and Preeti Aghalayam
Solar constant values for estimating solar radiation pp. 1785-1789 Downloads
Huashan Li, Yongwang Lian, Xianlong Wang, Weibin Ma and Liang Zhao
Use of palm oil-based biofuel in the internal combustion engines: Performance and emissions characteristics pp. 1790-1796 Downloads
Pascal Ndayishimiye and Mohand Tazerout
Using climate classification to evaluate building energy performance pp. 1797-1801 Downloads
Wen-Shing Lee and Chung-Kuan Kung
A study of spray strategies on improvement of engine performance and emissions reduction characteristics in a DME fueled diesel engine pp. 1802-1813 Downloads
Hyung Jun Kim, Su Han Park, Kwan Soo Lee and Chang Sik Lee
Degradation of physical properties of different elastomers upon exposure to palm biodiesel pp. 1814-1819 Downloads
A.S.M.A. Haseeb, T.S. Jun, M.A. Fazal and H.H. Masjuki
Validity analysis of maximum entropy distribution based on different moment constraints for wind energy assessment pp. 1820-1826 Downloads
Feng Jiao Liu and Tian Pau Chang
Combustion of algae oil methyl ester in an indirect injection diesel engine pp. 1827-1835 Downloads
Yousef Haik, Mohamed Y.E. Selim and Tahir Abdulrehman

Volume 36, issue 2, 2011

Gas/particle flow and combustion characteristics and NOx emissions of a new swirl coal burner pp. 709-723 Downloads
Zhichao Chen, Zhengqi Li, Qunyi Zhu and Jianping Jing
Spray and combustion characterization for internal combustion engines using optical measuring techniques – A review pp. 724-741 Downloads
S.N. Soid and Z.A. Zainal
Prediction of performance, energy savings and increase in profitability of two gas turbine steam generator cogeneration plant, based on experimental data pp. 742-754 Downloads
Jiménez-Espadafor Aguilar, Francisco, Miguel Torres García, Elisa Carvajal Trujillo, José Antonio Becerra Villanueva and Francisco J. Florencio Ojeda
Preparation of PVDF nanofiber composites for hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride pp. 755-759 Downloads
Amutha Chinnappan, Hyuck-Chul Kang and Hern Kim
Theoretical performance limits of a syngas–diesel fueled compression ignition engine from second law analysis pp. 760-769 Downloads
Bibhuti B. Sahoo, Ujjwal K. Saha and Niranjan Sahoo
Energy and exergy efficiencies in the Chinese transportation sector, 1980–2009 pp. 770-776 Downloads
M. Zhang, G. Li, H.L. Mu and Y.D. Ning
Production of biodiesel from Jatropha oil catalyzed by nanosized solid basic catalyst pp. 777-784 Downloads
Xin Deng, Zhen Fang, Yun-hu Liu and Chang-Liu Yu
Morphology, structure and thermal stability of microencapsulated phase change material with copolymer shell pp. 785-791 Downloads
Wei Li, Guolin Song, Guoyi Tang, Xiaodong Chu, Sude Ma and Caifeng Liu
Energy consumption, costs and environmental impacts for urban water cycle services: Case study of Oslo (Norway) pp. 792-800 Downloads
G. Venkatesh and Helge Brattebø
An error in solid oxide fuel cell stack modeling pp. 801-802 Downloads
Uday Kumar Chakraborty
Torrefaction and co-torrefaction characterization of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin as well as torrefaction of some basic constituents in biomass pp. 803-811 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Po-Chih Kuo
Estimation of global solar irradiation on horizontal and inclined surfaces based on the horizontal measurements pp. 812-818 Downloads
A.M. Muzathik, M.Z. Ibrahim, K.B. Samo and W.B. Wan Nik
A study on municipal solid waste (MSW) combustion in N2/O2 and CO2/O2 atmosphere from the perspective of TGA pp. 819-824 Downloads
ZhiYi Lai, XiaoQian Ma, YuTing Tang and Hai Lin
Suitability analysis of advanced diesel combustion concepts for emissions and noise control pp. 825-838 Downloads
A.J. Torregrosa, A. Broatch, R. Novella and L.F. Mónico
Estimation of soil and grout thermal properties through a TSPEP (two-step parameter estimation procedure) applied to TRT (thermal response test) data pp. 839-846 Downloads
F. Bozzoli, G. Pagliarini, S. Rainieri and L. Schiavi
Electrocatalytic activity of simple and modified Fe–P electrodeposits for hydrogen evolution from alkaline media pp. 847-853 Downloads
C.A.C. Sequeira, D.M.F. Santos and P.S.D. Brito
Heat transfer using a correlation by neural network for natural convection from vertical helical coil in oil and glycerol/water solution pp. 854-863 Downloads
D. Colorado, M.E. Ali, García-Valladares, O. and J.A. Hernández
Optimal wind-hydro solution for the Marmara region of Turkey to meet electricity demand pp. 864-872 Downloads
Bahtiyar Dursun, Bora Alboyaci and Cihan Gokcol
Common failures of demand response pp. 873-880 Downloads
Jin-Ho Kim and Anastasia Shcherbakova
A dynamic hedging approach for refineries in multiproduct oil markets pp. 881-887 Downloads
Qiang Ji and Ying Fan
Thermoeconomic optimization and exergy analysis of CO2/NH3 cascade refrigeration systems pp. 888-895 Downloads
Omid Rezayan and Ali Behbahaninia
A new honey bee mating optimization algorithm for non-smooth economic dispatch pp. 896-908 Downloads
Taher Niknam, Hasan Doagou Mojarrad, Hamed Zeinoddini Meymand and Bahman Bahmani Firouzi
Optimization of energy consumption and input costs for apple production in Iran using data envelopment analysis pp. 909-916 Downloads
Mousavi-Avval, Seyed Hashem, Shahin Rafiee and Ali Mohammadi
Micro Newcomen steam engine using two-phase working fluid pp. 917-921 Downloads
Yang Wang, Zhijun Zhou, Junhu Zhou, Jianzhong Liu, Zhihua Wang and Kefa Cen
Performance investigation of a salt gradient solar pond coupled with desalination facility near the Dead Sea pp. 922-931 Downloads
A. Saleh, J.A. Qudeiri and Al-Nimr, M.A.
Systems analysis of integrating biomass gasification with pulp and paper production – Effects on economic performance, CO2 emissions and energy use pp. 932-941 Downloads
Elisabeth Wetterlund, Karin Pettersson and Simon Harvey
Thermo-mechanical life prediction for material lifetime improvement of an internal cooling system in a combustion liner pp. 942-949 Downloads
Kyung Min Kim, Yun Heung Jeon, Namgeon Yun, Dong Hyun Lee and Hyung Hee Cho
Multilevel converters control for renewable energy integration to the power grid pp. 950-963 Downloads
Edris Pouresmaeil, Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol, Montesinos-Miracle, Daniel and Bergas-Jané, Joan
Novel application for exergy and thermoeconomic analysis of processes simulated with Aspen Plus® pp. 964-974 Downloads
E. Querol, Gonzalez-Regueral, B., A. Ramos and Perez-Benedito, J.L.
Techno-economic appraisal of fossil-fuelled power generation systems with carbon dioxide capture and storage pp. 975-984 Downloads
G.P. Hammond, S.S. Ondo Akwe and S. Williams
Assessment of wind energy potentiality at Kudat and Labuan, Malaysia using Weibull distribution function pp. 985-992 Downloads
M.R. Islam, R. Saidur and N.A. Rahim
Modeling and off-design performance of a 1kWe HT-PEMFC (high temperature-proton exchange membrane fuel cell)-based residential micro-CHP (combined-heat-and-power) system for Danish single-family households pp. 993-1002 Downloads
Alexandros Arsalis, Mads P. Nielsen and Søren K. Kær
Experimental study on nitric oxide reduction through calcium propionate reburning pp. 1003-1009 Downloads
Shengli Niu, Kuihua Han, Jianli Zhao and Chunmei Lu
Fundamental experiment of pumpless Rankine-type cycle for low-temperature heat recovery pp. 1010-1017 Downloads
Noboru Yamada, Takahiro Minami and Md Nor Anuar Mohamad
A novel evolutionary algorithm for dynamic economic dispatch with energy saving and emission reduction in power system integrated wind power pp. 1018-1029 Downloads
Gwo-Ching Liao
Experimental studies on fumigation of ethanol in a small capacity Diesel engine pp. 1030-1038 Downloads
Bhupendra Singh Chauhan, Naveen Kumar, Shyam Sunder Pal and Yong Du Jun
On-road instantaneous speed measurements on powered two-wheelers for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption evaluation pp. 1039-1047 Downloads
Giorgio Zamboni, Chiara Carraro and Massimo Capobianco
Solar linear Fresnel collector using molten nitrates as heat transfer fluid pp. 1048-1056 Downloads
Roberto Grena and Pietro Tarquini
Thermoeconomic optimization of an ice thermal storage system for gas turbine inlet cooling pp. 1057-1067 Downloads
Sepehr Sanaye, Abbasali Fardad and Masoud Mostakhdemi
Effects of gas recycle on performance of solid oxide fuel cell power systems pp. 1068-1075 Downloads
Junxi Jia, Qiang Li, Ming Luo, Liming Wei and Abuliti Abudula
Investigation of thermal performance of-double pass-flat and v-corrugated plate solar air heaters pp. 1076-1086 Downloads
El-Sebaii, A.A., Aboul-Enein, S., M.R.I. Ramadan, S.M. Shalaby and B.M. Moharram
Economic optimization of shell and tube heat exchanger based on constructal theory pp. 1087-1096 Downloads
Abazar Vahdat Azad and Majid Amidpour
Biotechnological conversions of biodiesel derived waste glycerol by yeast and fungal species pp. 1097-1108 Downloads
Afroditi Chatzifragkou, Anna Makri, Aikaterini Belka, Stamatina Bellou, Marilena Mavrou, Maria Mastoridou, Paraskevi Mystrioti, Grace Onjaro, George Aggelis and Seraphim Papanikolaou
Energy and environmental aspects of mobile communication systems pp. 1109-1114 Downloads
C. Lubritto, A. Petraglia, C. Vetromile, S. Curcuruto, M. Logorelli, G. Marsico and D’Onofrio, A.
Electricity demand price elasticity in China based on computable general equilibrium model analysis pp. 1115-1123 Downloads
Y.X. He, L.F. Yang, H.Y. He, T. Luo and Y.J. Wang
Technologies for increasing CO2 concentration in exhaust gas from natural gas-fired power production with post-combustion, amine-based CO2 capture pp. 1124-1133 Downloads
Hailong Li, Mario Ditaranto and David Berstad
The causal relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in a Gaming and Tourism Center: The case of Macao SAR, the People’s Republic of China pp. 1134-1142 Downloads
T.M. Lai, Wai Ming To, W.C. Lo, Y.S. Choy and K.H. Lam
Integrated energy strategy for the sustainable development of China pp. 1143-1154 Downloads
Linwei Ma, Pei Liu, Feng Fu, Zheng Li and Weidou Ni
Application of response surface methodology to optimize and investigate the effects of operating conditions on the performance of DMFC pp. 1155-1160 Downloads
Imdat Taymaz, Fehmi Akgun and Merthan Benli
An experimental investigation of the global environmental impact of the R22 retrofit with R422D pp. 1161-1170 Downloads
Ciro Aprea and Angelo Maiorino
Optical performance of inclined south–north axis three-positions tracked solar panels pp. 1171-1179 Downloads
Hao Zhong, Guihua Li, Runsheng Tang and Wenli Dong
Artificial neural network analysis of liquid desiccant dehumidification system pp. 1180-1186 Downloads
P. Gandhidasan and M.A. Mohandes
Software system “DIORES” for the operation diagnosis of a steam power plant unit pp. 1187-1195 Downloads
Branislav M. Savić and Radiša Ž. Jovanović
Effect of various inlet air cooling methods on gas turbine performance pp. 1196-1205 Downloads
Farzaneh-Gord, Mahmood and Deymi-Dashtebayaz, Mahdi
Influence of primary air ratio on flow and combustion characteristics and NOx emissions of a new swirl coal burner pp. 1206-1213 Downloads
Jianping Jing, Zhengqi Li, Qunyi Zhu, Zhichao Chen and Feng Ren
Sizing optimization of grid-independent hybrid photovoltaic/wind power generation system pp. 1214-1222 Downloads
A. Kaabeche, M. Belhamel and R. Ibtiouen
A novel water perm-selective membrane dual-type reactor concept for Fischer–Tropsch synthesis of GTL (gas to liquid) technology pp. 1223-1235 Downloads
M.R. Rahimpour, A. Mirvakili and K. Paymooni
Technical utilisation of convective vortices for carbon-free electricity production: A review pp. 1236-1242 Downloads
Sandro Nizetic
Characterizations and photocatalytic activity comparisons of N-doped nc-TiO2 depending on synthetic conditions and structural differences of amine sources pp. 1243-1254 Downloads
Halide Diker, Canan Varlikli, Koray Mizrak and Aykutlu Dana
Market-clearing for pricing system security based on voltage stability criteria pp. 1255-1264 Downloads
M.K. Kim, J.K. Park and Y.W. Nam
Efficiency analysis of radiative slab heating in a walking-beam-type reheating furnace pp. 1265-1272 Downloads
Sang Heon Han, Daejun Chang and Cheol Huh
Composite sorbent of methanol “LiCl in mesoporous silica gel” for adsorption cooling: Dynamic optimization pp. 1273-1279 Downloads
Larisa G. Gordeeva and Yuriy I. Aristov
Numerical simulation of a solar-assisted ejector air conditioning system with cold storage pp. 1280-1291 Downloads
Bogdan M. Diaconu, Szabolcs Varga and Armando C. Oliveira
Optimisation based design of a district energy system for an eco-town in the United Kingdom pp. 1292-1308 Downloads
C. Weber and N. Shah
Year round experimental study on a constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system driven by ground source heat pump pp. 1309-1318 Downloads
X. Yu, R.Z. Wang and X.Q. Zhai
Estimation of monthly solar radiation distribution for solar energy system analysis pp. 1319-1323 Downloads
C. Coskun, Z. Oktay and I. Dincer
A comparative study on the performance of photogalvanic cells with different photosensitizers for solar energy conversion and storage: D-Xylose-NaLS systems pp. 1324-1331 Downloads
Mahesh Kumar Bhimwal and K.M. Gangotri
Optimal retailer bidding in a DA market – a new method considering risk and demand elasticity pp. 1332-1339 Downloads
Maryam Hajati, Hossein Seifi and Sheikh-El-Eslami, Mohamad Kazem
An efficient approach for electric load forecasting using distributed ART (adaptive resonance theory) & HS-ARTMAP (Hyper-spherical ARTMAP network) neural network pp. 1340-1350 Downloads
Yuan Cai, Jian-zhou Wang, Yun Tang and Yu-chen Yang
Hybrid modeling of China’s vehicle ownership and projection through 2050 pp. 1351-1361 Downloads
Han Hao, Hewu Wang and Ran Yi
Development of new wire mesh packings for improving the performance of zero carryover spray tower pp. 1362-1374 Downloads
Ritunesh Kumar, P.L. Dhar and Sanjeev Jain

Volume 36, issue 1, 2011

Energy and emissions forecast of China over a long-time horizon pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ullash K. Rout, Alfred Voβ, Anoop Singh, Ulrich Fahl, Markus Blesl and Brian P. Ó Gallachóir
Coal gasification in CO2 atmosphere and its kinetics since 1948: A brief review pp. 12-40 Downloads
Muhammad F. Irfan, Muhammad R. Usman and K. Kusakabe
Comparison of catalytic hydroliquefaction of Xiaolongtan lignite over FeS, FeS+S and SO42-/ZrO2 pp. 41-45 Downloads
Shi-Gang Kang, Zhi-Min Zong, Heng-Fu Shui, Zhi-Cai Wang and Xian-Yong Wei
Determining the responsibility of manufacturing sectors regarding electricity consumption. The Spanish case pp. 46-52 Downloads
Miguel Ángel Tarancón, Pablo del Río and Fernando Callejas
Catalyst light-off behavior of a spark-ignition LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) engine during cold start pp. 53-59 Downloads
Changming Gong, Kuo Huang, Baoqing Deng and Xunjun Liu
Experiments on the influence of intake conditions on local instantaneous heat flux in reciprocating internal combustion engines pp. 60-69 Downloads
J.M. Desantes, A.J. Torregrosa, A. Broatch and P. Olmeda
Combustion and NOx emissions characteristics of a down-fired 660-MWe utility boiler retro-fitted with air-surrounding-fuel concept pp. 70-77 Downloads
Feng Ren, Zhengqi Li, Guangkui Liu, Zhichao Chen and Qunyi Zhu
Desalination using solar energy: Towards sustainability pp. 78-85 Downloads
Veera Gnaneswar Gude, Nagamany Nirmalakhandan and Shuguang Deng
Fossil energy usage for the production of baby leaves pp. 86-93 Downloads
Nicola Castoldi, Luca Bechini and Antonio Ferrante
Simulation research on an EAX (Evaporator-Absorber-Exchange) absorption refrigeration cycle pp. 94-98 Downloads
D.L. Hong, G.M. Chen, L.M. Tang and Y.J. He
Requirements for designing chemical engines with reversible reactions pp. 99-110 Downloads
S.L. Miller, M.N. Svrcek, K.-Y. Teh and C.F. Edwards
Principles, effects and problems of differential power pricing policy for energy intensive industries in China pp. 111-118 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Jianghua Liu
An efficient algorithm for multi-objective optimal operation management of distribution network considering fuel cell power plants pp. 119-132 Downloads
Taher Niknam, Hamed Zeinoddini Meymand and Hasan Doagou Mojarrad
Development of an energy-saving module via combination of solar cells and thermoelectric coolers for green building applications pp. 133-140 Downloads
Tsung-Chieh Cheng, Chin-Hsiang Cheng, Zhu-Zin Huang and Guo-Chun Liao
Study of silt erosion on performance of a Pelton turbine pp. 141-147 Downloads
M.K. Padhy and R.P. Saini
Analysis of wind climate and wind energy potential of regions in Turkey pp. 148-156 Downloads
Nevzat Onat and Sedat Ersoz
Investigation of effect of variation of cycle parameters on thermodynamic performance of gas-steam combined cycle pp. 157-167 Downloads
Oil sensitivity and its asymmetric impact on the stock market pp. 168-174 Downloads
Yen-Hsien Lee and Jer-Shiou Chiou
Biodiesel production over copper vanadium phosphate pp. 175-180 Downloads
Lei Chen, Ping Yin, Xiguang Liu, Lixia Yang, Zhongxi Yu, Xin Guo and Xinquan Xin
Genetic algorithms and non-intrusive energy management system based economic dispatch for cogeneration units pp. 181-190 Downloads
Hsueh-Hsien Chang
Options for the Swedish steel industry – Energy efficiency measures and fuel conversion pp. 191-198 Downloads
Maria T. Johansson and Mats Söderström
Working fluids for high-temperature organic Rankine cycles pp. 199-211 Downloads
Ngoc Anh Lai, Martin Wendland and Johann Fischer
Characterisation and effect of using waste plastic oil and diesel fuel blends in compression ignition engine pp. 212-219 Downloads
M. Mani, G. Nagarajan and S. Sampath
Energy use patterns and econometric models of major greenhouse vegetable productions in Iran pp. 220-225 Downloads
M.D. Heidari and M. Omid
Economic perspective of PV electricity in Oman pp. 226-232 Downloads
Al-Badi, A.H., M.H. Albadi, Al-Lawati, A.M. and A.S. Malik
Energy savings and emissions reductions for rewinding and replacement of industrial motor pp. 233-240 Downloads
M. Hasanuzzaman, N.A. Rahim, R. Saidur and S.N. Kazi
Experimental investigation of the performance and emissions of a heavy-duty diesel engine fueled with waste cooking oil biodiesel/ultra-low sulfur diesel blends pp. 241-248 Downloads
Yuan-Chung Lin, Kuo-Hsiang Hsu and Chung-Bang Chen
Experimental and theoretical investigation of surface temperature non-uniformity of spray cooling pp. 249-257 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Feng-Yun Han, Qi-Nie Liu, Rui Zhao and Han-lin Fan
Influence of the outer secondary air vane angle on the gas/particle flow characteristics near the double swirl flow burner region pp. 258-267 Downloads
Jianping Jing, Zhengqi Li, Qunyi Zhu, Zhichao Chen, Lin Wang and Lizhe Chen
Enhancing the performance of large primary-secondary chilled water systems by using bypass check valve pp. 268-276 Downloads
Zhenjun Ma and Shengwei Wang
Dynamic assessment of capacity investment in electricity market considering complementary capacity mechanisms pp. 277-293 Downloads
Masoud Hasani and Seyed Hamid Hosseini
Two new high-performance cycles for gas turbine with air bottoming pp. 294-304 Downloads
M. Ghazikhani, Passandideh-Fard, M. and M. Mousavi
How carbon pricing changes the relative competitiveness of low-carbon baseload generating technologies pp. 305-313 Downloads
Martin Nicholson, Tom Biegler and Barry W. Brook
CO2 separation and landfill biogas upgrading: A comparison of 4A and 13X zeolite adsorbents pp. 314-319 Downloads
Tania Montanari, Elisabetta Finocchio, Enrico Salvatore, Gilberto Garuti, Andrea Giordano, Chiara Pistarino and Guido Busca
Exergy analysis of an experimental heat transformer for water purification pp. 320-327 Downloads
W. Rivera, A. Huicochea, H. Martínez, J. Siqueiros, D. Juárez and E. Cadenas
The influence of the legal and economical environment and the profile of activities on the optimal design features of a natural-gas-fired combined heat and power plant pp. 328-338 Downloads
Janusz Kotowicz and Łukasz Bartela
Artificial neural networks for analysis of process states in fluidized bed combustion pp. 339-347 Downloads
M. Liukkonen, M. Heikkinen, T. Hiltunen, E. Hälikkä, R. Kuivalainen and Y. Hiltunen
Optimization of an artificial neural network dedicated to the multivariate forecasting of daily global radiation pp. 348-359 Downloads
Cyril Voyant, Marc Muselli, Christophe Paoli and Marie-Laure Nivet
Economic evaluation based policy analysis for coalbed methane industry in China pp. 360-368 Downloads
D.K. Luo, Y.J. Dai and L.Y. Xia
Storage stability and ageing effect of biodiesel blends treated with different antioxidants pp. 369-374 Downloads
Georgios Karavalakis, Despina Hilari, Lida Givalou, Dimitrios Karonis and Stamos Stournas
Calculation of the energy provided by a PV generator. Comparative study: Conventional methods vs. artificial neural networks pp. 375-384 Downloads
F. Almonacid, C. Rus, Pérez-Higueras, P. and L. Hontoria
Mathematical modeling of agricultural fires beneath high voltage transmission lines pp. 385-396 Downloads
El-Zohri, Emad H., Hamdy M. Shafey, Abdel-Salam, M. and A. Ahmed
Emission and performance characteristics of an indirect ignition diesel engine fuelled with waste cooking oil pp. 397-402 Downloads
M.A. Kalam, H.H. Masjuki, M.H. Jayed and A.M. Liaquat
Local entropy generation analysis on passive high-concentration DMFCs (direct methanol fuel cell) with different cell structures pp. 403-414 Downloads
Xianglin Li and Amir Faghri
Theoretical and experimental investigations of a two-phase thermosyphon solar water heater pp. 415-423 Downloads
C.C. Chien, C.K. Kung, C.C. Chang, W.S. Lee, C.S. Jwo and S.L. Chen
Technologic, economic and exergoeconomic evaluation of proposed industrial heat and power plant revamp alternatives in an industrial company in Slovakia pp. 424-437 Downloads
Miroslav Variny and Otto Mierka
Multi-objective optimization of the airfoil shape of Wells turbine used for wave energy conversion pp. 438-446 Downloads
M.H. Mohamed, G. Janiga, E. Pap and D. Thévenin
Performance of a combined organic Rankine cycle and vapor compression cycle for heat activated cooling pp. 447-458 Downloads
Hailei Wang, Richard Peterson, Kevin Harada, Erik Miller, Ingram-Goble, Robbie, Luke Fisher, James Yih and Chris Ward
Steady and pulsating flow efficiency of a waste-gated turbocharger radial flow turbine for automotive application pp. 459-465 Downloads
Silvia Marelli and Massimo Capobianco
Parametric dependence of a morphing wind turbine blade on material elasticity pp. 466-474 Downloads
Martin Puterbaugh and Asfaw Beyene
Optimal synthesis and design of Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) via mathematical programming pp. 475-485 Downloads
Juan I. Manassaldi, Sergio F. Mussati and Nicolás J. Scenna
Variance analysis of global CO2 emission – A management accounting approach for decomposition study pp. 486-499 Downloads
Ratnakar Pani and Ujjaini Mukhopadhyay
Hydro energy systems management in Portugal: Profit-based evaluation of a mixed-integer nonlinear approach pp. 500-507 Downloads
J.P.S. Catalão, H.M.I. Pousinho and V.M.F. Mendes
What’s the state of energy studies research?: A content analysis of three leading journals from 1999 to 2008 pp. 508-519 Downloads
D’Agostino, Anthony Louis, Benjamin K. Sovacool, Kirsten Trott, Catherine Regalado Ramos, Saleena Saleem and Yanchun Ong
Comparative study of power converter topologies and control strategies for the harmonic performance of variable-speed wind turbine generator systems pp. 520-529 Downloads
R. Melício, V.M.F. Mendes and J.P.S. Catalão
Simulation of an adsorption solar cooling system pp. 530-537 Downloads
H.Z. Hassan, A.A. Mohamad and R. Bennacer
Preliminary results from a network of stations for wind resource assessment at North of Yucatan Peninsula pp. 538-548 Downloads
Soler-Bientz, Rolando
A supercritical Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixture working fluids for the conversion of low-grade heat into power pp. 549-555 Downloads
Huijuan Chen, D. Yogi Goswami, Muhammad M. Rahman and Elias K. Stefanakos
Multi-criteria analysis for the selection of space heating systems in an industrial building pp. 556-565 Downloads
Damiana Chinese, Gioacchino Nardin and Onorio Saro
Thermal characteristics of a building-integrated dual-function solar collector in water heating mode with natural circulation pp. 566-574 Downloads
Jie Ji, Chenglong Luo, Tin-Tai Chow, Wei Sun and Wei He
Primary energy and economic analysis of combined heating, cooling and power systems pp. 575-585 Downloads
M.D. Schicktanz, J. Wapler and H.-M. Henning
Cooling process of water in a horizontal circular enclosure subjected to non-uniform boundary conditions pp. 586-594 Downloads
Esam M. Alawadhi
Cellulosic biofuels: Expert views on prospects for advancement pp. 595-605 Downloads
Erin Baker and Jeffrey M. Keisler
Artificial immune system for fixed head hydrothermal power system pp. 606-612 Downloads
M. Basu
Energy optimisation of existing SWRO (seawater reverse osmosis) plants with ERT (energy recovery turbines): Technical and thermoeconomic assessment pp. 613-626 Downloads
Baltasar Peñate and García-Rodríguez, Lourdes
Fabrication and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells from rutile nanofibers and nanorods pp. 627-632 Downloads
L. Francis, A. Sreekumaran Nair, R. Jose, S. Ramakrishna, V. Thavasi and E. Marsano
Power-optimization of non-ideal energy converters under generalized convective heat transfer law via Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman theory pp. 633-646 Downloads
Shaojun Xia, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Computational modeling, validation, and utilization for predicting the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of hydrogen IC engines pp. 647-655 Downloads
Shravan K. Vudumu and Umit O. Koylu
The impact of household consumption on energy use and CO2 emissions in China pp. 656-670 Downloads
Zhen-Hua Feng, Le-Le Zou and Yi-Ming Wei
A fluid dynamic model for unsteady compressible flow in wall-flow diesel particulate filters pp. 671-684 Downloads
A.J. Torregrosa, J.R. Serrano, F.J. Arnau and P. Piqueras
Multivariate Granger causality between CO2 emissions, energy consumption, FDI (foreign direct investment) and GDP (gross domestic product): Evidence from a panel of BRIC (Brazil, Russian Federation, India, and China) countries pp. 685-693 Downloads
Hsiao-Tien Pao and Chung-Ming Tsai
The crepuscular planet. A model for the exhausted continental crust pp. 694-707 Downloads
Alicia Valero, Antonio Valero and Javier B. Gómez
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