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Volume 46, issue 1, 2012

Potential options to greenize energy systems pp. 5-15 Downloads
Ibrahim Dincer and Calin Zamfirescu
How to save energy to reach a balance between production and consumption of heat, electricity and fuels for vehicles pp. 16-20 Downloads
Erik Dahlquist, Iana Vassileva, Eva Thorin and Fredrik Wallin
Multi-objective exergy-based optimization of a polygeneration energy system using an evolutionary algorithm pp. 21-31 Downloads
Pouria Ahmadi, Marc A. Rosen and Ibrahim Dincer
Exergetic and environmental assessment of room air conditioners in Turkish market pp. 32-41 Downloads
M. Ziya Sogut
Optimum performance of the small-scale open and direct solar thermal Brayton cycle at various environmental conditions and constraints pp. 42-50 Downloads
W.G. Le Roux, Bello-Ochende, T. and J.P. Meyer
Exergetic effects of some design parameters on the small turbojet engine for unmanned air vehicle applications pp. 51-61 Downloads
Onder Turan
Airfoil optimization for noise emission problem and aerodynamic performance criterion on small scale wind turbines pp. 62-71 Downloads
Tuhfe Göçmen and Barış Özerdem
Investigation of environmental and exergetic performance for coal-preparation units in cement production processes pp. 72-77 Downloads
Z. Söğüt, Z. Oktay, H. Karakoc and A. Hepbasli
Exergoeconomic analysis of a cogeneration plant in an iron and steel factory pp. 78-84 Downloads
Mehmet Selçuk Mert, Ömer Faruk Dilmaç, Semra Özkan, Fatma Karaca and Esen Bolat
Sustainable assessment of solar hydrogen production techniques pp. 85-93 Downloads
Elif Bozoglan, Adnan Midilli and Arif Hepbasli
Understanding energy consumption behavior for future demand response strategy development pp. 94-100 Downloads
Iana Vassileva, Fredrik Wallin and Erik Dahlquist
Exergetic performance analysis of Dora II geothermal power plant in Turkey pp. 101-108 Downloads
Hadi Ganjehsarabi, Ali Gungor and Ibrahim Dincer
Thermodynamic analysis of waste heat recovery for cooling systems in hybrid and electric vehicles pp. 109-116 Downloads
N. Javani, I. Dincer and G.F. Naterer
Exergy analysis of a TMS (thermal management system) for range-extended EVs (electric vehicles) pp. 117-125 Downloads
H.S. Hamut, I. Dincer and G.F. Naterer
Analysis of operating a diesel engine on biodiesel-ethanol and biodiesel-methanol blends pp. 126-129 Downloads
Nadir Yilmaz and Tomas M. Sanchez
Sequential conversion of high free fatty acid oils into biodiesel using a new catalyst system pp. 132-139 Downloads
Peng-Lim, Boey, Shangeetha Ganesan, Gaanty Pragas Maniam and Melati Khairuddean
Design and experimental investigation of a 190 kWe biomass fixed bed gasification and polygeneration pilot plant using a double air stage downdraft approach pp. 140-147 Downloads
Zhongqing Ma, Yimeng Zhang, Qisheng Zhang, Yongbiao Qu, Jianbin Zhou and Hengfei Qin
The characteristics of pressure recovery in an adjustable ejector multi-evaporator refrigeration system pp. 148-155 Downloads
Chen Lin, Wenjian Cai, Yanzhong Li, Jia Yan and Yu Hu
Exploring the bi-directional long run relationship between urbanization, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emission pp. 156-167 Downloads
Usama Al-mulali, Che Normee Binti Che Sab and Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni
A minimal order observer based frequency control strategy for an integrated wind-battery-diesel power system pp. 168-178 Downloads
Abdul Motin Howlader, Yuya Izumi, Akie Uehara, Naomitsu Urasaki, Tomonobu Senjyu, Atsushi Yona and Ahmed Yousuf Saber
Three-dimensional decomposition models for carbon productivity pp. 179-187 Downloads
Ming Meng and Dongxiao Niu
Microencapsulated n-octadecane with different methylmethacrylate-based copolymer shells as phase change materials for thermal energy storage pp. 188-199 Downloads
Xiaolin Qiu, Wei Li, Guolin Song, Xiaodong Chu and Guoyi Tang
Exergy analysis of thermochemical ethanol production via biomass gasification and catalytic synthesis pp. 200-210 Downloads
Harro van der Heijden and Krzysztof J. Ptasinski
Complementary configuration and operation of a CCHP-ORC system pp. 211-220 Downloads
Fang Fang, Le Wei, Jizhen Liu, Jianhua Zhang and Guolian Hou
A day-ahead electricity pricing model based on smart metering and demand-side management pp. 221-230 Downloads
Meysam Doostizadeh and Hassan Ghasemi
Regional energy-related carbon emission characteristics and potential mitigation in eco-industrial parks in South Korea: Logarithmic mean Divisia index analysis based on the Kaya identity pp. 231-241 Downloads
Seok Jung, Kyoung-Jin An, Gjergj Dodbiba and Toyohisa Fujita
Development of Al2O3 carrier-Ru composite catalyst for hydrogen generation from alkaline NaBH4 hydrolysis pp. 242-247 Downloads
Yao-Hui Huang, Chia-Chi Su, Shu-Ling Wang and Ming-Chun Lu
Quantifying energy savings during cheese ripening after implementation of sequential air ventilation in an industrial cheesemaking plant pp. 248-258 Downloads
Pierre-Sylvain Mirade, Bruno Perret, Hervé Guillemin, Daniel Picque, Béatrice Desserre, Marie-Christine Montel and Georges Corrieu
Regional economic output and employment impact of coal-to-liquids (CTL) industry in China: An input–output analysis pp. 259-263 Downloads
Tianyu Qi, Li Zhou, Xiliang Zhang and Xiangkun Ren
The application of dynamic modelling techniques to the grid-connected PV (photovoltaic) systems pp. 264-274 Downloads
K.H. Lam, T.M. Lai, W.C. Lo and Wai Ming To
Comparison of future energy scenarios for Denmark: IDA 2050, CEESA (Coherent Energy and Environmental System Analysis), and Climate Commission 2050 pp. 275-282 Downloads
Pil Seok Kwon and Poul Alberg Østergaard
A finite-volume model of a parabolic trough photovoltaic/thermal collector: Energetic and exergetic analyses pp. 283-294 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Adolfo Palombo and Laura Vanoli
Fast start-up analyses for Benson heat recovery steam generator pp. 295-309 Downloads
Falah Alobaid, Stefan Pfeiffer, Bernd Epple, Chil-Yeong Seon and Hyun-Gee Kim
Factors affecting fuelwood consumption in household cookstoves in an isolated rural West African village pp. 310-321 Downloads
Nathan G. Johnson and Kenneth M. Bryden
An assessement of global energy resource economic potentials pp. 322-336 Downloads
Jean-Francois Mercure and Pablo Salas
Modelling elements of Smart Grids – Enhancing the OSeMOSYS (Open Source Energy Modelling System) code pp. 337-350 Downloads
M. Welsch, M. Howells, M. Bazilian, J.F. DeCarolis, S. Hermann and H.H. Rogner
Laboratory scale studies on simulated underground coal gasification of high ash coals for carbon-neutral power generation pp. 351-358 Downloads
V. Prabu and S. Jayanti
Technological challenges for industrial development of hydrogen production based on methane cracking pp. 359-363 Downloads
A. Abánades, C. Rubbia and D. Salmieri
Research on the elliptic aerodynamic field in a 1000 MW dual circle tangential firing single furnace ultra supercritical boiler pp. 364-373 Downloads
Long Sha, Hui Liu, Lianfei Xu, Qingxi Cao, Qi Li and Shaohua Wu
Integrated resource planning for Iran: Development of reference energy system, forecast, and long-term energy-environment plan pp. 374-385 Downloads
K. Amirnekooei, M.M. Ardehali and A. Sadri
Optimization principles for two-stream heat exchangers and two-stream heat exchanger networks pp. 386-392 Downloads
Xuetao Cheng and Xingang Liang
Design and optimization for strength and integrity of tidal turbine rotor blades pp. 393-404 Downloads
Pengfei Liu and Brian Veitch
China's building energy demand: Long-term implications from a detailed assessment pp. 405-419 Downloads
Jiyong Eom, Leon Clarke, Son H. Kim, Page Kyle and Pralit Patel
Charged system search algorithm for emission constrained economic power dispatch problem pp. 420-430 Downloads
Serdar Özyön, Hasan Temurtaş, Burhanettin Durmuş and Gültekin Kuvat
Progress and trends in CO2 capture/separation technologies: A review pp. 431-441 Downloads
Monoj Kumar Mondal, Hemant Kumar Balsora and Prachi Varshney
Biofuel vs. biodiversity? Integrated emergy and economic cost-benefit evaluation of rice-ethanol production in Japan pp. 442-450 Downloads
Hongfang Lu, Bin-Le Lin, Daniel E. Campbell, Masayuki Sagisaka and Hai Ren
Performance evaluation of an off-grid photovoltaic system in Saudi Arabia pp. 451-458 Downloads
Shafiqur Rehman and El-Amin, Ibrahim
Measures and potentials of energy-saving in a Chinese fine chemical industrial park pp. 459-470 Downloads
Jinping Tian, Han Shi, Xing Li and Lujun Chen
Performance comparison of six solar-powered air-conditioners operated in five places pp. 471-483 Downloads
M. Pons, G. Anies, F. Boudehenn, P. Bourdoukan, Castaing-Lasvignottes, J., G. Evola, A. Le Denn, N. Le Pierrès, O. Marc, N. Mazet, D. Stitou and F. Lucas
Optimization of adsorption dynamics in adsorptive chillers: Loose grains configuration pp. 484-492 Downloads
Yuriy I. Aristov, Ivan S. Glaznev and Ilya S. Girnik
Entropy generation minimization: A practical approach for performance evaluation of temperature cascaded co-generation plants pp. 493-521 Downloads
Aung Myat, Kyaw Thu, Young Deuk Kim, Bidyut Baran Saha and Kim Choon Ng
A dynamic model to optimize a regional energy system with waste and crops as energy resources for greenhouse gases mitigation pp. 522-532 Downloads
Han Song, Erik Dotzauer, Eva Thorin, Bozena Guziana, Tuomas Huopana and Jinyue Yan
Modeling short-run electricity demand with long-term growth rates and consumer price elasticity in commercial and industrial sectors pp. 533-540 Downloads
Amy Pielow, Ramteen Sioshansi and Matthew C. Roberts
The feasibility of hybrid solar-biomass power plants in India pp. 541-554 Downloads
J.D. Nixon, P.K. Dey and P.A. Davies
An assessment of wind energy potential at the demonstration offshore wind farm in Korea pp. 555-563 Downloads
Ki-Yong Oh, Ji-Young Kim, Jae-Kyung Lee, Moo-Sung Ryu and Jun-Shin Lee
Crude oil price analysis and forecasting using wavelet decomposed ensemble model pp. 564-574 Downloads
Kaijian He, Lean Yu and Kin Keung Lai
Target for national carbon intensity of energy by 2050: A case study of Poland's energy system pp. 575-581 Downloads
Wojciech M. Budzianowski
A new combined power and desalination system driven by low grade heat for concentrated brine pp. 582-595 Downloads
Chennan Li, D. Yogi Goswami, Andrew Shapiro, Elias K. Stefanakos and Gokmen Demirkaya
Experimental investigation of performance and emission characteristics of DI diesel engine fueled with polymer waste dissolved in biodiesel-blended diesel fuel pp. 596-605 Downloads
Pouya Mohammadi, Ali M. Nikbakht, Meisam Tabatabaei, Khalil Farhadi, Arash Mohebbi and Mehdi Khatami far
Direct numerical simulation and CMC (conditional moment closure) sub-model validation of spray combustion pp. 606-617 Downloads
Haiou Wang, Kun Luo and Jianren Fan
Numerical simulations of the solar transmission process for a pressurized volumetric receiver pp. 618-628 Downloads
F.Q. Cui, Y.L. He, Z.D. Cheng, D. Li and Y.B. Tao
Integrated IDA–ANN–DEA for assessment and optimization of energy consumption in industrial sectors pp. 629-635 Downloads
O.A. Olanrewaju, A.A. Jimoh and P.A. Kholopane
Combustion requirements for conversion of ash-rich novel energy crops in a 250 kWth multifuel grate fired system pp. 636-643 Downloads
Díaz-Ramírez, Maryori, Fernando Sebastián, Javier Royo and Adeline Rezeau
Pretreatment for biogas production by anaerobic fermentation of mixed corn stover and cow dung pp. 644-648 Downloads
Shuxia Zhou, Yulin Zhang and Yuping Dong
DC (direct current) voltage source reduction in stacked multicell converter based energy systems pp. 649-663 Downloads
Vahid Dargahi, Arash Khoshkbar Sadigh, Mohammad Reza Alizadeh Pahlavani and Abbas Shoulaie
Assessment of energy and exergy efficiencies of a grate clinker cooling system through the optimization of its operational parameters pp. 664-674 Downloads
J.U. Ahamed, N.A. Madlool, R. Saidur, M.I. Shahinuddin, A. Kamyar and H.H. Masjuki
A novel analytical model for optimal sizing of standalone photovoltaic systems pp. 675-682 Downloads
Abdul Qayoom Jakhrani, Al-Khalid Othman, Andrew Ragai Henry Rigit, Saleem Raza Samo and Shakeel Ahmed Kamboh
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