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Volume 162, issue C, 2018

Effects of transition metals on hydrothermal liquefaction of empty fruit bunches (EFB) for conversion to biofuel and valuable chemicals pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jae Hoon Lee, Hyewon Hwang and Joon Weon Choi
Heat transfer characteristics in a large-scale bubbling fluidized bed with immersed horizontal tube bundles pp. 10-19 Downloads
Artur Blaszczuk, Michal Pogorzelec and Tadaaki Shimizu
Sociotechnical transition to smart energy: The case of Samso 1997–2030 pp. 20-34 Downloads
Jan Jantzen, Michael Kristensen and Toke Haunstrup Christensen
The impact of bed material cycle rate on in-situ CO2 removal for sorption enhanced reforming of different fuel types pp. 35-44 Downloads
Josef Fuchs, Johannes Christian Schmid, Florian Benedikt, Stefan Müller, Hermann Hofbauer, Hugo Stocker, Nina Kieberger and Thomas Bürgler
Urban agglomeration economies and industrial energy efficiency pp. 45-59 Downloads
Feng Han, Rui Xie and Jiayu Fang
Experimental and simulated study on a novel compressed air drying system using a liquid desiccant cycle pp. 60-71 Downloads
Changfeng Zhan, Yonggao Yin, Xing Jin and Xiaosong Zhang
Dynamic energy management for photovoltaic power system including hybrid energy storage in smart grid applications pp. 72-82 Downloads
Ahmet Aktas, Koray Erhan, Sule Özdemir and Engin Özdemir
Effect of swirl field on the fuel concentration distribution and combustion characteristics in gas turbine combustor with cavity pp. 83-98 Downloads
Rongchun Zhang, Quanyong Xu and Weijun Fan
Experimental exergy analysis of R513A to replace R134a in a small capacity refrigeration system pp. 99-110 Downloads
Mota-Babiloni, Adrián, Belman-Flores, J.M., Pavel Makhnatch, Navarro-Esbrí, Joaquín and Barroso-Maldonado, J.M.
A comparative study and optimization of enhanced integrated geothermal flash and Kalina cycles: A thermoeconomic assessment pp. 111-125 Downloads
N. Hassani Mokarram and A.H. Mosaffa
Estimation of daily global solar radiation using deep learning model pp. 126-135 Downloads
Kazım Kaba, Mehmet Sarıgül, Mutlu Avcı and H. Mustafa Kandırmaz
Relationship between erythemal UV and broadband solar irradiation at high altitude in Northwestern Argentina pp. 136-147 Downloads
M.P. Utrillas, M.J. Marín, A.R. Esteve, G. Salazar, H. Suárez, S. Gandía and Martínez-Lozano, J.A.
The electricity market in a renewable energy system pp. 148-157 Downloads
Søren Djørup, Jakob Zinck Thellufsen and Peter Sorknæs
Reducing fuel consumption of Front End Loader using regenerative hydro-static drive configuration-an experimental study pp. 158-170 Downloads
M. Bhola, N. Kumar and S.K. Ghoshal
The extensible evaluation framework of urban green house gas emission reduction responsibility: A case of Shandong province in China pp. 171-184 Downloads
Shuai Geng and Lijun Lin
Utilization of waste heat for energy conservation in domestic dryers pp. 185-199 Downloads
Su-Sheng Ma, Ching-Yi Tseng, You-Ren Jian, Tai-Her Yang and Sih-Li Chen
Process simulation of an efficient temperature swing adsorption concept for biogas upgrading pp. 200-209 Downloads
H. Vogtenhuber, R. Hofmann, F. Helminger and G. Schöny
Experimental study of using both ethylene glycol and phase change material as coolant in photovoltaic thermal systems (PVT) from energy, exergy and entropy generation viewpoints pp. 210-223 Downloads
Arash Kazemian, Mohammad Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Sardarabadi and Passandideh-Fard, Mohammad
Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis volatiles to bio-fuel under pre-plasma enhanced catalysis (PPEC) system pp. 224-236 Downloads
Yongsheng Fan, Lei Zhu, Lele Fan, Weidong Zhao, Yixi Cai, Yuwei Chen, Lizhu Jin and Yonglian Xiong
A two-stage approach for combined heat and power economic emission dispatch: Combining multi-objective optimization with integrated decision making pp. 237-254 Downloads
Yang Li, Jinlong Wang, Dongbo Zhao, Guoqing Li and Chen Chen
Effects of electric vehicles on the spot market price pp. 255-266 Downloads
Philipp Hanemann and Thomas Bruckner
Has China’s coal consumption already peaked? A demand-side analysis based on hybrid prediction models pp. 272-281 Downloads
Ce Wang, Bing-Bing Li, Qiao-Mei Liang and Jin-Cheng Wang
Has electricity turned green or black in Chile? A structural decomposition analysis of energy consumption pp. 282-298 Downloads
Román-Collado, Rocío, Manuel Ordoñez and Luis Mundaca
Performance analysis of a novel thermoelectric assisted indirect evaporative cooling system pp. 299-308 Downloads
Yuanyuan Zhou, Tao Zhang, Fang Wang and Yanshun Yu
Production of value-added liquid fuel via microwave co-pyrolysis of used frying oil and plastic waste pp. 309-317 Downloads
Wan Adibah Wan Mahari, Cheng Tung Chong, Chin Kui Cheng, Chern Leing Lee, Kristian Hendrata, Peter Nai Yuh Yek, Nyuk Ling Ma and Su Shiung Lam
An axial type impinging receiver pp. 318-334 Downloads
Wujun Wang and Björn Laumert
An enhanced concept of Q-power management pp. 335-353 Downloads
Sławomir Bielecki and Tadeusz Skoczkowski
Modelling of unsuppressed electrical demand forecasting in Iraq for long term pp. 354-363 Downloads
Nooriya A. Mohammed
Development and assessment of integrating parabolic trough collectors with gas turbine trigeneration system for producing electricity, chilled water, and freshwater pp. 364-379 Downloads
Yousef N. Dabwan, Pei Gang, Jing Li, Guangtao Gao and Junsheng Feng
Ejector integration for the cost effective design of the Selexol™ process pp. 380-392 Downloads
Omid Ashrafi, Hamed Bashiri, Amin Esmaeili, Hristo Sapoundjiev and Philippe Navarri
A novel self-adapting intelligent grey model for forecasting China's natural-gas demand pp. 393-407 Downloads
Song Ding
Valorisation of high acid value waste cooking oil into biodiesel using supercritical methanolysis: Experimental assessment and statistical optimisation on typical Egyptian feedstock pp. 408-420 Downloads
Omar Aboelazayem, Mamdouh Gadalla and Basudeb Saha
Smart renewable energy penetration strategies on islands: The case of Gran Canaria pp. 421-443 Downloads
Pedro Cabrera, Henrik Lund and José A. Carta
Optimal allocation of hydropower and hybrid electricity injected from inter-regional transmission lines among multiple receiving-end power grids in China pp. 444-452 Downloads
Zhong-kai Feng, Wen-jing Niu and Chun-tian Cheng
Nitrogen and cobalt-doped porous biocarbon materials derived from corn stover as efficient electrocatalysts for aluminum-air batteries pp. 453-459 Downloads
Zhenning Liu, Zhiyuan Li, Jian Ma, Xu Dong, Wen Ku, Mi Wang, Hang Sun, Song Liang and Guolong Lu
Effect of ethanol on Mulberry bark hydrothermal liquefaction and bio-oil chemical compositions pp. 460-475 Downloads
Congjin Chen, Jingxian Zhu, Shuang Jia, Shuai Mi, Zhangfa Tong, Zhixia Li, Mingfei Li, Yanjuan Zhang, Yuhua Hu and Zuqiang Huang
The impact of energy storage modeling in coordination with wind farm and thermal units on security and reliability in a stochastic unit commitment pp. 476-490 Downloads
Mohsen Vatanpour and Ahmad Sadeghi Yazdankhah
Radiation enhanced chemical production: Improving the value proposition of nuclear power pp. 491-504 Downloads
Schmeda-Lopez, Diego, Thomas B. McConnaughy and Eric W. McFarland
Evolutionary game analysis on the behavior strategies of power producers in renewable portfolio standard pp. 505-516 Downloads
Xin-gang, Zhao, Ling-zhi, Ren, Yu-zhuo, Zhang and Wan Guan
Experimental study on pollutant emissions in the novel combined porous-free flame burner pp. 517-525 Downloads
Seyed Amin Ghorashi, Seyed Abdolmehdi Hashemi, Seyed Mohammad Hashemi and Mahdi Mollamahdi
High-performance self-powered wireless sensor node driven by a flexible thermoelectric generator pp. 526-533 Downloads
Yong Jun Kim, Hyun Mo Gu, Choong Sun Kim, Hyeongdo Choi, Gyusoup Lee, Seongho Kim, Kevin K. Yi, Sang Gug Lee and Byung Jin Cho
White rot fungi pretreatment to advance volatile fatty acid production from solid-state fermentation of solid digestate: Efficiency and mechanisms pp. 534-541 Downloads
Wei Fang, Panyue Zhang, Xuedong Zhang, Xuefeng Zhu, Jules B. van Lier and Henri Spanjers
Upgrading of vacuum residue with chemical looping partial oxidation over Ce doped Fe2O3 pp. 542-553 Downloads
Dechao Wang, Lijun Jin, Yang Li, Demeng Yao, Jiaofei Wang and Haoquan Hu
Phase-changing materials for thermal stabilization and thermal transport pp. 554-563 Downloads
Marjan Krašna, Eva Klemenčič, Zdravko Kutnjak and Samo Kralj
Catalytic pyrolysis of tulip tree (Liriodendron) in bubbling fluidized-bed reactor for upgrading bio-oil using dolomite catalyst pp. 564-575 Downloads
Hoang Vu Ly, Dong-Hyeon Lim, Jae Wook Sim, Seung-Soo Kim and Jinsoo Kim
Energy, exergy and advanced exergy analysis of a milk processing factory pp. 576-592 Downloads
Fabian Bühler, Tuong-Van Nguyen, Jonas Kjær Jensen, Fridolin Müller Holm and Brian Elmegaard
A novel robust ensemble model integrated extreme learning machine with multi-activation functions for energy modeling and analysis: Application to petrochemical industry pp. 593-602 Downloads
Xiao-Han Zhang, Qun-Xiong Zhu, Yan-Lin He and Yuan Xu
Ocean wave energy pitching harvester with a frequency tuning capability pp. 603-617 Downloads
N.V. Viet and Q. Wang
Effect of ambient temperature on the ignition and combustion process of single aluminium particles pp. 618-629 Downloads
Yunchao Feng, Zhixun Xia, Liya Huang and Likun Ma
A novel single-well geothermal system for hot dry rock geothermal energy exploitation pp. 630-644 Downloads
Wenbo Huang, Wenjiong Cao and Fangming Jiang
Wind turbine blade geometry design based on multi-objective optimization using metaheuristics pp. 645-658 Downloads
Júlio Xavier Vianna Neto, Elci José Guerra Junior, Sinvaldo Rodrigues Moreno, Helon Vicente Hultmann Ayala, Viviana Cocco Mariani and Leandro dos Santos Coelho
Net energy analysis and life cycle energy assessment of electricity supply in Chile: Present status and future scenarios pp. 659-668 Downloads
Marco Raugei, Enrica Leccisi, Vasilis Fthenakis, Rodrigo Escobar Moragas and Yeliz Simsek
Vacuum drying kinetics and energy consumption analysis of LiFePO4 battery powder pp. 669-681 Downloads
Fan Zhao, Feng Han, Shiwei Zhang, Hanrong Tian, Yi Yang and Kun Sun
Performance assessment of an innovative exhaust air energy recovery system based on the PV/T-assisted thermal wheel pp. 682-696 Downloads
Amin Shahsavar, Shoaib Khanmohammadi, Mahsa Khaki and Mazyar Salmanzadeh
Optimal operation of photovoltaic/battery/diesel/cold-ironing hybrid energy system for maritime application pp. 697-714 Downloads
Ruoli Tang, Zhou Wu and Xin Li
Effect of engine exhaust gas pulsations on the performance of a thermoelectric generator for wasted heat recovery: An experimental and analytical investigation pp. 715-727 Downloads
A. Nour Eddine, D. Chalet, X. Faure, L. Aixala and P. Chessé
The impact of internal ejector working characteristics and geometry on the performance of a refrigeration cycle pp. 728-743 Downloads
Payam Haghparast, Mikhail V. Sorin and Hakim Nesreddine
A theoretical study on the effects of thermal barrier coating on diesel engine combustion and emission characteristics pp. 744-752 Downloads
Mingfa Yao, Tianyu Ma, Hu Wang, Zunqing Zheng, Haifeng Liu and Yan Zhang
Modeling and thermoeconomic optimization of marine diesel charge air cooler pp. 753-763 Downloads
Seyed Mohsen Momeni, Gholamreza Salehi and Majid Eshagh Nimvari
Electricity power generation from co-gasification of municipal solid wastes and biomass: Generation and emission performance pp. 764-775 Downloads
Natarianto Indrawan, Sunil Thapa, Prakashbhai R. Bhoi, Raymond L. Huhnke and Ajay Kumar
Impact of increased solar penetration on bill savings of net metered residential consumers in India pp. 776-786 Downloads
Jagruti Thakur and Basab Chakraborty
Investigation on the thermal behavior of energy piles and borehole heat exchangers: A case study pp. 787-797 Downloads
Qiang Zhao, Baoming Chen, Maocheng Tian and Fang Liu
Performance analysis of semitransparent photovoltaic module for skylights pp. 798-812 Downloads
A. Karthick, K. Kalidasa Murugavel and L. Kalaivani
Accurate estimation of T year extreme wind speeds by considering different model selection criterions and different parameter estimation methods pp. 813-824 Downloads
Fatih Tosunoğlu
Optimization and evaluation of CCHP systems considering incentive policies under different operation strategies pp. 825-840 Downloads
Longxi Li, Shiwei Yu, Hailin Mu and Huanan Li
Life cycle carbon emission modelling of coal-fired power: Chinese case pp. 841-852 Downloads
Ning Wang, Yixin Ren, Tao Zhu, Fanxin Meng, Zongguo Wen and Gengyuan Liu
Gas supply reliability assessment of natural gas transmission pipeline systems pp. 853-870 Downloads
Weichao Yu, Shangfei Song, Yichen Li, Yuan Min, Weihe Huang, Kai Wen and Jing Gong
State of charge estimation for electric vehicle power battery using advanced machine learning algorithm under diversified drive cycles pp. 871-882 Downloads
Taimoor Zahid, Kun Xu, Weimin Li, Chenming Li and Hongzhe Li
Energy modeling using an effective latent variable based functional link learning machine pp. 883-891 Downloads
Xiao-Han Zhang, Qun-Xiong Zhu, Yan-Lin He and Yuan Xu
Enhancement of momentum transfer of bubble swarms using an ejector with water injection pp. 892-909 Downloads
Hyunduk Seo, Aliyu M. Aliyu and Kyung Chun Kim
Hierarchical Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy hyperbolic tangent static model control for a circulating fluidized bed boiler thermal power unit pp. 910-917 Downloads
Xusheng Zhuo, Chun Lou, Huaichun Zhou, Jinxuan Zhuo and Peifang Fu
2D modeling of well array operating enhanced geothermal system pp. 918-932 Downloads
Junfeng Ding and Shimin Wang
Strategy of alternating bias voltage on corrosion resistance and interfacial conductivity enhancement of TiCx/a-C coatings on metallic bipolar plates in PEMFCs pp. 933-943 Downloads
Weixin Zhang, Peiyun Yi, Linfa Peng and Xinmin Lai
Developing a more comprehensive energy efficiency index for coal production: Indicators, methods and case study pp. 944-952 Downloads
Ning Wang, Heng Li, Gengyuan Liu, Fanxin Meng, Shaolei Shan and Zongshui Wang
Products distribution of catalytic co-pyrolysis of greenhouse vegetable wastes and coal pp. 953-963 Downloads
Hasan Merdun and İsmail Veli Sezgin
Investigation on effects of back pressure on submerged jet flow from short cylindrical orifice filled with diesel fuel pp. 964-976 Downloads
Tao Qiu, Kaixin Wang, Yan Lei, Chenglin Wu, Yuwei Liu, Xinyu Chen and Peng Guo
Energy recovery from the water cycle: Thermal energy from drinking water pp. 977-987 Downloads
Jan Peter van der Hoek, Stefan Mol, Sara Giorgi, Jawairia Imtiaz Ahmad, Gang Liu and Gertjan Medema
Enhancement of renewable energy penetration through energy storage technologies in a CHP-based energy system for Chongming, China pp. 988-1002 Downloads
Kexin Wang, Shang Chen, Liuchen Liu, Tong Zhu and Zhongxue Gan
Air manifolds for straw-fired batch boilers – Experimental and numerical methods for improvement of selected operation parameters pp. 1003-1015 Downloads
Mateusz Szubel, Mariusz Filipowicz, Beata Matras and Szymon Podlasek
Performance investigation and energy optimization of a thermoelectric generator for a mild hybrid vehicle pp. 1016-1028 Downloads
Ruochen Wang, Wei Yu and Xiangpeng Meng
Experimental study on different preheating methods for the cold-start of PEMFC stacks pp. 1029-1040 Downloads
Zhigang Zhan, Chong Yuan, Zhangrong Hu, Hui Wang, P.C. Sui, Ned Djilali and Mu Pan
Influence of operation parameters on mode switching from electrolysis cell mode to fuel cell mode in a unitized regenerative fuel cell pp. 1041-1051 Downloads
Xian Ming Yuan, Hang Guo, Jia Xing Liu, Fang Ye and Chong Fang Ma
Effects of geometric parameters on the performance of solar chimney power plants pp. 1052-1061 Downloads
Davood Toghraie, Amir Karami, Masoud Afrand and Arash Karimipour
Thermo-economic analysis for determination of optimized connection between solar field and combined cycle power plant pp. 1062-1076 Downloads
Amir Masoud Nabati, Mohamad Sadegh Sadeghi, Sadegh Nikbakht Naserabad, Hamid Mokhtari and Sobhan Izadpanah
Analysis of the influence of heat loss factors on the overall performance of utility-scale parabolic trough solar collectors pp. 1077-1091 Downloads
Li Xu, Feihu Sun, Linrui Ma, Xiaolei Li, Guofeng Yuan, Dongqiang Lei, Huibin Zhu, Qiangqiang Zhang, Ershu Xu and Zhifeng Wang
A novel CFD approach for the computation of R744 flashing nozzles in compressible and metastable conditions pp. 1092-1105 Downloads
Francesco Giacomelli, Federico Mazzelli and Adriano Milazzo
Validated ejector model for hybrid system applications pp. 1106-1114 Downloads
M.L. Ferrari, M. Pascenti and A.F. Massardo
Numerical evaluation of the power output of an oscillating water column wave energy converter installed in the southern Brazilian coast pp. 1115-1124 Downloads
Rodrigo C. Lisboa, Paulo R.F. Teixeira, Fernando R. Torres and Eric Didier
Design parameters of the timber-glass upgrade module and the existing building: Impact on the energy-efficient refurbishment process pp. 1125-1138 Downloads
Maja Lešnik, Miroslav Premrov and Vesna Žegarac Leskovar
Simultaneous optimization of nonsharp distillation sequences and heat integration networks by simulated annealing algorithm pp. 1139-1157 Downloads
Shuo Zhang, Yiqing Luo, Yingjie Ma and Xigang Yuan
Adsorption artificial tree for atmospheric carbon dioxide capture, purification and compression pp. 1158-1168 Downloads
Giulio Santori, Charithea Charalambous, Maria-Chiara Ferrari and Stefano Brandani
A comprehensive study of properties of paraffin phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage and thermal management applications pp. 1169-1182 Downloads
Samer Kahwaji, Michel B. Johnson, Ali C. Kheirabadi, Dominic Groulx and Mary Anne White
Application of water reheating system for waste heat recovery in NG pressure reduction stations, with experimental verification pp. 1183-1192 Downloads
Mansoor Naderi, Gholamreza Ahmadi, Majid Zarringhalam, Omidali Akbari and Ebrahim Khalili
The direct interconnection of the UK and Nordic power market – Impact on social welfare and renewable energy integration pp. 1193-1204 Downloads
Behnam Zakeri, James Price, Marianne Zeyringer, Ilkka Keppo, Brian Vad Mathiesen and Sanna Syri
New method for mapping radial turbines exposed to pulsating flows pp. 1205-1222 Downloads
Zheng Liu and Colin Copeland
Comparative technological advantages between China and developed areas in respect of energy production: Quantitative and qualitative measurements based on patents pp. 1223-1233 Downloads
Gupeng Zhang, Hongbo Duan, Shouyang Wang and Qianlong Zhang
Analysis and optimization of ducted wind turbines pp. 1234-1252 Downloads
Tariq Abdulsalam Khamlaj and Markus Peer Rumpfkeil
Thermoeconomic analysis of a gas turbine and cascaded CO2 combined cycle using thermal oil as an intermediate heat-transfer fluid pp. 1253-1268 Downloads
Yue Cao, Alexander S. Rattner and Yiping Dai
Predictive management of cogeneration-based energy supply networks using two-stage multi-objective optimization pp. 1269-1286 Downloads
Tetsuya Wakui, Kento Sawada, Ryohei Yokoyama and Hirohisa Aki
Experimental parametric investigation of vapor ejector for refrigeration applications pp. 1287-1300 Downloads
Michel Poirier, Daniel Giguère and Hristo Sapoundjiev
Effective long short-term memory with differential evolution algorithm for electricity price prediction pp. 1301-1314 Downloads
Lu Peng, Shan Liu, Rui Liu and Lin Wang
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