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Volume 110, issue C, 2016

Hydrogen to link heat and electricity in the transition towards future Smart Energy Systems pp. 5-22 Downloads
Benedetto Nastasi and Gianluigi Lo Basso
The potential of grid-orientated distributed cogeneration on the minutes reserve market and how changing the operating mode impacts on CO2 emissions pp. 23-33 Downloads
Dietmar Schüwer, Christine Krüger, Frank Merten and Arjuna Nebel
A methodology for designing flexible multi-generation systems pp. 34-54 Downloads
Lythcke-Jørgensen, Christoffer, Adriano Viana Ensinas, Marie Münster and Fredrik Haglind
Case study of the constraints and potential contributions regarding wind curtailment in Northeast China pp. 55-64 Downloads
Weiming Xiong, Yu Wang, Brian Vad Mathiesen and Xiliang Zhang
Decentralized substations for low-temperature district heating with no Legionella risk, and low return temperatures pp. 65-74 Downloads
Xiaochen Yang, Hongwei Li and Svend Svendsen
Replacing critical radiators to increase the potential to use low-temperature district heating – A case study of 4 Danish single-family houses from the 1930s pp. 75-84 Downloads
Dorte Skaarup Østergaard and Svend Svendsen
System dynamics model analysis of pathway to 4th generation district heating in Latvia pp. 85-94 Downloads
Jelena Ziemele, Armands Gravelsins, Andra Blumberga, Girts Vigants and Dagnija Blumberga
Low temperature district heating in Austria: Energetic, ecologic and economic comparison of four case studies pp. 95-104 Downloads
M. Köfinger, D. Basciotti, R.R. Schmidt, E. Meissner, C. Doczekal and A. Giovannini
Complex thermal energy conversion systems for efficient use of locally available biomass pp. 105-115 Downloads
Jacek Kalina
Current and future prospects for heat recovery from waste in European district heating systems: A literature and data review pp. 116-128 Downloads
Urban Persson and Marie Münster
Mapping of potential heat sources for heat pumps for district heating in Denmark pp. 129-138 Downloads
Rasmus Lund and Urban Persson
Industrial surplus heat transportation for use in district heating pp. 139-147 Downloads
J.nw. Chiu, J. Castro Flores, V. Martin and B. Lacarrière
European space cooling demands pp. 148-156 Downloads
Sven Werner
Optimal planning of heat supply systems in urban areas pp. 157-165 Downloads
Valery A. Stennikov and Ekaterina E. Iakimetc
Ringkøbing-Skjern energy atlas for analysis of heat saving potentials in building stock pp. 166-177 Downloads
Stefan Petrović and Kenneth Karlsson

Volume 109, issue C, 2016

Energy efficiency improvement in oil refineries through flare gas recovery technique to meet the emission trading targets pp. 1-12 Downloads
Gabriele Comodi, Massimiliano Renzi and Mosè Rossi
Sustainability assessment of cellulosic biorefinery stillage utilization methods using emergy analysis pp. 13-28 Downloads
Nawa Raj Baral, David M. Wituszynski, Jay F. Martin and Ajay Shah
Time series analysis of persistence in crude oil price volatility across bull and bear regimes pp. 29-37 Downloads
Luis Gil-Alana, Rangan Gupta, Olusanya Olubusoye and Olaoluwa Yaya
The assessment of different models to predict solar module temperature, output power and efficiency for Nis, Serbia pp. 38-48 Downloads
Lana S. Pantic, Tomislav M. Pavlović, Dragana D. Milosavljević, Ivana S. Radonjic, Miodrag K. Radovic and Galina Sazhko
Two phase simulation and sensitivity analysis of effective parameters on turbulent combined heat transfer and pressure drop in a solar heat exchanger filled with nanofluid by Response Surface Methodology pp. 49-61 Downloads
Mojtaba Mamourian, Kamel Milani Shirvan and Soroush Mirzakhanlari
Framework for advanced exergoeconomic performance analysis and optimization of an oil shale retorting process pp. 62-76 Downloads
Qingchun Yang, Yu Qian, Andrzej Kraslawski, Huairong Zhou and Siyu Yang
Batch pervaporative fermentation with coupled membrane and its influence on energy consumption in permeate recovery and distillation stage pp. 77-91 Downloads
Juan A. Leon, Palacios-Bereche, Reynaldo and Silvia A. Nebra
Contribution of a pumped-storage hydropower plant to reduce the scheduling costs of an isolated power system with high wind power penetration pp. 92-104 Downloads
Pérez-Díaz, Juan I. and Javier Jiménez
Improving the natural gas transporting based on the steady state simulation results pp. 105-116 Downloads
Jolanta Szoplik
Power and heat co-generation by micro-tubular flame fuel cell on a porous media burner pp. 117-123 Downloads
Yuqing Wang, Hongyu Zeng, Yixiang Shi, Tianyu Cao, Ningsheng Cai, Xiaofeng Ye and Shaorong Wang
Energy versus economic effectiveness in CHP (combined heat and power) applications: Investigation on the critical role of commodities price, taxation and power grid mix efficiency pp. 124-136 Downloads
Gabriele Comodi and Mosè Rossi
Constructal design of a blast furnace iron-making process based on multi-objective optimization pp. 137-151 Downloads
Xiong Liu, Lingen Chen, Huijun Feng, Xiaoyong Qin and Fengrui Sun
Comparative performance analyses of irreversible OMCE (Otto Miller cycle engine)-DiMCE (Diesel miller cycle engine)-DMCE (Dual Miller cycle engine) pp. 152-159 Downloads
Guven Gonca
Techno-economic and life cycle environmental performance analyses of a solar photovoltaic microgrid system for developing countries pp. 160-179 Downloads
Daniel O. Akinyele and Ramesh K. Rayudu
Performance analysis of a novel liquid desiccant-vapor compression hybrid air-conditioning system pp. 180-189 Downloads
Li Yinglin, Zhang Xiaosong, Tan Laizai, Zhang Zhongbin, Wu Wei and Xia Xueying
Miller cycle application to improve lean burn gas engine performance pp. 190-200 Downloads
Sady Tavakoli, S. Ali Jazayeri, Morteza Fathi and Omid Jahanian
Modeling and techno-economic analysis of shale-to-liquid and coal-to-liquid fuels processes pp. 201-210 Downloads
Huairong Zhou, Siyu Yang, Honghua Xiao, Qingchun Yang, Yu Qian and Li Gao
Wave energy absorption of a wave farm with an array of buoys and flexible runway pp. 211-223 Downloads
H.C. Zhang, D.L. Xu, C.R. Liu and Y.S. Wu
Investigations into efficiency of vortex induced vibration hydro-kinetic energy device pp. 224-235 Downloads
K. Narendran, K. Murali and V. Sundar
Dynamic performance of a novel offshore power system integrated with a wind farm pp. 236-247 Downloads
Valentina Orlandini, Leonardo Pierobon, Signe Schløer, Andrea De Pascale and Fredrik Haglind
Evaluations of different domestic hot water preparing methods with ultra-low-temperature district heating pp. 248-259 Downloads
Xiaochen Yang, Hongwei Li and Svend Svendsen
Thermal stability enhancement of biodiesel induced by a synergistic effect between conventional antioxidants and an alternative additive pp. 260-265 Downloads
Ana Carolina Roveda, Marina Comin, Anderson Rodrigues Lima Caires, Valdir Souza Ferreira and Magno Aparecido Gonçalves Trindade
The comparison of Holt–Winters method and Multiple regression method: A case study pp. 266-276 Downloads
Liljana Ferbar Tratar and Ervin Strmčnik
Energy efficiency of crops grown for biogas production in a large-scale farm in Poland pp. 277-286 Downloads
Krzysztof Józef Jankowski, Bogdan Dubis, Wojciech Stefan Budzyński, Piotr Bórawski and Katarzyna Bułkowska
Numerical prediction for the aerodynamic performance of Turbosail type wind turbine using a vortex model pp. 287-293 Downloads
Cherif Hcini, Essia Abidi, Badreddine Kamoun and David Afungchui
Comparative studies on control systems for a two-blade variable-speed wind turbine with a speed exclusion zone pp. 294-309 Downloads
Jian Yang, Dongran Song, Mi Dong, Sifan Chen, Libing Zou and Josep M. Guerrero
Is real-time electricity pricing suitable for residential users without demand-side management? pp. 310-325 Downloads
Javier Campillo, Erik Dahlquist, Fredrik Wallin and Iana Vassileva
Thermodynamic approach and comparison of two-step and single step DME (dimethyl ether) syntheses with carbon dioxide utilization pp. 326-340 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Chih-Liang Hsu and Xiao-Dong Wang
Sensitivity analyses of biodiesel thermo-physical properties under diesel engine conditions pp. 341-352 Downloads
Xinwei Cheng, Hoon Kiat Ng, Suyin Gan, Jee Hou Ho and Kar Mun Pang
Multi-objective optimization of a distributed energy network integrated with heating interchange pp. 353-364 Downloads
Qiong Wu, Hongbo Ren, Weijun Gao and Jianxing Ren
Stochastic energy management of renewable micro-grids in the correlated environment using unscented transformation pp. 365-377 Downloads
Sajad Tabatabaee, Seyed Saeedallah Mortazavi and Taher Niknam
Peak-power control of a grid-integrated oscillating water column wave energy converter pp. 378-390 Downloads
J.C.C. Henriques, L.M.C. Gato, J.M. Lemos, R.P.F. Gomes and A.F.O. Falcão
Controlling for relevant variables: Energy consumption and economic growth nexus revisited in an EGARCH-M (Exponential GARCH-in-Mean) model pp. 391-399 Downloads
Chiou-Wei, Song-Zan, Zhen Zhu, Sheng-Hung Chen and Sheng-Pin Hsueh
Simultaneous design of heat exchanger network for heat integration using hot direct discharges/feeds between process plants pp. 400-411 Downloads
B.J. Zhang, J. Li, Z.L. Zhang, K. Wang and Q.L. Chen
Concomitant hydrolysis of sucrose by the long half-life time yeast invertase and hydrogen production by the hydrogen over-producing Escherichia coli HD701 pp. 412-419 Downloads
Fatthy Mohamed Morsy and Samir Hag Ibrahim
A novel grey prognostic model based on Markov process and grey incidence analysis for energy conversion equipment degradation pp. 420-429 Downloads
Dengji Zhou, Ziqiang Yu, Huisheng Zhang and Shilie Weng
How inorganic elements of biomass influence char steam gasification kinetics pp. 430-435 Downloads
Capucine Dupont, Sylvain Jacob, Khalil Ould Marrakchy, Céline Hognon, Maguelone Grateau, Françoise Labalette and Denilson Da Silva Perez
Submicron thermal imaging of a nucleate boiling process using fluorescence microscopy pp. 436-445 Downloads
Ivan Sedmak, Iztok Urbančič, Rok Podlipec, Janez Štrancar, Michel Mortier and Iztok Golobič
Evaluation of PtAu/MWCNT (Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes) electrocatalyst performance as cathode of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 446-455 Downloads
Beltrán-Gastélum, M., Salazar-Gastélum, M.I., Félix-Navarro, R.M., Pérez-Sicairos, S., Reynoso-Soto, E.A., S.W. Lin, Flores-Hernández, J.R., Romero-Castañón, T., Albarrán-Sánchez, I.L. and Paraguay-Delgado, F.
Large-scale building energy efficiency retrofit: Concept, model and control pp. 456-465 Downloads
Zhou Wu, Bo Wang and Xiaohua Xia
Frequency-based design of a free piston Stirling engine using genetic algorithm pp. 466-480 Downloads
Sh. Zare and Tavakolpour-Saleh, A.R.
Pretreating biomass via demineralisation and torrefaction to improve the quality of crude pyrolysis oil pp. 481-494 Downloads
Tansy Wigley, Alex C.K. Yip and Shusheng Pang
CO2 capture using MEA (monoethanolamine) aqueous solution in coal-fired power plants: Modeling and optimization of the absorbing columns pp. 495-505 Downloads
Fengming Chu, Lijun Yang, Xiaoze Du and Yongping Yang
Enhanced electrochemical performances of cylindrical hybrid supercapacitors using activated carbon/ Li4-xMxTi5-yNyO12 (M=Na, N=V, Mn) electrodes pp. 506-511 Downloads
Hong-Ki Kim and Seung-Hwan Lee
Thermal energy storage and losses in a room-Trombe wall system located in Mexico pp. 512-524 Downloads
Hernández-López, I., J. Xamán, Y. Chávez, Hernández-Pérez, I. and Alvarado-Juárez, R.
Transformer-less 3P3W SAPF (three-phase three-wire shunt active power filter) with line-interactive UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and battery energy storage stage pp. 525-536 Downloads
Wajahat Ullah Tareen and Saad Mekhilef
Enhancing geothermal power generation from abandoned oil wells with thermal reservoirs pp. 537-545 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Jian Liu, Yong-Le Nian and Chang-Long Wang
Enhanced capacitance of EDLCs (electrical double layer capacitors) based on ionic liquid-added polymer electrolytes pp. 546-556 Downloads
Chiam-Wen Liew, S. Ramesh and A.K. Arof
Turbulence effects on the wake characteristics and aerodynamic performance of a straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine by wind tunnel tests and large eddy simulations pp. 557-568 Downloads
H.Y. Peng and H.F. Lam
Modeling and optimization for proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack using aging and challenging P systems based optimization algorithm pp. 569-577 Downloads
Shipin Yang, Ryad Chellali, Xiaohua Lu, Lijuan Li and Cuimei Bo
A communication-assisted protection scheme for direct-current distribution networks pp. 578-591 Downloads
Mehdi Monadi, M. Amin Zamani, Koch-Ciobotaru, Cosmin, Jose Ignacio Candela and Pedro Rodriguez
Confidence bounds for energy conservation in electric motors: An economical solution using statistical techniques pp. 592-601 Downloads
Abdul Jabbar Memon and Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh
An optimization methodology for wind lens profile using Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation pp. 602-611 Downloads
Jie Liu, Mengxuan Song, Kai Chen, Bingheng Wu and Xing Zhang
Higher heating value determination of wheat straw from Baja California, Mexico pp. 612-619 Downloads
Gisela Montero, Marcos A. Coronado, Ricardo Torres, Beatriz E. Jaramillo, Conrado García, Margarita Stoytcheva, Ana M. Vázquez, José A. León, Alejandro A. Lambert and Edgar Valenzuela
Enhanced performance of microbial fuel cells by using MnO2/Halloysite nanotubes to modify carbon cloth anodes pp. 620-628 Downloads
Yingwen Chen, Liuliu Chen, Peiwen Li, Yuan Xu, Mengjie Fan, Shemin Zhu and Shubao Shen
Evaluation of wave energy absorption by heaving point absorbers at various hot spots in Iran seas pp. 629-640 Downloads
Danial Khojasteh and Reza Kamali
Building occupancy diversity and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system energy efficiency pp. 641-649 Downloads
Zheng Yang, Ali Ghahramani and Becerik-Gerber, Burcin
Combustion characteristics and flame bifurcation in repetitive extinction-ignition dynamics for premixed hydrogen-air combustion in a heated micro channel pp. 650-663 Downloads
Alireza Alipoor and Kiumars Mazaheri
Numerical study of natural convection heat transfer in a heat exchanger filled with nanofluids pp. 664-678 Downloads
Faroogh Garoosi, Faraz Hoseininejad and Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi
Applicability of thermal response tests in designing standing column well system: A numerical study pp. 679-693 Downloads
Jun-Seo Jeon, Seung-Rae Lee and Woo-Jin Kim
Numerical investigation into energy extraction of flapping airfoil with Gurney flaps pp. 694-702 Downloads
Y.H. Xie, W. Jiang, K. Lu and D. Zhang
Effect of turbulence on power performance of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in yawed and no-yawed flow conditions pp. 703-711 Downloads
Qing'an Li, Yasunari Kamada, Takao Maeda, Junsuke Murata and Nishida Yusuke
Oil price risk exposure: A comparison of financial and non-financial subsectors pp. 712-723 Downloads
Komeil Shaeri, Cahit Adaoglu and Salih Katircioglu
Experimental study on a closed-loop pulsating heat pipe (CLPHP) charged with water-based binary zeotropes and the corresponding pure fluids pp. 724-736 Downloads
Hua Han, Xiaoyu Cui, Yue Zhu, Tianxiao Xu, Yuan Sui and Shende Sun
Study on a novel pressurized MCFC hybrid system with CO2 capture pp. 737-750 Downloads
Liqiang Duan, Long Yue, Tao Feng, Hao Lu and Jing Bian
Thermodynamic modeling and evaluation of high efficiency heat pipe integrated biomass Gasifier–Solid Oxide Fuel Cells–Gas Turbine systems pp. 751-764 Downloads
S. Santhanam, C. Schilt, B. Turker, T. Woudstra and P.V. Aravind
A hybrid particle swarm optimization with small population size to solve the optimal short-term hydro-thermal unit commitment problem pp. 765-780 Downloads
Jingrui Zhang, Qinghui Tang, Yalin Chen and Shuang Lin
Thermal characteristics of a glazed transpired solar collector with perforating corrugated plate in cold regions pp. 781-790 Downloads
Wandong Zheng, Bojia Li, Huan Zhang, Shijun You, Ying Li and Tianzhen Ye
Thermodynamic analysis and multi-objective optimization of various ORC (organic Rankine cycle) configurations using zeotropic mixtures pp. 791-802 Downloads
Mohsen Sadeghi, Arash Nemati, Alireza Ghavimi and Mortaza Yari
Numerical investigation of the energy performance of a guideless irregular heat and mass exchanger with corrugated heat transfer surface for dew point cooling pp. 803-817 Downloads
Peng Xu, Xiaoli Ma, Thierno M.O. Diallo, Xudong Zhao, Kevin Fancey, Deying Li and Hongbing Chen
The cost of energy associated with micro wind generation: International case studies of rural and urban installations pp. 818-829 Downloads
Keith M. Sunderland, Mahinsasa Narayana, Ghanim Putrus, Michael F. Conlon and Steve McDonald
Effects of critical and boiling temperatures on system performance and fluid selection indicator for low temperature organic Rankine cycles pp. 830-844 Downloads
Lixiang Yang, Maoqiong Gong, Hao Guo, Xueqiang Dong, Jun Shen and Jianfeng Wu
Modeling the price relationships between crude oil, energy crops and biofuels pp. 845-857 Downloads
Fan-Ping Chiu, Chia-Sheng Hsu, Alan Ho and Chi-Chung Chen
Implementation and evaluation of change-over speed in plug-in hybrid electric two wheeler pp. 858-865 Downloads
Shaik Amjad, R. Rudramoorthy, P. Sadagopan and S. Neelakrishnan
China's urban residential carbon emission and energy efficiency policy pp. 866-875 Downloads
Jinhe Jiang
Analysis of annual energy savings in air conditioning using different heat pipe heat exchanger configurations integrated with and without evaporative cooling pp. 876-885 Downloads
T.S. Jadhav and M.M. Lele
Economic impacts of an international carbon market in achieving the INDC targets pp. 886-893 Downloads
Tianyu Qi and Yuyan Weng
A ‘Design for Energy Minimization’ approach to reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing phase pp. 894-905 Downloads
Yingying Seow, Nicholas Goffin, Shahin Rahimifard and Elliot Woolley
Electricity, gas, heat integration via residential hybrid heating technologies – An investment model assessment pp. 906-919 Downloads
Steve Heinen, Daniel Burke and Mark O'Malley
Inexact stochastic risk-aversion optimal day-ahead dispatch model for electricity system management with wind power under uncertainty pp. 920-932 Downloads
Ling Ji, Guo-He Huang, Lu-Cheng Huang, Yu-Lei Xie and Dong-Xiao Niu
A combination Kalman filter approach for State of Charge estimation of lithium-ion battery considering model uncertainty pp. 933-946 Downloads
Yanwen Li, Chao Wang and Jinfeng Gong
Economic and environmental optimization for distributed energy resource systems coupled with district energy networks pp. 947-960 Downloads
Longxi Li, Hailin Mu, Nan Li and Miao Li
Sizing of a standalone photovoltaic water pumping system using a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm pp. 961-973 Downloads
Dhiaa Halboot Muhsen, Abu Bakar Ghazali, Tamer Khatib, Issa Ahmed Abed and Emad M. Natsheh
Dynamic simulator and model predictive control of an integrated solar combined cycle plant pp. 974-986 Downloads
Carolina V. Ponce, Doris Sáez, Carlos Bordons and Alfredo Núñez
Working fluid selection for organic Rankine cycles – Impact of uncertainty of fluid properties pp. 987-997 Downloads
Jérôme Frutiger, Jesper Andreasen, Wei Liu, Hartmut Spliethoff, Fredrik Haglind, Jens Abildskov and Gürkan Sin
Meta-analysis of energy scenario studies: Example of electricity scenarios for Switzerland pp. 998-1015 Downloads
Martin Densing, E. Panos and S. Hirschberg
Combined cooling, heat and power planning under uncertainty pp. 1016-1025 Downloads
Ibrahim Ersoz and Uner Colak
Bioenergy futures in Sweden – Modeling integration scenarios for biofuel production pp. 1026-1039 Downloads
Martin Börjesson Hagberg, Karin Pettersson and Erik O. Ahlgren
Life cycle assessment of biomass-to-energy systems in Ireland modelled with biomass supply chain optimisation based on greenhouse gas emission reduction pp. 1040-1055 Downloads
Fionnuala Murphy, Amanda Sosa, Kevin McDonnell and Ger Devlin
Modeling, analysis and feasibility study of new drivetrain architectures for off-highway vehicles pp. 1056-1074 Downloads
Omar Hegazy, Ricardo Barrero, Peter Van den Bossche, Mohamed El Baghdadi, Jelle Smekens, Joeri Van Mierlo, Wouter Vriens and Bruno Bogaerts
Balancing collective and individual interests in transactive energy management of interconnected micro-grid clusters pp. 1075-1085 Downloads
Yang Chen and Mengqi Hu
Optimal pricing in time of use demand response by integrating with dynamic economic dispatch problem pp. 1086-1094 Downloads
Ehsan Dehnavi and Hamdi Abdi
Adequacy modeling and evaluation of multi-carrier energy systems to supply energy services from different infrastructures pp. 1095-1106 Downloads
Mohammad-Hossein Shariatkhah, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam, Gianfranco Chicco and Parsa-Moghaddam, Mohsen
Analysis of an innovative process for landfill gas quality improvement pp. 1107-1117 Downloads
L. Lombardi and E.A. Carnevale
Simultaneous optimization of flow velocity and cleaning schedule for mitigating fouling in refinery heat exchanger networks pp. 1118-1129 Downloads
Jiayang Tian, Yufei Wang and Xiao Feng
The impact of international trade on environmental quality: The case of transition countries pp. 1130-1138 Downloads
Ferda Halicioglu and Natalya Ketenci
A detailed study of oxy-fuel combustion of biomass in a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustor: Evaluation of catalytic performance of metal nanoparticles (Al, Ni) for combustion efficiency improvement pp. 1139-1147 Downloads
Wanxi Peng, Zhenling Liu, Motahari-Nezhad, Mohsen, Mohammad Banisaeed, Saeid Shahraki and Mehdi Beheshti
A systematic review of the impacts of climate variability and change on electricity systems in Europe pp. 1148-1159 Downloads
Muriel C. Bonjean Stanton, Suraje Dessai and Jouni Paavola
The climate and health effects of a USA switch from coal to gas electricity generation pp. 1160-1166 Downloads
Roger Lueken, Kelly Klima, W. Michael Griffin and Jay Apt
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