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Volume 70, issue C, 2014

MPPT-based artificial intelligence techniques for photovoltaic systems and its implementation into field programmable gate array chips: Review of current status and future perspectives pp. 1-21 Downloads
Adel Mellit and Soteris A. Kalogirou
Review of low-temperature vapour power cycle engines with quasi-isothermal expansion pp. 22-34 Downloads
Opubo N. Igobo and Philip A. Davies
Effect of thermo-geometric parameters on entropy generation in absorber plate fin of a solar flat plate collector pp. 35-42 Downloads
G. Jilani and Ciby Thomas
Mackerel biodiesel production from the wastewater containing fish oil pp. 43-48 Downloads
Y.P. Wu, H.M. Huang, Y.F. Lin, W.D. Huang and Y.J. Huang
New procedure and field-tests to assess photovoltaic module performance pp. 49-57 Downloads
Marius Paulescu, Viorel Badescu and Ciprian Dughir
Torrefaction modelling for lignocellulosic biomass conversion processes pp. 58-67 Downloads
Emanuela Peduzzi, Guillaume Boissonnet, Geert Haarlemmer, Capucine Dupont and François Maréchal
Pressurized gasification of torrefied woody biomass in a lab scale fluidized bed pp. 68-78 Downloads
C. Berrueco, J. Recari, B. Matas Güell and G. del Alamo
Evaluation of temperature-dependent thermoelectric performances based on PbTe1−yIy and PbTe: Na/Ag2Te materials pp. 79-85 Downloads
Shanhe Su, Tie Liu, Junyi Wang and Jincan Chen
Optimization methodology of turbomachines for hybrid SOFC–GT applications pp. 86-94 Downloads
Diamantis P. Bakalis and Anastassios G. Stamatis
Effect of the arch-supplied over-fire air ratio on gas/solid flow characteristics of a down-fired boiler pp. 95-109 Downloads
Guangkui Liu, Zhichao Chen, Zhengqi Li, Qiudong Zong and Hao Zhang
A high efficiency oxyfuel internal combustion engine cycle with water direct injection for waste heat recovery pp. 110-120 Downloads
Zhi-Jun Wu, Xiao Yu, Le-Zhong Fu, Jun Deng, Zong-Jie Hu and Li-Guang Li
Bi-model short-term solar irradiance prediction using support vector regressors pp. 121-127 Downloads
Hsu-Yung Cheng, Chih-Chang Yu and Sian-Jing Lin
Two-stage air gasification of mixed plastic waste: Olivine as the bed material and effects of various additives and a nickel-plated distributor on the tar removal pp. 128-134 Downloads
Min-Hwan Cho, Tae-Young Mun, Young-Kon Choi and Joo-Sik Kim
Analysis of pressure fluctuations to evaluate thermal performance of oscillating heat pipe pp. 135-142 Downloads
Md J. Nine, Md. Riyad Tanshen, B. Munkhbayar, Hanshik Chung and Hyomin Jeong
Improved thermoelectric performance of a film device induced by densely columnar Cu electrode pp. 143-148 Downloads
Ming Tan, Yuan Deng and Yanming Hao
An integrated approach for obtaining biodiesel, sterols, gossypol, and raffinose from cottonseed on a biorefinery concept pp. 149-158 Downloads
Qing-li Zhu, Rong Shao, Rui Dong and Zhi Yun
An enviro-economic function for assessing energy resources for district energy systems pp. 159-164 Downloads
Behnaz Rezaie, Bale V. Reddy and Marc A. Rosen
Forecasting the annual electricity consumption of Turkey using an optimized grey model pp. 165-171 Downloads
Coskun Hamzacebi and Huseyin Avni Es
Effect of n-pentanol addition on the combustion, performance and emission characteristics of a direct-injection diesel engine pp. 172-180 Downloads
Liangjie Wei, C.S. Cheung and Zuohua Huang
Life cycle environmental impacts of generating electricity and heat from biogas produced by anaerobic digestion pp. 181-193 Downloads
Andrew Whiting and Adisa Azapagic
Benchmarking models for the ongoing commissioning of heat recovery process in a central heating and cooling plant pp. 194-203 Downloads
Veronique Tremblay and Radu Zmeureanu
Thermo-economic triple-objective optimization of a solar chimney power plant using genetic algorithms pp. 204-211 Downloads
Ehsan Gholamalizadeh and Man-Hoe Kim
Investigation of novel, hybrid, geothermal-energized cogeneration plants based on organic Rankine cycle pp. 212-222 Downloads
Muhsen Habka and Salman Ajib
Bimetallic Ag–Ni/C particles as cathode catalyst in AFCs (alkaline fuel cells) pp. 223-230 Downloads
Xingjuan Song and Dongming Zhang
Effects of reduction temperature and pH value of polyol process on reduced graphene oxide supported Pt electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction pp. 231-238 Downloads
Chang-Chen Chou, Cheng-Hong Liu and Bing-Hung Chen
Modelling the influence of atmospheric conditions on the outdoor real performance of a CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) module pp. 239-250 Downloads
García-Domingo, B., J. Aguilera, J. de la Casa and M. Fuentes
Free convection cooling in modified L-shape enclosures using copper–water nanofluid pp. 251-271 Downloads
Majid Saidi and Gholamreza Karimi
Development of highly conductive KNO3/NaNO3 composite for TES (thermal energy storage) pp. 272-277 Downloads
Y.J. Zhao, R.Z. Wang, L.W. Wang and N. Yu
Numerical analysis of a dual-fueled CI (compression ignition) engine using Latin hypercube sampling and multi-objective Pareto optimization pp. 278-287 Downloads
Jungsoo Park, Kyo Seung Lee, Min Su Kim and Dohoy Jung
A group contribution method for determination of the standard molar chemical exergy of organic compounds pp. 288-297 Downloads
Farhad Gharagheizi, Ilani-Kashkouli, Poorandokht, Amir H. Mohammadi and Deresh Ramjugernath
Preparation and characterization of novel MicroPCMs (microencapsulated phase-change materials) with hybrid shells via the polymerization of two alkoxy silanes pp. 298-306 Downloads
Wenhong Li, Guolin Song, Shuhua Li, Youwei Yao and Guoyi Tang
Integration of energy-efficient drying in microalgae utilization based on enhanced process integration pp. 307-316 Downloads
Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda and Takao Kashiwagi
Simulation and optimization of a novel Rankine power cycle for recovering cold energy from liquefied natural gas using a mixed working fluid pp. 317-324 Downloads
Heng Sun, Hongmei Zhu, Feng Liu and He Ding
CCS (carbon capture and storage) investment possibility in South East Europe: A case study for Croatia pp. 325-337 Downloads
Alfredo Višković, Vladimir Franki and Vladimir Valentić
Optimal design and operation of membrane-based oxy-combustion power plants pp. 338-354 Downloads
S. Gunasekaran, N.D. Mancini and A. Mitsos
CFD (computational fluid dynamics)-based optimal design of a micro-reformer by integrating computational a fluid dynamics code using a simplified conjugate-gradient method pp. 355-365 Downloads
Chin-Hsiang Cheng, Yu-Xian Huang, Shun-Chih King, Chun-I Lee and Chih-Hsing Leu
Abandoned petroleum wells as sustainable sources of geothermal energy pp. 366-373 Downloads
J.D. Templeton, Ghoreishi-Madiseh, S.A., F. Hassani and Al-Khawaja, M.J.
Estimation of 5-min time-step data of tilted solar global irradiation using ANN (Artificial Neural Network) model pp. 374-381 Downloads
Kahina Dahmani, Rabah Dizene, Gilles Notton, Christophe Paoli, Cyril Voyant and Marie Laure Nivet
Estimation of direct normal irradiance from measured global and corrected diffuse horizontal irradiance pp. 382-392 Downloads
M.C. Kotti, A.A. Argiriou and A. Kazantzidis
Catalyst free esterification of fatty acids with methanol under subcritical condition pp. 393-400 Downloads
Alchris Woo Go, Phuong Lan Tran Nguyen, Lien Huong Huynh, Ying-Tsung Liu, Sylviana Sutanto and Yi-Hsu Ju
Life cycle assessment of rice straw-based power generation in Malaysia pp. 401-410 Downloads
S.M. Shafie, H.H. Masjuki and T.M.I. Mahlia
The perverse fossil fuel subsidies in China—The scale and effects pp. 411-419 Downloads
Zhujun Jiang and Boqiang Lin
Comprehensive modeling of tubular solid oxide electrolysis cell for co-electrolysis of steam and carbon dioxide pp. 420-434 Downloads
Yu Luo, Yixiang Shi, Wenying Li and Ningsheng Cai
Application of partially diabatic divided wall column to floating liquefied natural gas plant pp. 435-443 Downloads
Young Han Kim
New g-functions for the hourly simulation of double U-tube borehole heat exchanger fields pp. 444-455 Downloads
E. Zanchini and S. Lazzari
Optical and thermal performance of large-size parabolic-trough solar collectors from outdoor experiments: A test method and a case study pp. 456-464 Downloads
Loreto Valenzuela, López-Martín, Rafael and Eduardo Zarza
Determination of biomass fraction for partly renewable solid fuels pp. 465-472 Downloads
W.K. Hiromi Ariyaratne, Morten C. Melaaen and Lars-André Tokheim
Synthesis and enhanced electrochemical supercapacitor properties of Ag–MnO2–polyaniline nanocomposite electrodes pp. 473-477 Downloads
Jongmin Kim, Haeri Ju, Akbar I. Inamdar, Yongcheol Jo, J. Han, Hyungsang Kim and Hyunsik Im
Reduced non-isothermal model for the planar solid oxide fuel cell and stack pp. 478-492 Downloads
Zhongjie He, E. Birgersson and Hua Li
Oil palm trunk and sugarcane bagasse derived heterogeneous acid catalysts for production of fatty acid methyl esters pp. 493-503 Downloads
Francis Ezebor, Melati Khairuddean, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah and Peng Lim Boey
Cascaded multilevel converter based superconducting magnetic energy storage system for frequency control pp. 504-513 Downloads
Mohammad Farhadi Kangarlu and Mohammad Reza Alizadeh Pahlavani
Optimal grid design and logistic planning for wind and biomass based renewable electricity supply chains under uncertainties pp. 514-528 Downloads
Atif Osmani and Jun Zhang
High thermal performance lithium-ion battery pack including hybrid active–passive thermal management system for using in hybrid/electric vehicles pp. 529-538 Downloads
Hassan Fathabadi
Analytical investigation and experimental validation of an inverted cup float used for wave energy conversion pp. 539-546 Downloads
A. Ramadan, M.H. Mohamed, S.M. Abdien, S.Y. Marzouk, A. El Feky and A.R. El Baz
Techno-economic analysis of power plant via circulating fluidized-bed gasification from woodchips pp. 547-560 Downloads
Truong Xuan Do, Young-il Lim, Heejung Yeo, Uen-do Lee, Young-tai Choi and Jae-hun Song
Fuzzy logic based power management strategy of a multi-MW doubly-fed induction generator wind turbine with battery and ultracapacitor pp. 561-576 Downloads
Sarrias-Mena, Raúl, Fernández-Ramírez, Luis M., García-Vázquez, Carlos Andrés and Francisco Jurado
Technical benefits of energy storage and electricity interconnections in future British power systems pp. 577-587 Downloads
R.K. Edmunds, T.T. Cockerill, Timothy Foxon, D.B. Ingham and M. Pourkashanian
Room temperature production of jatropha biodiesel over coconut husk ash pp. 588-594 Downloads
Vinu Vadery, Binitha N. Narayanan, Resmi M. Ramakrishnan, Sudha Kochiyil Cherikkallinmel, Sankaran Sugunan, Divya P. Narayanan and Sreenikesh Sasidharan
New alternatives for the fermentation process in the ethanol production from sugarcane: Extractive and low temperature fermentation pp. 595-604 Downloads
Palacios-Bereche, Reynaldo, Adriano Ensinas, Marcelo Modesto and Silvia A. Nebra
Criteria for smart grid deployment in Brazil by applying the Delphi method pp. 605-611 Downloads
Joaquim J.M. Galo, Maria N.Q. Macedo, Luiz A.L. Almeida and Antonio C.C. Lima
Nitrogen-doped graphene for supercapacitor with long-term electrochemical stability pp. 612-617 Downloads
Kai Wang, Liwei Li, Tiezhu Zhang and Zaifei Liu
Comparison of comprehensive properties of Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) and Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries in terms of energy efficiency pp. 618-625 Downloads
Jianqiang Kang, Fuwu Yan, Pei Zhang and Changqing Du
Investigation of laminar flame speeds of CH4/O2/CO2 mixtures at ordinary pressure and kinetic simulation pp. 626-634 Downloads
Xianzhong Hu, Qingbo Yu, Junxiang Liu and Nan Sun
Comparative studies of ejector-expansion vapor compression refrigeration cycles for applications in domestic refrigerator-freezers pp. 635-642 Downloads
Xiao Wang, Jianlin Yu, Mengliu Zhou and Xiaolong Lv
Optimum design parameters and operating condition for maximum power of a direct methanol fuel cell using analytical model and genetic algorithm pp. 643-652 Downloads
Tafaoli-Masoule, M., A. Bahrami and E.M. Elsayed
Thermodynamic optimisation and computational analysis of irreversibilities in a small-scale wood-fired circulating fluidised bed adiabatic combustor pp. 653-663 Downloads
J. Baloyi, Bello-Ochende, T. and J.P. Meyer
Enhanced kinetics for the clathrate process in a fixed bed reactor in the presence of liquid promoters for pre-combustion carbon dioxide capture pp. 664-673 Downloads
Ponnivalavan Babu, Chie Yin Ho, Rajnish Kumar and Praveen Linga
Design and thermodynamic analysis of a hybrid energy storage system based on A-CAES (adiabatic compressed air energy storage) and FESS (flywheel energy storage system) for wind power application pp. 674-684 Downloads
Pan Zhao, Yiping Dai and Jiangfeng Wang
Fuzzy logic based modeling and estimation of global solar energy using meteorological parameters pp. 685-691 Downloads
M. Rizwan, Majid Jamil, Sheeraz Kirmani and D.P. Kothari
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