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Volume 29, issue 12, 2004

Editorial Introduction pp. 1835-1836 Downloads
Noam Lior
Fran Bošnjaković and the School of Engineering Thermodynamics in Dresden pp. 1837-1842 Downloads
Wolfgang Fratzscher and Karl-Friedrich Knoche
Fran Bošnjaković and his world of thermodynamic charts—demonstrated for selected processes with humid air pp. 1843-1852 Downloads
Karl-Friedrich T. Knoche
Status and perspectives of fossil power generation pp. 1853-1874 Downloads
Bert Rukes and Robert Taud
On the thermoeconomic approach to the diagnosis of energy system malfunctions pp. 1875-1887 Downloads
Antonio Valero, Luis Correas, Alejandro Zaleta, Andrea Lazzaretto, Vittorio Verda, Mauro Reini and Victor Rangel
On the thermoeconomic approach to the diagnosis of energy system malfunctions pp. 1889-1907 Downloads
Antonio Valero, Luis Correas, Alejandro Zaleta, Andrea Lazzaretto, Vittorio Verda, Mauro Reini and Victor Rangel
Exergy and exergoeconomic analysis of a crude oil combined distillation unit pp. 1909-1927 Downloads
Ricardo Rivero, Consuelo Rendón and Salvador Gallegos
Combined cycle with low-quality heat integration and water injection into the compressed air pp. 1929-1943 Downloads
Nikos Aronis and Reinhard Leithner
An analysis of the efficiency and economy of humidified gas turbines in district heating applications pp. 1945-1961 Downloads
Magnus C. Rydstrand, Mats O. Westermark and Michael A. Bartlett
Thermoeconomic evaluation of the feasibility of highly efficient combined cycle power plants pp. 1963-1982 Downloads
Alessandro Franco and Claudio Casarosa
A novel EFHAT system and exergy analysis with energy utilization diagram pp. 1983-1991 Downloads
Hongguang Jin, Hongbin Zhao, Zelong Liu and Ruixian Cai
Towards the hydrogen era using near-zero CO2 emissions energy systems pp. 1993-2002 Downloads
Philippe Mathieu
Exergy analysis of the recuperative auto thermal reforming (R-ATR) and recuperative reforming (R-REF) power cycles with CO2 removal pp. 2003-2024 Downloads
Daniele Fiaschi and Libero Tapinassi
Carbon dioxide removal in power generation using membrane technology pp. 2025-2043 Downloads
Andrea Corti, Daniele Fiaschi and Lidia Lombardi
Using turbine expanders to recover exothermic reaction heat—flow sheet development for typical chemical processes pp. 2045-2060 Downloads
I.L. Greeff, J.A. Visser, K.J. Ptasinski and F.J.J.G. Janssen
CO2 mitigating effects by waste heat utilization from industry sector to metropolitan areas pp. 2061-2075 Downloads
Behdad Kiani, Yoshiniro Hamamoto, Atsushi Akisawa and Takao Kashiwagi
Zero-emission fuel-fired power plants with ion transport membrane pp. 2077-2088 Downloads
E. Yantovski, J. Gorski, B. Smyth and J. ten Elshof
End life tyres: Alternative final disposal processes compared by LCA pp. 2089-2108 Downloads
Andrea Corti and Lidia Lombardi
Biomass integrated gasification combined cycle with reduced CO2 emissions: Performance analysis and life cycle assessment (LCA) pp. 2109-2124 Downloads
Andrea Corti and Lidia Lombardi
Incorporating externalities into a full cost approach to electric power generation life-cycle costing pp. 2125-2144 Downloads
Ian F. Roth and Lawrence L. Ambs
Comparison of thermodynamic and environmental indexes of natural gas, syngas and hydrogen production processes pp. 2145-2159 Downloads
Silvia Bargigli, Marco Raugei and Sergio Ulgiati
Optimization of the design parameters aiming at the minimization of the depletion of non-renewable resources pp. 2161-2169 Downloads
Jan T. Szargut
Rice straw as a bio-oil source via pyrolysis and steam pyrolysis pp. 2171-2180 Downloads
Ayşe E. Pütün, Esin Apaydın and Ersan Pütün
Evaluation of the environmental impact of waste wood co-utilisation for energy production pp. 2181-2193 Downloads
G. Skodras, P. Grammelis, E. Kakaras and G.P. Sakellaropoulos
Biodiesel as alternative fuel: Experimental analysis and energetic evaluations pp. 2195-2211 Downloads
C. Carraretto, A. Macor, A. Mirandola, A. Stoppato and S. Tonon
A new method for disclosing internal phenomena in a distillation column by use of material-utilization diagram pp. 2213-2223 Downloads
Arief Budiman and Masaru Ishida
Energy-use analysis and improvement for delayed coking units pp. 2225-2237 Downloads
Q.L. Chen, Q.H. Yin, S.P. Wang and B. Hua
Optimization of boiler start-up using a nonlinear boiler model and hard constraints pp. 2239-2251 Downloads
Klaus Krüger, Rüdiger Franke and Manfred Rode
Exergetic and economic evaluation of control strategies for a gas turbine plant pp. 2253-2271 Downloads
Vittorio Verda and Romano Borchiellini
A dynamic approach for the optimal electricity dispatch in the deregulated market pp. 2273-2287 Downloads
Cristian Carraretto and Andrea Lazzaretto
Energy yield ratio and cumulative energy demand for wind energy converters pp. 2289-2295 Downloads
Hermann-Josef Wagner and Erich Pick
Cumulative energy demand and cumulative emissions of photovoltaics production in Europe pp. 2297-2303 Downloads
D. Gürzenich and H.-J. Wagner
Thermodynamic optimization as an effective tool to design solar heating systems pp. 2305-2315 Downloads
Torres-Reyes, E., Navarrete-González, J.J. and Cervantes- de Gortari, J.G.
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell-powered vehicle performance using direct-hydrogen fueling and on-board methanol reforming pp. 2317-2330 Downloads
Daisie D. Boettner and Michael J. Moran
A novel thermally driven rotor-vane/pressure-exchange ejector refrigeration system with environmental benefits and energy efficiency pp. 2331-2345 Downloads
Woo Jong Hong, Khaled Alhussan, Hongfang Zhang and Charles A. Garris
Compressor intake-air cooling in gas turbine plants pp. 2347-2358 Downloads
E. Kakaras, A. Doukelis and S. Karellas
Exergy analysis of coal-based polygeneration system for power and chemical production pp. 2359-2371 Downloads
Lin Gao, Hongguang Jin, Zelong Liu and Danxing Zheng
Exergy analysis of industrial ammonia synthesis pp. 2373-2384 Downloads
Kirova-Yordanova, Zornitza
Basic chemically recuperated gas turbines—power plant optimization and thermodynamics second law analysis pp. 2385-2395 Downloads
Lourenço Gobira Alves and Silvia Azucena Nebra
The concept “environment” in exergy analysis pp. 2397-2401 Downloads
E.N. Serova and V.M. Brodianski
Minimum entropy production rate in plug flow reactors: An optimal control problem solved for SO2 oxidation pp. 2403-2423 Downloads
Eivind Johannessen and Signe Kjelstrup
Distribution of heat exchange in optimum diabatic distillation columns pp. 2425-2440 Downloads
Gelein de Koeijer, Audun Røsjorde and Signe Kjelstrup
On the minimum entropy production in steady state heat conduction processes pp. 2441-2460 Downloads
Z. Kolenda, J. Donizak and J. Hubert
Systematic analysis of biochemical processes in cells by applying graphical diagrams pp. 2461-2472 Downloads
M. Ishida and K. Okuno
Thermodynamic methodology of energy-flow framework diagram for technical energy systems pp. 2473-2486 Downloads
D. Zheng, R. Yao and H. Jin
Some observations of entropy extrema in fluid flow pp. 2487-2500 Downloads
David M. Paulus and Richard A. Gaggioli
Performance of an advanced absorption cycle with R125 and different absorbents pp. 2501-2515 Downloads
A. Levy, M. Jelinek, I. Borde and F. Ziegler
New proposal in the thermodynamic analysis of complex heat regeneration systems pp. 2517-2535 Downloads
Tatiana Morosuk, Catherine Morosuk and Michel Feidt
Ozone friendly binary blends R 32/R 134a and the ternary R 407b pp. 2537-2552 Downloads
Stegou-Sagia, A., X. Kakatsios and M. Damanakis
Automatic diagnostics and prognostics of energy conversion processes via knowledge-based systems pp. 2553-2572 Downloads
Tatiana Biagetti and Enrico Sciubba
Direct contact thermal energy storage system using Na2CO3·10H2O solution pp. 2573-2583 Downloads
Panut Mulyono
A thermodynamic analysis of a novel high efficiency reciprocating internal combustion engine—the isoengine pp. 2585-2600 Downloads
M.W. Coney, C. Linnemann and H.S. Abdallah
Energy recovery from industrial waste of a confectionery plant by means of BIGFC plant pp. 2601-2617 Downloads
P. Lunghi and R. Burzacca

Volume 29, issue 11, 2004

Wave powered desalination system pp. 1659-1672 Downloads
N. Sharmila, Purnima Jalihal, A.K. Swamy and M. Ravindran
Forecasting the limits to the availability and diversity of global conventional oil supply pp. 1673-1696 Downloads
John L. Hallock, Pradeep J. Tharakan, Charles A.S. Hall, Michael Jefferson and Wei Wu
Temporal and spatial change of exergy and ascendency in different benthic marine ecosystems pp. 1697-1712 Downloads
M. Fabiano, P. Vassallo, L. Vezzulli, V.S. Salvo and J.C. Marques
Energy consumption estimation for greenhouse gas separation processes by clathrate hydrate formation pp. 1713-1729 Downloads
Hideo Tajima, Akihiro Yamasaki and Fumio Kiyono
A comparative experimental study on the liquefaction of wood pp. 1731-1741 Downloads
Chongli Zhong and Xiaomin Wei
Production of FT transportation fuels from biomass; technical options, process analysis and optimisation, and development potential pp. 1743-1771 Downloads
Carlo N. Hamelinck, André P.C. Faaij, Herman den Uil and Harold Boerrigter
Power sector reform in Bangladesh: Electricity distribution system pp. 1773-1783 Downloads
M.S. Alam, E. Kabir, M.M. Rahman and M.A.K. Chowdhury
Phase transition temperature ranges and storage density of paraffin wax phase change materials pp. 1785-1804 Downloads
Bo He, Viktoria Martin and Fredrik Setterwall
Methodology for the economic evaluation of gas turbine air cooling systems in combined cycle applications pp. 1805-1818 Downloads
Raquel Gareta, Luis M. Romeo and Antonia Gil
Block level energy planning for domestic lighting—a multi-objective fuzzy linear programming approach pp. 1819-1829 Downloads
Chinmoy Jana and R.N. Chattopadhyay

Volume 29, issue 9, 2004

Editorial Introduction pp. 1237-1239 Downloads
P Freund
Exergy analysis of alkanolamine-based CO2 removal unit with AspenPlus pp. 1241-1248 Downloads
F.H. Geuzebroek, L.H.J.M. Schneiders, G.J.C. Kraaijveld and P.H.M. Feron
Novel concepts for CO2 capture pp. 1249-1257 Downloads
J.w Dijkstra and D Jansen
Test results from a CO2 extraction pilot plant at boundary dam coal-fired power station pp. 1259-1267 Downloads
M Wilson, P Tontiwachwuthikul, A Chakma, R Idem, A Veawab, A Aroonwilas, D Gelowitz, J Barrie and C Mariz
Integration of H2-separating membrane technology in gas turbine processes for CO2 capture pp. 1269-1278 Downloads
K. Jordal, R. Bredesen, H.M. Kvamsdal and O. Bolland
An experimental investigation into the use of molten carbonate fuel cells to capture CO2 from gas turbine exhaust gases pp. 1279-1284 Downloads
A Amorelli, M.b Wilkinson, P Bedont, P Capobianco, B Marcenaro, F Parodi and A Torazza
Numerical investigation of oxy-coal combustion to evaluate burner and combustor design concepts pp. 1285-1296 Downloads
E.H. Chui, A.J. Majeski, M.A. Douglas, Y. Tan and K.V. Thambimuthu
Time to realization: Evaluation of CO2 capture technology R&Ds by GERT (Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique) analyses pp. 1297-1308 Downloads
Takanobu Kosugi, Ayami Hayashi, Tsuyoshi Matsumoto, Keigo Akimoto, Koji Tokimatsu, Hajime Yoshida, Toshimasa Tomoda and Yoichi Kaya
Prospects for carbon capture and sequestration technologies assuming their technological learning pp. 1309-1318 Downloads
Keywan Riahi, Edward S. Rubin and Leo Schrattenholzer
Transmission of CO2—safety and economic considerations pp. 1319-1328 Downloads
John Gale and John Davison
Geological storage of CO2: What do we know, where are the gaps and what more needs to be done? pp. 1329-1338 Downloads
John Gale
Integrated path towards geological storage pp. 1339-1346 Downloads
R Bouchard and A Delaytermoz
A simulation method for the rapid screening of potential depleted oil reservoirs for CO2 sequestration pp. 1347-1359 Downloads
Bossie-Codreanu, D. and Y. Le Gallo
Demonstrating storage of CO2 in geological reservoirs: The Sleipner and SACS projects pp. 1361-1369 Downloads
Tore A Torp and John Gale
Geological reservoir characterization of a CO2 storage site: The Utsira Sand, Sleipner, northern North Sea pp. 1371-1381 Downloads
R.a Chadwick, P Zweigel, U Gregersen, G.a Kirby, S Holloway and P.n Johannessen
Monitoring of CO2 injected at Sleipner using time-lapse seismic data pp. 1383-1392 Downloads
R. Arts, O. Eiken, A. Chadwick, P. Zweigel, L. van der Meer and B. Zinszner
Geochemical monitoring of fluid-rock interaction and CO2 storage at the Weyburn CO2-injection enhanced oil recovery site, Saskatchewan, Canada pp. 1393-1401 Downloads
S. Emberley, I. Hutcheon, M. Shevalier, K. Durocher, W.D. Gunter and E.H. Perkins
CO2 underground storage for Snøhvit gas field development pp. 1403-1411 Downloads
T Maldal and I.m Tappel
Economic feasibility of carbon sequestration with enhanced gas recovery (CSEGR) pp. 1413-1422 Downloads
C.m Oldenburg, S.h Stevens and S.m Benson
The injectivity of coalbed CO2 injection wells pp. 1423-1429 Downloads
P.a Fokker and L.G.h van der Meer
Code intercomparison builds confidence in numerical simulation models for geologic disposal of CO2 pp. 1431-1444 Downloads
Karsten Pruess, Julio García, Tony Kovscek, Curt Oldenburg, Jonny Rutqvist, Carl Steefel and Tianfu Xu
Estimating fault stability and sustainable fluid pressures for underground storage of CO2 in porous rock pp. 1445-1456 Downloads
Jürgen E Streit and Richard R Hillis
The Ladbroke Grove–Katnook carbon dioxide natural laboratory: A recent CO2 accumulation in a lithic sandstone reservoir pp. 1457-1466 Downloads
M.N. Watson, N. Zwingmann and N.M. Lemon
Sensitivity of sequestration efficiency to mixing processes in the global ocean pp. 1467-1478 Downloads
B.k Mignone, J.l Sarmiento, R.d Slater and A Gnanadesikan
Evasion of CO2 injected into the ocean in the context of CO2 stabilization pp. 1479-1486 Downloads
Haroon S Kheshgi
A hybrid numerical model system of LCO2 and CO2 enriched seawater dynamics in the ocean induced by moving-ship releasing pp. 1487-1497 Downloads
B. Chen, Y. Song, M. Nishio, M. Akai and T. Ohsumi
In situ experiments of cold CO2 release in mid-depth pp. 1499-1509 Downloads
I. Aya, R. Kojima, K. Yamane, K. Shiozaki, P.G. Brewer and E.T. Peltzer
Influence of ocean CO2 sequestration on bacterial production pp. 1511-1520 Downloads
Richard B. Coffin, Michael T. Montgomery, Thomas J. Boyd and Stephen M. Masutani
CO2 capture, storage and reuse potential in Finland pp. 1521-1527 Downloads
T Koljonen, H Siikavirta, R Zevenhoven and I Savolainen
Modeling greenhouse gas energy technology responses to climate change pp. 1529-1536 Downloads
James A Edmonds, John Clarke, James Dooley, Son H Kim and Steven J Smith
Evaluation of carbon dioxide sequestration in Japan with a mathematical model pp. 1537-1549 Downloads
Keigo Akimoto, Hironori Kotsubo, Takayoshi Asami, Xiaochun Li, Motoo Uno, Toshimasa Tomoda and Takashi Ohsumi
Learning curves for environmental technology and their importance for climate policy analysis pp. 1551-1559 Downloads
Edward S Rubin, Margaret R Taylor, Sonia Yeh and David A Hounshell
Developing a set of regulatory analogs for carbon sequestration pp. 1561-1570 Downloads
David Reiner and H.j Herzog
No exit: thinking about leakage from geologic carbon storage sites pp. 1571-1578 Downloads
David G Hawkins
Clean development mechanism projects and portfolio risks pp. 1579-1588 Downloads
Ryuji Matsuhashi, Sei Fujisawa, Wataru Mitamura, Yutaka Momobayashi and Yoshikuni Yoshida
Carbon management strategies for US electricity generation capacity: A vintage-based approach pp. 1589-1598 Downloads
R.T. Dahowski and J.J. Dooley
Geologic storage of CO2 from refining and chemical facilities in the midwestern US pp. 1599-1609 Downloads
Neeraj Gupta, Bruce Sass, Sandip Chattopadhyay, Joel Sminchak, Peng Wang and Tony Espie
Worldwide selection of early opportunities for CO2-enhanced oil recovery and CO2-enhanced coal bed methane production pp. 1611-1621 Downloads
F. van Bergen, J. Gale, K.J. Damen and A.F.B. Wildenborg
Australia’s CO2 geological storage potential and matching of emission sources to potential sinks pp. 1623-1631 Downloads
J Bradshaw, G Allinson, B.e Bradshaw, V Nguyen, A.j Rigg, L Spencer and P Wilson
CO2 capture and storage—the essential bridge to the hydrogen economy pp. 1633-1641 Downloads
D.R. Simbeck
Studies on enhancing carbon sequestration in soils pp. 1643-1650 Downloads
G Marland, C.t Garten, W.m Post and T.o West
Design parameters of solar concentrating systems for CO2-mitigating algal photobioreactors pp. 1651-1657 Downloads
Eiichi Ono and Joel L Cuello

Volume 29, issue 8, 2004

Availability analysis of a turbocharged diesel engine operating under transient load conditions pp. 1085-1104 Downloads
C.D. Rakopoulos and E.G. Giakoumis
Assessment of wind energy potential for coastal locations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pp. 1105-1115 Downloads
Shafiqur Rehman and Aftab Ahmad
Biofuel gasification combined heat and power—new implementation opportunities resulting from combined supply of process steam and district heating pp. 1117-1137 Downloads
Å Marbe, S Harvey and T Berntsson
Energy, economy and environment as objectives in multi-criterion optimization of thermal systems design pp. 1139-1157 Downloads
A. Lazzaretto and A. Toffolo
Hydrogen as an energy carrier in stand-alone applications based on PV and PV–micro-hydro systems pp. 1159-1182 Downloads
M. Santarelli and S. Macagno
Engineering design and exergy analyses for combustion gas turbine based power generation system pp. 1183-1205 Downloads
Deng-Chern Sue and Chia-Chin Chuang
Effect of working fluids on organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery pp. 1207-1217 Downloads
Bo-Tau Liu, Kuo-Hsiang Chien and Chi-Chuan Wang
Comments on “Performance evaluation of single-flash geothermal power plant in Denizli, Turkey” [Energy, 28 (2003) 27-35] pp. 1219-1223 Downloads
U Serpen

Volume 29, issue 7, 2004

China’s rural electricity market—a quantitative analysis pp. 961-977 Downloads
Ming Yang and Xin Yu
Examining the potential of natural gas demand-side measures to benefit customers, the distribution utility, and the environment: two case studies from Europe pp. 979-1000 Downloads
Aníbal T. de Almeida, Ana Cristina Lopes, Anabela Carvalho, Jorge Mariano, Andreas Jahn and Michael Broege
An empirical investigation of the 1995 Weatherization Assistance Program funding formula pp. 1001-1038 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser and Allan G. Pulsipher
Economic buy-back rates for electricity from cogeneration: Case of sugar industry in Vietnam pp. 1039-1051 Downloads
Subhes C Bhattacharyya and Dang Ngoc Quoc Thang
Experimental study on the performance of a heat pump system with refrigerant mixtures’ composition change pp. 1053-1068 Downloads
Minsung Kim, Min Soo Kim and Yongchan Kim
Techno-economic analysis of the Jordanian solar water heating system pp. 1069-1079 Downloads
M.M. Kablan

Volume 29, issue 5, 2004

Introduction pp. 633-634 Downloads
Aldo Steinfeld and Noam Lior
Direct steam generation in parabolic troughs: Final results and conclusions of the DISS project pp. 635-644 Downloads
Eduardo Zarza, Loreto Valenzuela, Javier León, Klaus Hennecke, Markus Eck, H.-Dieter Weyers and Martin Eickhoff
Direct steam generation in parabolic trough concentrators with bimetallic receivers pp. 645-651 Downloads
Vicente Flores and Rafael Almanza
Compact field separators for the direct steam generation in parabolic trough collectors: An investigation of models pp. 653-663 Downloads
M.r Malayeri, S Zunft and M Eck
Maximum temperature difference in horizontal and tilted absorber pipes with direct steam generation pp. 665-676 Downloads
Markus Eck, Wolf-Dieter Steinmann and Jürgen Rheinländer
Analysis of air return alternatives for CRS-type open volumetric reciever pp. 677-686 Downloads
Ma.Jesús Marcos, Manuel Romero and Silvia Palero
Experimental evaluation of a non-isothermal high temperature solar particle receiver pp. 687-700 Downloads
Rudi Bertocchi, Jacob Karni and Abraham Kribus
Heliostats for maximum ground coverage pp. 701-713 Downloads
Philipp Schramek and David R. Mills
Rapid solar-thermal dissociation of natural gas in an aerosol flow reactor pp. 715-725 Downloads
Jaimee K Dahl, Karen J Buechler, Ryan Finley, Timothy Stanislaus, Alan W Weimer, Allan Lewandowski, Carl Bingham, Alexander Smeets and Adrian Schneider
Reflections on the design of solar thermal chemical reactors: thoughts in transformation pp. 727-744 Downloads
R. Palumbo, M. Keunecke, S. Möller and A. Steinfeld
Ferro-reduction of ZnO using concentrated solar energy pp. 745-756 Downloads
Michael Epstein, Koebi Ehrensberger and Amnon Yogev
Experimental study of solar reactors for carboreduction of zinc oxide pp. 757-769 Downloads
Roman Adinberg and Michael Epstein
A two-cavity reactor for solar chemical processes: heat transfer model and application to carbothermic reduction of ZnO pp. 771-787 Downloads
Christian Wieckert, Robert Palumbo and Ulrich Frommherz
Theoretical investigation of the system SnOx/Sn for the thermochemical storage of solar energy pp. 789-799 Downloads
Martin Forster
Solar reactor scaling up pp. 801-809 Downloads
Gilles Flamant, Jean François Robert, Stephan Marty, Jean Michel Gineste, Joseph Giral, Bruno Rivoire and Daniel Laplaze
Design and experimental investigation of a horizontal rotary reactor for the solar thermal production of lime pp. 811-821 Downloads
Anton Meier, Enrico Bonaldi, Gian Mario Cella, Wojciech Lipinski, Daniel Wuillemin and Robert Palumbo
Porous materials as open volumetric solar receivers: Experimental determination of thermophysical and heat transfer properties pp. 823-833 Downloads
Thomas Fend, Bernhard Hoffschmidt, Pitz-Paal, Robert, Oliver Reutter and Peter Rietbrock
Solar photocatalytic water detoxification of paper mill effluents pp. 835-843 Downloads
C. Sattler, L. de Oliveira, M. Tzschirner and A.E.H. Machado
TiO2 on magnesium silicate monolith: effects of different preparation techniques on the photocatalytic oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons pp. 845-852 Downloads
Ana I Cardona, Roberto Candal, Benigno Sánchez, Pedro Ávila and Moisés Rebollar
Solar degradation of 5-amino-6-methyl-2-benzimidazolone by TiO2 and iron(III) catalyst with H2O2 and O2 as electron acceptors pp. 853-860 Downloads
Victor Sarria, Paul Péringer, Julia Cáceres, Julian Blanco, Sixto Malato and Cesar Pulgarin
Engineering aspects of a molten salt heat transfer fluid in a trough solar field pp. 861-870 Downloads
D. Kearney, B. Kelly, U. Herrmann, R. Cable, J. Pacheco, R. Mahoney, H. Price, D. Blake, P. Nava and N. Potrovitza
Regenerative thermal storage in atmospheric air system solar power plants pp. 871-881 Downloads
H.W. Fricker
Two-tank molten salt storage for parabolic trough solar power plants pp. 883-893 Downloads
Ulf Herrmann, Bruce Kelly and Henry Price
Ni/ceramic/molten-salt composite catalyst with high-temperature thermal storage for use in solar reforming processes pp. 895-903 Downloads
T Kodama, Y Isobe, Y Kondoh, S Yamaguchi and K.-I Shimizu
Closed loop control of heliostats pp. 905-913 Downloads
Abraham Kribus, Irina Vishnevetsky, Amnon Yogev and Tatiana Rubinov
Hybrid heat flux measurement system for solar central receiver evaluation pp. 915-924 Downloads
J. Ballestrín and R. Monterreal
Calibration corrections of solar tower flux density measurements pp. 925-933 Downloads
Steffen Ulmer, Eckhard Lüpfert, Markus Pfänder and Reiner Buck
Economic analysis of integrated solar combined cycle power plants pp. 935-945 Downloads
Mechthild Horn, Heiner Führing and Jürgen Rheinländer
Trough integration into power plants—a study on the performance and economy of integrated solar combined cycle systems pp. 947-959 Downloads
Jürgen Dersch, Michael Geyer, Ulf Herrmann, Scott A. Jones, Bruce Kelly, Rainer Kistner, Winfried Ortmanns, Pitz-Paal, Robert and Henry Price

Volume 29, issue 4, 2004

Novel cogeneration power system with liquefied natural gas (LNG) cryogenic exergy utilization pp. 497-512 Downloads
Shimin Deng, Hongguang Jin, Ruixian Cai and Rumou Lin
“Green” consumption—no solution for climate change pp. 513-524 Downloads
E.C. Alfredsson
The second law optimal path of a four-bed SO2 converter with five heat exchangers pp. 525-546 Downloads
Gelein de Koeijer, Eivind Johannessen and Signe Kjelstrup
Energy economics of cooking in households in Nepal pp. 547-559 Downloads
Shaligram Pokharel
Quality based energy contents and carbon coefficients for building materials: A systems approach pp. 561-580 Downloads
W.P.S. Dias and S.P. Pooliyadda
Black liquor gasification—consequences for both industry and society pp. 581-612 Downloads
H. Eriksson and S. Harvey
A multiple objective mixed integer linear programming model for power generation expansion planning pp. 613-627 Downloads
C.Henggeler Antunes, A.Gomes Martins and Isabel Sofia Brito

Volume 29, issue 3, 2004

Editorial Introduction pp. 307-307 Downloads
N. Lior
Effect of reliability considerations on the optimal synthesis, design and operation of a cogeneration system pp. 309-329 Downloads
Christos A. Frangopoulos and George G. Dimopoulos
The effects of the control system on the thermoeconomic diagnosis of a power plant pp. 331-359 Downloads
Vittorio Verda, Luis Serra and Antonio Valero
Thermo-characterization of power systems components: a tool to diagnose their malfunctions pp. 361-377 Downloads
Zaleta-Aguilar, Alejandro, Javier Royo, Victor H. Rangel and Torres-Reyes, Ernestina
The use of chemical recuperation of heat in a power plant pp. 379-388 Downloads
Gregoriy Verkhivker and Vladimir Kravchenko
Thermoeconomic optimization of heat recovery steam generators operating parameters for combined plants pp. 389-414 Downloads
C. Casarosa, F. Donatini and A. Franco
Thermoeconomic evaluation of CO2 alkali absorption system applied to semi-closed gas turbine combined cycle pp. 415-426 Downloads
Andrea Corti
Oxygen-enriched combustion in supercritical steam boilers pp. 427-448 Downloads
Bogdan Horbaniuc, Ovidiu Marin, Gheorghe Dumitraşcu and Olivier Charon
Predicting chemical species in spark-ignition engines pp. 449-465 Downloads
Emel Evren Selamet, Ahmet Selamet and James M. Novak
Simulation, exergy analysis and application of diabatic distillation to a tertiary amyl methyl ether production unit of a crude oil refinery pp. 467-489 Downloads
R. Rivero, M. Garcia and J. Urquiza

Volume 29, issue 2, 2004

On Professor Jan Szargut’s 80th birthday pp. 187-190 Downloads
A. Ziębik
Energy effects of heat-island reduction strategies in Toronto, Canada pp. 191-210 Downloads
Hashem Akbari and Steven Konopacki
Thin layer convective solar drying and mathematical modeling of prickly pear peel (Opuntia ficus indica) pp. 211-224 Downloads
Siham Lahsasni, Mohammed Kouhila, Mostafa Mahrouz, Ali Idlimam and Abdelkrim Jamali
Green heating system: characteristics and illustration with multi-criteria optimization of an integrated energy system pp. 225-244 Downloads
Hongtao Li, Meinrad Burer, Zhi-Ping Song, Daniel Favrat and Francois Marechal
Modernization of local energy systems pp. 245-256 Downloads
Dietmar Lindenberger, Thomas Bruckner, Robbie Morrison, Helmuth-M. Groscurth and Reiner Kümmel
A demand-side planning approach for the commercial sector of developing countries pp. 257-266 Downloads
Uğur Atikol
Performance of a high temperature hydrate solid/gas sorption heat pump used as topping cycle for cascaded sorption chillers pp. 267-285 Downloads
Driss Stitou, Nathalie Mazet and Marc Bonnissel
Pricing of electricity in China pp. 287-300 Downloads
Pun-Lee Lam

Volume 29, issue 1, 2004

A robust internet-based auction to procure electricity forwards pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, D. Lloyd, M. Borden, R. Warrington and C. Baskette
Personal energy impact of attending a professional meeting pp. 13-17 Downloads
Robert A Herendeen
Predictions of moisture removal rate and dehumidification effectiveness for structured liquid desiccant air dehumidifier pp. 19-34 Downloads
Abdul-Wahab, S.A., Y.H. Zurigat and Abu-Arabi, M.K.
Entropy generation due to laminar forced convection in the entrance region of a concentric annulus pp. 35-55 Downloads
O.M. Haddad, M.K. Alkam and M.T. Khasawneh
A stand-alone photovoltaic power system for remote villages using pumped water energy storage pp. 57-69 Downloads
D Manolakos, G Papadakis, D Papantonis and S Kyritsis
Comparative analysis on the part load performance of combined cycle plants considering design performance and power control strategy pp. 71-85 Downloads
T.S. Kim
Life cycle inventory analysis for electricity in Korea pp. 87-101 Downloads
Kun-Mo Lee, Sang-Yong Lee and Tak Hur
A systems approach to the reduction of oil demand in a Swedish board mill pp. 103-124 Downloads
Magnus Karlsson
Effect of concentration of bed materials on combustion efficiency during incineration pp. 125-136 Downloads
Chiou-Liang Lin, Ming-Yen Wey and Shr-Da You
Energy for the future: An integrated decision aid for the case of Turkey pp. 137-154 Downloads
Y.i Topcu and F Ulengin
Sustainability of decentralized woodfuel-based power plant: an experience in India pp. 155-166 Downloads
Sonaton Ghosh, Tuhin K. Das and Tushar Jash
Modeling and optimization of the NOx emission characteristics of a tangentially fired boiler with artificial neural networks pp. 167-183 Downloads
Hao Zhou, Kefa Cen and Jianren Fan
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