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Volume 17, issue 12, 1992

Methanation of synthesis gas in a solar chemical heat pipe pp. 1109-1119 Downloads
R. Rubin, R. Levitan, H. Rosin and M. Levy
Strategies for addressing climate change: Policy perspectives from around the world pp. 1121-1136 Downloads
Mark D. Levine, Jayant A. Sathaye, Paul P. Craig and Stephen C. Peck
Energy paybacks and renewable breeders pp. 1137-1151 Downloads
John Gusdorf
Heat-transfer characteristics of a latent heat storage system using MgCl2 · 6H2O pp. 1153-1164 Downloads
Jong Chan Choi and Sang Done Kim
Performance analysis of a solar-assisted swimming pool heating system pp. 1165-1172 Downloads
A.i Alkhamis and S.a Sherif
Finite-time thermodynamic analysis of a Carnot engine with internal irreversibility pp. 1173-1178 Downloads
Chih Wu and Robert L. Kiang
Analysis of the lithuanian final energy consumption with respect to economic changes pp. 1179-1188 Downloads
Carsten Oder, Hans-Dietrich Haasis and Otto Rentz
Oil-shale gasification by concentrated sunlight: An open-loop solar chemical heat pipe pp. 1189-1197 Downloads
Gil Ingel, Moshe Levy and J.M. Gordon
The effect of wall conduction on the performance of regenerative heat exchangers pp. 1199-1213 Downloads
Chien-Ming, Shen and W.M. Worek
Recent Chinese heat-transfer research on bubbling and circulating fluidized beds pp. 1215-1232 Downloads
S.C. Saxena, R.Z. Qian and D.C. Liu
Solar cells consisting of phenazine dyes in polymer matrix pp. 1233-1237 Downloads
Anupa Guha Majumdar, Asok K. Jana and Benoy B. Bhowmik
Energy balances in wick-type double-effect solar distillers with air flow through the second-effect unit pp. 1239-1247 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh and Zhi-Fang Chen
Cogeneration potential in the Indian pulp and paper industries pp. 1249-1254 Downloads
Dileep K. Jain and Jean Claude Mora
Financing and disseminating small energy systems in rural areas pp. 1255-1262 Downloads
D.B. Waddle and R.D. Perlack

Volume 17, issue 11, 1992

Wave-power potential along the coast of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina pp. 997-1006 Downloads
N.W. Lanfredi, J.L. Pousa, C.A. Mazio and W.C. Dragani
Removal of dust by impingement of gas on a water surface pp. 1007-1011 Downloads
D. Khummongkol, B. Saniam and V. Phimolmas
Energy consumption in Jordan pp. 1013-1017 Downloads
A. Tamimi and Z. Kodah
A method for thermodynamic optimization—I. Theory and application to an ammonia-synthesis plant pp. 1019-1031 Downloads
M.V. Sorin and V.M. Brodyansky
A method for thermodynamic optimization —II. Application to an absorption heat pump and generalization of the method pp. 1033-1048 Downloads
M.V. Sorin and P. Le Goff
An experimental investigation of heat-transfer and flow in channels with streamwise-periodic flow pp. 1049-1058 Downloads
M.A. Habib, A.M. Mobarak, A.M. Attya and A.Z. Aly
Nomographs for H2O-LiBr absorption-panel cooling systems pp. 1059-1066 Downloads
E.D. Rogdakis
Modelling and performance of a tubular multiwick solar still pp. 1067-1071 Downloads
Ashok Kumar and J.D. Anand
Persistence of energy savings: What do we know and how can it be ensured? pp. 1073-1084 Downloads
Edward L. Vine
China's power industry, 1980–1990: Price reform and its effect on energy efficiency pp. 1085-1092 Downloads
Todd M. Johnson
Time of use (TOU) rate effect using the pattern clustering method pp. 1093-1104 Downloads
Sheldon X.C. Lou, C.W.Kenneth Keng, Jiong Jiang and Feng Cheng
The use of pipelined fuel gas in Rio de Janeiro pp. 1105-1107 Downloads
Manoel Gonçalves Rodrigues

Volume 17, issue 10, 1992

Long-term global energy supplies with acceptable environmental impacts pp. 883-899 Downloads
S.S. Penner, J. Haraden and S. Mates
Opportunity costs of CO2 pp. 901-906 Downloads
Reiner Kümmel
Interfuel and intermode substitution for cooking pp. 907-918 Downloads
S. Pokharel, M. Chandrashekar and J.B. Robinson
Free rider estimation: Refining the use of surveys pp. 919-925 Downloads
Edward L. Vine
A survey of solar pond developments pp. 927-938 Downloads
F. Muñoz and R. Almanza
Economics of biogas digesters in Bangladesh pp. 939-944 Downloads
B.K. Bala and M.M. Hossain
Optimizing the operating strategy of a pulp and paper mill using the mind method pp. 945-953 Downloads
K. Nilsson and M. Söderström
Design criteria for an active biogas plant pp. 955-958 Downloads
G.N. Tiwari, S.K. Singh and Kailash Thakur
Eco-energetic analysis of animal husbandry in traditional societies of India pp. 959-967 Downloads
R.K. Maikhuri
An example of energy savings in LDCS: Improving electrical equipment in Pakistan pp. 969-982 Downloads
Peter M. Miller, Howard S. Geller and Anibal T. de Almeida
Application of multicriteria decision making to the evaluation of new energy system development in Taiwan pp. 983-992 Downloads
Gwo-Hshiung, Tzeng, Tzay-an, Shiau and Chien-Yuan, Lin
Voltaic cell activities of tree-crops and fruits pp. 993-995 Downloads
V.C. Sharma and A. Sharma

Volume 17, issue 9, 1992

An environmentally benign energy future for Western Scania, Sweden pp. 809-822 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson, Bengt Johansson and Bülow-Hübe, Helena
Using customer outage costs to plan generation reliability pp. 823-827 Downloads
Dennis M. Keane and Chi-Keung Woo
Modeling of a silica gel/water adsorption-cooling system pp. 829-839 Downloads
Soon-Haeng Cho and Jong-Nam Kim
An exergy analysis of the Brazilian economy: From energy production to final energy use pp. 841-855 Downloads
Roberto Schaeffer and Robert M. Wirtshafter
Future refining impacts of the clean air act amendments of 1990 pp. 857-868 Downloads
G.R. Hadder
Decentralized energy planning model for a typical village in India pp. 869-876 Downloads
Bharati Joshi, T.S. Bhatti and N.K. Bansal
Briquetting of carbonized cotton stalk pp. 877-882 Downloads
A.E. Abasaeed

Volume 17, issue 8, 1992

Environmental consequences of hydroelectric development: The role of facility size and type pp. 735-747 Downloads
Peter H. Gleick
Methane reforming by direct solar irradiation of the catalyst pp. 749-756 Downloads
Moshe Levy, Rachamin Rubin, Hadassa Rosin and Rachel Levitan
Charcoal production using tropical pine thinnings pp. 757-760 Downloads
Ananias De Almeida Saraiva Pontinha, Ricardo Antonio De Arruda Veiga and Alcides Lopes Leao
An electric grid for transportation in Los Angeles pp. 761-767 Downloads
William J. Carmody and John Haraden
A probabilistic approach to the maintenance of heat-transfer equipment subject to fouling pp. 769-776 Downloads
Syed M. Zubair, Anwar K. Sheikh and Mohammed N. Shaik
The status of hot dry rock as an energy source pp. 777-786 Downloads
John Haraden
Olive oil as a fuel supplement in DI and IDI diesel engines pp. 787-790 Downloads
C.D. Rakopoulos
Exergy analysis of industrial processes pp. 791-803 Downloads
Willem van Gool
Recent oil imports into Japan pp. 805-806 Downloads
Kenzo Saikawa

Volume 17, issue 7, 1992

A factorization analysis of automobile fuel consumption in actual traffic pp. 629-634 Downloads
B.W. Ang, T.T. Ng and T.F. Fwa
Defining and reporting data on utility dsm programs pp. 635-647 Downloads
Eric Hirst and Carol Sabo
Simulation study for an open-cycle absorption solar-cooling system operated in a humid area pp. 649-655 Downloads
Yang Ru and W.J. Yan
Ocean thermal energy conversion: Its promise as a total resource system pp. 657-668 Downloads
Patrick K. Takahashi and Andrew Trenka
Model predictions of the extent of heterogeneous coal combustion during rapid evolution of volatiles pp. 669-678 Downloads
Sanjay Agrawal and K.C. Midkiff
Sector disaggregation and the effect of structural change on industrial energy consumption pp. 679-687 Downloads
B.W. Ang, X.Q. Liu and H.L. Ong
Interfuel substitution and decomposition of changes in industrial energy consumption pp. 689-696 Downloads
X.Q. Liu, B.W. Ang and H.L. Ong
Theory of baffled solar air heaters pp. 697-702 Downloads
Ho-Ming, Yeh
Thermal performance of a solar hybrid domestic hot water system pp. 703-711 Downloads
C. Choudhury and H.P. Garg
An assessment of the accuracy of statistically adjusted engineering (SAE) models of end-use load curves pp. 713-723 Downloads
Kenneth Train
Analysis of demand for electricity in the United States pp. 725-733 Downloads
Masood A. Badri

Volume 17, issue 6, 1992

Correlations between values of daily beam, diffuse and global radiation for Beer Sheva, Israel pp. 523-533 Downloads
A. Ianetz and A.I. Kudish
Solar, industrial process-heat applications in selected Turkish industries pp. 535-546 Downloads
Sibel Özdoǧan and Mahir Arikol
The status and potential development of magma power pp. 547-574 Downloads
John Haraden
Densification of preheated sawdust for energy conservation pp. 575-578 Downloads
Sayed Aqa and S.C. Bhattacharya
Coal combustion studies in a fluidized-bed test facility pp. 579-591 Downloads
S.c Saxena, N.s Rao, V.g Rao and R.r Koganti
Simulation of an absorption cooling system pp. 593-600 Downloads
N. Egrican and A. Yigit
Optimum operation of a solar converter in combination with a Stirling or Ericsson heat engine pp. 601-607 Downloads
V. Bǎdescu
Energy modelling of a cogeneration system for a food industry pp. 609-616 Downloads
R. Calderan, M. Spiga and P. Vestrucci
Energy conservation in glass manufacture pp. 617-624 Downloads
T.F. Arican and Ö. Hortaçsu
Wave power over the indian seas during the southwest monsoon season pp. 625-627 Downloads
T.R. Sivaramakrishnan

Volume 17, issue 5, 1992

An improved shadow price for CO2 pp. 419-426 Downloads
John Haraden
Solid waste management in the U.S. and 1989-1991 state legislation pp. 427-476 Downloads
Frank Kreith
Performance of a low- temperature NH3 H2O absorption-refrigeration system pp. 477-484 Downloads
E.D. Rogdakis and K.A. Antonopoulos
Thermodynamic analysis of the performance of cogeneration plants pp. 485-491 Downloads
M.A. Habib
Energetics of cotton agronomy pp. 493-497 Downloads
A.R. Rao, D.S. Nehra, D.P. Singh and M.S. Kairon
Optimal electric power conservation investments using utility avoided-costs pp. 499-508 Downloads
Jože Renar and Miha Tomšič
Miscellaneous electrical energy use in homes pp. 509-518 Downloads
Alan Meier, Leo Rainer and Steve Greenberg
Iterated function systems for geothermal energy exploration pp. 519-522 Downloads
Ali B. Cambel and John E. Mock

Volume 17, issue 4, 1992

Coproduction of oil and electric power from Colorado oil shale pp. 313-319 Downloads
P.H. Wallman
Comparison of forecasts from aggregate and disaggregate models for personal vehicle energy consumption and CO2 emissions pp. 321-329 Downloads
Miles-Mclean, Robin, Michael Shelby, Clarisse Lula, Michael Sagan and Kenneth Train
Experimental study on a bench-scale, batch-type fluidized-bed combustor for energy production from waste-derived fuels pp. 331-338 Downloads
Hamdy M. Shafey and I.S. Taha
Evaluation of energy utilization efficiency in Canada using energy and exergy analyses pp. 339-350 Downloads
M.A. Rosen
Impacts of electric vehicles on primary energy consumption and petroleum displacement pp. 351-366 Downloads
Quanlu Wang and Mark A DeLuchi
Impact on world oil prices when larger and fewer producers emerge from a political restructuring of the Middle East pp. 367-375 Downloads
Franz Wirl
Cost-efficient emission control strategies for the Turkish energy system pp. 377-395 Downloads
Eckhard Plinke, Mehmet Atak, Hans-Dietrich Haasis and Otto Rentz
Parameteric studies of thermosyphon solar water systems with electric heaters pp. 397-403 Downloads
Lin Wenxian and Lu Enrong
Rural household energy use in China pp. 405-411 Downloads
Sanjay Kaul and Qian Liu
A transient, conjugated, conduction-controlled, sensible-heat storage pp. 413-417 Downloads
A. Prasad and J. Nandi

Volume 17, issue 3, 1992

An application of Dempster-Shafer theory to the assessment of biogas technology pp. 205-214 Downloads
Aurora A. Kawahara and Peter M. Williams
Energy intensity, sectoral activity, and structural change in the Norwegian economy pp. 215-233 Downloads
L. Schipper, Richard Howarth and E. Carlassare
A new method for evaluating the normalized energy consumption in office buildings pp. 235-246 Downloads
Radu Zmeureanu
Evaluation of alternatives to increase the electrical generation capacity of Thai sugar mills pp. 247-254 Downloads
A. Therdyothin, S.C. Bhattacharya and M. Tabucanon
Assessing the Portuguese wave-power resource pp. 255-268 Downloads
Denis Mollison and M.T. Pontes
Experimental studies on wick-type, double-effect solar distillers with air flow through the second-effect unit pp. 269-273 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh and Zhi-Fang Chen
The maximum power from a finite reservoir for a Lorentz cycle pp. 275-281 Downloads
Won-Yong Lee and Sang-Soo Kim
Stability limits and temperature measurements in a tangentially-fired model furnace pp. 283-294 Downloads
M.A. Habib, El-Mahallawy, F.M., Abdel-Hafez, A.H. and N. Naseef
Second-law-based thermodynamic analysis of regenerative-reheat Rankine-cycle power plants pp. 295-301 Downloads
M.A. Habib and S.M. Zubair
Drying characteristics of oil shale pp. 303-308 Downloads
A. Tamimi and B.Z. Uysal
Generation of electricity using a pair of oxen pp. 309-311 Downloads
T.V. Natarajan and S. Ramani

Volume 17, issue 2, 1992

The home-power movement and the assumptions of energy-policy analysis pp. 99-107 Downloads
Jesse S. Tatum
Costs of service disruptions to electricity consumers pp. 109-126 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo and Roger L. Pupp
Central station thermal energy storage for peak and intermediate load power generation pp. 127-139 Downloads
M.K. Drost, Z.I. Antoniak, D.R. Brown and S. Somasundaram
The impact of trees and white surfaces on residential heating and cooling energy use in four Canadian cities pp. 141-149 Downloads
Hashem Akbari and Haider Taha
From DSM technologies to DSM programs: Issues in demand-side planning for electric utilities pp. 151-160 Downloads
Lawrence J. Hill, Eric Hirst and Martin Schweitzer
Optimization of building retrofits in a combined heat and power network pp. 161-171 Downloads
Stig-Inge Gustafsson
Thermal performance of three types of solar air collectors for the jordanian climate pp. 173-177 Downloads
M.A. Hamdan and B.A. Jubran
High-temperature solar thermal processing Zn(s) and CO from ZnO(s) and C(gr) using Ti2O3(s) and TiO2(s) pp. 179-190 Downloads
R.D. Palumbo, M.B. Campbell and T.H. Grafe
A case study of renewable energy for Hawaii pp. 191-200 Downloads
Victor D. Phillips, Andrei V. Chuveliov and Patrick K. Takahashi
Energy conservation in cupola operation pp. 201-203 Downloads
S. Scesa

Volume 17, issue 1, 1992

The efficiency of energy use in the USSR —an international perspective pp. 1-24 Downloads
R.Caron Cooper and Lee Schipper
The use of growth curves in energy studies pp. 25-36 Downloads
B.W. Ang and T.T. Ng
Residential electricity demand in Singapore pp. 37-46 Downloads
B.W. Ang, T.N. Goh and X.Q. Liu
A cultural model of household energy consumption pp. 47-60 Downloads
Loren Lutzenhiser
Energy demand in Portuguese manufacturing: A two-stage model pp. 61-77 Downloads
Antonio M. Borges and Alfredo Pereira
Effects of SO2 emission regulations and fuel prices on levellized energy costs for industrial steam generation options pp. 79-86 Downloads
Si̇bel Özdoǧan and Mahi̇r Arikol
Performance prediction of a multi-basin solar still pp. 87-93 Downloads
N.Al Mahdi
Air pollutant emissions due to energy utilization in Turkey pp. 95-97 Downloads
E. Taşdemiroǧlu
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