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Volume 106, issue C, 2016

Partial oxidation of methanol over a Pt/Al2O3 catalyst enhanced by sprays pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Chun-Ting Shen
Dynamic optimization of adsorptive chillers: The “AQSOA™-FAM-Z02 – Water” working pair pp. 13-22 Downloads
Ilya S. Girnik and Yuri I. Aristov
Using Taguchi-Fibonacci search method to optimize phase change materials enhanced buildings with integrated solar photovoltaic thermal collectors pp. 23-37 Downloads
Wenye Lin and Zhenjun Ma
Investigation of woodchip quality: Relationship between the most important chemical and physical parameters pp. 38-44 Downloads
G. Toscano, D. Duca, E. Foppa Pedretti, A. Pizzi, G. Rossini, C. Mengarelli and M. Mancini
System impact of energy efficient building refurbishment within a district heated region pp. 45-53 Downloads
T. Lidberg, T. Olofsson and L. Trygg
Carbon corrosion and performance degradation mechanism in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with dead-ended anode and cathode pp. 54-62 Downloads
Ben Chen, Jun Wang, Tianqi Yang, Yonghua Cai, Caizhi Zhang, Siew Hwa Chan, Yi Yu and Zhengkai Tu
Rheological and energy transport characteristics of a phase change material slurry pp. 63-72 Downloads
P. Zhang, Z.W. Ma, Z.Y. Bai and J. Ye
Carbon pricing for low carbon technology diffusion: A survey analysis of China's cement industry pp. 73-86 Downloads
Xianbing Liu, Yongbin Fan and Chen Li
Environmental impact assessment of olive pomace oil biodiesel production and consumption: A comparative lifecycle assessment pp. 87-102 Downloads
Mohammad Ali Rajaeifar, Asadolah Akram, Barat Ghobadian, Shahin Rafiee, Reinout Heijungs and Meisam Tabatabaei
High electrochemical performance of RuO2–Fe2O3 nanoparticles embedded ordered mesoporous carbon as a supercapacitor electrode material pp. 103-111 Downloads
Dong Xiang, Longwei Yin, Chenxiang Wang and Luyuan Zhang
Two-fluid model with droplet size distribution for condensing steam flows pp. 112-120 Downloads
Włodzimierz Wróblewski and Sławomir Dykas
Analytical thermal efficiency of medium-low temperature organic Rankine cycles derived from entropy-generation analysis pp. 121-130 Downloads
Min Li and Bingxiong Zhao
Generating H2 from a H2O molecule by catalysis using a small Al6Cu cluster pp. 131-136 Downloads
Kang-Ning Li, Chuan-Lu Yang, Yan-Xiao Han, Mei-Shan Wang, Xiao-Guang Ma and Li-Zhi Wang
New neural network and fuzzy logic controllers to monitor maximum power for wind energy conversion system pp. 137-146 Downloads
Ahmed Medjber, Abderrezak Guessoum, Hocine Belmili and Adel Mellit
Variability of wind and solar power – An assessment of the current situation in the European Union based on the year 2014 pp. 147-161 Downloads
Alexander Buttler, Felix Dinkel, Simon Franz and Hartmut Spliethoff
An income-based analysis of the value premise for property energy performance pp. 162-169 Downloads
Aidan Parkinson, Stephen Hill and Richard Wheal
Offshore wind investments – Realism about cost developments is necessary pp. 170-181 Downloads
Valeria Jana Schwanitz and August Wierling
Does cost optimization approximate the real-world energy transition? pp. 182-193 Downloads
Evelina Trutnevyte
Optimal bidding in a Day-Ahead energy market for Micro Grid under uncertainty in renewable energy production pp. 194-202 Downloads
Gabriella Ferruzzi, Guido Cervone, Luca Delle Monache, Giorgio Graditi and Francesca Jacobone
Understanding energy efficiency barriers in Ukraine: Insights from a survey of commercial and industrial firms pp. 203-211 Downloads
Govinda R. Timilsina, Gal Hochman and Iryna Fedets
The effect of calcium on nitric oxide heterogeneous adsorption on carbon: A first-principles study pp. 212-220 Downloads
Lei Liu, Jing Jin, Yuyu Lin, Fengxiao Hou and Shengjuan Li
Effect of N-isopropylacrylamide on the preparation and properties of microencapsulated phase change materials pp. 221-230 Downloads
Dan Li, Jianping Wang, Yanan Wang, Wei Li, Xuechen Wang, Haifeng Shi and Xingxiang Zhang
New composite sorbents of water and methanol “salt in anodic alumina”: Evaluation for adsorption heat transformation pp. 231-239 Downloads
A.D. Grekova, I.S. Girnik, V.V. Nikulin, M.M. Tokarev, L.G. Gordeeva and Yu.I. Aristov
A computational method for optimal design of the multi-tower heliostat field considering heliostats interactions pp. 240-252 Downloads
Pasha Piroozmand and Mehrdad Boroushaki
Energy sustainability under the framework of telecoupling pp. 253-259 Downloads
Baling Fang, Yi Tan, Canbing Li, Yijia Cao, Jianguo Liu, Pia-Johanna Schweizer, Haiqing Shi, Bin Zhou, Hao Chen and Zhuangli Hu
Performance optimization and comparison of pumped thermal and pumped cryogenic electricity storage systems pp. 260-269 Downloads
Juncheng Guo, Ling Cai, Jincan Chen and Yinghui Zhou
Thermodynamic optimization for dissociation process of gas hydrates pp. 270-276 Downloads
Yuehong Bi, Jie Chen and Zhen Miao
The study of electrochemically active planktonic microbes in microbial fuel cells in relation to different carbon-based anode materials pp. 277-284 Downloads
T. Schilirò, T. Tommasi, C. Armato, D. Hidalgo, D. Traversi, S. Bocchini, G. Gilli and C.F. Pirri
Exergy analysis of the flue gas pre-dried lignite-fired power system based on the boiler with open pulverizing system pp. 285-300 Downloads
Xiaoqu Han, Ming Liu, Kaili Wu, Weixiong Chen, Feng Xiao and Junjie Yan
An innovative estimation method regarding Weibull parameters for wind energy applications pp. 301-314 Downloads
Ilhan Usta
Equilibria in the competitive retail electricity market considering uncertainty and risk management pp. 315-328 Downloads
Saeed Kharrati, Mostafa Kazemi and Mehdi Ehsan
Lifecycle cost assessment and carbon dioxide emissions of diesel, natural gas, hybrid electric, fuel cell hybrid and electric transit buses pp. 329-342 Downloads
Antti Lajunen and Timothy Lipman
Efficient operation of energy hubs in time-of-use and dynamic pricing electricity markets pp. 343-355 Downloads
Farhad Kamyab and Shahab Bahrami
Humidified exhaust recirculation for efficient combined cycle gas turbines pp. 356-366 Downloads
Aqeel Ahmad Taimoor, Ayyaz Muhammad, Waqas Saleem and Zain-ul-abdein, Muhammad
A stochastic optimization approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and transportation pp. 367-377 Downloads
Ebrahim Karan, Somayeh Asadi and Lewis Ntaimo
Multidisciplinary approaches to metallic bipolar plate design with bypass flow fields through deformable gas diffusion media of polymer electrolyte fuel cells pp. 378-389 Downloads
Ah-Reum Kim, Seungho Shin and Sukkee Um
Energetic and exergetic analyses of a new energy system for heating and power production purposes pp. 390-399 Downloads
Keyvan Bahlouli and Rahim Khoshbakhti Saray
Two equations for estimating the exergy of woody biomass based on the exergy of ash pp. 400-407 Downloads
Yaning Zhang, Wenke Zhao, Bingxi Li, Haochun Zhang, Baocheng Jiang and Cunfeng Ke
Modeling of waste heat powered energy system for container ships pp. 408-421 Downloads
Tao Cao, Hoseong Lee, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher and Ho-Hwan Chun
Combustion of a single emulsion fuel droplet in a rapid compression machine pp. 422-430 Downloads
Hyemin Kim and Seung Wook Baek
Comparative study on the effects of nitrogen and carbon dioxide on methane/air flames pp. 431-442 Downloads
Chi Zhang, Ge Hu, Shiyong Liao, Qian Cheng, Chenxuan Xiang and Chun Yuan
Wind tunnel and numerical study of a straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine in three-dimensional analysis (Part I: For predicting aerodynamic loads and performance) pp. 443-452 Downloads
Qing'an Li, Takao Maeda, Yasunari Kamada, Junsuke Murata, Toshiaki Kawabata, Kento Shimizu, Tatsuhiko Ogasawara, Alisa Nakai and Takuji Kasuya
Dispatching strategies for coordinating environmental awareness and risk perception in wind power integrated system pp. 453-463 Downloads
Jingliang Jin, Dequn Zhou, Peng Zhou, Shuqu Qian and Mingming Zhang
Capturing CO2 from cement plants: A priority for reducing CO2 emissions in China pp. 464-474 Downloads
Wenji Zhou, Di Jiang, Dingjiang Chen, Griffy-Brown, Charla, Yong Jin and Bing Zhu
Stainless steel micro fuel cells with enclosed channels by laser additive manufacturing pp. 475-481 Downloads
Gianmario Scotti, Petri Kanninen, Ville-Pekka Matilainen, Antti Salminen and Tanja Kallio
An interactive operation management of a micro-grid with multiple distributed generations using multi-objective uniform water cycle algorithm pp. 482-509 Downloads
Ali Deihimi, Babak Keshavarz Zahed and Reza Iravani
Variable speed wind turbines with maximum power extraction using singular perturbation theory pp. 510-519 Downloads
Soheil Ganjefar and Ali Mohammadi
A new approach and results of wall and air temperature dynamic analysis in underground spaces pp. 520-527 Downloads
Janos Szabo, L. Kajtár, J. Nyers and B. Bokor
Exergy analysis of an adiabatic compressed air energy storage system using a cascade of phase change materials pp. 528-534 Downloads
Michael J. Tessier, Michael C. Floros, Laziz Bouzidi and Suresh S. Narine
Investigations of a new free piston expander engine cycle pp. 535-545 Downloads
B.S. Preetham and L. Weiss
Promotion of hydrate-based CO2 capture from flue gas by additive mixtures (THF (tetrahydrofuran) + TBAB (tetra-n-butyl ammonium bromide)) pp. 546-553 Downloads
Mingjun Yang, Wen Jing, Jiafei Zhao, Zheng Ling and Yongchen Song
The effects of various LED (light emitting diode) lighting strategies on simultaneous biogas upgrading and biogas slurry nutrient reduction by using of microalgae Chlorella sp pp. 554-561 Downloads
Cheng Yan, Raúl Muñoz, Liandong Zhu and Yanxin Wang
Energy efficiency optimisation for distillation column using artificial neural network models pp. 562-578 Downloads
Funmilayo N. Osuolale and Jie Zhang
Evaluation of automotive waste heat recovery for various driving modes pp. 579-589 Downloads
SeLin Kim, KyungWook Choi, Kihyung Lee and Kibum Kim
Optimization of cantilevered stators in an industrial multistage compressor to improve efficiency pp. 590-601 Downloads
Hanan Lu, Qiushi Li and Tianyu Pan
Advanced lithium ion battery modeling and nonlinear analysis based on robust method in frequency domain: Nonlinear characterization and non-parametric modeling pp. 602-617 Downloads
Y. Firouz, R. Relan, J.M. Timmermans, N. Omar, P. Van den Bossche and J. Van Mierlo
Analysis of combustion phenomena and pollutant formation in a small compression ignition engine fuelled with blended and pure rapeseed methyl ester pp. 618-630 Downloads
Agnese Magno, Ezio Mancaruso and Bianca Maria Vaglieco
Numerical study of the effect of relative humidity and stoichiometric flow ratio on PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell performance with various channel lengths: An anode partial flooding modelling pp. 631-645 Downloads
Lei Xing, Qiong Cai, Chenxi Xu, Chunbo Liu, Keith Scott and Yongsheng Yan
Numerical analysis of a heat-generating, truncated conical porous bed in a fluid-filled enclosure pp. 646-661 Downloads
Aranyak Chakravarty, Priyankan Datta, Koushik Ghosh, Swarnendu Sen and Achintya Mukhopadhyay
Prediction of lithium-ion battery capacity with metabolic grey model pp. 662-672 Downloads
Lin Chen, Weilong Lin, Junzi Li, Binbin Tian and Haihong Pan
Assessing the stationary energy storage equivalency of vehicle-to-grid charging battery electric vehicles pp. 673-690 Downloads
Brian Tarroja, Li Zhang, Van Wifvat, Brendan Shaffer and Scott Samuelsen
Numerical simulations on the wake effect of H-type vertical axis wind turbines pp. 691-700 Downloads
Wei Zuo, Xiaodong Wang and Shun Kang
Sustainable integration of intermittent renewable energy and electrified light-duty transportation through repurposing batteries of plug-in electric vehicles pp. 701-711 Downloads
Shahab Shokrzadeh and Eric Bibeau
A multi-objective optimization framework for risk-controlled integration of renewable generation into electric power systems pp. 712-727 Downloads
Rodrigo Mena, Martin Hennebel, Yan-Fu Li and Enrico Zio
FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) controlled solar based zero voltage and zero current switching DC–DC converter for battery storage applications pp. 728-742 Downloads
J. Sivavara Prasad, Y.P. Obulesh and Ch. Sai Babu
Preparation, characterization and optimization for upgrading Leucaena leucocephala bark to biochar fuel with high energy yielding pp. 743-756 Downloads
Kumar Anupam, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Priti Shivhare Lal, Suman Dutta and Sudip Maity
Photovoltaic and disinfection performance study of a hybrid photovoltaic-solar water disinfection system pp. 757-764 Downloads
Yiping Wang, Yanchao Jin, Qunwu Huang, Li Zhu, Marta Vivar, Lianwei Qin, Yong Sun, Yong Cui and Lingyun Cui
G.POT: A quantitative method for the assessment and mapping of the shallow geothermal potential pp. 765-773 Downloads
Alessandro Casasso and Rajandrea Sethi
Power management of a hybrid renewable system for artificial islands: A case study pp. 774-789 Downloads
R. Cozzolino, L. Tribioli and G. Bella
Investigating the impact of weather variables on the energy yield and cost of energy of grid-connected solar concentrator systems pp. 790-801 Downloads
Eduardo F. Fernández, D.L. Talavera, Florencia M. Almonacid and Greg P. Smestad
An advanced modeling system for optimization of wind farm layout and wind turbine sizing using a multi-level extended pattern search algorithm pp. 802-814 Downloads
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