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Volume 152, issue C, 2018

Enhanced devolatilization during torrefaction of blended biomass streams results in additive heating values and synergistic oxidation behavior of solid fuels pp. 1-12 Downloads
Junjie Xue and Jillian L. Goldfarb
High efficiency thermoelectric cooperative control of a stand-alone solid oxide fuel cell system with an air bypass valve pp. 13-26 Downloads
Jianhua Jiang, Tan Shen, Zhonghua Deng, Xiaowei Fu, Jian Li and Xi Li
Radiative cooling through the atmospheric window: A third, less intrusive geoengineering approach pp. 27-33 Downloads
Ron Zevenhoven and Martin Fält
Influence of well pattern on gas recovery from methane hydrate reservoir by large scale experimental investigation pp. 34-45 Downloads
Yi Wang, Jing-Chun Feng, Xiao-Sen Li and Yu Zhang
Electric power generation from municipal solid waste: A techno-economical assessment under different scenarios in Iran pp. 46-56 Downloads
Mahdi Rezaei, Barat Ghobadian, Seyed Hashem Samadi and Samira Karimi
Evaluation of the performance and degradation of crystalline silicon-based photovoltaic modules in the Saharan environment pp. 57-63 Downloads
Santiago Silvestre, Ali Tahri, Fatima Tahri, Soumiya Benlebna and Aissa Chouder
Total, renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and economic growth: Revisiting the issue with an asymmetric point of view pp. 64-74 Downloads
Can Tugcu and Mert Topcu
System efficiency improvement of IGCC with syngas clean-up pp. 75-83 Downloads
Yi-Shun Chen, Shu-San Hsiau and Duan-You Shu
A novel boiler cold-end optimisation system based on bypass flue in coal-fired power plants: Heat recovery from wet flue gas pp. 84-94 Downloads
Min Yan, Liang Zhang, Yuetao Shi, Liqiang Zhang, Yuzhong Li and Chunyuan Ma
Real-time global driving cycle construction and the application to economy driving pro system in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 95-107 Downloads
He Hongwen, Guo Jinquan, Peng Jiankun, Tan Huachun and Sun Chao
Pathway and restriction in district heating systems development towards 4th generation district heating pp. 108-118 Downloads
Jelena Ziemele, Einars Cilinskis and Dagnija Blumberga
Energy harvesting properties of a flapping wing with an adaptive Gurney flap pp. 119-128 Downloads
Bing Zhu, Yun Huang and Yongming Zhang
Labour productivity growth and energy in Europe: A production-frontier approach pp. 129-143 Downloads
Barnabé Walheer
Techno-economic analysis of biodiesel production from palm oil with supercritical methanol at a low molar ratio pp. 144-153 Downloads
Winatta Sakdasri, Ruengwit Sawangkeaw and Somkiat Ngamprasertsith
Dynamic exergoeconomic analysis of a heat pump system used for ancillary services in an integrated energy system pp. 154-165 Downloads
Wiebke Meesenburg, Torben Ommen and Brian Elmegaard
Catalytic effects of ion-exchangeable K+ and Ca2+ on rice husk pyrolysis behavior and its gas–liquid–solid product properties pp. 166-177 Downloads
Dongdong Feng, Yu Zhang, Yijun Zhao and Shaozeng Sun
Preparation of flexible and free-standing graphene-based current collector via a new and facile self-assembly approach: Leading to a high performance porous graphene/polyaniline supercapacitor pp. 178-189 Downloads
Ali Pourjavadi, Mohadeseh Doroudian, Amirkhashayar Ahadpour and Behzad Pourbadiei
Heat transfer performance of CO2, ethane and their azeotropic mixture under supercritical conditions pp. 190-201 Downloads
Gregor Kravanja, Gašper Zajc, Željko Knez, Mojca Škerget, Simon Marčič and Maša H. Knez
Replacement of energy crops with bio-waste in existing anaerobic digestion plants: An energetic and environmental analysis pp. 202-213 Downloads
Francesco Di Maria, Federico Sisani, Marzio Lasagni, Marisa Soares Borges and Thiago H. Gonzales
A hybrid biological and thermal waste-to-energy system with heat energy recovery and utilization for solid organic waste treatment pp. 214-222 Downloads
Jingxin Zhang, Xiang Kan, Ye Shen, Kai-Chee Loh, Chi-Hwa Wang, Yanjun Dai and Yen Wah Tong
Substitution effect of New-Energy Vehicle Credit Program and Corporate Average Fuel Consumption Regulation for Green-car Subsidy pp. 223-236 Downloads
Yaoming Li, Qi Zhang, Boyu Liu, Benjamin McLellan, Yuan Gao and Yanyan Tang
Thermal and electrochemical performance assessment of a high temperature PEM electrolyzer pp. 237-246 Downloads
S. Toghyani, E. Afshari, E. Baniasadi, S.A. Atyabi and G.F. Naterer
Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of reheat and regeneration alternatives in cogeneration systems of the Brazilian sugarcane and alcohol sector pp. 247-262 Downloads
Álvaro A. Díaz Pérez, José C. Escobar Palacio, Osvaldo J. Venturini, Arnaldo M. Martínez Reyes, Dimas J. Rúa Orozco, Electo E. Silva Lora and Oscar A. Almazán del Olmo
Development of 2D multiphase non-isothermal mass transfer model for DMFC system pp. 263-276 Downloads
A. Ismail, S.K. Kamarudin, W.R.W. Daud, S. Masdar and U.A. Hasran
Performance evaluation of vent-augmented elliptical-bladed savonius rotors by numerical simulation and wind tunnel experiments pp. 277-290 Downloads
Nur Alom and Ujjwal K. Saha
The contagious effects on economic development after resuming construction policy for nuclear power plants in Coastal China pp. 291-302 Downloads
Cody Yu-Ling Hsiao and Hsing Hung Chen
Influence of EGR on the simultaneous reduction of NOx-smoke emissions trade-off under CNG-biodiesel dual fuel engine pp. 303-312 Downloads
S.K. Mahla, Amit Dhir, Kanwar J.S. Gill, Haeng Muk Cho, Hee Chang Lim and Bhupendra Singh Chauhan
Control optimization to achieve energy-efficient operation of the air separation unit in oxy-fuel combustion power plants pp. 313-321 Downloads
Bo Jin, Haibo Zhao, Chuguang Zheng and Zhiwu Liang
Electric vehicle fast charging station usage and power requirements pp. 322-332 Downloads
Thomas S. Bryden, George Hilton, Andrew Cruden and Tim Holton
Combustion reaction-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon as an effective metal-Free catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction pp. 333-340 Downloads
Wenjing Yuan, Anjian Xie, Ping Chen, Fangzhi Huang, Shikuo Li and Yuhua Shen
Development of multi-component surrogates of diesel from indirect coal liquefaction for spray analysis pp. 341-347 Downloads
Zhong Huang, Xiaochen Xu, Dehao Ju, Dong Han, Xinqi Qiao and Zhen Huang
Techno-economic analysis of a novel hot air recirculation process for exhaust heat recovery from a 600 MW brown-coal-fired boiler pp. 348-357 Downloads
Youfu Ma, Zirui Wang, Junfu Lu and Lijuan Yang
Coordinated dispatch of multi-energy system with district heating network: Modeling and solution strategy pp. 358-370 Downloads
Shuai Lu, Wei Gu, Jinhui Zhou, Xuesong Zhang and Chenyu Wu
Modeling of syngas composition obtained from fluidized bed gasifiers using Kuhn–Tucker multipliers pp. 371-382 Downloads
Jordan Amaro, Andrés Z. Mendiburu and Ivonete Ávila
Modeling of a square channel monolith reactor for methane steam reforming pp. 383-400 Downloads
Piyanut Inbamrung, Thana Sornchamni, Chaiwat Prapainainar, Sabaithip Tungkamani, Phavanee Narataruksa and Goran N. Jovanovic
SMALL-SIZED parabolic-trough solar collectors: Development of a test loop and evaluation of testing conditions pp. 401-415 Downloads
Fernández-García, Aránzazu, Loreto Valenzuela, Eduardo Zarza, Esther Rojas, Manuel Pérez, Hernández-Escobedo, Quetzalcoatl and Manzano-Agugliaro, Francisco
Renewable source penetration and microgrids: Effects of MILP – Based control strategies pp. 416-426 Downloads
Lorenzo Bartolucci, Stefano Cordiner, Vincenzo Mulone, Vittorio Rocco and Joao Luis Rossi
Markov velocity predictor and radial basis function neural network-based real-time energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 427-444 Downloads
Hui Liu, Xunming Li, Weida Wang, Lijin Han and Changle Xiang
Study and simulation of the energy performances of a grid-connected PV system supplying a residential house in north of Algeria pp. 445-454 Downloads
I. Laib, A. Hamidat, M. Haddadi, N. Ramzan and A.G. Olabi
PM from the combustion of heavy fuel oils pp. 455-465 Downloads
A.M. Elbaz, A.A. Khateeb and W.L. Roberts
Residential versus communal combination of photovoltaic and battery in smart energy systems pp. 466-475 Downloads
Hannah Mareike Marczinkowski and Poul Alberg Østergaard
A heat integration method with multiple heat exchange interfaces pp. 476-488 Downloads
Hür Bütün, Ivan Kantor and François Maréchal
Approximation of the economy of fusion energy pp. 489-497 Downloads
Slavomir Entler, Jan Horacek, Tomas Dlouhy and Vaclav Dostal
Assessment of onshore wind energy potential under different geographical climate conditions in China pp. 498-511 Downloads
Yi Li, Xiao-Peng Wu, Qiu-Sheng Li and Kong Fah Tee
Numerical evaluation of a compact generator design for steam driven H2O/LiBr absorption chiller application pp. 512-520 Downloads
Seung Yeob Lee, Su Kyoung Lee, Jin Taek Chung and Yong Tae Kang
Technical and total factor energy efficiency of European regions: A two-stage approach pp. 521-532 Downloads
Djula Borozan
Simulation method for a pit seasonal thermal energy storage system with a heat pump in a district heating system pp. 533-538 Downloads
Peter Sorknæs
Estimates of energy consumption in China using a self-adaptive multi-verse optimizer-based support vector machine with rolling cross-validation pp. 539-548 Downloads
Xiaoyu Wang, Dongkun Luo, Xu Zhao and Zhu Sun
Measuring unified efficiency of fossil fuel power plants across provinces in China: An analysis based on non-radial directional distance functions pp. 549-561 Downloads
Aijun Li, Aizhen Zhang, Huijie Huang and Xin Yao
Exergy and exergoeconomic analyses with modeling for CO2 allocation of coal-fired CHP plants pp. 562-575 Downloads
Jintong Gao, Qi Zhang, Xiaozhuang Wang, Dayong Song, Weiqi Liu and Wenchao Liu
Improved chaos genetic algorithm based state of charge determination for lithium batteries in electric vehicles pp. 576-585 Downloads
Yanqing Shen
Effect of torrefaction on the pyrolysis characteristics of high moisture herbaceous residues pp. 586-593 Downloads
Shanzhi Xin, Tie Mi, Xiaoye Liu and Fang Huang
On methane emissions from shale gas development pp. 594-600 Downloads
Evar C. Umeozor, Sarah M. Jordaan and Ian D. Gates
Numerical simulation on dynamic response of flexible multi-body tower blade coupling in large wind turbine pp. 601-612 Downloads
Youliang Cheng, Zhanpu Xue, Tuo Jiang, Wenyang Wang and Yuekun Wang
Cost-minimised design of a highly renewable heating network for fossil-free future pp. 613-626 Downloads
Asad Ashfaq and Anton Ianakiev
District heating in cities as a part of low-carbon energy system pp. 627-639 Downloads
Aira Hast, Sanna Syri, Vidas Lekavičius and Arvydas Galinis
An investigation of the efficiency of using O2 and H2 (hydrooxile gas -HHO) gas additives in a ci engine operating on diesel fuel and biodiesel pp. 640-651 Downloads
Alfredas Rimkus, Jonas Matijošius, Marijonas Bogdevičius, Ákos Bereczky and Ádám Török
Simulation on deacidification performance of waste incinerator flue gas by rotating spray drying pp. 652-665 Downloads
Chunxi Li, Zhennan Jia, Xuemin Ye and Shuie Yin
Improvement and application of a methodology to perform the Global Energy Balance in internal combustion engines. Part 1: Global Energy Balance tool development and calibration pp. 666-681 Downloads
Francisco Payri, José Javier López, Jaime Martín and Ricardo Carreño
Optimization and part-load performance analysis of MCFC/ST hybrid power system pp. 682-693 Downloads
Liqiang Duan, Hao Lu, Mingye Yuan and Zhipeng Lv
A novel random walk algorithm with compulsive evolution combined with an optimum-protection strategy for heat exchanger network synthesis pp. 694-708 Downloads
Zhongkai Bao, Guoming Cui, Jiaxing Chen, Tao Sun and Yuan Xiao
Medium-term heat load prediction for an existing residential building based on a wireless on-off control system pp. 709-718 Downloads
Jihao Gu, Jin Wang, Chengying Qi, Chunhua Min and Bengt Sundén
Design of an innovative distributor to improve flow uniformity using cylindrical obstacles in header of a fuel cell pp. 719-731 Downloads
Soroush Dabiri, Mohammadreza Hashemi, Mohammadfazel Rahimi, Mehdi Bahiraei and Erfan Khodabandeh
A modified mathematical model for spiral coil-type horizontal ground heat exchangers pp. 732-743 Downloads
Jun-Seo Jeon, Seung-Rae Lee and Min-Jun Kim
Hybrid renewable energy systems for renewable integration in microgrids: Influence of sizing on performance pp. 744-758 Downloads
Lorenzo Bartolucci, Stefano Cordiner, Vincenzo Mulone, Vittorio Rocco and Joao Luis Rossi
Power fluctuation smoothing and loss reduction in grid integrated with thermal-wind-solar-storage units pp. 759-769 Downloads
Reza Hemmati, Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Ghiasi and Azam Entezariharsini
Waste cold energy recovery from liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification including pressure and thermal energy pp. 770-787 Downloads
Si Le, Jui-Yuan Lee and Cheng-Liang Chen
Water source heat pump energy demand prognosticate using disparate data-mining based approaches pp. 788-803 Downloads
Tanveer Ahmad, Huanxin Chen and Jan Shair
Influence of increased primary air ratio on boiler performance in a 660 MW brown coal boiler pp. 804-817 Downloads
Zixiang Li, Zhengqing Miao, Yan Zhou, Shurong Wen and Jiangtao Li
An efficient Bayesian experimental calibration of dynamic thermal models pp. 818-833 Downloads
L. Raillon and C. Ghiaus
Impedance spectroscopy for assessment of thermoelectric module properties under a practical operating temperature pp. 834-839 Downloads
Chung-Yul Yoo, Yeongseon Kim, Juyeon Hwang, Hana Yoon, Byung Jin Cho, Gao Min and Sang Hyun Park
Design and experimental validation of a computational effective dynamic thermal energy storage tank model pp. 840-857 Downloads
Javier Bonilla, Rodríguez-García, Margarita M., Lidia Roca, Alberto de la Calle and Loreto Valenzuela
Thermal performance evaluation of production technologies for non-centrifuged sugar for improvement in energy utilization pp. 858-865 Downloads
Rodríguez Jader, Velásquez Fabián, Espitia John, Escobar Sebastián and Mendieta Oscar
Benchmarking building energy efficiency using quantile regression pp. 866-876 Downloads
Jonathan Roth and Ram Rajagopal
Dynamic thermal performance of horizontal ground source heat pumps – The impact of coupled heat and moisture transfer pp. 877-887 Downloads
Guohui Gan
Analysis of operation of a micro-cogenerator with two solid oxide fuel cells stacks for maintaining neutral water balance pp. 888-895 Downloads
Jakub Kupecki and Konrad Motylinski
A continuous concentration gradient flow electrical energy storage system based on reverse osmosis and pressure retarded osmosis pp. 896-905 Downloads
Rui Long, Xiaotian Lai, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Catalytic effect of oil shale ash on CO2 gasification of leached wheat straw and reed chars pp. 906-913 Downloads
Siim Link, Khanh-Quang Tran, Quang-Vu Bach, Patrik Yrjas, Daniel Lindberg, Stelios Arvelakis and Argo Rosin
The marginal system LCOE of variable renewables – Evaluating high penetration levels of wind and solar in Europe pp. 914-924 Downloads
Lina Reichenberg, Fredrik Hedenus, Mikael Odenberger and Filip Johnsson
A life-cycle cost analysis for an optimum combination of cool coating and thermal insulation of residential building roofs in Tunisia pp. 925-938 Downloads
Khawla Saafi and Naouel Daouas
Three-dimensional modeling of PEMFC with contaminated anode fuel pp. 939-959 Downloads
M. Abdollahzadeh, P. Ribeirinha, M. Boaventura and A. Mendes
Electricity storage needs for the energy transition: An EROI based analysis illustrated by the case of Belgium pp. 960-973 Downloads
Gauthier Limpens and Hervé Jeanmart
Model predictive control for a solar assisted ground source heat pump system pp. 974-984 Downloads
Hansani Weeratunge, Guillermo Narsilio, Julian de Hoog, Simon Dunstall and Saman Halgamuge
High temperature heat pumps: Market overview, state of the art, research status, refrigerants, and application potentials pp. 985-1010 Downloads
Cordin Arpagaus, Frédéric Bless, Michael Uhlmann, Jürg Schiffmann and Stefan S. Bertsch
Dynamic energy assessment to analyze different refurbishment strategies of existing dwellings placed in Madrid pp. 1011-1023 Downloads
S. Soutullo, E. Giancola and M.R. Heras
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