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Volume 83, issue C, 2015

Techno economic and environmental assessment of using gasification process in order to mitigate the emission in the available steam power cycle pp. 1-14 Downloads
Mousa Meratizaman, Sina Monadizadeh, Mohammad Tohidi Sardasht and Majid Amidpour
Assessing the economics of large Energy Storage Plants with an optimisation methodology pp. 15-28 Downloads
Giorgio Locatelli, Emanuele Palerma and Mauro Mancini
Thermoelectric mini cooler coupled with micro thermosiphon for CPU cooling system pp. 29-36 Downloads
Di Liu, Fu-Yun Zhao, Hong-Xing Yang and Guang-Fa Tang
Long-term projections of liquid biofuels in China: Uncertainties and potential benefits pp. 37-54 Downloads
Lili Zhao, Shiyan Chang, Hailin Wang, Xiliang Zhang, Xunmin Ou, Baiyu Wang and Maorong Wu
Effect of conjugate heat transfer on the irreversibility generation rate in a combined Couette–Poiseuille flow between asymmetrically heated parallel plates: The entropy minimization analysis pp. 55-64 Downloads
Pranab Kumar Mondal and Shibdas Dholey
Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in upgrading and refining of Canada's oil sands products pp. 65-79 Downloads
Balwinder Nimana, Christina Canter and Amit Kumar
Synthesis and tribological studies of nanoparticle additives for pyrolysis bio-oil formulated as a diesel fuel pp. 80-88 Downloads
Yufu Xu, Yubin Peng, Xiaojing Zheng, Karl D. Dearn, Hongming Xu and Xianguo Hu
Hydrodynamic performance of an oscillating water column wave energy converter by means of particle imaging velocimetry pp. 89-103 Downloads
I. López, A. Castro and G. Iglesias
Air-cooled gas turbine cycles – Part 1: An analytical method for the preliminary assessment of blade cooling flow rates pp. 104-114 Downloads
Enrico Sciubba
Artificial neural network model to predict the diesel electric generator performance and exhaust emissions pp. 115-124 Downloads
P. Ganesan, S. Rajakarunakaran, M. Thirugnanasambandam and D. Devaraj
An integrated method to calculate an automobile's emissions throughout its life cycle pp. 125-136 Downloads
Viñoles-Cebolla, Rosario, Bastante-Ceca, María José and Capuz-Rizo, Salvador F.
Ratio based indicators and continuous score functions for better assessment of building sustainability pp. 137-143 Downloads
S.R. Chandratilake and W.P.S. Dias
Identifying key variables and interactions in statistical models of building energy consumption using regularization pp. 144-155 Downloads
David Hsu
Effect of flow-field dimensions on the formability of Fe–Ni–Cr alloy as bipolar plate for PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell pp. 156-163 Downloads
Qinghui Hu, Dongming Zhang and Hao Fu
Employing geothermal heat exchanger in natural gas pressure drop station in order to decrease fuel consumption pp. 164-176 Downloads
Farzaneh-Gord, M., R. Ghezelbash, A. Arabkoohsar, L. Pilevari, L. Machado and R.N.N. Koury
Investigation of hydrodynamic performance of an OWC (oscillating water column) wave energy device using a fully nonlinear HOBEM (higher-order boundary element method) pp. 177-188 Downloads
De-Zhi Ning, Jin Shi, Qing-Ping Zou and Bin Teng
A multi-level energy performance diagnosis method for energy information poor buildings pp. 189-203 Downloads
Chengchu Yan, Shengwei Wang, Fu Xiao and Dian-ce Gao
Photovoltaic systems for Malaysian islands: Effects of interest rates, diesel prices and load sizes pp. 204-216 Downloads
K.Y. Lau, C.W. Tan and A.H.M. Yatim
Cost-potentials for large onshore wind turbines in Europe pp. 217-229 Downloads
R. McKenna, S. Hollnaicher, P. Ostman v. d. Leye and W. Fichtner
On the performance of CSP oil-cooled plants, with and without heat storage in tanks of molten salts pp. 230-239 Downloads
Fabrizio De Luca, Vittorio Ferraro and Valerio Marinelli
Independent power (or pollution) producers? Electricity reforms and IPPs in Pakistan pp. 240-251 Downloads
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
Forecasting semi-dynamic response of natural gas networks to nodal gas consumptions using genetic fuzzy systems pp. 252-266 Downloads
S. Askari, N. Montazerin and M.H. Fazel Zarandi
Energy performance comparison among see-through amorphous-silicon PV (photovoltaic) glazings and traditional glazings under different architectural conditions in China pp. 267-275 Downloads
Wei Liao and Shen Xu
Optimising the cam profile of an electronic unit pump for a heavy-duty diesel engine pp. 276-283 Downloads
Tao Qiu, Hefei Dai, Yan Lei, Chunlei Cao and Xuchu Li
Comparative energy and environmental analysis of Jatropha bioelectricity versus biodiesel production in remote areas pp. 284-293 Downloads
Portugal-Pereira, Joana, Jun Nakatani, Kiyo H. Kurisu and Keisuke Hanaki
Multi-objective optimization of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system performance pp. 294-306 Downloads
Xiupeng Wei, Andrew Kusiak, Mingyang Li, Fan Tang and Yaohui Zeng
Life cycle assessment of fuel ethanol from sugarcane molasses in northern and western India and its impact on Indian biofuel programme pp. 307-315 Downloads
Shveta Soam, Ravindra Kumar, Ravi P. Gupta, Pankaj K. Sharma, Deepak K. Tuli and Biswapriya Das
Application of super-insulating translucent silica aerogel glazing system on commercial building envelope of humid subtropical climates – Impact on space cooling load pp. 316-325 Downloads
Yu Huang and Jian-lei Niu
Biomass/coal steam co-gasification integrated with in-situ CO2 capture pp. 326-336 Downloads
Mohammad S. Masnadi, John R. Grace, Xiaotao T. Bi, Naoko Ellis, C. Jim Lim and James W. Butler
Kinetics of palm oil ethanolysis pp. 337-342 Downloads
P.C. Narváez, M.A. Noriega and J.G. Cadavid
Investigation on the combustion characteristics and particulate emissions from a diesel engine fueled with diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blends pp. 343-350 Downloads
H. Tse, C.W. Leung and C.S. Cheung
Identification of different woody biomass for energy purpose by means of Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogy applied to thermogravimetric analysis pp. 351-357 Downloads
G. Toscano, D. Duca, G. Rossini, C. Mengarelli and A. Pizzi
Comparison of big bluestem with other native grasses: Chemical composition and biofuel yield pp. 358-365 Downloads
Ke Zhang, Loretta Johnson, P.V. Vara Prasad, Zhijian Pei, Wenqiao Yuan and Donghai Wang
WIG (wing-in-ground) effect dual-foil turbine for high renewable energy performance pp. 366-378 Downloads
Pengfei Liu
The impact of two-stage discharging on the exergoeconomic performance of a storage-type domestic water-heater pp. 379-386 Downloads
U. Atikol and L.B.Y. Aldabbagh
Solar radiation forecasting in the short- and medium-term under all sky conditions pp. 387-393 Downloads
Alonso-Montesinos, J. and F.J. Batlles
Effect of the molecular structure of nitrogen compounds on the pollutant formation in a bubbling fluidized-bed combustor pp. 394-402 Downloads
Feng Duan, Chien-Song Chyang, Li-hui Zhang and Yi-Ting Chi
Resource assessment for future generations of tidal-stream energy arrays pp. 403-415 Downloads
M. Lewis, S.P. Neill, P.E. Robins and M.R. Hashemi
Optimization and control for CO2 compression and purification unit in oxy-combustion power plants pp. 416-430 Downloads
Bo Jin, Haibo Zhao and Chuguang Zheng
“Disc-point” heat and mass transfer constructal optimization for solid–gas reactors based on entropy generation minimization pp. 431-437 Downloads
Huijun Feng, Lingen Chen, Zhihui Xie and Fengrui Sun
Is it possible for China to reduce its total CO2 emissions? pp. 438-446 Downloads
Huanan Li and Yi-Ming Wei
Wind energy assessment considering geographic and environmental restrictions in Sweden: A GIS-based approach pp. 447-461 Downloads
Shahid Hussain Siyal, Ulla Mörtberg, Dimitris Mentis, Manuel Welsch, Ian Babelon and Mark Howells
Discrete wavelet transform-based denoising technique for advanced state-of-charge estimator of a lithium-ion battery in electric vehicles pp. 462-473 Downloads
Seongjun Lee and Jonghoon Kim
Experimental characterisation of a solar parabolic trough collector used in a micro-CHP (micro-cogeneration) system with direct steam generation pp. 474-485 Downloads
Jean-Louis Bouvier, Ghislain Michaux, Patrick Salagnac, François Nepveu, Dominique Rochier and Thiebaut Kientz
Carbon dioxide emissions reduction in China's transport sector: A dynamic VAR (vector autoregression) approach pp. 486-495 Downloads
Bin Xu and Boqiang Lin
Analysis of CO2 transmission in a micro direct methanol fuel cell pp. 496-502 Downloads
Zhenyu Yuan, Jie Yang, Zipeng Li, Yuge Sun, Ning Ye and Hongyuan Shen
Bioenergetics of growth and lipid production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii pp. 503-510 Downloads
Kübra Küçük, Rahul Tevatia, Esra Sorgüven, Yaşar Demirel and Mustafa Özilgen
Impact of electric-drive vehicles on power system reliability pp. 511-520 Downloads
Dušan Božič and Miloš Pantoš
Designing a critical peak pricing scheme for the profit maximization objective considering price responsiveness of customers pp. 521-531 Downloads
S.C. Park, Y.G. Jin, H.Y. Song and Y.T. Yoon
Synthesis and enhanced electrochemical supercapacitive properties of manganese oxide nanoflake electrodes pp. 532-538 Downloads
A.I. Inamdar, Y. Jo, J. Kim, J. Han, S.M. Pawar, R.S. Kalubarme, C.J. Park, J.P. Hong, Y.S. Park, W. Jung, H. Kim and Hyunsik Im
Energy integration on multi-periods and multi-usages for hybrid electric and thermal powertrains pp. 539-550 Downloads
Zlatina Dimitrova and François Maréchal
Decomposing the drivers of aviation fuel demand using simultaneous equation models pp. 551-559 Downloads
Zia Wadud
Cost-optimal analysis and technical comparison between standard and high efficient mono-residential buildings in a warm climate pp. 560-575 Downloads
Cristina Baglivo, Paolo Maria Congedo, Delia D'Agostino and Ilaria Zacà
A novel approach for predicting thermal effects of gas cavitation in hydraulic circuits pp. 576-582 Downloads
Junjie Zhou, Chao Wei and Jibin Hu
Simulation and energy saving analysis of high temperature heat pump coupling to desiccant wheel air conditioning system pp. 583-596 Downloads
Ying Sheng, Yufeng Zhang and Ge Zhang
Lithium-ion capacitor – Characterization and development of new electrical model pp. 597-613 Downloads
Y. Firouz, N. Omar, J.-M. Timmermans, P. Van den Bossche and J. Van Mierlo
Comparative analysis of hydrogen, biofuels and electricity transitional pathways to sustainable transport in a renewable-based energy system pp. 614-627 Downloads
Ehsan Shafiei, Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Jonathan Leaver, Hlynur Stefansson and Eyjolfur Ingi Asgeirsson
Experimental study of the application of intermittently operated SEHRAC (storage-enhanced heat recovery room air-conditioner) in residential buildings in Hong Kong pp. 628-637 Downloads
Jie Jia and W.L. Lee
Using anaerobic digestion of organic wastes to biochemically store solar thermal energy pp. 638-646 Downloads
Yuan Zhong, Mauricio Bustamante Roman, Yingkui Zhong, Steve Archer, Rui Chen, Lauren Deitz, Dave Hochhalter, Katie Balaze, Miranda Sperry, Eric Werner, Dana Kirk and Wei Liao
Mitigating crystallization of saturated FAMEs (fatty acid methyl esters) in biodiesel: 2. The phase behavior of 2-stearoyl diolein–methyl stearate binary system pp. 647-657 Downloads
Mark Baker, Laziz Bouzidi and Suresh S. Narine
Cost-optimal design of a simplified, highly renewable pan-European electricity system pp. 658-668 Downloads
Rolando A. Rodriguez, Sarah Becker and Martin Greiner
A new insight into the oxygen diffusion in porous cathodes of lithium-air batteries pp. 669-673 Downloads
Luhan Ye, Weiqiang Lv, Kelvin H.L. Zhang, Xiaoning Wang, Pengfei Yan, James H. Dickerson and Weidong He
Thermal behavior and performance assessment of a solar adsorption cooling system with finned adsorber pp. 674-684 Downloads
Abdellah El Fadar
Energy efficiency analysis method based on fuzzy DEA cross-model for ethylene production systems in chemical industry pp. 685-695 Downloads
Yongming Han, Zhiqiang Geng, Qunxiong Zhu and Yixin Qu
Parametric analysis and optimization of a small-scale radial turbine for Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 696-711 Downloads
Kiyarash Rahbar, Saad Mahmoud, Al-Dadah, Raya K. and Nima Moazami
Exergoeconomic comparison of TLC (trilateral Rankine cycle), ORC (organic Rankine cycle) and Kalina cycle using a low grade heat source pp. 712-722 Downloads
M. Yari, A.S. Mehr, V. Zare, S.M.S. Mahmoudi and M.A. Rosen
Multi-objective optimization of evaporation and condensation temperatures for subcritical organic Rankine cycle pp. 723-733 Downloads
Lan Xiao, Shuang-Ying Wu, Tian-Tian Yi, Chao Liu and You-Rong Li
An efficient scenario-based stochastic programming for optimal planning of combined heat, power, and hydrogen production of molten carbonate fuel cell power plants pp. 734-748 Downloads
Mosayeb Bornapour and Rahmat-Allah Hooshmand
A fast computational approach for the determination of thermal properties of hollow bricks in energy-related calculations pp. 749-755 Downloads
Jan Kočí, Jiří Maděra and Robert Černý
A rigorous simulation-based procedure for retrofitting an existing Egyptian refinery distillation unit pp. 756-765 Downloads
Mamdouh A. Gadalla, Omar Y. Abdelaziz, Dina A. Kamel and Fatma H. Ashour
A new performance evaluation algorithm for horizontal GCHPs (ground coupled heat pump systems) that considers rainfall infiltration pp. 766-777 Downloads
Gyu-Hyun Go, Seung-Rae Lee, Nikhil N.V. and Seok Yoon
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a two-stage organic Rankine cycle for liquefied natural gas cryogenic exergy recovery pp. 778-787 Downloads
Xiaodi Xue, Cong Guo, Xiaoze Du, Lijun Yang and Yongping Yang
Optimal pulse current shape for transient supercooling of thermoelectric cooler pp. 788-796 Downloads
Hao Lv, Xiao-Dong Wang, Tian-Hu Wang and Jing-Hui Meng
Highly-durable optofluidic microreactor for photocatalytic water splitting pp. 797-804 Downloads
Rong Chen, Lin Li, Xun Zhu, Hong Wang, Qiang Liao and Mu-Xing Zhang
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