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Volume 148, issue C, 2018

A robust optimization approach for integrated community energy system in energy and ancillary service markets pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yizhou Zhou, Zhinong Wei, Guoqiang Sun, Kwok W. Cheung, Haixiang Zang and Sheng Chen
Multi-objective optimization of a novel syngas fed SOFC power plant using a downdraft gasifier pp. 16-31 Downloads
M. Sadeghi, A.S. Mehr, M. Zar and M. Santarelli
Blackout risk mitigation by using medium size gas turbines pp. 32-48 Downloads
David Canca, Angel Arcos and Fernando Núñez
Oil price forecasting using a hybrid model pp. 49-58 Downloads
Ali Safari and Maryam Davallou
Research and application of a hybrid forecasting framework based on multi-objective optimization for electrical power system pp. 59-78 Downloads
Jianzhou Wang, Wendong Yang, Pei Du and Yifan Li
Optimization of a small-scale LNG supply chain pp. 79-89 Downloads
A. Bittante, F. Pettersson and H. Saxén
Game-theory based optimization strategies for stepwise development of indirect interplant heat integration plans pp. 90-111 Downloads
Hao-Hsuan Chang, Chuei-Tin Chang and Bao-Hong Li
A dimensionally reduced order piezoelectric energy harvester model pp. 112-122 Downloads
Shreya Banerjee and Sitikantha Roy
Determinants of energy demand in African frontier market economies: An empirical investigation pp. 123-133 Downloads
Sudharshan Reddy Paramati, Mita Bhattacharya, Ilhan Ozturk and Abdulrasheed Zakari
Comparative assessment of the effectiveness of a free-piston Stirling engine-based micro-cogeneration unit and a heat pump pp. 134-147 Downloads
Leszek Remiorz, Janusz Kotowicz and Wojciech Uchman
Peak shaving and valley filling of power consumption profile in non-residential buildings using an electric vehicle parking lot pp. 148-158 Downloads
Christos S. Ioakimidis, Dimitrios Thomas, Pawel Rycerski and Konstantinos N. Genikomsakis
A method for the outdoor thermal characterisation of high-concentrator photovoltaic modules alternative to the IEC 62670-3 standard pp. 159-168 Downloads
Pedro M. Rodrigo, Ramiro Velázquez, Eduardo F. Fernández, Florencia M. Almonacid and Lay-Ekuakille, Aimé
The effects of blade pitch angle on the performance of small-scale wind turbine in urban environments pp. 169-178 Downloads
P.A. Costa Rocha, J.W. Carneiro de Araujo, R.J. Pontes Lima, M.E. Vieira da Silva, D. Albiero, C.F. de Andrade and F.O.M. Carneiro
Effects of the Reynolds number and the tip losses on the optimal aspect ratio of straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines pp. 179-195 Downloads
Stefania Zanforlin and Stefano Deluca
Prospects of power generation from an enhanced geothermal system by water circulation through two horizontal wells: A case study in the Gonghe Basin, Qinghai Province, China pp. 196-207 Downloads
Tianfu Xu, Yilong Yuan, Xiaofeng Jia, Yude Lei, Shengtao Li, Bo Feng, Zhaoyun Hou and Zhenjiao Jiang
Techno economic analysis of a wind-photovoltaic-biomass hybrid renewable energy system for rural electrification: A case study of Kallar Kahar pp. 208-234 Downloads
Jameel Ahmad, Muhammad Imran, Abdullah Khalid, Waseem Iqbal, Syed Rehan Ashraf, Muhammad Adnan, Syed Farooq Ali and Khawar Siddique Khokhar
The levelized costs of electricity generation by the CDM power projects pp. 235-246 Downloads
Shaikh M. Rahman, Spalding-Fecher, Randall, Erik Haites and Grant A. Kirkman
Layered thermal model with sinusoidal alternate current for cylindrical lithium-ion battery at low temperature pp. 247-257 Downloads
Jun-qiu Li, Linlin Fang, Wentong Shi and Xin Jin
Evaluation of different enzymatic treatment procedures on sugar extraction from microalgal biomass, experimental and kinetic study pp. 258-268 Downloads
Hanieh Shokrkar and Sirous Ebrahimi
Deep belief network based ensemble approach for cooling load forecasting of air-conditioning system pp. 269-282 Downloads
Guoyin Fu
A systematic approach to evaluate the economic viability of Combined Cooling Heating and Power systems over conventional technologies pp. 283-295 Downloads
Kalliopi G. Tataraki, Konstantinos C. Kavvadias and Zacharias B. Maroulis
Energy-saving thermally coupled ternary extractive distillation process by combining with mixed entrainer for separating ternary mixture containing bioethanol pp. 296-308 Downloads
Yongteng Zhao, Kang Ma, Wenting Bai, Deqing Du, Zhaoyou Zhu, Yinglong Wang and Jun Gao
Multi-stage progressive optimality algorithm and its application in energy storage operation chart optimization of cascade reservoirs pp. 309-323 Downloads
Zhiqiang Jiang, Changming Ji, Hui Qin and Zhongkai Feng
A wind vector simulation model and its application to adequacy assessment pp. 324-340 Downloads
Shuwei Miao, Hejun Yang and Yingzhong Gu
A comprehensive study on measurement and prediction of viscosity of biodiesel-diesel-alcohol ternary blends pp. 341-361 Downloads
Mert Gülüm and Atilla Bilgin
Design, simulation and experimental evaluation of energy system for an unmanned surface vehicle pp. 362-372 Downloads
Ashkan Makhsoos, Hossein Mousazadeh, Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi, Mohammadreza Abdollahzadeh, Hamid Jafarbiglu, Elham Omrani, Yousef Salmani and Ali Kiapey
A novel exergy optimization of Bushehr nuclear power plant by gravitational search algorithm (GSA) pp. 373-385 Downloads
A. Naserbegi, M. Aghaie, A. Minuchehr and Gh Alahyarizadeh
Entransy analysis on optimization of a double-stage latent heat storage unit with the consideration of an unequal separation pp. 386-396 Downloads
C. Wang and Y. Zhu
Integrating material engineering with module design optimization: A new design concept for thermoelectric generator pp. 397-406 Downloads
Tinggang Zhang
Characterization of two-stage turbine system under steady and pulsating flow conditions pp. 407-423 Downloads
Rongchao Zhao, Weihua Li, Weilin Zhuge, Yangjun Zhang, Yong Yin and Yonghui Wu
A new methodology for diesel surrogate fuel formulation: Bridging fuel fundamental properties and real engine combustion characteristics pp. 424-447 Downloads
Yong Qian, Liang Yu, Zilong Li, Yahui Zhang, Leilei Xu, Qiyan Zhou, Dong Han and Xingcai Lu
Grid-independent residential buildings with renewable energy sources pp. 448-460 Downloads
Matthew D. Leonard and Efstathios E. Michaelides
Hourly day-ahead solar irradiance prediction using weather forecasts by LSTM pp. 461-468 Downloads
Xiangyun Qing and Yugang Niu
Multiobjective optimization of ethylene cracking furnace system using self-adaptive multiobjective teaching-learning-based optimization pp. 469-481 Downloads
Kunjie Yu, Lyndon While, Mark Reynolds, Xin Wang, J.J. Liang, Liang Zhao and Zhenlei Wang
Optimal bidding strategy for an energy hub in energy market pp. 482-493 Downloads
Vahid Davatgaran, Mohsen Saniei and Seyed Saeidollah Mortazavi
Load following of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) by cogeneration of hydrogen: A techno-economic analysis pp. 494-505 Downloads
Giorgio Locatelli, Sara Boarin, Andrea Fiordaliso and Marco E. Ricotti
The moderating role of corruption between economic growth and CO2 emissions: Evidence from BRICS economies pp. 506-513 Downloads
Zhaohua Wang, Danish,, Bin Zhang and Bo Wang
How much energy will buildings consume in 2100? A global perspective within a scenario framework pp. 514-527 Downloads
Antoine Levesque, Robert C. Pietzcker, Lavinia Baumstark, Simon De Stercke, Arnulf Grübler and Gunnar Luderer
Thermodynamic analysis for a concentrating photovoltaic-photothermochemical hybrid system pp. 528-536 Downloads
Yangjie Wang, Qiang Li, Dianhong Li and Hui Hong
Re-evaluating the energy consumption-economic growth nexus for the United States: An asymmetric threshold cointegration analysis pp. 537-545 Downloads
Stavros Kourtzidis, Panayiotis Tzeremes and Nickolaos Tzeremes
Energy metrics analysis of N identical evacuated tubular collectors integrated single slope solar still pp. 546-560 Downloads
D.B. Singh
Effect of template, reaction time and platinum concentration in the synthesis of PtCu/CNT catalyst for PEMFC applications pp. 561-570 Downloads
Rivera-Lugo, Yazmín Y., Salazar-Gastélum, Moisés I., López-Rosas, Deisly M., Reynoso-Soto, Edgar A., Pérez-Sicairos, Sergio, Samgopiraj Velraj, Flores-Hernández, José R. and Félix-Navarro, Rosa M.
The effects of scale-up and coal-biomass blending on supercritical coal oxy-combustion power plants pp. 571-584 Downloads
R. López, M. Menéndez, C. Fernández and Bernardo-Sánchez, A.
Effect of atmospheric condition and ammonia mass fraction on the combined cycle for power and cooling using ammonia water mixture in bottoming cycle pp. 585-604 Downloads
Mayank Maheshwari and Onkar Singh
Enhanced electrical performance in a solar photovoltaic module using V-trough concentrators pp. 605-613 Downloads
Jee Joe Michael, S. Mohamed Iqbal, S. Iniyan and Ranko Goic
Investigation on performance of an integrated SOFC-Goswami system using wood gasification pp. 614-628 Downloads
Javad Hosseinpour, Ata Chitsaz, Beneta Eisavi and Mortaza Yari
Liquefaction of sewage sludge in ethanol-water mixed solvents for bio-oil and biochar products pp. 629-641 Downloads
Fa-ying Lai, Yan-chao Chang, Hua-jun Huang, Guo-qiang Wu, Jiang-bo Xiong, Zi-qian Pan and Chun-fei Zhou
Volume element model for 3D dynamic building thermal modeling and simulation pp. 642-661 Downloads
S. Yang, T.J. Pilet and J.C. Ordonez
Research on global carbon abatement driven by R&D investment in the context of INDCs pp. 662-675 Downloads
Gaoxiang Gu and Zheng Wang
Improvement of auxiliary BI-DRUM boiler operation by dynamic simulation pp. 676-686 Downloads
Romero-Anton, N., Martin-Escudero, K., Portillo-Valdés, L.A., Gómez-Elvira, I. and Salazar-Herran, E.
How far is Colombia from decoupling? Two-level decomposition analysis of energy consumption changes pp. 687-700 Downloads
Román-Collado, Rocío, José M. Cansino and Camilo Botia
Profit based unit commitment using hybrid optimization technique pp. 701-715 Downloads
Himanshu Anand, Nitin Narang and J.S. Dhillon
Incorporating homeowners' preferences of heating technologies in the UK TIMES model pp. 716-727 Downloads
Pei-Hao Li, Ilkka Keppo and Neil Strachan
Development of a bond graph based model library for turbocharged diesel engines pp. 728-743 Downloads
Lin Huang, Gang Cheng, Guoqing Zhu and Dongliang Li
Fuzzy decision based energy dispatch in offshore industrial microgrid with desalination process and multi-type DGs pp. 744-755 Downloads
Xinli Fang, Qiang Yang and Wei Dong
A new model for evaluation of cavity shape and volume during Underground Coal Gasification process pp. 756-765 Downloads
Amin Jowkar, Farhang Sereshki and Mehdi Najafi
Effective biogas upgrading and production of biodiesel feedstocks by strategic cultivation of oleaginous microalgae pp. 766-774 Downloads
Sirasit Srinuanpan, Benjamas Cheirsilp and Poonsuk Prasertsan
Short-term power output forecasting of hourly operation in power plant based on climate factors and effects of wind direction and wind speed pp. 775-788 Downloads
Mojtaba Dadkhah, Mustafa Jahangoshai Rezaee and Ahmad Zare Chavoshi
A new approach for clustering in desulfurization system based on modified framework for gypsum slurry quality monitoring pp. 789-801 Downloads
Hui Gu, Yanfeng Cui, Hongxia Zhu, Rui Xue and Fengqi Si
Characterization of products from Fe(CO)5 seeded CO diffusion flame pp. 802-808 Downloads
Kibum Kim and Hae Kwang Kim
Novel online simulation-ready models of conjugate heat transfer in combustion chamber waterwall tubes of supercritical power boilers pp. 809-823 Downloads
Wiesław Zima, Nowak-Ocłoń, Marzena and Paweł Ocłoń
Experimental study on combustion and emissions of dual fuel RCCI mode fueled with biodiesel/n-butanol, biodiesel/2,5-dimethylfuran and biodiesel/ethanol pp. 824-838 Downloads
Zunqing Zheng, Mingtao Xia, Haifeng Liu, Xiaofeng Wang and Mingfa Yao
Proposal and assessment of a novel supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle integrated with LiBr absorption chiller for concentrated solar power applications pp. 839-854 Downloads
Yuegeng Ma, Xuwei Zhang, Ming Liu, Junjie Yan and Jiping Liu
Thermodynamic and dynamic analysis of an alpha type Stirling engine with Scotch Yoke mechanism pp. 855-865 Downloads
Murat Altin, Melih Okur, Duygu Ipci, Serdar Halis and Halit Karabulut
Carbon dioxide emission during the life cycle of turbofan aircraft pp. 866-875 Downloads
Ivan Jakovljević, Radomir Mijailović and Petar Mirosavljević
Experimental characterization of heat and mass transfer in a horizontal tube falling film absorber using aqueous (lithium, potassium, sodium) nitrate solution as a working pair pp. 876-887 Downloads
María E. Álvarez and Mahmoud Bourouis
Investigating continuous biodiesel production from linseed oil in the presence of a Co-solvent and a heterogeneous based catalyst in a packed bed reactor pp. 888-895 Downloads
M. Hashemzadeh Gargari and S.M. Sadrameli
Energy-biased technical change in the Chinese industrial sector with CES production functions pp. 896-903 Downloads
Donglan Zha, Anil Savio Kavuri and Songjian Si
Determinants of oil and gas investments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf pp. 904-914 Downloads
Martin Berntsen, Kristine Skjong Bøe, Therese Jordal and Peter Molnár
Energy-efficient design and optimization of boil-off gas (BOG) re-liquefaction process for liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fuelled ship pp. 915-929 Downloads
Dong-Hun Kwak, Jeong-Ho Heo, Seung-Ha Park, Seok-Jang Seo and Jin-Kuk Kim
Defluidization of the oxygen carrier ilmenite – Laboratory experiments with potassium salts pp. 930-940 Downloads
Maria Zevenhoven, Christoffer Sevonius, Patrik Salminen, Daniel Lindberg, Anders Brink, Patrik Yrjas and Leena Hupa
Systems modeling, simulation and analysis for robust operations and improved design of entrained-flow pulverized coal gasifiers pp. 941-964 Downloads
Zhikai Cao, Tao Li, Quancong Zhang, Hua Zhou, Can Song and Fengqi You
Performance of a horizontal axis marine current turbine– A comprehensive evaluation using experimental, numerical, and theoretical approaches pp. 965-976 Downloads
Masoud Rahimian, Jessica Walker and Irene Penesis
The multi-scale generation and transmission expansion model pp. 977-991 Downloads
A. Sarid and M. Tzur
The capacity value of optimal wind and solar portfolios pp. 992-1005 Downloads
Mehdi Shahriari and Seth Blumsack
A systematic design and optimization method of transmission system and power management for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle pp. 1006-1017 Downloads
Hongqiang Guo, Qun Sun, Chong Wang, Qinpu Wang and Silong Lu
A hydrogen refuelling stations infrastructure deployment for cities supported on fuel cell taxi roll-out pp. 1018-1031 Downloads
Campíñez-Romero, Severo, Colmenar-Santos, Antonio, Pérez-Molina, Clara and Mur-Pérez, Francisco
Performance study on a single-screw compressor for a portable natural gas liquefaction process pp. 1032-1045 Downloads
Yong Li, Gongnan Xie, Bengt Sunden, Yuanwei Lu, Yuting Wu and Jiang Qin
Modeling of a hybrid electric heavy duty vehicle to assess energy recovery using a thermoelectric generator pp. 1046-1059 Downloads
Nischal Muralidhar, M. Himabindu and R.V. Ravikrishna
Direct contact membrane distillation system for waste heat recovery: Modelling and multi-objective optimization pp. 1060-1068 Downloads
Rui Long, Xiaotian Lai, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Optimal cultivation towards enhanced algae-biomass and lipid production using Dunaliella tertiolecta for biofuel application and potential CO2 bio-fixation: Effect of nitrogen deficient fertilizer, light intensity, salinity and carbon supply strategy pp. 1069-1086 Downloads
Anup Kumar, Chandan Guria and Akhilendra K. Pathak
Energy, exergy and economic analysis of a hybrid renewable energy with hydrogen storage system pp. 1087-1102 Downloads
A. Khosravi, R.N.N. Koury, L. Machado and J.J.G. Pabon
A comparative analysis on the uniformity enhancement methods of solar thermal drying pp. 1103-1115 Downloads
Shaymaa Husham Abdulmalek, Morteza Khalaji Assadi, Hussain Al-Kayiem and Ali Ahmed Gitan
Probabilistic operation cost minimization of Micro-Grid pp. 1116-1139 Downloads
Sharmistha Sharma, Subhadeep Bhattacharjee and Aniruddha Bhattacharya
Techno-economic assessment of Joule-Brayton cycle architectures for heat to power conversion from high-grade heat sources using CO2 in the supercritical state pp. 1140-1152 Downloads
Matteo Marchionni, Giuseppe Bianchi and Savvas A. Tassou
Comparison study of the performance of two kinds of photovoltaic/thermal(PV/T) systems and a PV module at high ambient temperature pp. 1153-1161 Downloads
Weiqi Yuan, Jie Ji, Zhaomeng Li, Fan Zhou, Xiao Ren, Xudong Zhao and Shuli Liu
Expert perceptions of low-carbon transitions: Investigating the challenges of electricity decarbonisation in the Nordic region pp. 1162-1172 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool, Johannes Kester, Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens and Lance Noel
Innovation and site quality: Implications for the timing of investments in renewable energy pp. 1173-1180 Downloads
Jon M. Conrad and Linda Nøstbakken
Prediction and verification of risk loss cost for improved natural gas network layout optimization pp. 1181-1190 Downloads
Jinyu An and Shini Peng
Global cost optimization of a mini-scale liquefied natural gas plant pp. 1191-1200 Downloads
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