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Volume 150, issue C, 2018

Thermodynamic performance of cycle combined large temperature drop heat exchange process:Theoretical models and advanced process pp. 1-18 Downloads
Chenghu Zhang and Yaping Li
Trade-offs between integration and isolation in Switzerland's energy policy pp. 19-27 Downloads
P. Eser, N. Chokani and R. Abhari
The effect of gravity on inner transport and cell performance in passive micro direct methanol fuel cell pp. 28-37 Downloads
Zhenyu Yuan, Manna Zhang, Kaiyuan Zuo and Yongqiang Ren
Numerical simulation on thermoelectric and mechanical performance of annular thermoelectric generator pp. 38-48 Downloads
Shifa Fan and Yuanwen Gao
A novel data-driven approach for residential electricity consumption prediction based on ensemble learning pp. 49-60 Downloads
Kunlong Chen, Jiuchun Jiang, Fangdan Zheng and Kunjin Chen
Fast pyrolysis and steam gasification of pellets prepared from olive oil mill residues pp. 61-68 Downloads
M. Lajili, C. Guizani, F.J. Escudero Sanz and M. Jeguirim
Effect of Pt loading and catalyst type on the pore structure of porous electrodes in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells pp. 69-76 Downloads
Jian Zhao, Adnan Ozden, Samaneh Shahgaldi, Ibrahim E. Alaefour, Xianguo Li and Feridun Hamdullahpur
Heat release rate and performance simulation of DME fuelled diesel engine using oxygenate correction factor and load correction factor in double Wiebe function pp. 77-91 Downloads
S. Loganathan, M. Leenus Jesu Martin, B. Nagalingam and L. Prabhu
Effects of hydrogen enrichment and injection location on in-cylinder flow characteristics, performance and emissions of gaseous LPG engine pp. 92-108 Downloads
Mohamed Ali Jemni, Sahar Hadj Kassem, Zied Driss and Mohamed Salah Abid
A novel optimization model based on game tree for multi-energy conversion systems pp. 109-121 Downloads
Zishuo Huang, Hang Yu, Xiangyang Chu and Zhenwei Peng
Flow-based nodal cost allocation in a heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity network pp. 122-133 Downloads
Bo Tranberg, Schwenk-Nebbe, Leon J., Mirko Schäfer, Jonas Hörsch and Martin Greiner
Investigating the kinetics and biofuel properties of Alstonia congensis and Ceiba pentandra via torrefaction pp. 134-141 Downloads
Kehinde Oluoti, Tharaka Rama K.C. Doddapaneni and Tobias Richards
Understanding fly-ash formation during fluidized-bed gasification of high-silicon-aluminum coal based on its characteristics pp. 142-152 Downloads
Fenghai Li, Quanrun Liu, Meng Li and Yitian Fang
Potential of wastewater treating Chlorella minutissima for methane enrichment and CO2 sequestration of biogas and producing lipids pp. 153-163 Downloads
Shakeel A. Khan, Fayaz A. Malla, Rashmi,, Lal Chand Malav, Navindu Gupta and Amit Kumar
Effects of altitude on combustion and ignition characteristics of speed-up period during cold start in a diesel engine pp. 164-175 Downloads
Zechao Kan, Zhiyuan Hu, Diming Lou, Piqiang Tan, Zhiyi Cao and Zhenhuan Yang
The combustion characteristics and performance evaluation of DME (dimethyl ether) as an alternative fuel in a two-section porous burner for domestic cooking application pp. 176-189 Downloads
Snehasish Panigrahy and Subhash C. Mishra
Modeling of PCM melting: Analysis of discrepancy between numerical and experimental results and energy storage performance pp. 190-204 Downloads
Vikram Soni, Arvind Kumar and V.K. Jain
Energetic performance of transcritical CO2 refrigeration cycles with mechanical subcooling using zeotropic mixture as refrigerant pp. 205-221 Downloads
Baomin Dai, Shengchun Liu, Hailong Li, Zhili Sun, Mengjie Song, Qianru Yang and Yitai Ma
Carbon footprint and fossil energy consumption of bio-ethanol fuel production from Arundo donax L. crops on marginal lands of Southern Italy pp. 222-235 Downloads
Annachiara Forte, Amalia Zucaro, Salvatore Faugno, Riccardo Basosi and Angelo Fierro
Airfoil optimization to improve power performance of a high-solidity vertical axis wind turbine at a moderate tip speed ratio pp. 236-252 Downloads
Ning Ma, Hang Lei, Zhaolong Han, Dai Zhou, Yan Bao, Kai Zhang, Lei Zhou and Caiyong Chen
Methodology for evaluating the transition process dynamics towards 4th generation district heating networks pp. 253-261 Downloads
Anna Volkova, Vladislav Mašatin and Andres Siirde
Mathematical model simulating the ignition of a droplet of coal water slurry containing petrochemicals pp. 262-275 Downloads
Dmitrii O. Glushkov, Geniy V. Kuznetsov, Pavel A. Strizhak and Semen V. Syrodoy
Will the energy price bubble burst? pp. 276-288 Downloads
Tie-Ying Liu and Chien-Chiang Lee
Diffusion of photovoltaic technology in Germany: A sustainable success or an illusion driven by guaranteed feed-in tariffs? pp. 289-298 Downloads
Lucia Baur and Mauricio Uriona M.
Thermodynamic assessment of a novel SOFC based CCHP system in a wastewater treatment plant pp. 299-309 Downloads
A.S. Mehr, M. MosayebNezhad, A. Lanzini, M. Yari, S.M.S. Mahmoudi and M. Santarelli
Active load control of large wind turbines using state-space methods and disturbance accommodating control pp. 310-319 Downloads
Eduardo José Novaes Menezes, Alex Maurício Araújo, Janardan Singh Rohatgi and Pedro Manuel González del Foyo
Comparative performance evaluation of self-humidifying PEMFCs with short-side-chain and long-side-chain membranes under various operating conditions pp. 320-328 Downloads
Dowon Cha, Seung Won Jeon, Wonseok Yang, Dongwoo Kim and Yongchan Kim
Future costs of fuel cell electric vehicles in California using a learning rate approach pp. 329-341 Downloads
Eleonora Ruffini and Max Wei
Experimental study of supercritical CO2 leakage behavior from pressurized vessels pp. 342-350 Downloads
Xing Fan, Yangle Wang, Yuan Zhou, Jingtan Chen, Yanping Huang and Junfeng Wang
Exergy-based optimization of a continuous reactor applied to produce value-added chemicals from glycerol through esterification with acetic acid pp. 351-362 Downloads
Mortaza Aghbashlo, Meisam Tabatabaei, Hajar Rastegari, Hassan S. Ghaziaskar and Elena Valijanian
Evaluation of economic feasibility under uncertainty of a thermochemical route for ethanol production in Brazil pp. 363-376 Downloads
Taylor- de-Lima, Reynaldo L.N., Arthur José Gerbasi da Silva, Luiz F.L. Legey and Alexandre Szklo
Experimental and modeling investigation on separation of methane from coal seam gas (CSG) using hydrate formation pp. 377-395 Downloads
Yiwei Wang, Ye Deng, Xuqiang Guo, Qiang Sun, Aixian Liu, Guangqing Zhang, Gang Yue and Lanying Yang
Optimal combined heat-and-power plant for a low-temperature geothermal source pp. 396-409 Downloads
Sarah Van Erdeweghe, Johan Van Bael, Ben Laenen and William D'haeseleer
Estimation of heat losses due to wind effects from linear parabolic secondary reflector –receiver of solar LFR module pp. 410-433 Downloads
K.S. Reddy, Shanmugapriya Balaji and T. Sundararajan
Thermodynamic performance study of the integrated MR-SOFC-CCHP system pp. 434-450 Downloads
Qinlong Hou, Hongbin Zhao and Xiaoyu Yang
A new algorithm for obtaining the critical tube diameter and intercept factor of parabolic trough solar collectors pp. 451-467 Downloads
Bin Zou, Yang Yao, Yiqiang Jiang and Hongxing Yang
Evaluation of Jerusalem artichoke as a sustainable energy crop to bioethanol: energy and CO2eq emissions modeling for an industrial scenario pp. 468-481 Downloads
Susana M. Paixão, Luís Alves, Rui Pacheco and Carla M. Silva
Analysis of wind power intermittency based on historical wind power data pp. 482-492 Downloads
Guorui Ren, Jie Wan, Jinfu Liu, Daren Yu and Lennart Söder
The efficiencies of resource-saving and environment: A case study based on Chinese cities pp. 493-507 Downloads
Bin Zhang, Danting Lu, Yan He and Yung-Ho Chiu
Forecasting spikes in electricity return innovations pp. 508-526 Downloads
Laleh Tafakori, Armin Pourkhanali and Farzad Alavi Fard
Does one path fit all? An empirical study on the relationship between energy consumption and economic development for individual Chinese provinces pp. 527-543 Downloads
Qianxue Zhang, Hua Liao and Yu Hao
Nuclear contribution to the penetration of variable renewable energy sources in a French decarbonised power mix pp. 544-555 Downloads
C. Cany, C. Mansilla, G. Mathonnière and Pascal Da Costa
Energy harvesting with the piezoelectric material integrated shoe pp. 556-564 Downloads
Anil Can Turkmen and Cenk Celik
The impact of the control method of cyclic operation on the power unit efficiency and life pp. 565-574 Downloads
Henryk Łukowicz and Andrzej Rusin
Wind turbine power improvement utilizing passive flow control with microtab pp. 575-582 Downloads
Abbas Ebrahimi and Mohammadreza Movahhedi
A study on environmental impact of insulation thickness of poultry building walls pp. 583-590 Downloads
Erdem Küçüktopcu and Bilal Cemek
Investigation on the charging process of a multi-PCM latent heat thermal energy storage unit for use in conventional air-conditioning systems pp. 591-600 Downloads
Xiao-Yan Li, Liu Yang, Xue-Lei Wang, Xin-Yue Miao, Yu Yao and Qiu-Qiu Qiang
Investment risk for biomass integrated gasification combined heat and power unit with an internal combustion engine and a Stirling engine pp. 601-616 Downloads
Łukasz Bartela, Janusz Kotowicz and Dubiel-Jurgaś, Klaudia
Lifetime optimization framework for a hybrid renewable energy system based on receding horizon optimization pp. 617-630 Downloads
Atefeh Behzadi Forough and Ramin Roshandel
Optimal study of the rural house space heating systems employing the AHP and FCE methods pp. 631-641 Downloads
Xinghui Zhang, Jiaojiao Yang and Xudong Zhao
Optimal capacity of storage systems and photovoltaic systems able to control reactive power using the sensitivity analysis method pp. 642-652 Downloads
Insu Kim
Simultaneous design of pump network and cooling tower allocations for cooling water system synthesis pp. 653-669 Downloads
Chenglin Zheng, Xi Chen, Lingyu Zhu and Jiaqi Shi
Emergy based sustainability evaluation of remanufacturing machining systems pp. 670-680 Downloads
Conghu Liu, Wei Cai, Ognyan Dinolov, Cuixia Zhang, Weizhen Rao, Shun Jia, Li Li and Felix T.S. Chan
A techno-economic assessment of gas-to-liquid and coal-to-liquid plants through the development of scale factors pp. 681-693 Downloads
Sara Mohajerani, Amit Kumar and Abayomi Olufemi Oni
Resource use efficiency of rice production upon single cropping and ratooning agro-systems in terms of bioethanol feedstock production pp. 694-701 Downloads
Saeed Firouzi, Amin Nikkhah and Hashem Aminpanah
Feasibility analysis of introducing renewable energy systems in environmental basic facilities: A case study in Busan, South Korea pp. 702-708 Downloads
Jiwon Kim, Hyunho Choi, Samuel Kim and Jaecheul Yu
Soot formation characteristics of ethylene premixed burner-stabilized stagnation flame with dimethyl ether addition pp. 709-721 Downloads
Yinhu Kang, Yuming Sun, Xiaofeng Lu, Xiaolong Gou, Sicong Sun, Jin Yan, Yangfan Song, Pengyuan Zhang, Quanhai Wang and Xuanyu Ji
Impact of the phase out of French nuclear reactors on the Italian power sector pp. 722-734 Downloads
Vincenzo Bianco and Federico Scarpa
Data-driven optimized layout of battery electric vehicle charging infrastructure pp. 735-744 Downloads
Ye Tao, Miaohua Huang and Lan Yang
Optimization of a Brayton external combustion gas-turbine system for extended range electric vehicles pp. 745-758 Downloads
Wissam S. Bou Nader, Charbel J. Mansour and Maroun G. Nemer
Incremental capacity analysis and differential voltage analysis based state of charge and capacity estimation for lithium-ion batteries pp. 759-769 Downloads
Linfeng Zheng, Jianguo Zhu, Dylan Dah-Chuan Lu, Guoxiu Wang and Tingting He
Energy and economic efficiency of camelina and crambe biomass production on a large-scale farm in north-eastern Poland pp. 770-780 Downloads
Mariusz J. Stolarski, Michał Krzyżaniak, Jacek Kwiatkowski, Józef Tworkowski and Stefan Szczukowski
Characterizing the Great Lakes marine renewable energy resources: Lake Michigan surge and wave characteristics pp. 781-796 Downloads
Deniz Velioglu Sogut, Ali Farhadzadeh and Robert E. Jensen
Optimization of multi-plants cooling water system pp. 797-815 Downloads
Jiaze Ma, Yufei Wang and Xiao Feng
Punched H2Ti12O25 anode and activated carbon cathode for high energy/high power hybrid supercapacitors pp. 816-821 Downloads
Seung-Hwan Lee and Jong-Myon Kim
A biased load manager home energy management system for low-cost residential building low-income occupants pp. 822-838 Downloads
Chukwuka G. Monyei, Aderemi O. Adewumi, Daniel Akinyele, Olubayo M. Babatunde, Michael O. Obolo and Joshua C. Onunwor
Hydropower unit commitment with nonlinearity decoupled from mixed integer nonlinear problem pp. 839-846 Downloads
Jinwen Wang, Min Guo and Yong Liu
Exploring spatiotemporal patterns of electric power consumption in countries along the Belt and Road pp. 847-859 Downloads
Kaifang Shi, Bailang Yu, Chang Huang, Jianping Wu and Xiufeng Sun
Optimization of single mixed-refrigerant natural gas liquefaction processes described by nondifferentiable models pp. 860-876 Downloads
Harry A.J. Watson, Matias Vikse, Truls Gundersen and Paul I. Barton
Adaptive model predictive control with propulsion load estimation and prediction for all-electric ship energy management pp. 877-889 Downloads
Jun Hou, Jing Sun and Heath Hofmann
Improved electrochemical performance of EMIMFSI ionic liquid based gel polymer electrolyte with temperature for rechargeable lithium battery pp. 890-900 Downloads
Shishir Kumar Singh, Shalu,, Liton Balo, Himani Gupta, Varun Kumar Singh, Alok Kumar Tripathi, Yogendra Lal Verma and Rajendra Kumar Singh
Generation of a driving cycle for battery electric vehicles:A case study of Beijing pp. 901-912 Downloads
Huiming Gong, Yuan Zou, Qingkai Yang, Jie Fan, Fengchun Sun and Dietmar Goehlich
Balancing demand and supply: Linking neighborhood-level building load calculations with detailed district energy network analysis models pp. 913-925 Downloads
Letellier-Duchesne, Samuel, Shreshth Nagpal, Michaël Kummert and Christoph Reinhart
The impact of global warming and building renovation measures on district heating system techno-economic parameters pp. 926-937 Downloads
I. Andrić, J. Fournier, B. Lacarrière, O. Le Corre and P. Ferrão
Technical assessment of electric heat boosters in low-temperature district heating based on combined heat and power analysis pp. 938-949 Downloads
Hanmin Cai, Shi You, Jiawei Wang, Henrik W. Bindner and Sergey Klyapovskiy
Simulated moving bed adsorption process based on a polyethylenimine-silica sorbent for CO2 capture with sensible heat recovery pp. 950-964 Downloads
Wonho Jung, Junhyung Park, Wangyun Won and Kwang Soon Lee
A pulsed Coandă-effect reciprocating wind energy generator pp. 965-978 Downloads
Anan Garzozi and David Greenblatt
Transient analysis and optimization of a recuperative sCO2 Brayton cycle assisted by heat and mass storage systems pp. 979-991 Downloads
Felipe G. Battisti, Giovanni S. Delsoto and Alexandre K. da Silva
Stochastic electricity dispatch: A challenge for market design pp. 992-1005 Downloads
Endre Bjørndal, Mette Bjørndal, Kjetil Midthun and Asgeir Tomasgard
Capacity investment in electricity markets under supply and demand uncertainty pp. 1006-1017 Downloads
Joana Pinho, Joana Resende and Isabel Soares
Safety along the energy chain pp. 1018-1030 Downloads
Nicolas Boccard
Investigation on the applicability for reaction rates adjustment of the optimized biodiesel skeletal mechanism pp. 1031-1038 Downloads
Teng Liu, Jiaqiang E, W.M. Yang, Yuangwang Deng, H. An, Zhiqing Zhang and Minhhieu Pham
Multiobjective economic-environmental power dispatch with stochastic wind-solar-small hydro power pp. 1039-1057 Downloads
Partha P. Biswas, P.N. Suganthan, B.Y. Qu and Gehan A.J. Amaratunga
Bottleneck of slab thermal efficiency in reheating furnace based on energy apportionment model pp. 1058-1069 Downloads
Demin Chen, Biao Lu, FangQin Dai, Guang Chen and Xihe Zhang
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