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Volume 154, issue C, 2018

Magnetically recoverable catalysts for the conversion of inulin to mannitol pp. 1-6 Downloads
Oleg V. Manaenkov, Ekaterina A. Ratkevich, Olga V. Kislitsa, Bret Lawson, David Gene Morgan, Antonina A. Stepacheva, Valentina G. Matveeva, Mikhail G. Sulman, Esther M. Sulman and Lyudmila M. Bronstein
Artificial neural networks and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems approaches to forecast the meteorological data for HVAC: The case of cities for Turkey pp. 7-16 Downloads
Erdem Işık and Mustafa Inallı
Combined effect of combustion chamber shapes and nozzle geometry on the performance and emission characteristics of C.I. engine operated on Pongamia pp. 17-26 Downloads
Mahantesh M. Shivashimpi, S.A. Alur, S.N. Topannavar and B.M. Dodamani
Effect of heat extraction mode on the overall energy and exergy efficiencies of the solar ponds: A transient study pp. 27-37 Downloads
Morteza Khalilian, Hamed Pourmokhtar and Ashkan Roshan
Emissions and performance of a spark-ignition gas engine generator operating with hydrogen-rich syngas, methane and biogas blends for application in southern Brazilian rice industries pp. 38-51 Downloads
Willian Cézar Nadaleti and Grzegorz Przybyla
Process development and sensitivity analysis of novel integrated helium recovery from natural gas processes pp. 52-67 Downloads
Arash Shafaei and Mehdi Mehrpooya
Introduction of new decentralised renewable heat supply in an existing district heating system pp. 68-79 Downloads
Miika Rämä and Mikko Wahlroos
Collective learning of lithium-ion aging model parameters for battery health-conscious demand response in datacenters pp. 80-95 Downloads
A. Mamun, A. Sivasubramaniam and H.K. Fathy
Performance analysis of a pre-cooled and fuel-rich pre-burned mixed-flow turbofan cycle for high speed vehicles pp. 96-109 Downloads
Wei Zhao, Chen Huang, Qingjun Zhao, Yingqun Ma and Jianzhong Xu
Applications of bio-oil-based emulsions in a DI diesel engine: The effects of bio-oil compositions on engine performance and emissions pp. 110-118 Downloads
Xingzhong Yuan, Xiaowei Ding, Lijian Leng, Hui Li, Jianguang Shao, Yingying Qian, Huajun Huang, Xiaohong Chen and Guangming Zeng
Waste paper and macroalgae co-digestion effect on methane production pp. 119-125 Downloads
Cristina Rodriguez, Abed Alaswad, El-Hassan, Zaki and Abdul G. Olabi
A multi-objective framework for multi-area economic emission dispatch pp. 126-142 Downloads
Hossein Narimani, Seyed-Ehsan Razavi, Ali Azizivahed, Ehsan Naderi, Mehdi Fathi, Mohammad H. Ataei and Mohammad Rasoul Narimani
Short-term power load probability density forecasting based on Yeo-Johnson transformation quantile regression and Gaussian kernel function pp. 143-156 Downloads
Yaoyao He and Yaya Zheng
Comparison and evaluation of air cooling and water cooling in resource consumption and economic performance pp. 157-167 Downloads
Haitian Zhang, Xiao Feng and Yufei Wang
Experimental and numerical study on dish concentrator with cubical and cylindrical cavity receivers using thermal oil pp. 168-181 Downloads
R. Loni, A.B. Kasaeian, Askari Asli-Ardeh, E., B. Ghobadian and Sh Gorjian
Influence of SrTi1-xCoxO3 NPs on electrocatalytic activity of SrTi1-xCoxO3 NPs/PEDOT-PSS counter electrodes for high efficiency dye sensitized solar cells pp. 182-189 Downloads
Wasan Maiaugree, Attaphol Karaphun, Adulphan Pimsawad, Vittaya Amornkitbamrung and Ekaphan Swatsitang
Analyzing thermodynamic improvement potential of a selected cement manufacturing process: Advanced exergy analysis pp. 190-200 Downloads
S. Fellaou and T. Bounahmidi
A detailed theoretical modeling and parametric investigation of potential power in heaving buoys pp. 201-209 Downloads
Mohammad Hossein Jahangir, Seyed Sina Hosseini and Mehdi Mehrpooya
Applicability of thermal response tests for assessing in-situ CO2 storage in a saline aquifer pp. 210-220 Downloads
Chan-Hee Park, Seong Kon Lee, Cholwoo Lee and Seong-Kyun Kim
Policies and economic efficiency of China's distributed photovoltaic and energy storage industry pp. 221-230 Downloads
Fei-fei Yang and Xin-gang Zhao
A methodology for the flexibility assessment of site wide heat integration scenarios pp. 231-239 Downloads
Christina Kachacha, Assaad Zoughaib and Cong Toan Tran
Feasibility of butanol production from wheat starch wastewater by Clostridium acetobutylicum pp. 240-248 Downloads
Wei Luo, Zhangmin Zhao, Hepeng Pan, Lankun Zhao, Chuangao Xu and Xiaobin Yu
The future of energy storage shaped by electric vehicles: A perspective from China pp. 249-257 Downloads
Liu Jian, Hu Zechun, David Banister, Zhao Yongqiang and Wang Zhongying
Fuzzy P-graph for optimal synthesis of cogeneration and trigeneration systems pp. 258-268 Downloads
Kathleen B. Aviso and Raymond R. Tan
Characterizing wet and dry fluids in temperature-entropy diagrams pp. 269-276 Downloads
J.A. White and S. Velasco
A comparison of risk measures for accidents in the energy sector and their implications on decision-making strategies pp. 277-288 Downloads
Matteo Spada, Florentina Paraschiv and Peter Burgherr
Process design and economics for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into jet fuel range cycloalkanes pp. 289-297 Downloads
Zixu Yang, Kezhen Qian, Xuesong Zhang, Hanwu Lei, Chunhua Xin, Yayun Zhang, Moriko Qian and Elmar Villota
Development and application of an energy use and CO2 emissions reduction evaluation model for China's online car hailing services pp. 298-307 Downloads
Tian Wu, Qu Shen, Ming Xu, Tianduo Peng and Xunmin Ou
The combustion performances and thermo-oxidative degradation kinetics of plane tree seeds (PTS) (Platanus orientalis L.) pp. 308-318 Downloads
Bojan Janković and Vladimir Dodevski
An experimental study of the effect of nitrogen origin on the formation and reduction of NOx in fluidized-bed combustion pp. 319-327 Downloads
Pin-Wei Li, Chien-Song Chyang and Hung-Wen Ni
A novel decompose-ensemble methodology with AIC-ANN approach for crude oil forecasting pp. 328-336 Downloads
Yishan Ding
Performance evaluation of a gas injection CO2 heat pump according to operating parameters in extreme heating and cooling conditions pp. 337-345 Downloads
Hyun Joon Chung, Changhyun Baek, Hoon Kang, Dongwoo Kim and Yongchan Kim
Fractionation of liquid products from pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass by stepwise thermal treatment pp. 346-351 Downloads
H. Persson, T. Han, L. Sandström, W. Xia, P. Evangelopoulos and W. Yang
Numerical investigation of moisture removal and energy consumption of porous body affected by EHD pp. 352-364 Downloads
F. Dolati, N. Amanifard and H.M. Deylami
Micro linear generator for harvesting mechanical energy from the human gait pp. 365-373 Downloads
Peng Gui, Fang Deng, Zelang Liang, Yeyun Cai and Jie Chen
The dynamic relationship between energy consumption, investment and economic growth in China's rural area: New evidence based on provincial panel data pp. 374-382 Downloads
Yu Hao, Ling'ou Wang, Lingyun Zhu and Minjie Ye
ARC algorithm: A novel approach to forecast and manage daily electrical maximum demand pp. 383-389 Downloads
Da-Chun Wu, Amin Amini, Ali Razban and Jie Chen
Improving the performance of booster heat pumps using zeotropic mixtures pp. 390-402 Downloads
B. Zühlsdorf, W. Meesenburg, T.S. Ommen, J.E. Thorsen, W.B. Markussen and B. Elmegaard
Relational analysis of the oil and gas sector of Mexico: Implications for Mexico's energy reform pp. 403-414 Downloads
González-López, Rafael and Mario Giampietro
Potential of predictive control for improvement of seasonal coefficient of performance of air source heat pump in Central European climate zone pp. 415-423 Downloads
Jiří Pospíšil, Michal Špiláček and Libor Kudela
Solar power and heat production via photovoltaic thermal panels for district heating and industrial plant pp. 424-432 Downloads
Ieva Pakere, Dace Lauka and Dagnija Blumberga
The battery-supercapacitor hybrid energy storage system in electric vehicle applications: A case study pp. 433-441 Downloads
Ziyou Song, Jianqiu Li, Jun Hou, Heath Hofmann, Minggao Ouyang and Jiuyu Du
An open-source comprehensive numerical model for dynamic response and loads analysis of floating offshore wind turbines pp. 442-454 Downloads
M. Barooni, N. Ale Ali and T. Ashuri
Bilevel transmission expansion planning using second-order cone programming considering wind investment pp. 455-465 Downloads
Saeed Zolfaghari and Tohid Akbari
Assessment of indoor illuminance and study on best photosensors' position for design and commissioning of Daylight Linked Control systems. A new method based on artificial neural networks pp. 466-476 Downloads
M. Beccali, M. Bonomolo, G. Ciulla and V. Lo Brano
Catalytic fast pyrolysis of rice husk for bio-oil production pp. 477-487 Downloads
Wenfei Cai, Li Dai and Ronghou Liu
Numerical investigation of thermodynamic properties in 2D porous silicon photonic crystals integrated in thermophotovoltaic energy conversion system pp. 488-497 Downloads
Amedome Min-Dianey, Kossi Aniya, Hao-Chun Zhang, Noé Landry Privace M'Bouana, Chengshuai Su and Xinlin Xia
Combustion and emission characteristics of a light duty diesel engine fueled with hydro-processed renewable diesel pp. 498-507 Downloads
Devendra Singh, K.A. Subramanian, Rajaram Bal, S.P. Singh and R. Badola
The power performance of an offshore floating wind turbine in platform pitching motion pp. 508-521 Downloads
Binrong Wen, Xingjian Dong, Xinliang Tian, Zhike Peng, Wenming Zhang and Kexiang Wei
A seasonal GM(1,1) model for forecasting the electricity consumption of the primary economic sectors pp. 522-534 Downloads
Zheng-Xin Wang, Qin Li and Ling-Ling Pei
Superheat limit and micro-explosion in droplets of hydrous ethanol-diesel emulsions at atmospheric pressure and diesel-like conditions pp. 535-543 Downloads
Xiaoqing Zhang, Tie Li, Bin Wang and Yijie Wei
Energy audit model based on a performance evaluation system pp. 544-552 Downloads
Rafael Petri Zanardo, Julio Cezar Mairesse Siluk, Fernando de Souza Savian and Paulo Smith Schneider
Thermodynamic analysis of different oil flooded compression enhanced vapor injection cycles pp. 553-560 Downloads
Zhipeng Yuan, Qi Liu, Baojun Luo, Zhenming Li, Jianqin Fu and Jingwei Chen
A new family of Mn-based perovskite (La1-xYxMnO3) with improved oxygen electrocatalytic activity for metal-air batteries pp. 561-570 Downloads
He Miao, Zhouhang Wang, Qin Wang, Shanshan Sun, Yejian Xue, Fu Wang, Jiapei Zhao, Zhaoping Liu and Jinliang Yuan
Testing for wavelet based time-frequency relationship between oil prices and US economic activity pp. 571-580 Downloads
Syed Raza, Muhammad Shahbaz, Amir-ud-Din, Rafi, Rashid Sbia and Nida Shah
Optimizing a hybrid wind-PV-battery system using GA-PSO and MOPSO for reducing cost and increasing reliability pp. 581-591 Downloads
Narges Ghorbani, Alibakhsh Kasaeian, Ashkan Toopshekan, Leyli Bahrami and Amin Maghami
Modelling the integrated power and transport energy system: The role of power-to-gas and hydrogen in long-term scenarios for Italy pp. 592-601 Downloads
Paolo Colbertaldo, Giulio Guandalini and Stefano Campanari
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