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Volume 79, issue C, 2015

Numerical modeling flow and heat transfer in dimpled cooling channels with secondary hemispherical protrusions pp. 1-19 Downloads
Jian Liu, Yidan Song, Gongnan Xie and Bengt Sunden
Impacts of climate change on energy consumption and peak demand in buildings: A detailed regional approach pp. 20-32 Downloads
James A. Dirks, Willy J. Gorrissen, John H. Hathaway, Daniel C. Skorski, Michael J. Scott, Trenton C. Pulsipher, Maoyi Huang, Ying Liu and Jennie S. Rice
Dynamic analysis and application of fuel elements pneumatic transportation in a pebble bed reactor pp. 33-39 Downloads
Hongbing Liu, Dong Du, Zandong Han, Yirong Zou and Jiluan Pan
Demand and price uncertainty: Rational habits in international gasoline demand pp. 40-49 Downloads
K Scott
Coordination of combined heat and power-thermal-wind-photovoltaic units in economic load dispatch using chance-constrained and jointly distributed random variables methods pp. 50-67 Downloads
Azizipanah-Abarghooee, Rasoul, Taher Niknam, Mohammad Amin Bina and Mohsen Zare
Modelling environmental and energy system impacts of large-scale excess heat utilisation – A regional case study pp. 68-79 Downloads
Akram Fakhri Sandvall, Martin Börjesson, Tomas Ekvall and Erik O. Ahlgren
Scenario analysis for estimating the learning rate of photovoltaic power generation based on learning curve theory in South Korea pp. 80-89 Downloads
Sungjun Hong, Yanghon Chung and Chungwon Woo
Development and analysis of a new renewable energy-based multi-generation system pp. 90-99 Downloads
Monu Malik, Ibrahim Dincer and Marc A. Rosen
The effects of early inlet valve closing and cylinder disablement on fuel economy and emissions of a direct injection diesel engine pp. 100-110 Downloads
J.P. Zammit, M.J. McGhee, P.J. Shayler, T. Law and I. Pegg
Raman analysis on methane production from natural gas hydrate by carbon dioxide–methane replacement pp. 111-116 Downloads
Chun-Gang Xu, Jing Cai, Fu-hua Lin, Zhao-Yang Chen and Xiao-Sen Li
Parametric assessment of a low-swirl burner using the exergy analysis pp. 117-126 Downloads
M.E. Feyz, S.I. Pishbin, M. Ghazikhani and S.M.R. Modarres Razavi
Effect of process operating conditions in the biomass torrefaction: A simulation study using one-dimensional reactor and process model pp. 127-139 Downloads
Chansaem Park, Umer Zahid, Sangho Lee and Chonghun Han
Building service life and its effect on the life cycle embodied energy of buildings pp. 140-148 Downloads
Abdul Rauf and Robert H. Crawford
Optimization of carbon-capture-enabled coal-gas-solar power generation pp. 149-162 Downloads
Philip G. Brodrick, Charles A. Kang, Adam R. Brandt and Louis J. Durlofsky
Closed-form modeling of direct steam generation in a parabolic trough solar receiver pp. 163-176 Downloads
Rong Xu and Theodore F. Wiesner
Effect of LaCl3 addition on the hydrogen storage properties of MgH2 pp. 177-182 Downloads
M. Ismail
Influence of gamma irradiation exposure on the performance of supercapacitor electrodes made from oil palm empty fruit bunches pp. 183-194 Downloads
Najah Syahirah Mohd Nor, Mohamad Deraman, Ramli Omar, Awitdrus,, Rakhmawati Farma, Nur Hamizah Basri, Besek Nurdiana Mohd Dolah, Nurul Fatin Mamat, Baharudin Yatim and Mohd Norizam Md Daud
Experimental investigation on a turbo expander substituted for throttle valve in the subcritical refrigeration system pp. 195-202 Downloads
Zhenying Zhang, Minxia Li, Yitai Ma and Xiufeng Gong
Experimental study on the effective thermal conductivity of hydrate-bearing sediments pp. 203-211 Downloads
Lei Yang, Jiafei Zhao, Weiguo Liu, Mingjun Yang and Yongchen Song
Achieving Copenhagen target through carbon emission trading: Economic impacts assessment in Guangdong Province of China pp. 212-227 Downloads
Peng Wang, Han-cheng Dai, Song-yan Ren, Dai-qing Zhao and Toshihiko Masui
Propulsive performance of a pulse detonation rocket engine without the purge process pp. 228-234 Downloads
Ke Wang, Wei Fan, Wei Lu, Qibin Zhang, Fan Chen, Chuanjun Yan and Qiang Xia
Optimal working pairs for solar adsorption cooling applications pp. 235-247 Downloads
A. Allouhi, T. Kousksou, A. Jamil, T. El Rhafiki, Y. Mourad and Y. Zeraouli
Optimization of vane numbers through simulation and experiment, and investigation of the effect on the performance and emissions of a CI (compression ignition) engine run with biodiesel pp. 248-263 Downloads
S. Bari and Idris Saad
Steam gasification of coal cokes by internally circulating fluidized-bed reactor by concentrated Xe-light radiation for solar syngas production pp. 264-272 Downloads
Nobuyuki Gokon, Takuya Izawa and Tatsuya Kodama
Process intensification in biodiesel production with energy reduction by pinch analysis pp. 273-287 Downloads
Valentin Pleşu, Joan Subirana Puigcasas, Guillem Benet Surroca, Jordi Bonet, Alexandra E. Bonet Ruiz, Alexandru Tuluc and Joan Llorens
A general improved methodology to forecasting future oil production: Application to the UK and Norway pp. 288-297 Downloads
L. Fiévet, Z. Forró, P. Cauwels and D. Sornette
Explorative economic analysis of a novel biogas upgrading technology using carbon mineralization. A case study for Spain pp. 298-309 Downloads
Katherine Starr, Andrea Ramirez, Hans Meerman, Gara Villalba and Xavier Gabarrell
A study of hydrogen generation by reaction of an activated Mg–CoCl2 (magnesium–cobalt chloride) composite with pure water for portable applications pp. 310-314 Downloads
Qian Sun, Meishuai Zou, Xiaoyan Guo, Rongjie Yang, Haitao Huang, Peng Huang and Xiangdong He
Production behaviors and heat transfer characteristics of methane hydrate dissociation by depressurization in conjunction with warm water stimulation with dual horizontal wells pp. 315-324 Downloads
Jing-Chun Feng, Yi Wang, Xiao-Sen Li, Gang Li and Zhao-Yang Chen
Exergy analysis of synthetic biofuel production via fast pyrolysis and hydroupgrading pp. 325-336 Downloads
Jens F. Peters, Fontina Petrakopoulou and Javier Dufour
Numerical and experimental study of heat transfer characteristics of a shell-tube latent heat storage system: Part I – Charging process pp. 337-350 Downloads
X. Xiao and P. Zhang
Entropy analysis for magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer of a Jeffrey nanofluid over a stretching sheet pp. 351-362 Downloads
Nemat Dalir, Mohammad Dehsara and S. Salman Nourazar
Ethanol adsorption onto metal organic framework: Theory and experiments pp. 363-370 Downloads
Bidyut Baran Saha, El-Sharkawy, Ibrahim I., Takahiko Miyazaki, Shigeru Koyama, Stefan K. Henninger, Annika Herbst and Christoph Janiak
Enhancement of Savonius wind rotor aerodynamic performance: a computational study of new blade shapes and curtain systems pp. 371-384 Downloads
Mariano Tartuferi, Valerio D'Alessandro, Sergio Montelpare and Renato Ricci
Estimating the cost of energy access: The case of the village of Suro Craic in Timor Leste pp. 385-397 Downloads
Francesco Fuso Nerini, Roger Dargaville, Mark Howells and Morgan Bazilian
A thermodynamic comparison between organic Rankine and Kalina cycles for waste heat recovery from the Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor pp. 398-406 Downloads
V. Zare and S.M.S. Mahmoudi
Thermodynamic modelling and parametric study of a low temperature vapour compression-absorption system based on modified Gouy-Stodola equation pp. 407-418 Downloads
Vaibhav Jain, Gulshan Sachdeva and S.S. Kachhwaha
Comparison of pasteurization and integrated thermophilic sanitation at a full-scale biogas plant – Heat demand and biogas production pp. 419-427 Downloads
Johanna Grim, Peter Malmros, Anna Schnürer and Åke Nordberg
A 25 kWe low concentration methane catalytic combustion gas turbine prototype unit pp. 428-438 Downloads
Shi Su and Xinxiang Yu
Dynamic modelling and simulation of a heat engine aerobot for atmospheric energy utilization pp. 439-446 Downloads
Wei Yao, Xiaochen Lu, Chao Wang, Yao Wu, Rong Ma and Jian Song
The impact of energy consumption, income and foreign direct investment on carbon dioxide emissions in Vietnam pp. 447-454 Downloads
Chor Foon Tang and Bee Wah Tan
Environmental impact assessment of a solid-oxide fuel-cell-based combined-heat-and-power-generation system pp. 455-466 Downloads
Young Duk Lee, Kook Young Ahn, Tatiana Morosuk and George Tsatsaronis
Influence of wavy wall and non-uniform heating on natural convection heat transfer and entropy generation inside porous complex enclosure pp. 467-481 Downloads
Saurabh Bhardwaj, Amaresh Dalal and Sukumar Pati
Fabrication of ionic liquid/polymer nanoscale networks by electrospinning and chemical cross-linking and their application in hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of NaBH4 pp. 482-488 Downloads
Amutha Chinnappan, Arvind H. Jadhav, John Marc C. Puguan, Appiah-Ntiamoah, Richard and Hern Kim
Modelling and forecasting CO2 emissions in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries using a novel multi-variable grey model pp. 489-495 Downloads
Lifeng Wu, Sifeng Liu, Dinglin Liu, Zhigeng Fang and Haiyan Xu
A new algorithm for combined dynamic economic emission dispatch with security constraints pp. 496-511 Downloads
R. Arul, S. Velusami and G. Ravi
Analytical wake model of tidal current turbine pp. 512-521 Downloads
Wei-Haur Lam, Long Chen and Roslan Hashim
Energy matching and optimization analysis of waste to energy CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) system with exergy and energy level pp. 522-535 Downloads
Penghui Gao, Yanjun Dai, YenWah Tong and Pengwei Dong

Volume 78, issue C, 2014

Cultivation of microalga, Chlorella vulgaris under different auto–hetero–mixo trophic growths as a raw material during biodiesel production and cost evaluation pp. 4-8 Downloads
Panida Rattanapoltee and Pakawadee Kaewkannetra
Enhancing the lipid content of the diatom Nitzschia sp. by 60Co-γ irradiation mutation and high-salinity domestication pp. 9-15 Downloads
Jun Cheng, Jia Feng, Jing Sun, Yun Huang, Junhu Zhou and Kefa Cen
Application of magnesium sulfate and its nanoparticles for enhanced lipid production by mixotrophic cultivation of algae using biodiesel waste pp. 16-22 Downloads
Saurabh Jyoti Sarma, Ratul Kumar Das, Satinder Kaur Brar, Yann Le Bihan, Gerardo Buelna, Mausam Verma and Carlos Ricardo Soccol
Design and optimization of artificial cultivation units for algae production pp. 23-39 Downloads
Soumya Yadala and Selen Cremaschi
The effects of illumination factors on the growth and HCO3− fixation of microalgae in an experiment culture system pp. 40-47 Downloads
Guangmin Liu, Lina Qiao, Hong Zhang, Dan Zhao and Xudong Su
Autohydrolysis and alkaline pretreatment effect on Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus sp. methane production pp. 48-52 Downloads
Ahmed Mahdy, Lara Mendez, Mercedes Ballesteros and González-Fernández, Cristina
Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of seaweed solid wastes for bioethanol production: An optimization study pp. 53-62 Downloads
Inn Shi Tan and Keat Teong Lee
Transesterification of Nannochloropsis oculata microalga's oil to biodiesel using calcium methoxide catalyst pp. 63-71 Downloads
Siow Hwa Teo, Aminul Islam, Talal Yusaf and Taufiq-Yap, Yun Hin
Biodiesel production from algae by using heterogeneous catalysts: A critical review pp. 72-83 Downloads
Ahmad Galadima and Oki Muraza
Life cycle costs for the optimized production of hydrogen and biogas from microalgae pp. 84-93 Downloads
Markus A. Meyer and Annika Weiss
The production of biofuel and bioelectricity associated with wastewater treatment by green algae pp. 94-103 Downloads
Jyoti Prakash Maity, Chia-Peng Hou, Dip Majumder, Jochen Bundschuh, Thomas R. Kulp, Chien-Yen Chen, Lu-Te Chuang, Ching-Nen Nathan Chen, Jiin-Shuh Jean, Tsui-Chu Yang and Chien-Cheng Chen
Microalgae for third generation biofuel production, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and wastewater treatment: Present and future perspectives – A mini review pp. 104-113 Downloads
Jyoti Prakash Maity, Jochen Bundschuh, Chien-Yen Chen and Prosun Bhattacharya
Sizing, selection, and comparison of heat exchangers considering the lowest saving-investment ratio corresponding to the area at the tag end of the heat exchanger pp. 114-121 Downloads
Ismail Teke, Özden Ağra, Hakan Demir and Ş. Özgür Atayılmaz
Optimization of anaerobic co-digestion of Solidago canadensis L. biomass and cattle slurry pp. 122-127 Downloads
Yiqing Yao, Hongmei Sheng, Yang Luo, Mulan He, Xiangkai Li, Hua Zhang, Wenliang He and Lizhe An
Improving the energy storage capability of hot water tanks through wall material specification pp. 128-140 Downloads
P. Armstrong, D. Ager, I. Thompson and M. McCulloch
The wood fuel market in Denmark – Price development, market efficiency and internationalization pp. 141-148 Downloads
Olle Olsson and Bengt Hillring
A micro passive direct methanol fuel cell with high performance via plasma electrolytic oxidation on aluminum-based substrate pp. 149-153 Downloads
Huichao Deng, Xuelin Zhang, Zezhong Ma, Hailong Chen, Qiu Sun, Yufeng Zhang and Xiaowei Liu
Investment timing under uncertain renewable energy policy: An empirical study of small hydropower projects pp. 154-164 Downloads
Kristin Linnerud, Ane Marte Andersson and Stein-Erik Fleten
Shale-gas scheduling for natural-gas supply in electric power production pp. 165-182 Downloads
Brage Rugstad Knudsen, Curtis H. Whitson and Bjarne Foss
Are fluctuations in natural gas consumption per capita transitory? Evidence from time series and panel unit root tests pp. 183-195 Downloads
Muhammad Shahbaz, Naceur Khraief, Mantu Mahalik and Khair Uz Zaman
Development of an integrated renewable energy system for multigeneration pp. 196-204 Downloads
F. Suleman, I. Dincer and Agelin-Chaab, M.
Numerical study of primary steam superheating effects on steam ejector flow and its pumping performance pp. 205-211 Downloads
Xiaodong Wang, Jingliang Dong, Ao Li, Hongjian Lei and Jiyuan Tu
Thermal energy storage characteristics of Cu–H2O nanofluids pp. 212-217 Downloads
X.J. Wang, X.F. Li, Y.H. Xu and D.S. Zhu
Temperature distribution, local and total entropy generation analyses in asymmetric cooling composite geometries with multiple nonlinearities: Effect of imperfect thermal contact pp. 218-234 Downloads
Mohsen Torabi, Kaili Zhang, Guangcheng Yang, Jun Wang and Peng Wu
Integrated electricity and heating demand-side management for wind power integration in China pp. 235-246 Downloads
Yulong Yang, Kai Wu, Hongyu Long, Jianchao Gao, Xu Yan, Takeyoshi Kato and Yasuo Suzuoki
Solar energy prediction using linear and non-linear regularization models: A study on AMS (American Meteorological Society) 2013–14 Solar Energy Prediction Contest pp. 247-256 Downloads
S.K. Aggarwal and L.M. Saini
Experimental investigation of the cycle-to-cycle variations in combustion process of a hydraulic free-piston engine pp. 257-265 Downloads
Zhenfeng Zhao, Dan Wu, Zhenyu Zhang, Fujun Zhang and Changlu Zhao
The effects of steam injection on the performance and emission parameters of a Miller cycle diesel engine pp. 266-275 Downloads
Guven Gonca, Bahri Sahin, Adnan Parlak, Yasin Ust, Vezir Ayhan, İdris Cesur and Barış Boru
Multi-objective optimal power flow considering the cost, emission, voltage deviation and power losses using multi-objective modified imperialist competitive algorithm pp. 276-289 Downloads
Mojtaba Ghasemi, Sahand Ghavidel, Mohammad Mehdi Ghanbarian, Masihallah Gharibzadeh and Ali Azizi Vahed
Analysis of oxy-fuel combustion as an alternative to combustion with air in metal reheating furnaces pp. 290-297 Downloads
Flávio A.D. Oliveira, João A. Carvalho, Pedro M. Sobrinho and André de Castro
Activated carbon nanotubes/polyaniline composites as supercapacitor electrodes pp. 298-303 Downloads
Seul-Yi Lee, Ji-Il Kim and Soo-Jin Park
Dynamic behaviors of adsorption chiller: Effects of the silica gel grain size and layers pp. 304-312 Downloads
Anutosh Chakraborty, Bidyut Baran Saha and Yuri I. Aristov
A small-scale CAES (compressed air energy storage) system for stand-alone renewable energy power plant for a radio base station: A sizing-design methodology pp. 313-322 Downloads
E. Jannelli, M. Minutillo, A. Lubrano Lavadera and G. Falcucci
Gasification of lignite in a fixed bed reactor: Influence of particle size on performance of downdraft gasifier pp. 323-332 Downloads
Vimal R. Patel, Darshit S. Upadhyay and Rajesh N. Patel
Co-benefits of energy efficiency improvement and air pollution abatement in the Chinese iron and steel industry pp. 333-345 Downloads
Shaohui Zhang, Ernst Worrell, Crijns-Graus, Wina, Fabian Wagner and Janusz Cofala
Tactical supply chain planning for a forest biomass power plant under supply uncertainty pp. 346-355 Downloads
Nazanin Shabani, Taraneh Sowlati, Mustapha Ouhimmou and Mikael Rönnqvist
Experimental investigation on performance, combustion and emission characteristics of four stroke diesel engine using diesel blended with alcohol as fuel pp. 356-363 Downloads
T. Balamurugan and R. Nalini
Theoretical, experimental and numerical diagnose of critical power point of thermoelectric generators pp. 364-372 Downloads
Min Chen and Xin Gao
In-situ and ex-situ measurements of thermal conductivity of supercapacitors pp. 373-383 Downloads
H.H. Hauge, V. Presser and O. Burheim
Impact of integrated hot water cooling and desiccant-assisted evaporative cooling systems on energy savings in a data center pp. 384-396 Downloads
Min-Hwi Kim, Sang-Woo Ham, Jun-Seok Park and Jae-Weon Jeong
Revealing household characteristics from smart meter data pp. 397-410 Downloads
Christian Beckel, Leyna Sadamori, Thorsten Staake and Silvia Santini
International environmental efficiency differences and their determinants pp. 411-420 Downloads
Mingquan Li and Qi Wang
Combination of preferential CO oxidation and methanation in hybrid MCR (micro-channel reactor) for CO clean-up pp. 421-425 Downloads
Chun-Boo Lee, Sung-Ho Cho, Dong-Wook Lee, Kyung-Ran Hwang, Jong-Soo Park and Sung-Hyun Kim
China's regional disparities in energy consumption: An input–output analysis pp. 426-438 Downloads
Zheng Li, Lingying Pan, Feng Fu, Pei Liu, Linwei Ma and Angelo Amorelli
Analysis of the reusability of the energy of the exhaust gas from the calciner for the production of carbon pp. 439-450 Downloads
Liang-Chen Wang, Li-Ming Chang, Liang-Bi Wang, Ke-Wei Song, Yong-Heng Zhang, Xiang Wu and Zhi-Min Lin
Large eddy simulation-based analysis of entropy generation in a turbulent nonpremixed flame pp. 451-457 Downloads
Mehdi Safari and M. Reza H. Sheikhi
Impact of experimental pressure and temperature on semiclathrate hydrate formation for pre-combustion capture of CO2 using tetra-n-butyl ammonium nitrate pp. 458-464 Downloads
Ponnivalavan Babu, Stuti Datta, Rajnish Kumar and Praveen Linga
Optimal strategies for carbon capture, utilization and storage based on an inexact mλ-measure fuzzy chance-constrained programming pp. 465-478 Downloads
C. Dai, Y.P. Cai, Y.P. Li, W. Sun, X.W. Wang and H.C. Guo
Impregnation of olive mill wastewater on dry biomasses: Impact on chemical properties and combustion performances pp. 479-489 Downloads
Nesrine Kraiem, Mejdi Jeguirim, Lionel Limousy, Marzouk Lajili, Sophie Dorge, Laure Michelin and Rachid Said
Response of a conical, laminar premixed flame to low amplitude acoustic forcing – A comparison between experiment and kinematic theories pp. 490-500 Downloads
Nader Karimi
Thermoeconomic analysis & optimization of the combined supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) recompression Brayton/organic Rankine cycle pp. 501-512 Downloads
Ata D. Akbari and Seyed M.S. Mahmoudi
Enhanced-Pumped-Storage: Combining pumped-storage in a yearly storage cycle with dams in cascade in Brazil pp. 513-523 Downloads
Julian David Hunt, Marcos Aurélio Vasconcelos Freitas and Amaro Olímipio Pereira Junior
Self-scheduling for energy and spinning reserve of wind/CSP plants by a MILP approach pp. 524-534 Downloads
H.M.I. Pousinho, H. Silva, V.M.F. Mendes, Collares-Pereira, M. and C. Pereira Cabrita
Modelling electricity demand using the STAR (Smooth Transition Auto-Regressive) model in Pakistan pp. 535-542 Downloads
Saima Nawaz, Nasir Iqbal and Saba Anwar
Enhancement of biodiesel, hydrogen and methane generation from molasses by Cunninghamella echinulata and anaerobic bacteria through sequential three-stage fermentation pp. 543-554 Downloads
Abd-Alla, Mohamed Hemida, Magdy Mohamed Khalil Bagy, Fatthy Mohamed Morsy and Elhagag Ahmed Hassan
Dynamic energy performance analysis: Case study for energy efficiency retrofits of hospital buildings pp. 555-572 Downloads
Annamaria Buonomano, Francesco Calise, Gabriele Ferruzzi and Adolfo Palombo
Optimization of ground heat exchanger parameters of ground source heat pump system for space heating applications pp. 573-586 Downloads
T. Sivasakthivel, K. Murugesan and P.K. Sahoo
Allocating resources and products in multi-hybrid multi-cogeneration: What fractions of heat and power are renewable in hybrid fossil-solar CHP? pp. 587-603 Downloads
Gian Paolo Beretta, Paolo Iora and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Modelling steady state performance of a local electricity distribution system under UK 2050 carbon pathway scenarios pp. 604-621 Downloads
Sara Louise Walker, Alex Hope and Edward Bentley
Thermodynamic and economic optimizations of a waste heat to power plant driven by a subcritical ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) using pure or zeotropic working fluid pp. 622-638 Downloads
Van Long Le, Abdelhamid Kheiri, Michel Feidt and Pelloux-Prayer, Sandrine
Finite cylinder-source model for energy pile heat exchangers: Effects of thermal storage and vertical temperature variations pp. 639-648 Downloads
Tatyana V. Bandos, Campos-Celador, Álvaro, López-González, Luis M. and Sala-Lizarraga, José M.
Fuel constrained economic emission dispatch using nondominated sorting genetic algorithm-II pp. 649-664 Downloads
M. Basu
Economic evaluations of coal-based combustion and gasification power plants with post-combustion CO2 capture using calcium looping cycle pp. 665-673 Downloads
Calin-Cristian Cormos
Power production via North Sea Hot Brines pp. 674-684 Downloads
Alison Auld, Simon Hogg, Arganthaël Berson and Jon Gluyas
Experimental assessment of an absorption cooling system operating with the ammonia/lithium nitrate mixture pp. 685-692 Downloads
Hernández-Magallanes, J.A., Domínguez-Inzunza, L.A., Gutiérrez-Urueta, G., P. Soto, C. Jiménez and W. Rivera
Development of binary nanoemulsion to apply for diffusion absorption refrigerator as a new refrigerant pp. 693-700 Downloads
Jin Ki Lee, Kyoung-Ryul Lee and Yong Tae Kang
Simulation, experimental validation and kinematic optimization of a Stirling engine using air and helium pp. 701-712 Downloads
Juliette Bert, Daniela Chrenko, Tonino Sophy, Luis Le Moyne and Frédéric Sirot
Laminar flow in circular tube with internal solidification of a binary mixture pp. 713-719 Downloads
M. Mahdaoui, T. Kousksou, J.M. Marín, T. El Rhafiki and Y. Zeraouli
An approach to obtain Heat Integration scheme with higher viability for complex system pp. 720-731 Downloads
Xiaohui Chen, Danxing Zheng and Juan Chen
A panel data parametric frontier technique for measuring total-factor energy efficiency: An application to Japanese regions pp. 732-739 Downloads
Satoshi Honma and Jin-Li Hu
A novel prognostic model of performance degradation trend for power machinery maintenance pp. 740-746 Downloads
Dengji Zhou, Huisheng Zhang and Shilie Weng
Comparison and performance analysis of the novel revolving vane expander design variants in low and medium pressure applications pp. 747-757 Downloads
Alison Subiantoro and Kim Tiow Ooi
Integration aspects of reactive absorption for post-combustion CO2 capture from NGCC (natural gas combined cycle) power plants pp. 758-767 Downloads
Karl Lindqvist, Kristin Jordal, Geir Haugen, Karl Anders Hoff and Rahul Anantharaman
A flexible model for economic operational management of grid battery energy storage pp. 768-776 Downloads
Robert L. Fares and Michael E. Webber
Study on RCCI (reactivity controlled compression ignition) engine by means of statistical experimental design pp. 777-787 Downloads
Jing Li, Wen Ming Yang, Thong Ngee Goh, Hui An and Amin Maghbouli
Electricity generation from enhanced geothermal systems by oilfield produced water circulating through reservoir stimulated by staged fracturing technology for horizontal wells: A case study in Xujiaweizi area in Daqing Oilfield, China pp. 788-805 Downloads
Yan-Jun Zhang, Zheng-Wei Li, Liang-Liang Guo, Ping Gao, Xian-Peng Jin and Tian-Fu Xu
Demonstration of 10-Wp micro organic Rankine cycle generator for low-grade heat recovery pp. 806-813 Downloads
Noboru Yamada, Yoshihito Tominaga and Takanori Yoshida
Influence of fuel blend ash components on steam co-gasification of coal and biomass – Chemometric study pp. 814-825 Downloads
Natalia Howaniec and Adam Smoliński
Control methodologies based on geothermal recirculating aquaculture system pp. 826-833 Downloads
Hanaa M. Farghally, Doaa M. Atia, El-madany, Hanaa T. and Faten H. Fahmy
Transferring the south solar energy to the north facade through embedded water pipes pp. 834-845 Downloads
Mohamad Ibrahim, Etienne Wurtz, Pascal Henry Biwole and Patrick Achard
A study on lubricant oil supply for positive-displacement expanders in small-scale organic Rankine cycles pp. 846-853 Downloads
Biao Lei, Yu-Ting Wu, Wei Wang, Jing-Fu Wang and Chong-Fang Ma
The role of the in-cylinder gas temperature and oxygen concentration over low load reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion efficiency pp. 854-868 Downloads
José M. Desantes, Jesús Benajes, Antonio García and Monsalve-Serrano, Javier
CO2 hydrate formation at atmospheric pressure using high efficiency absorbent and surfactants pp. 869-876 Downloads
Jae Woo Choi, Jin Tack Chung and Yong Tae Kang
Economic and environmental impacts of community-based residential building energy efficiency investment pp. 877-886 Downloads
Jun-Ki Choi, Drew Morrison, Kevin P. Hallinan and Robert J. Brecha
Photoheterotrophic microalgal hydrogen production using acetate- and butyrate-rich wastewater effluent pp. 887-894 Downloads
Jae-Hoon Hwang, Akhil N. Kabra, Jung Rae Kim and Byong-Hun Jeon
Performance estimation of photovoltaic–thermoelectric hybrid systems pp. 895-903 Downloads
Jin Zhang, Yimin Xuan and Lili Yang
Impact of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles charging demand on the optimal energy management of renewable micro-grids pp. 904-915 Downloads
Kavousi-Fard, Abdollah, Alireza Abunasri, Alireza Zare and Rasool Hoseinzadeh
A methodology in innovative support of the integrated energy planning preparation and orientation phase pp. 916-927 Downloads
Atom Mirakyan and R.D. Guio
Long-term variations of ultraviolet radiation in China from measurements and model reconstructions pp. 928-938 Downloads
Lunche Wang, Wei Gong, Bo Hu, Lan Feng, Aiwen Lin and Ming Zhang
The economy of distributed PV in China pp. 939-949 Downloads
Jiahai Yuan, Shenghui Sun, Wenhua Zhang and Minpeng Xiong
Preparation and properties of palmitic-stearic acid eutectic mixture/expanded graphite composite as phase change material for energy storage pp. 950-956 Downloads
Nan Zhang, Yanping Yuan, Yanxia Du, Xiaoling Cao and Yaguang Yuan
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