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Volume 84, issue C, 2015

Optimal design of power system stabilizer for power systems including doubly fed induction generator wind turbines pp. 1-14 Downloads
Mehdi Derafshian and Nima Amjady
Towards the optimal design of a co-located wind-wave farm pp. 15-24 Downloads
S. Astariz, Perez-Collazo, C., J. Abanades and G. Iglesias
Considering cost and reliability in electrical and thermal distribution networks reinforcement planning pp. 25-35 Downloads
Ali Reza Abbasi and Ali Reza Seifi
Beyond carbon: Quantifying environmental externalities as energy for hydroelectric and nuclear power pp. 36-44 Downloads
Seth Sheldon, Saeed Hadian and Ory Zik
The physical limits to economic growth by R&D funded innovation pp. 45-52 Downloads
Bernard C. Beaudreau and H. Douglas Lightfoot
Welfare implications of power rationing: An application to Germany pp. 53-62 Downloads
Andre Wolf and Lars Wenzel
Application of a Bayesian Network complex system model to a successful community electricity demand reduction program pp. 63-74 Downloads
Peter Morris, Desley Vine and Laurie Buys
Microwave pyrolysis of rice straw to produce biochar as an adsorbent for CO2 capture pp. 75-82 Downloads
Yu-Fong Huang, Pei-Te Chiueh, Chun-Hao Shih, Shang-Lien Lo, Liping Sun, Yuan Zhong and Chunsheng Qiu
Upgrading of bio-oil to boiler fuel by catalytic hydrotreatment and esterification in an efficient process pp. 83-90 Downloads
Xinghua Zhang, Lungang Chen, Wei Kong, Tiejun Wang, Qi Zhang, Jinxing Long, Ying Xu and Longlong Ma
Current controller for a bidirectional boost input stage equipped with an LCL (inductance–capacitance–inductance) filter pp. 91-97 Downloads
Roberto Fantino, Claudio Busada and Jorge Solsona
Morocco's strategy for energy security and low-carbon growth pp. 98-105 Downloads
T. Kousksou, A. Allouhi, M. Belattar, A. Jamil, T. El Rhafiki and Y. Zeraouli
Optimal structural design of residential cogeneration systems with battery based on improved solution method for mixed-integer linear programming pp. 106-120 Downloads
Tetsuya Wakui and Ryohei Yokoyama
Comparison and parameter optimization of a segmented thermoelectric generator by using the high temperature exhaust of a diesel engine pp. 121-130 Downloads
Hua Tian, Xiuxiu Sun, Qi Jia, Xingyu Liang, Gequn Shu and Xu Wang
Energy and exergy analysis of industrial fluidized bed drying of paddy pp. 131-138 Downloads
Md. Sazzat Hossain Sarker, Mohd Nordin Ibrahim, Norashikin Abdul Aziz and Mohd Salleh Punan
Energy management and optimization in microgrid system based on green energy pp. 139-151 Downloads
Moataz Elsied, Amrane Oukaour, Hamid Gualous and Radwan Hassan
A Stirling engine for use with lower quality fuels pp. 152-160 Downloads
Christopher J. Paul and Abraham Engeda
Evaluating synergistic effect of optimally controlling commercial building thermal mass portfolios pp. 161-176 Downloads
Gregory S. Pavlak, Gregor P. Henze and Vincent J. Cushing
Ethanol adsorption onto carbonaceous and composite adsorbents for adsorptive cooling system pp. 177-185 Downloads
V. Brancato, A. Frazzica, A. Sapienza, L. Gordeeva and A. Freni
Inter-cycle variability of ignition delay in an ethanol fumigated common rail diesel engine pp. 186-195 Downloads
Timothy Bodisco, Philipp Tröndle and Richard J. Brown
Heat recovery and power targeting in utility systems pp. 196-206 Downloads
Li Sun, Steve Doyle and Robin Smith
Computational investigation of different effects on the performance of the Ranque–Hilsch vortex tube pp. 207-218 Downloads
Hamdy A. Kandil and Seif T. Abdelghany
Computational study of the diffuser angle effect in the design of a waste heat recovery system for oil field cabins pp. 219-238 Downloads
Sobhi Frikha, Zied Driss and Mohamed Aymen Hagui
Experimental study of the film thickness in the dehumidifier of a liquid desiccant air conditioning system pp. 239-246 Downloads
Yimo Luo, Meng Wang, Hongxing Yang, Lin Lu and Jinqing Peng
A proposal and a theoretical analysis of a novel concept of a tilted-axis wind turbine pp. 247-254 Downloads
Leo Goldstein
Synthesizing modeling of power generation and power limits in energy systems pp. 255-266 Downloads
Stanislaw Sieniutycz
Optimal management of compressed air energy storage in a hybrid wind-pneumatic-diesel system for remote area's power generation pp. 267-278 Downloads
Tammam Basbous, Rafic Younes, Adrian Ilinca and Jean Perron
A general guide to design of falling film evaporators utilized in multi effect desalination units operating at high vapor qualities under a sub-atmospheric condition pp. 279-288 Downloads
S. Bigham, R. KouhiKamali and M. P. Zadeh
Short-term solar irradiation forecasting based on Dynamic Harmonic Regression pp. 289-295 Downloads
Juan R. Trapero, Nikolaos Kourentzes and A. Martin
Thermodynamic frameworks of adsorption kinetics modeling: Dynamic water uptakes on silica gel for adsorption cooling applications pp. 296-302 Downloads
Baichuan Sun and Anutosh Chakraborty
Analytical solution to predict performance and optimum design parameters of a constructal T-shaped fin with simultaneous heat and mass transfer pp. 303-316 Downloads
Saheera Azmi Hazarika, Dipankar Bhanja, Sujit Nath and Balaram Kundu
Experimental investigation of convective heat transfer augmentation for car radiator using ZnO–water nanofluids pp. 317-324 Downloads
Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Hassan Ali, Hassan Liaquat, Hafiz Talha Bin Maqsood and Malik Ahmed Nadir
Thermodynamics analysis of a modified dual-evaporator CO2 transcritical refrigeration cycle with two-stage ejector pp. 325-335 Downloads
Tao Bai, Gang Yan and Jianlin Yu
High concentrator photovoltaic module simulation by neuronal networks using spectrally corrected direct normal irradiance and cell temperature pp. 336-343 Downloads
F. Almonacid, E.F. Fernández, T.K. Mallick and Pérez-Higueras, P.J.
Improving the energy yield from an open loop hydraulic offshore turbine through deep sea water extraction and alternative control schemes pp. 344-356 Downloads
Daniel Buhagiar, Tonio Sant, Christopher Micallef and Robert N. Farrugia
Multistage distribution substations planning considering reliability and growth of energy demand pp. 357-364 Downloads
M. Esmaeeli, A. Kazemi, H.A. Shayanfar and M.-R. Haghifam
Multi-objective, multi-period optimization of district energy systems: IV – A case study pp. 365-381 Downloads
Samira Fazlollahi, Gwenaelle Becker, Araz Ashouri and François Maréchal
The effect of energy consumption, urbanization, trade openness, industrial output, and the political stability on the environmental degradation in the MENA (Middle East and North African) region pp. 382-389 Downloads
Usama Al-mulali and Ilhan Ozturk
Energy flow analysis for rice production in different geographical regions of Iran pp. 390-396 Downloads
Hossein Kazemi, Behnam Kamkar, Somayeh Lakzaei, Meysam Badsar and Malihe Shahbyki
H2NG (hydrogen-natural gas mixtures) effects on energy performances of a condensing micro-CHP (combined heat and power) for residential applications: An expeditious assessment of water condensation and experimental analysis pp. 397-418 Downloads
Gianluigi Lo Basso, Livio de Santoli, Angelo Albo and Benedetto Nastasi
Mid-term interval load forecasting using multi-output support vector regression with a memetic algorithm for feature selection pp. 419-431 Downloads
Zhongyi Hu, Yukun Bao, Raymond Chiong and Tao Xiong
Hybrid FAHP (fuzzy analytical hierarchy process)-FTOPSIS (fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity of an ideal solution) approach for performance evaluation of the V down perforated baffle roughened rectangular channel pp. 432-442 Downloads
Sunil Chamoli
The effects of event occurrence and duration on resilience and adaptation in energy systems pp. 443-454 Downloads
Larry Hughes
Experimental study on application of high temperature reactor excess heat in the process of coal and biomass co-gasification to hydrogen-rich gas pp. 455-461 Downloads
Natalia Howaniec, Adam Smoliński and Cempa-Balewicz, Magdalena
Design and techno-economic optimization of a stand-alone PV (photovoltaic)/FC (fuel cell)/battery hybrid power system connected to a wastewater-to-hydrogen processor pp. 462-472 Downloads
Wei Wu, Veni Indah Christiana, Shin-An Chen and Jenn-Jiang Hwang
Experimental investigation of a borehole field by enhanced geothermal response test and numerical analysis of performance of the borehole heat exchangers pp. 473-484 Downloads
Jin Luo, Joachim Rohn, Wei Xiang, Manfred Bayer, Anna Priess, Lucas Wilkmann, Hagen Steger and Roman Zorn
High temperature solar thermoelectric generator – Indoor characterization method and modeling pp. 485-492 Downloads
A. Pereira, T. Caroff, G. Lorin, T. Baffie, K. Romanjek, S. Vesin, K. Kusiaku, H. Duchemin, V. Salvador, Miloud-Ali, N., L. Aixala and J. Simon
Scalable tuning of building models to hourly data pp. 493-502 Downloads
Aaron Garrett and Joshua New
Analysis of the use of biomass as an energy alternative for the Portuguese textile dyeing industry pp. 503-508 Downloads
L.J.R. Nunes, J.C.O. Matias and J.P.S. Catalão
CFD (computational fluid dynamics) investigation on Nusselt number and friction factor of solar air heater duct roughened with non-uniform cross-section transverse rib pp. 509-517 Downloads
Sukhmeet Singh, Bikramjit Singh, V.S. Hans and R.S. Gill
Numerical investigation of optimal yaw misalignment and collective pitch angle for load imbalance reduction of rigid and flexible HAWT blades under sheared inflow pp. 518-532 Downloads
Min-Soo Jeong, Myung-Chan Cha, Sang-Woo Kim and In Lee
Evaluating wind power density models and their statistical properties pp. 533-541 Downloads
Nurulkamal Masseran
Performance comparison of four lithium–ion battery technologies under calendar aging pp. 542-550 Downloads
Akram Eddahech, Olivier Briat and Jean-Michel Vinassa
Sustainability, shale gas, and energy transition in China: Assessing barriers and prioritizing strategic measures pp. 551-562 Downloads
Jingzheng Ren, Shiyu Tan, Michael Evan Goodsite, Benjamin K. Sovacool and Lichun Dong
A regional optimisation of renewable energy supply from wind and photovoltaics with respect to three key energy-political objectives pp. 563-574 Downloads
Sven Killinger, Kai Mainzer, Russell McKenna, Niklas Kreifels and Wolf Fichtner
Influence of the regulation framework on the feasibility of a Stirling engine-based residential micro-CHP installation pp. 575-588 Downloads
González-Pino, I., Pérez-Iribarren, E., Campos-Celador, A., Las-Heras-Casas, J. and J.M. Sala
The improvement gap in energy intensity: Analysis of China's thirty provincial regions using the improved DEA (data envelopment analysis) model pp. 589-599 Downloads
Ke Li and Boqiang Lin
Experimental and numerical study of oxygen separation and oxy-combustion characteristics inside a button-cell LNO-ITM reactor pp. 600-611 Downloads
Medhat A. Nemitallah, Mohamed A. Habib and K. Mezghani
Optimal integration of compression heat with regenerative steam Rankine cycles in oxy-combustion coal based power plants pp. 612-622 Downloads
Chao Fu, Rahul Anantharaman and Truls Gundersen
Extra cost analyses of two apartment buildings for achieving nearly zero and low energy buildings pp. 623-633 Downloads
Ergo Pikas, Martin Thalfeldt, Jarek Kurnitski and Roode Liias
Hydrogen production from supercritical water reforming of glycerol over Ni/Al2O3–SiO2 catalyst pp. 634-642 Downloads
F.J. Gutiérrez Ortiz, F.J. Campanario, P.G. Aguilera and P. Ollero
The effect of binary antioxidant proportions on antioxidant synergy and oxidation stability of Jatropha and Karanja biodiesels pp. 643-655 Downloads
Devendra S. Rawat, Girdhar Joshi, Bhawna Y. Lamba, Avanish K. Tiwari and Pankaj Kumar
Comparison of large scale solar PV (photovoltaic) and nuclear power plant investments in an emerging market pp. 656-665 Downloads
Abdullah Bugrahan Karaveli, Ugur Soytas and Bulent G. Akinoglu
Effect of polymer concentration on the polymer adsorption-induced permeability reduction in low permeability reservoirs pp. 666-671 Downloads
Hyemin Park, Jinju Han and Wonmo Sung
CO2 enhanced in-situ oxy-coal gasification based carbon-neutral conventional power generating systems pp. 672-683 Downloads
V. Prabu and K. Geeta
A comparative assessment of net metering and net billing policies. Study cases for Spain pp. 684-694 Downloads
Dufo-López, Rodolfo and Bernal-Agustín, José L.
Simulation of thermoelectric-hydraulic performance of a thermoelectric power generator with longitudinal vortex generators pp. 695-703 Downloads
Ting Ma, Jaideep Pandit, Srinath V. Ekkad, Scott T. Huxtable and Qiuwang Wang
Thermal design of heat-exchangeable reactors using a dry-sorbent CO2 capture multi-step process pp. 704-713 Downloads
Hokyu Moon, Hoanju Yoo, Hwimin Seo, Yong-Ki Park and Hyung Hee Cho
Investigation on the improved hydrolysis of aluminum–calcium hydride-salt mixture elaborated by ball milling pp. 714-721 Downloads
Yongan Liu, Xinhua Wang, Haizhen Liu, Zhaohui Dong, Shouquan Li, Hongwei Ge and Mi Yan
Multilevel converter control approach of active power filter for harmonics elimination in electric grids pp. 722-731 Downloads
Majid Mehrasa, Edris Pouresmaeil, Mudathir Funsho Akorede, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen and João P.S. Catalão
Heat transfer in cellulose-based aerogels: Analytical modelling and measurements pp. 732-744 Downloads
D. Baillis, R. Coquard and L.M. Moura
Solid–gas thermochemical sorption thermal battery for solar cooling and heating energy storage and heat transformer pp. 745-758 Downloads
T.X. Li, R.Z. Wang and T. Yan
A collaborative operation decision model for distributed building clusters pp. 759-773 Downloads
Rui Dai, Mengqi Hu, Dong Yang and Yang Chen
Optimal annual operation of the dry cooling system of a concentrated solar energy plant in the south of Spain pp. 774-782 Downloads
Mariano Martín
Assessing low voltage network constraints in distributed energy resources planning pp. 783-793 Downloads
C.F. Calvillo, Sánchez-Miralles, A. and J. Villar
Performance investigation and enviro-economic analysis of active vertical solar distillation units pp. 794-807 Downloads
H. Sharon and K.S. Reddy
Role of feed-in tariff policy in promoting solar photovoltaic investments in Malaysia: A system dynamics approach pp. 808-815 Downloads
Salman Ahmad, Razman Mat Tahar, Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus, Abu Bakar Munir and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim
Modeling of energy consumption and related GHG (greenhouse gas) intensity and emissions in Europe using general regression neural networks pp. 816-824 Downloads
Davor Antanasijević, Viktor Pocajt, Mirjana Ristić and Perić-Grujić, Aleksandra
A preliminary dynamic behaviors analysis of a hybrid energy storage system based on adiabatic compressed air energy storage and flywheel energy storage system for wind power application pp. 825-839 Downloads
Pan Zhao, Mingkun Wang, Jiangfeng Wang and Yiping Dai
On the representation of demand-side management in power system models pp. 840-845 Downloads
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