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Volume 147, issue C, 2018

Heat transfer deterioration in helically coiled heat exchangers in trans-critical CO2 Rankine cycles pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xinxin Liu, Xiaoxiao Xu, Chao Liu, Wanjin Bai and Chaobin Dang
Automated Building Energy Modeling and Assessment Tool (ABEMAT) pp. 15-24 Downloads
Ehsan Kamel and Ali M. Memari
Structural features and gasification reactivity of biomass chars pyrolyzed in different atmospheres at high temperature pp. 25-35 Downloads
Guangwei Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Weiwei Chang, Rongpeng Li, Yanjiang Li and Chuan Wang
Thermodynamic efficiency improvement of combined cycle power plant's bottom cycle based on organic working fluids pp. 36-50 Downloads
Stjepko Katulić, Mislav Čehil and Daniel Rolph Schneider
Energy characteristics assessment of olive pomace by means of FT-NIR spectroscopy pp. 51-58 Downloads
A. Pizzi, G. Toscano, E. Foppa Pedretti, D. Duca, G. Rossini, C. Mengarelli, A. Ilari, A. Renzi and M. Mancini
Solving the dynamic economic dispatch by a memory-based global differential evolution and a repair technique of constraint handling pp. 59-80 Downloads
Dexuan Zou, Steven Li, Xiangyong Kong, Haibin Ouyang and Zongyan Li
Evaluation of a transient borehole heat exchanger model in dynamic simulation of a ground source heat pump system pp. 81-93 Downloads
Hassan Biglarian, Madjid Abbaspour and Mohammad Hassan Saidi
An experimental study on the aerodynamic performances and wake characteristics of an innovative dual-rotor wind turbine pp. 94-109 Downloads
Zhenyu Wang, Ahmet Ozbay, Wei Tian and Hui Hu
The relationship between energy consumption, urbanization, and economic growth in new emerging-market countries pp. 110-121 Downloads
Tahsin Bakirtas and Ahmet Gokce Akpolat
Dynamic performance investigation of organic Rankine cycle driven by solar energy under cloudy condition pp. 122-141 Downloads
Jiaxin Ni, Li Zhao, Zhengtao Zhang, Ying Zhang, Jianyuan Zhang, Shuai Deng and Minglu Ma
The Philippines energy future and low-carbon development strategies pp. 142-154 Downloads
Md Alam Hossain Mondal, Mark Rosegrant, Claudia Ringler, Angga Pradesha and Valmonte-Santos, Rowena
Heat transfer fluid and material selection for an innovative Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage system pp. 155-168 Downloads
Alberto Benato and Anna Stoppato
CO2 capture by biphasic absorbent–absorption performance and VLE characteristics pp. 169-176 Downloads
Quan Zhuang and Bruce Clements
A coherent description of thermal radiative devices and its application on the near-field negative electroluminescent cooling pp. 177-186 Downloads
Chungwei Lin, Bingnan Wang, Koon Hoo Teo and Zhuomin Zhang
Entropy generation minimization for CO2 hydrogenation to light olefins pp. 187-196 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Lei Zhang, Shaojun Xia and Fengrui Sun
Energy and CO2 emissions efficiency of major economies: A network DEA approach pp. 197-207 Downloads
Yaser Iftikhar, Zhaohua Wang, Bin Zhang and Bo Wang
Establishing an overall symmetrical combustion setup for a 600 MWe supercritical down-fired boiler: A numerical and cold-modeling experimental verification pp. 208-225 Downloads
Min Kuang, Haiqian Wu, Qunyi Zhu and Shuguang Ti
Optimization and energy management of a standalone hybrid microgrid in the presence of battery storage system pp. 226-238 Downloads
Hadis Moradi, Mahdi Esfahanian, Amir Abtahi and Ali Zilouchian
Intelligent control strategy for a grid connected PV/SOFC/BESS energy generation system pp. 239-262 Downloads
N. Chettibi and A. Mellit
Synthesis of an intelligent rural village microgrid control strategy based on smartgrid multi-agent modelling and transactive energy management principles pp. 263-278 Downloads
Gerro Prinsloo, Robert Dobson and Andrea Mammoli
Influence of inlet pressure and rotational speed on the performance of high pressure single screw expander prototype pp. 279-285 Downloads
Guoqiang Li, Biao Lei, Yuting Wu, Ruiping Zhi, Yingkun Zhao, Zhiyu Guo, Guangyu Liu and Chongfang Ma
Two-stage multi-objective OPF for AC/DC grids with VSC-HVDC: Incorporating decisions analysis into optimization process pp. 286-296 Downloads
Yang Li, Yahui Li, Guoqing Li, Dongbo Zhao and Chen Chen
Environmental technical efficiency in EU member and candidate countries: A parametric hyperbolic distance function approach pp. 297-307 Downloads
Yavuz Selman Duman and Adnan Kasman
Spray drying assisted synthesis of porous carbons from whey powders for capacitive energy storage pp. 308-316 Downloads
Songwen Tan, Xuncai Chen, Shengli Zhai, Amirali Ebrahimi, Timothy Langrish and Yuan Chen
Numerical and experimental study of two-phase flow uniformity in channels of parallel PEM fuel cells with modified Z-type flow-fields pp. 317-328 Downloads
Moosa Ashrafi, Homayoon Kanani and Mehrzad Shams
Designing a decision model to assess the reward and penalty scheme of electric distribution companies pp. 329-336 Downloads
Mostafa Ghasemi and Reza Dashti
Alkanes based two-stage expansion with interheating Organic Rankine cycle for multi-waste heat recovery of truck diesel engine pp. 337-350 Downloads
Peng Liu, Gequn Shu, Hua Tian, Xuan Wang and Zhigang Yu
Application of Micro Gas Turbine in Range-Extended Electric Vehicles pp. 351-361 Downloads
Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, Apostolos, Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari, Apostolos Pesyridis, Salvatore Russo, Raffaele Tuccillo and Vahid Esfahanian
Numerical investigation of a hybrid polymeric-ceramic membrane unit for carbon-free oxy-combustion applications pp. 362-376 Downloads
Mohamed A. Habib, Medhat A. Nemitallah and Dia' Al-deen Afaneh
Toward an optimal household solar subsidy: A social-technical approach pp. 377-387 Downloads
Shen Liu, Gregory Colson, Na Hao and Michael Wetzstein
Minimising the energy consumption of tool change and tool path of machining by sequencing the features pp. 390-402 Downloads
Luoke Hu, Ying Liu, Chen Peng, Wangchujun Tang, Renzhong Tang and Ashutosh Tiwari
Numerical study of the optimum width of 2a diurnal double air-channel solar chimney pp. 403-417 Downloads
Zavala-Guillén, I., J. Xamán, Hernández-Pérez, I., Hernández-Lopéz, I., Gijón-Rivera, M. and Y. Chávez
A novel and effective nonlinear interpolation virtual sample generation method for enhancing energy prediction and analysis on small data problem: A case study of Ethylene industry pp. 418-427 Downloads
Yan-Lin He, Ping-Jiang Wang, Ming-Qing Zhang, Qun-Xiong Zhu and Yuan Xu
Entransy analysis of secondary network flow distribution in absorption heat exchanger pp. 428-439 Downloads
Xiaoyin Wang, Xiling Zhao and Lin Fu
The effects of design parameters on the dynamic behavior of organic ranking cycle for the engine waste heat recovery pp. 440-450 Downloads
Xuan Wang, Gequn Shu, Hua Tian, Peng Liu, Dongzhan Jing and Xiaoya Li
Information gap decision theory to deal with long-term wind energy planning considering voltage stability pp. 451-463 Downloads
Abbas Rabiee, Saman Nikkhah and Alireza Soroudi
Debrining prediction of a salt cavern used for compressed air energy storage pp. 464-476 Downloads
Tongtao Wang, Chunhe Yang, Huimeng Wang, Shuanglong Ding and J.J.K. Daemen
Conceptual market potential framework of high temperature aquifer thermal energy storage - A case study in the Netherlands pp. 477-489 Downloads
Maxim Wesselink, Wen Liu, Joris Koornneef and Machteld van den Broek
Multi-objective optimization of hybrid CSP+PV system using genetic algorithm pp. 490-503 Downloads
Allan R. Starke, José M. Cardemil, Rodrigo Escobar and Sergio Colle
Parametrical evaluation of the aerodynamic performance of vertical axis wind turbines for the proposal of optimized designs pp. 504-517 Downloads
Meana-Fernández, Andrés, Solís-Gallego, Irene, Jesús Manuel Fernández Oro, Katia María Argüelles Díaz and Velarde-Suárez, Sandra
Energy transition roadmap towards 100% renewable energy and role of storage technologies for Pakistan by 2050 pp. 518-533 Downloads
Ayesha Sadiqa, Ashish Gulagi and Christian Breyer
Cost-optimal design of a simplified highly renewable Chinese electricity network pp. 534-546 Downloads
Hailiang Liu, Gorm Bruun Andresen and Martin Greiner
Conceptual design and performance evaluation of a hybrid concentrating photovoltaic system in preparation for energy pp. 547-560 Downloads
Hasan Baig, J. Siviter, W. Li, M.C. Paul, A. Montecucco, M.H. Rolley, T.K.N. Sweet, M. Gao, P.A. Mullen, E.F. Fernandez, G. Han, D.H. Gregory, A.R. Knox and Tapas Mallick
Battery swap pricing and charging strategy for electric taxis in China pp. 561-577 Downloads
Yanni Liang and Xingping Zhang
A hybrid system using direct contact membrane distillation for water production to harvest waste heat from the proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 578-586 Downloads
Xiaotian Lai, Rui Long, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Coupling of earth-to-air heat exchangers and buoyancy for energy-efficient ventilation of buildings considering dynamic thermal behavior and cooling/heating capacity pp. 587-602 Downloads
Haibin Wei, Dong Yang, Yuanhao Guo and Mengqian Chen
Probabilistic valuation for power generation projects from sugarcane in reserve energy auctions pp. 603-611 Downloads
Viviana A.C. Medellin, Ieda G. Hidalgo and Paulo B. Correia
Effects of interface layers on the performance of annular thermoelectric generators pp. 612-620 Downloads
A.B. Zhang, B.L. Wang, D.D. Pang, L.W. He, J. Lou, J. Wang and J.K. Du
Online identification of lithium-ion battery state-of-health based on fast wavelet transform and cross D-Markov machine pp. 621-635 Downloads
Yishan Cai, Lin Yang, Zhongwei Deng, Xiaowei Zhao and Hao Deng
Energy and exergy analysis of nanofluid based photovoltaic thermal system integrated with phase change material pp. 636-647 Downloads
Mohammad Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Sardarabadi and Passandideh-Fard, Mohammad
Decomposing the South African CO2 emissions within a BRICS countries context: Signalling potential energy rebound effects pp. 648-654 Downloads
Roula Inglesi-Lotz
Optimal TOU tariff design using robust intuitionistic fuzzy divergence based thresholding pp. 655-662 Downloads
Mansour Charwand and Mohsen Gitizadeh
Accelerated CO2 reduction to methane for energy by zero valent iron in oil reservoir production waters pp. 663-671 Downloads
Lei Ma, Lei Zhou, Serge Maurice Mbadinga, Ji-Dong Gu and Bo-Zhong Mu
Thermo-element geometry optimization for high thermoelectric efficiency pp. 672-680 Downloads
Yongjia Wu, Jihui Yang, Shikui Chen and Lei Zuo
Increasing exhaust temperature to enable after-treatment operation on a two-stage turbo-charged medium speed marine diesel engine pp. 681-687 Downloads
Roel Verschaeren and Sebastian Verhelst
Thermodynamic optimization and comparative study of different ORC configurations utilizing the exergies of LNG and low grade heat of different temperatures pp. 688-700 Downloads
Zhixin Sun, Jianpeng Lai, Shujia Wang and Tielong Wang
Investigating the entropy generation in condensing steam flow in turbine blades with volumetric heating pp. 701-714 Downloads
Masoud Vatanmakan, Esmail Lakzian and Mohammad Reza Mahpeykar
Effects of injection mode on the mixture formation and combustion performance of the hydrogen internal combustion engine pp. 715-728 Downloads
Zhenzhong Yang, Fu Zhang, Lijun Wang, Kaixin Wang and Donghui Zhang
Thermodynamic characteristics of thermal power plant with hybrid (dry/wet) cooling system pp. 729-741 Downloads
Hemin Hu, Zhigang Li, Yuyan Jiang and Xiaoze Du
Smart rules and thermal, electric and hydro storages for the optimum operation of a renewable energy system pp. 742-756 Downloads
S. Rech and A. Lazzaretto
Unit exergy cost and CO2 emissions of offshore petroleum production pp. 757-766 Downloads
Julio A.M. da Silva and S. de Oliveira Junior
Criticality-based maintenance of a coal-fired power plant pp. 767-781 Downloads
Arthur Henrique Andrade Melani, Carlos Alberto Murad, Adherbal Caminada Netto, Gilberto Francisco Martha de Souza and Silvio Ikuyo Nabeta
Primary control reserve of electric power by feedwater flow rate change through an additional economizer – A case study of the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla B” pp. 782-798 Downloads
Vladimir D. Stevanovic, Milica Ilic, Zeljko Djurovic, Tadeusz Wala, Slawomir Muszynski and Ivan Gajic
Income, trade openness and energy interactions: Evidence from simultaneous equation modeling pp. 799-811 Downloads
Sofien Tiba and Mohamed Frikha
Coordinated pitch & torque control of large-scale wind turbine based on Pareto efficiency analysis pp. 812-825 Downloads
Zhongwei Lin, Zhenyu Chen, Qiuwei Wu, Shuo Yang and Hongmin Meng
Experimental study on start-up and steady state characteristics of passive residual heat removal system for 2 MW molten salt reactor pp. 826-838 Downloads
Kailun Chen, Zhaoming Meng, Changqi Yan, Guangming Fan and Tao Ding
Global reaction mechanisms for MILD oxy-combustion of methane pp. 839-857 Downloads
Fan Hu, Pengfei Li, Junjun Guo, Zhaohui Liu, Lin Wang, Jianchun Mi, Bassam Dally and Chuguang Zheng
Transnational transfer of carbon emissions embodied in trade: Characteristics and determinants from a spatial perspective pp. 858-875 Downloads
Zhangqi Zhong, Lei Jiang and Peng Zhou
Effect of the elevated initial temperature on the laminar flame speeds of oxy-methane mixtures pp. 876-883 Downloads
Xianzhong Hu and Qingbo Yu
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of a sorption-enhanced palladium membrane reactor for enhancing hydrogen production from methane steam reforming pp. 884-895 Downloads
Guozhao Ji, Ming Zhao and Geoff Wang
Multi-objective dynamic distribution feeder reconfiguration in automated distribution systems pp. 896-914 Downloads
Ali Azizivahed, Hossein Narimani, Mehdi Fathi, Ehsan Naderi, Hamid Reza Safarpour and Mohammad Rasoul Narimani
The maximum likelihood optima for an economic load dispatch in presence of demand and generation variability pp. 915-923 Downloads
Sanjoy Roy
SYNTHSEP: A general methodology for the synthesis of energy system configurations beyond superstructures pp. 924-949 Downloads
Andrea Lazzaretto, Giovanni Manente and Andrea Toffolo
Global strategic level supply planning of materials critical to clean energy technologies – A case study on indium pp. 950-964 Downloads
Chul Hun Choi, Joonyup Eun, Jinjian Cao, Seokcheon Lee and Fu Zhao
Analysis of the impact of technical and economic parameters on the specific cost of electricity production pp. 965-979 Downloads
Ryszard Bartnik, Hnydiuk-Stefan, Anna and Zbigniew Buryn
Flower pollination algorithm based multi-objective congestion management considering optimal capacities of distributed generations pp. 980-994 Downloads
Rajagopal Peesapati, Vinod Kumar Yadav and Niranjan Kumar
An optimised logarithmic discretisation approach for accurate and efficient compact thermal models pp. 995-1006 Downloads
Jason Hillary, Ed Walsh, Amip Shah, Rongliang Zhou and Pat Walsh
Algorithm based on particle swarm applied to electrical load scheduling in an industrial setting pp. 1007-1015 Downloads
Rafael F. Lopes, Fabiano F. Costa, Aurenice Oliveira and Antonio Cezar de C. Lima
Design of dynamic plant model and model-based controller for a heat recovery system with a swirling flow incinerator pp. 1016-1029 Downloads
Jaeyoung Cho, Yongtae Kim, Jeongwoo Song, Tae Kyung Lee and Han Ho Song
Transient analysis and validation with experimental data of supercritical CO2 integral experiment loop by using MARS pp. 1030-1043 Downloads
Joo Hyun Park, Sung Won Bae, Hyun Sun Park, Jae Eun Cha and Moo Hwan Kim
Optimal dispatch and equipment sizing of a residential central utility plant for improving rooftop solar integration pp. 1044-1059 Downloads
Thomas A. Deetjen, J. Scott Vitter, Andrew S. Reimers and Michael E. Webber
Optimal design of a segmented thermoelectric generator based on three-dimensional numerical simulation and multi-objective genetic algorithm pp. 1060-1069 Downloads
Ya Ge, Zhichun Liu, Henan Sun and Wei Liu
Multi-gradient PSO algorithm for optimization of multimodal, discontinuous and non-convex fuel cost function of thermal generating units under various power constraints in smart power grid pp. 1070-1091 Downloads
Al-Bahrani, Loau Tawfak and Jagdish Chandra Patra
Onshore and offshore wind energy potential assessment near Lake Erie shoreline: A spatial and temporal analysis pp. 1092-1107 Downloads
Jiale Li and Yu, Xiong (Bill)
Capacitive energy storage with optimized controller for frequency regulation in realistic multisource deregulated power system pp. 1108-1128 Downloads
Sandeep Dhundhara and Yajvender Pal Verma
Effects of graphene nanoplatelet addition to jatropha Biodiesel–Diesel mixture on the performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine pp. 1129-1152 Downloads
El-Seesy, Ahmed I., Hamdy Hassan and S. Ookawara
Application of adjoint sensitivity analysis method to supercritical CO2 power cycle optimization pp. 1153-1164 Downloads
Seongmin Son and Jeong Ik Lee
Computational model of a sulfur-iodine thermochemical water splitting system coupled to a VHTR for nuclear hydrogen production pp. 1165-1176 Downloads
Daniel González Rodríguez, Carlos Alberto Brayner de Oliveira Lira, Lázaro Roger García Parra, Carlos Rafael García Hernández and Raciel de la Torre Valdés
A novel evolution tree for analyzing the global energy consumption structure pp. 1177-1187 Downloads
Yuan Hu, Ling Peng, Xiang Li, Xiaojing Yao, Hui Lin and Tianhe Chi
Long-term thermal conductivity of aerogel-enhanced insulating materials under different laboratory aging conditions pp. 1188-1202 Downloads
Umberto Berardi and Roya Hamideh Nosrati
Optimal location of renewable power pp. 1203-1215 Downloads
Henrik Bjørnebye, Cathrine Hagem and Arne Lind
Characteristics and optimization of supercritical CO2 recompression power cycle and the influence of pinch point temperature difference of recuperators pp. 1216-1226 Downloads
Sunjin Kim, Yeonjoo Cho, Min Soo Kim and Minsung Kim
Evaluation of renewable power sources using a fuzzy MCDM based on cumulative prospect theory: A case in China pp. 1227-1239 Downloads
Yunna Wu, Chuanbo Xu and Ting Zhang
Optimal windy sites in Algeria: Potential and perspectives pp. 1240-1255 Downloads
H. Daaou Nedjari, S. Kheder Haddouche, A. Balehouane and O. Guerri
Projecting future costs to U.S. electric utility customers from power interruptions pp. 1256-1277 Downloads
Peter H. Larsen, Brent Boehlert, Joseph Eto, Hamachi-LaCommare, Kristina, Jeremy Martinich and Lisa Rennels
Promoting acceptance of direct load control programs in the United States: Financial incentive versus control option pp. 1278-1287 Downloads
Xiaojing Xu, Chien-fei Chen, Xiaojuan Zhu and Qinran Hu
Experimental investigation on the mechanical properties of a low-clay shale with different adsorption times in sub-/super-critical CO2 pp. 1288-1298 Downloads
Qiao Lyu, Xinping Long, P.G. Ranjith, Jingqiang Tan, Yong Kang and Zhanghu Wang
Turbocharger turbine rotor tip leakage loss and mass flow model valid up to extreme off-design conditions with high blade to jet speed ratio pp. 1299-1310 Downloads
José Ramón Serrano, Roberto Navarro, García-Cuevas, Luis Miguel and Lukas Benjamin Inhestern
Estimating the determinants of electricity consumption in Jordan pp. 1311-1320 Downloads
Al-Bajjali, Saif Kayed and Adel Yacoub Shamayleh
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