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Volume 115, issue P3, 2016

Addressing the main challenges of energy security in the twenty-first century – Contributions of the conferences on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems pp. 1504-1512 Downloads
Natasa Markovska, Neven Duić, Brian Vad Mathiesen, Zvonimir Guzović, Antonio Piacentino, Holger Schlör and Henrik Lund
Evaluation of the potential of natural gas district heating cogeneration in Spain as a tool for decarbonisation of the economy pp. 1513-1532 Downloads
V.M. Soltero, R. Chacartegui, C. Ortiz and R. Velázquez
A novel solar-geothermal trigeneration system integrating water desalination: Design, dynamic simulation and economic assessment pp. 1533-1547 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d'Accadia, Adriano Macaluso, Laura Vanoli and Antonio Piacentino
CHP (combined heat and power) retrofit for a large MED-TVC (multiple effect distillation along with thermal vapour compression) desalination plant: high efficiency assessment for different design options under the current legislative EU framework pp. 1548-1559 Downloads
A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, G. Micale and A. Piacentino
Thermo-economic analysis of a novel cogeneration system for sewage sludge treatment pp. 1560-1571 Downloads
S. Di Fraia, N. Massarotti, L. Vanoli and M. Costa
Investigation on combined multiple shell-pass shell-and-tube heat exchanger with continuous helical baffles pp. 1572-1579 Downloads
Jian-Feng Yang, Yuan-Sheng Lin, Han-Bing Ke, Min Zeng and Qiu-Wang Wang
German energy policy and the way to sustainability: Five controversial issues in the debate on the “Energiewende” pp. 1580-1591 Downloads
W. Fischer, J.-Fr. Hake, W. Kuckshinrichs, T. Schröder and S. Venghaus
On integrating large shares of variable renewables into the electricity system pp. 1592-1601 Downloads
Hans Auer and Reinhard Haas
Load-shift incentives for household demand response: Evaluation of hourly dynamic pricing and rebate schemes in a wind-based electricity system pp. 1602-1616 Downloads
Jonas Katz, Frits Møller Andersen and Poul Erik Morthorst
Simulation of the impacts on carbon dioxide emissions from replacement of a conventional Brazilian taxi fleet by electric vehicles pp. 1617-1622 Downloads
Ana Carolina Rodrigues Teixeira and José Ricardo Sodré
Decarbonising the energy intensive basic materials industry through electrification – Implications for future EU electricity demand pp. 1623-1631 Downloads
Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Lars J. Nilsson, Max Åhman and Clemens Schneider
Energy price spread as a driving force for combined generation investments: A view on Europe pp. 1632-1639 Downloads
K.C. Kavvadias
Impact of Germany's energy transition on the Nordic power market – A market-based multi-region energy system model pp. 1640-1662 Downloads
Behnam Zakeri, Vilma Virasjoki, Sanna Syri, David Connolly, Brian V. Mathiesen and Manuel Welsch
Heat Roadmap Europe: Identifying the balance between saving heat and supplying heat pp. 1663-1671 Downloads
Kenneth Hansen, David Connolly, Henrik Lund, David Drysdale and Jakob Zinck Thellufsen
Simplified dynamic neural network model to predict heating load of a building using Taguchi method pp. 1672-1678 Downloads
S. Sholahudin and Hwataik Han
Impacts of electricity grid tariffs on flexible use of electricity to heat generation pp. 1679-1687 Downloads
Jon Gustav Kirkerud, Erik Trømborg and Torjus Folsland Bolkesjø
Deep belief network based electricity load forecasting: An analysis of Macedonian case pp. 1688-1700 Downloads
Aleksandra Dedinec, Sonja Filiposka, Aleksandar Dedinec and Ljupco Kocarev
Two methods for decreasing the flexibility gap in national energy systems pp. 1701-1709 Downloads
Ilija Batas Bjelić, Nikola Rajaković, Goran Krajačić and Neven Duić
A hybrid ICT-solution for smart meter data analytics pp. 1710-1722 Downloads
Xiufeng Liu and Per Sieverts Nielsen
Vegetation growth parameters and leaf temperature: Experimental results from a six plots green roofs' system pp. 1723-1732 Downloads
Patrizia Ferrante, Maria La Gennusa, Giorgia Peri, Gianfranco Rizzo and Gianluca Scaccianoce
Heat supply planning for the ecological housing community Munksøgård pp. 1733-1747 Downloads
Kenneth B. Karlsson, Stefan N. Petrović and Rikke Næraa
The role of wind power and solar PV in reducing risks in the Brazilian hydro-thermal power system pp. 1748-1757 Downloads
Johannes Schmidt, Rafael Cancella and Amaro O. Pereira
Exploring scenarios for more sustainable heating: The case of Niš, Serbia pp. 1758-1770 Downloads
Marija Zivkovic, Kateryna Pereverza, Oleksii Pasichnyi, Aleksandar Madzarevic, Dejan Ivezic and Olga Kordas
Comparison of district heating expansion potential based on consumer-economy or socio-economy pp. 1771-1778 Downloads
Lars Grundahl, Steffen Nielsen, Henrik Lund and Bernd Möller
Bioenergy pathways for cars: Effects on primary energy use, climate change and energy system integration pp. 1779-1789 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson and Nguyen Le Truong

Volume 115, issue P2, 2016

Addressing 2030 EU policy framework for energy and climate: Cost, risk and energy security issues pp. 1347-1360 Downloads
deLlano-Paz, Fernando, Paulino Martínez Fernandez and Isabel Soares
A cross-country assessment of energy-related CO2 emissions: An extended Kaya Index Decomposition Approach pp. 1361-1374 Downloads
Fátima Lima, Manuel Lopes Nunes, Jorge Cunha and André F.P. Lucena
Analyzing the environmental and resource pressures from European energy activity: A comparative study of EU member states pp. 1375-1384 Downloads
García-Álvarez, María Teresa, Blanca Moreno and Isabel Soares
It is windy in Denmark: Does market integration suffer? pp. 1385-1399 Downloads
Nuno Carvalho Figueiredo, Patricia Silva and Pedro Cerqueira
A methodology to incorporate risk and uncertainty in electricity power planning pp. 1400-1411 Downloads
Maria João Santos, Paula Ferreira and Madalena Araújo
An integrated multi-scale approach to assess the performance of energy systems illustrated with data from the Brazilian oil and natural gas sector pp. 1412-1423 Downloads
Amanda Aragão and Mario Giampietro
Overlooked impacts of electricity expansion optimisation modelling: The life cycle side of the story pp. 1424-1435 Downloads
Portugal-Pereira, Joana, Alexandre C. Köberle, Rafael Soria, André F.P. Lucena, Alexandre Szklo and Roberto Schaeffer
An innovative organic Rankine cycle approach for high temperature applications pp. 1436-1450 Downloads
Angad Singh Panesar
Dissemination of electric vehicles in urban areas: Major factors for success pp. 1451-1458 Downloads
Amela Ajanovic and Reinhard Haas
Is investing in an electric car worthwhile from a consumers' perspective? pp. 1459-1477 Downloads
José Fontaínhas, Jorge Cunha and Paula Ferreira
Assessment of the use of vanadium redox flow batteries for energy storage and fast charging of electric vehicles in gas stations pp. 1478-1494 Downloads
Álvaro Cunha, F.P. Brito, Jorge Martins, Nuno Rodrigues, Vitor Monteiro, João L. Afonso and Paula Ferreira
Methane fermentation of the maize straw silage under meso- and thermophilic conditions pp. 1495-1502 Downloads
Marta Cieślik, Jacek Dach, Andrzej Lewicki, Anna Smurzyńska, Damian Janczak, Pawlicka-Kaczorowska, Joanna, Piotr Boniecki, Paweł Cyplik, Wojciech Czekała and Krzysztof Jóźwiakowski

Volume 115, issue P1, 2016

Vulnerability of the US western electric grid to hydro-climatological conditions: How bad can it get? pp. 1-12 Downloads
N. Voisin, Kintner-Meyer, M., R. Skaggs, T. Nguyen, D. Wu, J. Dirks, Y. Xie and M. Hejazi
Study on the load following characteristics of a distributed IGCC for independent microgrid pp. 13-25 Downloads
Shin'ya Obara, Jorge Morel, Masaki Okada and Kazuma Kobayashi
Methane combustion in various regimes: First and second thermodynamic-law comparison between air-firing and oxyfuel condition pp. 26-37 Downloads
Yaming Liu, Sheng Chen, Shi Liu, Yongxin Feng, Kai Xu and Chuguang Zheng
Control and operation of power sources in a medium-voltage direct-current microgrid for an electric vehicle fast charging station with a photovoltaic and a battery energy storage system pp. 38-48 Downloads
García-Triviño, Pablo, Juan P. Torreglosa, Fernández-Ramírez, Luis M. and Francisco Jurado
Thermodynamic performance analysis and optimization of a solar-assisted combined cooling, heating and power system pp. 49-59 Downloads
Jiangjiang Wang, Yanchao Lu, Ying Yang and Tianzhi Mao
Dynamic vapor recompression in a reactive batch rectifier: Analysis and nonlinear control pp. 60-66 Downloads
Sudip Banerjee and Amiya K. Jana
Performance improvement of a dehumidifying heat pump using an additional waste heat source in electric vehicles with low occupancy pp. 67-75 Downloads
Jae Hwan Ahn, Joo Seong Lee, Changhyun Baek and Yongchan Kim
Modeling analysis of chrome carbide (Cr3C2) coating on parts of combustion chamber of a SI engine pp. 76-87 Downloads
Hanbey Hazar and Hakan Gul
Cascade refrigeration systems in integrated cryogenic natural gas process (natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and nitrogen rejection unit (NRU)) pp. 88-106 Downloads
Bahram Ghorbani, Mohammad-Hossein Hamedi, Majid Amidpour and Mehdi Mehrpooya
Solid oxide fuel cell modelling: Electrochemical performance and thermal management during load-following operation pp. 107-119 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini and A. Ottaviano
Development and thermochemical characterizations of vermiculite/SrBr2 composite sorbents for low-temperature heat storage pp. 120-128 Downloads
Y.N. Zhang, R.Z. Wang, Y.J. Zhao, T.X. Li, S.B. Riffat and N.M. Wajid
Development of SrBr2 composite sorbents for a sorption thermal energy storage system to store low-temperature heat pp. 129-139 Downloads
Y.J. Zhao, R.Z. Wang, Y.N. Zhang and N. Yu
Performance analysis of a two-stage expansion air engine pp. 140-148 Downloads
Chi-Min Liu, Chin-Lun Huang, Cheng-Kuo Sung and Chih-Yung Huang
Influence of pore former on electrochemical performance of fuel-electrode supported SOFCs manufactured by aqueous-based tape-casting pp. 149-154 Downloads
Juan Zhou, Qinglin Liu, Lan Zhang, Zehua Pan and Siew Hwa Chan
Conceptual design of the space disposal system for the highly radioactive component of the nuclear waste pp. 155-168 Downloads
Hyungjin Kim, Chul Park and Oh Joon Kwon
Solar chimney integrated with passive evaporative cooler applied on glazing surfaces pp. 169-179 Downloads
Albert Al Touma, Kamel Ghali, Nesreen Ghaddar and Nagham Ismail
Experimental and numerical analysis of the performance and exhaust gas emissions of a biogas/n-heptane fueled HCCI engine pp. 180-193 Downloads
Darko Kozarac, Ivan Taritas, David Vuilleumier, Samveg Saxena and Robert W. Dibble
A 3D thermal runaway propagation model for a large format lithium ion battery module pp. 194-208 Downloads
Xuning Feng, Languang Lu, Minggao Ouyang, Jiangqiu Li and Xiangming He
Experimental investigation of a passive thermal management system for high-powered lithium ion batteries using nickel foam-paraffin composite pp. 209-218 Downloads
Abid Hussain, C.Y. Tso and Christopher Y.H. Chao
An on-line estimation of battery pack parameters and state-of-charge using dual filters based on pack model pp. 219-229 Downloads
Xu Zhang, Yujie Wang, Duo Yang and Zonghai Chen
An internal thermal integration arrangement for multicomponent batch rectifier: 1. Feasibility and analysis pp. 230-237 Downloads
Amiya K. Jana
Assessing the thermal performance of three cold energy storage materials with low eutectic temperature for food cold chain pp. 238-256 Downloads
Yu-Chu M. Li and Yen-Hong A. Chen
Modeling, energy and exergy analysis of solar chimney power plant-Tehran climate data case study pp. 257-273 Downloads
Mehdi Mehrpooya, Mohsen Shahsavan and Mohammad Mehdi Moftakhari Sharifzadeh
Analysis of influencing factors of heat extraction from enhanced geothermal systems considering water losses pp. 274-288 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Chang-Long Wang, Yong-Le Nian, Bing-Bing Han and Jian Liu
Power system steady-state analysis with large-scale electric vehicle integration pp. 289-302 Downloads
Bowen Zhou, Tim Littler, Lasantha Meegahapola and Huaguang Zhang
Life-cycle greenhouse gas emission and energy use of bioethanol produced from corn stover in China: Current perspectives and future prospectives pp. 303-313 Downloads
Lili Zhao, Xunmin Ou and Shiyan Chang
Butanol or DEE blends with either straight vegetable oil or biodiesel excluding fossil fuel: Comparative effects on diesel engine combustion attributes, cyclic variability and regulated emissions trade-off pp. 314-325 Downloads
Dimitrios C. Rakopoulos, Constantine D. Rakopoulos and Dimitrios C. Kyritsis
Numerical and experimental investigation of wave dynamics on a land-fixed OWC device pp. 326-337 Downloads
De-Zhi Ning, Rong-Quan Wang, Ying Gou, Ming Zhao and Bin Teng
Strategic multiyear transmission expansion planning under severe uncertainties by a combination of melody search algorithm and Powell heuristic method pp. 338-352 Downloads
Mojtaba Shivaie and Mohammad T. Ameli
Effect of multi-tank thermal energy storage, recuperator effectiveness, and solar receiver conductance on the performance of a concentrated solar supercritical CO2-based power plant operating under different seasonal conditions pp. 353-368 Downloads
Julian D. Osorio, Rob Hovsapian and Juan C. Ordonez
Energy structure change and carbon emission trends in China pp. 369-377 Downloads
Zheng Wang, Yanshuo Zhu, Yongbin Zhu and Ying Shi
Dampening of wood batch combustion heat release using a phase change material heat storage: Material selection and heat storage property optimization pp. 378-385 Downloads
Kolbeinn Kristjansson, Erling Næss and Øyvind Skreiberg
The effects of stratified lean combustion and exhaust gas recirculation on combustion and emission characteristics of an LPG direct injection engine pp. 386-396 Downloads
Tae Young Kim, Cheolwoong Park, Seungmook Oh and Gyuback Cho
High-activity oxygen reduction catalyst based on low-cost bagasse, nitrogen and large specific surface area pp. 397-403 Downloads
Wenjing Yuan, Anjian Xie, Shikuo Li, Fangzhi Huang, Peigen Zhang and Yuhua Shen
Thermal efficiency comparison: Surface-based solar receivers with conventional fluids and volumetric solar receivers with nanofluids pp. 404-417 Downloads
Seung-Hyun Lee, Tae Jong Choi and Seok Pil Jang
Detailed thermodynamic analysis of a diffusion-absorption refrigeration cycle pp. 418-434 Downloads
Ahmed Taieb, Khalifa Mejbri and Ahmed Bellagi
Parametric study of a turbocompound diesel engine based on an analytical model pp. 435-445 Downloads
Rongchao Zhao, Weilin Zhuge, Yangjun Zhang, Yong Yin, Yanting Zhao and Zhen Chen
Performance investigation of a counter-flow heat pump driven liquid desiccant dehumidification system pp. 446-457 Downloads
Ying Xie, Tao Zhang and Xiaohua Liu
Spray combustion characteristics of kerosene/bio-oil part II: Numerical study pp. 458-467 Downloads
S.I. Yang, T.C. Hsu and M.S. Wu
The combined economic environmental dispatch using new hybrid metaheuristic pp. 468-477 Downloads
Yamina Ahlem Gherbi, Hamid Bouzeboudja and Fatima Zohra Gherbi
The error analysis of the reverse saturation current of the diode in the modeling of photovoltaic modules pp. 478-485 Downloads
Gang Wang, Ke Zhao, Tian Qiu, Xinsheng Yang, Yong Zhang and Yong Zhao
A novel cascade refrigeration process using waste heat and its application to coal-to-SNG pp. 486-497 Downloads
Sheng Yang, Jianeng Liang, Siyu Yang and Yu Qian
Modeling the nonequilibrium effects in a nonquasi-equilibrium thermodynamic cycle based on steepest entropy ascent and an isothermal-isobaric ensemble pp. 498-512 Downloads
Guanchen Li and Michael R. von Spakovsky
High performance carbon black counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells pp. 513-518 Downloads
Chia-Shing Wu, Ting-Wei Chang, Hsisheng Teng and Yuh-Lang Lee
The use of enzymes for beer brewing: Thermodynamic comparison on resource use pp. 519-527 Downloads
Laura H.G. van Donkelaar, Joost Mostert, Filippos K. Zisopoulos, Remko M. Boom and Atze-Jan van der Goot
Exergy analysis of biodiesel combustion in a direct injection compression ignition (CI) engine using quasi-dimensional multi-zone model pp. 528-538 Downloads
Peyman Nemati, Samad Jafarmadar and Hadi Taghavifar
Experimental study on the combustion and emissions fueling biodiesel/n-butanol, biodiesel/ethanol and biodiesel/2,5-dimethylfuran on a diesel engine pp. 539-549 Downloads
Zunqing Zheng, XiaoFeng Wang, Xiaofan Zhong, Bin Hu, Haifeng Liu and Mingfa Yao
Experimental study of variable operating parameters effects on overall PEMFC performance and spatial performance distribution pp. 550-560 Downloads
Qian Zhang, Rui Lin, Ludovic Técher and Xin Cui
High performance precast external walls for cold climate by a multi-criteria methodology pp. 561-576 Downloads
Cristina Baglivo and Paolo Maria Congedo
Decision support for grid-connected renewable energy generators planning pp. 577-590 Downloads
Torrent-Fontbona, F. and B. López
A model to analyze the device level performance of thermoelectric generator pp. 591-603 Downloads
Yongjia Wu, Lei Zuo, Jie Chen and Jackson A. Klein
A techno-economic assessment of hydrogen production from hydropower in Western Canada for the upgrading of bitumen from oil sands pp. 604-614 Downloads
Babatunde Olateju and Amit Kumar
Novel insights into the dynamic structure of biodiesel and conventional fuel sprays from high-pressure diesel injectors pp. 615-625 Downloads
Seoksu Moon
Modeling the effects of ultrasound power and reactor dimension on the biodiesel production yield: Comparison of prediction abilities between response surface methodology (RSM) and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) pp. 626-636 Downloads
Mostafa Mostafaei, Hossein Javadikia and Leila Naderloo
A quantification method for shale fracability based on analytic hierarchy process pp. 637-645 Downloads
Lili Sui, Yang Ju, Yongming Yang, Yong Yang and Aishan Li
Optimizing plug-in electric vehicle and vehicle-to-grid charge scheduling to minimize carbon emissions pp. 646-657 Downloads
Christopher G. Hoehne and Mikhail V. Chester
Volume agglomeration process in quasi-dimensional direct injection diesel engine numerical model pp. 658-667 Downloads
Vedran Mrzljak, Vladimir Medica and Ozren Bukovac
Modelling of organic Rankine cycle efficiency with respect to the equivalent hot side temperature pp. 668-683 Downloads
Jing Li, Jahan Zeb Alvi, Gang Pei, Yuehong Su, Pengcheng Li, Guangtao Gao and Jie Ji
Steady-state and dynamic validation of a small-scale waste heat recovery system using the ThermoCycle Modelica library pp. 684-696 Downloads
Adriano Desideri, Andres Hernandez, Sergei Gusev, Martijn van den Broek, Vincent Lemort and Sylvain Quoilin
NH3-H2O water source absorption heat pump (WSAHP) for low temperature heating: Experimental investigation on the off-design performance pp. 697-710 Downloads
Wei Wu, Siyuan Ran, Wenxing Shi, Baolong Wang and Xianting Li
Energy savings through self-backhauling for future heterogeneous networks pp. 711-721 Downloads
Nasir Faruk, Kalle Ruttik, Edward Mutafungwa and Riku Jäntti
Continuous fractional-order grey model and electricity prediction research based on the observation error feedback pp. 722-733 Downloads
Yang Yang and Dingyü Xue
Support vector regression with fruit fly optimization algorithm for seasonal electricity consumption forecasting pp. 734-745 Downloads
Guohua Cao and Lijuan Wu
Design of a hybrid power plant integrated with a residential area pp. 746-755 Downloads
Farshad Amiri, Nassim Tahouni, Marjan Azadi and M. Hassan Panjeshahi
Experimental comparison of R123 and R245fa as working fluids for waste heat recovery from heavy-duty diesel engine pp. 756-769 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Mingru Zhao, Hua Tian, Yongzhan Huo and Weijie Zhu
Fast screening techniques and process for grid interconnection of wind-storage systems pp. 770-780 Downloads
Rih-Neng Liao, Tsai-Hsiang Chen and Wei-Shiou Chang
Performance evaluation of membrane-based absorbers employing H2O/(LiBr + LiI + LiNO3 + LiCl) and H2O/(LiNO3 + KNO3 + NaNO3) as working pairs in absorption cooling systems pp. 781-790 Downloads
Faisal Asfand, Youssef Stiriba and Mahmoud Bourouis
Recovery of diesel-like fuel from waste palm oil by pyrolysis using a microwave heated bed of activated carbon pp. 791-799 Downloads
Su Shiung Lam, Wan Adibah Wan Mahari, Chin Kui Cheng, Rozita Omar, Cheng Tung Chong and Howard A. Chase
Parametric analysis of a vehicle power and cooling/heating cogeneration system pp. 800-810 Downloads
Chen Yue, Dong Han, Wenhao Pu and Weifeng He
An embedded system approach for energy monitoring and analysis in industrial processes pp. 811-819 Downloads
Jaime André Back, Leonel Pablo Tedesco, Rolf Fredi Molz and Elpidio Oscar Benitez Nara
Analysis of the change of the specific heat loss coefficient of buildings resulted by the variation of the geometry and the moisture load pp. 820-829 Downloads
Ferenc Szodrai, Ákos Lakatos and Ferenc Kalmár
Analyzing power quality issues in electric arc furnace by modeling pp. 830-839 Downloads
Deepak C. Bhonsle and Ramesh B. Kelkar
A framework for measuring global Malmquist–Luenberger productivity index with CO2 emissions on Chinese manufacturing industries pp. 840-856 Downloads
Ali Emrouznejad and Guo-liang Yang
Long-term electric energy consumption forecasting via artificial cooperative search algorithm pp. 857-871 Downloads
S. Hr. Aghay Kaboli, J. Selvaraj and N.A. Rahim
A simplified method to assess the influence of the power generation mix in urban carbon emissions pp. 875-887 Downloads
Sergio Zubelzu and Roberto Álvarez
Improving the energy balance of microalgae biodiesel: Synergy with an autonomous sugarcane ethanol distillery pp. 888-895 Downloads
Henrique Leonardo Maranduba, Sabine Robra, Iracema Andrade Nascimento, Rosenira Serpa da Cruz, Luciano Brito Rodrigues and José Adolfo de Almeida Neto
3-Dimensional numerical simulation of superadiabatic radiant porous burner with enhanced heat recirculation pp. 896-903 Downloads
Vahid Vandadi and Chanwoo Park
Estimating direct and indirect rebound effects by supply-driven input-output model: A case study of Taiwan's industry pp. 904-913 Downloads
Kuei-Yen Wu, Jung-Hua Wu, Yun-Hsun Huang, Szu-Chi Fu and Chia-Yon Chen
Numerical calculation of energy and exergy flows of a turboshaft engine for power generation and helicopter applications pp. 914-923 Downloads
Önder Turan and Hakan Aydın
Latent heat storage using renewable saturated diesters as phase change materials pp. 924-930 Downloads
Michael C. Floros and Suresh S. Narine
Multistep process kinetics of the non-isothermal pyrolysis of Moroccan Rif oil shale pp. 931-941 Downloads
Ely cheikh Moine, Khalihena Groune, Adnane El Hamidi, Mariam Khachani, Mohammed Halim and Said Arsalane
Study on the performance of coal-fired power plant integrated with Ca-looping CO2 capture system with recarbonation process pp. 942-953 Downloads
Liqiang Duan, Tao Feng, Shilun Jia and Xiaohui Yu
Performance evaluation of co-firing various kinds of biomass with low rank coals in a 500 MWe coal-fired power plant pp. 954-962 Downloads
Tae-Young Mun, Tefera Zelalem Tumsa, Uendo Lee and Won Yang
A novel process on lipid extraction from microalgae for biodiesel production pp. 963-968 Downloads
Songmei Wang, Johnny Zhu, Lingmei Dai, Xuebing Zhao, Dehua Liu and Wei Du
On the physics of cyclic steam stimulation pp. 969-985 Downloads
Yu Bao, Jingyi Wang and Ian D. Gates
Blade dynamical response based on aeroelastic analysis of fluid structure interaction in turbomachinery pp. 986-995 Downloads
F. Brahimi and A. Ouibrahim
Performance evaluation of a waste-heat driven adsorption system for automotive air-conditioning: Part II - Performance optimization under different real driving conditions pp. 996-1009 Downloads
M. Verde, K. Harby, Robert de Boer and José M. Corberán
Numerical investigation into the effects of arm motion and camber on a self-induced oscillating hydrofoil pp. 1010-1021 Downloads
W. Jiang, D. Zhang and Y.H. Xie
Reliability/cost-based multi-objective Pareto optimal design of stand-alone wind/PV/FC generation microgrid system pp. 1022-1041 Downloads
H.R. Baghaee, M. Mirsalim, G.B. Gharehpetian and H.A. Talebi
A grey neural network and input-output combined forecasting model. Primary energy consumption forecasts in Spanish economic sectors pp. 1042-1054 Downloads
Xiuli Liu, Blanca Moreno and Ana Salomé García
On detailed thermal response modeling of vertical greenery systems as cooling measure for buildings and cities in summer conditions pp. 1055-1068 Downloads
Tomaž Šuklje, Sašo Medved and Ciril Arkar
An experimental evaluation of the performance of a SI internal combustion engine for agricultural purposes fuelled with different bioethanol blends pp. 1069-1080 Downloads
Massimiliano Renzi, Marco Bietresato and Fabrizio Mazzetto
Thermal energy harvesting from the human body using flexible thermoelectric generator (FTEG) fabricated by a dispenser printing technique pp. 1081-1091 Downloads
Abu Raihan Mohammad Siddique, Ronil Rabari, Shohel Mahmud and Bill Van Heyst
Development of a modified equilibrium model for biomass pilot-scale fluidized bed gasifier performance predictions pp. 1092-1108 Downloads
Rodriguez-Alejandro, David A., Hyungseok Nam, Amado L. Maglinao, Sergio C. Capareda and Aguilera-Alvarado, Alberto F.
Valuation of energy storage in energy and regulation markets pp. 1109-1118 Downloads
Asmae Berrada, Khalid Loudiyi and Izeddine Zorkani
Energy conversion under conjugate conduction, magneto-convection, diffusion and nonlinear radiation over a non-linearly stretching sheet with slip and multiple convective boundary conditions pp. 1119-1129 Downloads
Md. Jashim Uddin, O. Anwar Bég and Md. Nazir Uddin
A novel combustion evaluation method based on in-cylinder pressure traces for diesel/natural gas dual fuel engines pp. 1130-1137 Downloads
Zhongshu Wang, Wenjing Chen, Dan Wang, Manzhi Tan, Zhongchang Liu and Huili Dou
Impact of CO2-enriched combustion air on micro-gas turbine performance for carbon capture pp. 1138-1147 Downloads
Thom Best, Karen N. Finney, Derek B. Ingham and Mohamed Pourkashanian
Effects of engine operating conditions on particle emissions of lean-burn gasoline direct-injection engine pp. 1148-1155 Downloads
Cheolwoong Park, Sunyoup Lee and Uihyung Yi
Optimal design of protuberant blades for small variable-speed horizontal axis wind turbine-experiments and simulations pp. 1156-1167 Downloads
Chang-Chi Huang, Chi-Jeng Bai, Y.C. Shiah and Yu-Jen Chen
Role of PCM addition on stratification behaviour in a thermal storage tank – An experimental study pp. 1168-1178 Downloads
G. Senthil Kumar, D. Nagarajan, L.A. Chidambaram, V. Kumaresan, Y. Ding and R. Velraj
Analysis of the optimal deployment location for tidal energy converters in the mesotidal Ria de Vigo (NW Spain) pp. 1179-1187 Downloads
Marc Mestres, Maria Griñó, Joan Pau Sierra and César Mösso
Agent-based modeling of bioenergy crop adoption and farmer decision-making pp. 1188-1201 Downloads
Shiyang Huang, Guiping Hu, Carrie Chennault, Liu Su, Elke Brandes, Emily Heaton, Lisa Schulte, Lizhi Wang and John Tyndall
User-centric approach for the design and sizing of natural convection biomass cookstoves for lower emissions pp. 1202-1215 Downloads
Milind P. Kshirsagar and Vilas R. Kalamkar
Reducing the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing through design optimisation of positive displacement pumps pp. 1216-1233 Downloads
Aleksandar Josifovic, Jennifer J. Roberts, Jonathan Corney, Bruce Davies and Zoe K. Shipton
Experimental and numerical investigation of swirl enhancing grooves on the flow and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine pp. 1234-1245 Downloads
P. Prabhakaran, P. Ramesh, C.G. Saravanan, M. Loganathan and E. James Gunasekaran
An integrated grey based multi-criteria decision making approach for the evaluation of renewable energy sources pp. 1246-1258 Downloads
Yakup Çelikbilek and Fatih Tüysüz
Trip-oriented stochastic optimal energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric bus pp. 1259-1271 Downloads
Yongchang Du, Yue Zhao, Qinpu Wang, Yuanbo Zhang and Huaicheng Xia
Fertilizer assisted optimal cultivation of microalgae using response surface method and genetic algorithm for biofuel feedstock pp. 1272-1290 Downloads
Avik Banerjee, Chandan Guria and Subodh K. Maiti
One-dimensional pulse-flow modeling of a twin-scroll turbine pp. 1291-1304 Downloads
M.S. Chiong, S. Rajoo, A. Romagnoli, A.W. Costall and Martinez-Botas, R.F.
Thermal analysis of a light-duty CI engine operating with diesel-gasoline dual-fuel combustion mode pp. 1305-1319 Downloads
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