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Volume 95, issue C, 2016

Fast pyrolysis of the energy crop “Geodae-Uksae 1” in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jae Gyu Hwang, Hoon Chae Park, Joon Weon Choi, Shin Young Oh, Youn Ho Moon and Hang Seok Choi
Numerical solution of binary chemical reaction on stagnation point flow of Casson fluid over a stretching/shrinking sheet with thermal radiation pp. 12-20 Downloads
Z. Abbas, M M Sheikh and S.S. Motsa
Effect of resistive load on the performance of an organic Rankine cycle with a scroll expander pp. 21-28 Downloads
Jie Zhu, Ziwei Chen, Hulin Huang and Yuying Yan
Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine running on optimized ethyl levulinate–biodiesel–diesel blends pp. 29-40 Downloads
Tingzhou Lei, Zhiwei Wang, Xia Chang, Lu Lin, Xiaoyu Yan, Yincong Sun, Xinguang Shi, Xiaofeng He and Jinling Zhu
Simulation of electricity generation by marine current turbines at Istanbul Bosphorus Strait pp. 41-50 Downloads
Hasan Yazicioglu, K.M. Murat Tunc, Muammer Ozbek and Tolga Kara
Optical and thermal modeling of a tilted photovoltaic module with sand particles settled on its front surface pp. 51-66 Downloads
Tahereh Zarei and Morteza Abdolzadeh
Limiting factors for planar solid oxide fuel cells under different trace compound concentrations pp. 67-78 Downloads
Davide Papurello, Andrea Lanzini, Davide Drago, Pierluigi Leone and Massimo Santarelli
Turbulent kinetics of a large wind farm and their impact in the neutral boundary layer pp. 79-90 Downloads
Ji Sung Na, Eunmo Koo, Muñoz-Esparza, Domingo, Emilia Kyung Jin, Rodman Linn and Joon Sang Lee
Environmental impacts of balancing offshore wind power with compressed air energy storage (CAES) pp. 91-98 Downloads
Evert A. Bouman, Martha M. Øberg and Edgar G. Hertwich
A fully floating system for a wave energy converter with direct-driven linear generator pp. 99-109 Downloads
Yuping Gao, Shuangquan Shao, Huiming Zou, Mingsheng Tang, Hongbo Xu and Changqing Tian
Optimization at different time scales for the design and management of an oscillating water column system pp. 110-123 Downloads
María L. Jalón, Asunción Baquerizo and Miguel A. Losada
Thermal conductivity, viscosity and stability of Al2O3-diathermic oil nanofluids for solar energy systems pp. 124-136 Downloads
Gianpiero Colangelo, Ernani Favale, Paola Miglietta, Marco Milanese and Arturo de Risi
A new scandium and niobium co-doped cobalt-free perovskite cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells pp. 137-143 Downloads
Guihua Chen, Yong Wang, Jaka Sunarso, Fengli Liang and Huanping Wang
Thermodynamic analysis on a modified ejector expansion refrigeration cycle with zeotropic mixture (R290/R600a) for freezers pp. 144-154 Downloads
Gang Yan, Tao Bai and Jianlin Yu
A feasibility and performance assessment of a low temperature district heating system – A North Japanese case study pp. 155-174 Downloads
Ivar Baldvinsson and Toshihiko Nakata
Effect of carbons (G and CFs), TM (Ni, Fe and Al) and oxides (Nb2O5 and V2O5) on hydrogen generation from ball milled Mg-based hydrolysis reaction for fuel cell pp. 175-186 Downloads
A.S. Awad, El-Asmar, E., T. Tayeh, F. Mauvy, M. Nakhl, M. Zakhour and J.-L. Bobet
Enriched-air fluidized bed gasification using bench and pilot scale reactors of dairy manure with sand bedding based on response surface methods pp. 187-199 Downloads
Hyungseok Nam, Amado L. Maglinao, Sergio C. Capareda and Rodriguez-Alejandro, David Aaron
From light trapping to solar energy utilization: A novel photovoltaic–thermoelectric hybrid system to fully utilize solar spectrum pp. 200-210 Downloads
Yun Da, Yimin Xuan and Qiang Li
Investigation of a turbulent premixed combustion flame in a backward-facing step combustor; effect of equivalence ratio pp. 211-222 Downloads
Medhat A. Nemitallah, Gaurav Kewlani, Seunghyuck Hong, Santosh J. Shanbhogue, Mohamed A. Habib and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Effects of methanol to diesel ratio and diesel injection timing on combustion, performance and emissions of a methanol port premixed diesel engine pp. 223-232 Downloads
Lijiang Wei, Chunde Yao, Guopeng Han and Wang Pan
Polyaniline-coated electrospun carbon nanofibers with high mass loading and enhanced capacitive performance as freestanding electrodes for flexible solid-state supercapacitors pp. 233-241 Downloads
Fujun Miao, Changlu Shao, Xinghua Li, Na Lu, Kexin Wang, Xin Zhang and Yichun Liu
Justifying the significance of Knudsen diffusion in solid oxide fuel cells pp. 242-246 Downloads
Fei Yang, Jianmin Gu, Luhan Ye, Zuoxiang Zhang, Gaofeng Rao, Yachun Liang, Kechun Wen, Jiyun Zhao, John B. Goodenough and Weidong He
Experimental investigation on the CO2 transcritical power cycle pp. 247-254 Downloads
Lisheng Pan, Bo Li, Xiaolin Wei and Teng Li
A cost comparison of technology approaches for improving access to electricity services pp. 255-265 Downloads
Francesco Fuso Nerini, Oliver Broad, Dimitris Mentis, Manuel Welsch, Morgan Bazilian and Mark Howells
Prediction of heat load in district heating systems by Support Vector Machine with Firefly searching algorithm pp. 266-273 Downloads
Al-Shammari, Eiman Tamah, Afram Keivani, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Ali Mostafaeipour, Por Lip Yee, Dalibor Petković and Sudheer Ch
Tubular direct carbon solid oxide fuel cells with molten antimony anode and refueling feasibility pp. 274-278 Downloads
Nan-Qi Duan, Yong Cao, Bin Hua, Bo Chi, Jian Pu, Jingli Luo and Li Jian
Extension of apparent devolatilization kinetics from thermally thin to thermally thick particles in zero dimensions for woody biomass pp. 279-290 Downloads
Joakim M. Johansen, Peter A. Jensen, Peter Glarborg, Marco Mancini, Roman Weber and Reginald E. Mitchell
Energy efficiency of a hybrid membrane/condensation process for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) recovery from air: A generic approach pp. 291-302 Downloads
Bouchra Belaissaoui, Yann Le Moullec and Eric Favre
Theoretical analysis of a liquid desiccant based indirect evaporative cooling system pp. 303-312 Downloads
X. Cui, M.R. Islam, B. Mohan and K.J. Chua
Applying the energy productivity index that considers maximized energy reduction on SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) members pp. 313-323 Downloads
Ming-Chung Chang
Energy and exergy analyses of a novel power cycle using the cold of LNG (liquefied natural gas) and low-temperature solar energy pp. 324-345 Downloads
Mehdi Mehrpooya, Mohammad Mehdi Moftakhari Sharifzadeh and Marc A. Rosen
A novel solar-assisted heat pump driven by photovoltaic/thermal collectors: Dynamic simulation and thermoeconomic optimization pp. 346-366 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d'Accadia, Rafal Damian Figaj and Laura Vanoli
Theoretical modeling of thermoelectric generator with particular emphasis on the effect of side surface heat transfer pp. 367-379 Downloads
Zu-Guo Shen, Shuang-Ying Wu, Lan Xiao and Gang Yin
Mixing layer effects on the entrainment ratio in steam ejectors through ideal gas computational simulations pp. 380-392 Downloads
Kavous Ariafar, David Buttsworth, Al-Doori, Ghassan and Navid Sharifi
An advanced real-time capable mixture controlled combustion model pp. 393-403 Downloads
Tomaž Katrašnik
Numerical and experimental analyses of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) combustion in a domestic cooking stove with a porous radiant burner pp. 404-414 Downloads
Snehasish Panigrahy, Niraj Kumar Mishra, Subhash C. Mishra and P. Muthukumar
Quantification of (p)rebound effects in retrofit policies – Why does it matter? pp. 415-424 Downloads
Ray Galvin and Sunikka-Blank, Minna
Dynamic performance of a high-temperature PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell – Modelling and fuzzy control of purging process pp. 425-432 Downloads
Caizhi Zhang, Zhitao Liu, Xiongwen Zhang, Siew Hwa Chan and Youyi Wang
Coordinated operations of large-scale UHVDC hydropower and conventional hydro energies about regional power grid pp. 433-446 Downloads
Jianjian Shen, Chuntian Cheng, Xiong Cheng and Jay R. Lund
A utilization of GEP (gene expression programming) metamodel and PSO (particle swarm optimization) tool to predict and optimize the forced convection around a cylinder pp. 447-458 Downloads
Prasenjit Dey and Ajoy Kumar Das
Differences in regional emissions in China's transport sector: Determinants and reduction strategies pp. 459-470 Downloads
Bin Xu and Boqiang Lin
An assessment of the biodiesel low-temperature combustion engine under transient cycles using single-cylinder engine experiment and cycle simulation pp. 471-482 Downloads
Junghwan Kim, Keunsoo Kim, Seungmook Oh and Sunyoup Lee
A kish graphitic lithium-insertion anode material obtained from non-biodegradable plastic waste pp. 483-493 Downloads
T. Sri Devi Kumari, Adriel J.J. Jebaraj, T. Antony Raj, D. Jeyakumar and T. Prem Kumar
Local promotion of electric mobility in cities: Guidelines and real application case in Italy pp. 494-503 Downloads
G. Comodi, F. Caresana, D. Salvi, L. Pelagalli and M. Lorenzetti
Upper-limit solar photovoltaic power generation: Estimates for 2-axis tracking collectors in Nigeria pp. 504-516 Downloads
H.O. Njoku
Characteristics of outwardly propagating spherical flames of R134a(C2H2F4)/CH4/O2/N2 mixtures in a constant volume combustion chamber pp. 517-527 Downloads
Byung Chul Choi, June Sung Park and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Multi-objective optimization of a Stirling heat engine using TS-TLBO (tutorial training and self learning inspired teaching-learning based optimization) algorithm pp. 528-541 Downloads
Vivek Patel and Vimal Savsani
Illumination uniformity issue explored via two-stage solar concentrator system based on Fresnel lens and compound flat concentrator pp. 542-549 Downloads
Naichia Yeh
Does electricity consumption improve residential living status in less developed regions? An empirical analysis using the quantile regression approach pp. 550-560 Downloads
Shuwen Niu, Yanqin Jia, Liqiong Ye, Runqi Dai and Na Li
Enhanced power generation of partial shaded photovoltaic fields by forecasting the interconnection of modules pp. 561-572 Downloads
Smita Pareek and Ratna Dahiya
Comparative study of clustering methods for wake effect analysis in wind farm pp. 573-579 Downloads
Al-Shammari, Eiman Tamah, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Dalibor Petković, Erfan Zalnezhad, Por Lip Yee, Ros Suraya Taher and Žarko Ćojbašić
Optimal metering plan for measurement and verification on a lighting case study pp. 580-592 Downloads
Xianming Ye and Xiaohua Xia
Thermoelectric performance and optimization of three-terminal quantum dot nano-devices pp. 593-601 Downloads
Yanchao Zhang, Yuan Wang, Chuankun Huang, Guoxing Lin and Jincan Chen
Which energy mix for the UK (United Kingdom)? An evolutive descriptive mapping with the integrated GAIA (graphical analysis for interactive aid)–AHP (analytic hierarchy process) visualization tool pp. 602-611 Downloads
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