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Volume 93, issue P2, 2015

Electrodeposition of three-dimensional ZnO@MnO2 core–shell nanocables as high-performance electrode material for supercapacitors pp. 1259-1266 Downloads
Chuanjun Yuan, Haibo Lin, Haiyan Lu, Endong Xing, Yusi Zhang and Bingyao Xie
Comparative study on the performance and exergy efficiency of a solar hybrid heat pump using R22 and R744 pp. 1267-1276 Downloads
Honghyun Cho
A hybrid life cycle assessment of the vehicle-to-grid application in light duty commercial fleet pp. 1277-1286 Downloads
Yang Zhao and Omer Tatari
Exergoeconomic evaluation of an ethanol-fueled solid oxide fuel cell power plant pp. 1287-1295 Downloads
Yannay Casas Ledón, Arteaga-Perez, Luis E., Juan Toledo and Jo Dewulf
Wind-speed prediction and analysis based on geological and distance variables using an artificial neural network: A case study in South Korea pp. 1296-1302 Downloads
Junmo Koo, Gwon Deok Han, Hyung Jong Choi and Joon Hyung Shim
3D (3-dimensional) porous silver nonwoven mats prepared with cellulosic templates and spray equipment for use as supercapacitor current collectors pp. 1303-1307 Downloads
Yunseok Jang, Jeongdai Jo, Young-Man Choi, Sin Kwon and Kwang-Young Kim
A framework for the reliability evaluation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems in the presence of intermittent faults pp. 1308-1320 Downloads
Baoping Cai, Yonghong Liu, Yunpeng Ma, Lei Huang and Zengkai Liu
Characteristics of rice husk tar secondary thermal cracking pp. 1321-1327 Downloads
Ming Zhai, Xinyu Wang, Yu Zhang, Peng Dong, Guoli Qi and Yudong Huang
Energy efficiency of China's industry sector: An adjusted network DEA (data envelopment analysis)-based decomposition analysis pp. 1328-1337 Downloads
Yingnan Liu and Ke Wang
Effects of clamping force on the water transport and performance of a PEM (proton electrolyte membrane) fuel cell with relative humidity and current density pp. 1338-1344 Downloads
Dowon Cha, Jae Hwan Ahn, Hyung Soon Kim and Yongchan Kim
Energy harvesting from high-rise buildings by a piezoelectric harvester device pp. 1345-1352 Downloads
X.D. Xie, Q. Wang and S.J. Wang
Oil price crisis response: Capability assessment and key indicator identification pp. 1353-1360 Downloads
Keyi Ju, Bin Su, Dequn Zhou, P. Zhou and Yuqiang Zhang
Accounting for hidden energy dependency: The impact of energy embodied in traded goods on cross-country energy security assessments pp. 1361-1372 Downloads
Markus Bortolamedi
Modeling and simulation of a molten salt cavity receiver with Dymola pp. 1373-1384 Downloads
Qiangqiang Zhang, Xin Li, Zhifeng Wang, Jinbai Zhang, El-Hefni, Baligh and Li Xu
Research on the data transmission optimization for building energy consumption monitoring system based on fuzzy self-adaptation method pp. 1385-1393 Downloads
Liang Zhao and Jili Zhang
Experimental investigations on using phase change material for performance improvement of storage-enhanced heat recovery room air-conditioner pp. 1394-1403 Downloads
Jie Jia and W.L. Lee
Outdoor dry bulb heating design temperatures for Hungary pp. 1404-1412 Downloads
Zoltán Verbai, Imre Kocsis and Ferenc Kalmár
Microwave-assist hydrothermal synthesis and luminescence of NaGd(WO4):Tb3+ phosphors: A case study for the energy saving in the synthesis of phosphors pp. 1413-1417 Downloads
Yongxin Liu, Xuejun Yue, Kun Cai, Haidong Deng and Ming Zhang
Preference selection index approach for optimization of V down perforated baffled roughened rectangular channel pp. 1418-1425 Downloads
Sunil Chamoli
Energy economics in the manufacturing industry: A return on investment strategy pp. 1426-1435 Downloads
Michael P. Brundage, Qing Chang, Jing Zou, Yang Li, Jorge Arinez and Guoxian Xiao
Fast pyrolysis of macroalga Saccharina japonica in a bubbling fluidized-bed reactor for bio-oil production pp. 1436-1446 Downloads
Hoang Vu Ly, Seung-Soo Kim, Hee Chul Woo, Jae Hyung Choi, Dong Jin Suh and Jinsoo Kim
Optimizing renewable energy, demand response and energy storage to replace conventional fuels in Ontario, Canada pp. 1447-1455 Downloads
David B. Richardson and L.D. Danny Harvey
Short-term wind speed prediction using empirical wavelet transform and Gaussian process regression pp. 1456-1466 Downloads
Jianming Hu and Jianzhou Wang
Tracking collector consideration of tilted collector solar updraft tower power plant under Malaysia climate conditions pp. 1467-1477 Downloads
Ali Ahmed Gitan, Shaymaa Husham Abdulmalek and Salwan S. Dihrab
Optimization of velocity for energy saving and mitigating fouling in a crude oil preheat train with fixed network structure pp. 1478-1488 Downloads
Yufei Wang, Shihui Zhan and Xiao Feng
Impact of powertrain electrification, vehicle size reduction and lightweight materials substitution on energy use, CO2 emissions and cost of a passenger light-duty vehicle fleet pp. 1489-1504 Downloads
Juan C. González Palencia, Tsukasa Sakamaki, Mikiya Araki and Seiichi Shiga
Rapid-compression machine studies on two-stage ignition characteristics of hydrocarbon autoignition and an investigation of new gasoline surrogates pp. 1505-1514 Downloads
Jinhwa Chung, Seunghyeon Lee, Hyunsoo An, Soonho Song and Kwang Min Chun
An improved free search differential evolution algorithm: A case study on parameters identification of one diode equivalent circuit of a solar cell module pp. 1515-1522 Downloads
Helon Vicente Hultmann Ayala, Leandro dos Santos Coelho, Viviana Cocco Mariani and Alireza Askarzadeh
Theoretical and experimental investigation of a closed sorption thermal storage prototype using LiCl/water pp. 1523-1534 Downloads
N. Yu, R.Z. Wang and L.W. Wang
Experimental study of slight temperature rise combustion in trapped vortex combustors for gas turbines pp. 1535-1547 Downloads
R.C. Zhang, W.J. Fan, F. Xing, S.W. Song, Q. Shi, G.H. Tian and W.L. Tan
Energy performance and efficiency of two sugar crops for the biofuel supply chain. Perspectives for sustainable field management in southern Italy pp. 1548-1557 Downloads
Pasquale Garofalo, Laura D'Andrea, A. Vittorio Vonella, Michele Rinaldi and A. Domenico Palumbo
Appraisal of the support vector machine to forecast residential heating demand for the District Heating System based on the monthly overall natural gas consumption pp. 1558-1567 Downloads
Nima Izadyar, Hossein Ghadamian, Hwai Chyuan Ong, Zeinab Moghadam, Chong Wen Tong and Shahaboddin Shamshirband
Simulation of a multiple heat source supercritical ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) for vehicle waste heat recovery pp. 1568-1580 Downloads
Stephen Glover, Roy Douglas, Mattia De Rosa, Xiaolei Zhang and Laura Glover
Optimal dynamic allocation of mobile plants to monetize associated or stranded natural gas, part I: Bakken shale play case study pp. 1581-1594 Downloads
Siah Hong Tan and Paul I. Barton
Impacts of renewable energy system design inputs on the performance robustness of net zero energy buildings pp. 1595-1606 Downloads
Yuehong Lu, Shengwei Wang, Chengchu Yan and Kui Shan
The tug-of-war between resource depletion and technological change in the global oil industry 1981–2009 pp. 1607-1616 Downloads
Lars Lindholt
Characterising a turbine for application in an organic Rankine cycle pp. 1617-1632 Downloads
B. Ssebabi, R.T. Dobson and A.B. Sebitosi
Assessment of the safe operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems pp. 1633-1638 Downloads
Sotiris N. Kamenopoulos and Theocharis Tsoutsos
Thermodynamic analysis of a liquid air energy storage system pp. 1639-1647 Downloads
Giuseppe Leo Guizzi, Michele Manno, Ludovica Maria Tolomei and Ruggero Maria Vitali
Solar pyrolysis of beech wood: Effects of pyrolysis parameters on the product distribution and gas product composition pp. 1648-1657 Downloads
Kuo Zeng, Daniel Gauthier, Rui Li and Gilles Flamant
Measurements of integrated direct, diffuse and global ultraviolet-B radiation pp. 1658-1662 Downloads
M.P. Utrillas, R. Pedrós, S. Gandía, Gómez-Amo, J.L., V. Estellés and Martínez-Lozano, J.A.
Prediction of steam-assisted gravity drainage steam to oil ratio from reservoir characteristics pp. 1663-1670 Downloads
Oguz Akbilgic, Da Zhu, Ian D. Gates and Joule A. Bergerson
A comparative study on prediction methods for China's medium- and long-term coal demand pp. 1671-1683 Downloads
Bing-Bing Li, Qiao-Mei Liang and Jin-Cheng Wang
Nanoencapsulation of n-octadecane phase change material with silica shell through interfacial hydrolysis and polycondensation in miniemulsion pp. 1684-1692 Downloads
Shuen Liang, Qianbiao Li, Yalin Zhu, Keping Chen, Chunrong Tian, Jianhua Wang and Ruke Bai
Optimal distribution feeder reconfiguration for increasing the penetration of plug-in electric vehicles and minimizing network costs pp. 1693-1703 Downloads
Kavousi-Fard, Abdollah, Alireza Abbasi, Mohammad-Amin Rostami and Abbas Khosravi
Appraisal of artificial neural network-genetic algorithm based model for prediction of the power provided by the agricultural tractors pp. 1704-1710 Downloads
Hamid Taghavifar, Aref Mardani and Ashkan Haji Hosseinloo
Cuckoo optimization algorithm with penalty function for combined heat and power economic dispatch problem pp. 1711-1718 Downloads
Mohamed Arezki Mellal and Edward J. Williams
Entropy production and economic analysis in diabatic distillation columns with heat exchangers in series pp. 1719-1730 Downloads
Alcántara-Avila, J.Rafael, Ken-Ichiro Sotowa and Toshihide Horikawa
Torrefaction of wood and bark from Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens: Focus on volatile evolution vs feasible temperatures pp. 1731-1741 Downloads
Arteaga-Pérez, Luis E., Cristina Segura, Bustamante-García, Verónica, Oscar Gómez Cápiro and Romel Jiménez
Soybean waste (okara) as a valorization biomass for the bioethanol production pp. 1742-1747 Downloads
In Seong Choi, Young Gyu Kim, Ja Kyun Jung and Hyeun-Jong Bae
Development and characterization of a new embedded ionic liquid based membrane-cathode assembly for its application in single chamber microbial fuel cells pp. 1748-1757 Downloads
Ortiz-Martínez, V.M., Salar-García, M.J., Hernández-Fernández, F.J. and A.P. de los Ríos
Effects of the injection strategy on the mixture formation and combustion characteristics in a DISI (direct injection spark ignition) optical engine pp. 1758-1768 Downloads
Jingeun Song, Taehoon Kim, Jihwan Jang and Sungwook Park
Comparison and verification of wake models in an onshore wind farm considering single wake condition of the 2 MW wind turbine pp. 1769-1777 Downloads
Sanghyeon Jeon, Bumsuk Kim and Jongchul Huh
Exergy analysis of a coal/biomass co-hydrogasification based chemical looping power generation system pp. 1778-1787 Downloads
Linbo Yan, Guangxi Yue and Boshu He
Effect of number of supports on the bending of absorber tube of parabolic trough concentrator pp. 1788-1803 Downloads
Sourav Khanna and Vashi Sharma
A comprehensive sensitivity study of major passive design parameters for the public rental housing development in Hong Kong pp. 1804-1818 Downloads
Xi Chen, Hongxing Yang and Weilong Zhang
Optimal supervisory control of steam generators operating in parallel pp. 1819-1831 Downloads
Vicente Costanza and Pablo S. Rivadeneira
Comprehensive exergy analysis of an industrial-scale yogurt production plant pp. 1832-1851 Downloads
Majid Jafaryani Jokandan, Mortaza Aghbashlo and Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi
An extension of the Generalized Actuator Disc Theory for aerodynamic analysis of the diffuser-augmented wind turbines pp. 1852-1859 Downloads
Yingyi Liu and Shigeo Yoshida
Electricity generation and heating potential from enhanced geothermal system in Songliao Basin, China: Different reservoir stimulation strategies for tight rock and naturally fractured formations pp. 1860-1885 Downloads
Yan-Jun Zhang, Liang-Liang Guo, Zheng-Wei Li, Zi-Wang Yu, Tian-Fu Xu and Cheng-Yu Lan
Main parameters optimization of regenerative organic Rankine cycle driven by low-temperature flue gas waste heat pp. 1886-1895 Downloads
Zhong Ge, Hua Wang, Hui-Tao Wang, Jian-Jun Wang, Ming Li, Fu-Zhong Wu and Song-Yuan Zhang
Temperature fields induced by geothermal devices pp. 1896-1903 Downloads
V. Ciriello, M. Bottarelli, V. Di Federico and D.M. Tartakovsky
Spatial modeling of lignite energy reserves for exploitation planning and quality control pp. 1906-1917 Downloads
Andreas Pavlides, Dionissios T. Hristopulos, Christos Roumpos and Zach Agioutantis
Solar energy prediction and verification using operational model forecasts and ground-based solar measurements pp. 1918-1930 Downloads
P.G. Kosmopoulos, S. Kazadzis, K. Lagouvardos, V. Kotroni and A. Bais
Performance analysis of energy storage system based on liquid carbon dioxide with different configurations pp. 1931-1942 Downloads
Mingkun Wang, Pan Zhao, Yi Yang and Yiping Dai
Improving OWC performance prediction using polychromatic waves pp. 1943-1952 Downloads
Tom Mitchell Ferguson, Alan Fleming, Irene Penesis and Gregor Macfarlane
Investigation and modeling of the tractive performance of radial tires using off-road vehicles pp. 1953-1963 Downloads
Şerafettin Ekinci, Kazım Çarman and Humar Kahramanlı
Methods for evaluation of energy efficiency of machine tools pp. 1964-1970 Downloads
Timo Schudeleit, Simon Züst and Konrad Wegener
Effects of C3H8 on hydrate formation and dissociation for integrated CO2 capture and desalination technology pp. 1971-1979 Downloads
Mingjun Yang, Jianan Zheng, Weiguo Liu, Yu Liu and Yongchen Song
Energy efficiency of different impellers in stirred tank reactors pp. 1980-1988 Downloads
Houari Ameur
The recent change in the Italian policies for photovoltaics: Effects on the payback period and levelized cost of electricity of grid-connected photovoltaic systems installed in urban contexts pp. 1989-2005 Downloads
Aldo Orioli and Alessandra Di Gangi
Power density optimization for micro thermoelectric generators pp. 2006-2017 Downloads
Marc T. Dunham, Michael T. Barako, Saniya LeBlanc, Mehdi Asheghi, Baoxing Chen and Kenneth E. Goodson
Performance comparison of low-grade ORCs (organic Rankine cycles) using R245fa, pentane and their mixtures based on the thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization and decision makings pp. 2018-2029 Downloads
Yongqiang Feng, TzuChen Hung, Yaning Zhang, Bingxi Li, Jinfu Yang and Yang Shi
Effect of mixing on the performance of wet steam ejectors pp. 2030-2041 Downloads
Kavous Ariafar, David Buttsworth, Al-Doori, Ghassan and Ray Malpress
Energy efficiency improvement potentials for the cement industry in Ethiopia pp. 2042-2052 Downloads
Gudise Tesema and Ernst Worrell
Numerical study on effect of oxygen content in combustion air on ammonia combustion pp. 2053-2068 Downloads
Jun Li, Hongyu Huang, Noriyuki Kobayashi, Zhaohong He, Yugo Osaka and Tao Zeng
A dynamic model used for controller design of a coal fired once-through boiler-turbine unit pp. 2069-2078 Downloads
Ji-Zhen Liu, Shu Yan, De-Liang Zeng, Yong Hu and You Lv
A hybrid system using a regenerative electrochemical cycle to harvest waste heat from the proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 2079-2086 Downloads
Rui Long, Baode Li, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
International comparisons of energy and environmental efficiency in the road transport sector pp. 2087-2101 Downloads
Khaled Ben Abdallah, Mounir Belloumi and Daniel De Wolf
Effective reduction of NOx emissions of a HCCI (Homogeneous charge compression ignition) engine by enhanced rate of heat transfer under varying conditions of operation pp. 2102-2115 Downloads
T. Karthikeya Sharma, G. Amba Prasad Rao and K. Madhu Murthy
A novel twin-rotor radial-inflow air turbine for oscillating-water-column wave energy converters pp. 2116-2125 Downloads
António F.O. Falcão, Luís M.C. Gato, João C.C. Henriques, João E. Borges, Bruno Pereiras and Francisco Castro
A simplified optimization model to short-term electricity planning pp. 2126-2135 Downloads
Sérgio Pereira, Paula Ferreira and A.I.F. Vaz
Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic optimization of an integrated gas turbine and organic Rankine cycle pp. 2136-2145 Downloads
M. Khaljani, R. Khoshbakhti Saray and K. Bahlouli
Parametric and optimization studies of reheat and regenerative Braysson cycle pp. 2146-2156 Downloads
R. Chandramouli, M.S.S. Srinivasa Rao and K. Ramji
A mechanistic semi-empirical wake interaction model for wind farm layout optimization pp. 2157-2165 Downloads
Jim Y.J. Kuo, David A. Romero and Cristina H. Amon
Determining efficiency of energy input for silage corn production: An econometric approach pp. 2166-2174 Downloads
Ehsan Houshyar, Hamid Reza Zareifard, Philipp Grundmann and Pete Smith
Crisscross optimization algorithm for large-scale dynamic economic dispatch problem with valve-point effects pp. 2175-2190 Downloads
Anbo Meng, Hanwu Hu, Hao Yin, Xiangang Peng and Zhuangzhi Guo
Net energy analysis of Bakken crude oil production using a well-level engineering-based model pp. 2191-2198 Downloads
Adam R. Brandt, Tim Yeskoo and Kourosh Vafi
Improvement and experimental research of CO2 two-rolling piston expander pp. 2199-2207 Downloads
Jing Hu, Minxia Li, Li Zhao, Borui Xia and Yitai Ma
Thermoeconomic multi-objective optimization of an organic Rankine cycle for exhaust waste heat recovery of a diesel engine pp. 2208-2228 Downloads
Fubin Yang, Hongguang Zhang, Songsong Song, Chen Bei, Hongjin Wang and Enhua Wang
A novel application for energy efficiency improvement using nanofluid in shell and tube heat exchanger equipped with helical baffles pp. 2229-2240 Downloads
Mehdi Bahiraei, Morteza Hangi and Mahdi Saeedan
Performance and emission characteristics of a high-compression-ratio diesel engine fueled with wood pyrolysis oil-butanol blended fuels pp. 2241-2250 Downloads
Tae Young Kim, Seokhwan Lee and Kernyong Kang
In-situ transesterification of Jatropha oil over an efficient solid alkali using low leaching component supported on industrial silica gel pp. 2251-2257 Downloads
Kun Qian, Xiang Shen, Yanxin Wang, Qiang Gao and Hongwei Ding
Development of high efficiency cycles for domestic refrigerator-freezer application pp. 2258-2266 Downloads
Mina Yang, Chung Woo Jung and Yong Tae Kang
Advanced exergy and environmental analyses and multi objective optimization of a real combined cycle power plant with supplementary firing using evolutionary algorithm pp. 2267-2279 Downloads
Fateme Ahmadi Boyaghchi and Hanieh Molaie
Numerical investigation of the effect split injection scheme on exergy terms in an IDI (indirect injection) diesel engine by three dimensional modeling pp. 2280-2291 Downloads
Samad Jafarmadar and Peyman Nemati
Optimal profile of heat transfer pin fins under technological constraints pp. 2292-2298 Downloads
Viorel Badescu
Reliability improvement in radial electrical distribution network by optimal planning of energy storage systems pp. 2299-2312 Downloads
Hedayat Saboori, Reza Hemmati and Mehdi Ahmadi Jirdehi
A novel approach for measuring bubbles uniformity and mixing efficiency in a direct contact heat exchanger pp. 2313-2320 Downloads
Yu Fei, Qingtai Xiao, Jianxin Xu, Jianxin Pan, Shibo Wang, Hua Wang and Junwei Huang
Economic, energy, and environmental impacts of alcohol dehydration technology on biofuel production from brown algae pp. 2321-2336 Downloads
Peyman Fasahati and J. Jay Liu
A bottom-up and procedural calibration method for building energy simulation models based on hourly electricity submetering data pp. 2337-2350 Downloads
Ying Ji and Peng Xu
Valuing crop diversity in biodiesel production plans pp. 2351-2362 Downloads
Antonella Baglivi, Giulia Fiorese, Giorgio Guariso and Clara Uggè
Experimental study of a 1 kw organic Rankine cycle with a zeotropic mixture of R245fa/R134a pp. 2363-2373 Downloads
Gholamreza Bamorovat Abadi, Eunkoo Yun and Kyung Chun Kim
Modelling and testing the performance of a commercial ammonia/water absorption chiller using Aspen-Plus platform pp. 2374-2383 Downloads
Rami Mansouri, Ismail Boukholda, Mahmoud Bourouis and Ahmed Bellagi
Experimental investigation of pyrolysis of rice straw using bench-scale auger, batch and fluidized bed reactors pp. 2384-2394 Downloads
Hyungseok Nam, Sergio C. Capareda, Nanjappa Ashwath and Jinjuta Kongkasawan
Extended Euler–Euler model for the simulation of a 1 MWth chemical–looping pilot plant pp. 2395-2405 Downloads
Falah Alobaid, Peter Ohlemüller, Jochen Ströhle and Bernd Epple
A new forecasting framework for volatile behavior in net electricity consumption: A case study in Turkey pp. 2406-2422 Downloads
Salih Tutun, Chun-An Chou and Erdal Canıyılmaz
The long-term forecast of Pakistan's electricity supply and demand: An application of long range energy alternatives planning pp. 2423-2435 Downloads
Usama Perwez, Ahmed Sohail, Syed Fahad Hassan and Usman Zia
Synergy of air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions of Chinese industries: A critical assessment of energy models pp. 2436-2450 Downloads
Shaohui Zhang, Ernst Worrell and Crijns-Graus, Wina
Numerical investigation of flow characteristics, heat transfer and entropy generation of nanofluid flow inside an annular pipe partially or completely filled with porous media using two-phase mixture model pp. 2451-2466 Downloads
Majid Siavashi, Hamid Reza Talesh Bahrami and Hamid Saffari
A meta-heuristic method to design off-grid community electrification projects with renewable energies pp. 2467-2482 Downloads
Matteo Ranaboldo, García-Villoria, Alberto, Ferrer-Martí, Laia and Rafael Pastor Moreno
Hydrodynamic performance prediction of a tidal current turbine operating in non-uniform inflow conditions pp. 2483-2496 Downloads
Fergal O'Rourke, Fergal Boyle, Anthony Reynolds and David M. Kennedy
Performance of dry anaerobic technology in the co-digestion of rural organic solid wastes in China pp. 2497-2502 Downloads
Tianxue Yang, Yingjun Li, Jixi Gao, Caihong Huang, Bin Chen, Lieyu Zhang, Xiaowei Wang, Ying Zhao, Beidou Xi and Xiang Li
Performance assessment of a natural gas expansion plant integrated with a vertical ground-coupled heat pump pp. 2503-2517 Downloads
Reza Ghezelbash, Farzaneh-Gord, Mahmood, Hamidreza Behi, Meisam Sadi and Heshmatollah Shams Khorramabady
The chaotic global best artificial bee colony algorithm for the multi-area economic/emission dispatch pp. 2518-2545 Downloads
Dinu Calin Secui
Modeling and optimization of a network of energy hubs to improve economic and emission considerations pp. 2546-2558 Downloads
Azadeh Maroufmashat, Ali Elkamel, Michael Fowler, Sourena Sattari, Ramin Roshandel, Amir Hajimiragha, Sean Walker and Evgueniy Entchev
Explicit analytic solution for heat and mass transfer in a desiccant wheel using a simplified model pp. 2559-2567 Downloads
Hyungmook Kang, Gilbong Lee and Dae-Young Lee
Flexible electricity tariffs: Power and energy price signals designed for a smarter grid pp. 2568-2581 Downloads
Michael Schreiber, Martin E. Wainstein, Patrick Hochloff and Roger Dargaville
Two-dimensional thermosolutal natural convective heat and mass transfer in a bi-layered and inclined porous enclosure pp. 2582-2592 Downloads
N. Hadidi, R. Bennacer and Ould-amer, Y.
Design and analysis of a dead volume control for a solar Stirling engine with induction generator pp. 2593-2603 Downloads
Beltrán-Chacon, Ricardo, Leal-Chavez, Daniel, D. Sauceda, Pellegrini-Cervantes, Manuel and Mónica Borunda
Optimized design of impulse turbines in the micro-hydro sector concerning air detrainment processes pp. 2604-2613 Downloads
Matthias Kramer, Kristina Terheiden and Silke Wieprecht
A study of the impact of building geometry on the thermal performance of road pavement solar collectors pp. 2614-2630 Downloads
Diana S.N.M. Nasir, Ben Richard Hughes and John Kaiser Calautit

Volume 93, issue P1, 2015

Integration of CO2 cryogenic removal with a natural gas pressurized liquefaction process using gas expansion refrigeration pp. 1-9 Downloads
Xiaojun Xiong, Wensheng Lin and Anzhong Gu
Exergy loss minimization for a blast furnace with comparative analyses for energy flows and exergy flows pp. 10-19 Downloads
Xiong Liu, Lingen Chen, Xiaoyong Qin and Fengrui Sun
Study on CO2 capture from molten carbonate fuel cell hybrid system integrated with oxygen ion transfer membrane pp. 20-30 Downloads
Liqiang Duan, Long Yue, Wanjun Qu and Yongping Yang
Energetic and economic evaluation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii hydrothermal liquefaction and pyrolysis through thermochemical models pp. 31-40 Downloads
Céline Hognon, Florian Delrue and Guillaume Boissonnet
A robust combination approach for short-term wind speed forecasting and analysis – Combination of the ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average), ELM (Extreme Learning Machine), SVM (Support Vector Machine) and LSSVM (Least Square SVM) forecasts using a GPR (Gaussian Process Regression) model pp. 41-56 Downloads
Jianzhou Wang and Jianming Hu
Experimental study on the start-up with dry gases from normal cell temperatures in self-humidified proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 57-66 Downloads
Im Mo Kong, Aeri Jung, Beom Jun Kim, Kyung Don Baik and Min Soo Kim
Empty promises or promising futures? The case of smart grids pp. 67-74 Downloads
Zora Kovacic and Mario Giampietro
Comparative analysis and evaluation of turbocharged Dual and Miller cycles under different operating conditions pp. 75-87 Downloads
Sipeng Zhu, Kangyao Deng, Sheng Liu and Shuan Qu
Performance study of SAPO-34 and FAPO-34 desiccants for desiccant coated heat exchanger systems pp. 88-94 Downloads
X. Zheng, R.Z. Wang, T.S. Ge and L.M. Hu
Efficiency improvement and CO2 emission reduction potentials in the United States petroleum refining industry pp. 95-105 Downloads
William R. Morrow, John Marano, Ali Hasanbeigi, Eric Masanet and Jayant Sathaye
Heat transfer and second law analyses of forced convection in a channel partially filled by porous media and featuring internal heat sources pp. 106-127 Downloads
Mohsen Torabi, Nader Karimi and Kaili Zhang
Dimensionless design approach, applicability and energy performance of stack-based hybrid ventilation for multi-story buildings pp. 128-140 Downloads
Dong Yang and Ping Li
Heat transfer analysis of metal oxide surge arrester under power frequency applied voltage pp. 141-153 Downloads
Seyyed Meysam Seyyedbarzegar and Mohammad Mirzaie
Entropy generation analysis of laminar flow of a nanofluid in a circular tube immersed in an isothermal external fluid pp. 154-164 Downloads
Vishal Anand
Performance analysis of a solar-powered solid state heat engine for electricity generation pp. 165-172 Downloads
Rui Long, Baode Li, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Design of fuzzy sliding mode controller for hydraulic turbine regulating system via input state feedback linearization method pp. 173-187 Downloads
Xiaohui Yuan, Zhihuan Chen, Yanbin Yuan and Yuehua Huang
A mathematical tool for predicting thermal performance of natural draft biomass cookstoves and identification of a new operational parameter pp. 188-201 Downloads
Milind P. Kshirsagar and Vilas R. Kalamkar
An experimental investigation on a novel ejector enhanced refrigeration cycle applied in the domestic refrigerator-freezer pp. 202-209 Downloads
Xiao Wang and Jianlin Yu
Cyclic ultracapacitor for fast-charging and scalable energy storage system pp. 210-219 Downloads
Sun-Hwa Yeon, Dong-Ha Kim, Daewi Kim, Se-Kook Park, Hana Yoon, Jungjoon Yoo, Kyoung-Hee Shin, Chang-Soo Jin, Yun Jung Lee and Sang-Young Lee
Multi-period analysis of heat integration measures in industrial clusters pp. 220-234 Downloads
Stephane Bungener, Roman Hackl, Greet Van Eetvelde, Simon Harvey and Francois Marechal
Optimal planning of combined heat and power systems within microgrids pp. 235-244 Downloads
Aboelsood Zidan, Hossam A. Gabbar and Ahmed Eldessouky
Novel activity classification and occupancy estimation methods for intelligent HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems pp. 245-255 Downloads
Rajib Rana, Brano Kusy, Josh Wall and Wen Hu
Exergetic analysis of a brackish water reverse osmosis desalination unit with various energy recovery systems pp. 256-265 Downloads
Bilal Ahmed Qureshi and Syed M. Zubair
Evaluation of R-1234ze(Z) as drop-in replacement for R-245fa in Organic Rankine Cycles – From thermophysical properties to cycle performance pp. 266-274 Downloads
Philipp Petr and Gabriele Raabe
A robust demand response control of commercial buildings for smart grid under load prediction uncertainty pp. 275-283 Downloads
Dian-ce Gao, Yongjun Sun and Yuehong Lu
Effects of 2,5-dimethylfuran fuel properties coupling with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) on combustion and emission characteristics in common-rail diesel engines pp. 284-293 Downloads
Guisheng Chen, Lei Di, Quanchang Zhang, Zunqing Zheng and Wei Zhang
Economic and policy evaluation of SPCC (solar-assisted post-combustion carbon capture) in Australia pp. 294-308 Downloads
Abdul Qadir, Lucy Carter, Tony Wood and Ali Abbas
Nonlinear multivariable hierarchical model predictive control for boiler-turbine system pp. 309-322 Downloads
Xiaobing Kong, Xiangjie Liu and Kwang Y. Lee
Optimization of transit bus fleet's life cycle assessment impacts with alternative fuel options pp. 323-334 Downloads
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Chemical storage of wind energy by renewable methanol production: Feasibility analysis using a multi-criteria decision matrix pp. 343-353 Downloads
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Modeling of combustion of gas oil and natural gas in a furnace: Comparison of combustion characteristics pp. 458-465 Downloads
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A review of geothermal energy resources, development, and applications in China: Current status and prospects pp. 466-483 Downloads
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Regional total-factor energy efficiency and electricity saving potential of manufacturing industry in Turkey pp. 495-510 Downloads
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Effect of temperature, suction head and flow velocity on cavitation in a Francis turbine of small hydro power plant pp. 613-624 Downloads
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Energy–exergy analysis and optimisation of a model sugar factory in Turkey pp. 641-654 Downloads
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Hourly electricity consumption in Norwegian households – Assessing the impacts of different heating systems pp. 655-671 Downloads
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Wave energy resource assessment in Uruguay pp. 683-696 Downloads
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Exergy analysis of combustion in VGT-modified diesel engine with detailed chemical kinetics mechanism pp. 740-748 Downloads
Hadi Taghavifar, Shahram Khalilarya and Samad Jafarmadar
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Novel inlet air cooling with gas turbine engines using cascaded waste-heat recovery for green sustainable energy pp. 770-785 Downloads
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Study on adsorption refrigeration performance of MIL-101-isobutane working pair pp. 786-794 Downloads
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Application of the Miller cycle and turbo charging into a diesel engine to improve performance and decrease NO emissions pp. 795-800 Downloads
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Modeling and performance analysis of CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) system based on co-firing of natural gas and biomass gasification gas pp. 801-815 Downloads
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Security constrained optimal power flow solution of wind-thermal generation system using modified bacteria foraging algorithm pp. 816-827 Downloads
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Thermoacoustic prime movers and refrigerators: Thermally powered engines without moving components pp. 828-853 Downloads
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Assessment of municipal solid wastes gasification in a semi-industrial gasifier using syngas quality indices pp. 864-873 Downloads
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Evaluating the cooling performance of crushed-rock interlayer embankments with unperforated and perforated ventilation ducts in permafrost regions pp. 874-881 Downloads
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An efficient strategy exploiting the waste heat in a solid oxide fuel cell system pp. 900-907 Downloads
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Artificial neural network modeling of a photovoltaic-thermal evaporator of solar assisted heat pumps pp. 908-922 Downloads
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Preparation and characterization of vacuum insulation panels with super-stratified glass fiber core material pp. 945-954 Downloads
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A study of feasible smart tariff alternatives for smart grid integrated solar panels in India pp. 963-975 Downloads
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Advances in CO2 gasification reactivity of biomass char through utilization of radio frequency irradiation pp. 976-983 Downloads
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Thermodynamic study of a distiller-electrochemical cell system for energy production from low temperature heat sources pp. 984-993 Downloads
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Effect of coupling position on a looped three-stage thermoacoustically-driven pulse tube cryocooler pp. 994-998 Downloads
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Sustainability in the food-energy-water nexus: Evidence from BRICS (Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China, and South Africa) countries pp. 999-1010 Downloads
Ilhan Ozturk
Mitigating crystallization of saturated FAMES in biodiesel: 5. The unusual phase behavior of a structured triacylglycerol dimer and methyl palmitate binary system pp. 1011-1021 Downloads
Athira Mohanan, Laziz Bouzidi, Shaojun Li and Suresh S. Narine
Multi-objective optimization of a continuous thermally regenerative electrochemical cycle for waste heat recovery pp. 1022-1029 Downloads
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INVELOX with multiple wind turbine generator systems pp. 1030-1040 Downloads
Daryoush Allaei, David Tarnowski and Yiannis Andreopoulos
Effect of the diesel injection strategy on the combustion and emissions of propane/diesel dual fuel premixed charge compression ignition engines pp. 1041-1052 Downloads
Jeongwoo Lee, Sanghyun Chu, Jaehyuk Cha, Hoimyung Choi and Kyoungdoug Min
Renewable-based heat supply of multi-apartment buildings with varied heat demands pp. 1053-1062 Downloads
Nguyen Le Truong, Ambrose Dodoo and Leif Gustavsson
Numerical investigation of a MCFC (Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell) system hybridized with a supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle and compared with a bottoming Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 1063-1073 Downloads
Andrea Baronci, Giuseppe Messina, Stephen J. McPhail and Angelo Moreno
Validation of Danish wind time series from a new global renewable energy atlas for energy system analysis pp. 1074-1088 Downloads
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Reducing the carbon footprint of urban bus fleets using multi-objective optimization pp. 1089-1104 Downloads
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Properties of inverse nonpremixed pure O2/CH4 coflow flames in a model combustor pp. 1105-1115 Downloads
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Optimization of hybrid renewable energy polygeneration system with membrane distillation for rural households in Bangladesh pp. 1116-1127 Downloads
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Mass-conserving dynamic organic Rankine cycle model to investigate the link between mass distribution and system state pp. 1128-1139 Downloads
Moslem Yousefzadeh and Eray Uzgoren
Spectral characterization of the key parameters and elements in coal using terahertz spectroscopy pp. 1140-1145 Downloads
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Analysis of design parameters of large-sized wind turbines by non-dimensional model pp. 1146-1154 Downloads
Armando Lúcio Ramos de Medeiros, Alex Maurício Araújo, Oyama Douglas Queiroz de Oliveira Filho, Janardan Rohatgi and Maurílio José dos Santos
The aerodynamics of a camber-bladed vertical axis wind turbine in unsteady wind pp. 1155-1164 Downloads
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An optimization model for sequential fast pyrolysis facility location-allocation under renewable fuel standard pp. 1165-1172 Downloads
Yihua Li, Guiping Hu and Mark Mba Wright
Energy analysis for guiding the design of well systems of deep Enhanced Geothermal Systems pp. 1173-1188 Downloads
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Numerical study of turbulent porous media combustion coupled with thermoelectric generation in a recuperative reactor pp. 1189-1198 Downloads
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The impact of energy audits on energy efficiency investment of public owners. Evidence from Italy pp. 1199-1209 Downloads
Gian Paolo Barbetta, Paolo Canino and Stefano Cima
Reliable context-aware multi-attribute continuous authentication framework for secure energy utilization management in smart homes pp. 1210-1221 Downloads
Uthpala Subodhani Premarathne
Energy efficiency and influencing factor analysis in the overall Chinese textile industry pp. 1222-1229 Downloads
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Evaluating fractures in rocks from geothermal reservoirs using resistivity at different frequencies pp. 1230-1238 Downloads
Kewen Li, Baozhi Pan and Roland Horne
Entropy generation analysis for a reactive couple stress fluid flow through a channel saturated with porous material pp. 1239-1245 Downloads
Samuel O. Adesanya, Semiu O. Kareem, John A. Falade and Samson A. Arekete
Energetic and exergetic performance analyses of a solar energy-based integrated system for multigeneration including thermoelectric generators pp. 1246-1258 Downloads
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