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Volume 38, issue 1, 2012

Energy sector vulnerability to climate change: A review pp. 1-12 Downloads
Roberto Schaeffer, Alexandre Salem Szklo, André Frossard Pereira de Lucena, Bruno Soares Moreira Cesar Borba, Larissa Pinheiro Pupo Nogueira, Fernanda Pereira Fleming, Alberto Troccoli, Mike Harrison and Mohammed Sadeck Boulahya
CO2 emissions attributed to annual average electricity consumption in OECD (the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries pp. 13-20 Downloads
Sampo Soimakallio and Laura Saikku
Estimation of geological formation thermal conductivity by using stochastic approximation method based on well-log temperature data pp. 21-30 Downloads
Wen-Long Cheng, Yong-Hua Huang, Na Liu and Ran Ma
Exergy and economic analysis of a pyramid-shaped solar water purification system: Active and passive cases pp. 31-36 Downloads
Ali Kianifar, Saeed Zeinali Heris and Omid Mahian
Multi-variable optimization of pressurized oxy-coal combustion pp. 37-57 Downloads
Hussam Zebian, Marco Gazzino and Alexander Mitsos
Experimental study on factors affecting lean combustion limit of S.I engine fueled with compressed natural gas and hydrogen blends pp. 58-65 Downloads
Xin Wang, Hongguang Zhang, Baofeng Yao, Yan Lei, Xiaona Sun, Daojing Wang and Yunshan Ge
Long-term performance of large borehole heat exchanger fields with unbalanced seasonal loads and groundwater flow pp. 66-77 Downloads
Enzo Zanchini, Stefano Lazzari and Antonella Priarone
Second law analysis of a low temperature combustion diesel engine: Effect of injection timing and exhaust gas recirculation pp. 78-84 Downloads
Junnian Zheng and Jerald A. Caton
Energetic and exergetic investigation of an organic Rankine cycle at different heat source temperatures pp. 85-95 Downloads
Jing Li, Gang Pei, Yunzhu Li, Dongyue Wang and Jie Ji
Operational and non-operational performance evaluation of thermal power plants in Iran: A game theory approach pp. 96-103 Downloads
Mustafa Jahangoshai Rezaee, Alireza Moini and Ahmad Makui
A novel adaptive control scheme for dynamic performance improvement of DFIG-Based wind turbines pp. 104-117 Downloads
Zhanfeng Song, Tingna Shi, Changliang Xia and Wei Chen
Optimisation of the connection of membrane CCS installation with a supercritical coal-fired power plant pp. 118-127 Downloads
Janusz Kotowicz and Łukasz Bartela
Projection of future transport energy demand of Jordan using adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique pp. 128-135 Downloads
Al-Ghandoor, Ahmed, Murad Samhouri, Al-Hinti, Ismael, Jamal Jaber and Al-Rawashdeh, Mohammad
The optimal evaporation temperature and working fluids for subcritical organic Rankine cycle pp. 136-143 Downloads
Chao He, Chao Liu, Hong Gao, Hui Xie, Yourong Li, Shuangying Wu and Jinliang Xu
Preparation of Y-zeolite/CoCl2 doped PVDF composite nanofiber and its application in hydrogen production pp. 144-150 Downloads
Qiming Li, Yingbo Chen, Dong Joo Lee, Fang Li and Hern Kim
Improving biodiesel yields from waste cooking oil by using sodium methoxide and a microwave heating system pp. 151-156 Downloads
Kang-Shin Chen, Yuan-Chung Lin, Kuo-Hsiang Hsu and Hsin-Kai Wang
Parametric analysis of components effectiveness on desiccant cooling system performance pp. 157-166 Downloads
L.A. Sphaier and C.E.L. Nóbrega
An energetic analysis of CO2 capture on a gas turbine combining flue gas recirculation and membrane separation pp. 167-175 Downloads
Bouchra Belaissaoui, Gilles Cabot, Marie-Sophie Cabot, David Willson and Eric Favre
Unsteady performance analysis of a twin-entry variable geometry turbocharger turbine pp. 176-189 Downloads
Srithar Rajoo, Alessandro Romagnoli and Martinez-Botas, Ricardo F.
Optimum design of district heating: Application of a novel methodology for improved design of community scale integrated energy systems pp. 190-204 Downloads
Sayyed Mohammad Sanaei and Toshihiko Nakata
Hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of MNH2BH3 and NH3BH3/MH (M=Li, Na) for fuel cells based unmanned submarine vehicles application pp. 205-211 Downloads
Baicheng Weng, Zhu Wu, Zhilin Li and Hui Yang
Hydrogen production from biomass gasification in the oil refining industry – A system analysis pp. 212-227 Downloads
Daniella Johansson, Per-Åke Franck and Thore Berntsson
Power augmentation with CAES (compressed air energy storage) by air injection or supercharging makes environment greener pp. 228-235 Downloads
Naser M. Jubeh and Yousef S.H. Najjar
Generation of typical solar radiation data for different climates of China pp. 236-248 Downloads
Haixiang Zang, Qingshan Xu and Haihong Bian
Fabrication and morphological characterization of microencapsulated phase change materials (MicroPCMs) and macrocapsules containing MicroPCMs for thermal energy storage pp. 249-254 Downloads
Wei Li, Xing-xiang Zhang, Xue-chen Wang, Guo-yi Tang and Hai-feng Shi
New temperature response functions (G functions) for pile and borehole ground heat exchangers based on composite-medium line-source theory pp. 255-263 Downloads
Min Li and Alvin C.K. Lai
Pneumatic hybridization of a diesel engine using compressed air storage for wind-diesel energy generation pp. 264-275 Downloads
Tammam Basbous, Rafic Younes, Adrian Ilinca and Jean Perron
Improving the dimensioning of piping networks and network layouts in low-energy district heating systems connected to low-energy buildings: A case study in Roskilde, Denmark pp. 276-290 Downloads
H.i̇. Tol and S. Svendsen
Analysis of the performances of biogas-fuelled micro gas turbine cogeneration systems (MGT-CGSs) in middle- and small-scale sewage treatment plants: Comparison of performances and optimization of MGTs with various electrical power outputs pp. 291-304 Downloads
Mohamad Firdaus Bin Basrawi, Takanobu Yamada, Kimio Nakanishi and Hideaki Katsumata
Experimental investigation of the optimum photovoltaic panels’ tilt angle during the summer period pp. 305-314 Downloads
John Kaldellis and Dimitrios Zafirakis
Profitability assessment of Haynesville shale gas wells pp. 315-330 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser
Energy efficiency measurement in industrial processes pp. 331-345 Downloads
E. Giacone and S. Mancò
A hybrid FCASO-SQP method for solving the economic dispatch problems with valve-point effects pp. 346-353 Downloads
Jiejin Cai, Qiong Li, Lixiang Li, Haipeng Peng and Yixian Yang
Combined heat and power unit capacity for high-heat to power ratio buildings without selling excess electricity to the grid pp. 354-361 Downloads
Woojin Cho, Janghyun Kim and Kwan-Soo Lee
Efficiency enhancement of a gas turbine cycle using an optimized tubular recuperative heat exchanger pp. 362-375 Downloads
Hoseyn Sayyaadi and Reza Mehrabipour
Scenario analysis on future electricity supply and demand in Japan pp. 376-385 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Keiichi N. Ishihara, Benjamin C. Mclellan and Tetsuo Tezuka
Model-based scenarios for rural electrification in developing countries pp. 386-397 Downloads
Bas van Ruijven, Jules Schers and Detlef P. van Vuuren
Integer fuzzy credibility constrained programming for power system management pp. 398-405 Downloads
Y.M. Zhang, G.H. Huang, Q.G. Lin and H.W. Lu
A particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimization of thermal performance of a smooth flat plate solar air heater pp. 406-413 Downloads
Siddhartha,, Naveen Sharma and Varun,
Design and testing of a fuel cell powertrain with energy constraints pp. 414-424 Downloads
Guillaume Wasselynck, Bruno Auvity, Jean-Christophe Olivier, Didier Trichet, Christophe Josset and Philippe Maindru
Potential energy savings from cool roofs in Spain and Andalusia pp. 425-438 Downloads
Sergio Boixo, Diaz-Vicente, Marian, Antonio Colmenar and Manuel Alonso Castro

Volume 37, issue 1, 2012

Are energy statistics useful for making energy scenarios? pp. 5-17 Downloads
Mario Giampietro and Alevgul H. Sorman
Going beyond energy accounting for sustainability: Energy, fund elements and the economic process pp. 18-26 Downloads
Kozo Mayumi and Hiroki Tanikawa
Oil supply limits and the continuing financial crisis pp. 27-34 Downloads
Gail E. Tverberg
Nuclear energy: Status and future limitations pp. 35-40 Downloads
Michael Dittmar
Synthetic wind speed scenarios including diurnal effects: Implications for wind power dimensioning pp. 41-50 Downloads
K. Suomalainen, C.A. Silva, P. Ferrão and S. Connors
Wind power in China – Dream or reality? pp. 51-60 Downloads
X. Li, K. Hubacek and Y.L. Siu
Ready or not, here comes the smart grid! pp. 61-68 Downloads
Seth Blumsack and Alisha Fernandez
Assessing the environmental performance and sustainability of bioenergy production in Sweden: A life cycle assessment perspective pp. 69-78 Downloads
Elvira Buonocore, Pier Paolo Franzese and Sergio Ulgiati
Cropping bioenergy and biomaterials in marginal land: The added value of the biorefinery concept pp. 79-93 Downloads
S. Fahd, G. Fiorentino, S. Mellino and S. Ulgiati
Two-stage anaerobic process for bio-hydrogen and bio-methane combined production from biodegradable solid wastes pp. 94-102 Downloads
G. Kvesitadze, T. Sadunishvili, T. Dudauri, N. Zakariashvili, G. Partskhaladze, V. Ugrekhelidze, G. Tsiklauri, B. Metreveli and M. Jobava
Integrated food, energy and environmental services production as an alternative for small rural properties in Brazil pp. 103-114 Downloads
Feni Agostinho and Enrique Ortega
Global food supply and the impacts of increased use of biofuels pp. 115-121 Downloads
Sanderine Nonhebel
Going beyond energy intensity to understand the energy metabolism of nations: The case of Argentina pp. 122-132 Downloads
Marina Recalde and Jesus Ramos-Martin
Comparison of black liquor gasification with other pulping biorefinery concepts – Systems analysis of economic performance and CO2 emissions pp. 136-153 Downloads
Karin Pettersson and Simon Harvey
Effects of geometric parameters on the separated air flow temperature of a vortex tube for design optimization pp. 154-160 Downloads
S.Y. Im and S.S. Yu
Assessing energy-related CO2 emissions with sensitivity analysis and input-output techniques pp. 161-170 Downloads
Miguel Angel Tarancon and Pablo Del Río
Energy input–output analysis and application of artificial neural networks for predicting greenhouse basil production pp. 171-176 Downloads
Reza Pahlavan, Mahmoud Omid and Asadollah Akram
Microwave-induced torrefaction of rice husk and sugarcane residues pp. 177-184 Downloads
M.J. Wang, Y.F. Huang, P.T. Chiueh, W.H. Kuan and S.L. Lo
Applying grid-connected photovoltaic system as alternative source of electricity to supplement hydro power instead of using diesel in Uganda pp. 185-194 Downloads
Ssennoga Twaha, Mohd Hafizi Idris, Makbul Anwari and Azhar Khairuddin
Numerical simulation of natural gas flows in diffusers for supersonic separators pp. 195-200 Downloads
Chuang Wen, Xuewen Cao, Yan Yang and Wenlong Li
Characterizing uncertainty in groundwater-source heating and cooling projects in Manitoba, Canada pp. 201-206 Downloads
Grant Ferguson
Application of exergy analysis in designing helium liquefiers pp. 207-219 Downloads
Rijo Jacob Thomas, Parthasarathi Ghosh and Kanchan Chowdhury
Thermal effect of a thermoelectric generator on parallel microchannel heat sink pp. 220-227 Downloads
A. Rezania and L.A. Rosendahl
On the operation strategy of steam power plants working at variable load: Technical and economic issues pp. 228-236 Downloads
A. Stoppato, A. Mirandola, G. Meneghetti and E. Lo Casto
Optimal hydro scheduling and offering strategies considering price uncertainty and risk management pp. 237-244 Downloads
J.P.S. Catalão, H.M.I. Pousinho and J. Contreras
Features, trajectories and driving forces for energy-related GHG emissions from Chinese mega cites: The case of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing pp. 245-254 Downloads
Zhu Liu, Sai Liang, Yong Geng, Bing Xue, Fengming Xi, Ying Pan, Tianzhu Zhang and Tsuyoshi Fujita
Modeling and technical–economic optimization of an autonomous photovoltaic system pp. 263-272 Downloads
Zghal Wissem, Kantchev Gueorgui and Kchaou Hédi
Application of three dimensional exergy analysis curves for absorption columns pp. 273-280 Downloads
T.D. Khoa, M. Shuhaimi and H.M. Nam
Performance analysis in near-critical conditions of organic Rankine cycle pp. 281-286 Downloads
Lisheng Pan, Huaixin Wang and Weixiu Shi
Analysis of sky luminance experimental data and comparison with calculation methods pp. 287-298 Downloads
V. Ferraro, M. Mele and V. Marinelli
An integrated “Reservoir-Plant” strategy for a sustainable and efficient use of geothermal resources pp. 299-310 Downloads
Alessandro Franco and Maurizio Vaccaro
A study of influence of acoustic excitation on carbon dioxide capture by a droplet pp. 311-321 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Yu-Lin Hou and Chen-I. Hung
Probabilistic multiobjective wind-thermal economic emission dispatch based on point estimated method pp. 322-335 Downloads
Azizipanah-Abarghooee, Rasoul, Taher Niknam, Alireza Roosta, Ahmad Reza Malekpour and Mohsen Zare
Simulation and energy efficiency analysis of desiccant wheel systems for drying processes pp. 336-345 Downloads
Stefano De Antonellis, Cesare Maria Joppolo, Luca Molinaroli and Alberto Pasini
Numerical dynamic simulation and analysis of a lithium bromide/water long-term solar heat storage system pp. 346-358 Downloads
N’Tsoukpoe, K. Edem, Nolwenn Le Pierrès and Lingai Luo
Effects of rarefaction, viscous dissipation and rotation mode on the first and second law analyses of rarefied gaseous slip flows confined between a rotating shaft and its concentric housing pp. 359-370 Downloads
Mehdi Shamshiri, Mahmud Ashrafizaadeh and Ebrahim Shirani
Evaluation of the impact of the urban heat island on residential and commercial energy consumption in Tokyo pp. 371-383 Downloads
Y. Hirano and T. Fujita
Performance study and parametric analysis of a novel heat pipe PV/T system pp. 384-395 Downloads
Pei Gang, Fu Huide, Zhu Huijuan and Ji Jie
A hybrid procedure for energy demand forecasting in China pp. 396-404 Downloads
Shi-wei Yu and Ke-jun Zhu
Multi-objective optimization design and operation strategy analysis of BCHP system based on life cycle assessment pp. 405-416 Downloads
You-Yin Jing, He Bai and Jiang-Jiang Wang
A real column design exergy optimization of a cryogenic air separation unit pp. 417-429 Downloads
J. Rizk, M. Nemer and D. Clodic
Oil shock transmission to stock market returns: Wavelet-multivariate Markov switching GARCH approach pp. 430-454 Downloads
Rania Jammazi
Power generation efficiency analysis of offshore wind farms connected to a SLPC (single large power converter) operated with variable frequencies considering wake effects pp. 455-468 Downloads
Mikel de Prada Gil, Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol, Andreas Sumper and Bergas-Jané, Joan
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as a way to maximize the integration of variable renewable energy in power systems: The case of wind generation in northeastern Brazil pp. 469-481 Downloads
Bruno Soares M.C. Borba, Alexandre Szklo and Roberto Schaeffer
High-temperature-steam-driven, varied-pressure, humidification-dehumidification system coupled with reverse osmosis for energy-efficient seawater desalination pp. 482-493 Downloads
G. Prakash Narayan, Ronan K. McGovern, Syed M. Zubair and John H. Lienhard
Dealing with barriers to energy efficiency and SMEs: Some empirical evidences pp. 494-504 Downloads
A. Trianni and E. Cagno
Impact of US biofuel policy on US corn and gasoline price variability pp. 505-513 Downloads
Lihong McPhail and Bruce Babcock
Entropy generation vs energy flow due to natural convection in a trapezoidal cavity with isothermal and non-isothermal hot bottom wall pp. 514-532 Downloads
Tanmay Basak, R. Anandalakshmi, Pushpendra Kumar and Sunando Roy
Slot film cooling performance in combustor with flame holders pp. 533-539 Downloads
Jiwoon Song, Keon Woo Lee, Kyung Min Kim and Hyung Hee Cho
A framework for environmental assessment of CO2 capture and storage systems pp. 540-548 Downloads
Roger Sathre, Mikhail Chester, Jennifer Cain and Eric Masanet
Operational planning optimization of multiple interconnected steam power plants considering environmental costs pp. 549-561 Downloads
Xianglong Luo, Bingjian Zhang, Ying Chen and Songping Mo
Energy analysis and optimization of a food defrosting system pp. 562-570 Downloads
C. Damour, M. Hamdi, C. Josset, B. Auvity and L. Boillereaux
An entransy dissipation-based optimization principle for building central chilled water systems pp. 571-579 Downloads
Qun Chen and Yun-Chao Xu
Asymmetric combustion characteristics and NOx emissions of a down-fired 300 MWe utility boiler at different boiler loads pp. 580-590 Downloads
Min Kuang, Zhengqi Li, Yan Zhang, Xiachao Chen, Jinzhao Jia and Qunyi Zhu
Efficiency of two-step solar thermochemical non-stoichiometric redox cycles with heat recovery pp. 591-600 Downloads
J. Lapp, J.H. Davidson and W. Lipiński
Model projections for household energy use in developing countries pp. 601-615 Downloads
Vassilis Daioglou, Bas van Ruijven and Detlef P. van Vuuren
A study on the performance and emission of a diesel engine fueled with Jatropha biodiesel oil and its blends pp. 616-622 Downloads
Bhupendra Singh Chauhan, Naveen Kumar and Haeng Muk Cho
Experimental research on a novel cold storage defrost method based on air bypass circulation and electric heater pp. 623-631 Downloads
Hai-Jiao Yin, Zhao Yang, Ai-Qiang Chen and Na Zhang
Effects of air psychrometrics on the exergetic efficiency of a wind farm at a coastal mountainous site – An experimental study pp. 632-638 Downloads
G. Xydis
Optimal greenhouse gas emissions in NGCC plants integrating life cycle assessment pp. 639-648 Downloads
Etienne Bernier, François Maréchal and Réjean Samson
Evaluating the wind speed persistence for several wind stations in Peninsular Malaysia pp. 649-656 Downloads
N. Masseran, A.M. Razali, K. Ibrahim and W.Z. Wan Zin
An adaptive fuzzy combination model based on self-organizing map and support vector regression for electric load forecasting pp. 657-664 Downloads
Jinxing Che, Jianzhou Wang and Guangfu Wang
Kinetics of gasification of coal, biomass and their blends in air (N2/O2) and different oxy-fuel (O2/CO2) atmospheres pp. 665-672 Downloads
Muhammad Faisal Irfan, Arami-Niya, Arash, Mohammed Harun Chakrabarti, Wan Mohd. Ashri Wan Daud and Muhammad Rashid Usman
An inexact optimization modeling approach for supporting energy systems planning and air pollution mitigation in Beijing city pp. 673-688 Downloads
C. Dong, G.H. Huang, Y.P. Cai and Y. Liu
Measurements and simulations for peak electrical load reduction in cooling dominated climate pp. 689-697 Downloads
Suresh B. Sadineni and Robert F. Boehm
A mathematical analysis of full fuel cycle energy use pp. 698-708 Downloads
Katie Coughlin
Shaping the global oil peak: A review of the evidence on field sizes, reserve growth, decline rates and depletion rates pp. 709-724 Downloads
Steve Sorrell, Jamie Speirs, Roger Bentley, Richard Miller and Erica Thompson
The effect of air staged combustion on NOx emissions in dried lignite combustion pp. 725-736 Downloads
Junchao Wang, Weidong Fan, Yu Li, Meng Xiao, Kang Wang and Peng Ren
Experimental evaluation of a low-power direct air-cooled double-effect LiBr–H2O absorption prototype pp. 737-748 Downloads
M. Izquierdo, J.D. Marcos, M.E. Palacios and González-Gil, A.
Exergy based analysis of solar air heater having discrete V-down rib roughness on absorber plate pp. 749-758 Downloads
Sukhmeet Singh, Subhash Chander and J.S. Saini
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