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Volume 61, issue C, 2013

Comparison of two different bioenergy production options from late harvested biomass of Estonian semi-natural grasslands pp. 6-12 Downloads
Indrek Melts, Katrin Heinsoo, Liina Nurk and Linnar Pärn
Biobutanol production from 2-year-old willow biomass by acid hydrolysis and acetone–butanol–ethanol fermentation pp. 13-17 Downloads
S.-H. Han, D.H. Cho, Y.H. Kim and S.-J. Shin
A novel role for bioenergy: A flexible, demand-oriented power supply pp. 18-26 Downloads
Nora Szarka, Frank Scholwin, Marcus Trommler, H. Fabian Jacobi, Marcus Eichhorn, Andreas Ortwein and Daniela Thrän
Mechanical pretreatment effects on macroalgae-derived biogas production in co-digestion with sludge in Ireland pp. 27-33 Downloads
S. Tedesco, K.Y. Benyounis and A.G. Olabi
Lipid and carotenoid production by oleaginous red yeast Rhodotorula glutinis cultivated on brewery effluents pp. 34-43 Downloads
T. Schneider, Graeff-Hönninger, S., W.T. French, R. Hernandez, N. Merkt, W. Claupein, M. Hetrick and P. Pham
Influence of 1-butanol addition on diesel combustion with palm oil methyl ester/gas oil blends pp. 44-51 Downloads
Y. Yoshimoto, E. Kinoshita, L. Shanbu and T. Ohmura
Determinants of user satisfaction with solar home systems in rural Bangladesh pp. 52-58 Downloads
Satoru Komatsu, Shinji Kaneko, Partha Pratim Ghosh and Akane Morinaga
A novel solar trigeneration system based on concentrating photovoltaic/thermal collectors. Part 1: Design and simulation model pp. 59-71 Downloads
Annamaria Buonomano, Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d'Accadia and Laura Vanoli
Dynamic simulation of a novel high-temperature solar trigeneration system based on concentrating photovoltaic/thermal collectors pp. 72-86 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d'Accadia, Adolfo Palombo and Laura Vanoli
Thermodynamic analysis of SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell)–Stirling hybrid plants using alternative fuels pp. 87-97 Downloads
Masoud Rokni
City blood: A visionary infrastructure solution for household energy provision through water distribution networks pp. 98-107 Downloads
Ferhat Karaca, Fatih Camci and Paul Graham Raven
Effects of wind intermittency on reduction of CO2 emissions: The case of the Spanish power system pp. 108-117 Downloads
Gutiérrez-Martín, F., Da Silva-Álvarez, R.A. and Montoro-Pintado, P.
A methodology for economic and environmental analysis of electric vehicles with different operational conditions pp. 118-127 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Benjamin C. Mclellan, Tetsuo Tezuka and Keiichi N. Ishihara
Thermal performance characteristics of a wraparound loop heat pipe (WLHP) charged with R134A pp. 128-138 Downloads
Hussam Jouhara and Hatem Ezzuddin
Experimental investigation of an inclined-condenser wickless heat pipe charged with water and an ethanol–water azeotropic mixture pp. 139-147 Downloads
Hussam Jouhara, Zaki Ajji, Yahia Koudsi, Hatem Ezzuddin and Nisreen Mousa
Combustion characteristics of a small-scale combustor with a percolated platinum emitter tube for thermophotovoltaics pp. 150-157 Downloads
Yueh-Heng Li, Guan-Bang Chen, Tsarng-Sheng Cheng, Yean-Ling Yeh and Yei-Chin Chao
Enhancing enzymatic saccharification of water hyacinth through microwave heating with dilute acid pretreatment for biomass energy utilization pp. 158-166 Downloads
Ao Xia, Jun Cheng, Wenlu Song, Cong Yu, Junhu Zhou and Kefa Cen
Thermodynamic analysis and theoretical study of a continuous operation solar-powered adsorption refrigeration system pp. 167-178 Downloads
H.Z. Hassan and A.A. Mohamad
Analysis and optimization of cascade Rankine cycle for liquefied natural gas cold energy recovery pp. 179-195 Downloads
In-Hwan Choi, Sangick Lee, Yutaek Seo and Daejun Chang
A two dimensional agglomerate model for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 196-210 Downloads
Lei Xing, Mohamed Mamlouk and Keith Scott
A model for optimal energy planning of a commercial building integrating solar and cogeneration systems pp. 211-223 Downloads
Amir Safaei, Fausto Freire and Carlos Henggeler Antunes
Radiative properties effects on unsteady natural convection inside a saturated porous medium. Application for porous heat exchangers pp. 224-233 Downloads
Jbara Abdesslem, Slimi Khalifa, Nasr Abdelaziz and Mhimid Abdallah
Entropy generation as an environmental impact indicator and a sample application to freshwater ecosystems eutrophication pp. 234-239 Downloads
Diaz-Mendez, S.E., Sierra-Grajeda, J.M.T., Hernandez-Guerrero, A. and Rodriguez-Lelis, J.M.
Numerically simulating the thermal behaviors in groundwater wells of groundwater heat pump pp. 240-247 Downloads
Xuezhi Zhou, Qing Gao, Xiangliang Chen, Ming Yu and Xiaowen Zhao
Business optimal design of a grid-connected hybrid PV (photovoltaic)-wind energy system without energy storage for an Easter Island's block pp. 248-261 Downloads
F. Caballero, E. Sauma and F. Yanine
Robust optimization based self scheduling of hydro-thermal Genco in smart grids pp. 262-271 Downloads
Alireza Soroudi
Comparative study of photovoltaic and thermal solar systems with different storage capacities: Performance evaluation and economic analysis pp. 272-282 Downloads
Sujala Bhattarai, Gopi Krishna Kafle, Seung-Hee Euh, Jae-Heun Oh and Dae Hyun Kim
Energy storage requirements for in-stream tidal generation on a limited capacity electricity grid pp. 283-290 Downloads
Sebastian Manchester, Behzad Barzegar, Lukas Swan and Dominic Groulx
Optimisation and selection of a steam turbine for a large scale industrial CHP (combined heat and power) system under Australia's carbon price pp. 291-307 Downloads
Chanel Ann Gibson, Mehdi Aghaei Meybodi and Masud Behnia
A comparison of the energy consumption of rainfed durum wheat under different management scenarios in southern Italy pp. 308-318 Downloads
Salem Alhajj Ali, Luigi Tedone and Giuseppe De Mastro
In-field performance analysis of ground source cooling system with horizontal ground heat exchanger in Tunisia pp. 319-331 Downloads
Nabiha Naili, Majdi Hazami, Issam Attar and Abdelhamid Farhat
Intermittent absorption refrigeration system equipped with an economizer pp. 332-344 Downloads
S.A.M. Said, El-Shaarawi, M.A.I. and M.U. Siddiqui
Study on the combustion characteristics of a premixed combustion system with exhaust gas recirculation pp. 345-353 Downloads
Byeonghun Yu, Sung-Min Kum, Chang-Eon Lee and Seungro Lee
Nigeria electricity crisis: Power generation capacity expansion and environmental ramifications pp. 354-367 Downloads
Abubakar Sadiq Aliyu, Ahmad Termizi Ramli and Muneer Aziz Saleh
State space model extraction of thermohydraulic systems – Part I: A linear graph approach pp. 368-380 Downloads
K.R. Uren and G. van Schoor
State space model extraction of thermohydraulic systems – Part II: A linear graph approach applied to a Brayton cycle-based power conversion unit pp. 381-396 Downloads
Kenneth Richard Uren and George van Schoor
An exergoeconomic investigation of waste heat recovery from the Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR) employing an ammonia–water power/cooling cycle pp. 397-409 Downloads
V. Zare, S.M.S. Mahmoudi and M. Yari
Numerical study of effect of operating and design parameters for design of steam reforming reactor pp. 410-418 Downloads
Sung Kook Hong, Sang Keun Dong, Jeong Ok Han, Joong Seong Lee and Young Chul Lee
The impact of future energy demand on renewable energy production – Case of Norway pp. 419-431 Downloads
Eva Rosenberg, Arne Lind and Kari Aamodt Espegren
Thermal characterization of a high-power lithium-ion battery: Potentiometric and calorimetric measurement of entropy changes pp. 432-439 Downloads
Akram Eddahech, Olivier Briat and Jean-Michel Vinassa
Kinetic studies on carbon dioxide capture using lignocellulosic based activated carbon pp. 440-446 Downloads
Nor Adilla Rashidi, Suzana Yusup and Bassim H. Hameed
Vertically mounted bifacial photovoltaic modules: A global analysis pp. 447-454 Downloads
Siyu Guo, Timothy Michael Walsh and Marius Peters
A composite efficiency metrics for evaluation of resource and energy utilization pp. 455-462 Downloads
Siyu Yang, Qingchun Yang and Yu Qian
A 1D mathematical model for a microbial fuel cell pp. 463-471 Downloads
V.B. Oliveira, M. Simões, L.F. Melo and A.M.F.R. Pinto
Comparison of energy flow and economic performance between flat land and sloping land olive orchards pp. 472-478 Downloads
Abolfazl Hemmati, Ahmad Tabatabaeefar and Ali Rajabipour
Model evaluation and hindcasting: An experiment with an integrated assessment model pp. 479-490 Downloads
Vaibhav Chaturvedi, Sonny Kim, Steven J. Smith, Leon Clarke, Zhou Yuyu, Page Kyle and Pralit Patel
Syngas production from downdraft gasification of oil palm fronds pp. 491-501 Downloads
Samson Mekbib Atnaw, Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman and Suzana Yusup
Impact of pressure losses in small-sized parabolic-trough collectors for direct steam generation pp. 502-512 Downloads
David H. Lobón and Loreto Valenzuela
Numerical simulation of an oscillating water column device using a code based on Navier–Stokes equations pp. 513-530 Downloads
Paulo R.F. Teixeira, Djavan P. Davyt, Eric Didier and Rubén Ramalhais
Reliability and availability analysis of redundant BCHP (building cooling, heating and power) system pp. 531-540 Downloads
Jiang-Jiang Wang, Chao Fu, Kun Yang, Xu-Tao Zhang, Guo-hua Shi and John Zhai
Assessment of the impacts of tidal stream energy through high-resolution numerical modeling pp. 541-554 Downloads
V. Ramos, R. Carballo, M. Álvarez, M. Sánchez and G. Iglesias
Licensing small modular reactors pp. 555-564 Downloads
M.V. Ramana, Laura Berzak Hopkins and Alexander Glaser
Failure pressure of a pressurized girth-welded super duplex stainless steel pipe in reverse osmosis desalination plants pp. 565-574 Downloads
Chin-Hyung Lee and Kyong-Ho Chang
Unveiling the mystery of Combined Heat & Power (cogeneration) pp. 575-582 Downloads
Aviel Verbruggen, Pierre Dewallef, Sylvain Quoilin and Michael Wiggin
Outdoor measurement of high concentration photovoltaic receivers operating with partial shading on the primary optics pp. 583-588 Downloads
P. Rodrigo, Eduardo F. Fernández, F. Almonacid and Pérez-Higueras, P.J.
Environmental benchmarking of wind farms according to their operational performance pp. 589-597 Downloads
Diego Iribarren, Martín-Gamboa, Mario and Javier Dufour
Security aspects of future renewable energy systems–A short overview pp. 598-605 Downloads
Bengt Johansson
Artificial neural network prediction of exhaust emissions and flame temperature in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) fueled low swirl burner pp. 606-611 Downloads
Bamiji Z. Adewole, Olatunde A. Abidakun and Abraham A. Asere
Effect of adding oxygen to the intake air on a dual-fuel engine performance, emissions, and knock tendency pp. 612-620 Downloads
Mohsen M. Abdelaal, Basem A. Rabee and Abdelrahman H. Hegab
Performance investigation of a hybrid renewable power generation and storage system using systemic power management models pp. 621-635 Downloads
Damian Giaouris, Athanasios I. Papadopoulos, Chrysovalantou Ziogou, Dimitris Ipsakis, Spyros Voutetakis, Simira Papadopoulou, Panos Seferlis, Fotis Stergiopoulos and Costas Elmasides
An artificial neural network ensemble model for estimating global solar radiation from Meteosat satellite images pp. 636-645 Downloads
Linares-Rodriguez, Alvaro, Ruiz-Arias, José Antonio, Pozo-Vazquez, David and Tovar-Pescador, Joaquin
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a novel dual-evaporator system powered by electrical and solar energy sources pp. 646-656 Downloads
Mortaza Yari, A.S. Mehr and S.M.S. Mahmoudi
Radiation energy devaluation in diffusion combusting flows of natural gas pp. 657-663 Downloads
Deodat Makhanlall, Josiah L. Munda and Peixue Jiang
Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of nanoencapsulated phase change materials via sol–gel method pp. 664-672 Downloads
Sara Tahan Latibari, Mohammad Mehrali, Mehdi Mehrali, Teuku Meurah Indra Mahlia and Hendrik Simon Cornelis Metselaar
A Gaussian mixture copula model based localized Gaussian process regression approach for long-term wind speed prediction pp. 673-686 Downloads
Jie Yu, Kuilin Chen, Junichi Mori and Mudassir M. Rashid
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