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Volume 12, issue 12, 1987

Residential electricity consumption in industrialized countries: Changes since 1973 pp. 1197-1208 Downloads
L. Schipper, A. Ketoff, S. Meyers and D. Hawk
Air-to-air heat exchangers and the indoor environment pp. 1209-1215 Downloads
Edward Vine
Economics of short-rotation intensive culture for the production of wood energy feedstocks pp. 1217-1226 Downloads
Robert D. Perlack and J.Warren Ranney
An alternative to the claus process for treating hydrogen sulfide pp. 1227-1232 Downloads
O.A. Salman, A. Bishara and A. Marafi
A statistical evaluation of aggregate monthly industrial demand for natural gas in the U.S.A pp. 1233-1238 Downloads
John H. Herbert, Scott Sitzer and Eades-Pryor, Yvonne
An integrated energy planning model for Illinois pp. 1239-1250 Downloads
Charles M. Macal, Mark J. Bragen and John E. Marshall
Experimental studies on double-effect solar distillers pp. 1251-1256 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh, and Lie-Chaing Chen,
Statistical comparison of correlations for estimation of the diffuse fraction of global radiation pp. 1257-1263 Downloads
V. Bahel
Residential demand for wood: Results from the U.S. Pacific Northwest pp. 1265-1274 Downloads
Bruce Tonn and Dennis White
Selective separation of hydrogen sulfide by pressure-swing adsorption pp. 1275-1279 Downloads
O.A. Salman and A.I. Bishara
The stability of energy coefficients pp. 1281-1287 Downloads
The-Hiep Nguyen
Variable speed drive heat pump performance pp. 1289-1298 Downloads
S.M. Jeter, W.J. Wepfer, G.M. Fadel, N.E. Cowden and A.A. Dymek
Road transport energy conservation in Costa Rica pp. 1299-1308 Downloads
David L. Greene, Antony Araya Jacome, Robert Kowalski and Patricia S. Hu
Statistical comparison of correlations for estimation of global horizontal solar radiation pp. 1309-1316 Downloads
V. Bahel, R. Srinivasan and H. Bakhsh
Non-sampling errors in surveys of residential energy consumption pp. 1317-1328 Downloads
Carl Blumstein
Soft energy sources in regional energy systems: The case of the Cyclades pp. 1329-1332 Downloads
K. Leledakis, T. Goumas and J.-E. Samouilidis
Low heat loss double-glazed windows pp. 1333-1336 Downloads
J.M. Gordon

Volume 12, issue 10, 1987

Energy conservation in the global context pp. 907-919 Downloads
Thomas B. Johansson and Robert H. Williams
The economical use of energy resources pp. 921-927 Downloads
M.A. Styrikovich
A low energy future for the United States pp. 929-944 Downloads
Robert H. Williams
Basic principles of energy policy in the U.S.S.R pp. 945-948 Downloads
Alexey Makarov, A.A. Beschinsky and A.G. Vigdorchik
Strategies for conservation of fuel and energy resources in the Leningrad region pp. 949-952 Downloads
I.A. Glebov and V.P. Kovalenko
Energy demand and materials flows in the economy pp. 953-967 Downloads
Marc Ross, Eric D. Larson and Robert H. Williams
Energy development and its effect on the environment pp. 969-974 Downloads
Yu.A. Izrael
Global environmental issues related to energy supply: The environmental case for increased efficiency of energy use pp. 975-992 Downloads
John P. Holdren
Nuclear energy without reprocessing: A future made possible by energy conservation pp. 993-1001 Downloads
Harold Feiveson
Reactor systems aspects of the future development of thermonuclear energy in the U.S.S.R pp. 1003-1006 Downloads
E.P. Velikhov and A.V. Nedospasov
Energy consumption in the residential and public services sector pp. 1009-1012 Downloads
M.V. Tarnizhevsky
Energy conservation and improvement of reliability in centralized heating systems pp. 1013-1016 Downloads
V. Varvarsky, Ya. Kovyliansky and S. Chistovich
Energy-efficient U.S. buildings and equipment: Progress toward least lifecycle cost pp. 1017-1028 Downloads
Arthur Rosenfeld
Field studies of energy savings in buildings: A tour of a 15-year research program at Princeton University pp. 1029-1043 Downloads
Robert H. Socolow
Energy conservation in transportation pp. 1047-1055 Downloads
D.P. Velikanov, O.A. Stavrov and M.L. Zamyatin
Rating of hazardous substance emissions by vehicular transport as a means of improving the environment of large cities pp. 1057-1062 Downloads
O.A. Stavrov and M.A. Boyeva
Automobile fuel economy pp. 1063-1071 Downloads
Frank von Hippel
Adiabatic diesel-engine technology in future transportation pp. 1073-1080 Downloads
Roy Kamo
Integrated energy generation and industrial processing as a method of energy conservation pp. 1083-1095 Downloads
E.P. Velikhov, V.M. Maslennikov, A.E. Sheindlin, E.E. Shpilrain and V.Ya. Shterenberg
Direct-contact heat exchange, shale production, and slag processing as examples of new efficient technologies for power generation pp. 1097-1105 Downloads
R.B. Akhmedov, Z.L. Miropolsky, E.V. Samuilov and G.P. Stelmakh
Energy conservation in the transmission and distribution of electricity in the Soviet Union pp. 1107-1110 Downloads
I.G. Karapetian, A.L. Kudoyarov, U.S. Zhelezko and V.E. Vorotnitski
Electricity and industrial productivity: A technical and economic perspective pp. 1111-1120 Downloads
Philip S. Schmidt
Advanced separation techniques for petrochemicals pp. 1121-1133 Downloads
Thomas W. Mix
Industrial energy conservation and the steel industry of the United States pp. 1135-1152 Downloads
Marc Ross
Energy considerations of classical and new iron- and steel-making technology pp. 1153-1168 Downloads
Sven Eketorp
Technological progress and energy conservation in the iron and steel industry of the U.S.S.R pp. 1169-1176 Downloads
N.P. Lyakishev and N.I. Perlov
Technological approaches to energy saving in blast-furnace operations in the iron and steel industry of the U.S.S.R pp. 1177-1181 Downloads
N.I. Perlov
Energy conservation and productivity improvements in steel plants pp. 1183-1195 Downloads
Elias P. Gyftopoulos and Wayne J. DiBartola

Volume 12, issue 7, 1987

Part-load optima in bottoming-cycles pp. 523-530 Downloads
John B. Woodward
The role of energy in production functions for southern European economies pp. 531-541 Downloads
Bobby E. Apostolakis
The economic value of energy-saving investments by commercial and industrial firms pp. 543-553 Downloads
Kenneth Train and Patrice C. Ignelzi
Energy use in the U.S. service sector: An input-output analysis pp. 555-562 Downloads
John Gowdy and Jack L. Miller
Thermo-economic functional analysis and optimization pp. 563-571 Downloads
Christos A. Frangopoulos
An analytical and experimental investigation of radial heat transfer in long cylinders pp. 573-578 Downloads
D. Michalopoulos
Economics of electric power generation options and sulfur oxide emission control pp. 579-588 Downloads
T.Y. Yan and J.R. White
Physico-chemical properties of plant oils and blends in diesel and kerosene oils pp. 589-598 Downloads
M. Shyam, S.R. Verma and B.S. Pathak
A fuzzy multicriteria model for comparing energy projects pp. 599-613 Downloads
Mitali De and Keith W. Hipel
The thermal behavior of thermally insulated and uninsulated buildings pp. 615-622 Downloads
Said M.A. Ibrahim

Volume 12, issue 6, 1987

An optimal algorithm for drilling strategy pp. 423-425 Downloads
Abdel-Latif A. Qahwash
The link between energy and GDP in developing countries pp. 427-433 Downloads
David B. Reister
Estimation of energy intensity by end-use for commercial buildings pp. 435-446 Downloads
Isaac Turiel, Paul Craig, Mark Levine, Jim McMahon, George McCollister, Beverly Hesterberg and Michael Robinson
The Kansas City warm room project: Economics, energy savings and health and comfort impacts pp. 447-457 Downloads
Barbara Shohl Wagner and Richard C. Diamond
Domestic hot water consumption in four low-income apartment buildings pp. 459-467 Downloads
Edward Vine, Rick Diamond and Rich Szydlowski
Assessment of residential exhaust-air heat pump applications in the United States pp. 469-484 Downloads
P.H. Wallman, B.S. Pedersen, R.J. Mowris, W.J. Fisk and D.T. Grimsrud
Second-law analysis of a two-dimensional regenerator pp. 485-496 Downloads
J.Y. San, W.M. Worek and Z. Lavan
Kinetics of anaerobic cowdung digestion pp. 497-500 Downloads
S.C. Bhattacharya and Pham Quang Khai
Wave power potential off the south-west Indian coast pp. 501-507 Downloads
M. Baba
The value of energy carriers pp. 509-518 Downloads
W. van Gool
A phenosafranin-amine photoelectrochemical cell pp. 519-521 Downloads
Benoy B. Bhowmik and Sharmila Roy

Volume 12, issue 5, 1987

Answering behavioral questions about energy efficiency in buildings pp. 339-353 Downloads
Paul C. Stern, Elliot Aronson, John M. Darley, Willett Kempton, Daniel H. Hill, Eric Hirst and Thomas J. Wilbanks
A design criterion for a solar-assisted heat pump system pp. 355-367 Downloads
Zaheer-uddin, M., R.E. Rink and V.G. Gourishankar
Bangladesh energy resources and renewable energy prospects pp. 369-374 Downloads
M. Hussain
Seaweed biomass as a source of energy pp. 375-378 Downloads
S.J. Tarwadi and V.D. Chauhan
An embarrassment of riches: Canada's energy supply resources pp. 379-402 Downloads
John B. Robinson
Insurmountable opportunities? Canada's energy efficiency resources pp. 403-417 Downloads
John B. Robinson
Survey of industrial energy requirements: Findings for the Turkish food industry pp. 419-421 Downloads
Mahi̇r Arikol, Gülseren Ünlü İzmi̇r and Si̇bel Özdoğan

Volume 12, issue 3, 1987

Foreword pp. 177-178 Downloads
Bimleshwar P. Gupta and Frank Kreith
Changing directions of the solar thermal technology program pp. 179-185 Downloads
Frank Wilkins
Status and progress in solar thermal research and technology pp. 187-196 Downloads
B.P. Gupta
Silvered polymer reflectors pp. 197-202 Downloads
Paul Schissel, H.H. Neidlinger and A.W. Czanderna
Silver-polymer film development pp. 203-207 Downloads
B.A. Benson
Holographic solar concentrators pp. 209-215 Downloads
J. Hull, J. Lauer and D. Broadbent
Design and test of an optimized secondary concentrator with potential cost benefits for solar energy conversion pp. 217-226 Downloads
J. O'Gallagher, R. Winston, D. Suresh and C.T. Brown
Experimental investigation of the direct absorption receiver concept pp. 227-233 Downloads
Mark S. Bohn
Performance of materials under hyperthermal solar exposure pp. 235-244 Downloads
S.H. Bomar, G.B. Freeman and J.M. Lefferdo
Advanced composites for stressed-membrane heliostats pp. 245-259 Downloads
K. Ramohalli, B. Butler and G. Visvanathan
Heliostat mean wind load reduction pp. 261-267 Downloads
J.A. Peterka, B. Bienkiewicz, N. Hosoya and J.E. Cermak
High-flux photodegradation of solar materials: Stainless steel pp. 269-275 Downloads
A. Mesarwi, Y. Sun and A. Ignatiev
Photo-enhancement of the catalytic methanation reaction pp. 277-282 Downloads
A.Z. Moshfegh and A. Ignatiev
Direct observation by molecular beam mass spectrometry of the photolytic enhancement of hydrocarbon reactions by concentrated sunlight pp. 283-290 Downloads
William Mok, Maninder Hunjan, Michael J. Antal, Robert J. Evans and Thomas A. Milne
Non-equilibrium chemical reactions with rapid heating and quenching pp. 291-302 Downloads
K-Y. Wang and R. Benito
Solar thermal/photolytic destruction of hazardous organic wastes pp. 303-310 Downloads
J.L. Graham and B. Dellinger
Production of fuels and chemicals using solar photothermochemistry pp. 311-318 Downloads
V.K. Mathur and E.H. Wong
The photo-assisted thermal decomposition of methanol and isopropanol in a fluidized bed pp. 319-331 Downloads
W.E. Wentworth, C.F. Batten and Gong Wei
An assessment of linear Fresnel lens concentrators for thermal applications pp. 333-338 Downloads
Allan Lewandowski and David Simms

Volume 12, issue 2, 1987

Structural changes and energy-demand forecasting in industry with applications to two newly industrialized countries pp. 101-111 Downloads
B.W. Ang
Comparison of models for estimating solar radiation in arid and semi-arid regions pp. 113-116 Downloads
R. Srinivasan, V. Bahel and H. Bakhsh
The cost of photovoltaic cells in South Africa pp. 117-121 Downloads
Anastassios Pouris
CO2 Transport: A new application of the assignment problem pp. 123-130 Downloads
Gregory A. Turk, Thomas B. Cobb, Donald J. Jankowski, Alan M. Wolsky and Frederick T. Sparrow
A correlation for estimation of global solar radiation pp. 131-135 Downloads
V. Bahel, H. Bakhsh and R. Srinivasan
An incremental model for coal evaluation—I. Liquefaction pp. 137-145 Downloads
T.Y. Yan
Evaluation of a chemical-looping-combustion power-generation system by graphic exergy analysis pp. 147-154 Downloads
M. Ishida, D. Zheng and T. Akehata
A study of an axial-flow turbine for kinetic hydro power generation pp. 155-162 Downloads
Gabriel Miller, Dean Corren, Peter Armstrong and Joseph Franceschi
A concept for an innovative high-temperature heat pump pp. 163-170 Downloads
Sheldon M. Jeter
Wave-power potential off the South-East coast of India pp. 171-175 Downloads
V. Sundar

Volume 12, issue 1, 1987

Wind energy assessment in Turkey pp. 1-9 Downloads
E. Taşdemiroǧlu
Brazil, ethanol and the process of system change pp. 11-23 Downloads
Daniel Sperling
Time-temperature variations in the storage zone of salt-gradient solar ponds pp. 25-31 Downloads
Ho-Ming, Yeh, Shau-Wei, Tsai and Wang-Tang, Hsieh
Incinerator production, fate and health effects of polychlorinated dioxins and furans pp. 33-43 Downloads
S.S. Penner, D.F. Wiesenhahn and C.-P. Li
The premium for self-sufficiency in liquid fuels pp. 45-52 Downloads
S.J. Gale
Performance equations for a closed-loop water-heating system using a solar air-heating collector pp. 53-57 Downloads
N.K. Bansal, Anil Kumar and A.K. Batra
Energy assessment of Bahrain pp. 59-65 Downloads
Al-Baharna, N.S.
Solar power subsidization pp. 67-73 Downloads
Michael E. Brady
A comparative analysis of net energy from woody biomass pp. 75-84 Downloads
R. Herendeen and S. Brown
Socio-economic constraints on the design of solar domestic hot-water systems for India pp. 85-96 Downloads
J.P. Painuly, Ashok Gadgil and T.V. Natarajan
Energy and economic returns from legume crops as green manure and fodder pp. 97-99 Downloads
G.C. Aggarwal
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