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Volume 4, issue 6, 1979

Cogeneration—An energy alternative for the U.S.? pp. 1023-1031 Downloads
Gary S. Was and Michael W. Golay
Strategies for scheduling power plants producing both heat and electric energy pp. 1033-1051 Downloads
Steven B. Goldman and Michael W. Golay
Nuclear energy for the United States pp. 1053-1062 Downloads
W.Kenneth Davis
On the use of energy elasticities pp. 1063-1067 Downloads
T. Sonnino
Energy in Egypt: Resources, uses, and outlook to 2000 pp. 1069-1077 Downloads
Said M.A. Ibrahim
A hybrid approach to the estimation of undiscovered oil resources in the United States pp. 1079-1085 Downloads
N.D. Uri
The levels and determinants of household insulation activity pp. 1087-1098 Downloads
Robert Smiley
On the economic assessment and optimization of energy storage systems pp. 1099-1105 Downloads
H. Davitian and R.W. Leigh
l012: A check on the earth-carrying capacity for man pp. 1107-1117 Downloads
C. Marchetti
Under ground thermal storage in the operation of solar ponds pp. 1119-1125 Downloads
A. Akbarzadeh and G. Ahmadi
Solar enhanced oil recovery; An assessment of economic feasibility pp. 1127-1137 Downloads
Kenneth D. Bergeron
Hydrogen and oxygen from water—II pp. 1139-1150 Downloads
Richard B. Diver and Edward A. Fletcher
Measures of energy effectiveness of interacting resource processing systems pp. 1151-1160 Downloads
Robert H. Edgerton
Prospects for the near-term commercialization of shale oil in the United States pp. 1161-1174 Downloads
Gregg Marland
The potential for energy conservation in U.K. industry pp. 1175-1184 Downloads
Christopher W. Lewis
Nuclear Reactor Safety pp. 1185-1186 Downloads
L. Icerman
Solar energy policy pp. 1186-1187 Downloads
L. Icerman
Open-loop chemical heat pipes pp. 1187-1188 Downloads
L. Icerman

Volume 4, issue 5, 1979

Foreword pp. i-i Downloads
James M. Hester
Exploring alternative energy strategies pp. 711-722 Downloads
Wilfrid Bach and William H. Matthews
Can alternative energy resources be brought into large-scale use in the united states by the year 2000? pp. 723-731 Downloads
Harrison Brown
Global options for short-range alternative energy strategies pp. 733-744 Downloads
José Goldemberg
Global perspectives and options for long-range energy strategies pp. 745-760 Downloads
Wolf Haefele
Solar possibilities pp. 761-768 Downloads
Denis Hayes
Status and prospects of local solar heating and cooling systems pp. 769-774 Downloads
V.M. Puri
Global aspects of sunlight as a major energy source pp. 775-798 Downloads
Jerome M. Weingart
Impacts of Satellite Power System technology pp. 799-809 Downloads
Harry Moses
An analysis of the potential of Wind Energy Conversion Systems pp. 811-822 Downloads
Jack W. Reed
Waves, currents, tides—problems and prospects pp. 823-831 Downloads
Alfred Voss
Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC): Social and environmental issues pp. 833-840 Downloads
Abrahim Lavi and Gay Heit Lavi
The application potential of hydro power pp. 841-849 Downloads
Eric J. Jeffs
Petroleum plantations and synthetic chloroplasts pp. 851-869 Downloads
Melvin Calvin
Prospects of future geothermal energy development pp. 871-879 Downloads
Junji Suyama
Growth in global energy demand and contribution of alternative supply systems pp. 881-890 Downloads
Ralph M. Rotty
Impacts of new energy technologies as measured against reference energy systems pp. 891-909 Downloads
Morris Beller, Andres Doernberg, Alan Hermelee and Kenneth C. Hoffman
Challenges in the implementation of energy conservation pp. 911-918 Downloads
S.S. Penner
Comparative risk assessment of energy systems pp. 919-931 Downloads
Stephen H. Schneider
Climatic impact of alternative energy sources pp. 933-939 Downloads
Jill Williams
Are the alternative energy strategies achievable? pp. 941-951 Downloads
Alvin M. Weinberg
Dimensions of the “people problem” in energy research and “the” factual basis of dispersed energy futures pp. 953-967 Downloads
Laura Nader and Norman Milleron
Energy sources for rural development pp. 969-987 Downloads
Roger Revelle
Renewable energy options: What could developing countries expect from them? pp. 989-994 Downloads
Jyoti K. Parikh
Rapporteur reports pp. 995-1004 Downloads
S.S. Penner
Comments of Conference participants pp. 1005-1009 Downloads
John W. Shupe
United nations university activities in the field of renewable energy sources pp. 1019-1021 Downloads
Maurice Levy

Volume 4, issue 4, 1979

Mathematical models and simulation in solar energy research for buildings pp. iii-iii Downloads
A.V. Sebald
Computers in the design of solar energy systems pp. 483-501 Downloads
S.A. Klein, J.W. Mitchell, J.A. Duffie and W.A. Beckman
On the performance of air-based solar heating systems utilizing phase-change energy storage pp. 503-522 Downloads
J.J. Jurinak and Abdel-Khalik, S.I.
Insolation modeling overview pp. 523-529 Downloads
Eldon C. Boes
Validation of computer models for predicting radiation levels on tilted surfaces pp. 531-536 Downloads
Loren J. Lantz and C.Byron Winn
Solar cooling performance predictions via stochastic weather algorithms pp. 537-548 Downloads
D.K. Anand and I.N. Deif
Validation methodology for solar heating and cooling systems pp. 549-560 Downloads
D.K. Anand, W.J. Kennish, T.M. Knasel and A.C. Stolarz
Instrumentation principles for performance measurement of solar heating systems pp. 561-573 Downloads
Noam Lior
A microeconomic approach to passive solar design: Performance, cost, optimal sizing and comfort analysis pp. 575-591 Downloads
Scott Noll and William O. Wray
Optimal insulation of solar heating system pipes and tanks pp. 593-621 Downloads
Gerard F. Jones and Noam Lior
Passive and active residential solar heating: A comparative economic analysis of select designs pp. 623-644 Downloads
Fred Roach, Scott Noll and Ben-David, Shaul
The marginal cost of electricity used as backup for solar hot water systems: A case study pp. 645-661 Downloads
Robert Bright and Harry Davitian
Determination of the optimal solar investment decision criterion pp. 663-683 Downloads
Michael R. Sedmak and Ernest M. Zampelli
A high performance porous flat-plate solar collector pp. 685-694 Downloads
F.L. Lansing, V. Clarke and R. Reynolds
Modeling of a thermal wall panel using phase change materials pp. 695-699 Downloads
S.i̇ Güçeri and S.f Faunce
Design criteria in PCM wall thermal storage pp. 701-709 Downloads
A.D. Solomon

Volume 4, issue 3, 1979

Cost study of superheating geothermal steam pp. 365-371 Downloads
James M. Hensler and Robert C. Axtmann
Considerations related to the effusional separation of equilibrium components of high temperature water—the separation of helium-argon mixtures pp. 373-381 Downloads
Edward A. Fletcher and Robert C. Yu
Reducing institutional barriers to solar energy through the use of cooperatively-owned solar energy systems pp. 383-392 Downloads
Michael B. Packer
An assessment of thermal energy storage in conjunction with heat pumps for residential heating and cooling pp. 393-399 Downloads
Michael B. Packer and Leon R. Glicksman
Energy impact of modifications of a river freight transport system: The upper Mississippi pp. 401-413 Downloads
Larry Icerman, John K. Gohagan and David Culler
Universal economic optimization paths for solar hot water systems in commercial buildings pp. 415-427 Downloads
G.Thomas Sav
Energy taxes: A method for financing national health insurance pp. 429-438 Downloads
John Kraft and Ronald Vogel
Salinity power production in mechanochemical engines pp. 439-449 Downloads
Allan Emrén
U.S. interindustry cost structure of the energy sectors, 1958, 1967, and 1968 pp. 451-456 Downloads
Kern O. Kymn and Walter P. Page
The efficiency of electric powered machinery, especially fans pp. 457-461 Downloads
A. Beerbower
Hydroelectric power generation and mineral recovery in the Qattara Depression of Egypt pp. 463-468 Downloads
James J. Murray
New hybrid 1971 energy intensities available pp. 469-473 Downloads
P.S. Penner, R.A. Herendeen and T. Milke
Energy consumption since 1973 and the hierarchic elasticity of nations pp. 475-479 Downloads
A.J. Appleby and A. LeMéhauté

Volume 4, issue 2, 1979

Foreword pp. 135-136 Downloads
James P. Hartnett
Integral measurements in a simulated fast breeder reactor blanket pp. 137-146 Downloads
R.H. Johnson, R.C. Borg, F.M. Clikeman, G.A. Harms, K.O. Ott, J.H. Paczolt and M.P. Sohn
Performance characteristics of the high power density, flux-conserving Tokamak (FCT) reactor pp. 147-155 Downloads
S.K. Borowski and Terry Kammash
Advanced-fuel pellet approaches to inertial fusion pp. 157-162 Downloads
Chan K. Choi, Thomas E. Blue and George H. Miley
A possible route to small, flexible fusion units pp. 163-170 Downloads
G.H. Miley and J.G. Gilligan
Energy exchange between earth-sheltered structures and the surrounding ground pp. 171-181 Downloads
E.R.G. Eckert, T.P. Bligh and E. Pfender
Effects on thermal storage efficiencies of modifying heat-transport properties of indigenous sandstones pp. 183-192 Downloads
Abdel-Wahed, R.M., P.F. Emerson, P.L. Blackshear and M. Riaz
Energy conservation via heat transfer enhancement pp. 193-200 Downloads
A.E. Bergles, R.L. Webb and G.H. Junkan
Design of optimum compressed air energy-storage systems pp. 201-216 Downloads
Anand Sharma, H.H. Chiu, F.W. Ahrens, R.K. Ahluwalia and K.M. Ragsdell
Superconductive magnetic energy storage pp. 217-223 Downloads
R.W. Boom and S.W. Van Sciver
Electrogenerative chemical reactors pp. 225-233 Downloads
Stanley H. Langer, Stephen J. Pietsch and George P. Sakellaropoulos
Small scale gasification of biomass: The case of corn cob gasifiers pp. 235-248 Downloads
Otto C. Doering, Timothy J. O'Hare and Robert M. Peart
Farm-scale generation of bio-gas pp. 249-261 Downloads
Philip R. Goodrich, Robert J. Gustafson, Kenneth L. Hauer and Verlo Larson
Fuels and chemicals from biomass pp. 263-275 Downloads
M.R. Ladisch, M.C. Flickinger and G.T. Tsao
Heat transfer analysis of a domestic, wood-burning, “heat-circulating” fireplace pp. 277-285 Downloads
A.Murty Kanury
The distributed flow, below atmospheric pressure solar collector pp. 287-297 Downloads
Donald L. Spencer and Theodore F. Smith
An investigative study of a wave-energy device pp. 299-306 Downloads
Dennis A. Guenther, Dedger Jones and David G. Brown
Polyelectrolyte electrets for electrical energy storage pp. 307-313 Downloads
Irving F. Miller
Combustion of coal particles in wall-burning swirl combustors pp. 315-327 Downloads
Paul M. Chung and R.Scott Smith
Combustion characteristics of droplets of coal/oil and coal/oil/water mixtures pp. 329-339 Downloads
C.K. Law, H.K. Law and C.H. Lee
Combustion of single coal particles in a jet pp. 341-348 Downloads
Kenneth W. Ragland and Craig A. Weiss
Heat transfer between a fluidized bed and an immersed vertical U-tube pp. 349-356 Downloads
S.C. Saxena and A. Chatterjee
A steam process for coal gasification pp. 357-364 Downloads
S.L. Soo and R.T. Gibbs

Volume 4, issue 1, 1979

Fenestration devices for energy conservation—I. Energy savings during the cooling season pp. 1-25 Downloads
M.R. Brambley and S.S. Penner
Fenestration devices for energy conservation—II. Fenestration performance during the heating season pp. 27-31 Downloads
M.R. Brambley and S.S. Penner
Critical observations on the U.S. National Energy Plan (NEP) pp. 33-46 Downloads
S.S. Penner
Power generation in South Africa to the year 2000 pp. 47-59 Downloads
Ben-Yaacov, G.Z.
Solar energy storage as hydrogen and bromine from hydrogen bromide pp. 61-66 Downloads
Edward A. Fletcher
Geothermal energy in imperial county, California: Environmental, socio-economic, demographic, and public opinion research conclusions and policy recommendations pp. 67-80 Downloads
Martin J. Pasqualetti, James B. Pick and Edgar W. Butler
The environmental and public health consequences of replacement electricity supply pp. 81-86 Downloads
Richard Wilson
The effect of price on the residential demand for electricity: A statistical study pp. 87-99 Downloads
Lawrence S. Mayer and Cynthia E. Horowitz
Industrial cogeneration: Problems and promise pp. 101-117 Downloads
L. Icerman and D.M. Staples
Cost-effectiveness of the vortex-augmented wind turbine pp. 119-130 Downloads
Ozer Igra
Energy and development pp. 131-131 Downloads
L. Icerman
Nuclear waste disposal pp. 132-132 Downloads
L. Icerman
Energy from humid air pp. 132-133 Downloads
L. Icerman
Accidents and fossil-fuel energy technologies pp. 133-134 Downloads
L. Icerman
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