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Volume 125, issue C, 2017

Superhydrophobic surfaces with a dual-layer micro- and nanoparticle coating for drag reduction pp. 1-10 Downloads
E. Taghvaei, A. Moosavi, Nouri-Borujerdi, A., M.A. Daeian and S. Vafaeinejad
Cloud computing-based energy optimization control framework for plug-in hybrid electric bus pp. 11-26 Downloads
Chao Yang, Liang Li, Sixiong You, Bingjie Yan and Xian Du
Price impact assessment for large-scale merchant energy storage facilities pp. 27-43 Downloads
Zamani-Dehkordi, Payam, Soroush Shafiee, Logan Rakai, Andrew M. Knight and Hamidreza Zareipour
Residential energy environmental Kuznets curve in the EU-28 pp. 44-54 Downloads
Maria Pablo-Romero and Sánchez-Braza, Antonio
The effects of oil shocks on export duration of China pp. 55-61 Downloads
Qizhen Wang, Yingming Zhu and Yudong Wang
Entropy generation analysis of hydrate dissociation by depressurization with horizontal well in different scales of hydrate reservoirs pp. 62-71 Downloads
Jing-Chun Feng, Yi Wang and Xiao-Sen Li
Radial turbine performance measurement under extreme off-design conditions pp. 72-84 Downloads
José Ramón Serrano, Andrés Tiseira, García-Cuevas, Luis Miguel, Lukas Benjamin Inhestern and Hadi Tartoussi
Internalizing the external costs of biogas supply chains in the Italian energy sector pp. 85-96 Downloads
P. Patrizio, S. Leduc, D. Chinese and F. Kraxner
Modelling oil price-inflation nexus: The role of asymmetries pp. 97-106 Downloads
Afees Salisu, Kazeem Isah, Oluwatomisin Oyewole and Lateef Akanni
Economic analysis of vertical ground source heat pump systems in Melbourne pp. 107-117 Downloads
Qi Lu, Guillermo A. Narsilio, Gregorius Riyan Aditya and Ian W. Johnston
Modeling of the overall equivalence ratio effects on combustion process and unregulated emissions of an SIDI methanol engine pp. 118-126 Downloads
Changming Gong, Legao Peng and Fenghua Liu
Short term electricity price forecast based on environmentally adapted generalized neuron pp. 127-139 Downloads
Nitin Singh, Soumya Ranjan Mohanty and Rishabh Dev Shukla
Application analyze of a ground source heat pump system in a nearly zero energy building in China pp. 140-151 Downloads
Huai Li, Wei Xu, Zhen Yu, Jianlin Wu and Zhifeng Sun
A methodology for low-speed broadband rotational energy harvesting using piezoelectric transduction and frequency up-conversion pp. 152-161 Downloads
Hailing Fu and Eric M. Yeatman
Energy, exergy and economic assessments of a novel integrated biomass based multigeneration energy system with hydrogen production and LNG regasification cycle pp. 162-177 Downloads
M.H. Taheri, A.H. Mosaffa and L. Garousi Farshi
Regeneration energy analysis of NH3-based CO2 capture process integrated with a flow-by capacitive ion separation device pp. 178-185 Downloads
Minkai Zhang and Yincheng Guo
Numerical analysis of characteristics of a single U-tube downhole heat exchanger in the borehole for geothermal wells pp. 186-196 Downloads
Zehao Lyu, Xianzhi Song, Gensheng Li, Xiaodong Hu, Yu Shi and Zhipeng Xu
Multi-criteria building energy performance benchmarking through variable clustering based compromise TOPSIS with objective entropy weighting pp. 197-210 Downloads
Endong Wang, Neslihan Alp, Jonathan Shi, Chao Wang, Xiaodong Zhang and Hong Chen
Guidelines for developing efficient thermal conduction and storage models within building energy simulations pp. 211-222 Downloads
Jason Hillary, Ed Walsh, Amip Shah, Rongliang Zhou and Pat Walsh
Fuel prices impacts on stock market of metallurgical industry under the EU emissions trading system pp. 223-233 Downloads
Blanca Moreno, García-Álvarez, María Teresa and Ana Rosa Fonseca
Energy shocks and detecting influential industries pp. 234-247 Downloads
Dongsuk Kang and Duk Hee Lee
Uncertainties in global radiation time series forecasting using machine learning: The multilayer perceptron case pp. 248-257 Downloads
Cyril Voyant, Gilles Notton, Christophe Darras, Alexis Fouilloy and Fabrice Motte
Energy-aware stochastic scheduler for batch of precedence-constrained jobs on heterogeneous computing system pp. 258-274 Downloads
Mohammad Sajid and Zahid Raza
Optimal conditions in direct dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas utilizing a dual-type fluidized bed reactor pp. 275-286 Downloads
Ahmad Yousefi, Reza Eslamloueyan and Nooshin Moradi Kazerooni
Performance assessment of a double-lift absorption prototype for low temperature refrigeration driven by low-grade heat pp. 287-296 Downloads
Tommaso Toppi, Marcello Aprile, Marco Guerra and Mario Motta
A new control-oriented transient model of variable geometry turbocharger pp. 297-312 Downloads
Irfan Bahiuddin, Saiful Amri Mazlan, Fitrian Imaduddin and Ubaidillah,
Adoption of renewable heating systems: An empirical test of the diffusion of innovation theory pp. 313-326 Downloads
Cristiano Franceschinis, Mara Thiene, Riccardo Scarpa, John Rose, Michele Moretto and Raffaele Cavalli
Energy efficient thermochemical conversion of very wet biomass to biofuels by integration of steam drying, steam electrolysis and gasification pp. 327-336 Downloads
Lasse R. Clausen
Analysis of energy usage for RTG cranes pp. 337-344 Downloads
Vicky Papaioannou, Stefano Pietrosanti, William Holderbaum, Victor M. Becerra and Rayner Mayer
The optimization of the start-up scheduling for a 320 MW steam turbine pp. 345-355 Downloads
Dong-Mei Ji, Jia-Qi Sun, Yue Dui and Jian-Xing Ren
Design analysis of gas engine combined heat and power plants (CHP) for building and industry heat demand under varying price structures pp. 356-366 Downloads
Philipp Vögelin, Gil Georges and Konstatinos Boulouchos
A novel screening framework for waste heat utilization technologies pp. 367-381 Downloads
Gbemi Oluleye, Ning Jiang, Robin Smith and Megan Jobson
Energy-saving effect of automatic home energy report utilizing home energy management system data in Japan pp. 382-392 Downloads
Yumiko Iwafune, Yuko Mori, Toshiaki Kawai and Yoshie Yagita
A turbulent NO reaction model considering reaction time effect pp. 393-404 Downloads
Peiyong Wang, Yuexinzhu Lan and Qiong Li
Operational modal analysis on a VAWT in a large wind tunnel using stereo vision technique pp. 405-416 Downloads
Nadia Najafi and Uwe Schmidt Paulsen
Coal-nitrogen release and NOx evolution in the oxidant-staged combustion of coal pp. 417-426 Downloads
Weidong Fan, Yu Li, Qinghong Guo, Can Chen and Yong Wang
High power generation and COD removal in a microbial fuel cell operated by a novel sulfonated PES/PES blend proton exchange membrane pp. 427-438 Downloads
S. Zinadini, A.A. Zinatizadeh, M. Rahimi, V. Vatanpour and Z. Rahimi
Combustion characteristics and operation range of a RCCI combustion engine fueled with direct injection n-heptane and pipe injection n-butanol pp. 439-448 Downloads
Chao Zhang, Chunhua Zhang, Le Xue and Yangyang Li
Development of a novel processing system for efficient sour water stripping pp. 449-458 Downloads
Abolghasem Kazemi, Mehrabani-Zeinabad, Arjomand and Masoud Beheshti
Catalytic effects of calcium and potassium on a curved char surface in fuel reburning: A first-principles study on the adsorption of nitric oxide on single-wall carbon nanotubes with metal decoration pp. 459-469 Downloads
Lei Liu, Jing Jin, Fengxiao Hou, Shengjuan Li and Chang-Ha Lee
Engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a compression ignition engine operating on different biodiesel-alcohol blends pp. 470-483 Downloads
Ambarish Datta and Bijan Kumar Mandal
An integrated fuzzy QFD and TOPSIS methodology for choosing the ideal gas fuel at WWTPs pp. 484-497 Downloads
Halil Akbaş and Bilge Bilgen
Physics of direct-contact ultrasonic cloth drying process pp. 498-508 Downloads
Chang Peng, Saitej Ravi, Viral K. Patel, Ayyoub M. Momen and Saeed Moghaddam
Real-time modeling of ringing in HCCI engines using artificial neural networks pp. 509-518 Downloads
Bahram Bahri, Mahdi Shahbakhti and Azhar Abdul Aziz
Preparation and properties of PEDOT:PSS/Te nanorod composite films for flexible thermoelectric power generator pp. 519-525 Downloads
Haijun Song and Kefeng Cai
Performance enhancement of liquid antimony anode fuel cell by in-situ electrochemical assisted oxidation process pp. 526-532 Downloads
Tianyu Cao, Yixiang Shi, Yanqi Jiang, Ningsheng Cai and Qianming Gong
Examining the effects of urbanization and industrialization on carbon dioxide emission: Evidence from China's provincial regions pp. 533-542 Downloads
Yang Ding and Feng Li
Analysis of asymmetries in the nexus among energy use, pollution emissions and real output in South Africa pp. 543-551 Downloads
Arcade Ndoricimpa
Combined effects of initial water content and heating parameters on solar pyrolysis of beech wood pp. 552-561 Downloads
Kuo Zeng, Daniel Gauthier, Rui Li and Gilles Flamant
Balancing the carbon and water footprints of the Ontario energy mix pp. 562-568 Downloads
Lindsay Miller and Rupp Carriveau
Adsorption-based synthesis of Co3O4/C composite anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries pp. 569-575 Downloads
Shaofeng Wang, Yanping Zhu, Xiaomin Xu, Jaka Sunarso and Zongping Shao
Parametric assessment and multi-objective optimization of an internal auto-cascade refrigeration cycle based on advanced exergy and exergoeconomic concepts pp. 576-590 Downloads
Sahar Asgari, A.R. Noorpoor and Fateme Ahmadi Boyaghchi
Research and application of a combined model based on multi-objective optimization for multi-step ahead wind speed forecasting pp. 591-613 Downloads
Jianzhou Wang, Jiani Heng, Liye Xiao and Chen Wang
Comprehensive investigation of physicochemical and electrochemical properties of sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) membranes with different degrees of sulfonation for proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications pp. 614-628 Downloads
Mohammad Javad Parnian, Soosan Rowshanzamir and Fatemeh Gashoul
Many-objective thermodynamic optimization of Stirling heat engine pp. 629-642 Downloads
Vivek Patel, Vimal Savsani and Anurag Mudgal
Multi-objective optimization of the design and operating point of a new external axis wind turbine pp. 643-653 Downloads
Mst Sunzida Ferdoues, Sasan Ebrahimi and Krishna Vijayaraghavan
Numerical study of geometric parameters effecting temperature and thermal efficiency in a premix multi-hole flat flame burner pp. 654-662 Downloads
Mohammad Hossein Saberi Moghaddam, Mojtaba Saei Moghaddam and Mohammad Khorramdel
Performance degradation and analysis of 10-cell anode-supported SOFC stack with external manifold structure pp. 663-670 Downloads
Dong Yan, Lingjiang Liang, Jiajun Yang, Tao Zhang, Jian Pu, Bo Chi and Jian Li
Experimental research on the concentration characteristics of R32 and R161′ combustion product HF pp. 671-680 Downloads
Biao Feng, Zhao Yang and Rui Zhai
Review: Multi-objective optimization methods and application in energy saving pp. 681-704 Downloads
Yunfei Cui, Zhiqiang Geng, Qunxiong Zhu and Yongming Han
Gliding spark plasma: Physical principles and performance in direct pyrolysis of methane pp. 705-715 Downloads
Abbas Majidi Bidgoli, Atamalek Ghorbanzadeh, Raheleh Lotfalipour, Ehsan Roustaei and Marjan Zakavi
Towards a prototype module for piezoelectric energy harvesting from raindrop impacts pp. 716-725 Downloads
Mohammad Adnan Ilyas and Jonathan Swingler
Investigation of n-butanol as fuel in a four-cylinder MPFI SI engine pp. 726-735 Downloads
Gopinath Dhamodaran, Ganapathy Sundaram Esakkimuthu, Yashwanth Kutti Pochareddy and Harish Sivasubramanian
Innovative configuration of a hybrid nuclear-solar tower power plant pp. 736-746 Downloads
Dimityr Popov and Ana Borissova
Towards low carbon business park energy systems: A holistic techno-economic optimisation model pp. 747-770 Downloads
Jonas Timmerman, Maike Hennen, André Bardow, Pieter Lodewijks, Lieven Vandevelde and Greet Van Eetvelde
The failure of Energy-Economy Nexus: A meta-analysis of 104 studies pp. 771-787 Downloads
Vladimir Hajko
Batch Processes in Heat Engines pp. 788-794 Downloads
Michael Löffler
Performance analysis of superheated steam injection for heavy oil recovery and modeling of wellbore heat efficiency pp. 795-804 Downloads
Fengrui Sun, Yuedong Yao, Mingqiang Chen, Xiangfang Li, Lin Zhao, Ye Meng, Zheng Sun, Tao Zhang and Dong Feng
Transmission expansion simulation for the European Northern Seas offshore grid pp. 805-824 Downloads
João Gorenstein Dedecca, Rudi A. Hakvoort and Paulien M. Herder
Measuring energy security performance within China: Toward an inter-provincial prospective pp. 825-836 Downloads
Long Zhang, Jing Yu, Benjamin K. Sovacool and Jingzheng Ren
Multi-criteria sustainability analysis of thermal power plant Kolubara-A Unit 2 pp. 837-847 Downloads
P. Škobalj, M. Kijevčanin, N. Afgan, M. Jovanović, V. Turanjanin and B. Vučićević
Optimization of a natural gas distribution network with potential future extensions pp. 848-859 Downloads
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