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Volume 137, issue C, 2017

Multi-objective optimization of a solar receiver considering both the dimple/protrusion depth and delta-winglet vortex generators pp. 1-19 Downloads
Lei Luo, Wei Du, Songtao Wang, Lei Wang, Bengt Sundén and Xinhong Zhang
Thermodynamic analysis of a gas turbine cycle combined with fuel reforming for solar thermal power generation pp. 20-30 Downloads
Mingjiang Ni, Tianfeng Yang, Gang Xiao, Dong Ni, Xin Zhou, Huanlei Liu, Umair Sultan, Jinli Chen, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen
Renewable energy technology integration for the island of Cyprus: A cost-optimization approach pp. 31-41 Downloads
Constantinos Taliotis, Emanuele Taibi, Mark Howells, Holger Rogner, Morgan Bazilian and Manuel Welsch
Comparative study of dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles in motorway, highway and urban stretches pp. 42-57 Downloads
García-Vázquez, Carlos A., Llorens-Iborra, Francisco, Fernández-Ramírez, Luis M., Sánchez-Sainz, Higinio and Francisco Jurado
Impact of gasoline and Diesel blends on combustion noise and pollutant emissions in Premixed Charge Compression Ignition engines pp. 58-68 Downloads
A.J. Torregrosa, A. Broatch, R. Novella, Gomez-Soriano, J. and L.F. Mónico
Investigation of the effect of geometric and operating parameters on thermal behavior of vertical shell-and-tube latent heat energy storage systems pp. 69-82 Downloads
Saeid Seddegh, Xiaolin Wang, Mahmood Mastani Joybari and Fariborz Haghighat
Superstructure based techno-economic optimization of the organic rankine cycle using LNG cryogenic energy pp. 83-94 Downloads
Ung Lee, Jeongwoo Jeon, Chonghun Han and Youngsub Lim
Micro-siting optimization of a wind farm built in multiple phases pp. 95-103 Downloads
Mengxuan Song, Yi Wen, Bin Duan, Jun Wang and Qi Gong
Evaluation of energy retrofit in buildings under conditions of uncertainty: The prominence of the discount rate pp. 104-117 Downloads
Sergio Copiello, Laura Gabrielli and Pietro Bonifaci
Detection of non-technical losses in smart meter data based on load curve profiling and time series analysis pp. 118-128 Downloads
Villar-Rodriguez, Esther, Javier Del Ser, Izaskun Oregi, Miren Nekane Bilbao and Gil-Lopez, Sergio
A cooperative game theoretic analysis of electric vehicles parking lot in smart grid pp. 129-139 Downloads
Saemeh Aghajani and Mohsen Kalantar
Accounting and structure decomposition analysis of embodied carbon trade: A global perspective pp. 140-151 Downloads
Guangyao Deng and Yan Xu
Techno-economic assessment of forced-convection rubber smoking room for rubber cooperatives pp. 152-159 Downloads
Racha Dejchanchaiwong, Yutthana Tirawanichakul, Supawan Tirawanichakul, Anil Kumar and Perapong Tekasakul
Multi-objective optimization of nanofluid flow in double tube heat exchangers for applications in energy systems pp. 160-171 Downloads
Mohammad Hemmat Esfe, Hadi Hajmohammad, Davood Toghraie, Hadi Rostamian, Omid Mahian and Somchai Wongwises
Investigation of liquid desiccant regenerator with fixed-plate heat recovery system pp. 172-182 Downloads
Suping Shen, Wenjian Cai, Xinli Wang, Qiong Wu and Haoren Yon
Joint optimization of power plant cycle parameters and gas turbine flow path parameters with blade airfoils represented by cubic splines pp. 183-192 Downloads
Alexander Kler and Yuri Zakharov
High solar photovoltaic penetration in the absence of substantial wind capacity: Storage requirements and effects on capacity adequacy pp. 193-208 Downloads
Fabrizio Fattori, Norma Anglani, Iain Staffell and Stefan Pfenninger
Reconsidering the scarcity factor in the dynamics of oil markets: An empirical investigation of the (mis)measurement of oil reserves pp. 209-218 Downloads
Fatih Karanfil and Luc Omgba
The growing importance of natural gas as a predictor for retail electricity prices in US pp. 219-233 Downloads
Thomas A. Alexopoulos
Modeling and optimization of an industrial ammonia synthesis unit: An exergy approach pp. 234-250 Downloads
Flórez-Orrego, Daniel and Silvio de Oliveira Junior
Li-ion battery capacity cycling fading dynamics cognition: A stochastic approach pp. 251-259 Downloads
Chen Lu, Lipin Zhang, Jian Ma, Zihan Chen, Laifa Tao, Yuzhuan Su, Jin Chong, Haizu Jin and Yongshou Lin
Modeling the impact of road network configuration on vehicle energy consumption pp. 260-271 Downloads
B. Luin, S. Petelin and F. Al Mansour
Study on the combined influence of battery models and sizing strategy for hybrid and battery-based electric vehicles pp. 272-284 Downloads
Cláudio Pinto, Jorge V. Barreras, Ricardo de Castro, Rui Esteves Araújo and Erik Schaltz
Optimisation of aiming strategies in Solar Power Tower plants pp. 285-291 Downloads
Thomas Ashley, Emilio Carrizosa and Fernández-Cara, Enrique
Survey of radiator temperatures in buildings supplied by district heating pp. 292-301 Downloads
M. Jangsten, J. Kensby, J.-O. Dalenbäck and A. Trüschel
Effect of number and arrangement of separator electrode assembly (SEA) on the performance of square tubular PEM fuel cells pp. 302-313 Downloads
Mohammadi-Ahmar, Akbar, Ali Solati, Behzad Osanloo and Mohammad Hatami
Computing life-cycle emissions from transitioning the electricity sector using a discrete numerical approach pp. 314-324 Downloads
Nicholas E. Hamilton, Bahareh Sara Howard, Mark Diesendorf and Thomas Wiedmann
Black-Scholes option pricing strategy and risk-averse coordination for designing vehicle-to-grid reserve contracts pp. 325-335 Downloads
Shoujun Huang, Jun Yang and Shanjun Li
Cumulative and momentary skin exposures to solar radiation in central receiver solar systems pp. 336-349 Downloads
Danyela Samaniego Rascón, Almerindo D. Ferreira and Manuel Gameiro da Silva
Solar coolfacades: Framework for the integration of solar cooling technologies in the building envelope pp. 353-368 Downloads
Alejandro Prieto, Ulrich Knaack, Thomas Auer and Tillmann Klein
Life cycle assessment of a sewage sludge and woody biomass co-gasification system pp. 369-376 Downloads
Srikkanth Ramachandran, Zhiyi Yao, Siming You, Tobias Massier, Ulrich Stimming and Chi-Hwa Wang
A literature research on feasible application of mixed working fluid in flexible distributed energy system pp. 377-390 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Shuai Deng, Jiaxin Ni, Li Zhao, Xingyang Yang and Minxia Li
CFD analysis of roof tile coverings pp. 391-398 Downloads
Michele Bottarelli, Marco Bortoloni, Giovanni Zannoni, Richard Allen and Nigel Cherry
Comparison of performance characteristics of desiccant coated air-water heat exchanger with conventional air-water heat exchanger – Experimental and analytical investigation pp. 399-411 Downloads
X.Y. Sun, Y.J. Dai, T.S. Ge, Y. Zhao and R.Z. Wang
Functional modification of hydrothermal liquefaction products of microalgal biomass using CO2 pp. 412-418 Downloads
Jechan Lee, Dongho Choi, Eilhann E. Kwon and Yong Sik Ok
Preliminary thermal analysis of a combined photovoltaic–photothermic–nocturnal radiative cooling system pp. 419-430 Downloads
Mingke Hu, Bin Zhao, Jing Li, Yunyun Wang and Gang Pei
Micro hydro power generation from water supply system in high rise buildings using pump as turbines pp. 431-440 Downloads
Jiyun Du, Hongxing Yang, Zhicheng Shen and Jian Chen
Evaluation of a dehumidifier with adsorbent coated heat exchangers for tropical climate operations pp. 441-448 Downloads
Seung Jin Oh, Kim Choon Ng, Wongee Chun and Kian Jon Ernest Chua
A comparative performance analysis on daylighting for two different types of solar concentrators: Dish vs. Fresnel lens pp. 449-456 Downloads
Yeongmin Kim, Hae Jun Jeong, Wonsik Kim, Wongee Chun, Hyun Joo Han and Sang Hoon Lim
Process assessment associated to microbial community response provides insight on possible mechanism of waste activated sludge digestion under typical chemical pretreatments pp. 457-467 Downloads
Aijuan Zhou, Jiaguang Zhang, Cristiano Varrone, Kaili Wen, Guoying Wang, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang and Xiuping Yue
Experimental investigation on solar powered desiccant coated heat exchanger humidification air conditioning system in winter pp. 468-478 Downloads
J.Y. Zhang, T.S. Ge, Y.J. Dai, Y. Zhao and R.Z. Wang
Enhancement of biogas production in anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge by biological co-pretreatment pp. 479-486 Downloads
Jingxin Zhang, Wangliang Li, Jonathan Lee, Kai-Chee Loh, Yanjun Dai and Yen Wah Tong
Toward cost-effective and energy-efficient heat recovery systems in buildings: Thermal performance monitoring pp. 487-494 Downloads
Pinar Mert Cuce and Erdem Cuce
A comparative study on CO2 capture performance of vacuum-pressure swing adsorption and pressure-temperature swing adsorption based on carbon pump cycle pp. 495-509 Downloads
Ruikai Zhao, Li Zhao, Shuai Deng, Chunfeng Song, Junnan He, Yawei Shao and Shuangjun Li
Study on susceptibility of CO2-assisted pyrolysis of various biomass to CO2 pp. 510-517 Downloads
Jechan Lee, Jeong-Ik Oh, Yong Sik Ok and Eilhann E. Kwon
Effect of KCl and MgCl2 on the kinetics of methane hydrate formation and dissociation in sandy sediments pp. 518-529 Downloads
Zheng Rong Chong, Jun Wee Koh and Praveen Linga
The impact of changes in the geometry of a radial microturbine stage on the efficiency of the micro CHP plant based on ORC pp. 530-543 Downloads
Tomasz Z. Kaczmarczyk, Grzegorz Żywica and Eugeniusz Ihnatowicz
Performance of ultra low temperature district heating systems with utility plant and booster heat pumps pp. 544-555 Downloads
Torben Ommen, Jan Eric Thorsen, Wiebke Brix Markussen and Brian Elmegaard
Smart energy and smart energy systems pp. 556-565 Downloads
Henrik Lund, Poul Alberg Østergaard, David Connolly and Brian Vad Mathiesen
District heating and cooling systems – Framework for Modelica-based simulation and dynamic optimization pp. 566-578 Downloads
Gerald Schweiger, Per-Ola Larsson, Fredrik Magnusson, Patrick Lauenburg and Stéphane Velut
Integration of solar thermal systems in existing district heating systems pp. 579-585 Downloads
Carlo Winterscheid, Jan-Olof Dalenbäck and Stefan Holler
Solar energy use in district heating systems. A case study in Latvia pp. 586-594 Downloads
Raimonda Soloha, Ieva Pakere and Dagnija Blumberga
Combining energy efficiency at source and at consumer to reach 4th generation district heating: Economic and system dynamics analysis pp. 595-606 Downloads
Jelena Ziemele, Armands Gravelsins, Andra Blumberga and Dagnija Blumberga
Bottlenecks in district heating networks and how to eliminate them – A simulation and cost study pp. 607-616 Downloads
Lisa Brange, Patrick Lauenburg, Kerstin Sernhed and Marcus Thern
International review of district heating and cooling pp. 617-631 Downloads
Sven Werner
Optimisation of a district energy system with a low temperature network pp. 632-648 Downloads
Ashreeta Prasanna, Viktor Dorer and Nadège Vetterli
Comparison of distributed and centralised integration of solar heat in a district heating system pp. 649-660 Downloads
M. Rämä and S. Mohammadi
The potential of power-to-heat in Swedish district heating systems pp. 661-669 Downloads
Gerald Schweiger, Jonatan Rantzer, Karin Ericsson and Patrick Lauenburg
CHP and heat pumps to balance renewable power production: Lessons from the district heating network in Stockholm pp. 670-678 Downloads
Fabian Levihn
Techno-economic assessment of the by-products contribution from non-catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of lignocellulose residues pp. 679-695 Downloads
Mohamed Magdeldin, Thomas Kohl and Mika Järvinen
Energy and economic assessment of a polygeneration district heating and cooling system based on gasification of refuse derived fuels pp. 696-705 Downloads
Natalia Kabalina, Mário Costa, Weihong Yang and Andrew Martin
Peak-shaving in district heating systems through optimal management of the thermal request of buildings pp. 706-714 Downloads
Elisa Guelpa, Giulia Barbero, Adriano Sciacovelli and Vittorio Verda
Cost optimal sizing of smart buildings' energy system components considering changing end-consumer electricity markets pp. 715-728 Downloads
Henryk Wolisz, Thomas Schütz, Tobias Blanke, Markus Hagenkamp, Markus Kohrn, Mark Wesseling and Dirk Müller
Benefits of DSM measures in the future Finnish energy system pp. 729-738 Downloads
Ville Olkkonen, Samuli Rinne, Aira Hast and Sanna Syri
Integration of exergy analysis into model-based design and evaluation of aircraft environmental control systems pp. 739-751 Downloads
Daniel Bender
A critical review of definitions for exergetic efficiency in reverse osmosis desalination plants pp. 752-760 Downloads
Blanco-Marigorta, A.M., Lozano-Medina, A. and J.D. Marcos
Thermodynamic assessment of an integrated MILD oxyfuel combustion power plant pp. 761-774 Downloads
Paweł Gładysz, Wojciech Stanek, Lucyna Czarnowska, Gabriel Węcel and Øyvind Langørgen
The role of heat storages in facilitating the adaptation of district heating systems to large amount of variable renewable electricity pp. 775-788 Downloads
Aira Hast, Samuli Rinne, Sanna Syri and Juha Kiviluoma
Optimal use of biomass in large-scale energy systems: Insights for energy policy pp. 789-797 Downloads
Víctor Codina Gironès, Stefano Moret, Emanuela Peduzzi, Marco Nasato and François Maréchal
Improving photovoltaics efficiency by water cooling: Modelling and experimental approach pp. 798-810 Downloads
Fabio Schiro, Alberto Benato, Anna Stoppato and Nicola Destro
Robust multi-objective optimization of gasifier and solid oxide fuel cell plant for electricity production using wood pp. 811-822 Downloads
Shivom Sharma, Ayse Dilan Celebi and François Maréchal
Value of power plant flexibility in power systems with high shares of variable renewables: A scenario outlook for Germany 2035 pp. 823-833 Downloads
Jakob Kopiske, Sebastian Spieker and George Tsatsaronis
Sustainability of heat energy tariff in district heating system: Statistic and dynamic methodologies pp. 834-845 Downloads
Jelena Ziemele, Armands Gravelsins, Andra Blumberga and Dagnija Blumberga
Lean-Green models for eco-efficient and sustainable production pp. 846-853 Downloads
M. Florentina Abreu, Anabela C. Alves and Francisco Moreira
Comparison of different ammonia synthesis loop configurations with the aid of advanced exergy analysis pp. 854-864 Downloads
Mathias Penkuhn and George Tsatsaronis
Design of serially connected district heating heat pumps utilising a geothermal heat source pp. 865-877 Downloads
Jonas K. Jensen, Torben Ommen, Wiebke B. Markussen and Brian Elmegaard
Performance comparison of energy supply systems under uncertain energy demands based on a mixed-integer linear model pp. 878-887 Downloads
Ryohei Yokoyama, Ryo Nakamura and Tetsuya Wakui
Optimal operation of heat supply systems with piping network pp. 888-897 Downloads
Ryohei Yokoyama, Hiroyuki Kitano and Tetsuya Wakui
Application of exergoeconomic, exergoenvironmental, and advanced exergy analyses to Carbon Black production pp. 898-907 Downloads
Pieter Mergenthaler, Arndt-Peter Schinkel and George Tsatsaronis
Early-stage decision making approach for the selection of optimally integrated biorefinery processes pp. 908-916 Downloads
Ayse Dilan Celebi, Adriano Viana Ensinas, Shivom Sharma and François Maréchal
Environmental assessment of waste management scenarios with energy recovery using life cycle assessment and multi-criteria analysis pp. 917-926 Downloads
Biljana Milutinović, Gordana Stefanović, Petar S. Đekić, Ivan Mijailović and Mladen Tomić
Modelling and transient simulation of a supercritical coal-fired power plant: Dynamic response to extended secondary control power output pp. 927-940 Downloads
Julia Hentschel, Henning Zindler and Hartmut Spliethoff
On the way towards smart energy supply in cities: The impact of interconnecting geographically distributed district heating grids on the energy system pp. 941-960 Downloads
D.F. Dominković, I. Bačeković, D. Sveinbjörnsson, A.S. Pedersen and G. Krajačić
Experimental validation of heat transport modelling in district heating networks pp. 961-968 Downloads
K. Sartor and P. Dewalef
Numerical analysis of a compression ignition engine powered in the dual-fuel mode with syngas and biodiesel pp. 969-979 Downloads
M. Costa, M. La Villetta, N. Massarotti, D. Piazzullo and V. Rocco
Feasibility analysis of 100% tire pyrolysis oil in a common rail Diesel engine pp. 980-990 Downloads
Urban Žvar Baškovič, Rok Vihar, Tine Seljak and Tomaž Katrašnik
An overview of energy retrofit actions feasibility on Italian historical buildings pp. 991-1000 Downloads
A. Galatioto, G. Ciulla and R. Ricciu
Wind and solar PV technical potentials: Measurement methodology and assessments for Russia pp. 1001-1012 Downloads
Boris V. Ermolenko, Georgy V. Ermolenko, Yulia A. Fetisova and Liliana Proskuryakova
Addressing fuel recycling in solid oxide fuel cell systems fed by alternative fuels pp. 1013-1025 Downloads
M. Rokni
Defining priorities in the design of power and water distribution networks pp. 1026-1040 Downloads
González-Bravo, Ramón, Fuentes-Cortés, Luis Fabián and Ponce-Ortega, José María
Outlook on South-East European power system until 2050: Least-cost decarbonization pathway meeting EU mitigation targets pp. 1041-1053 Downloads
Guido Pleßmann and Philipp Blechinger
Photovoltaic and wind cost decrease estimation: Implications for investment analysis pp. 1054-1065 Downloads
Ignacio Mauleón and Hamid Hamoudi
A conceptual framework for energy security evaluation of power sources in South Korea pp. 1066-1074 Downloads
Whan-Sam Chung, Seung-Su Kim, Kee-Hwan Moon, Chae-Young Lim and Sung-Won Yun
Thermodynamic analysis of a dual power-hydrogen production system based on chemical-looping combustion pp. 1075-1085 Downloads
Ángel Jiménez Álvaro, Álvaro Urdiales Montesino, Susana Sánchez Orgaz and Celina González Fernández
A novel hybrid polygeneration system supplying energy and desalinated water by renewable sources in Pantelleria Island pp. 1086-1106 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Adriano Macaluso, Antonio Piacentino and Laura Vanoli
Coupling waste heat extraction by phase change materials with superheated steam generation in the steel industry pp. 1107-1118 Downloads
Fabio Dal Magro, Stefano Savino, Antonella Meneghetti and Gioacchino Nardin
Waste to energy plant operation under the influence of market and legislation conditioned changes pp. 1119-1129 Downloads
Tihomir Tomić, Dominik Franjo Dominković, Antun Pfeifer, Daniel Rolph Schneider, Allan Schrøder Pedersen and Neven Duić
The environmental effect of substituting energy crops for food waste as feedstock for biogas production pp. 1130-1143 Downloads
Lucía Lijó, González-García, Sara, Jacopo Bacenetti and Maria Teresa Moreira
Measuring improvements in industrial energy efficiency: A decomposition analysis applied to the UK pp. 1144-1151 Downloads
Jonathan B. Norman
Evaluation of potential benefits of solar photovoltaic shadings in Hong Kong pp. 1152-1158 Downloads
Weilong Zhang, Lin Lu and Jinqing Peng
Gauging energy poverty: A multidimensional approach pp. 1159-1166 Downloads
Shinichiro Okushima
Impact of external operating parameters on the performance of a cyclonic burner with high level of internal recirculation under MILD combustion conditions pp. 1167-1174 Downloads
Giancarlo Sorrentino, Pino Sabia, Pio Bozza, Raffaele Ragucci and Mara de Joannon
Passive measures for preventing summer overheating in industrial buildings under consideration of varying manufacturing process loads pp. 1175-1185 Downloads
Georgios Gourlis and Iva Kovacic
Natural ventilation systems in 21st-century for near zero energy school buildings pp. 1186-1200 Downloads
Gil-Baez, Maite, Barrios-Padura, Ángela, Molina-Huelva, Marta and R. Chacartegui
Artificial neural network decision support tool for assessment of the energy performance and the refurbishment actions for the non-residential building stock in Southern Italy pp. 1201-1218 Downloads
Marco Beccali, Giuseppina Ciulla, Valerio Lo Brano, Alessandra Galatioto and Marina Bonomolo
A novel conceptual model facilitating the derivation of agent-based models for analyzing socio-technical optimality gaps in the energy domain pp. 1219-1230 Downloads
Jonas Hinker, Christian Hemkendreis, Emily Drewing, Steven März, Diego I. Hidalgo Rodríguez and Johanna M.A. Myrzik
Bi-level multi-objective fuzzy design optimization of energy supply systems aided by problem-specific heuristics pp. 1231-1251 Downloads
Mirko M. Stojiljković
Scenarios for sustainable heat supply and heat savings in municipalities - The case of Helsingør, Denmark pp. 1252-1263 Downloads
Ben Amer-Allam, Sara, Marie Münster and Stefan Petrović
Hourly optimization and sizing of district heating systems considering building refurbishment – Case study for the city of Zagreb pp. 1264-1276 Downloads
Matija Pavičević, Tomislav Novosel, Tomislav Pukšec and Neven Duić
Smart municipal energy grid within electricity market pp. 1277-1285 Downloads
Batas-Bjelic, Ilija, Nikola Rajakovic and Neven Duic
Comparison of low temperature waste heat recovery methods pp. 1286-1292 Downloads
Zoltán Varga and Balázs Palotai
Reverse electrodialysis with NH4HCO3-water systems for heat-to-power conversion pp. 1293-1307 Downloads
M. Bevacqua, A. Tamburini, M. Papapetrou, A. Cipollina, G. Micale and A. Piacentino
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