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Volume 132, issue C, 2017

Novel grid-connected solar/wind powered electric vehicle charging station with vehicle-to-grid technology pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hassan Fathabadi
Thermodynamics and economic performance comparison of three high-temperature hot rock cavern based energy storage concepts pp. 12-21 Downloads
A. Arabkoohsar and G.B. Andresen
Experimental evaluation of the performance and degradation of single crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules in the Saharan environment pp. 22-30 Downloads
Ahmed Bouraiou, Messaoud Hamouda, Abdelkader Chaker, Salah Lachtar, Ammar Neçaibia, Nadir Boutasseta and Mohammed Mostefaoui
Novel CFD-based numerical schemes for conduction dominant encapsulated phase change materials (EPCM) with temperature hysteresis for thermal energy storage applications pp. 31-40 Downloads
Karthikeyan Kumarasamy, Jinliang An, Jinglei Yang and En-Hua Yang
A novel configuration of natural gas diffusion burners to enhance optical, thermal and radiative characteristics of flame and reduce NOx emission pp. 41-48 Downloads
S.H. Pourhoseini
Geometry effect on flow fluctuation and heat transfer in unsteady forced convection over backward and forward facing steps pp. 49-56 Downloads
W.A. Xie and G.N. Xi
Combustion stability of gaseous CH4/O2 and H2/O2 coaxial jet flames in a single-element combustor pp. 57-64 Downloads
Sun Choi, Tae Young Kim, Hee Kyung Kim, In-Seuck Jeung, Jaye Koo and Oh Chae Kwon
Fuzzy modeling and optimization of the synthesis of biodiesel from waste cooking oil (WCO) by a low power, high frequency piezo-ultrasonic reactor pp. 65-78 Downloads
Mortaza Aghbashlo, Soleiman Hosseinpour, Meisam Tabatabaei and Ali Dadak
Experimental study of the effects of sub- and super-critical CO2 saturation on the mechanical characteristics of organic-rich shales pp. 84-95 Downloads
Hong Yin, Junping Zhou, Xuefu Xian, Yongdong Jiang, Zhaohui Lu, Jingqiang Tan and Guojun Liu
Multi-layer fuzzy-based under-frequency load shedding in back-pressure smart industrial microgrids pp. 96-105 Downloads
Rahmat Khezri, Sajjad Golshannavaz, Ramin Vakili and Memar-Esfahani, Bahram
A thermodynamic perspective to study energy performance of vacuum-based membrane dehumidification pp. 106-115 Downloads
Duc Thuan Bui, M. Kum Ja, Jeffrey M. Gordon, Kim Choon Ng and Kian Jon Chua
Energy and exergy analysis of R1234yf as drop-in replacement for R134a in a domestic refrigeration system pp. 116-125 Downloads
Belman-Flores, J.M., Rangel-Hernández, V.H., S. Usón and Rubio-Maya, C.
An optimisation algorithm for distributed energy resources management in micro-scale energy hubs pp. 126-135 Downloads
Roldán-Blay, Carlos, Escrivá-Escrivá, Guillermo, Roldán-Porta, Carlos and Álvarez-Bel, Carlos
Non-cooperative regulation coordination based on game theory for wind farm clusters during ramping events pp. 136-146 Downloads
Yongzhi Qi, Yutian Liu and Qiuwei Wu
A computationally-efficient layout optimization method for real wind farms considering altitude variations pp. 147-159 Downloads
Longyan Wang, Michael E. Cholette, Andy C.C. Tan and Yuantong Gu
Comparative exergoeconomic analysis of basic and reheat gas turbine with air film blade cooling pp. 160-170 Downloads
Mithilesh Kumar Sahu and Sanjay,
Optimal management of flexible nuclear power plants in a decarbonising competitive electricity market: The French case pp. 171-185 Downloads
Maria Lykidi and Pascal Gourdel
The application of DNPV to unlock foreign direct investment in waste-to-energy in developing countries pp. 186-193 Downloads
Ali Shimbar and Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
Economic analysis of fuel collection, storage, and transportation in straw power generation in China pp. 194-203 Downloads
Yufeng Sun, Wenchao Cai, Bo Chen, Xueying Guo, Jianjun Hu and Youzhou Jiao
Improved coal combustion optimization model based on load balance and coal qualities pp. 204-212 Downloads
Qingwei Li and Guihuan Yao
Osmotic energy recovery from Reverse Osmosis using two-stage Pressure Retarded Osmosis pp. 213-224 Downloads
Khaled Touati, Fernando Tadeo and Hamza Elfil
Transient emission characteristics of a heavy-duty natural gas engine at stoichiometric operation with EGR and TWC pp. 225-237 Downloads
Qiang Zhang, Menghan Li, Guoxiang Li, Sidong Shao and Peixin Li
System analysis of pulping process coupled with supercritical water gasification of black liquor for combined hydrogen, heat and power production pp. 238-247 Downloads
Changqing Cao, Liejin Guo, Hui Jin, Wen Cao, Yi Jia and Xiangdong Yao
Steam turbine injection generator performance estimation considering turbine blade cooling pp. 248-256 Downloads
Mahmoud Nadir and Adel Ghenaiet
A transient model for temperature prediction in a salt-gradient solar pond and the ground beneath it pp. 257-268 Downloads
José Amigo, Francisco Meza and Francisco Suárez
Intelligent management of coal stockpiles using improved grey spontaneous combustion forecasting models pp. 269-279 Downloads
Gongzhuang Peng, Hongwei Wang, Xiao Song and Heming Zhang
Two-stage thermoelectric generators for waste heat recovery from solid oxide fuel cells pp. 280-288 Downloads
Houcheng Zhang, Haoran Xu, Bin Chen, Feifei Dong and Meng Ni
Experimental investigation of the thermal performance of a horizontal two-phase loop thermosiphon suitable for solar parabolic trough receivers operating at 200–400 °C pp. 289-304 Downloads
Yinfeng Wang, Beibei Lu, Haijun Chen, Hongtu Fan, Robert A. Taylor and Yuezhao Zhu
Experimental investigation on thermal cracking, permeability under HTHP and application for geothermal mining of HDR pp. 305-314 Downloads
Yangsheng Zhao, Zijun Feng, Yu Zhao and Zhijun Wan
Dynamic Paths: Towards high frequency direct normal irradiance forecasts pp. 315-323 Downloads
Carlos M. Fernández Peruchena, Martín Gastón, Schroedter-Homscheidt, Marion, Miriam Kosmale, Isabel Martínez Marco, García-Moya, José Antonio and Casado-Rubio, José L.
Experimental assessment of Maximum Power Point Tracking methods for photovoltaic systems pp. 324-340 Downloads
R. Boukenoui, M. Ghanes, J.-P. Barbot, R. Bradai, A. Mellit and H. Salhi
A one-dimensional unsteady performance model for turbocharger turbines pp. 341-355 Downloads
Zhanming Ding, Weilin Zhuge, Yangjun Zhang, Hua Chen, Martinez-Botas, Ricardo and Mingyang Yang
Evaluation of the real-time de-NOx performance characteristics of a LNT-equipped Euro-6 diesel passenger car with various vehicle emissions certification cycles pp. 356-369 Downloads
Cha-Lee Myung, Wonwook Jang, Sangil Kwon, Jinyoung Ko, Dongyoung Jin and Simsoo Park
Design and evaluation of a Fischer-Tropsch process for the production of waxes from biogas pp. 370-381 Downloads
Gregor Herz, Erik Reichelt and Matthias Jahn

Volume 131, issue C, 2017

Algae pyrolytic poly-generation: Influence of component difference and temperature on products characteristics pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wei Chen, Haiping Yang, Yingquan Chen, Mingwei Xia, Zixu Yang, Xianhua Wang and Hanping Chen
Measurements of the wake characteristics of co- and counter-rotating twin H-rotor vertical axis wind turbines pp. 13-26 Downloads
H.F. Lam and H.Y. Peng
Experimental and kinetic studies on co-gasification of petroleum coke and biomass char blends pp. 27-40 Downloads
Guangwei Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Guohua Zhang, Xiaojun Ning, Xinyu Li, Zhengjian Liu and Jian Guo
Development of life cycle water footprints for oil sands-based transportation fuel production pp. 41-49 Downloads
Babkir Ali and Amit Kumar
Gas purging effect on the degradation characteristic of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with dead-ended mode operation II. Under different operation pressures pp. 50-57 Downloads
Ben Chen, Yonghua Cai, Yi Yu, Jun Wang, Zhengkai Tu and Siew Hwa Chan
A novel oxygen carrier for chemical looping reforming: LaNiO3 perovskite supported on montmorillonite pp. 58-66 Downloads
Lin Li, Yongchen Song, Bo Jiang, Kaiqiang Wang and Qian Zhang
Going nuclear for climate mitigation: An analysis of the cost effectiveness of preserving existing U.S. nuclear power plants as a carbon avoidance strategy pp. 67-77 Downloads
Michael Buchdahl Roth and Paulina Jaramillo
Aerodynamic design of horizontal axis wind turbine with innovative local linearization of chord and twist distributions pp. 78-91 Downloads
Mojtaba Tahani, Ghazale Kavari, Mehran Masdari and Mojtaba Mirhosseini
Development of contact pressure distribution of PEM fuel cell's MEA using novel clamping mechanism pp. 92-97 Downloads
E. Alizadeh, M. Ghadimi, M.M. Barzegari, M. Momenifar and S.H.M. Saadat
Facile hydrogen production from Al-water reaction promoted by choline hydroxide pp. 98-105 Downloads
Hongqi Wang, Zhi Wang, Zhihao Shi, Xuzhong Gong, Jianwei Cao and Mingyong Wang
Deep learning based monitoring of furnace combustion state and measurement of heat release rate pp. 106-112 Downloads
Zhenyu Wang, Chunfeng Song and Tao Chen
Experimental investigation on the stability and abrasive action of cerium oxide nanoparticles dispersed diesel pp. 113-124 Downloads
S. Balamurugan and V. Sajith
Explicit cost-risk tradeoff for renewable portfolio standard constrained regional power system expansion: A case study of Guangdong Province, China pp. 125-136 Downloads
Ling Ji, Guo-He Huang, Yu-Lei Xie, Dong-Xiao Niu and Yi-Hang Song
Carbon supported Ni1Pt1 nanocatalyst as superior electrocatalyst with increased power density in direct borohydride-hydrogen peroxide and investigation of cell impedance at different temperatures and discharging currents pp. 137-148 Downloads
M.G. Hosseini, R. Mahmoodi and M. Sadeghi Amjadi
Estimation of diffuse solar radiation in humid-subtropical climatic region of India: Comparison of diffuse fraction and diffusion coefficient models pp. 149-164 Downloads
Basharat Jamil and Naiem Akhtar
Multi-objective quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization for economic environmental hydrothermal energy system scheduling pp. 165-178 Downloads
Zhong-kai Feng, Wen-jing Niu and Chun-tian Cheng
The utilisation of oils produced from plastic waste at different pyrolysis temperatures in a DI diesel engine pp. 179-185 Downloads
Ioannis Kalargaris, Guohong Tian and Sai Gu
Fast pyrolysis of sweet sorghum bagasse in a fluidized bed reactor: Product characterization and comparison with vapors generated in analytical pyrolysis pp. 186-197 Downloads
Wender Santana Carvalho, José Alair Santana Júnior, Tiago José Pires de Oliveira and Carlos Henrique Ataíde
Solid oxide fuel cells powered by biomass gasification for high efficiency power generation pp. 198-206 Downloads
Rasmus Østergaard Gadsbøll, Jesper Thomsen, Bang-Møller, Christian, Jesper Ahrenfeldt and Ulrik Birk Henriksen
Temporally-explicit and spatially-resolved global onshore wind energy potentials pp. 207-217 Downloads
Jonathan Bosch, Iain Staffell and Adam D. Hawkes
Sustainable conversion of light to algal biomass and electricity: A net energy return analysis pp. 218-229 Downloads
Mahdi Shahnazari, Parisa A. Bahri, David Parlevliet, Manickam Minakshi and Navid R. Moheimani
Efficiency enhancement of a-Si and CZTS solar cells using different thermoelectric hybridization strategies pp. 230-238 Downloads
Gaetano Contento, Bruno Lorenzi, Antonella Rizzo and Dario Narducci
An evaluation of offshore wind power production by floatable systems: A case study from SW Portugal pp. 239-250 Downloads
A. Pacheco, E. Gorbeña, C. Sequeira and S. Jerez
Prediction models for chemical exergy of biomass on dry basis from ultimate analysis using available electron concepts pp. 251-258 Downloads
Hongliang Qian, Weiwei Zhu, Sudong Fan, Chang Liu, Xiaohua Lu, Zhixiang Wang, Dechun Huang and Wei Chen
A novel compressed air energy storage (CAES) system combined with pre-cooler and using low grade waste heat as heat source pp. 259-266 Downloads
Long-Xiang Chen, Peng Hu, Chun-Chen Sheng and Mei-Na Xie
Faster market growth of wind and PV in late adopters due to global experience build-up pp. 267-278 Downloads
Jorrit Gosens, Fredrik Hedenus and Björn A. Sandén
Optimal vector control to a double-star induction motor pp. 279-288 Downloads
Imen Kortas, Anis Sakly and Mohamed Faouzi Mimouni
Effects of biodiesel fuel obtained from Salvia macrosiphon oil (ultrasonic-assisted) on performance and emissions of diesel engine pp. 289-296 Downloads
S.S. Hoseini, G. Najafi, B. Ghobadian, A. Rahimi, Talal Yusaf, Rizalman Mamat, N.A.C. Sidik and W.H. Azmi
Performance enhancement of a small-scale organic Rankine cycle radial-inflow turbine through multi-objective optimization algorithm pp. 297-311 Downloads
Ayad M. Al Jubori, Al-Dadah, Raya and Saad Mahmoud
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