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Volume 149, issue C, 2018

Study of light, middle and severe torrefaction and effects of extractives and chemical compositions on torrefaction process by thermogravimetric analysis in five fast-growing plantations of Costa Rica pp. 1-10 Downloads
Roger Moya, Rodríguez-Zúñiga, Ana, Puente-Urbina, Allen and Gaitán-Álvarez, Johanna
Relaxed deep learning for real-time economic generation dispatch and control with unified time scale pp. 11-23 Downloads
Linfei Yin, Tao Yu, Xiaoshun Zhang and Bo Yang
The dynamic spillover between carbon and energy markets: New evidence pp. 24-33 Downloads
Yudong Wang and Zhuangyue Guo
Thermodynamic assessment of SNG and power polygeneration with the goal of zero CO2 emission pp. 34-46 Downloads
Lin Zhu, Yangdong He, Luling Li, Liping Lv and Jingling He
Multi-objective optimization of a solar driven trigeneration system pp. 47-62 Downloads
Evangelos Bellos and Christos Tzivanidis
Prognostics of PEM fuel cells based on Gaussian process state space models pp. 63-73 Downloads
Li Zhu and Junghui Chen
Optimum exergoeconomic modeling of novel hybrid desalination system (MEDAD+RO) pp. 74-83 Downloads
Somayyeh Sadri, Ramin Haghighi Khoshkhoo and Mohammad Ameri
Numerical investigation of a solar/waste energy driven sorption/desorption cycle employing a novel adsorbent bed pp. 84-97 Downloads
Yin Bi, Wansheng Yang and Xudong Zhao
Deuterium isotope separation by combined electrolysis fuel cell pp. 98-104 Downloads
Ryota Ogawa, Risako Tanii, Richard Dawson, Hisayoshi Matsushima and Mikito Ueda
Framework conditions for Nordic district heating - Similarities and differences, and why Norway sticks out pp. 105-119 Downloads
Eli Sandberg, Daniel Møller Sneum and Erik Trømborg
Multi market bidding strategies for demand side flexibility aggregators in electricity markets pp. 120-134 Downloads
Stig Ødegaard Ottesen, Asgeir Tomasgard and Stein-Erik Fleten
A multi-follower bilevel stochastic programming approach for energy management of combined heat and power micro-grids pp. 135-146 Downloads
Manijeh Alipour, Kazem Zare and Heresh Seyedi
Thermo-economic analysis and optimization of a solar-driven ammonia-water regenerative Rankine cycle and LNG cold energy pp. 147-160 Downloads
Hamed Habibi, Ata Chitsaz, Koroush Javaherdeh, Mohammad Zoghi and Mojtaba Ayazpour
Ethiopian energy status and demand scenarios: Prospects to improve energy efficiency and mitigate GHG emissions pp. 161-172 Downloads
Md Alam Hossain Mondal, Elizabeth Bryan, Claudia Ringler, Dawit Mekonnen and Mark Rosegrant
Experimental performance evaluation and parametric study of a solar-ground source heat pump system operated in heating modes pp. 173-189 Downloads
Weibo Yang, Heng Zhang and Xingfu Liang
Impact of quota decline scheme of emission trading in China: A dynamic recursive CGE model pp. 190-203 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Zhijie Jia
Performance and emissions of a diesel engine fueled by biodiesel-diesel blends with recycled expanded polystyrene and fuel stabilizing additive pp. 204-212 Downloads
Jorge Calder, Murari Mohon Roy and Wilson Wang
Multi-objective optimization algorithm coupled to EnergyPLAN software: The EPLANopt model pp. 213-221 Downloads
Matteo Giacomo Prina, Marco Cozzini, Giulia Garegnani, Giampaolo Manzolini, David Moser, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Roberta Pernetti, Roberto Vaccaro and Wolfram Sparber
Photosynthetic biohydrogen production in a wastewater environment and its potential as renewable energy pp. 222-229 Downloads
Jae-Hoon Hwang, Jared Church, Jaewon Lim and Woo Hyoung Lee
Dynamic simulation of a municipal solid waste incinerator pp. 230-249 Downloads
Falah Alobaid, Al-Maliki, Wisam Abed Kattea, Thomas Lanz, Martin Haaf, Andreas Brachthäuser, Bernd Epple and Ingo Zorbach
Three-phase modeling of dehydrogenation of isobutane to isobutene in a fluidized bed reactor: Effect of operating conditions on the energy consumption pp. 250-261 Downloads
Seyyed Shahabeddin Azimi and Mansour Kalbasi
Computer simulation of the influence of thermal conditions on the performance of conventional and unconventional lithium-ion battery geometries pp. 262-278 Downloads
D. Miranda, C.M. Costa, A.M. Almeida and Lanceros-Méndez, S.
A comparison of energy use efficiency and economic analysis of wheat and sunflower production in Turkey: A case study in Thrace Region pp. 279-285 Downloads
Gökhan Unakıtan and Başak Aydın
Present a multi-criteria modeling and optimization (energy, economic and environmental) approach of industrial combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) generation systems using the genetic algorithm, case study: A tile factory pp. 286-295 Downloads
Hamed Ershadi and Arash Karimipour
Exergetic optimization of double stage Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) pp. 296-313 Downloads
Konstantinos Braimakis and Sotirios Karellas
Forecasting China's electricity consumption using a new grey prediction model pp. 314-328 Downloads
Song Ding, Keith W. Hipel and Yao-guo Dang
A novel control strategy of regenerative braking system for electric vehicles under safety critical driving situations pp. 329-340 Downloads
Chengqun Qiu, Guolin Wang, Mingyu Meng and Yujie Shen
Application of nonlinear multivariable model predictive control to transient operation of a gas turbine and NOX emissions reduction pp. 341-353 Downloads
Thiago S. Pires, Manuel E. Cruz, Marcelo J. Colaço and Marco A.C. Alves
Viability of integrating Solar Water Heating systems into High Energy Performance housing in Algeria pp. 354-363 Downloads
S. Sami, D. Semmar, A. Hamid, R. Mecheri and M. Yaiche
Internal resistance and heat generation of soft package Li4Ti5O12 battery during charge and discharge pp. 364-374 Downloads
Kangkang Wang, Fei Gao, Yanli Zhu, Hao Liu, Chuang Qi, Kai Yang and Qingjie Jiao
Thermodynamic evaluation of an ORC system with a Low Pressure Saturated Steam heat source pp. 375-385 Downloads
Dabiao Wang, Yuezheng Ma, Ran Tian, Jie Duan, Busong Hu and Lin Shi
A novel type solar assisted heat pump using a low GWP refrigerant (R-1233zd(E)) with the flexible solar collector pp. 386-396 Downloads
Seung Joo Lee, Byung Hoon Shon, Chung Woo Jung and Yong Tae Kang
A mathematical model of SOFC power plant for dynamic simulation of multi-machine power systems pp. 397-413 Downloads
Amin Safari, Hossein Shahsavari and Javad Salehi
Preparation and characterization of DBU-loaded MCM-41 for adsorption of CO2 pp. 414-423 Downloads
Lu Zhang, Yuan Li and Hongcang Zhou
Time-varying effects of oil supply and demand shocks on China's macro-economy pp. 424-437 Downloads
Xu Gong and Boqiang Lin
Mixed modified Fe2O3-WO3 as new fuel borne catalyst (FBC) for biodiesel fuel pp. 438-453 Downloads
Bahamin Bazooyar, Seyyed Yaghoob Hosseini, Solat Moradi Ghoje Begloo, Ahmad Shariati, Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi and Fariborz Shaahmadi
Cost-benefit analysis of district heating systems using heat from nuclear plants in seven European countries pp. 454-472 Downloads
Martin Leurent, Pascal Da Costa, Miika Rämä, Urban Persson and Frédéric Jasserand
Techno-economic assessment of solid–gas thermochemical energy storage systems for solar thermal power applications pp. 473-484 Downloads
Alicia Bayon, Roman Bader, Mehdi Jafarian, Fedunik-Hofman, Larissa, Yanping Sun, Jim Hinkley, Sarah Miller and Wojciech Lipiński
The data-driven schedule of wind farm power generations and required reserves pp. 485-495 Downloads
Huan Long, Zijun Zhang, Mu-Xia Sun and Yan-Fu Li
Influence of the building shape on the energy performance of timber-glass buildings located in warm climatic regions pp. 496-504 Downloads
Miroslav Premrov, Maja Žigart and Vesna Žegarac Leskovar
Design criteria for the optimal sizing of integrated photovoltaic-storage systems pp. 505-515 Downloads
Ilaria Bendato, Andrea Bonfiglio, Massimo Brignone, Federico Delfino, Fabio Pampararo, Renato Procopio and Mansueto Rossi
On-line simulation and optimization of a commercial-scale shell entrained-flow gasifier using a novel dynamic reduced order model pp. 516-534 Downloads
Hua Zhou, Taili Xie and Fengqi You
The joint effect of centralised cogeneration plants and thermal storage on the efficiency and cost of the power system pp. 535-549 Downloads
Juan Pablo Jiménez Navarro, Konstantinos C. Kavvadias, Sylvain Quoilin and Andreas Zucker
Implementing flexible demand: Real-time price vs. market integration pp. 550-565 Downloads
Florian Kühnlenz, Pedro H.J. Nardelli, Santtu Karhinen and Rauli Svento
Performance comparison of organic Rankine cycle with expansion from superheated zone or two-phase zone based on temperature utilization rate of heat source pp. 566-576 Downloads
Hongchuang Sun, Jiang Qin, Tzu-Chen Hung, Chih-Hung Lin and Yi-Fan Lin
Maintenance optimization of power systems with renewable energy sources integrated pp. 577-586 Downloads
E. Shayesteh, J. Yu and P. Hilber
Transportation infrastructure development and China’s energy intensive industries - A road development perspective pp. 587-596 Downloads
Ruipeng Tan, Kui Liu and Boqiang Lin
Energy gathering performance of micro/nanoscale circular energy harvesters based on flexoelectric effect pp. 597-606 Downloads
K.F. Wang and B.L. Wang
A unified index for power quality evaluation in distributed generation systems pp. 607-622 Downloads
Ghada S. Elbasuony, Shady H.E. Abdel Aleem, Ahmed M. Ibrahim and Adel M. Sharaf
Exergy analysis of a lignocellulosic-based biorefinery annexed to a sugarcane mill for simultaneous lactic acid and electricity production pp. 623-638 Downloads
Mortaza Aghbashlo, Mohsen Mandegari, Meisam Tabatabaei, Somayeh Farzad, Mohamad Mojarab Soufiyan and Johann F. Görgens
Modeling for the performance evaluation of 600 MW supercritical unit operating No.0 high pressure heater pp. 639-661 Downloads
Yong Li, Yanhong Wang, Lihua Cao, Pengfei Hu and Wei Han
A novel hybrid technique for prediction of electric power generation in wind farms based on WIPSO, neural network and wavelet transform pp. 662-674 Downloads
Naser Nourani Esfetang and Rasool Kazemzadeh
Prediction of exhaust emission in transient conditions of a diesel engine fueled with animal fat using Artificial Neural Network and Symbolic Regression pp. 675-683 Downloads
Domínguez-Sáez, Aida, Giuseppe A. Rattá and Carmen C. Barrios
Effect investigation of yaw on wind turbine performance based on SCADA data pp. 684-696 Downloads
Juchuan Dai, Xin Yang, Wei Hu, Li Wen and Yayi Tan
Comprehensive analysis of exergy destruction sources in different engine combustion regimes pp. 697-708 Downloads
Yaopeng Li, Ming Jia, Sage L. Kokjohn, Yachao Chang and Rolf D. Reitz
Power ramp-rate control algorithm with optimal State of Charge reference via Dynamic Programming pp. 709-717 Downloads
Jean-Laurent Duchaud, Gilles Notton, Christophe Darras and Cyril Voyant
Predictive energy management of fuel cell supercapacitor hybrid construction equipment pp. 718-729 Downloads
Tianyu Li, Huiying Liu and Daolin Ding
Effect of microwave pretreatment on the combustion behavior of lignite/solid waste briquettes pp. 730-740 Downloads
Y. Li, M.Q. Chen, Q.H. Li and Y.W. Huang
Performance investigation of passenger vehicle fueled by propanol/gasoline blend according to a city driving cycle pp. 741-749 Downloads
M. Mourad and Khaled R.M. Mahmoud
Energy analysis and techno-economic assessment of a co-gasification of woody biomass and animal manure, solid oxide fuel cells and micro gas turbine hybrid system pp. 750-761 Downloads
Junxi Jia, Lingyun Shu, Guiyan Zang, Lijun Xu, Abuliti Abudula and Kun Ge
A spatial electricity market model for the power system: The Kazakhstan case study pp. 762-778 Downloads
Makpal Assembayeva, Jonas Egerer, Roman Mendelevitch and Nurkhat Zhakiyev
Decentralized optimal multi-energy flow of large-scale integrated energy systems in a carbon trading market pp. 779-791 Downloads
Kaiping Qu, Tao Yu, Linni Huang, Bo Yang and Xiaoshun Zhang
Integrating biomass pyrolysis with waste heat recovery from hot slags via extending the C-loops: Product yields and roles of slags pp. 792-803 Downloads
Yongqi Sun, Seshadri Seetharaman and Zuotai Zhang
Effects of torrefaction and organic-acid leaching pretreatment on the pyrolysis behavior of rice husk pp. 804-813 Downloads
Shuping Zhang, Yinhai Su, Dan Xu, Shuguang Zhu, Houlei Zhang and Xinzhi Liu
A framework for the cost-optimal design of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs) in representative climates across Europe pp. 814-829 Downloads
Delia D'Agostino and Danny Parker
Implementation of a solution to the problem of reference environment in the exergy evaluation of building energy systems pp. 830-836 Downloads
Roozbeh Sangi and Dirk Müller
Selective conversion of cassava mash to glucose using solid acid catalysts by sequential solid state mixed-milling reaction and thermo-hydrolysis pp. 837-847 Downloads
Kanpichcha Intaramas, Woranart Jonglertjunya, Navadol Laosiripojana and Chularat Sakdaronnarong
Applying an integrated trigeneration incorporating hybrid energy systems for natural gas liquefaction pp. 848-864 Downloads
Bahram Ghorbani, Reza Shirmohammadi, Mehdi Mehrpooya and Mostafa Mafi
Pyrolysis of plastic waste for production of heavy fuel substitute: A techno-economic assessment pp. 865-874 Downloads
Antzela Fivga and Ioanna Dimitriou
Design optimization workflow and performance analysis for contoured endwalls of axial turbines pp. 875-889 Downloads
Hakim T. Kadhim and Aldo Rona
Do Smart Grids boost investments in domestic PV plants? Evidence from the Italian electricity market pp. 890-902 Downloads
Marina Bertolini, Chiara D'Alpaos and Michele Moretto
Improvement on durability and thermal cycle performance for solid oxide fuel cell stack with external manifold structure pp. 903-913 Downloads
JiaJun Yang, Dong Yan, Wei Huang, Jun Li, Jian Pu, Bo Chi and Li Jian
Balancing low-carbon power dispatching strategy for wind power integrated system pp. 914-924 Downloads
Jingliang Jin, Peng Zhou, Mingming Zhang, Xianyu Yu and Hao Din
CO2 capture from syngas generated by a biomass gasification power plant with chemical absorption process pp. 925-936 Downloads
Cristian Dinca, Nela Slavu, Călin-Cristian Cormoş and Adrian Badea
Hydrogen production from ethanol steam reforming on Ni-Ce/MMT catalysts pp. 937-943 Downloads
Lin Li, Dawei Tang, Yongchen Song, Bo Jiang and Qian Zhang
Experimental study of the hydraulic and thermal performances of nano-sized phase change emulsion in horizontal mini-tubes pp. 944-953 Downloads
F. Ma, J. Chen and P. Zhang
Analysis of carbon-abatement investment for thermal power market in carbon-dispatching mode and policy recommendations pp. 954-966 Downloads
Xinhua Zhang, Hongming Yang, Qian Yu, Jing Qiu and Yongxi Zhang
Exergoeconomic analysis of a DI diesel engine fueled with diesel/biodiesel (B5) emulsions containing aqueous nano cerium oxide pp. 967-978 Downloads
Mortaza Aghbashlo, Meisam Tabatabaei, Esmail Khalife, Taha Roodbar Shojaei and Ali Dadak
Effects of injection timing and injection pressure on performance and exhaust emissions of a common rail diesel engine fueled by various concentrations of fish-oil biodiesel blends pp. 979-989 Downloads
Jiaqiang E, MinhHieu Pham, Yuanwang Deng, Tuannghia Nguyen, VinhNguyen Duy, DucHieu Le, Wei Zuo, Qingguo Peng and Zhiqing Zhang
Minimising the effects of manufacturing uncertainties in MEMS Energy harvesters pp. 990-999 Downloads
H. Madinei, H. Haddad Khodaparast, M.I. Friswell and S. Adhikari
Performance analysis of solar powered airport based on energy and exergy analysis pp. 1000-1009 Downloads
Sreenath Sukumaran and K. Sudhakar
Mixed numerical - Experimental approach to enhance the heat pump performance by drain water heat recovery pp. 1010-1021 Downloads
Mohamad Ramadan, Rabih Murr, Mahmoud Khaled and Abdul Ghani Olabi
Fostering investment on energy efficient appliances in India–A multi-perspective economic input-output lifecycle assessment pp. 1022-1035 Downloads
Vivek Kumar Singh, Carla Henriques and António Gomes Martins
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