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Volume 160, issue C, 2018

Design and optimization of a novel high temperature heat exchanger for waste heat cascade recovery from exhaust flue gases pp. 3-18 Downloads
Pan Zhang, Ting Ma, Wei-Dong Li, Guang-Yu Ma and Qiu-Wang Wang
Optimization of start-up scheduling and life assessment for a steam turbine pp. 19-32 Downloads
Dong-mei, Ji, Jia-qi, Sun, Sun Quan, Heng-Chao, Guo, Jian-xing, Ren and Quan-jun, Zhu
Incorporating combined cycle gas turbine flexibility constraints and additional costs into the EPLANopt model: The Italian case study pp. 33-43 Downloads
Matteo Giacomo Prina, Lorenzo Fanali, Giampaolo Manzolini, David Moser and Wolfram Sparber
13X Ex-Cu zeolite performance characterization towards H2S removal for biogas use in molten carbonate fuel cells pp. 44-53 Downloads
Linda Barelli, Gianni Bidini, Luca Micoli, Elena Sisani and Maria Turco
Assessment of deep geothermal energy exploitation methods: The need for novel single-well solutions pp. 54-63 Downloads
Gioia Falcone, Xiaolei Liu, Roy Radido Okech, Ferid Seyidov and Catalin Teodoriu
Water adsorption on the coated aluminum sheets by composite materials (LiCl + LiBr)/silica gel pp. 64-71 Downloads
Akram Entezari, T.S. Ge and R.Z. Wang
An integrated approach based on Life Cycle Assessment and Thermoeconomics: Application to a water-cooled chiller for an air conditioning plant pp. 72-86 Downloads
P. Catrini, M. Cellura, F. Guarino, D. Panno and A. Piacentino
A hybrid forecasting approach applied in wind speed forecasting based on a data processing strategy and an optimized artificial intelligence algorithm pp. 87-100 Downloads
Zhongshan Yang and Jian Wang
Influence of an off-surface small structure on the flow control effect on horizontal axis wind turbine at different relative inflow angles pp. 101-121 Downloads
Ying Wang, Gaohui Li, Sheng Shen, Diangui Huang and Zhongquan Zheng
The optimal structure planning and energy management strategies of smart multi energy systems pp. 122-141 Downloads
Tengfei Ma, Junyong Wu, Liangliang Hao, Wei-Jen Lee, Huaguang Yan and Dezhi Li
Modelling of an expandable, reconfigurable, renewable DC microgrid for off-grid communities pp. 142-153 Downloads
J. Kitson, S.J. Williamson, P.W. Harper, C.A. McMahon, G. Rosenberg, M.J. Tierney, K. Bell and B. Gautam
Optimal strategies of energy management integrated with transmission control for a hybrid electric vehicle using dynamic particle swarm optimization pp. 154-170 Downloads
Syuan-Yi Chen, Chien-Hsun Wu, Yi-Hsuan Hung and Cheng-Ta Chung
Improved thermal transient modeling with new 3-order numerical solution for a district heating network with consideration of the pipe wall's thermal inertia pp. 171-183 Downloads
Hai Wang and Hua Meng
Evaluation of the energy budget and energy use efficiency in wheat production under various crop management practices in China pp. 184-191 Downloads
Shen Yuan, Shaobing Peng, Dong Wang and Jianguo Man
Impact of nanofluidic electrolyte on the energy storage capacity in vanadium redox flow battery pp. 192-199 Downloads
Jungmyung Kim and Heesung Park
Investigation of hydraulic imbalance for converting existing boiler based buildings to low temperature district heating pp. 200-212 Downloads
Asad Ashfaq and Anton Ianakiev
Development of a rooftop solar photovoltaic rating system considering the technical and economic suitability criteria at the building level pp. 213-224 Downloads
Minhyun Lee, Taehoon Hong, Jaewook Jeong and Kwangbok Jeong
Towards simplified monitoring of instantaneous fuel concentration in both liquid and gas fueled flames using a combustor injectable LIBS plug pp. 225-232 Downloads
Hyung Min Jun, John Hyunwoo Kim, Seok Hwan Lee and Jack J. Yoh
Performance assessment of primary petroleum production cogeneration plants pp. 233-244 Downloads
Yuri M. Barbosa, Julio A.M. da Silva, Silvio de O. Junior and Ednildo A. Torres
Heat transfer analysis of 5kWth circulating fluidized bed reactor for solar gasification using concentrated Xe light radiation pp. 245-256 Downloads
Selvan Bellan, Nobuyuki Gokon, Koji Matsubara, Hyun Seok Cho and Tatsuya Kodama
A novel stochastic energy management of a microgrid with various types of distributed energy resources in presence of demand response programs pp. 257-274 Downloads
Alireza SoltaniNejad Farsangi, Shahrzad Hadayeghparast, Mehdi Mehdinejad and Heidarali Shayanfar
An inexact two-stage fractional energy systems planning model pp. 275-289 Downloads
Tangnyu Song, Guohe Huang, Xiong Zhou and Xiuquan Wang
Investigation of operation strategy of combined cooling, heating and power(CCHP) system based on advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage pp. 290-308 Downloads
Zhonghe Han and Senchuang Guo
Effects of liquid fraction of digestate recirculation on system performance and microbial community structure during serial anaerobic digestion of completely stirred tank reactors for corn stover pp. 309-317 Downloads
YuQian Li, ChunMei Liu, Akiber Chufo Wachemo and XiuJin Li
Coordination between bypass control and economic optimization for heat exchanger network pp. 318-329 Downloads
Lin Sun, Xinlang Zha and Xionglin Luo
Process integration of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and heat pump for low temperature waste heat recovery pp. 330-340 Downloads
Haoshui Yu, Truls Gundersen and Xiao Feng
Environmental assessment of wind turbine systems based on thermo-ecological cost pp. 341-348 Downloads
Wojciech Stanek, Barbara Mendecka, Lidia Lombardi and Tomasz Simla
Effects analysis on combustion and thermal performance enhancement of a nozzle-inlet micro tube fueled by the premixed hydrogen/air pp. 349-360 Downloads
Qingguo Peng, Jiaqiang E, W.M. Yang, Hongpeng Xu, Jingwei Chen, Tian Meng and Runzhi Qiu
Optimizing the heat transfer performance of the recovery boiler superheaters using simulated annealing, surrogate modeling, and computational fluid dynamics pp. 361-377 Downloads
Viljami Maakala, Mika Järvinen and Ville Vuorinen
Forecasting U.S. shale gas monthly production using a hybrid ARIMA and metabolic nonlinear grey model pp. 378-387 Downloads
Qiang Wang, Shuyu Li, Rongrong Li and Minglu Ma
Large eddy simulation of an H-Darrieus rotor pp. 388-398 Downloads
Rohit Patil, László Daróczy, Gábor Janiga and Dominique Thévenin
A study on the effects of porous structure on the environmental and radiative characteristics of cylindrical Ni-Al burners pp. 399-409 Downloads
Anatoly Maznoy, Alexander Kirdyashkin, Sergey Minaev, Alexey Markov, Nikita Pichugin and Evgeny Yakovlev
A multi-objective and robust optimization approach for sizing and placement of PV and batteries in off-grid systems fully operated by diesel generators: An Indonesian case study pp. 410-429 Downloads
Rodríguez-Gallegos, Carlos D., Dazhi Yang, Oktoviano Gandhi, Monika Bieri, Thomas Reindl and S.K. Panda
Daily soil temperatures predictions for various climates in United States using data-driven model pp. 430-440 Downloads
Lu Xing, Liheng Li, Jiakang Gong, Chen Ren, Jiangyan Liu and Huanxin Chen
Liquid-hot-water pretreatment of palm-oil residues for ethanol production: An economic approach to the selection of the processing conditions pp. 441-451 Downloads
Eliana Cardona, Biviana Llano, Mariana Peñuela, Juan Peña and Luis Alberto Rios
Long-term cost trajectories for biofuels in China projected to 2050 pp. 452-465 Downloads
Jie Xu, Zhenhong Yuan and Shiyan Chang
Novel battery state-of-health online estimation method using multiple health indicators and an extreme learning machine pp. 466-477 Downloads
Haihong Pan, Zhiqiang Lü, Huimin Wang, Haiyan Wei and Lin Chen
The effect of hydrodynamic and ultrasonic cavitation on biodiesel production: An exergy analysis approach pp. 478-489 Downloads
Ali Gholami, Ahmad Hajinezhad, Fathollah Pourfayaz and Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi
Experimental study on combustion characteristics of an n-butanol-biodiesel droplet pp. 490-499 Downloads
Yu Zhang, Ronghua Huang, Yuhan Huang, Sheng Huang, Pei Zhou, Xi Chen and Tian Qin
Monitoring of thermal stresses in pressure components based on the wall temperature measurement pp. 500-519 Downloads
Jan Taler, Dawid Taler, Karol Kaczmarski, Piotr Dzierwa, Marcin Trojan and Tomasz Sobota
Optimization and thermodynamic analysis of supercritical CO2 Brayton recompression cycle for various small modular reactors pp. 520-535 Downloads
Joo Hyun Park, Hyun Sun Park, Jin Gyu Kwon, Tae Ho Kim and Moo Hwan Kim
A prize collecting Steiner tree approach to least cost evaluation of grid and off-grid electrification systems pp. 536-543 Downloads
Gizem Bolukbasi and Ayse Selin Kocaman
Online Markov Chain-based energy management for a hybrid tracked vehicle with speedy Q-learning pp. 544-555 Downloads
Teng Liu, Bo Wang and Chenglang Yang
Development and performance of a heat driven R141b ejector air conditioner: Application in hot climate country pp. 556-572 Downloads
Tongchana Thongtip and Satha Aphornratana
Combustion performance of dual-injection using n-butanol direct-injection and gasoline port fuel-injection in a SI engine pp. 573-581 Downloads
Dengquan Feng, Haiqiao Wei, Mingzhang Pan, Lei Zhou and Jianxiong Hua
Discerning the spatial variations in offshore wind resources along the coast of China via dynamic downscaling pp. 582-596 Downloads
Yichao Liu, Daoyi Chen, Sunwei Li and P.W. Chan
Influences of operating parameters on the aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of a horizontal-axis wind turbine pp. 597-611 Downloads
Sanxia Zhang, Kun Luo, Renyu Yuan, Qiang Wang, Jianwen Wang, Liru Zhang and Jianren Fan
Configuration optimization of the segmented modules in an exhaust-based thermoelectric generator for engine waste heat recovery pp. 612-624 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Xiaonan Ma, Hua Tian, Haoqi Yang, Tianyu Chen and Xiaoya Li
A novel coolant cooling method for enhancing the performance of the gas turbine combined cycle pp. 625-634 Downloads
Seong Won Moon, Hyun Min Kwon, Tong Seop Kim, Do Won Kang and Jeong Lak Sohn
Tailoring and exploring the basicity of magnesium oxide nanostructures in ionic liquids for Claisen-Schmidt condensation reaction pp. 635-647 Downloads
Arvind H. Jadhav, Divya Prasad, Harsharaj S. Jadhav, Bhari Mallanna Nagaraja and Jeong Gil Seo
Integration of multiple bubble motion active transducers for improving energy-harvesting efficiency pp. 648-653 Downloads
K. Rohana Wijewardhana, Thilini K. Ekanayaka, E.N. Jayaweera, Amir Shahzad and Jang-Kun Song
Assessment of natural gas production from hydrate-bearing sediments with unconsolidated argillaceous siltstones via a controlled sandout method pp. 654-667 Downloads
Lu Yu, Liang Zhang, Rui Zhang and Shaoran Ren
Look-ahead risk-constrained scheduling of wind power integrated system with compressed air energy storage (CAES) plant pp. 668-677 Downloads
Parinaz Aliasghari, Zamani-Gargari, Milad and Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam
Numerical and experimental study on the spray characteristics of full-cone pressure swirl atomizers pp. 678-692 Downloads
Yubiao Sun, Abdullah M. Alkhedhair, Zhiqiang Guan and Kamel Hooman
Application of LES-CFD for predicting pulverized-coal working conditions after installation of NOx control system pp. 693-709 Downloads
Wojciech P. Adamczyk, Benjamin Isaac, Parra-Alvarez, John, Sean T. Smith, Derek Harris, Jeremy N. Thornock, Minmin Zhou, Philip J. Smith and Robert Żmuda
CFD modelling of CO2 enhanced gasification of coal in a pressurized circulating fluidized bed reactor pp. 710-719 Downloads
Adam Klimanek and Joanna Bigda
Synergies of sector coupling and transmission reinforcement in a cost-optimised, highly renewable European energy system pp. 720-739 Downloads
T. Brown, D. Schlachtberger, A. Kies, S. Schramm and M. Greiner
Hydrogen-diesel dual-fuel engine optimization for CHP systems pp. 740-752 Downloads
Pavlos Dimitriou, Taku Tsujimura and Yasumasa Suzuki
Reduction of elemental mercury in coal-fired boiler flue gas with computational intelligence approach pp. 753-762 Downloads
Qingwei Li, Jiang Wu and Hongqi Wei
Optimal planning of capacities and distribution of electric heater and heat storage for reduction of wind power curtailment in power systems pp. 763-773 Downloads
Xing Gou, Qun Chen, Kang Hu, Huan Ma, Lei Chen, Xiao-Hai Wang, Jun Qi, Fei Xu and Yong Min
Study on noise in a hydrogen dual-fuelled zinc-oxide nanoparticle blended biodiesel engine and the development of an artificial neural network model pp. 774-782 Downloads
Syed Javed, Rahmath Ulla Baig and Y.V.V. Satyanarayana Murthy
Experimental and numerical investigation of flow field and oxy-methane combustion characteristics in a low-power porous-plate reactor pp. 783-795 Downloads
Ibrahim B. Mansir, Medhat A. Nemitallah, Mohamed A. Habib and Atia E. Khalifa
Whether China's industrial sectors make efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from production? - A decomposed decoupling analysis pp. 796-809 Downloads
Lin Yang, Yuantao Yang, Xian Zhang and Kai Tang
Parallel and reliable probabilistic load forecasting via quantile regression forest and quantile determination pp. 810-819 Downloads
Wenjie Zhang, Hao Quan and Dipti Srinivasan
Simulating the game-theoretic market equilibrium and contract-driven investment in global gas trade using an agent-based method pp. 820-834 Downloads
Yingjian Guo and Adam Hawkes
Pilot-scale experimental evaluation of gas recovery from methane hydrate using cycling-depressurization scheme pp. 835-844 Downloads
Yi Wang, Jing-Chun Feng, Xiao-Sen Li, Lei Zhan and Xiao-Yan Li
Modelling scaling growth in heat transfer surfaces and its application on the design of heat exchangers pp. 845-854 Downloads
Lugo-Granados, Hebert and Martín Picón Núñez
Experimental study on the ignition time of electric heaters with thermal insulation structure pp. 855-862 Downloads
Pengliang Li, Zhenyi Liu, Mingzhi Li, Yao Zhao, Xuan Li and Ruiyan Sun
The effect of colloids on nanofluidic power generation pp. 863-867 Downloads
Y. Wang, H. Wang and C.Q. Wan
Socioeconomic cost-benefit-analysis of seasonal heat storages in district heating systems with industrial waste heat integration pp. 868-874 Downloads
Simon Moser, Julia Mayrhofer, Ralf-Roman Schmidt and Robert Tichler
Upper limits for the work extraction by nanofluid-filled selective flat-plate solar collectors pp. 875-885 Downloads
Seyed Reza Shamshirgaran, Morteza Khalaji Assadi, Viorel Badescu and Hussain Al-Kayiem
Hydropower plant operation rules optimization response to climate change pp. 886-897 Downloads
Jianxia Chang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yunyun Li, Yimin Wang and Hongxue Zhang
Production prediction and energy-saving model based on Extreme Learning Machine integrated ISM-AHP: Application in complex chemical processes pp. 898-909 Downloads
Zhiqiang Geng, Hongda Li, Qunxiong Zhu and Yongming Han
Pre-and post-mixed hybrid biodiesel blends as alternative energy fuels-an experimental case study on turbo-charged direct injection diesel engine pp. 910-923 Downloads
Purna Chandra Mishra and Swarup Kumar Nayak
Experimental investigation of an integrated collector–storage solar air heater based on the lap joint-type flat micro-heat pipe arrays pp. 924-939 Downloads
Zeyu Wang, Yanhua Diao, Yaohua Zhao, Tengyue Wang, Lin Liang and Yuying Chi
Improving wind power integration by a novel short-term dispatch model based on free heat storage and exhaust heat recycling pp. 940-953 Downloads
Jinda Wang, Zhigang Zhou, Jianing Zhao and Jinfu Zheng
An experimental investigation of the flow and mass transfer behavior in a vertical aeration process with orifice ejector pp. 954-964 Downloads
Sang-Kyoo Park and Hei-Cheon Yang
Model-based analysis of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and 2 °C pathways for major economies pp. 965-978 Downloads
Panagiotis Fragkos and Nikos Kouvaritakis
A new field-levelling procedure to minimize spillages in hydropower reservoir operation pp. 979-985 Downloads
Jinwen Wang, Cheng Chen and Shuangquan Liu
Ancillary Services Bidding for Uncertain Bidirectional V2G Using Fuzzy Linear Programming pp. 986-995 Downloads
Samy Faddel, A. Aldeek, Al-Awami, Ali T., Eric Sortomme and Al-Hamouz, Zakariya
Thermodynamic potential of twelve working fluids in Rankine and flash cycles for waste heat recovery in heavy duty diesel engines pp. 996-1007 Downloads
J. Rijpkema, K. Munch and S.B. Andersson
Potential of three variant machine-learning models for forecasting district level medium-term and long-term energy demand in smart grid environment pp. 1008-1020 Downloads
Tanveer Ahmad and Huanxin Chen
Preparation and investigation of multicomponent alkali nitrate/nitrite salts for low temperature thermal energy storage pp. 1021-1029 Downloads
Xiang Li, Yang Wang, Shuang Wu and Leidong Xie
Social acceptance of green energy determinants using principal component analysis pp. 1030-1046 Downloads
Chiranjib Bhowmik, Sumit Bhowmik and Amitava Ray
Application of real valued genetic algorithm on prediction of higher heating values of various lignocellulosic materials using lignin and extractive contents pp. 1047-1054 Downloads
Fikret Akdeniz, Metin Biçil, Yusuf Karadede, Füreya Elif Özbek and Gültekin Özdemir
Multi-objective optimization and exergoeconomic analysis of waste heat recovery from Tehran's waste-to-energy plant integrated with an ORC unit pp. 1055-1068 Downloads
Amirmohammad Behzadi, Ehsan Gholamian, Ehsan Houshfar and Ali Habibollahzade
Energy level difference graphic analysis method of combined cooling, heating and power systems pp. 1069-1077 Downloads
Zefeng Wang, Wei Han, Na Zhang, Zhongxue Gan, Jie Sun and Hongguang Jin
Screening of sugar alcohols and their binary eutectic mixtures as phase change materials for low-to-medium temperature latent heat storage. (Ⅰ): Non-isothermal melting and crystallization behaviors pp. 1078-1090 Downloads
Xue-Feng Shao, Chao Wang, Yong-Jian Yang, Biao Feng, Zi-Qin Zhu, Wu-Jun Wang, Yi Zeng and Li-Wu Fan
Considering environmental impacts of energy storage technologies: A life cycle assessment of power-to-gas business models pp. 1091-1100 Downloads
Karin Tschiggerl, Christian Sledz and Milan Topic
Optimal renovation of buildings towards the nearly Zero Energy Building standard pp. 1101-1114 Downloads
E. Iturriaga, U. Aldasoro, Terés-Zubiaga, J. and Campos-Celador, A.
The influence of coal and noncarbohydrate energy consumption on CO2 emissions: Revisiting the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis for Turkey pp. 1115-1123 Downloads
Uğur Pata
The Stefan moving boundary models for the heat-dissociation hydrate with a density difference pp. 1124-1132 Downloads
Mingchuan Li, Shuanshi Fan, Yuliang Su, Fuhai Xu, Yan Li, Mingjing Lu, Guanglong Sheng and Ke Yan
Cooling towers performance in a changing climate: Techno-economic modeling and design optimization pp. 1133-1143 Downloads
Ali Ayoub, Blaže Gjorgiev and Giovanni Sansavini
Experimental investigation of modified single slope solar still integrated with earth (I) &(II):Energy and exergy analysis pp. 1144-1157 Downloads
Pankaj Dumka and Dhananjay R. Mishra
Adsorption isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamic simulation of CO2-CSAC pair for cooling application pp. 1158-1173 Downloads
Vinod Kumar Singh, E. Anil Kumar and Bidyut Baran Saha
Inhibiting effects of three commercial inhibitors in spontaneous coal combustion pp. 1174-1185 Downloads
Jun Deng, Yi Yang, Yan-Ni Zhang, Bo Liu and Chi-Min Shu
A deep learning model for short-term power load and probability density forecasting pp. 1186-1200 Downloads
Zhifeng Guo, Kaile Zhou, Xiaoling Zhang and Shanlin Yang
The effect of inverse diffusion flame burner-diameter on flame characteristics and emissions pp. 1201-1207 Downloads
Basem A. Rabee
Thermodynamics today pp. 1208-1219 Downloads
Adrian Bejan
Aero engine compressor cooling by water injection - Part 1: Evaporative compressor model pp. 1224-1235 Downloads
David Alejandro Block Novelo and Uyioghosa Igie
Aero engine compressor cooling by water injection - Part 2: Performance and emission reductions pp. 1236-1243 Downloads
David Alejandro Block Novelo and Uyioghosa Igie
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