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Volume 5, issue 12, 1980

Evaluating energy conservation outreach programs: A case study in Minnesota pp. 1169-1177 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Alternate energy forms and the aged pp. 1179-1182 Downloads
Ali B. Cambel and George A. Heffernan
Household water conservation: The role of indirect energy savings pp. 1183-1192 Downloads
Wallace J. Hopp and William P. Darby
A temporal cross section specification of the demand for gasoline using a random coefficient regression model pp. 1193-1202 Downloads
John Kraft and Mark Rodekohr
Fuel choice and aggregate energy demand in the residential and commercial sectors pp. 1203-1212 Downloads
Steve M. Cohn
Domestic energy consumption in India (Pondicherry region) pp. 1213-1222 Downloads
C.L. Gupta, K.Usha Rao and V.A. Vasudevaraju
Carry-over grain stocks as an emergency fuel pp. 1223-1229 Downloads
H. Davitian and H. Serry
A framework for evaluating the socioeconomic impacts of commercializing new energy technologies with an application to the on-site fuel cell energy system pp. 1231-1244 Downloads
A.P. Sanghvi, R. Ciliano and R. Johnson
Horizontal divestiture of energy companies: Regional market evidence on coal production and reserve ownership concentration ratios pp. 1245-1255 Downloads
Walter P. Page
Direct energy conversion: An attractive option for developing countries pp. 1257-1259 Downloads
V.C. Sharma
Hydrogen and oxygen from water —IV. Control of an effusional separator during a solar intensity transient pp. 1261-1263 Downloads
Richard B. Diver and Edward A. Fletcher

Volume 5, issue 11, 1980

Research needs for coal gasification and coal liquefaction pp. 1091-1116 Downloads
S.S. Penner, S.B. Alpert, V. Bendanillo, J. Clardy, L.E. Furlong, F. Leder, L. Lees, E. Reichl, J. Ross, R.P. Sieg, A.M. Squires and J. Thomas
Indices of energy consumption: An exploratory analysis of a utility's monthly billing data pp. 1117-1130 Downloads
Margaret F. Fels and Thomas H. Woteki
A comparative assessment of the economics and proliferation resistance of advanced nuclear energy systems pp. 1131-1153 Downloads
Carolyn D. Heising, Isi Saragossi and Pirooz Sharafi
Forecasting electric utility fossil-fuel consumption pp. 1155-1162 Downloads
Noel D. Uri
Fossil-energy demands of crop-production in a multi-cropped area pp. 1163-1167 Downloads
M.S. Kalra and Y.C. Arya

Volume 5, issue 10, 1980

A simulation model of market expansion policies for natural gas distribution utilities pp. 1013-1043 Downloads
Jean-Michel Guldmann and Daniel Czamanski
Performance of a low cost cross-wind-axis sail-wind turbine pp. 1045-1052 Downloads
Goodarz Ahmadi
Cost comparison of energy projects: Discounted cash flow and revenue requirement methods pp. 1053-1072 Downloads
Doan L. Phung
Uncertainty—an argument for more stringent energy conservation pp. 1073-1083 Downloads
Paul P. Craig, Mark D. Levine and James Mass
Thermal energy storage using saturated salt solutions pp. 1085-1090 Downloads
M.A. Bell and I.E. Smith

Volume 5, issue 8, 1980

Reference states pp. 666-677 Downloads
Joachim Ahrendts
Availability: The concept and associated terminology pp. 679-692 Downloads
Joseph Kestin
Second law and radiation pp. 693-707 Downloads
Robert H. Edgerton
International progress in second law analysis pp. 709-718 Downloads
Jan Szargut
Second law analysis in heat transfer pp. 720-732 Downloads
Adrian Bejan
Process integration and the second law of thermodynamics: Future possibilities pp. 733-742 Downloads
Charles A. Berg
Toward a second-law taxonomy of combustion processes pp. 743-755 Downloads
T.A. Brzustowski
Lost work: A measure of thermodynamic efficiency pp. 757-769 Downloads
Noel de Nevers and J.D. Seader
On the role of the second law of thermodynamics in mechanics of materials pp. 771-781 Downloads
P.M. Naghdi
Thermodynamic aspects of energy conservation pp. 783-792 Downloads
Willem Van Gool
Steady-flow availability and the standard chemical availability pp. 793-802 Downloads
M.V. Sussman
Thermoeconomic isolation and essergy analysis pp. 804-821 Downloads
Robert B. Evans
Exergy economics pp. 823-837 Downloads
Richard A. Gaggioli and William J. Wepfer
The role of second law analysis in geothermal economics pp. 839-851 Downloads
Clarence H. Bloomster and Linda L. Fassbender
The second law efficiency of a heat pump system pp. 853-863 Downloads
R.L. Akau and R.J. Schoenhals
Second law analysis: An alternative indicator of system efficiency pp. 865-873 Downloads
Herbert W. Hevert and Stephen C. Hevert
End-use matching of solar energy systems pp. 875-890 Downloads
F. Kreith, D. Kearney and A. Bejan
Applications of the second law of thermodynamics to cryogenics—A review pp. 891-897 Downloads
John E. Ahern
Second law analysis in cryogenic processes pp. 899-904 Downloads
Chen-Hwa Chiu and Charles L. Newton
Thermodynamic analysis of coal gasification processes pp. 905-914 Downloads
S.P. Singh, S.A. Weil and S.P. Babu
Thermodynamic analysis of energy efficiency in catalytic reforming pp. 915-924 Downloads
Robert S. Kapner and Arvo Lannus
Using second law analysis for energy conservation studies in the petrochemical industry pp. 925-930 Downloads
Dennis P. Maloney and James R. Burton
Second law analysis of industrial processes pp. 931-936 Downloads
Bruce A. Hedman, Harry L. Brown and Bernard B. Hamel
Coupled transport membranes for ore beneficiation pp. 937-940 Downloads
Charles R. Hauer
Reduced product yield in chemical processes by second law effects pp. 941-947 Downloads
Christopher England and james E. Funk
Second law analysis of fuel consumption in furnaces pp. 949-954 Downloads
Ernest S. Geskin
Thermodynamically based analysis and synthesis of chemical process systems pp. 955-966 Downloads
L.T. Fan and J.H. Shieh
Implications of the second law for future directions in controlled fusion research pp. 967-983 Downloads
J.Reece Roth and George H. Miley
Second law analysis of the Ames solid waste recovery system pp. 985-991 Downloads
Howard N. Shapiro and Thomas H. Kuehn
On optimum disposal of waste heat pp. 993-998 Downloads
Pau-Chang, Lu

Volume 5, issue 7, 1980

A computer program for 24-hour electric utility load forecasting pp. 571-585 Downloads
Tadashi Takenawa, Alan M. Schneider and Dean A. Schiffman
Conservation of available work (exergy) by using promoters of swirl flow in forced convection heat transfer pp. 587-596 Downloads
William R. Oullette and Adrian Bejan
Hydrogen and oxygen from water—III evaluation of a hybrid process pp. 597-607 Downloads
Richard B. Diver and Edward A. Fletcher
Health risks of high-Btu gas pipeline and electric power transmission systems pp. 609-616 Downloads
Timothy D. Donakowski
Short term curtailment of natural gas: Alternative curtailment forms and employment impacts in the 1976–1977 gas emergency pp. 617-630 Downloads
B. von Rabenau and Wilpen L. Gorr
Working fluids for solar, rankine-cycle cooling systems pp. 631-639 Downloads
Ezzat Wali
Environmental control technology for atmospheric carbon dioxide pp. 641-664 Downloads
Anthony S. Albanese and Meyer Steinberg

Volume 5, issue 6, 1980

Foreword pp. V-VI Downloads
Abrahim Lavi
Ocean thermal energy conversion: a general introduction pp. 469-480 Downloads
Abrahim Lavi
OTEC research in Japan pp. 481-492 Downloads
Hiroshi Kamogawa
Westinghouse OTEC power systems pp. 493-501 Downloads
W.H. Coleman
A foam OTEC system pp. 503-509 Downloads
Clarence Zener and Martin Greenstein
The mist-lift OTEC cycle pp. 511-524 Downloads
A.F. Charwat and S.L. Ridgway
Thermal resource availability pp. 525-528 Downloads
Paul M. Wolff and Lloyd F. Lewis
An update of OTEC baseline design costs pp. 529-538 Downloads
P.A. Curto
Modelling the competitiveness of first generation commercial OTEC power plants pp. 539-549 Downloads
Rosendo J. Pont
Issues in OTEC commercialization pp. 551-560 Downloads
Gay Heit Lavi
Introducing OTEC to mainland utilities pp. 561-569 Downloads
Abrahim Lavi and David G. Jopling

Volume 5, issue 5, 1980

Federal incentives for energy development pp. 389-406 Downloads
Roger H. Bezdek and Bruce W. Cone
Equitable performance comparison and economic evaluation of active and passive solar energy systems pp. 407-415 Downloads
M.S. Drew and R.B.G. Selvage
The Brookhaven process optimization models pp. 417-428 Downloads
David A. Pilati and F.T. Sparrow
Fundamental aspects of energy conservation policy pp. 429-444 Downloads
Willem van Gool
An evaluation of residential energy conservation strategies in New Zealand pp. 445-450 Downloads
G.P. Saha and J. Stephenson
Energy comparisons and where to insulate earth-sheltered buildings and basements pp. 451-465 Downloads
Thomas P. Bligh, Paul Shipp and George Meixel
Comments on power losses in electric machinery pp. 467-467 Downloads
N. Ladommatos

Volume 5, issue 4, 1980

An energy policy for Australia pp. 295-323 Downloads
L.A. Endersbee, Philip Baxter, J.W. Butters, A.H. Corbett, J.A. Dembecki, R.A. Durie, D.W. George, S.F. Harris, W.D. Hatton, N.B. Neal, P. Huggins, D.C. Kneebone, Prof.R.E. Luxton, I.W. Meldrum, Prof.H.K. Messerle, R.N. Morse, R.D. Palmer, B. Rawlings, I.McC. Stewart, J.L. Symonds, T.F. Wall and J.K. Wilkins
Closed cycle osmotic power plants for electric power production pp. 325-329 Downloads
M. Reali
An assessment of solar hot water heating in the Washington, D.C. area: Implications for local utilities pp. 331-342 Downloads
Mary W. Stuart
Energy conservation through industrial cogeneration pp. 343-354 Downloads
Bruce Hannon and John J. Joyce
Overcoming social and institutional barriers to energy conservation pp. 355-371 Downloads
Carl Blumstein, Betsy Krieg, Lee Schipper and Carl York
Oil from shale: The potential, the problems, and a plan for development pp. 373-387 Downloads
A.E. Lewis

Volume 5, issue 3, 1980

A low-cost, energy-saving window system pp. 207-215 Downloads
T. Morrone
Economics of technological change in U.S. coal mines, 1951–1975 pp. 217-230 Downloads
Hyder G. Lakhani
Long term perspectives of the U.S. energy demand: Application of the MEDEE 2 model to the U.S pp. 231-257 Downloads
Bruno Lapillonne
The optimal timing of energy-conserving investment-analysis and policy implications pp. 259-270 Downloads
S.Abraham Ravid
Engineering audits at state-owned buildings in Minnesota pp. 271-283 Downloads
Eric Hirst, Robert Tyler, Christopher Eastes and Jesus Dumagan
District heat—a major step toward U.S. energy self-sufficiency pp. 285-293 Downloads
J. Karkheck and J.R. Powell

Volume 5, issue 2, 1980

Geothermal energy and the environment: The global experience pp. 111-165 Downloads
M.J. Pasqualetti
A model of residential energy use in New Zealand pp. 167-175 Downloads
G.P. Saha and J. Stephenson
Coal in Nigeria pp. 177-182 Downloads
C.I. Ezekwe and A.O. Odukwe
A performance and economic evaluation of annual cycle energy storage (ACES) pp. 183-190 Downloads
R.S. Miller
A central solar domestic hot water system. Performance and economic analysis pp. 191-205 Downloads
D. Wolf, A. Tamir and A.I. Kudish

Volume 5, issue 1, 1980

On optimal investment strategies for energy conservation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Paul P. Craig and James Reeds
An international comparison of energy use in industry: United Kingdom, West Germany, and Italy pp. 13-28 Downloads
Ervin Bossanyi, Bernardo Ceriani and Joe Stanislaw
Net energy production history of the Geysers geothermal project pp. 29-33 Downloads
L. Icerman
Regional analysis of electricity demand growth pp. 35-46 Downloads
Wen S. Chern and Richard Just
Conservation of energy estimated by second law analysis of a power-consuming process pp. 47-61 Downloads
W. Leidenfrost, K.H. Lee and B. Korenic
Economic analysis of alternative envelope designs for new residences in the United States pp. 63-68 Downloads
Stephen F. Weber
Effect of post-harvest processing on energy returns in agriculture, with special reference to developing countries pp. 69-74 Downloads
B.S. Pathak and Daljit Singh
Energy resource requirements of a solar heating system pp. 75-86 Downloads
D.W.O. Rogers
A statistical measurement of the heating season effectiveness of ceiling insulation in San Diego pp. 87-100 Downloads
Anthony V. Sebald and Fritz Langenbacher
Errors in a risk assessment of renewable resources pp. 101-103 Downloads
D.W.O. Rogers and R.J. Templin
Reply to the criticism by D. W. O. Rogers and R. J. Templin pp. 105-108 Downloads
H. Inhaber
Low energy futures pp. 109-110 Downloads
L. Icerman
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