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Volume 151, issue C, 2018

Reverse electrodialysis: Modelling and performance analysis based on multi-objective optimization pp. 1-10 Downloads
Rui Long, Baode Li, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Energy cost analysis of an intelligent building network adopting heat trading concept in a district heating model pp. 11-25 Downloads
Jonghoon Ahn, Dae Hun Chung and Soolyeon Cho
Pressure characteristics during vented explosion of ethylene-air mixtures in a square vessel pp. 26-32 Downloads
Yong Cao, Bin Li and Kanghua Gao
Comparison study of indoor/outdoor experiments of a photovoltaic thermal PV/T system containing SiC nanofluid as a coolant pp. 33-44 Downloads
Al-Waeli, Ali H.A., Miqdam T. Chaichan, Hussein A. Kazem, K. Sopian, Adnan Ibrahim, Sohif Mat and Mohd Hafidz Ruslan
A theoretical benchmark for bypass controllers in a residential district heating network pp. 45-53 Downloads
Annelies Vandermeulen, Bram van der Heijde, Dieter Patteeuw, Dirk Vanhoudt and Lieve Helsen
Influence of exhaust heat distribution on the performance of dual-loop organic Rankine Cycles (DORC) for engine waste heat recovery pp. 54-65 Downloads
Haozhong Huang, Juan Zhu, Wei Deng, Tiancheng Ouyang, Bo Yan and Xu Yang
Techno- Economic evaluation of milk chilling unit retrofitted with hybrid renewable energy system in coastal province pp. 66-78 Downloads
M. Edwin and S. Joseph Sekhar
Optimization analysis of structure parameters of steam ejector based on CFD and orthogonal test pp. 79-93 Downloads
Yifei Wu, Hongxia Zhao, Cunquan Zhang, Lei Wang and Jitian Han
Renewable heating strategies and their consequences for storage and grid infrastructures comparing a smart grid to a smart energy systems approach pp. 94-102 Downloads
Henrik Lund
Controlling district heating and cooling networks to unlock flexibility: A review pp. 103-115 Downloads
Annelies Vandermeulen, Bram van der Heijde and Lieve Helsen
Multi-layer perception based model predictive control for the thermal power of nuclear superheated-steam supply systems pp. 116-125 Downloads
Zhe Dong, Zuoyi Zhang, Yujie Dong and Xiaojin Huang
Synthesis of recent Swedish district heating research pp. 126-132 Downloads
Kerstin Sernhed, Kristina Lygnerud and Sven Werner
Ammonia production from black liquor gasification and co-gasification with pulp and waste sludges: A techno-economic assessment pp. 133-143 Downloads
Maryam Akbari, Adetoyese Olajire Oyedun and Amit Kumar
A practical model for energy dispatch in cogeneration plants pp. 144-159 Downloads
Maria Izabel Santos and Wadaed Uturbey
Analysis of Road Curvature’s Effects on Electric Motorcycle Energy Consumption pp. 160-166 Downloads
Alireza Farzaneh and Ebrahim Farjah
Growth of industrial CO2 emissions in Shanghai city: Evidence from a dynamic vector autoregression analysis pp. 167-177 Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Bin Xu
Improved harmony search algorithm for electrical distribution network expansion planning in the presence of distributed generators pp. 178-202 Downloads
Abdollah Rastgou, Jamal Moshtagh and Salah Bahramara
Enhancement of performance monitoring of a coal-fired power plant via dynamic data reconciliation pp. 203-210 Downloads
Sisi Guo, Pei Liu and Zheng Li
Managerial flexibility in levelized cost measures: A framework for incorporating uncertainty in energy investment decisions pp. 211-225 Downloads
John Bistline, Stephen D. Comello and Anshuman Sahoo
Improved harmony search algorithm for the solution of non-linear non-convex short-term hydrothermal scheduling pp. 226-237 Downloads
Nazari-Heris, Morteza, Amir Fakhim Babaei, Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam and Somayeh Asadi
Forecasting the output of shale gas in China using an unbiased grey model and weakening buffer operator pp. 238-249 Downloads
Bo Zeng, Huiming Duan, Yun Bai and Wei Meng
A novel energy harvesting device for ultralow frequency excitation pp. 250-260 Downloads
Feng Wang, Xiuting Sun and Jian Xu
Dynamic modeling of local district heating grids with prosumers: A case study for Norway pp. 261-271 Downloads
Hanne Kauko, Karoline Husevåg Kvalsvik, Daniel Rohde, Natasa Nord and Åmund Utne
Wind field reconstruction using dimension-reduction of CFD data with experimental validation pp. 272-288 Downloads
Li Qin, Shi Liu, Teng Long, Muhammad Ali Shahzad, H. Inaki Schlaberg and Song An Yan
Nuclear power supply: Going against the misconceptions. Evidence of nuclear flexibility from the French experience pp. 289-296 Downloads
C. Cany, C. Mansilla, G. Mathonnière and Pascal Da Costa
Integrated tech-paradigm based innovative approach towards ecological coal mining pp. 297-308 Downloads
Jiuping Xu, Wen Gao, Heping Xie, Jingqi Dai, Chengwei Lv and Meihui Li
Impact of time expenditure on household preferences for cooking fuels pp. 309-316 Downloads
Karabee Das, Moonmoon Hiloidhari, D.C. Baruah and Sanderine Nonhebel
Construction of an innovative adsorbent bed configuration in the adsorption chiller - Selection criteria for effective sorbent-glue pair pp. 317-323 Downloads
Karolina Grabowska, Jaroslaw Krzywanski, Wojciech Nowak and Marta Wesolowska
Analysis of oil-free linear compressor operated at high pressure ratios for household refrigeration pp. 324-331 Downloads
Kun Liang
Planning for variable renewable energy and electric vehicle integration under varying degrees of decentralization: A case study in Lusaka, Zambia pp. 332-346 Downloads
Madeleine McPherson, Malik Ismail, Daniel Hoornweg and Murray Metcalfe
Innovative hybrid models for forecasting time series applied in wind generation based on the combination of time series models with artificial neural networks pp. 347-357 Downloads
Henrique do Nascimento Camelo, Paulo Sérgio Lucio, João Bosco Verçosa Leal Junior, Paulo Cesar Marques de Carvalho and Daniel von Glehn dos Santos
Development of a new flux density function for a focusing heliostat pp. 358-375 Downloads
Weidong Huang and Liang Yu
Thermodynamic optimization of heat transfer process in thermal systems using CO2 as the working fluid based on temperature glide matching pp. 376-386 Downloads
Fuzhen Zhang, Yinhai Zhu, Conghui Li and Peixue Jiang
Energy, economic and environmental (3E) analysis and multi-objective optimization of a spray-assisted low-temperature desalination system pp. 387-401 Downloads
Q. Chen, M. Kum Ja, Y. Li and K.J. Chua
Exchange rate fluctuations, oil price shocks and economic growth in a small net-importing economy pp. 402-407 Downloads
Presley K. Wesseh and Boqiang Lin
Analysis of operating diagram for H2/Air rotating detonation combustors under lean fuel condition pp. 408-419 Downloads
Qiaofeng Xie, Haocheng Wen, Weihong Li, Zifei Ji, Bing Wang and Piotr Wolanski
Forecasting China's total energy demand and its structure using ADL-MIDAS model pp. 420-429 Downloads
Yongda He and Boqiang Lin
Risk assessment of industrial excess heat recovery in district heating systems pp. 430-441 Downloads
Kristina Lygnerud and Sven Werner
Implications of diversification strategies in the European natural gas market for the German energy system pp. 442-454 Downloads
Philipp Hauser, Heidi U. Heinrichs, Bastian Gillessen and Theresa Müller
Long-term modelling and assessment of the energy-economy decoupling in Spain pp. 455-466 Downloads
García-Gusano, Diego, Suárez-Botero, Jasson and Javier Dufour
Optimization of well spacing to achieve a stable combustion during the THAI process pp. 467-477 Downloads
Renbao Zhao, Shuai Yu, Jie Yang, Minghao Heng, Chunhui Zhang, Yahong Wu, Jianhua Zhang and Xiang-an Yue
Network-constrained optimal bidding strategy of a plug-in electric vehicle aggregator: A stochastic/robust game theoretic approach pp. 478-489 Downloads
Saeed Zolfaghari Moghaddam and Tohid Akbari
Asymptotic analysis of anode relative humidity effects on the fastest voltage decay single cell in a stack pp. 490-500 Downloads
Yongfeng Liu, Na Wang, Pucheng Pei, Shengzhuo Yao and Fang Wang
Assessment of primary air on corn straw in a fixed bed combustion using Eulerian-Eulerian approach pp. 501-519 Downloads
Xiaoxiao Meng, Rui Sun, Tamer M. Ismail, El-Salam, M. Abd, Wei Zhou, Ruihan Zhang and Xiaohan Ren
Comparative scaling analysis of two different sized pilot-scale fluidized bed reactors operating with biomass substrates pp. 520-535 Downloads
J. Cardoso, V. Silva, D. Eusébio, P. Brito, M.J. Hall and L. Tarelho
Insight into the high-pressure CO2 pre-treatment of sugarcane bagasse for a delivery of upgradable sugars pp. 536-544 Downloads
Douglas H. Fockink, Ana R.C. Morais, Luiz P. Ramos and Rafał M. Łukasik
Thermochemical performance of solar driven CO2 reforming of methane in volumetric reactor with gradual foam structure pp. 545-555 Downloads
Xue Chen, Fuqiang Wang, Xuewei Yan, Yafen Han, Ziming Cheng and Zhu Jie
Recycling construction and industrial landfill waste material for backfill in horizontal ground heat exchanger systems pp. 556-568 Downloads
Al-Ameen, Yasameen, Anton Ianakiev and Robert Evans
Investment in the future electricity system - An agent-based modelling approach pp. 569-580 Downloads
O. Kraan, G.J. Kramer and I. Nikolic
Comparative techno-economic assessment and environmental impacts of rice husk-to-fuel conversion technologies pp. 581-593 Downloads
Pornkamol Unrean, Bridgid Chin Lai Fui, Elisabeth Rianawati and Menandro Acda
Impact of a reduction in heating, cooling and electricity loads on the performance of a polygeneration district heating and cooling system based on waste gasification pp. 594-604 Downloads
Natalia Kabalina, Mário Costa, Weihong Yang and Andrew Martin
On the use of dynamic reliability for an accurate modelling of renewable power plants pp. 605-621 Downloads
Ferdinando Chiacchio, D’Urso, Diego, Fabio Famoso, Sebastian Brusca, Jose Ignacio Aizpurua and Victoria M. Catterson
Impact of electricity shortages during energy transitions in Taiwan pp. 622-632 Downloads
Kuei-Yen Wu, Yun-Hsun Huang and Jung-Hua Wu
Allocation of economic costs in trigeneration systems at variable load conditions including renewable energy sources and thermal energy storage pp. 633-646 Downloads
Eduardo A. Pina, Miguel A. Lozano and Luis M. Serra
Validated dynamic model of an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for waste heat recovery in a diesel truck pp. 647-661 Downloads
Wolfgang R. Huster, Yannic Vaupel, Adel Mhamdi and Alexander Mitsos
Simulation and testing of a solar reciprocating steam engine pp. 662-674 Downloads
Pablo Dellicompagni, Luis Saravia, Martín Altamirano and Judith Franco
Optimal sizing of distributed generation in gas/electricity/heat supply networks pp. 675-688 Downloads
Bei Li, Robin Roche, Damien Paire and Abdellatif Miraoui
Gas diffusion layer development using design of experiments for the optimization of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance pp. 689-695 Downloads
Brahim Laoun, Harshal A. Kasat, Riaz Ahmad and Arunachala M. Kannan
Optimization of a novel liquefaction process based on Joule–Thomson cycle utilizing high-pressure natural gas exergy by genetic algorithm pp. 696-706 Downloads
Hao Guo, Qixiong Tang, Maoqiong Gong and Kuiwei Cheng
Experimental study on an SI engine fuelled by gasoline/acetylene mixtures pp. 707-714 Downloads
Mehmet İlhan İlhak, Selahaddin Orhan Akansu, Nafiz Kahraman and Sebahattin Ünalan
Spatiotemporal and economic analysis of industrial excess heat as a resource for district heating pp. 715-728 Downloads
Fabian Bühler, Stefan Petrović, Fridolin Müller Holm, Kenneth Karlsson and Brian Elmegaard
A zone-level, building energy optimisation combining an artificial neural network, a genetic algorithm, and model predictive control pp. 729-739 Downloads
Jonathan Reynolds, Yacine Rezgui, Alan Kwan and Solène Piriou
Numerical simulations of flow interactions between steep hill terrain and large scale wind turbine pp. 740-747 Downloads
Shu Yan, Shaoping Shi, Xinming Chen, Xiaodong Wang, Linzhi Mao and Xiaojie Liu
How does information and communication technology affect China's energy intensity? A three-tier structural decomposition analysis pp. 748-759 Downloads
Xiaoyong Zhou, Dequn Zhou and Qunwei Wang
Assessment of continuous fermentative hydrogen and methane co-production using macro- and micro-algae with increasing organic loading rate pp. 760-770 Downloads
Lingkan Ding, Enrique Chan Gutierrez, Jun Cheng, Ao Xia, Richard O'Shea, Amita Jacob Guneratnam and Jerry D. Murphy
Optimal control strategy of central air-conditioning systems of buildings at morning start period for enhanced energy efficiency and peak demand limiting pp. 771-781 Downloads
Rui Tang, Shengwei Wang, Kui Shan and Howard Cheung
Variations of apparent activation energy based on thermodynamics analysis of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks including pyrolysis and combustion pp. 782-798 Downloads
Honghong Yi, Zhongyu Yang, Xiaolong Tang, Shunzheng Zhao, Fengyu Gao, Jiangen Wang, Yonghai Huang, Kun Yang, Yiran Shi and Xizhou Xie
Drying kinetics, exergy and energy analyses of Kodo millet grains and Fenugreek seeds using wall heated fluidized bed dryer pp. 799-811 Downloads
D. Yogendrasasidhar and Y. Pydi Setty
Local smart energy systems and cross-system integration pp. 812-825 Downloads
Ivan Bačeković and Poul Alberg Østergaard
CO2 mitigation costs of catalytic methane decomposition pp. 826-838 Downloads
Xiang Zhang, Arne Kätelhön, Giovanni Sorda, Marta Helmin, Marcus Rose, André Bardow, Reinhard Madlener, Regina Palkovits and Alexander Mitsos
Shape optimization and experimental validation of a drag vertical axis wind turbine pp. 839-853 Downloads
A. Ramadan, K. Yousef, M. Said and M.H. Mohamed
A synergistic energy-efficient planning approach for urban rail transit operations pp. 854-863 Downloads
Jingjie Ning, Yonghua Zhou, Fengchu Long and Xin Tao
Assessment of energy policies to promote photovoltaic generation in the European Union pp. 864-874 Downloads
García-Álvarez, María Teresa, Cabeza-García, Laura and Isabel Soares
Global crude oil price prediction and synchronization based accuracy evaluation using random wavelet neural network pp. 875-888 Downloads
Lili Huang and Jun Wang
Challenges and potentials for low-temperature district heating implementation in Norway pp. 889-902 Downloads
Natasa Nord, Elise Kristine Løve Nielsen, Hanne Kauko and Tymofii Tereshchenko
Technological and energetic evaluation of maize stover silage for methane production on technical scale pp. 903-912 Downloads
Dawid Wojcieszak, Jacek Przybył, Renata Myczko and Andrzej Myczko
Defining corporate energy policy and strategy to achieve carbon emissions reduction targets via energy management in non-energy intensive multi-site manufacturing organisations pp. 913-929 Downloads
Noel Finnerty, Raymond Sterling, Sergio Contreras, Daniel Coakley and Marcus M. Keane
Combined fluidized bed retorting and circulating fluidized bed combustion system of oil shale: 3. Exergy analysis pp. 930-939 Downloads
Mao Mu, Xiangxin Han and Xiumin Jiang
Analysis and design of a radial waveguide concentrator for concentrated solar thermal applications pp. 940-953 Downloads
K. Nithyanandam, A. Narayan and R. Pitchumani
Two-level planning for coordination of energy storage systems and wind-solar-diesel units in active distribution networks pp. 954-965 Downloads
Sajad Mahdavi, Reza Hemmati and Mehdi Ahmadi Jirdehi
Hydropower and potential for interfuel substitution: The case of electricity sector in Malaysia pp. 966-983 Downloads
Mufutau Opeyemi Bello, Sakiru Solarin and Yuen Yee Yen
Testing Co-Volatility spillovers for natural gas spot, futures and ETF spot using dynamic conditional covariances pp. 984-997 Downloads
Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer and Yanghuiting Wang
Role of soil in improving process performance and methane yield of anaerobic digestion with corn straw as substrate pp. 998-1006 Downloads
Yiqing Yao, Jianye Zhou, Lizhe An, Gopi Krishna Kafle, Shulin Chen and Ling Qiu
Multi reaction apparent kinetic scheme for the pyrolysis of large size biomass particles using macro-TGA pp. 1007-1017 Downloads
Rajeev Sharma and Pratik N. Sheth
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