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Volume 8, issue 12, 1983

Heat transfer from an immersed vertical tube to a gas fluidized bed pp. 909-925 Downloads
R.S. Verma and S.C. Saxena
The exergy of the ocean thermal resource and analysis of second-law efficiencies of idealized ocean thermal energy conversion power cycles pp. 927-946 Downloads
D.H. Johnson
Hydrogen and oxygen from water—VI. Quenching the effluent from a solar furnace pp. 947-955 Downloads
Richard B. Diver, Stephen Pederson, Todd Kappauf and Edward A. Fletcher
Consumer discount rates implied by purchases of energy-efficient refrigerators pp. 957-962 Downloads
Alan K. Meier and Jack Whittier
Assessing alternative liquid fuels using net energy criteria pp. 963-972 Downloads
J.T. Baines and N.J. Peet
Cool storage for energy saving and management in Kuwait pp. 973-979 Downloads
S. Ayyash, M. Salman and R.K. Suri
Carbon dioxide emission rates for conventional and synthetic fuels pp. 981-992 Downloads
Gregg Marland
U.S. gasoline conservation and Japanese auto imports pp. 993-998 Downloads
Leslie S. Hiraoka

Volume 8, issue 11, 1983

Household energy consumption in west Sumatra. Implications for policy makers pp. 821-833 Downloads
Sally Down
Hydrogen and sulfur from hydrogen sulfide—II. Ambient temperature electrolysis using oxidation of hydrogen sulfide by air as the prime energy source pp. 835-837 Downloads
Edward A. Fletcher
The effects of climatic, design, and operational parameters on air humidity at the inside cover surface of basin-type solar distillers pp. 839-843 Downloads
Ho-Ming, Yeh
Optimizing energy transition paths in CO2 emission reduction strategies pp. 845-858 Downloads
John A. Laurmann
Methanol, natural gas, and the development of alternative transportation fuels pp. 859-870 Downloads
Melvin L. Kliman
Computational analysis of a double-shell solar house pp. 871-881 Downloads
Burkley Mann Allen and R.J. Ribando
Honeycomb solar pond collector and storage system pp. 883-890 Downloads
N.D. Kaushika, M.B. Banerjee and Yojna Katti
The development of peat-oil (POM) and peat-alcohol (PAM) slurries as alternative fuels pp. 891-907 Downloads
D.F. Clemens, G.O. Evans, P.A. Harrell and B.M. Whitehurst

Volume 8, issue 10, 1983

Exergy analysis of the influence of primary energy sources scenario on design and management of pumped-storage powerplants pp. 741-748 Downloads
Angelo Spena
An analysis of industrial demand for natural gas pp. 749-756 Downloads
David B. Reister
Infrared radiative properties of anodized aluminium pp. 757-762 Downloads
V.C. Sharma and A. Sharma
Household energy consumption in the People's Republic of China pp. 763-774 Downloads
Hang Zhu, Michael R. Brambley and Robert P. Morgan
Qualitative response models and the estimation of energy savings from utility conservation programs pp. 775-780 Downloads
Kim-Elaine Johnson
The residential demand for electricity by time-of-use: A survey of twelve experiments with peak load pricing pp. 781-795 Downloads
Ahmad Faruqui and J.Robert Malko
A comparison of economic evaluation models as applied to geothermal energy technology pp. 797-811 Downloads
G.Michael Ziman and Leigh S. Rosenberg
Net energy analysis of district solar heating with seasonal heat storage pp. 813-819 Downloads
P.D. Lund and M.T. Kangas

Volume 8, issue 8, 1983

Introduction and summary pp. 569-574 Downloads
George Horwich
Summary of Transportation Research Board Conference, 1980 pp. 577-579 Downloads
Carmen Difiglio
The role of government in emergency transportation planning pp. 581-588 Downloads
George W. Hilton
Transportation in transition pp. 589-599 Downloads
Milton Pikarsky and Christine M. Johnson
New York State's perspective on transportation energy contingency planning pp. 603-608 Downloads
David T. Hartgen
Reducing vulnerability to oil shortages pp. 609-614 Downloads
Kent G. Smith
Preliminary analysis of federal energy emergency preparedness strategies: The EPAA experience and current programs at the department of energy pp. 615-625 Downloads
Office Of Energy Emergencies,, Office Of The Assistant Secretary For Environmental Protection, Safety And Emergency Preparedness, and United States Department Of Energy,
Coping with oil-supply disruptions pp. 627-629 Downloads
William P. Schlarb
Office of Emergency Transportation: Mission and function pp. 631-633 Downloads
George W. Barry
Federal management of emergencies pp. 635-638 Downloads
Sean P. Foohey
Contingency planning in transportation pp. 639-642 Downloads
Archer L. Durham
The national air-space system contingency plan pp. 643-652 Downloads
Robert H. Throne
Problems in emergency planning pp. 653-660 Downloads
Russell R. Dynes
Options for auto manufacturers in dealing with fuel supply shortfalls pp. 663-665 Downloads
Richard H. Shackson
Railroads in emergency planning pp. 667-670 Downloads
John E. Murray
Contingency planning for motor carriers pp. 671-674 Downloads
George G. Cline
Corporate response to transportation disruptions: Options and opportunities pp. 675-681 Downloads
Martin M. Stein and Ann Muzyka
Synthetic liquid fuels for the U.S pp. 685-687 Downloads
S.S. Penner
Earthquakes in transportation contingency planning pp. 689-693 Downloads
Anshel J. Schiff
Network location theory and contingency planning pp. 697-702 Downloads
S.Louis Hakimi
Networks as an aid in transportation and contingency planning pp. 703-723 Downloads
Thomas L. Magnanti
Summary statement on emergency planning for transportation pp. 727-729 Downloads
S.S. Penner
New problems do not demand new solutions: The principle of least disruption pp. 731-736 Downloads
Charles A. Lave
A research agenda pp. 737-739 Downloads
Robert K. Whitford

Volume 8, issue 7, 1983

Geothermal electric power in Iceland: Development in perspective pp. 491-513 Downloads
Jón Steinar Gudmundsson
Responses to changing energy conditions among Massachusetts households pp. 515-523 Downloads
Paul C. Stern, J.Stanley Black and Julie T. Elworth
Effect of time of use utility rates on groundwater irrigation pumping costs for a simulated Arizona cotton-wheat farm pp. 525-532 Downloads
D.E. Agthe and D.L. Larson
Identifying barriers to the success of consumer energy conservation policies pp. 533-546 Downloads
David J. Crossley
A model for the economic analysis of cogeneration plants with fixed and variable output pp. 547-552 Downloads
K. Treleven, J.W. Baughn and A.A. McKillop
Consequences of size increases and thermodynamic constraints on steam-powerplant availability: Comparison between nuclear and fossil-fueled units pp. 553-559 Downloads
Angelo Spena and Enzo Chiricozzi
Exergy analysis of processes of natural gas conversion and mazut gasification pp. 561-566 Downloads
Sneshana Dimitrova Magaeva and Stefan Jordanov Karaivanov

Volume 8, issue 6, 1983

Energy-conservation measures for indoor swimming pools pp. 403-418 Downloads
M.R. Brambley and S.E. Wells
Global energy production and use to the year 2050 pp. 419-432 Downloads
Jae Edmonds and John Reilly
Lighting controls: Survey of market potential pp. 433-449 Downloads
R.r Verderber and F Rubinstein
The temperature dependence of the overall heat-loss coefficient for flat-plate collectors pp. 451-459 Downloads
H.P. Garg, Gouri Datta and B. Bandyopadhyay
Aquatic photovoltaic facility for Catalina Island pp. 461-472 Downloads
Donald S. Remer, Brian C. Kelly and Hwee Tong Lim
A financing plan for solar industrial process heating pp. 473-480 Downloads
Christopher J. Kysar
Energy for Japan's new industrial frontier pp. 481-490 Downloads
Gene Gregory

Volume 8, issue 5, 1983

Energy savings and cost-effectiveness of heat exchanger use as an indoor air quality mitigation measure in the BPA weatherization program pp. 323-335 Downloads
Isaac Turiel, William J. Fisk and Mark Seedall
Energy efficiency of a lead smelter pp. 337-349 Downloads
D.R. Morris, F.R. Steward and P. Evans
Potential regional economic losses due to the long-range transport of airborne residuals pp. 351-367 Downloads
Walter P. Page and John Gowdy
Wood waste fuel in the secondary wood products industries pp. 369-379 Downloads
L.Donald Duke and John D. Keenan
Effect of baffle plate on the performance of built-in storage type solar water heater pp. 381-387 Downloads
J. Prakash, H.P. Garg and G. Datta
Oil prices and economic stability: The macro-economic impact of oil price shocks on the Swedish economy pp. 389-397 Downloads
B.-C. Ysander
Oil for the eighties pp. 399-402 Downloads
Manfred Bayerl, Günter Obermair and Alois Rechberger

Volume 8, issue 4, 1983

High temperature solar electrothermal processing—Zinc from zinc oxide pp. 247-254 Downloads
Edward A. Fletcher and Jon E. Noring
Energy vs food resource ratios for alternative energy technologies pp. 255-265 Downloads
William Dritschilo, Miguel Monroy, Elizabeth Nash, Barry Schuyler, Barry R. Wallerstein, Joseph De Vita and Richard L. Perrine
A two-pass solar air heater pp. 267-276 Downloads
Ashok Kumar Bhargava, H.P. Garg and V.K. Sharma
Energy storage in a fuel cell with bipolar membranes burning acid and hydroxide pp. 277-282 Downloads
Allan T. Emrén and Vivi J.M. Holmström
Simple models for the consumption rate of fossil fuel pp. 283-289 Downloads
David B. Reister and Ralph M. Rotty
Energy utilization in sugarcane production in North India pp. 291-294 Downloads
R.K. Malik and A.R. Rao
The solar radiation resource pp. 295-316 Downloads
Ari Rabl and Frank Von Hippel
Forty years of electric-power development in Kenya pp. 317-321 Downloads
M. Kansara and N.S. Walkade

Volume 8, issue 3, 1983

Design of a liquid fuels supply model for U.S. policy analysis pp. 169-197 Downloads
J. Barhen, R.G. Alsmiller, C.R. Weisbin, F. Morra, V.A. Kuuskraa, D.M. Nesbitt, R.L. Philips and F. Morra
Policies to reduce OECD vulnerability to oil-supply disruptions pp. 199-211 Downloads
David M. Kline and John P. Weyant
The Alaskan gas pipeline conflict pp. 213-224 Downloads
Peter Savich, Keith W. Hipel and Niall M. Fraser
On gasohol and energy analysis pp. 225-233 Downloads
M.A. Johnson
Evaluation of a community-Based electricity load management program pp. 235-243 Downloads
Dan Kowalczyk, James C. Cramer, Bruce Hackett, Paul P. Craig, Thomas M. Dietz, Mark Levine and Edward Vine
Energy alternatives in Sri Lanka pp. 245-245 Downloads
T.B. Peramunetilleke

Volume 8, issue 1, 1983

Foreword pp. 1-1 Downloads
Guy J. Pauker
Opening address: Energy challenges and responses pp. 3-6 Downloads
Harrison Brown
Energy efficiency and conservation in buildings: The use of indicators pp. 7-14 Downloads
Lee Schipper
Transportation and energy in Japan pp. 15-27 Downloads
Yoichi Kaya
Rational and effective use of energy in U.S. Industry pp. 29-34 Downloads
Gerald L. Decker
New energy technologies for power generation pp. 35-44 Downloads
Shishir K. Mukherjee
Pricing policy and efficient energy use pp. 45-68 Downloads
Corazon M. Siddayao
Energy efficiency and conservation in Bangladesh pp. 69-72 Downloads
S.Zaman Mozumder
The present status of energy use in China and its development perspectives pp. 73-77 Downloads
Ya-Jie Zhu
Fiji's national energy efficiency and conservation policies pp. 79-83 Downloads
Ronald N. Richmond
Survey of energy conservation in India: Priorities and policy dimensions pp. 85-91 Downloads
R.K. Pachauri
Energy conservation measures in Indonesia pp. 93-96 Downloads
Present state of energy conservation and government policy in Japan pp. 97-106 Downloads
Tsutomu Toichi
Rational and effective use of energy in Korea's industrialization pp. 107-123 Downloads
Yoon Hyung Kim
The Malaysian energy scenario pp. 125-131 Downloads
Leong Kwok Onn
Energy efficiency and conservation in Nepal pp. 133-136 Downloads
Suresh Raj Chalise
Energy conservation in Singapore pp. 137-141 Downloads
Lee Ek Tieng
Energy efficiency and conservation in Sri Lanka pp. 143-146 Downloads
S.W.R. Samarasekara
Energy conservation in Thailand: Measures taken and planned pp. 147-151 Downloads
K. Silapabanleng and T. Vachanasvasti
Energy conservation in the U.S.: A mixture of understanding and misunderstanding pp. 153-162 Downloads
David J. Rose
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