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Volume 165, issue PB, 2018

Investigation on drying performance and alternative analysis of different liquid desiccants in compressed air drying system pp. 1-9 Downloads
Changfeng Zhan, Yonggao Yin, Xiaoshuang Guo, Xing Jin and Xiaosong Zhang
Evaluating electric power generation technologies: A multicriteria analysis based on the FITradeoff method pp. 10-20 Downloads
Takanni Hannaka Abreu Kang, Antônio Marques da Costa Soares Júnior and Adiel Teixeira de Almeida
Learning rates and cost reduction potential of indirect coal-to-liquid technology coupled with CO2 capture pp. 21-32 Downloads
Li Zhou, Maosheng Duan, Yadong Yu and Xiliang Zhang
Prospective on energy related carbon emissions peak integrating optimized intelligent algorithm with dry process technique application for China's cement industry pp. 33-54 Downloads
Wei Li and Shubin Gao
Effect of split injection on particle number (PN) emissions in GDI engine at fast-idle through integrated analysis of optics and mechanics pp. 55-67 Downloads
Yao Sun, Xiumin Yu, Wei Dong, Hong Chen and Yunfeng Hu
Experimental analysis of super-knock occurrence based on a spark ignition engine with high compression ratio pp. 68-75 Downloads
Lei Zhou, Rui Kang, Haiqiao Wei, Dengquan Feng, Jianxiong Hua, Jiaying Pan and Rui Chen
Clustering-based short-term load forecasting for residential electricity under the increasing-block pricing tariffs in China pp. 76-89 Downloads
Xin Fu, Xiao-Jun Zeng, Pengpeng Feng and Xiuwen Cai
Development of a reduced n-heptane-n-butylbenzene-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) mechanism for engine combustion simulation and soot prediction pp. 90-105 Downloads
Haozhong Huang, Jizhen Zhu, Delin Lv, Yaopeng Wei, Zhaojun Zhu, Binbin Yu and Yingjie Chen
Experimental investigation of a compression ignition engine operating on B7 direct injected and hydrous ethanol fumigation pp. 106-117 Downloads
Giovani Dambros Telli, Carlos Roberto Altafini, Josimar Souza Rosa and Carlos Alberto Costa
Energy consumption associated with urbanization in China: Efficient- and inefficient-use pp. 118-125 Downloads
Pengfei Sheng and Xiaohui Guo
Use of steam jet booster as an integration strategy to operate a natural gas combined cycle with post-combustion CO2 capture at part-load pp. 126-139 Downloads
Apan-Ortiz, Jorge Igor, Sanchez-Fernández, Eva and González-Díaz, Abigail
Thermodynamic study on a novel lignite poly-generation system of electricity-gas-tar integrated with pre-drying and pyrolysis pp. 140-152 Downloads
Rongtang Liu, Ming Liu, Peipei Fan, Yongliang Zhao and Junjie Yan
Lithium-ion battery modeling and parameter identification based on fractional theory pp. 153-163 Downloads
Minghui Hu, Yunxiao Li, Shuxian Li, Chunyun Fu, Datong Qin and Zonghua Li
Application of aqueous blends of AMP and piperazine to the low CO2 partial pressure capturing: New experimental and theoretical analysis pp. 164-178 Downloads
Mojtaba Nabipoor Hassankiadeh and Alireza Jahangiri
Natural gas consumption and economic growth nexus for top 10 natural Gas–Consuming countries: A granger causality analysis in the frequency domain pp. 179-186 Downloads
Mücahit Aydın
Modelling and predicting energy consumption of a range extender fuel cell hybrid vehicle pp. 187-197 Downloads
Tao Zeng, Caizhi Zhang, Minghui Hu, Yan Chen, Changrong Yuan, Jingrui Chen and Anjian Zhou
Modelling for power generation sector in Developing Countries: Case of Egypt pp. 198-209 Downloads
Yassin Yehia Rady, Matteo V. Rocco, Serag-Eldin, M.A. and Emanuela Colombo
Mechanical degradation of proton exchange membrane along the MEA frame in proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 210-222 Downloads
Diankai Qiu, Linfa Peng, Peng Liang, Peiyun Yi and Xinmin Lai
Application of the novel fractional grey model FAGMO(1,1,k) to predict China's nuclear energy consumption pp. 223-234 Downloads
Wenqing Wu, Xin Ma, Bo Zeng, Yong Wang and Wei Cai
Thermal and chemical characteristics of torrefied biomass derived from a generated volatile atmosphere pp. 235-245 Downloads
Yan Zhang and Kuiyan Song
A simple stochastic method for modelling the uncertainty of photovoltaic power production based on measured data pp. 246-256 Downloads
M. Barukčić, Ž. Hederić, M. Hadžiselimović and S. Seme
Modeling and forecasting hourly electricity demand by SARIMAX with interactions pp. 257-268 Downloads
Niematallah Elamin and Mototsugu Fukushige
Investigation of the ejector application in the cryogenic Joule-Thomson refrigeration system pp. 269-280 Downloads
Jisung Lee, Seungwhan Baek and Sangkwon Jeong
Performance analysis of solar air collector in the climatic condition of North Eastern India pp. 281-298 Downloads
Suman Debnath, Biplab Das, P.R. Randive and K.M. Pandey
Energy recovery from plastic and biomass waste by means of fluidized bed gasification: A life cycle inventory model pp. 299-314 Downloads
Filomena Ardolino, Concetta Lodato, Thomas F. Astrup and Umberto Arena
Ignition of CH4 intensely diluted with N2 and CO2 versus hot air in a counterflow jets pp. 315-325 Downloads
Huiqiao Jia, Chun Zou, Lixin Lu, Hangfei Zheng, Xiang Qian and Hong Yao
Experimental study and performance evaluation of a PV-blind embedded double skin façade in winter season pp. 326-342 Downloads
Yongqiang Luo, Ling Zhang, Zhongbing Liu, Lei Xie, Xiliang Wang and Jing Wu
Effect of activated persulfate on gas production from food waste anaerobic digestion pp. 343-348 Downloads
Yuyang Long, Hengyi Wang, Xiaoqin Yu, Dongsheng Shen, Jun Yin and Ting Chen
Compression performance optimization considering variable charge pressure in an adiabatic compressed air energy storage system pp. 349-359 Downloads
Yang He, Haisheng Chen, Yujie Xu and Jianqiang Deng
Performance of piggery wastewater treatment and biogas upgrading by three microalgal cultivation technologies under different initial COD concentration pp. 360-369 Downloads
Shumei Gao, Changwei Hu, Shiqing Sun, Jie Xu, Yongjun Zhao and Hui Zhang
Biocarbon, biomethane and biofertilizer from corn residue: A hybrid thermo-chemical and biochemical approach pp. 370-384 Downloads
Subhash Paul, Animesh Dutta and Fantahun Defersha
A MILP methodology to optimize sizing of PV - Wind renewable energy systems pp. 385-398 Downloads
Regina Lamedica, Ezio Santini, Alessandro Ruvio, Laura Palagi and Irene Rossetta
Effects of secondary air distribution in primary combustion zone on combustion and NOx emissions of a large-scale down-fired boiler with air staging pp. 399-410 Downloads
Qingxiang Wang, Zhichao Chen, Jiaquan Wang, Lingyan Zeng, Xin Zhang, Xiaoguang Li and Zhengqi Li
Effect of addition of biogas slurry for anaerobic fermentation of deer manure on biogas production pp. 411-418 Downloads
Hanxi Wang, Jianling Xu, Lianxi Sheng and Xuejun Liu
Energy and exergy analyses of a solar-driven ejector-cascade heat pump cycle pp. 419-431 Downloads
Fenglei Li, Zhao Chang, Xinchang Li and Qi Tian
Experimental investigations on air/particle flow characteristics in a 2000 t/d GSP pulverized coal gasifier with an improved burner pp. 432-441 Downloads
Neng Fang, Zhengqi Li, Jiaquan Wang, Bin Zhang, Lingyan Zeng, Zhichao Chen, Haopeng Wang, Xiaoying Liu and Xiaoyan Zhang
Low-cost catalysts for in-situ improvement of producer gas quality during direct gasification of biomass pp. 442-454 Downloads
D.T. Pio, L.A.C. Tarelho, R.G. Pinto, M.A.A. Matos, J.R. Frade, A. Yaremchenko, G.S. Mishra and P.C.R. Pinto
Experimental investigation of the effects of injection strategies on cycle-to-cycle variations of a DISI engine fueled with ethanol and gasoline blend pp. 455-470 Downloads
Xiongbo Duan, Jingping Liu, Zhipeng Yuan, Genmiao Guo, Qi Liu, Qijun Tang, Banglin Deng and Jinhuan Guan
Alkali enhanced biomass gasification with in situ S capture and a novel syngas cleaning. Part 2: Techno-economic assessment pp. 471-482 Downloads
Lara Carvalho, Erik Furusjö, Chunyan Ma, Xiaoyan Ji, Joakim Lundgren, Jonas Hedlund, Mattias Grahn, Olov G.W. Öhrman and Elisabeth Wetterlund
Two-step optimization procedure for the conceptual design of A-frame systems for solar power plants pp. 483-500 Downloads
José A. Luceño and Mariano Martín
Stage analysis and production evaluation for class III gas hydrate deposit by depressurization pp. 501-511 Downloads
Nu Lu, Jian Hou, Yongge Liu, Maria A. Barrufet, Yunkai Ji, Zhizeng Xia and Boyue Xu
Long-term electricity demand forecast and supply side scenarios for Pakistan (2015–2050): A LEAP model application for policy analysis pp. 512-526 Downloads
Nayyar Hussain Mirjat, Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Khanji Harijan, Gordhan Das Walasai, Md Alam Hossain Mondal and Hasret Sahin
Comparison study on fuel properties of hydrochars produced from corn stalk and corn stalk digestate pp. 527-536 Downloads
Deli Zhang, Fang Wang, Xiuli Shen, Weiming Yi, Zhihe Li, Yongjun Li and Chunyan Tian
Bifunctional hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution catalysis using CoP-embedded N-doped nanoporous carbon synthesized via TEOS-assisted method pp. 537-548 Downloads
Yuanyuan Zhang, Haohao Sun, Yunfeng Qiu, Enhao Zhang, Tiange Ma, Guang-gang Gao, Changyan Cao, Zhuo Ma and PingAn Hu
Multi-objective optimum charging management of electric vehicles through battery swapping stations pp. 549-562 Downloads
Saeed Salimi Amiri, Shahram Jadid and Hedayat Saboori
EPBD independent control system for energy performance certification: The Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) pioneering experience pp. 563-576 Downloads
Kristian Fabbri and Cosimo Marinosci
Impact of split injection strategy on combustion, performance and emissions characteristics of biodiesel fuelled common rail direct injection assisted diesel engine pp. 577-592 Downloads
D. Babu, R. Karvembu and R. Anand
Robust hydrothermal unit commitment: A mixed-integer linear framework pp. 593-602 Downloads
Seyed-Ehsan Razavi, Ali Esmaeel Nezhad, Hani Mavalizadeh, Fatima Raeisi and Abdollah Ahmadi
Use of Zymomonas mobilis immobilized in doped calcium alginate threads for ethanol production pp. 603-609 Downloads
Akira Nordmeier and Dev Chidambaram
Biomass-gasification-based atmospheric water harvesting in India pp. 610-621 Downloads
Bathina Chaitanya, Vaibhav Bahadur, Ajay D. Thakur and Rishi Raj
Thermodynamics analysis on a heat exchanger unit during the transient processes based on the second law pp. 622-633 Downloads
Chaoyang Wang, Ming Liu, Yongliang Zhao, Zhu Wang and Junjie Yan
Optimal contracts of energy mix in a retail market under asymmetric information pp. 634-650 Downloads
Yue Chen, Wei Wei, Feng Liu, Shafie-khah, Miadreza, Shengwei Mei and João P.S. Catalão
Benefits of a multi-energy day-ahead market pp. 651-661 Downloads
Arne van Stiphout, Ana Virag, Kris Kessels and Geert Deconinck
Microwave-assisted hydrothermal carbonization of dairy manure: Chemical and structural properties of the products pp. 662-672 Downloads
Ying Gao, Yinghui Liu, Guangkuo Zhu, Jiayu Xu, Hui Xu, Qiaoxia Yuan, Yuezhao Zhu, Jyotirmoy Sarma, Yinfeng Wang, Jing Wang and Lian Ji
Multi-stage Rankine cycle (MSRC) model for LNG cold-energy power generation system pp. 673-688 Downloads
Guoguang Ma, Hongfang Lu, Guobiao Cui and Kun Huang
Vertical specialisation measurement of energy embodied in international trade of the construction industry pp. 689-700 Downloads
Bin Liu, Dedong Wang, Youquan Xu, Chunlu Liu and Mark Luther
Energy characteristics of a fixed-speed flywheel energy storage system with direct grid-connection pp. 701-708 Downloads
Junji Kondoh, Takuji Funamoto, Taisuke Nakanishi and Ryohei Arai
Forecasting energy consumption time series using machine learning techniques based on usage patterns of residential householders pp. 709-726 Downloads
Jui-Sheng Chou and Duc-Son Tran
Experimental and modeling study of the mutual oxidation of N-pentane and nitrogen dioxide at low and high temperatures in a jet stirred reactor pp. 727-738 Downloads
Hao Zhao, Alon G. Dana, Zunhua Zhang, William H. Green and Yiguang Ju
On the impact of safety requirements, energy prices and investment costs in street lighting refurbishment design pp. 739-759 Downloads
M. Beccali, M. Bonomolo, F. Leccese, D. Lista and G. Salvadori
Biogas potential from spent tea waste: A laboratory scale investigation of co-digestion with cow manure pp. 760-768 Downloads
Naseem Khayum, S. Anbarasu and S. Murugan
Experimental study on the net efficiency of an Organic Rankine Cycle with single screw expander in different seasons pp. 769-775 Downloads
Ying-Kun Zhao, Biao Lei, Yu-Ting Wu, Rui-Ping Zhi, Wei Wang, Hang Guo and Chong-Fang Ma
Exergoeconomic and environmental analysis of a novel configuration of solar-biomass hybrid power generation system pp. 776-789 Downloads
Simin Anvari, Sharam Khalilarya and V. Zare
A 33-year hindcast on wave energy assessment in the western French coast pp. 790-801 Downloads
Marta Gonçalves, Paulo Martinho and C. Guedes Soares
Methane/air premixed flame topology structure in a mesoscale combustor with a plate flame holder and preheating channels pp. 802-811 Downloads
Jianlong Wan, Zuwei Xu and Haibo Zhao
Annual and seasonal variabilities in the performances of wave energy converters pp. 812-823 Downloads
Nicolas Guillou and Georges Chapalain
Reducing environmental impacts of the ups system based on PEM fuel cell with circular economy pp. 824-835 Downloads
R. Stropnik, M. Sekavčnik, A.M. Ferriz and M. Mori
Application of artificial neural network method for prediction of osmotic pretreatment based on the energy and exergy analyses in microwave drying of orange slices pp. 836-845 Downloads
Mohsen Azadbakht, Mohammad Vahedi Torshizi, Fatemeh Noshad and Arash Rokhbin
Combined effect of inlet pressure, total cycle energy, and start of injection on low load reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion and emission characteristics in a multi-cylinder heavy-duty engine fueled with gasoline/diesel pp. 846-858 Downloads
Weiqiang Han, Bolun Li, Suozhu Pan, Yao Lu and Xin Li
Performance analysis of an advanced ejector-expansion autocascade refrigeration cycle pp. 859-867 Downloads
Ye Liu and Jianlin Yu
Thermal stability of hexamethyldisiloxane and octamethyltrisiloxane pp. 868-876 Downloads
L. Keulen, S. Gallarini, C. Landolina, A. Spinelli, P. Iora, C. Invernizzi, L. Lietti and A. Guardone
Combined carbon and energy intensity benchmarks for sustainable retail stores pp. 877-889 Downloads
Ana Ferreira, Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, Jorge de Brito and Ricardo Mateus
A plant for methanol and electricity production: Technical-economic analysis pp. 890-899 Downloads
Aleksandr M. Kler, Elina A. Tyurina and Aleksandr S. Mednikov
Technical and economic assessment of RES penetration by modelling China's existing energy system pp. 900-910 Downloads
Wei You, Yong Geng, Huijuan Dong, Jeffrey Wilson, Hengyu Pan, Rui Wu, Lu Sun, Xi Zhang and Zhiqing Liu
Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition combustion and emissions using n-butanol and methyl oleate pp. 911-924 Downloads
Valentin Soloiu, Jose D. Moncada, Remi Gaubert, Aliyah Knowles, Gustavo Molina, Marcel Ilie, Spencer Harp and Justin T. Wiley
Theoretical models for wall solar chimney under cooling and heating modes considering room configuration pp. 925-938 Downloads
Long Shi
An adaptive dynamic short-term wind speed forecasting model using secondary decomposition and an improved regularized extreme learning machine pp. 939-957 Downloads
Na Sun, Jianzhong Zhou, Lu Chen, Benjun Jia, Muhammad Tayyab and Tian Peng
On the exergy analysis of the counter-flow dew point evaporative cooler pp. 958-971 Downloads
Jie Lin, Duc Thuan Bui, Ruzhu Wang and Kian Jon Chua
Optimal design of the electric connection of a wind farm pp. 972-983 Downloads
Houria Smail, Rezak Alkama and Abdellah Medjdoub
An advanced modeling and experimental study to improve temperature uniformity of a solar receiver pp. 984-998 Downloads
Hamed Abedini Najafabadi and Nesrin Ozalp
Overview of the liquid natural gas (LNG) regasification technologies with the special focus on the Prof. Szargut's impact pp. 999-1008 Downloads
Ireneusz Szczygiel and Zbigniew Bulinski
An active perceivable device–oriented modeling framework for hydropower plant simulation pp. 1009-1023 Downloads
Binqiao Zhang, Xiaohui Yuan, Yanbin Yuan and Xu Wang
A novel coke-oven gas-to-natural gas and hydrogen process by integrating chemical looping hydrogen with methanation pp. 1024-1033 Downloads
Dong Xiang, Weiqing Huang and Peng Huang
Determination of a Building's balance point temperature as an energy characteristic pp. 1034-1049 Downloads
Gorazd Krese, Žiga Lampret, Vincenc Butala and Matjaž Prek
Thermo-ecological cost – Szargut's proposal on exergy and ecology connection pp. 1050-1059 Downloads
Wojciech Stanek and Lucyna Czarnowska
Gas turbine exhaust gas heat recovery by organic Rankine cycles (ORC) for offshore combined heat and power applications - Energy and exergy analysis pp. 1060-1071 Downloads
Hossein Nami, Ivar S. Ertesvåg, Roberto Agromayor, Luca Riboldi and Lars O. Nord
Prioritizing the gaseous alternatives for the road transport sector of Pakistan: A multi criteria decision making analysis pp. 1072-1084 Downloads
Kafait Ullah, Salman Hamid, Faisal Mehmood Mirza and Usman Shakoor
A methodological concept for phase change material selection based on multi-criteria decision making (MCDM): A case study pp. 1085-1096 Downloads
Kun Yang, Neng Zhu, Chen Chang, Daquan Wang, Shan Yang and Shengming Ma
Waste heat recovery of power plant with large scale serial absorption heat pumps pp. 1097-1105 Downloads
Z.Y. Xu, H.C. Mao, D.S. Liu and R.Z. Wang
Analysis on energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction of an SOFC-based energy system served public buildings with large interior zones pp. 1106-1118 Downloads
Luzhi Tan, Xiaoming Dong, Zhiqiang Gong and Mingtao Wang
Experimental investigation on the coal combustion in a pressurized fluidized bed pp. 1119-1128 Downloads
Lei Pang, Yingjuan Shao, Wenqi Zhong and Hao Liu
Towards optimal aerodynamic design of vertical axis wind turbines: Impact of solidity and number of blades pp. 1129-1148 Downloads
Abdolrahim Rezaeiha, Hamid Montazeri and Bert Blocken
Experimental investigation of a CO2-based Transcritical Rankine Cycle (CTRC) for exhaust gas recovery pp. 1149-1159 Downloads
Lingfeng Shi, Gequn Shu, Hua Tian, Guangdai Huang, Xiaoya Li, Tianyu Chen and Ligeng Li
Performance assessment of photovoltaic modules based on daily energy generation estimation pp. 1160-1172 Downloads
Jing-Yi Wang, Zheng Qian, Hamidreza Zareipour and David Wood
Catalytic gasification characteristics of rice husk with calcined dolomite pp. 1173-1177 Downloads
Guozhao Zhang, Hao Liu, Jia Wang and Baojia Wu
A mechanism of fluid exchange associated to CO2 leakage along activated fault during geologic storage pp. 1178-1190 Downloads
Lisong Zhang, Shiyan Zhang, Weizhai Jiang, Zhiyuan Wang, Jing Li and Yinghui Bian
Application value of energy storage in power grid: A special case of China electricity market pp. 1191-1199 Downloads
Wei Wu and Boqiang Lin
A quantitative analysis of Japan's optimal power generation mix in 2050 and the role of CO2-free hydrogen pp. 1200-1219 Downloads
Yuhji Matsuo, Seiya Endo, Yu Nagatomi, Yoshiaki Shibata, Ryoichi Komiyama and Yasumasa Fujii
Improving forecasting accuracy of daily enterprise electricity consumption using a random forest based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition pp. 1220-1227 Downloads
Chuan Li, Ying Tao, Wengang Ao, Shuai Yang and Yun Bai
Assessment of overheating risk and the impact of natural ventilation in educational buildings of Southern Europe under current and future climatic conditions pp. 1228-1239 Downloads
Chryso Heracleous and Aimilios Michael
Solar thermal energy storage based on sodium acetate trihydrate phase change hydrogels with excellent light-to-thermal conversion performance pp. 1240-1247 Downloads
Qiangqiang Xiao, Jiaxin Fan, Li Li, Tao Xu and Wenhui Yuan
Optimisation of high-temperature heat pump cascades with internal heat exchangers using refrigerants with low global warming potential pp. 1248-1258 Downloads
Mota-Babiloni, Adrián, Mateu-Royo, Carlos, Navarro-Esbrí, Joaquín, Francisco Molés, Amat-Albuixech, Marta and Barragán-Cervera, Ángel
Hydrokinetic energy harvesting from flow-induced vibration of a circular cylinder with two symmetrical fin-shaped strips pp. 1259-1281 Downloads
Hongjun Zhu and Yue Gao
Steam generation enabled by a high efficiency solar absorber with thermal concentration pp. 1282-1291 Downloads
Jian Huang, Yurong He, Yanwei Hu and Xinzhi Wang
Engine characteristics analysis of chaulmoogra oil blends and corrosion analysis of injector nozzle using scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy pp. 1292-1319 Downloads
M. Krishnamoorthi and R. Malayalamurthi
A novel hybridization of nonlinear grey model and linear ARIMA residual correction for forecasting U.S. shale oil production pp. 1320-1331 Downloads
Qiang Wang, Xiaoxing Song and Rongrong Li
A comparative analysis of the engine performance, exhaust emissions and combustion behaviors of a compression ignition engine fuelled with biodiesel/diesel/1-butanol (C4 alcohol) and biodiesel/diesel/n-pentanol (C5 alcohol) fuel blends pp. 1332-1351 Downloads
Murat Kadir Yesilyurt, Tanzer Eryilmaz and Mevlüt Arslan
Techno-economic comparative study of grid-connected PV power systems in five climate zones, China pp. 1352-1369 Downloads
Chong Li, Dequn Zhou and Yuan Zheng
The feasibility of cost-effective gas through network interconnectivity: Possibility or pipe dream? pp. 1370-1379 Downloads
Farhad Billimoria, Olumide Adisa and Robert L. Gordon
A modified H-bridge voltage source converter with Fault Ride Capability pp. 1380-1391 Downloads
Venugopal Reddy Bodha, A. Srujana and O. Chandrashekar
Characterization of the performance of a free-stream water wheel using computational fluid dynamics pp. 1392-1400 Downloads
Olivier Cleynen, Emeel Kerikous, Stefan Hoerner and Dominique Thévenin
Experimental and numerical analysis of non-premixed oxy-combustion of hydrogen-enriched propane in a swirl stabilized combustor pp. 1401-1414 Downloads
Zubairu Abubakar, Mohammad Raghib Shakeel and Esmail M.A. Mokheimer

Volume 165, issue PA, 2018

Impact of shape-optimization on the unsteady aerodynamics and performance of a centrifugal turbine for ORC applications pp. 2-11 Downloads
Giacomo Persico, Alessandro Romei, Vincenzo Dossena and Paolo Gaetani
A critical study on passive flow control techniques for straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine pp. 12-25 Downloads
Haitian Zhu, Wenxing Hao, Chun Li, Qinwei Ding and Baihui Wu
Linking design and operation performance analysis through model calibration: Parametric assessment on a Passive House building pp. 26-40 Downloads
Lamberto Tronchin, Massimiliano Manfren and Patrick AB. James
Combustion characteristics of coaxial nonpremixed flames for low heating value gases pp. 41-52 Downloads
Cheolhee Shin, Youngtaig Oh and Seungro Lee
Effects of climate change on the health of citizens modelling urban weather and air pollution pp. 53-62 Downloads
Roberto San José, Juan Luis Pérez, Libia Pérez and Rosa Maria Gonzalez Barras
Impact of climate change on heating and cooling energy demand in a residential building in a Mediterranean climate pp. 63-74 Downloads
Pérez-Andreu, Víctor, Aparicio-Fernández, Carolina, Martínez-Ibernón, Ana and José-Luis Vivancos
1-D model for finding geometry of a single phase ejector pp. 75-92 Downloads
Vikas Kumar and Gulshan Sachdeva
Analysis of a recompression supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle with an integrated turbine design/optimization algorithm pp. 93-111 Downloads
Muhammad Saeed and Man-Hoe Kim
Modeling of a new absorption heat pump-transformer used to produce heat and power simultaneously pp. 112-133 Downloads
Hernández-Magallanes, J.A., C.L. Heard, R. Best and W. Rivera
Data-driven heating and cooling load predictions for non-residential buildings based on support vector machine regression and NARX Recurrent Neural Network: A comparative study on district scale pp. 134-142 Downloads
D. Koschwitz, J. Frisch and C. van Treeck
Decomposition and forecasting analysis of China's household electricity consumption using three-dimensional decomposition and hybrid trend extrapolation models pp. 143-152 Downloads
Ming Meng, Lixue Wang and Wei Shang
Battery degradation minimization oriented energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric bus with multi-energy storage system pp. 153-163 Downloads
Jiuyu Du, Xiaobin Zhang, Tianze Wang, Ziyou Song, Xueqing Yang, Hewu Wang, Minggao Ouyang and Xiaogang Wu
Do renters skimp on energy efficiency during economic recessions? Evidence from Northeast Scotland pp. 164-175 Downloads
Nan Liu, Yuan Zhao and Jiaqi Ge
Control of laminar separation bubble over wind turbine airfoil using partial flexibility on suction surface pp. 176-190 Downloads
Halil Hakan Açıkel and Mustafa Serdar Genç
A generalized fuzzy chance-constrained energy systems planning model for Guangzhou, China pp. 191-204 Downloads
Mengting Cai, Guohe Huang, Jiapei Chen, Yunhuan Li and Yurui Fan
A cyber-physical-social system with parallel learning for distributed energy management of a microgrid pp. 205-221 Downloads
Xiaoshun Zhang, Tao Yu, Zhao Xu and Zhun Fan
Safety assessment of hydro-generating units using experiments and grey-entropy correlation analysis pp. 222-234 Downloads
Huanhuan Li, Diyi Chen, Ehsan Arzaghi, Rouzbeh Abbassi, Beibei Xu, Edoardo Patelli and Silvia Tolo
Geospatial characteristics investigation of suitable areas for photovoltaic water pumping erections, in the southern region of Ghardaia, Algeria pp. 235-245 Downloads
Azzedine Boutelhig, Salah Hanini and Amar Hadj Arab
Mechanism study of scavenging process and its effect on combustion characteristics in a boosted GDI engine pp. 246-266 Downloads
Yejian Qian, Zhen Gong, Yuan Zhuang, Chunmei Wang and Peng Zhao
The role of driving range in consumers' purchasing decision for electric cars in Italy pp. 267-274 Downloads
Marco Giansoldati, Romeo Danielis, Lucia Rotaris and Mariangela Scorrano
Thermal characteristics of the combined flat plate heat receiver in solar power tower plant pp. 275-289 Downloads
Ruiwen Zhou, Xiang Ling, Hao Peng and Lin Yang
A novel renewable energy selection model for United Nations' sustainable development goals pp. 290-302 Downloads
Gülçin Büyüközkan, Yağmur Karabulut and Esin Mukul
Oxidative torrefaction of briquetted birch shavings in the bentonite pp. 303-313 Downloads
Alexandr Leontiev, Boris Kichatov, Alexey Korshunov, Alexey Kiverin, Natalia Medvetskaya and Ksenia Melnikova
Extinction limits and structure of counterflow nonpremixed methane-ammonia/air flames pp. 314-325 Downloads
Jae Won Ku, Sun Choi, Hee Kyung Kim, Seungro Lee and Oh Chae Kwon
Economic evaluation of a PV combined energy storage charging station based on cost estimation of second-use batteries pp. 326-339 Downloads
Xiaojuan Han, Yubo Liang, Yaoyao Ai and Jianlin Li
Maximization of energy absorption for a wave energy converter using the deep machine learning pp. 340-349 Downloads
Liang Li, Zhiming Yuan and Yan Gao
Carbon abatement in China's commercial building sector: A bottom-up measurement model based on Kaya-LMDI methods pp. 350-368 Downloads
Minda Ma, Wei Cai and Weiguang Cai
The determinants of residential energy expenditure in Italy pp. 369-386 Downloads
Giorgio Besagni and Marco Borgarello
Universal scalable sorption-based atmosphere water harvesting pp. 387-395 Downloads
J.Y. Wang, R.Z. Wang, Y.D. Tu and L.W. Wang
Systems approach to energy and exergy analyses pp. 396-407 Downloads
Andrzej Ziębik and Paweł Gładysz
Placement and sizing of multiple distributed generation and battery swapping stations using grasshopper optimizer algorithm pp. 408-421 Downloads
U. Sultana, Azhar B. Khairuddin, Beenish Sultana, Nadia Rasheed, Sajid Hussain Qazi and Nimra Riaz Malik
Shape optimization of a long-tapered R134a ejector mixing chamber pp. 422-438 Downloads
Sierra-Pallares, José, Javier García del Valle, Jorge Muñoz Paniagua, Javier García, Méndez-Bueno, César and Francisco Castro
Solid-state refrigeration: A comparison of the energy performances of caloric materials operating in an active caloric regenerator pp. 439-455 Downloads
C. Aprea, A. Greco, A. Maiorino and C. Masselli
Modeling the long-term impact of demand response in energy planning: The Portuguese electric system case study pp. 456-468 Downloads
João Anjo, Diana Neves, Carlos Silva, Abhishek Shivakumar and Mark Howells
Analysis of the international propagation of contagion between oil and stock markets pp. 469-486 Downloads
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Olivier Dumont, Antoine Parthoens, Rémi Dickes and Vincent Lemort
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