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Volume 34, issue 12, 2009

Performance and emissions of biodiesel in a boiler for residential heating pp. 2025-2032 Downloads
A. Macor and P. Pavanello
Numerical simulation of mass and energy transport phenomena in solid oxide fuel cells pp. 2033-2041 Downloads
F. Arpino and N. Massarotti
Low intake valve lift in a port fuel-injected engine pp. 2042-2050 Downloads
S.M. Begg, M.P. Hindle, T. Cowell and M.R. Heikal
A novel 1D approach for the simulation of unsteady reacting flows in diesel exhaust after-treatment systems pp. 2051-2062 Downloads
F. Piscaglia and G. Ferrari
Modeling and simulation of heat and enthalpy recovery wheels pp. 2063-2068 Downloads
C.E.L. Nóbrega and N.C.L. Brum
A tool for creating energy market scenarios for evaluation of investments in energy intensive industry pp. 2069-2074 Downloads
E. Axelsson, S. Harvey and T. Berntsson
Numerical analysis of the thermo-fluid-dynamic field in the combustion chamber of an incinerator plant pp. 2075-2086 Downloads
M. Costa, M. Dell'Isola and N. Massarotti
The problem of solid state hydrogen storage pp. 2087-2091 Downloads
G. Principi, F. Agresti, A. Maddalena and S. Lo Russo
Effect of power interchange operation of multiple household gas engine cogeneration systems on energy-saving pp. 2092-2100 Downloads
Tetsuya Wakui, Ryohei Yokoyama, Itaru Tamura and Akeshi Kegasa
Physical Hydronomics: Application of the exergy analysis to the assessment of environmental costs of water bodies. The case of the inland basins of Catalonia pp. 2101-2107 Downloads
Antonio Valero, Javier Uche, Alicia Valero and Amaya Martínez
Optical investigations of fuel deposition burning in ported fuel injection (PFI) spark-ignition (SI) engine pp. 2108-2115 Downloads
Simona S. Merola and Bianca M. Vaglieco
Life cycle assessment (LCA) of waste management strategies: Landfilling, sorting plant and incineration pp. 2116-2123 Downloads
Francesco Cherubini, Silvia Bargigli and Sergio Ulgiati
Externally reformed solid oxide fuel cell–micro-gas turbine (SOFC–MGT) hybrid systems fueled by methanol and di-methyl-ether (DME) pp. 2124-2130 Downloads
D. Cocco and V. Tola
A chemical intercooling gas turbine cycle with chemical-looping combustion pp. 2131-2136 Downloads
Xiaosong Zhang, Wei Han, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Energy and environmental analysis of glass container production and recycling pp. 2137-2143 Downloads
Michela Vellini and Michela Savioli
Supercritical water oxidation of coal in power plants with low CO2 emissions pp. 2144-2150 Downloads
Franco Donatini, Gianluca Gigliucci, Juri Riccardi, Massimo Schiavetti, Roberto Gabbrielli and Stefano Briola
Comparison between two methane reforming models applied to a quasi-two-dimensional planar solid oxide fuel cell model pp. 2151-2157 Downloads
P. Hofmann, K.D. Panopoulos, L.E. Fryda and E. Kakaras
Evaluation of a new computational fluid dynamics model for internal combustion engines using hydrogen under motoring conditions pp. 2158-2166 Downloads
C.D. Rakopoulos, G.M. Kosmadakis and E.G. Pariotis
Derivation of the optimal internal cooling geometry of a prismatic slab: Comparison of constructal and non-constructal geometries pp. 2167-2174 Downloads
M. Robbe and E. Sciubba
Optimal lay-out and operation of combined heat & power (CHP) distributed generation systems pp. 2175-2183 Downloads
M. Casisi, P. Pinamonti and M. Reini
Assessment of integration of different biomass gasification alternatives in a district-heating system pp. 2184-2195 Downloads
E. Fahlén and E.O. Ahlgren
A critical comparison between thermoeconomic and emergy analyses algebra pp. 2196-2205 Downloads
Andrea Lazzaretto
Production of synthetic gasoline and diesel fuel by alternative processes using natural gas and coal: Process simulation and optimization pp. 2206-2214 Downloads
Maria Sudiro and Alberto Bertucco
The economic and environmental optimisation of integrating ground source energy systems into buildings pp. 2215-2222 Downloads
James Dickinson, Tim Jackson, Marcus Matthews and Andrew Cripps
Hydrogen transportation systems: Elements of risk analysis pp. 2223-2229 Downloads
R. Gerboni and E. Salvador
Ordinal benefits vs economic benefits as a reference guide for policy decision making. The case of hydrogen technologies pp. 2230-2239 Downloads
Corrado Giannantoni
Performance of an oxy-fuel combustion CO2 power cycle including blade cooling pp. 2240-2247 Downloads
Daniele Fiaschi, Giampaolo Manfrida, Philippe Mathieu and Duccio Tempesti
Advanced exergetic evaluation of refrigeration machines using different working fluids pp. 2248-2258 Downloads
T. Morosuk and G. Tsatsaronis

Volume 34, issue 11, 2009

Line start permanent magnet synchronous motors: Challenges and opportunities pp. 1755-1763 Downloads
Arash Hassanpour Isfahani and Vaez-Zadeh, Sadegh
A note on diffuse solar radiation on a tilted surface pp. 1764-1769 Downloads
Chanchal Kumar Pandey and A.K. Katiyar
Detailed measurement of heat/mass transfer with continuous and multiple V-shaped ribs in rectangular channel pp. 1770-1778 Downloads
Dong Hyun Lee, Dong-Ho Rhee, Kyung Min Kim, Hyung Hee Cho and Hee Koo Moon
Forecast of electricity consumption and economic growth in Taiwan by state space modeling pp. 1779-1791 Downloads
Hsiao-Tien Pao
A comparative study to estimate daily diffuse solar radiation over India pp. 1792-1796 Downloads
Chanchal Kumar Pandey and A.K. Katiyar
Dynamic temperature dependence patterns in future energy demand models in the context of climate change pp. 1797-1806 Downloads
M. Hekkenberg, H.C. Moll and A.J.M. Schoot Uiterkamp
Degree-days maps of Turkey for various base temperatures pp. 1807-1812 Downloads
Ö. Altan Dombaycı
Hydrocarbon production forecast for committed assets in the shallow water Outer Continental Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico pp. 1813-1825 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser
Future Danish oil and gas export pp. 1826-1834 Downloads
M. Höök, B. Söderbergh and K. Aleklett
Optimal decision making in ventilation control pp. 1835-1845 Downloads
Andrew Kusiak and Mingyang Li
Exploring the relationship between urbanization and energy consumption in China using ARDL (autoregressive distributed lag) and FDM (factor decomposition model) pp. 1846-1854 Downloads
Yaobin Liu
Factors affecting electricity demand in Athens, Greece and London, UK: A comparative assessment pp. 1855-1863 Downloads
B.E. Psiloglou, C. Giannakopoulos, S. Majithia and M. Petrakis
Exergy analysis of Joule–Thomson cryogenic refrigeration cycle with an ejector pp. 1864-1869 Downloads
Jianlin Yu, Gaolei Tian and Zong Xu
Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and extenics theory for building energy conservation assessment pp. 1870-1879 Downloads
Guozhong Zheng, Youyin Jing, Hongxia Huang, Xutao Zhang and Yuefen Gao
Experimental study on oxygen-enriched combustion of biomass micro fuel pp. 1880-1884 Downloads
S.Y. Luo, B. Xiao, Z.Q. Hu, S.M. Liu and Y.W. Guan
Economic assessment of the engineering basis for wind power: Perspective of a vertically integrated utility pp. 1885-1897 Downloads
Sanjoy Roy
A new approach for simplifying the calculation of flue gas specific heat and specific exergy value depending on fuel composition pp. 1898-1902 Downloads
C. Coskun, Z. Oktay and N. Ilten
Characteristics and economic evaluation of a CO2-capturing repowering system with oxy-fuel combustion for utilizing exhaust gas of molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) pp. 1903-1909 Downloads
Pyong Sik Pak, Young Duk Lee and Kook Young Ahn
Simple methodology for sizing of absorbers for TEG (triethylene glycol) gas dehydration systems pp. 1910-1916 Downloads
Alireza Bahadori and Hari B. Vuthaluru
How many Enrons? Mark-ups in the stated capital cost of independent power producers' (IPPs') power projects in developing countries pp. 1917-1924 Downloads
Amol Phadke
Improving a process's efficiency by exploiting heat pockets in its heat exchange network pp. 1925-1932 Downloads
Yufei Wang, Xiao Feng, Yan Cai, Maobin Zhu and Khim H. Chu
Environmental sustainability assessment of bio-ethanol production in Thailand pp. 1933-1946 Downloads
Thapat Silalertruksa and Shabbir H. Gheewala
Expanding photovoltaic penetration with residential distributed generation from hybrid solar photovoltaic and combined heat and power systems pp. 1947-1954 Downloads
Joshua Pearce
Study on cyclic characteristics of silica gel–water adsorption cooling system driven by variable heat source pp. 1955-1962 Downloads
J.Y. Wu and S. Li
Wave energy potential along the Death Coast (Spain) pp. 1963-1975 Downloads
G. Iglesias and R. Carballo
Effects of coal properties on the production rate of combustion solid residue pp. 1976-1979 Downloads
D. Durgun and A. Genc
Examination of persistence properties of wind speed records using detrended fluctuation analysis pp. 1980-1985 Downloads
Kasım Koçak
Energy rating of different glazings for Indian climates pp. 1986-1992 Downloads
M.C. Singh and S.N. Garg
Characterization of energy use and performance of global cheese processing pp. 1993-2000 Downloads
Tengfang Xu, Joris Flapper and Klaas Jan Kramer
Operational strategy and marginal costs in simple trigeneration systems pp. 2001-2008 Downloads
M.A. Lozano, M. Carvalho and L.M. Serra
Productivity assessment of Angola's oil blocks pp. 2009-2015 Downloads
Carlos Barros and Shunsuke Managi
Effect of blends of Palm-Jatropha-Pongamia biodiesels on cloud point and pour point pp. 2016-2021 Downloads
Amit Sarin, Rajneesh Arora, N.P. Singh, Rakesh Sarin, R.K. Malhotra and K. Kundu

Volume 34, issue 10, 2009

An energy-economic scenario analysis of alternative fuels for personal transport using the Global Multi-regional MARKAL model (GMM) pp. 1423-1437 Downloads
Timur Gül, Socrates Kypreos, Hal Turton and Leonardo Barreto
Forecasting energy consumption in Taiwan using hybrid nonlinear models pp. 1438-1446 Downloads
H.T. Pao
Simulation models for the analysis of space heat consumption of buildings pp. 1447-1453 Downloads
Daniela Popescu, Florina Ungureanu and Hernández-Guerrero, Abel
Direct solar water splitting cell using water, WO3, Pt, and polymer electrolyte membrane pp. 1454-1457 Downloads
Xiaoming He and Robert F. Boehm
An evaluation on rice husks and pulverized coal blends using a drop tube furnace and a thermogravimetric analyzer for application to a blast furnace pp. 1458-1466 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Jheng-Syun Wu
Modeling energy market dynamics using discrete event system simulation pp. 1467-1476 Downloads
Gutiérrez-Alcaraz, G. and G.B. Sheblé
Effect of size and concentration of silt particles on erosion of Pelton turbine buckets pp. 1477-1483 Downloads
M.K. Padhy and R.P. Saini
Methodologies for predicting the part-load performance of aero-derivative gas turbines pp. 1484-1492 Downloads
F. Haglind and B. Elmegaard
Air versus terrestrial transport modalities: An energy and environmental comparison pp. 1493-1503 Downloads
M. Federici, S. Ulgiati and R. Basosi
Performance of solar still with a concave wick evaporation surface pp. 1504-1509 Downloads
A.E. Kabeel
Prospects of gas supply until 2020 in Europe and its relevance for the power sector in the context of emission trading pp. 1510-1522 Downloads
Dominik Möst and Holger Perlwitz
Mean-risk efficient portfolio analysis of demand response and supply resources pp. 1523-1529 Downloads
Shi-Jie Deng and Li Xu
Performance study on the east–west oriented single-axis tracked panel pp. 1530-1538 Downloads
Tian Pau Chang
Optimization of network planning by the novel hybrid algorithms of intelligent optimization techniques pp. 1539-1551 Downloads
A. Sadegheih
Market clearing of joint energy and reserves auctions using augmented payment minimization pp. 1552-1559 Downloads
N. Amjady, J. Aghaei and H.A. Shayanfar
Mass diffusion coefficients of oxygenated fuel additives in air pp. 1560-1564 Downloads
Ying Guo, Maogang He, Qiu Zhong and Ying Zhang
Recommendations for energy efficient and visually acceptable street lighting pp. 1565-1572 Downloads
Miomir Kostic and Lidija Djokic
Economics of Wind turbine as an energy fuel saver – A case study for remote application in oman pp. 1573-1578 Downloads
A. Malik and Al-Badi, A.H.
Wind to power a new city in Oman pp. 1579-1586 Downloads
M.H. Albadi, El-Saadany, E.F. and H.A. Albadi
Parametric analysis for a new combined power and ejector–absorption refrigeration cycle pp. 1587-1593 Downloads
Jiangfeng Wang, Yiping Dai, Taiyong Zhang and Shaolin Ma
Mathematical modelling of the thin layer solar drying of banana, mango and cassava pp. 1594-1602 Downloads
Kamenan Blaise Koua, Wanignon Ferdinand Fassinou, Prosper Gbaha and Siaka Toure
A comparative analysis for multiattribute selection among renewable energy alternatives using fuzzy axiomatic design and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process pp. 1603-1616 Downloads
Cengiz Kahraman, İhsan Kaya and Selcuk Cebi
Influence of injection timing on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine running on waste plastic oil pp. 1617-1623 Downloads
M. Mani and G. Nagarajan
Ambient condition effects on process heater efficiency pp. 1624-1635 Downloads
W.R. Bussman and C.E. Baukal
Performance analysis of an enhanced thermosyphon Rankine cycle using impulse turbine pp. 1636-1641 Downloads
B.M. Ziapour
Hydro reservoir handling in Norway before and after deregulation pp. 1642-1651 Downloads
Ove Wolfgang, Arne Haugstad, Birger Mo, Anders Gjelsvik, Ivar Wangensteen and Gerard Doorman
Development of copper-doped TiO2 photocatalyst for hydrogen production under visible light pp. 1652-1661 Downloads
L.S. Yoong, F.K. Chong and Binay K. Dutta
Process integration of organic Rankine cycle pp. 1674-1686 Downloads
Nishith B. Desai and Santanu Bandyopadhyay
Applying heat integration total site based pinch technology to a large industrial area in Japan to further improve performance of highly efficient process plants pp. 1687-1692 Downloads
Kazuo Matsuda, Yoshiichi Hirochi, Hiroyuki Tatsumi and Tim Shire
Feasibility and flexibility for a trigeneration system pp. 1693-1704 Downloads
Sau Man Lai and Chi Wai Hui
Influence of seasonal variations on energy-saving opportunities in a pulp mill pp. 1705-1714 Downloads
Jörgen Persson and Thore Berntsson
The additional benefits of setting up an energy security centre pp. 1715-1720 Downloads
Károly Nagy
Conceptual model and evaluation of generated power and emissions in an IGCC plant pp. 1721-1732 Downloads
Pérez-Fortes, M., A.D. Bojarski, E. Velo, J.M. Nougués and L. Puigjaner
A combined methanol autothermal steam reforming and PEM fuel cell pilot plant unit: Experimental and simulation studies pp. 1733-1743 Downloads
Martha Ouzounidou, Dimitris Ipsakis, Spyros Voutetakis, Simira Papadopoulou and Panos Seferlis
Thermodynamic comparison of the FICFB and Viking gasification concepts pp. 1744-1753 Downloads
Martin Gassner and François Maréchal

Volume 34, issue 9, 2009

Comprehensive energy and economic analyses on a zero energy house versus a conventional house pp. 1043-1053 Downloads
Lixing Zhu, R. Hurt, D. Correa and R. Boehm
Studies on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of thermosyphon solar water heating system with helical twisted tapes pp. 1054-1064 Downloads
S. Jaisankar, T.K. Radhakrishnan and K.N. Sheeba
Energy efficiency and the influence of gas burners to the energy related carbon dioxide emissions of electric arc furnaces in steel industry pp. 1065-1072 Downloads
Marcus Kirschen, Victor Risonarta and Herbert Pfeifer
Solar hydrogen production and its development in China pp. 1073-1090 Downloads
L.J. Guo, L. Zhao, D.W. Jing, Y.J. Lu, H.H. Yang, B.F. Bai, X.M. Zhang, L.J. Ma and X.M. Wu
Energy auditing of diversified rice–wheat cropping systems in Indo-gangetic plains pp. 1091-1096 Downloads
V.P. Chaudhary, B. Gangwar, D.K. Pandey and K.S. Gangwar
Modeling the time and cost to drill an offshore well pp. 1097-1112 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser
Local entropy generation for saturated two-phase flow pp. 1113-1121 Downloads
Rémi Revellin, Stéphane Lips, Sameer Khandekar and Jocelyn Bonjour
Thermodynamic optimization of a coiled tube heat exchanger under constant wall heat flux condition pp. 1122-1126 Downloads
Ashok K. Satapathy
Extended-exergy analysis of the Chinese society pp. 1127-1144 Downloads
G.Q. Chen and B. Chen
Evaluation of paraffin/water emulsion as a phase change slurry for cooling applications pp. 1145-1155 Downloads
Li Huang, Marcus Petermann and Christian Doetsch
Modeling lost production from destroyed platforms in the 2004–2005 Gulf of Mexico hurricane seasons pp. 1156-1171 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser, Yunke Yu and Christopher J. Jablonowski
Second law analysis of supercritical CO2 recompression Brayton cycle pp. 1172-1178 Downloads
Jahar Sarkar
Performance analysis in stepped solar still for effluent desalination pp. 1179-1186 Downloads
V. Velmurugan, K.J. Naveen Kumar, T. Noorul Haq and K. Srithar
Optimum autonomous stand-alone photovoltaic system design on the basis of energy pay-back analysis pp. 1187-1198 Downloads
J.K. Kaldellis, D. Zafirakis and E. Kondili
Optimization principles for convective heat transfer pp. 1199-1206 Downloads
Qun Chen, Moran Wang, Ning Pan and Zeng-Yuan Guo
Improvement of electrical arc furnace operation with an appropriate model pp. 1207-1214 Downloads
Labar Hocine, Djeghader Yacine, Bounaya Kamel and Kelaiaia Mounia Samira
Valuation of investments in natural resources using contingent-claim framework with application to bituminous coal developments in Korea pp. 1215-1224 Downloads
Chaehwan Won
Oil palm biomass as a sustainable energy source: A Malaysian case study pp. 1225-1235 Downloads
S.H. Shuit, K.T. Tan, K.T. Lee and A.H. Kamaruddin
Molar exergy and flow exergy of pure chemical fuels pp. 1246-1259 Downloads
Enzo Zanchini and Tiziano Terlizzese
Optimal control of energy losses in multi-boiler steam systems pp. 1260-1270 Downloads
Janusz Bujak
Influence of metal contaminants on oxidation stability of Jatropha biodiesel pp. 1271-1275 Downloads
Amit Sarin, Rajneesh Arora, N.P. Singh, Meeta Sharma and R.K. Malhotra
Computation of monthly mean daily global solar radiation in China using artificial neural networks and comparison with other empirical models pp. 1276-1283 Downloads
Yingni Jiang
Experimental study of horizontal ground source heat pump performance for mild climate in Turkey pp. 1284-1295 Downloads
Erhan Pulat, Salih Coskun, Kursat Unlu and Nurettin Yamankaradeniz
Studies on formation and control of combustion particulate matter in China: A review pp. 1296-1309 Downloads
Q. Yao, S.-Q. Li, H.-W. Xu, J.-K. Zhuo and Q. Song
A parametric study on the factors affecting the froth floatation of Jordanian tar sand utilizing a fluidized bed floatator pp. 1310-1314 Downloads
Al-Otoom, Awni, Mamdouh Allawzi, Al-Harahsheh, Adnan M., Al-Harahsheh, Mohammad, Al-Ghbari, Randa, Al-Ghazo, Raeda and Al-Saifi, Husam
Preliminary design and controlling strategies of a small-scale wood waste Rankine Cycle (RC) with a reciprocating steam engine (SE) pp. 1315-1324 Downloads
M. Badami and M. Mura
Energy consumption for different greenhouse constructions pp. 1325-1331 Downloads
M. Djevic and A. Dimitrijevic
Analysis of oxy-fuel combustion power cycle utilizing a pressurized coal combustor pp. 1332-1340 Downloads
Jongsup Hong, Gunaranjan Chaudhry, J.G. Brisson, Randall Field, Marco Gazzino and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Electricity consumption and CO2 capture potential in Spain pp. 1341-1350 Downloads
Luis M. Romeo, Elena Calvo, Antonio Valero and Alessia De Vita
Electrochemical properties of novel organodisulfide poly 1,2-bis(thiophen-3-ylmethyl)disulfane as cathode material for secondary lithium batteries pp. 1351-1354 Downloads
Guoming Weng, Yuzhi Su, Zhaoqing Liu, Jianhua Zhang, Wen Dong and Changwei Xu
Reductions in electricity consumption and power demand in case of the mass use of compact fluorescent lamps pp. 1355-1363 Downloads
J. Trifunovic, J. Mikulovic, Z. Djurisic, M. Djuric and M. Kostic
Study of a deaerator location in triple-pressure reheat combined power cycle pp. 1364-1371 Downloads
T. Srinivas
Estimating the maximum possible internal heat integrations of individual processes pp. 1372-1377 Downloads
Anita Kovač Kralj
Pricing power outages in the Netherlands pp. 1378-1386 Downloads
Barbara E. Baarsma and J. Peter Hop
Optimal tilt-angles of all-glass evacuated tube solar collectors pp. 1387-1395 Downloads
Runsheng Tang, Wenfeng Gao, Yamei Yu and Hua Chen
Forecasting the transport energy demand based on PLSR method in China pp. 1396-1400 Downloads
Ming Zhang, Hailin Mu, Gang Li and Yadong Ning
Multi-objective congestion management incorporating voltage and transient stabilities pp. 1401-1412 Downloads
Masoud Esmaili, Heidar Ali Shayanfar and Nima Amjady
Electricity consumption forecasting in Italy using linear regression models pp. 1413-1421 Downloads
Vincenzo Bianco, Oronzio Manca and Sergio Nardini

Volume 34, issue 8, 2009

Projecting India's energy requirements for policy formulation pp. 928-941 Downloads
Kirit S. Parikh, Vivek Karandikar, Ashish Rana and Prasanna Dani
Sustainable development of the Indian coal sector pp. 942-953 Downloads
Ananth P. Chikkatur, Ambuj D. Sagar and T.L. Sankar
Natural Gas requirement by fertilizer sector in India pp. 954-961 Downloads
Jyoti Parikh, C.R. Dutta Biswas, Chandrashekhar Singh and Vivek Singh
Indicators for industrial energy efficiency in India pp. 962-969 Downloads
Dolf Gielen and Peter Taylor
Renewable energy in India: Status and potential pp. 970-980 Downloads
Indu R. Pillai and Rangan Banerjee
Renewable energy in India: Historical developments and prospects pp. 981-991 Downloads
S.C. Bhattacharya and Chinmoy Jana
Energy use in Indian household sector – An actor-oriented approach pp. 992-1002 Downloads
B. Reddy and T. Srinivas
Sustainable bioenergy for India: Technical, economic and policy analysis pp. 1003-1013 Downloads
N.H. Ravindranath and P. Balachandra
CO2 emissions mitigation potential of solar home systems under clean development mechanism in India pp. 1014-1023 Downloads
Pallav Purohit
CO2 emissions structure of Indian economy pp. 1024-1031 Downloads
Jyoti Parikh, Manoj Panda, Anand Ganesh-Kumar and Vinay Singh
Coal and energy security for India: Role of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage (CCS) pp. 1032-1041 Downloads
Amit Garg and P.R. Shukla

Volume 34, issue 7, 2009

Utilization of the cryogenic exergy of liquid natural gas (LNG) for the production of electricity pp. 827-837 Downloads
Jan Szargut and Ireneusz Szczygiel
Thermal performance of a small oil-in-glass tube thermal energy storage system during charging pp. 838-849 Downloads
A. Mawire, M. McPherson and R.R.J. van den Heetkamp
Entropy generation analysis in a monolithic-type solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) pp. 850-865 Downloads
Adriano Sciacovelli and Vittorio Verda
Geothermal power production from abandoned oil wells pp. 866-872 Downloads
Adelina P. Davis and Efstathios E. Michaelides
Modeling technological change in energy systems – From optimization to agent-based modeling pp. 873-879 Downloads
Tieju Ma and Yoshiteru Nakamori
Improving energy recovery for water minimisation pp. 880-893 Downloads
Boondarik Leewongtanawit and Jin-Kuk Kim
Growth and structural change in China's energy economy pp. 894-903 Downloads
Fredrich Kahrl and Roland-Holst, David
Emissions trading in China: A conceptual ‘leapfrog’ approach? pp. 904-912 Downloads
Roger Raufer and Shaoyi Li
Effect of air gap on the performance of building-integrated photovoltaics pp. 913-921 Downloads
Guohui Gan

Volume 34, issue 6, 2009

Analysis of sectoral energy conservation in Malaysia pp. 733-739 Downloads
Al-Mofleh, Anwar, Soib Taib, M. Abdul Mujeebu and Wael Salah
Static and dynamic modeling of solid oxide fuel cell using genetic programming pp. 740-751 Downloads
Uday Kumar Chakraborty
SWOT analyses of the national energy sector for sustainable energy development pp. 752-756 Downloads
N. Markovska, V. Taseska and Pop-Jordanov, J.
A novel meta-heuristic optimization methodology for solving various types of economic dispatch problem pp. 757-766 Downloads
M. Fesanghary and M.M. Ardehali
Identification of behaviour and evaluation of performance of small scale, low-temperature Organic Rankine Cycle system coupled with a RO desalination unit pp. 767-774 Downloads
D. Manolakos, G. Kosmadakis, S. Kyritsis and G. Papadakis
Biosolubilisation of Chinese lignite pp. 775-781 Downloads
Sudong Yin, Xiuxiang Tao, Kaiyi Shi and Zhongchao Tan
Demonstrating direct use of wet ethanol in a homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine pp. 782-787 Downloads
J. Hunter Mack, Salvador M. Aceves and Robert W. Dibble
Jump dynamics and volatility: Oil and the stock markets pp. 788-796 Downloads
Jer-Shiou Chiou and Yen-Hsien Lee
Introduction of a new definition for effectiveness of desiccant wheels pp. 797-803 Downloads
M. Ali Mandegari and H. Pahlavanzadeh
Reactive energy scheduling using bi-objective programming with modified particle swarm optimization pp. 804-815 Downloads
Cheng-Chien Kuo
Optimum conditions for a natural gas combined cycle power generation system based on available oxygen when using biomass as supplementary fuel pp. 816-826 Downloads
Nirmal V. Gnanapragasam, Bale V. Reddy and Marc A. Rosen

Volume 34, issue 5, 2009

Energy system analysis of 100% renewable energy systems—The case of Denmark in years 2030 and 2050 pp. 524-531 Downloads
H. Lund and B.V. Mathiesen
Sustainable development of the Belgrade energy system pp. 532-539 Downloads
Marina Jovanović, Naim Afgan, Predrag Radovanović and Vladimir Stevanović
Comparative study of environmental strategies: The case of Portuguese industries pp. 540-546 Downloads
Manuela Sarmento and Diamantino Durão
The energy policy of the Republic of Cyprus pp. 547-554 Downloads
P.A. Pilavachi, N.G. Kalampalikas, M.K. Kakouris, E. Kakaras and D. Giannakopoulos
Global and local effects of decentralised electric power generation on the grid in the Western Balkan Countries (WBC) pp. 555-563 Downloads
Joachim Lehner and Tobias Weißbach
Modulating societal acceptance in new energy projects: Towards a toolkit methodology for project managers pp. 564-574 Downloads
R.P.J.M. Raven, R.M. Mourik, C.F.J. Feenstra and E. Heiskanen
Polygeneration and efficient use of natural resources pp. 575-586 Downloads
Luis M. Serra, Miguel-Angel Lozano, Jose Ramos, Adriano V. Ensinas and Silvia A. Nebra
An entropy generation metric for non-energy systems assessments pp. 587-592 Downloads
Dusan P. Sekulic
Pinch design method in the case of a limited number of process streams pp. 593-612 Downloads
Predrag Rašković and Sreten Stoiljković
Life Cycle Assessment of waste management systems in Italian industrial areas: Case study of 1st Macrolotto of Prato pp. 613-622 Downloads
Mario Tarantini, Arianna Dominici Loprieno, Eleonora Cucchi and Ferdinando Frenquellucci
Integrated waste-to-energy conversion and waste transportation within island communities pp. 623-635 Downloads
Zdena Zsigraiová, Gilberto Tavares, Viriato Semiao and Maria de Graça Carvalho
Use of waste for heat, electricity and transport—Challenges when performing energy system analysis pp. 636-644 Downloads
Marie Münster and Henrik Lund
Brazilian Biodiesel Policy: Social and environmental considerations of sustainability pp. 645-654 Downloads
Catherine Aliana Gucciardi Garcez and João Nildo de Souza Vianna
Can Brazil replace 5% of the 2025 gasoline world demand with ethanol? pp. 655-661 Downloads
Rogério Cezar de Cerqueira Leite, Manoel Regis Lima Verde Leal, Luís Augusto Barbosa Cortez, W. Michael Griffin and Mirna Ivonne Gaya Scandiffio
Steps to discern sustainability criteria for a certification scheme of bioethanol in Brazil: Approach and difficulties pp. 662-668 Downloads
R. Delzeit and Holm-Müller, K.
Competition between first and second generation technologies: Lessons from the formation of a biofuels innovation system in the Netherlands pp. 669-679 Downloads
Roald A.A. Suurs and Marko P. Hekkert
Reduction of irreversibility generation in sugar and ethanol production from sugarcane pp. 680-688 Downloads
A.V. Ensinas, M. Modesto, S.A. Nebra and L. Serra
Power plant perspectives for sugarcane mills pp. 689-698 Downloads
E. Bocci, A. Di Carlo and D. Marcelo
Synergy effects of co-firing wooden biomass with Bosnian coal pp. 699-707 Downloads
A. Kazagic and I. Smajevic
Air-blown biomass gasification combined cycles (BGCC): System analysis and economic assessment pp. 708-714 Downloads
P. Klimantos, N. Koukouzas, A. Katsiadakis and E. Kakaras
The boiler concept for combustion of large soya straw bales pp. 715-723 Downloads
Rastko Mladenović, Dragoljub Dakić, Aleksandar Erić, Milica Mladenović, Milijana Paprika and Branislav Repić
Renewable energy benefits with conversion of woody residues to pellets pp. 724-731 Downloads
G. Di Giacomo and L. Taglieri

Volume 34, issue 4, 2009

A computational tool for evaluating the economics of solar and wind microgeneration of electricity pp. 401-409 Downloads
J. Kelleher and J.V. Ringwood
Integrated energy, environmental and financial analysis of ethanol production from cellulosic switchgrass pp. 410-436 Downloads
Erika Felix and David R. Tilley
A transition toward a market expansion phase: Policies for promoting wind power in Taiwan pp. 437-447 Downloads
Yun-Hsun Huang and Jung-Hua Wu
Optimal chilled water temperature calculation of multiple chiller systems using Hopfield neural network for saving energy pp. 448-456 Downloads
Yung-Chung Chang and Wu-Hsing Chen
A Kalina power cycle driven by renewable energy sources pp. 457-464 Downloads
P.A. Lolos and E.D. Rogdakis
Assessment of potential for natural gas-based cogeneration in Thailand pp. 465-475 Downloads
Dušan Gvozdenac, Christoph Menke, Pumyos Vallikul, Jovan Petrović and Branka Gvozdenac
Simulation-based life cycle assessment of energy efficiency of biomass-based ethanol fuel from different feedstocks in China pp. 476-484 Downloads
Suiran Yu and Jing Tao
Correlations for estimation of daily global solar radiation with hours of bright sunshine in Turkey pp. 485-501 Downloads
Kadir Bakirci
Optimization of Hellenic overhead high-voltage transmission lines lightning protection pp. 502-509 Downloads
C.A. Christodoulou, L. Ekonomou, G.P. Fotis, N. Harkiolakis and I.A. Stathopulos

Volume 34, issue 3, 2009

Merging of energy and environmental analyses for district heating systems pp. 220-227 Downloads
Marco F. Torchio, Giuseppe Genon, Alberto Poggio and Marco Poggio
Market coupling and the importance of price coordination between power exchanges pp. 228-234 Downloads
Leonardo Meeus, L. Vandezande, S. Cole and R. Belmans
Reliability modeling of multi-carrier energy systems pp. 235-244 Downloads
Gaudenz Koeppel and Göran Andersson
Crossing quantities: How to compare electrical strength performances of insulation compounds for power cables pp. 245-253 Downloads
M. Marzinotto, G. Mazzanti and C. Mazzetti
Integration of absorption heat pumps in a Kraft pulp process for enhanced energy efficiency pp. 254-260 Downloads
Andrea Costa, Bahador Bakhtiari, Sebastian Schuster and Jean Paris
Matrix modelling of small-scale trigeneration systems and application to operational optimization pp. 261-273 Downloads
Gianfranco Chicco and Pierluigi Mancarella
The benefits of transmission expansions in the competitive electricity markets pp. 274-280 Downloads
Paola Bresesti, Roberto Calisti, Maria Vittoria Cazzol, Antonio Gatti, Dario Provenzano, Andrea Vaiani and Riccardo Vailati
Assessing the suitability of input–output analysis for enhancing our understanding of potential economic effects of Peak Oil pp. 284-290 Downloads
Christian Kerschner and Klaus Hubacek
Investigating the energy-environmental Kuznets curve pp. 291-300 Downloads
Tommaso Luzzati and M. Orsini
Time horizons and electricity futures: An application of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen's general theory of economic production pp. 301-307 Downloads
Katharine Farrell and Kozo Mayumi
Transition to renewable energy systems with hydrogen as an energy carrier pp. 308-312 Downloads
Frano Barbir
Multi-scale integrated analysis of societal and ecosystem metabolism (MuSIASEM): Theoretical concepts and basic rationale pp. 313-322 Downloads
Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi and Jesus Ramos-Martin
Peak oil: The four stages of a new idea pp. 323-326 Downloads
Ugo Bardi
International overview of hydrogen and fuel cell research pp. 327-333 Downloads
H.-J. Neef
Dynamic bounds for power and efficiency of non-ideal energy converters under nonlinear transfer laws pp. 334-340 Downloads
Stanislaw Sieniutycz
A multi-scale integrated analysis of the energy use in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary pp. 341-347 Downloads
Raluca Iorgulescu and John Polimeni
The future challenges for “clean coal technologies”: Joining efficiency increase and pollutant emission control pp. 348-354 Downloads
Alessandro Franco and Ana R. Diaz
KiteGen: A revolution in wind energy generation pp. 355-361 Downloads
M. Canale, L. Fagiano and M. Milanese
A decision support system for planning biomass-based energy production pp. 362-369 Downloads
Francesco Frombo, Riccardo Minciardi, Michela Robba and Roberto Sacile
Energy rebound and economic growth: A review of the main issues and research needs pp. 370-376 Downloads
Reinhard Madlener and B. Alcott
Future development of the electricity systems with distributed generation pp. 377-383 Downloads
Bayod-Rújula, Angel A.
Advanced exergetic analysis: Approaches for splitting the exergy destruction into endogenous and exogenous parts pp. 384-391 Downloads
S. Kelly, G. Tsatsaronis and T. Morosuk
Life cycle impacts and costs of photovoltaic systems: Current state of the art and future outlooks pp. 392-399 Downloads
Marco Raugei and Paolo Frankl

Volume 34, issue 2, 2009

NMR analysis of cracking products of asphalt and assessment of catalyst performance pp. 127-133 Downloads
Imtiaz Ahmad, Mohammad Shakirullah, Habib ur Rehman, Mohammad Ishaq, Mohammad Arsala Khan and Amjad Ali Shah
An analysis of the legal and market framework for the cogeneration sector in Croatia pp. 134-143 Downloads
D. Lončar, N. Duić and Ž. Bogdan
Development of artificial neural network model for a coal-fired boiler using real plant data pp. 144-152 Downloads
J. Smrekar, M. Assadi, M. Fast, I. Kuštrin and S. De
End-use energy analysis in the Malaysian industrial sector pp. 153-158 Downloads
R. Saidur, N.A. Rahim, H.H. Masjuki, S. Mekhilef, H.W. Ping and M.F. Jamaluddin
Experimental study of the performances of a modified diesel engine operating in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion mode versus the original diesel combustion mode pp. 159-171 Downloads
Miguel Torres García, José Jiménez-Espadafor Aguilar, Francisco and Tomás Sánchez Lencero
Characteristics of methane reforming using gliding arc reactor pp. 172-177 Downloads
Yoon-Cheol Yang, Bong-Ju Lee and Young-Nam Chun
Establishing an efficient regulatory mechanism—Prerequisite for successful energy activities regulation pp. 178-189 Downloads
Eraldo Banovac, Mevludin Glavić and Sejid Tešnjak
A combined process integration and fuel switching strategy for emissions reduction in chemical process plants pp. 190-195 Downloads
A. Mahmoud, M. Shuhaimi and M. Abdel Samed
Effects of operating variables on heat transfer and energy consumption of a household refrigerator-freezer during closed door operation pp. 196-198 Downloads
M. Hasanuzzaman, R. Saidur and H.H. Masjuki
Energy conversion efficiency of trout and sea bass production in the Black Sea, Turkey pp. 199-204 Downloads
Mehmet Bozoğlu and Vedat Ceyhan
Can envelope codes reduce electricity and CO2 emissions in different types of buildings in the hot climate of Bahrain? pp. 205-215 Downloads
H. Radhi

Volume 34, issue 1, 2009

Quality control of global solar radiation using sunshine duration hours pp. 1-6 Downloads
Isaac Moradi
Feed water cooler to increase evaporation range in MSF plants pp. 7-13 Downloads
Majed M. Alhazmy
Energy and exergy analysis for cocurrent gas spray cooling systems based on the results of mathematical modeling and simulation pp. 14-21 Downloads
Arezou Niksiar and Amir Rahimi
Energy efficiency assessment by life cycle simulation of cassava-based fuel ethanol for automotive use in Chinese Guangxi context pp. 22-31 Downloads
Suiran Yu and Jing Tao
Performance evaluation for solar collectors in Taiwan pp. 32-40 Downloads
Tian Pau Chang
Comparison of energy of tillage systems in wheat production pp. 41-45 Downloads
A. Tabatabaeefar, H. Emamzadeh, M. Ghasemi Varnamkhasti, R. Rahimizadeh and M. Karimi
Short-term load forecasting of power systems by combination of wavelet transform and neuro-evolutionary algorithm pp. 46-57 Downloads
N. Amjady and F. Keynia
Optimal control strategy for a multi-zone air conditioning system using a genetic algorithm pp. 58-66 Downloads
M. Mossolly, K. Ghali and N. Ghaddar
An improved PSO for dynamic load dispatch of generators with valve-point effects pp. 67-74 Downloads
Xiaohui Yuan, Anjun Su, Yanbin Yuan, Hao Nie and Liang Wang
Exergoenvironmental analysis for evaluation of the environmental impact of energy conversion systems pp. 75-89 Downloads
Lutz Meyer, George Tsatsaronis, Jens Buchgeister and Liselotte Schebek
Energy use in the Greek manufacturing sector: A methodological framework based on physical indicators with aggregation and decomposition analysis pp. 90-111 Downloads
Myrsine Salta, Heracles Polatidis and Dias Haralambopoulos
Development of a multi-criteria assessment model for ranking of renewable and non-renewable transportation fuel vehicles pp. 112-125 Downloads
H. Safaei Mohamadabadi, G. Tichkowsky and A. Kumar
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