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Volume 181, issue C, 2019

Life Cycle Assessment of tandem LSC-Si devices pp. 1-10 Downloads
Marina M. Lunardi, David R. Needell, Haley Bauser, Megan Phelan, Harry A. Atwater and Richard Corkish
Kinetic model and parameters study of lignocellulosic biomass oxidative pyrolysis pp. 11-17 Downloads
Yanming Ding, Biqing Huang, Chuanbao Wu, Qize He and Kaihua Lu
Applying DEA optimization approach for energy auditing in wheat cultivation under rice-wheat and cotton-wheat cropping systems in north-western India pp. 18-28 Downloads
Pritpal Singh, Gurdeep Singh and G.P.S. Sodhi
Predicting plug loads with occupant count data through a deep learning approach pp. 29-42 Downloads
Zhe Wang, Tianzhen Hong and Mary Ann Piette
Development of an ultra-low head siphon hydro turbine using computational fluid dynamics pp. 43-50 Downloads
Daqing Zhou, Jia Gui, Zhiqun Daniel Deng, Huixiang Chen, Yunyun Yu, An Yu and Chunxia Yang
A micro-turbine-generator-construction-kit (MTG-c-kit) for small-scale waste heat recovery ORC-Plants pp. 51-55 Downloads
A.P. Weiß, T. Popp, G. Zinn, M. Preißinger and D. Brüggemann
Optimization of modular district heating solution based on CHP and RES - Demonstration case of the Municipality of Visoko pp. 56-65 Downloads
Anes Kazagic, Ajla Merzic, Elma Redzic and Dino Tresnjo
Upgrading of refuse derived fuel through torrefaction and carbonization: Evaluation of RDF char fuel properties pp. 66-76 Downloads
Catarina Nobre, Cândida Vilarinho, Octávio Alves, Benilde Mendes and Margarida Gonçalves
Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation of an optimized energy management incorporating an experimental biocatalytic methanation reactor pp. 77-90 Downloads
Martin Griese, Marc Philippe Hoffarth, Jan Schneider and Thomas Schulte
Techno-economic evaluation of different hybridization schemes for a solar thermal/gas power plant pp. 91-106 Downloads
Khalid Rashid, Seyed Mostafa Safdarnejad, Kevin Ellingwood and Kody M. Powell
Coal or electricity? An evolutionary game approach to investigate fuel choices of urban heat supply systems pp. 107-122 Downloads
Yujuan Fang, Laijun Chen, Shengwei Mei, Wei Wei, Shaowei Huang and Feng Liu
Emergy-based analysis of the energy security of China pp. 123-135 Downloads
Hongfang Lu, FengYing Xu, Hongxiao Liu, Jun Wang, Daniel E. Campbell and Hai Ren
Correlation analysis of the functional groups and exothermic characteristics of bituminous coal molecules during high-temperature oxidation pp. 136-147 Downloads
Jingyu Zhao, Jun Deng, Long Chen, Tao Wang, Jiajia Song, Yanni Zhang, Chi-Min Shu and Qiang Zeng
Sub- and super-critical carbon dioxide flow variations in large high-rank coal specimen: An experimental study pp. 148-161 Downloads
Xiaogang Zhang, P.G. Ranjith and A.S. Ranathunga
Exergy return on exergy investment analysis of natural-polymer (Guar-Arabic gum) enhanced oil recovery process pp. 162-172 Downloads
Anas M. Hassan, M. Ayoub, M. Eissa, T. Musa, Hans Bruining and R. Farajzadeh
A bottom-up analysis of energy efficiency improvement and CO2 emission reduction potentials for the swiss metals sector pp. 173-186 Downloads
Navdeep Bhadbhade, M. Jibran S. Zuberi and Martin K. Patel
Experimental study on aerodynamic performance of deformable blade for vertical axis wind turbine pp. 187-201 Downloads
Ying Wang, Hui Tong, Hao Sima, Jiayue Wang, Jinjing Sun and Diangui Huang
Impacts of boundary conditions on reservoir numerical simulation and performance prediction of enhanced geothermal systems pp. 202-213 Downloads
Tairu Chen, Gang Liu and Shengming Liao
Synthesis of heat integrated processing systems taking into account reliability pp. 214-225 Downloads
Ákos Orosz, Zoltán Kovács and Ferenc Friedler
Renewable energy sources and power-to-gas aided cogeneration for non-residential buildings pp. 226-238 Downloads
M. Bailera, P. Lisbona, E. Llera, B. Peña and L.M. Romeo
A numerical study on optimizing the designs of applying PCMs to a disaster-relief prefabricated temporary-house (PTH) to improve its summer daytime indoor thermal environment pp. 239-249 Downloads
Caixia Wang, Shiming Deng, Jianlei Niu and Enshen Long
Experimental and numerical studies on the effect of packed bed length on CO and NOx emissions in a plane-parallel porous combustor pp. 250-263 Downloads
Junrui Shi, Yongqi Liu, Mingming Mao, Jinsheng Lv, Youtang Wang and Fang He
Sustainability of photovoltaic poverty alleviation in China: An evolutionary game between stakeholders pp. 264-280 Downloads
Haiyan Shan and Junliang Yang
Enforcing optimal operation in solid-oxide fuel-cell systems pp. 281-293 Downloads
Tafarel de Avila Ferreira, Zacharie Wuillemin, Timm Faulwasser, Christophe Salzmann, Jan Van herle and Dominique Bonvin
Design of plate-fin surfaces for multi-fluid heat exchanger applications pp. 294-306 Downloads
García-Castillo, Jorge L. and Picón-Núñez, Martín
A compass to guide through the myriad of sustainable energy transition options across the global North-South divide pp. 307-320 Downloads
Helen van Zyl-Bulitta, Verena, Christian Ritzel, William Stafford and James Gien Wong
Energy management of a household refrigerator using eutectic environmental friendly PCMs in a cascaded condition pp. 321-330 Downloads
A. Pirvaram, S.M. Sadrameli and L. Abdolmaleki
Techno-economic assessment of hydrogen production processes based on various natural gas chemical looping systems with carbon capture pp. 331-344 Downloads
Dora-Andreea Chisalita and Calin-Cristian Cormos
Coupled POD-Bayesian estimation of the parameters of mathematical model of the packed-bed drying of cherry stones pp. 345-359 Downloads
Zbigniew Buliński, Helcio R.B. Orlande, Tomasz Krysiński, Sebastian Werle and Łukasz Ziółkowski
Data-driven building archetypes for urban building energy modelling pp. 360-377 Downloads
Oleksii Pasichnyi, Jörgen Wallin and Olga Kordas
The effect of working fluid on the performance of a large-scale thermoacoustic Stirling engine pp. 378-386 Downloads
Shichong Dong, Guoqing Shen, Mobei Xu, Shiping Zhang and Liansuo An
The electric feature synergy in the photovoltaic - Thermoelectric hybrid system pp. 387-394 Downloads
Jin Zhang and Yimin Xuan
System efficient integration of standby control and heat pump storage systems in manufacturing processes pp. 395-406 Downloads
Florian Schlosser, Jan-Peter Seevers, Ron-Hendrik Peesel and Timothy Gordon Walmsley
The effects of temperature and molten salt on solar pyrolysis of lignite pp. 407-416 Downloads
Xiao He, Kuo Zeng, Yingpu Xie, Gilles Flamant, Haiping Yang, Xinyi Yang, Ange Nzihou, Anqing Zheng, Zhi Ding and Hanping Chen
Numerical study and enhancement of Ca(OH)2/CaO dehydration process with porous channels embedded in reactors pp. 417-428 Downloads
Mengyi Wang, Li Chen, Pu He and Wen-Quan Tao
Technical and economic evaluation of seawater freezing desalination using liquefied natural gas pp. 429-439 Downloads
Chong Wei Ong and Cheng-Liang Chen
Consumer ownership, natural monopolies and transition to 100% renewable energy systems pp. 440-449 Downloads
Frede Hvelplund and Søren Djørup
Township-based bioenergy systems for distributed energy supply and efficient household waste re-utilisation: Techno-economic and environmental feasibility pp. 455-467 Downloads
Simon Ascher, Ian Watson, Xiaonan Wang and Siming You
The influence of economic, technical, and social aspects on energy-associated CO2 emissions in Malaysia: An extended Kaya identity approach pp. 468-493 Downloads
Kiew Ling Pui and Jamal Othman
The energy needed to concentrate minerals from common rocks: The case of copper ore pp. 494-503 Downloads
Jose-Luis, Palacios, Alejandro Abadias, Alicia Valero, Antonio Valero and Markus Reuter
Adaptive approach-based assessment of a heritage residential complex in southern Spain for improving comfort and energy efficiency through passive strategies: A study based on a monitored flat pp. 504-520 Downloads
Teresa Blázquez, Simone Ferrari, Rafael Suárez and Juan José Sendra
Evaluation of natural-based internal insulation systems in historic buildings through a holistic approach pp. 521-531 Downloads
Bottino-Leone, Dario, Marco Larcher, Herrera-Avellanosa, Daniel, Franziska Haas and Alexandra Troi
Application of reverse electrodialysis to site-specific types of saline solutions: A techno-economic assessment pp. 532-547 Downloads
F. Giacalone, M. Papapetrou, G. Kosmadakis, A. Tamburini, G. Micale and A. Cipollina
Feasibility of Using sCO2 Turbines to Balance Load in Power Grids with a High Deployment of Solar Generation pp. 548-560 Downloads
Jeffrey A. Bennett, Jay Fuhrman, Tyler Brown, Nathan Andrews, Roger Fittro and Andres F. Clarens
The impact of the unbalance in both the voltage and the frequency on the performance of single and cascaded induction motors pp. 561-575 Downloads
El-Kharashi, Eyhab, Joseph Girgis Massoud and Al-Ahmar, M.A.
Optimization of net power density in Reverse Electrodialysis pp. 576-588 Downloads
Michele Ciofalo, Mariagiorgia La Cerva, Massimiliano Di Liberto, Luigi Gurreri, Andrea Cipollina and Giorgio Micale
Non-stationary combustion of natural and artificial methane hydrate at heterogeneous dissociation pp. 589-602 Downloads
S.Y. Misyura
Parametric analysis of torrefaction reactor operating under oxygen-lean conditions pp. 603-614 Downloads
Kevin S. Kung, Sonal K. Thengane, Santosh Shanbhogue and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Energy conversion of biomass char: Oxidation rates in mixtures of O2/CO2/H2O pp. 615-624 Downloads
Oskar Karlström and Leena Hupa
Oil prices, unemployment and the financial crisis in oil-importing countries: The case of Spain pp. 625-634 Downloads
Javier Ordóñez, Mercedes Monfort and Juan Cuestas
Optimization strategies for mixing ratio of biogas and natural gas co-firing in a cogeneration of heat and power cycle pp. 635-644 Downloads
A. Darabadi Zare, R. Khoshbakhti Saray, S. Mirmasoumi and K. Bahlouli
Experimental investigation of dust deposition reduction on solar cell covering glass by different self-cleaning coatings pp. 645-653 Downloads
Anjian Pan, Hao Lu and Li-Zhi Zhang
Heat exchanger network synthesis combining Simulated Annealing and Differential Evolution pp. 654-664 Downloads
Maria Claudia Aguitoni, Leandro Vitor Pavão and Mauro Antonio da Silva Sá Ravagnani
Slow pyrolysis of chemically treated walnut shell for valuable products: Effect of process parameters and in-depth product analysis pp. 665-676 Downloads
Shubhi Gupta, Goutam Kishore Gupta and Monoj Kumar Mondal
Development of an interval-credibility-chance constrained energy-water nexus system planning model—a case study of Xiamen, China pp. 677-693 Downloads
J. Liu, S. Nie, B.G. Shan, Y.P. Li, G.H. Huang and Z.P. Liu
Evaluation and comparison of saltation velocity correlations in the context of pulverised fuel transportation pp. 694-708 Downloads
Ayodimeji Biobaku, Walter Schmitz and Reshendren Naidoo
An approach for long term economic operations of competitive power market by optimal combined scheduling of wind turbines and FACTS controllers pp. 709-723 Downloads
Subhojit Dawn, Prashant Kumar Tiwari and Arup Kumar Goswami
Multiparameter probability distributions for at-site frequency analysis of annual maximum wind speed with L-Moments for parameter estimation pp. 724-737 Downloads
Muhammad Fawad, Ting Yan, Lu Chen, Kangdi Huang and Vijay P. Singh
Parabolic antenna snow melting and removal using waste heat from the transmitter room pp. 738-744 Downloads
Yun Cheng Lan, Cheng Li and Sui Lin Wang
Field tests and numerical modeling of INVELOX wind turbine application in low wind speed region pp. 745-759 Downloads
Freshteh Sotoudeh, Reza Kamali and Seyed Mahmood Mousavi
Do Spanish energy efficiency actions trigger JEVON’S paradox? pp. 760-770 Downloads
José M. Cansino, Román-Collado, Rocío and José Merchán
Feasibility study on a novel heat exchanger network for cryogenic liquid regasification with cooling capacity recovery: Theoretical and experimental assessments pp. 771-781 Downloads
Zhe Wang, Wenjian Cai, Fenghui Han, Yulong Ji, Wenhua Li and Bengt Sundén
Model reduction by time aggregation for optimal design of energy supply systems by an MILP hierarchical branch and bound method pp. 782-792 Downloads
Ryohei Yokoyama, Yuji Shinano, Yuki Wakayama and Tetsuya Wakui
Closed Brayton Cycles for Power Generation in Space: Modeling, simulation and exergy analysis pp. 793-802 Downloads
Alfonso Biondi and Claudia Toro
Performance assessment of a 15 kW Micro-CHCP plant through the 0D/1D thermo-fluid dynamic characterization of a double water circuit waste heat recovery system pp. 803-814 Downloads
A. Gimelli and M. Muccillo
Futures hedging in crude oil markets: A comparison between minimum-variance and minimum-risk frameworks pp. 815-826 Downloads
Yudong Wang, Qianjie Geng and Fanyi Meng
Bulky waste for energy recovery: Analysis of spatial distribution pp. 827-839 Downloads
Radovan Šomplák, Vlastimír Nevrlý, Veronika Smejkalová, Zlata Šmídová and Martin Pavlas
A water mass method and its application to integrated heat and electricity dispatch considering thermal inertias pp. 840-852 Downloads
Yuwei Chen, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun, Zhengshuo Li, Zhaoguang Pan and Wenchuan Wu
Technical and economic feasibility of a novel heavy oil recovery method: Geothermal energy assisted heavy oil recovery pp. 853-867 Downloads
Yongge Liu, Xiaoyu Liu, Jian Hou, Huazhou Andy Li, Yueliang Liu and Zhangxin Chen
A statistical model for dew point air cooler based on the multiple polynomial regression approach pp. 868-881 Downloads
Yousef Golizadeh Akhlaghi, Xiaoli Ma, Xudong Zhao, Samson Shittu and Junming Li
Thermal performance investigation of an integrated collector–storage solar air heater on the basis of lap joint-type flat micro-heat pipe arrays: Simultaneous charging and discharging mode pp. 882-896 Downloads
Zeyu Wang, Yanhua Diao, Yaohua Zhao, Chuanqi Chen, Lin Liang and Tengyue Wang
Optimal generation scheduling for a deep-water semi-submersible drilling platform with uncertain renewable power generation and loads pp. 897-907 Downloads
Yuqing Huang, Hai Lan, Ying-Yi Hong, Shuli Wen and He Yin
The impact of floor thermal capacity on air temperature and energy consumption in buildings in temperate climate pp. 908-915 Downloads
A. Staszczuk and T. Kuczyński
Simultaneous load leveling and voltage profile improvement in distribution networks by optimal battery storage planning pp. 916-926 Downloads
Hasan Mehrjerdi
FPSO fuel consumption and hydrocarbon liquids recovery optimization over the lifetime of a deep-water oil field pp. 927-942 Downloads
Allahyarzadeh-Bidgoli, Ali, Daniel Jonas Dezan, Leandro Oliveira Salviano, Silvio de Oliveira Junior and Jurandir Itizo Yanagihara
A cascade-looped thermoacoustic driven cryocooler with different-diameter resonance tubes. Part I: Theoretical analysis of thermodynamic performance and characteristics pp. 943-953 Downloads
Jingyuan Xu, Jianying Hu, Ercang Luo, Limin Zhang and Wei Dai
Experimental investigation on thermal and combustion performance of a combustor with microchannel cooling pp. 954-963 Downloads
Daxiang Deng, Yanlin Xie, Liang Chen, Guang Pi and Yue Huang
Dynamic simulation in development of contemporary energy systems – oxy combustion case study pp. 964-973 Downloads
Andrzej Sachajdak, Jari Lappalainen and Hannu Mikkonen
Pumping power minimization of an evaporator in ocean thermal energy conversion system based on constructal theory pp. 974-984 Downloads
Zhixiang Wu, Huijun Feng, Lingen Chen, Zhuojun Xie and Cunguang Cai
A study of densified biochar as carbon source in the silicon and ferrosilicon production pp. 985-996 Downloads
Lorenzo Riva, Gerrit Ralf Surup, Therese Videm Buø and Henrik Kofoed Nielsen
Oil price and inflation dynamics in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries pp. 997-1011 Downloads
Salah A. Nusair
The effects of oil price volatility on ethanol, gasoline, and sugar price forecasts pp. 1012-1022 Downloads
Lucio Guido Tapia Carpio
Solar power in district heating. P2H flexibility concept pp. 1023-1035 Downloads
Armands Gravelsins, Ieva Pakere, Anrijs Tukulis and Dagnija Blumberga
Performance, regulated and unregulated exhaust emission of a stationary compression ignition engine fueled by water-ULSD emulsion pp. 1036-1050 Downloads
Hayder A. Dhahad, Miqdam T. Chaichan and T. Megaritis
k-MILP: A novel clustering approach to select typical and extreme days for multi-energy systems design optimization pp. 1051-1063 Downloads
Matteo Zatti, Marco Gabba, Marco Freschini, Michele Rossi, Agostino Gambarotta, Mirko Morini and Emanuele Martelli
Financial support vis-à-vis share of wind generation: Is there an inflection point? pp. 1064-1074 Downloads
Dipti Gupta, Abhiman Das and Amit Garg
Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation of air-steam biomass gasification in a three-dimensional bubbling fluidized gasifier pp. 1075-1093 Downloads
Shiliang Yang, Hua Wang, Yonggang Wei, Jianhang Hu and Jia Wei Chew
Effect of fuel injection strategies and EGR on biodiesel blend in a CRDI engine pp. 1094-1113 Downloads
Pathikrit Bhowmick, A.K. Jeevanantham, B. Ashok, K. Nanthagopal, D. Arumuga Perumal, V. Karthickeyan, K.C. Vora and Aatmesh Jain
Investigation of thermodynamics performance of alternative jet fuels based on decreasing threat of paraffinic and sulfur pp. 1114-1120 Downloads
M. Ziya Sogut, Ömer Seçgin and Süleyman Ozkaynak
Sustainable agriculture for water-stressed regions by air-water-energy management pp. 1121-1128 Downloads
A. Entezari, R.Z. Wang, S. Zhao, E. Mahdinia, J.Y. Wang, Y.D. Tu and D.F. Huang
Insightful heat exchanger network retrofit design using Monte Carlo simulation pp. 1129-1141 Downloads
Nathan S. Lal, Martin J. Atkins, Timothy G. Walmsley, Michael R.W. Walmsley and James R. Neale
Potential and methods for increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the lignite fired power unit, using integrated lignite drying pp. 1142-1151 Downloads
Pawlak-Kruczek, Halina, Łukasz Niedźwiecki, Michał Ostrycharczyk, Michał Czerep and Zbigniew Plutecki
Efficiency enhancement of a point wave energy converter with a magnetic bistable mechanism pp. 1152-1165 Downloads
Haicheng Zhang, Ru Xi, Daolin Xu, Kai Wang, Qijia Shi, Huai Zhao and Bo Wu
Power flow management in micro grid through renewable energy sources using a hybrid modified dragonfly algorithm with bat search algorithm pp. 1166-1178 Downloads
K. Sureshkumar and Vijayakumar Ponnusamy
Analysis of kinetic and diffusive data from the combustion of char pellets made with hybrid mixtures pp. 1179-1188 Downloads
Edmundo Marques, Tânia Ferreira, Carlos Pereira, João Monney Paiva and Carlos Pinho
Power optimization and comparison between simple recuperated and recompressing supercritical carbon dioxide Closed-Brayton-Cycle with finite cold source on hypersonic vehicles pp. 1189-1201 Downloads
Kunlin Cheng, Jiang Qin, Hongchuang Sun, Heng Li, Shuai He, Silong Zhang and Wen Bao
Transient behavior of the cold end system in an indirect dry cooling thermal power plant under varying operating conditions pp. 1202-1212 Downloads
Tao Wu, Zhihua Ge, Lijun Yang and Xiaoze Du
Investigation of heat transfer and hydraulic resistance in small-scale pillow-plate heat exchangers pp. 1213-1224 Downloads
Olga Arsenyeva, Mark Piper, Alexander Zibart, Alexander Olenberg and Eugeny Y. Kenig
Pt-Au nanoparticles on graphene for oxygen reduction reaction: Stability and performance on proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 1225-1234 Downloads
Beltrán-Gastélum, M., Salazar-Gastélum, M.I., Flores-Hernández, J.R., G.G. Botte, Pérez-Sicairos, S., Romero-Castañon, T., Reynoso-Soto, E. and Félix-Navarro, R.M.
An integrated decision-making model for sustainable photovoltaic module supplier selection based on combined weight and cumulative prospect theory pp. 1235-1251 Downloads
Yunna Wu, Yiming Ke, Chuanbo Xu and Lingwenying Li
Comprehensive thermodynamic investigation of three cogeneration systems including GT-HRSG/RORC as the base system, intermediate system and solar hybridized system pp. 1252-1272 Downloads
Navid Mahdavi and Shahram Khalilarya
Exergoenvironmental analysis of methanol production by steam reforming and autothermal reforming of natural gas pp. 1273-1284 Downloads
Timo Blumberg, Young Duk Lee, Tatiana Morosuk and George Tsatsaronis
A novel upscaling procedure for characterising heterogeneous shale porosity from nanometer-to millimetre-scale in 3D pp. 1285-1297 Downloads
Lin Ma, Patrick J. Dowey, Ernest Rutter, Kevin G. Taylor and Peter D. Lee
Use of optimization techniques for energy use efficiency and environmental life cycle assessment modification in sugarcane production pp. 1298-1320 Downloads
Ali Kaab, Mohammad Sharifi, Hossein Mobli, Nabavi-Pelesaraei, Ashkan and Kwok-wing Chau
Repurposing an energy system optimization model for seasonal power generation planning pp. 1321-1330 Downloads
A.R. de Queiroz, D. Mulcahy, A. Sankarasubramanian, J.P. Deane, G. Mahinthakumar, N. Lu and J.F. DeCarolis
Modification of microencapsulated phase change materials(MPCMs) by synthesizing graphene quantum dots(GQDs) and nano-aluminum for energy storage and heat transfer applications pp. 1331-1338 Downloads
Zhongzhu Qiu, Yufei Zhou, Yuan Yao, Fang Liu and Ruitang Guo
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