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Volume 75, issue C, 2014

The use of reduced models for design and optimisation of heat-integrated crude oil distillation systems pp. 5-13 Downloads
Ochoa-Estopier, Lluvia M., Megan Jobson and Robin Smith
Data reconciliation and gross error detection for operational data in power plants pp. 14-23 Downloads
Xiaolong Jiang, Pei Liu and Zheng Li
Transshipment model-based linear programming formulation for targeting hybrid power systems with power loss considerations pp. 24-30 Downloads
Cheng-Liang Chen, Chieh-Ting Lai and Jui-Yuan Lee
Integrated biomass and solar town: Incorporation of load shifting and energy storage pp. 31-39 Downloads
Haslenda Hashim, Wai Shin Ho, Jeng Shiun Lim and Sandro Macchietto
Syngas production from palm kernel shell and polyethylene waste blend in fluidized bed catalytic steam co-gasification process pp. 40-44 Downloads
Reza Alipour Moghadam, Suzana Yusup, Yoshimitsu Uemura, Bridgid Lai Fui Chin, Hon Loong Lam and Ahmed Al Shoaibi
Assessing thermal energy storage technologies of concentrating solar plants for the direct coupling with chemical processes. The case of solar-driven biomass gasification pp. 45-52 Downloads
Flavio Manenti, Leon-Garzon, Andres R., Ravaghi-Ardebili, Zohreh and Carlo Pirola
Integration of industrial solar and gaseous waste heat into heat recovery loops using constant and variable temperature storage pp. 53-67 Downloads
Timothy G. Walmsley, Michael R.W. Walmsley, Martin J. Atkins and James R. Neale
Towards low carbon business park energy systems: Classification of techno-economic energy models pp. 68-80 Downloads
Jonas Timmerman, Lieven Vandevelde and Greet Van Eetvelde
Modeling and simulation of CO methanation process for renewable electricity storage pp. 81-88 Downloads
Er-rbib, Hanaâ and Chakib Bouallou
Large eddy simulation of a two-phase reacting swirl flow inside a cement cyclone pp. 89-96 Downloads
Hrvoje Mikulčić, Milan Vujanović, Moh'd Sami Ashhab and Neven Duić
Heat transfer evaluation of an enhanced heat transfer tube bundle pp. 97-103 Downloads
David J. Kukulka and Rick Smith
Improvements on maldistribution of a high temperature multi-channel compact heat exchanger by different inlet baffles pp. 104-115 Downloads
Wen-xiao Chu, Ting Ma, Min Zeng, Ting Qu, Liang-bi Wang and Qiu-wang Wang
Experimental study on the influence of oxygen content in the combustion air on the combustion characteristics pp. 116-126 Downloads
Petr Bělohradský, Pavel Skryja and Igor Hudák
Mixed-waste pyrolysis of biomass and plastics waste – A modelling approach to reduce energy usage pp. 127-135 Downloads
Adetoyese Olajire Oyedun, Tesfaldet Gebreegziabher, Denny K.S. Ng and Chi Wai Hui
The impact of system configuration on material utilization in the coal-based polygeneration of methanol and electricity pp. 136-145 Downloads
Jianyun Zhang, Linwei Ma, Zheng Li and Weidou Ni
Drying kinetics of olive stone: A valuable source of biomass obtained in the olive oil extraction pp. 146-152 Downloads
Gómez- de la Cruz, Francisco J., Casanova-Peláez, Pedro J., Palomar-Carnicero, José M. and Cruz-Peragón, Fernando
Understanding the water-energy-carbon nexus in urban water utilities: Comparison of four city case studies and the relevant influencing factors pp. 153-166 Downloads
G. Venkatesh, Arthur Chan and Helge Brattebø
Design, architecture and implementation of a residential energy box management tool in a SmartGrid pp. 167-181 Downloads
Christos S. Ioakimidis, Luís J. Oliveira, Konstantinos N. Genikomsakis and Panagiotis I. Dallas
Strategic techno-economic assessment of heat network options for distributed energy systems in the UK pp. 182-193 Downloads
Asim Ahmed and Pierluigi Mancarella
Well-to-wheel analysis of direct and indirect use of natural gas in passenger vehicles pp. 194-203 Downloads
Scott J. Curran, Robert M. Wagner, Ronald L. Graves, Martin Keller and Johney B. Green
The effect of storage temperature on the performance of a thermo-electric energy storage using a transcritical CO2 cycle pp. 204-215 Downloads
Young-Jin Baik, Jaehyeok Heo, Junemo Koo and Minsung Kim
Miniature horizontal axis wind turbine system for multipurpose application pp. 216-224 Downloads
F.J. Xu, F.G. Yuan, J.Z. Hu and Y.P. Qiu
Low temperature Stirling engines pressurised with real gas effects pp. 225-236 Downloads
Fernando Sala and Costante M. Invernizzi
Optimal chiller loading for energy conservation using a new differential cuckoo search approach pp. 237-243 Downloads
Leandro dos Santos Coelho, Carlos Eduardo Klein, Samrat L. Sabat and Viviana Cocco Mariani
Modelling and forecasting the trends of life cycle curves in the production of non-renewable resources pp. 244-251 Downloads
V.K. Semenychev, E.I. Kurkin and E.V. Semenychev
Artificial neural networks for short-term load forecasting in microgrids environment pp. 252-264 Downloads
Luis Hernández, Carlos Baladrón, Javier M. Aguiar, Belén Carro, Sánchez-Esguevillas, Antonio and Jaime Lloret
Energy storage systems supporting increased penetration of renewables in islanded systems pp. 265-280 Downloads
E.M.G. Rodrigues, R. Godina, S.F. Santos, A.W. Bizuayehu, J. Contreras and J.P.S. Catalão
In-field assessment of batteries and PV modules in a large photovoltaic rural electrification programme pp. 281-288 Downloads
L.M. Carrasco, L. Narvarte, Martínez-Moreno, F. and R. Moretón
Numerical simulation on effects of spray angle in a swirl chamber combustion system of DI (direct injection) diesel engines pp. 289-294 Downloads
Shengli Wei, Kunpeng Ji, Xianyin Leng, Feihu Wang and Xin Liu
Estimates of energy consumption in Turkey using neural networks with the teaching–learning-based optimization algorithm pp. 295-303 Downloads
Ergun Uzlu, Murat Kankal, Adem Akpınar and Tayfun Dede
Exergy analysis of a 300 MW lignite thermoelectric power plant pp. 304-311 Downloads
Christopher J. Koroneos, Paris A. Fokaides and Elias A. Christoforou
A high efficient combined multi-effect evaporation–absorption heat pump and vapor-compression refrigeration part 1: Energy and economic modeling and analysis pp. 312-326 Downloads
Iman Janghorban Esfahani, Yong Tae Kang and ChangKyoo Yoo
A highly efficient combined multi-effect evaporation-absorption heat pump and vapor-compression refrigeration part 2: Thermoeconomic and flexibility analysis pp. 327-337 Downloads
Iman Janghorban Esfahani and Changkyoo Yoo
Operating characteristics of thermoacoustic compression based on alternating to direct gas flow conversion pp. 338-348 Downloads
Kai Wang, Daming Sun, Ya Xu, Jiang Zou, Xiaobin Zhang and Limin Qiu
A novel conceptual design of parallel nitrogen expansion liquefaction process for small-scale LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant in skid-mount packages pp. 349-359 Downloads
Tianbiao He and Yonglin Ju
Heat extraction and power production forecast of a prospective Enhanced Geothermal System site in Songliao Basin, China pp. 360-370 Downloads
Xiaoxue Huang, Jialing Zhu, Chengke Niu, Jun Li, Xia Hu and Xianpeng Jin
Thermal performance estimation of ammonia-water plate bubble absorbers for compression/absorption hybrid heat pump application pp. 371-378 Downloads
Chung Woo Jung, Seung Sun An and Yong Tae Kang
Experimental study on a hybrid energy system with small- and medium-scale applications for mild climates pp. 379-389 Downloads
S. Nizetic, D. Coko and I. Marasovic
Adsorption cooling utilizing the “LiBr/silica – ethanol” working pair: Dynamic optimization of the adsorber/heat exchanger unit pp. 390-399 Downloads
Larisa Gordeeva, Andrea Frazzica, Alessio Sapienza, Yuri Aristov and Angelo Freni
Ferrohydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic effects on ferrofluid flow and convective heat transfer pp. 400-410 Downloads
Mohsen Sheikholeslami and Davood Domiri Ganji
Life cycle cost analysis of wind power considering stochastic uncertainties pp. 411-418 Downloads
Chiao-Ting Li, Huei Peng and Jing Sun
Prediction of thermophysical properties of saturated steam and wellbore heat losses in concentric dual-tubing steam injection wells pp. 419-429 Downloads
Hao Gu, Linsong Cheng, Shijun Huang, Baojian Du and Changhao Hu
Performance improvement of shrouded turbines with the management of casing endwall interaction flows pp. 430-442 Downloads
Jie Gao, Qun Zheng and Xiaoquan Jia
Feasibility study of a combined Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion method in South Korea pp. 443-452 Downloads
Hoon Jung and Jungho Hwang
Zn,Al-catalysts for heterogeneous biodiesel production: Basicity and process optimization pp. 453-462 Downloads
Paula Moraes Veiga, Aderval Severino Luna, Marcio de Figueiredo Portilho, Cláudia de Oliveira Veloso and Cristiane Assumpção Henriques
Applying analytics in the energy industry: A case study of heat rate and opacity prediction in a coal-fired power plant pp. 463-473 Downloads
Jongsawas Chongwatpol and Thanrawee Phurithititanapong
The selection of key technologies by the silicon photovoltaic industry based on the Delphi method and AHP (analytic hierarchy process): Case study of China pp. 474-482 Downloads
Yong Tang, Honghang Sun, Qiang Yao and Yibo Wang
Market power, fuel substitution and infrastructure – A large-scale equilibrium model of global energy markets pp. 483-500 Downloads
Daniel Huppmann and Rudolf Egging
Experimental investigation of the effect of using thermosyphon heat pipes and vacuum glass on the performance of solar still pp. 501-507 Downloads
S. Jahangiri Mamouri, H. Gholami Derami, M. Ghiasi, M.B. Shafii and Z. Shiee
Characteristics of energy-efficient swimming facilities – A case study pp. 508-512 Downloads
Wolfgang Kampel, Bjørn Aas and Amund Bruland
An experimental study of injection and spray characteristics of diesel and gasoline blends on a common rail injection system pp. 513-519 Downloads
Dong Han, Chunhai Wang, Yaozong Duan, Zhisong Tian and Zhen Huang
High performance FeTi – 3.1 mass % V alloy for on board hydrogen storage solution pp. 520-524 Downloads
Sanjay Kumar, G.P. Tiwari, Sagar Sonak, Uttam Jain and Nagaiyar Krishnamurthy
Electrode design optimization of lithium secondary batteries to enhance adhesion and deformation capabilities pp. 525-533 Downloads
Dongho Jeong and Jongsoo Lee
Numerical investigation of impeller trimming effect on performance of an axial flow fan pp. 534-548 Downloads
Chunxi Li, Xinying Li, Pengmin Li and Xuemin Ye
Pd nanoparticles with tunable diameter deposited on carbon nanotubes with enhanced hydrogen storage capacity pp. 549-554 Downloads
Karolina Wenelska, Beata Michalkiewicz, Xuecheng Chen and Ewa Mijowska
Liquid antimony anode direct carbon fuel cell fueled with mass-produced de-ash coal pp. 555-559 Downloads
Hongjian Wang, Tianyu Cao, Yixiang Shi, Ningsheng Cai and Wei Yuan
Is there any relationship between energy and TFP (total factor productivity)? A panel cointegration approach for Italian regions pp. 560-567 Downloads
Maria Gabriela Ladu and Marta Meleddu
The simple hourly method of EN ISO 13790 standard in Matlab/Simulink: A comparative study for the climatic conditions of Poland pp. 568-578 Downloads
Piotr Michalak
Study of a molten carbonate fuel cell combined heat, hydrogen and power system pp. 579-588 Downloads
Tarek A. Hamad, Abdulhakim A. Agll, Yousif M. Hamad, Sushrut Bapat, Mathew Thomas, Kevin B. Martin and John W. Sheffield
Modeling of a thermal adsorber powered by solar energy for refrigeration applications pp. 589-596 Downloads
A. Allouhi, T. Kousksou, A. Jamil and Y. Zeraouli
TiO2 coated three-dimensional hierarchically ordered porous sulfur electrode for the lithium/sulfur rechargeable batteries pp. 597-602 Downloads
Hongqiang Wang, Sha Li, Dan Li, Zhixin Chen, Hua Kun Liu and Zaiping Guo
Comparative assessment of the linear driving force and pseudo-gas-side-controlled models for the prediction of mass transfer in desiccant matrices pp. 603-612 Downloads
Celestino R. Ruivo, António R. Figueiredo and José J. Costa
Correlations for the mass transfer coefficient in desiccant matrices when using linear driving force and pseudo-gas-side-controlled models pp. 613-623 Downloads
Celestino R. Ruivo, António R. Figueiredo and José J. Costa
A study of CO2 precipitation method considering an ionic CO2 and Ca(OH)2 slurry pp. 624-629 Downloads
Sangwon Park, Hoyong Jo, Dongwoo Kang and Jinwon Park
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