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Volume 80, issue C, 2015

More efforts, more benefits: Air pollutant control of coal-fired power plants in China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hui Zhang, Bing Zhang and Jun Bi
Estimating zonal electricity supply curves in transmission-constrained electricity markets pp. 10-19 Downloads
Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani, Seth Blumsack and Andrew Kleit
The effects of aerofoil profile modification on a vertical axis wind turbine performance pp. 20-31 Downloads
Md Farhad Ismail and Krishna Vijayaraghavan
Multi-criteria model to support the definition of opportunistic maintenance policy: A study in a cogeneration system pp. 32-40 Downloads
Cristiano A.V. Cavalcante and Rodrigo S. Lopes
Load following with Small Modular Reactors (SMR): A real options analysis pp. 41-54 Downloads
Giorgio Locatelli, Sara Boarin, Francesco Pellegrino and Marco E. Ricotti
Modelling and control of pulverizing system considering coal moisture pp. 55-63 Downloads
De-Liang Zeng, Yong Hu, Shan Gao and Ji-Zhen Liu
Liquefaction of major lignocellulosic biomass constituents in supercritical ethanol pp. 64-74 Downloads
Steffen Brand and Jaehoon Kim
Variation of reflected radiation from all reflectors of a flat plate solar collector during a year pp. 75-84 Downloads
Zoran T. Pavlović and Ljiljana T. Kostić
Modeling a complete Stirling engine pp. 85-97 Downloads
Christopher J. Paul and Abraham Engeda
Preparation and properties of shape-stabilized phase change materials based on fatty acid eutectics and cellulose composites for thermal energy storage pp. 98-103 Downloads
Lei Cao, Yaojie Tang and Guiyin Fang
Economic system optimization of air-cooled organic Rankine cycles powered by low-temperature geothermal heat sources pp. 104-113 Downloads
Daniël Walraven, Ben Laenen and William D'haeseleer
A generalized MCDA–DEA (multi-criterion decision analysis–data envelopment analysis) approach to construct slacks-based composite indicator pp. 114-122 Downloads
H. Wang
A real-time demand response algorithm for heterogeneous devices in buildings and homes pp. 123-132 Downloads
Seung Ho Hong, Mengmeng Yu and Xuefei Huang
Single-fuel steam gasification of switchgrass and coal in a bubbling fluidized bed: A comprehensive parametric reference for co-gasification study pp. 133-147 Downloads
Mohammad S. Masnadi, John R. Grace, Xiaotao T. Bi, C. Jim Lim, Naoko Ellis, Yong Hua Li and A. Paul Watkinson
Three blind men and an elephant: The case of energy indices to measure energy security and energy sustainability pp. 148-158 Downloads
Kapil Narula and B. Reddy
Development and performance assessment of a new integrated system for HVAC&R applications pp. 159-167 Downloads
Sayantan Ghosh and Ibrahim Dincer
Investigating the natural gas supply security: A new perspective pp. 168-176 Downloads
Mehmet Efe Biresselioglu, Tezer Yelkenci and Ibrahim Onur Oz
Numerical and experimental study of heat transfer characteristics of a shell-tube latent heat storage system: Part II – Discharging process pp. 177-189 Downloads
X. Xiao and P. Zhang
FDI (foreign direct investment) in wind energy sector in India: Testing the effectiveness of state policies using panel data pp. 190-202 Downloads
Vinish Kathuria, Pradeep Ray and Rekha Bhangaonkar
Quantifying slum electrification in India and explaining local variation pp. 203-212 Downloads
Michaël Aklin, Patrick Bayer, S.P. Harish and Johannes Urpelainen
An approach to stability analysis and entropy generation minimization in the single-phase natural circulation loops pp. 213-226 Downloads
N. Goudarzi and S. Talebi
Thermodynamics and life span estimation pp. 227-238 Downloads
Lütfullah Kuddusi
Projecting changes in annual hydropower generation using regional runoff data: An assessment of the United States federal hydropower plants pp. 239-250 Downloads
Shih-Chieh Kao, Michael J. Sale, Moetasim Ashfaq, Rocio Uria Martinez, Dale P. Kaiser, Yaxing Wei and Noah S. Diffenbaugh
Entransy: A misleading concept for the analysis and optimization of thermal systems pp. 251-253 Downloads
Dusan P. Sekulic, Enrico Sciubba and Michael J. Moran
Relationships among energy consumption, pollution emission, and economic growth in Nepal pp. 254-262 Downloads
Umesh Bastola and Pratikshya Sapkota
Day charging electric vehicles with excess solar electricity for a sustainable energy system pp. 263-274 Downloads
Pedro Nunes, Tiago Farias and Miguel C. Brito
Model predictive control for improving waste heat recovery in coke dry quenching processes pp. 275-283 Downloads
Kai Sun, Chen-Ting Tseng, Shan-Hill Wong, David, Shyan-Shu Shieh, Shi-Shang Jang, Jia-Lin Kang and Wei-Dong Hsieh
Influence of alkali catalyst on product yield and properties via hydrothermal liquefaction of barley straw pp. 284-292 Downloads
Zhe Zhu, Saqib Sohail Toor, Lasse Rosendahl, Donghong Yu and Guanyi Chen
Solar Grid Parity dynamics in Italy: A real option approach pp. 293-302 Downloads
Tommaso Biondi and Michele Moretto
A pseudo three-dimensional electrochemical–thermal model of a prismatic LiFePO4 battery during discharge process pp. 303-317 Downloads
Meng Xu, Zhuqian Zhang, Xia Wang, Li Jia and Lixin Yang
Artificial neural networking and fuzzy logic exergy controlling model of combined heat and power system in thermal power plant pp. 318-330 Downloads
Dušan Strušnik and Jurij Avsec
Evaluation of an integrated methane autothermal reforming and high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell system pp. 331-339 Downloads
Suthida Authayanun, Dang Saebea, Yaneeporn Patcharavorachot and Amornchai Arpornwichanop
The optimization of air-breathing micro direct methanol fuel cell using response surface method pp. 340-349 Downloads
Zhenyu Yuan, Jie Yang, Yufeng Zhang and Xiwei Zhang
ANFIS (adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system) based online SOC (State of Charge) correction considering cell divergence for the EV (electric vehicle) traction batteries pp. 350-360 Downloads
Haifeng Dai, Pingjing Guo, Xuezhe Wei, Zechang Sun and Jiayuan Wang
Wind wake influence estimation on energy production of wind farm by adaptive neuro-fuzzy methodology pp. 361-372 Downloads
Vlastimir Nikolić, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Dalibor Petković, Kasra Mohammadi, Žarko Ćojbašić, Torki A. Altameem and Abdullah Gani
Modelling the energy system of Pécs – The first step towards a sustainable city pp. 373-387 Downloads
Viktor Miklós Kiss
Thermal analysis on a segmented thermoelectric generator pp. 388-399 Downloads
T. Ming, Y. Wu, C. Peng and Y. Tao
Addressing the CO2 emissions of the world's largest coal producer and consumer: Lessons from the Haishiwan Coalfield, China pp. 400-413 Downloads
Wei Li, Paul L. Younger, Yuanping Cheng, Baoyong Zhang, Hongxing Zhou, Qingquan Liu, Tao Dai, Shengli Kong, Kan Jin and Quanlin Yang
Exergy analysis and annual exergetic performance evaluation of solar hybrid STIG (steam injected gas turbine) cycle for Indian conditions pp. 414-427 Downloads
A. Immanuel Selwynraj, S. Iniyan, Guy Polonsky, L. Suganthi and Abraham Kribus
Short-term natural gas demand prediction based on support vector regression with false neighbours filtered pp. 428-436 Downloads
Lixing Zhu, M.S. Li, Q.H. Wu and L. Jiang
Local exergy cost analysis of microwave heating systems pp. 437-451 Downloads
Luis Acevedo, Sergio Usón and Javier Uche
Numerical study and optimization of the combined indirect evaporative air cooler for air-conditioning systems pp. 452-464 Downloads
Sergey Anisimov, Demis Pandelidis and Jan Danielewicz
A novel configuration of electrical double layer capacitor with plastic crystal based gel polymer electrolyte and graphene nano-platelets as electrodes: A high rate performance pp. 465-473 Downloads
Manoj K. Singh, Mohd Suleman, Yogesh Kumar and S.A. Hashmi
Thermoeconomic optimization of gas turbine cogeneration plants pp. 474-485 Downloads
Rabi Karaali and İlhan Tekin Öztürk
Modelling the impacts of variable renewable sources on the power sector: Reconsidering the typology of energy modelling tools pp. 486-495 Downloads
Jacques Després, Nouredine Hadjsaid, Patrick Criqui and Isabelle Noirot
Economic optimization of heat pump-assisted distillation columns in methanol-water separation pp. 496-508 Downloads
Hossein Shahandeh, Mina Jafari, Norollah Kasiri and Javad Ivakpour
Barriers of scaling-up fuel cells: Cost, durability and reliability pp. 509-521 Downloads
Junye Wang
Winners and losers of market coupling pp. 522-534 Downloads
Camila Ochoa and Ann van Ackere
Optimal design of the heat pipe using TLBO (teaching–learning-based optimization) algorithm pp. 535-544 Downloads
R.V. Rao and K.C. More
Development of a model for the prediction of the fuel consumption and nitrogen oxides emission trade-off for large ships pp. 545-555 Downloads
Ulrik Larsen, Leonardo Pierobon, Francesco Baldi, Fredrik Haglind and Anders Ivarsson
Performance of two-stage rotary desiccant cooling system with different regeneration temperatures pp. 556-566 Downloads
T.S. Ge, Y.J. Dai, R.Z. Wang and Y. Li
The lazy greedy algorithm for power optimization of wind turbine positioning on complex terrain pp. 567-574 Downloads
M.X. Song, K. Chen, X. Zhang and J. Wang
Combustion and emissions of compression ignition in a direct injection diesel engine fueled with pentanol pp. 575-581 Downloads
Li Li, Jianxin Wang, Zhi Wang and Haoye Liu
Prediction of biomass pellet quality indices using near infrared spectroscopy pp. 582-588 Downloads
Gary D. Gillespie, Colm D. Everard and Kevin P. McDonnell
Comparison of exergoeconomic analysis of two different perlite expansion furnaces pp. 589-598 Downloads
Mert Gürtürk, Hakan F. Oztop and Arif Hepbasli
Experimental assessment of pre-turbo aftertreatment configurations in a single stage turbocharged diesel engine. Part 1: Steady-state operation pp. 599-613 Downloads
José Manuel Luján, Vicente Bermúdez, Pedro Piqueras and García-Afonso, Óscar
Experimental assessment of a pre-turbo aftertreatment configuration in a single stage turbocharged diesel engine. Part 2: Transient operation pp. 614-627 Downloads
José Manuel Luján, José Ramón Serrano, Pedro Piqueras and García-Afonso, Óscar
Optimal design of a small size trigeneration plant in civil users: A MINLP (Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming Model) pp. 628-641 Downloads
P. Arcuri, P. Beraldi, G. Florio and P. Fragiacomo
Thermoelectric generation coupling methanol steam reforming characteristic in microreactor pp. 642-653 Downloads
Feng Wang, Yiding Cao and Guoqiang Wang
A feasibility analysis of waste heat recovery systems for marine applications pp. 654-665 Downloads
Francesco Baldi and Cecilia Gabrielii
Modeling and operation strategy of pavement snow melting systems utilizing low-temperature heating fluids pp. 666-676 Downloads
Huining Xu and Yiqiu Tan
Effects of intake oxygen mole fraction on the near-stoichiometric combustion and emission characteristics of a CI (compression ignition) engine pp. 677-686 Downloads
Junepyo Cha, Sungjun Yoon, Seokhwon Lee and Sungwook Park
Graphical analysis on internal heat recovery of a single stage ammonia–water absorption refrigeration system pp. 687-694 Downloads
S. Du, R.Z. Wang and Z.Z. Xia
Comparison of different UV models for cloud effect study pp. 695-705 Downloads
Lunche Wang, Wei Gong, Ming Luo, Wenfeng Wang, Bo Hu and Ming Zhang
A modified mathematical model of heat pump's condenser for analytical optimization pp. 706-714 Downloads
Jozsef Nyers, Laszlo Garbai and Arpad Nyers
CO2 emissions abatement in the Nordic carbon-intensive industry – An end-game in sight? pp. 715-730 Downloads
Johan Rootzén and Filip Johnsson
State of charge estimation of a lithium ion cell based on a temperature dependent and electrolyte enhanced single particle model pp. 731-739 Downloads
Tanvir R. Tanim, Christopher D. Rahn and Chao-Yang Wang
An experimental study of the dynamic behavior of a 2 kW proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack under various loading conditions pp. 740-745 Downloads
Qifei Jian, Yang Zhao and Haoting Wang
Effect of double injection on combustion, performance and emissions of Jatropha water emulsion fueled direct-injection diesel engine pp. 746-755 Downloads
Kim-Bao Nguyen, Tomohisa Dan and Ichiro Asano
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