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Volume 134, issue C, 2017

Experimental investigation on overall performance of a millimeter-scale radial turbine for micro gas turbine pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lei Fu, Zhenping Feng and Guojun Li
Combined NMR structural characterization and thermogravimetric analyses for the assessment of the AAEM effect during lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis pp. 10-23 Downloads
Khouloud Haddad, Mejdi Jeguirim, Salah Jellali, Chamseddine Guizani, Luc Delmotte, Simona Bennici and Lionel Limousy
Optimization of transesterification process for Ceiba pentandra oil: A comparative study between kernel-based extreme learning machine and artificial neural networks pp. 24-34 Downloads
F. Kusumo, A.S. Silitonga, H.H. Masjuki, Hwai Chyuan Ong, J. Siswantoro and T.M.I. Mahlia
Experimental and modeling investigation of an organic Rankine cycle system based on the scroll expander pp. 35-49 Downloads
Zheng Miao, Jinliang Xu and Kai Zhang
Energy efficiency of perennial herbaceous crops production depending on the type of digestate and mineral fertilizers pp. 50-60 Downloads
Mariusz J. Stolarski, Michał Krzyżaniak, Kazimierz Warmiński, Józef Tworkowski, Stefan Szczukowski, Olba–Zięty, Ewelina and Janusz Gołaszewski
Thermal investigation of a PEM fuel cell with cooling flow field pp. 61-73 Downloads
S.M. Rahgoshay, A.A. Ranjbar, A. Ramiar and E. Alizadeh
Characterization of solid fuel chars recovered from microwave hydrothermal carbonization of human biowaste pp. 74-89 Downloads
Oluwasola O.D. Afolabi, M. Sohail and C.L.P. Thomas
A variation focused cluster analysis strategy to identify typical daily heating load profiles of higher education buildings pp. 90-102 Downloads
Zhenjun Ma, Rui Yan and Natasa Nord
An integrated approach to design site specific distributed electrical hubs combining optimization, multi-criterion assessment and decision making pp. 103-120 Downloads
A.T.D. Perera, Vahid M. Nik, Dasaraden Mauree and Jean-Louis Scartezzini
Online fault detection and the economic analysis of grid-connected photovoltaic systems pp. 121-135 Downloads
Siva Ramakrishna Madeti and S.N. Singh
Design of explicit models for estimating efficiency characteristics of microbial fuel cells pp. 136-156 Downloads
A. Garg and Jasmine Siu Lee Lam
A cost-emission framework for hub energy system under demand response program pp. 157-166 Downloads
Majid Majidi, Sayyad Nojavan and Kazem Zare
Analytical solution for the study of time lag and decrement factor for building walls in climate of Iran pp. 167-180 Downloads
Reza Fathipour and Amin Hadidi
Performance evaluation of CO2 Huff-n-Puff and continuous CO2 injection in tight oil reservoirs pp. 181-192 Downloads
Pavel Zuloaga, Wei Yu, Jijun Miao and Kamy Sepehrnoori
Towards energy efficient styrene distillation scheme: From grassroots design to retrofit pp. 193-205 Downloads
Chengtian Cui, Xingang Li, Dongrong Guo and Jinsheng Sun
Implementation of a dynamic energy management system using real time pricing and local renewable energy generation forecasts pp. 206-220 Downloads
Onur Elma, Akın Taşcıkaraoğlu, A. Tahir İnce and Uğur S. Selamoğulları
Effect of the ambient conditions on gas turbine combined cycle power plants with post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 221-233 Downloads
González-Díaz, Abigail, Alcaráz-Calderón, Agustín M., González-Díaz, Maria Ortencia, Méndez-Aranda, Ángel, Mathieu Lucquiaud and González-Santaló, Jose Miguel
Development of performance and emission characteristics on coated diesel engine fuelled by biodiesel with cetane number enhancing additive pp. 234-239 Downloads
M. Mohamed Musthafa
Exergy cost allocation method based on energy level (ECAEL) for a CCHP system pp. 240-247 Downloads
Zefeng Wang, Wei Han, Na Zhang, Meng Liu and Hongguang Jin
Thermal analysis on multijunction photovoltaic cell under oblique incident laser irradiation pp. 248-255 Downloads
Chen-Wu Wu, Qing Peng and Chen-Guang Huang
Large-scale PV power generation in China: A grid parity and techno-economic analysis pp. 256-268 Downloads
Hongyang Zou, Huibin Du, Marilyn A. Brown and Guozhu Mao
Experimental investigation of the cyclic pitch control on a horizontal axis wind turbine in diagonal inflow wind condition pp. 269-278 Downloads
Le Quang Sang, Maeda Takao, Yasunari Kamada and Qing'an Li
A novel approach to energy harvesting from vehicle suspension system: Half-vehicle model pp. 279-288 Downloads
Chongfeng Wei and Hamid Taghavifar
The impact of CO2-costs on biogas usage pp. 289-300 Downloads
Ida Græsted Jensen and Lise Skovsgaard
Experimental study on co-pyrolysis and gasification of biomass with deoiled asphalt pp. 301-310 Downloads
Qian Zhang, Qingfeng Li, Linxian Zhang, Zhongliang Yu, Xuliang Jing, Zhiqing Wang, Yitian Fang and Wei Huang
Estimating the benefits of vehicle-to-home in islands: The case of the Canary Islands pp. 311-322 Downloads
Colmenar-Santos, A., Carlos de Palacio-Rodriguez,, Rosales-Asensio, Enrique and Borge-Diez, David
Dynamic modeling of gravity energy storage coupled with a PV energy plant pp. 323-335 Downloads
Asmae Berrada, Khalid Loudiyi and Raquel Garde
Life cycle building impact of a Middle Eastern residential neighborhood pp. 336-348 Downloads
Catherine De Wolf, Carlos Cerezo, Zainab Murtadhawi, Ali Hajiah, Adil Al Mumin, John Ochsendorf and Christoph Reinhart
A new optimal power flow approach for wind energy integrated power systems pp. 349-359 Downloads
Shima Rahmani and Nima Amjady
Hybrid entropy – TOPSIS approach for energy performance prioritization in a rectangular channel employing impinging air jets pp. 360-368 Downloads
Ranchan Chauhan, Tej Singh, Avinash Tiwari, Amar Patnaik and N.S. Thakur
Off-design analysis of a Hybrid Rankine-Brayton cycle used as the power block of a solar thermal power plant pp. 369-381 Downloads
Marta Muñoz, Antonio Rovira, Consuelo Sánchez and María José Montes
Modeling of the drying process of apple slices: Application with a solar dryer and the thermal energy storage system pp. 382-391 Downloads
Halil Atalay, Mustafa Turhan Çoban and Olcay Kıncay
Applying the dynamic DEA model to evaluate the energy efficiency of OECD countries and China pp. 392-399 Downloads
Xiaoying Guo, Ching-Cheng Lu, Jen-Hui Lee and Yung-Ho Chiu
A comparison of micro gas turbine operation modes for optimal efficiency based on a nonlinear model pp. 400-411 Downloads
Jiandong Duan, Shaogui Fan, Quntao An, Li Sun and Guanglin Wang
Effect of assembly pressure on the performance of a bendable polymer electrolyte fuel cell based on a silver nanowire current collector pp. 412-419 Downloads
Taehyun Park, Ikwhang Chang, Ju Hae Jung, Ha Beom Lee, Seung Hwan Ko, Ryan O'Hayre, Sung Jong Yoo and Suk Won Cha
Boot injection dynamics and parametrical analysis of boot shaped injections in low-temperature combustion diesel engines for the optimization of pollutant emissions and combustion noise pp. 420-437 Downloads
d’Ambrosio, S. and A. Ferrari
The effect of feed-in-tariff supporting schemes on the viability of a district heating and cooling production system pp. 438-448 Downloads
Juan Pablo Jiménez Navarro, José Manuel Cejudo López and David Connolly
Novel design of chemical looping air separation process for generating electricity and oxygen pp. 449-457 Downloads
Bin Shi, Erdorng Wu and Wei Wu
Supporting involvement of electric vehicles in distribution grids: Lowering the barriers for a proactive integration pp. 458-468 Downloads
Katarina Knezović, Mattia Marinelli, Antonio Zecchino, Peter Bach Andersen and Chresten Traeholt
The benefits of cooperation in a highly renewable European electricity network pp. 469-481 Downloads
D.P. Schlachtberger, T. Brown, S. Schramm and M. Greiner
Investigation of wake effects on a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in field experiments (Part I: Horizontal axis direction) pp. 482-492 Downloads
Li, Qing’an, Takao Maeda, Yasunari Kamada and Naoya Mori
Theoretical evaluation of the organocatalytic behavior of the negatively charged carbon atom in a fused five-member ring in carbon dioxide transformation to methanol pp. 493-503 Downloads
Sabet-Sarvestani, Hossein, Mohammad Izadyar and Hossein Eshghi
Stability and availability evaluation of underground strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) caverns in bedded rock salt of Jintan, China pp. 504-514 Downloads
Nan Zhang, Xilin Shi, Tongtao Wang, Chunhe Yang, Wei Liu, Hongling Ma and J.J.K. Daemen
Exergy, economic and environmental analysis and multi-objective optimization of a SOFC-GT power plant pp. 515-531 Downloads
Moein Shamoushaki, M.A. Ehyaei and Farrokh Ghanatir
Vortex induced vibration response and energy harvesting of a marine riser attached by a free-to-rotate impeller pp. 532-544 Downloads
Hongjun Zhu and Yue Gao
Effects of pressure on structure and extinction limits of counterflow nonpremixed water-laden methane/air flames pp. 545-553 Downloads
Seungro Lee, Heonrok Ha, Dunn-Rankin, Derek and Oh Chae Kwon
Study of sorption systems for application on low-emission fishing vessels pp. 554-565 Downloads
Valeria Palomba, Marcello Aprile, Mario Motta and Salvatore Vasta
Performance study of ducted nozzle Savonius water turbine, comparison with conventional Savonius turbine pp. 566-584 Downloads
A.H. Elbatran, Yasser M. Ahmed and Ahmed S. Shehata
Design optimization method for tube and fin latent heat thermal energy storage systems pp. 585-594 Downloads
Ralf Raud, Michael E. Cholette, Soheila Riahi, Frank Bruno, Wasim Saman, Geoffrey Will and Theodore A. Steinberg
Evaluation of building energy efficiency investment options for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pp. 595-610 Downloads
Moncef Krarti, Kankana Dubey and Nicholas Howarth
Towards energy landscapes – “Pathfinder for sustainable wind power locations” pp. 611-621 Downloads
Marcus Eichhorn, Philip Tafarte and Daniela Thrän
Benchmarking natural gas and coal-fired electricity generation in the United States pp. 622-628 Downloads
Alexander Q. Gilbert and Benjamin K. Sovacool
An experimental study on carbon dioxide hydrate formation using a gas-inducing agitated reactor pp. 629-637 Downloads
Airong Li, Lele Jiang and Siyao Tang
Ejector based organic flash combined power and refrigeration cycle (EBOFCP&RC) – A scheme for low grade waste heat recovery pp. 638-648 Downloads
Subha Mondal and Sudipta De
The economics of electricity generation from Gulf Stream currents pp. 649-658 Downloads
Binghui Li, Anderson Rodrigo de Queiroz, Joseph F. DeCarolis, John Bane, Ruoying He, Andrew G. Keeler and Vincent S. Neary
Environmental efficiency analysis of the Yangtze River Economic Zone using super efficiency data envelopment analysis (SEDEA) and tobit models pp. 659-671 Downloads
Nengcheng Chen, Lei Xu and Zeqiang Chen
Maintenance planning of power plant elements based on avoided risk value pp. 672-680 Downloads
Andrzej Rusin and Michał Bieniek
Simulation of natural gas quality distribution for pipeline systems pp. 681-698 Downloads
Maciej Chaczykowski and Paweł Zarodkiewicz
Coordinated short-term scheduling and long-term expansion planning in microgrids incorporating renewable energy resources and energy storage systems pp. 699-708 Downloads
Reza Hemmati, Hedayat Saboori and Pierluigi Siano
Convergence analysis of eco-efficiency of China’s cement manufacturers through unit root test of panel data pp. 709-717 Downloads
Xingle Long, Mei Sun, Faxin Cheng and Jijian Zhang
Optimization of hydropower system operation by uniform dynamic programming for dimensionality reduction pp. 718-730 Downloads
Zhong-kai Feng, Wen-jing Niu, Chun-tian Cheng and Xin-yu Wu
Performance, economic and exergy analyses of carbon capture processes for a 300 MW class integrated gasification combined cycle power plant pp. 731-742 Downloads
Woo-Sung Lee, Jae-Cheol Lee, Hyun-Taek Oh, Seung-Won Baek, Min Oh and Chang-Ha Lee
Effect of inter-stage phenomena on the performance prediction of two-stage turbocharging systems pp. 743-756 Downloads
Calogero Avola, Colin D. Copeland, Richard D. Burke and Chris J. Brace
Adiabatic vs non-adiabatic membrane-based rectangular micro-absorbers for H2O-LiBr absorption chillers pp. 757-766 Downloads
M. Venegas, M. de Vega, García-Hernando, N. and Ruiz-Rivas, U.
Quantifying the economic efficiency impact of inaccurate renewable energy price forecasts pp. 767-774 Downloads
Carsten Croonenbroeck and Silke Hüttel
A techno-economic feasibility of a stand-alone hybrid power generation for remote area application in Bangladesh pp. 775-788 Downloads
Barun K. Das, Najmul Hoque, Soumya Mandal, Tapas Kumar Pal and Md Abu Raihan
An assessment of wind and wave climate as potential sources of renewable energy in the nearshore Shenzhen coastal zone of the South China Sea pp. 789-801 Downloads
Xinping Chen, Kaimin Wang, Zenghai Zhang, Yindong Zeng, Yao Zhang and Kieran O'Driscoll
Hydroxide-ion selective electrolytes based on a polybenzimidazole/graphene oxide composite membrane pp. 802-812 Downloads
Bor-Chern Yu, Yi-Chun Wang, Hsin-Chun Lu, Hsiu-Li Lin, Chao-Ming Shih, S. Rajesh Kumar and Shingjiang Jessie Lue
Improved multi-objective model and analysis of the coordinated operation of a hydro-wind-photovoltaic system pp. 813-839 Downloads
Xianxun Wang, Yadong Mei, Yanjun Kong, Yuru Lin and Hao Wang
Multi-objective optimization of cooling water package based on 3E analysis: A case study pp. 840-849 Downloads
Mohammad Mehdi Keshtkar and Pouyan Talebizadeh
Centralized vs distributed generation. A model to assess the relevance of some thermal and electric factors. Application to the Spanish case study pp. 850-863 Downloads
Martín-Martínez, F., Sánchez-Miralles, A., M. Rivier and C.F. Calvillo
In quest of power conversion efficiency in nature-inspired dye-sensitized solar cells: Individual, co-sensitized or tandem configuration? pp. 864-870 Downloads
Mozhgan Hosseinnezhad, Kamaladin Gharanjig, Siamak Moradian and Mohammad Reza Saeb
Analytical model for electric back-up power estimation of solar box type cookers pp. 871-881 Downloads
S. Mahavar, N. Sengar and P. Dashora
Energy, exergy and environmental analysis of a novel combined system producing power, water and hydrogen pp. 882-892 Downloads
Kiyan Parham, Hamed Alimoradiyan and Mohsen Assadi
A goal programming based model system for community energy plan pp. 893-901 Downloads
Zishuo Huang, Hang Yu, Xiangyang Chu and Zhenwei Peng
Exploratory data analysis of the electrical energy demand in the time domain in Greece pp. 902-918 Downloads
Hristos Tyralis, Georgios Karakatsanis, Katerina Tzouka and Nikos Mamassis
Multi-parameter optimization of double-loop fluidized bed solar reactor for thermochemical fuel production pp. 919-932 Downloads
Marco Milanese, Gianpiero Colangelo, Domenico Laforgia and Arturo de Risi
Novel power generation models integrated supercritical water gasification of coal and parallel partial chemical heat recovery pp. 933-942 Downloads
Zhewen Chen, Xiaosong Zhang, Sheng Li and Lin Gao
Heat transfer analysis of a Trombe wall with a projecting channel design pp. 943-950 Downloads
Mehran Rabani, Vali Kalantar and Mehrdad Rabani
Market penetration modeling of high energy efficiency appliances in the residential sector pp. 951-961 Downloads
Saeidreza Radpour, Md Alam Hossain Mondal and Amit Kumar
Suppressing the formation of Fe2P: Thermodynamic study on the phase diagram and phase transformation for LiFePO4 synthesis pp. 962-967 Downloads
Lihua He, Shengming Xu and Zhongwei Zhao
Dynamic optimization of natural gas networks under customer demand uncertainties pp. 968-983 Downloads
Hesam Ahmadian Behrooz and R. Bozorgmehry Boozarjomehry
Stochastic energy market equilibrium modeling with multiple agents pp. 984-990 Downloads
Kjell Arne Brekke, Rolf Golombek, Michal Kaut, Sverre Kittelsen and Stein W. Wallace
The analysis of energy efficiency of the Mediterranean countries: A two-stage double bootstrap DEA approach pp. 991-1000 Downloads
Eya Jebali, Hédi Essid and Naceur Khraief
A hybrid concentrated solar thermal collector/thermo-electric generation system pp. 1001-1012 Downloads
Al-Nimr, Moh’d A., Bourhan M. Tashtoush, Mohammad A. Khasawneh and Al-Keyyam, Ibrahim
Thermodynamic assessment of SOFC-ICGT hybrid cycle: Energy analysis and entropy generation minimization pp. 1013-1028 Downloads
Tushar Choudhary and Sanjay,
Financial development and energy demand in the United States: New evidence from combined cointegration and asymmetric causality tests pp. 1029-1037 Downloads
Sahbi Farhani and Sakiru Solarin
Design Operability and Retrofit Analysis (DORA) framework for energy systems pp. 1038-1052 Downloads
Viknesh Andiappan, Denny K.S. Ng and Raymond R. Tan
An optimal versatile control approach for plug-in electric vehicles to integrate renewable energy sources and smart grids pp. 1053-1067 Downloads
Omid Rahbari, Majid Vafaeipour, Noshin Omar, Marc A. Rosen, Omar Hegazy, Jean-Marc Timmermans, Seyedmohammadreza Heibati and Peter Van Den Bossche
Estimation of the failure probability of an integrated energy system based on the first order reliability method pp. 1068-1078 Downloads
Xueqian Fu, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun, Xiurong Zhang and Li Wang
Conic relaxations of the unit commitment problem pp. 1079-1095 Downloads
Salar Fattahi, Morteza Ashraphijuo, Javad Lavaei and Alper Atamtürk
Heat transfer behaviour of supercritical nitrogen in the large specific heat region flowing in a vertical tube pp. 1096-1106 Downloads
Ciprian Constantin Negoescu, Yongliang Li, Al-Duri, Bushra and Yulong Ding
Thermoacoustic micro-electricity generator for rural dwellings in developing countries driven by waste heat from cooking activities pp. 1107-1120 Downloads
Abdoulla-Latiwish, Kalid O.A., Xiaoan Mao and Artur J. Jaworski
Use of pyrolytic gas from waste tire as a fuel: A review pp. 1121-1131 Downloads
Dina Czajczyńska, Renata Krzyżyńska, Hussam Jouhara and Nik Spencer
Biohydrogen production at low load of organic matter by psychrophilic bacteria pp. 1132-1139 Downloads
Marcin Zieliński, Ewa Korzeniewska, Zofia Filipkowska, Marcin Dębowski, Monika Harnisz and Rafał Kwiatkowski
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