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Volume 31, issue 15, 2006

Conceptual design of an internally heat integrated propylene-propane splitter pp. 3083-3096 Downloads
Ž. Olujić, L. Sun, A. de Rijke and P.J. Jansens
Optimum design of multi-stage isotope separation process by exergy analysis pp. 3097-3107 Downloads
Kenji Takeshita and Masaru Ishida
The impact of heat transfer on Murphree tray efficiency pp. 3108-3116 Downloads
M. Kaeser and C.L. Pritchard
Multi-objective optimization of an advanced combined cycle power plant including CO2 separation options pp. 3117-3134 Downloads
Hongtao Li, François Maréchal, Meinrad Burer and Daniel Favrat
Performance of the Dutch Energy Sector based on energy, exergy and Extended Exergy Accounting pp. 3135-3144 Downloads
K.J. Ptasinski, M.N. Koymans and Bart Verspagen
Interaction among competitive producers in the electricity market: An iterative market model for the strategic management of thermal power plants pp. 3145-3158 Downloads
Cristian Carraretto and Andrea Zigante
Methodological aspects of the definition of a 2kW society pp. 3159-3170 Downloads
P.-A. Haldi and D. Favrat
Fuel saving, carbon dioxide emission avoidance, and syngas production by tri-reforming of flue gases from coal- and gas-fired power stations, and by the carbothermic reduction of iron oxide pp. 3171-3185 Downloads
M. Halmann and A. Steinfeld
Environmental assessment and extended exergy analysis of a “zero CO2 emission”, high-efficiency steam power plant pp. 3186-3198 Downloads
A. Corrado, P. Fiorini and E. Sciubba
Generation of synthesis gas by partial oxidation of natural gas in a gas turbine pp. 3199-3207 Downloads
R. Cornelissen, E. Tober, J. Kok and T. van de Meer
Greenhouse effect reduction and energy recovery from waste landfill pp. 3208-3219 Downloads
Lidia Lombardi, Ennio Carnevale and Andrea Corti
Oxygen efficiency with regard to carbon capture pp. 3220-3226 Downloads
S. Grönkvist, M. Bryngelsson and M. Westermark
Oligomeric chain extenders for economic reprocessing and recycling of condensation plastics pp. 3227-3234 Downloads
M. Villalobos, A. Awojulu, T. Greeley, G. Turco and G. Deeter
Auxiliary equations for the determination of specific exergy revenues pp. 3235-3247 Downloads
David M. Paulus and George Tsatsaronis
Accuracy level in thermoeconomic diagnosis of energy systems pp. 3248-3260 Downloads
Vittorio Verda
Analysis of a repowering proposal to the power generation system of a steel mill plant through the exergetic cost method pp. 3261-3277 Downloads
M. Modesto and S.A. Nebra
Simulation and exergy analysis of a hybrid Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)–Gas Turbine System pp. 3278-3299 Downloads
F. Calise, Dentice d’Accadia, M., A. Palombo and L. Vanoli
Exergy analysis of an integrated fuel processor and fuel cell (FP–FC) system pp. 3300-3309 Downloads
E.R. Delsman, C.U. Uju, M.H.J.M. de Croon, J.C. Schouten and K.J. Ptasinski
Standard chemical exergy of elements updated pp. 3310-3326 Downloads
R. Rivero and M. Garfias
Decomposition with thermoeconomic isolation applied to the optimal synthesis/design and operation of an advanced tactical aircraft system pp. 3327-3341 Downloads
Diego F. Rancruel and Michael R. von Spakovsky
A general method for the optimum design of heat recovery steam generators pp. 3342-3361 Downloads
Alessandro Franco and Nicola Giannini
Renewability and life-cycle energy efficiency of bioethanol and bio-ethyl tertiary butyl ether (bioETBE): Assessing the implications of allocation pp. 3362-3380 Downloads
João Malça and Fausto Freire
The energy demand and the impact by fossil fuels use in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, from 1988 to 2000 pp. 3381-3390 Downloads
M. Nava, J. Gasca and U. González
Ecotaxes and their impact in the cost of steam and electric energy generated by a steam turbine system pp. 3391-3400 Downloads
Gisela Montero, Ricardo Pulido, Carlos Pineda and Ricardo Rivero
Analysis of a combined power and refrigeration cycle by the exergy method pp. 3401-3414 Downloads
A. Vidal, R. Best, R. Rivero and J. Cervantes
Heat transfer in a twin-screw multiphase pump: Thermal modeling and one application in the petroleum industry pp. 3415-3425 Downloads
Celso Y. Nakashima, Silvio de Oliveira and E.F. Caetano
System analysis of hydrogen production from gasified black liquor pp. 3426-3434 Downloads
E. Andersson and S. Harvey
Study of forecasting solar irradiance using neural networks with preprocessing sample data by wavelet analysis pp. 3435-3445 Downloads
J.C. Cao and S.H. Cao
Bulk energy storage potential in the USA, current developments and future prospects pp. 3446-3457 Downloads
Septimus van der Linden
More efficient biomass gasification via torrefaction pp. 3458-3470 Downloads
Mark J. Prins, Krzysztof J. Ptasinski and Frans J.J.G. Janssen

Volume 31, issue 14, 2006

Alternative energy sources or integrated alternative energy systems? Oil as a modern lance of Peleus for the energy transition pp. 2513-2522 Downloads
Alexandre Szklo and Roberto Schaeffer
Techno-economic prospects of small-scale membrane reactors in a future hydrogen-fuelled transportation sector pp. 2523-2555 Downloads
M. Sjardin, K.J. Damen and A.P.C. Faaij
Membrane processes for post-combustion carbon dioxide capture: A parametric study pp. 2556-2570 Downloads
Roda Bounaceur, Nancy Lape, Denis Roizard, Cécile Vallieres and Eric Favre
Climate sensitivity uncertainty and the necessity to transform global energy supply pp. 2571-2587 Downloads
Bob van der Zwaan and Reyer Gerlagh
Low rate energy use for heating and in industrial energy supply systems—Some technical and economical aspects pp. 2588-2603 Downloads
S. Smolen and Budnik-Rodz, M.
Decision analysis in energy and environmental modeling: An update pp. 2604-2622 Downloads
Peng Zhou, B.W. Ang and K.L. Poh
Impact of urban temperature on energy consumption of Hong Kong pp. 2623-2637 Downloads
W.Y. Fung, K.S. Lam, W.T. Hung, S.W. Pang and Y.L. Lee
A bottom-up decomposition analysis of energy-related CO2 emissions in Greece pp. 2638-2651 Downloads
D. Diakoulaki, George Mavrotas, D. Orkopoulos and L. Papayannakis
Performance improvement of a gas turbine cycle by using a desiccant-based evaporative cooling system pp. 2652-2664 Downloads
Amir Abbas Zadpoor and Ali Hamedani Golshan
Study of low emission homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine using combined internal and external exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) pp. 2665-2676 Downloads
Lei Shi, Yi Cui, Kangyao Deng, Haiyong Peng and Yuanyuan Chen
Demand side management in Nepal pp. 2677-2698 Downloads
Ming Yang
Thermoeconomic analysis of a power/water cogeneration plant pp. 2699-2709 Downloads
Osman A. Hamed, Al-Washmi, Hamed A. and Al-Otaibi, Holayil A.
Experimental and numerical performance of a multi-effect condensation–evaporation solar water distillation system pp. 2710-2727 Downloads
Adel M. Abdel Dayem
Solar global UV (280–380nm) radiation and its relationship with solar global radiation measured on the island of Cyprus pp. 2728-2738 Downloads
C.P. Jacovides, V.D. Assimakopoulos, F.S. Tymvios, K. Theophilou and D.N. Asimakopoulos
The minimum work required for air conditioning process pp. 2739-2749 Downloads
Majed M. Alhazmy
Performance evaluation of district cooling plant with ice storage pp. 2750-2762 Downloads
Apple L.S. Chan, Tin-Tai Chow, Square K.F. Fong and John Z. Lin
An experimental study on the design parameters of a counterflow vortex tube pp. 2763-2772 Downloads
Orhan Aydın and Muzaffer Baki
Triethylamine as an initiator for cracking of heptane pp. 2773-2790 Downloads
Ze Wang, Ruisen Lin, Wenjun Fang, Gang Li, Yongsheng Guo and Zhenwei Qin
Evaluation method for thermal processing of phosphoric acid with waste heat recovery pp. 2791-2804 Downloads
Cheng Zan, Lin Shi, Yao Zu Song and Ming Shan Zhu
Screening of water-splitting thermochemical cycles potentially attractive for hydrogen production by concentrated solar energy pp. 2805-2822 Downloads
Stéphane Abanades, Patrice Charvin, Gilles Flamant and Pierre Neveu
After-hours power status of office equipment in the USA pp. 2823-2838 Downloads
Carrie A. Webber, Judy A. Roberson, Marla C. McWhinney, Richard E. Brown, Margaret J. Pinckard and John F. Busch
A trigonometric grey prediction approach to forecasting electricity demand pp. 2839-2847 Downloads
Peng Zhou, B.W. Ang and K.L. Poh
Actual interaction effects between policy measures for energy efficiency—A qualitative matrix method and quantitative simulation results for households pp. 2848-2873 Downloads
Piet G.M. Boonekamp
Application of probabilistic networks for decision support in power system analysis pp. 2874-2889 Downloads
Wojciech Tylman and George J. Anders
Electricity generation and economic growth in Indonesia pp. 2890-2899 Downloads
Seung-Hoon Yoo and Yeonbae Kim
MSW catalytic combustion by alkali and alkali–earth salts pp. 2900-2914 Downloads
Shen Boxiong, Wu Chunfei and Qin Lei
CO2 emissions change from the introduction of diesel passenger cars: Case of Greece pp. 2915-2925 Downloads
Efthimios Zervas, Stavros Poulopoulos and Constantinos Philippopoulos
Mathematical modelling of heat transfer in dedusting plants and comparison to off-gas measurements at electric arc furnaces pp. 2926-2939 Downloads
Marcus Kirschen, Viktor Velikorodov and Herbert Pfeifer
An empirical approach to estimating monthly radiation on south-facing tilted planes for building application pp. 2940-2957 Downloads
C.L. Cheng, C.Y. Chan and C.L. Chen
Experimental study of a compact PCM solar collector pp. 2958-2968 Downloads
Eman-Bellah S. Mettawee and Ghazy M.R. Assassa
Mathematical modeling of cooking pots’ thermal efficiency using a combined experimental and neural network method pp. 2969-2985 Downloads
S.K. Hannani, E. Hessari, M. Fardadi and M.K. Jeddi
Effect of additive gases on methane conversion using gliding arc discharge pp. 2986-2995 Downloads
Antonius Indarto, Jae-Wook Choi, Hwaung Lee and Hyung Keun Song
Optimization system for combined heat and electricity production in the wood-processing industry pp. 2996-3016 Downloads
V. Uran
Assessment of energy status for irrigation technology in Bangladesh: A GIS approach pp. 3017-3040 Downloads
T. Ahamed, T. Takigawa, M. Koike, M.M. Hossain, M.M. Huq and M.O. Faruk
CO2-emissions reduction potential and costs of a decentralized energy system for providing electricity, cooling and heating in an office-building in Tokyo pp. 3041-3061 Downloads
Céline Weber, Michihisa Koyama and Steven Kraines
Energetic life cycle assessment of fuel cell powertrain systems and alternative fuels in Germany pp. 3062-3075 Downloads
U. Wagner, R. Eckl and P. Tzscheutschler

Volume 31, issue 13, 2006

Sustainable development after Johannesburg and Iraq: The global situation and the cases of Slovenia and Croatia pp. 2259-2268 Downloads
Robert Blinc, Aleksander Zidanšek and Ivo Šlaus
The development of a sustainable development model framework pp. 2269-2275 Downloads
Alim P. Hannoura, Gianna M. Cothren and Wael M. Khairy
Sustainability assessment of cogeneration sector development in Croatia pp. 2276-2284 Downloads
Marko Lipošćak, Naim H. Afgan, Neven Duić and Maria da Graça Carvalho
Improvement of the cogeneration plant economy by using heat accumulator pp. 2285-2292 Downloads
Željko Bogdan and Damir Kopjar
Renewable energy and the need for local energy markets pp. 2293-2302 Downloads
Frede Hvelplund
Application of passive radiative cooling for dew condensation pp. 2303-2315 Downloads
Daniel Beysens, Marc Muselli, Iryna Milimouk, Catherine Ohayon, Simon M. Berkowicz, Emmanuel Soyeux, Marina Mileta and Pascal Ortega
An assessment of the potential benefits from integrated electricity capacity planning in the northern Middle East region pp. 2316-2324 Downloads
Farqad AlKhal, Riad Chedid, Zeina Itani and Tony Karam
The Kyoto mechanisms and technological innovation pp. 2325-2332 Downloads
Henrik Lund
Analysis of companies’ environmental strategies for a green society pp. 2333-2340 Downloads
Manuela Sarmento, Diamantino Durão and Manuela Duarte
Recycling of wood waste as sustainable industrial resources—Design of energy saving wood-based board for floor heating systems pp. 2341-2349 Downloads
Yoshihiro Obata, Kazutoshi Takeuchi, Naho Soma and Kozo Kanayama
Bringing sustainability science to water basin management pp. 2350-2360 Downloads
Jurgen Schmandt
Life cycle assessment of MSF, MED and RO desalination technologies pp. 2361-2372 Downloads
Gemma Raluy, Luis Serra and Javier Uche
Exploring an innovative watershed management approach: From feasibility to sustainability pp. 2373-2386 Downloads
A. Said, G. Sehlke, D.K. Stevens, T. Glover, D. Sorensen, W. Walker and T. Hardy
Some problems with the development of combined generation of electricity and heat in Russia pp. 2387-2394 Downloads
Yuri A. Zeigarnik
Estimation and reduction of CO2 emissions from crude oil distillation units pp. 2398-2408 Downloads
M. Gadalla, Ž. Olujić, M. Jobson and R. Smith
Reducing CO2 emissions of internally heat-integrated distillation columns for separation of close boiling mixtures pp. 2409-2417 Downloads
M. Gadalla, Ž. Olujić, A. de Rijke and P.J. Jansens
Model-based control of temperature and energy requirements in a fluidised furnace reactor pp. 2418-2427 Downloads
Spyros S. Voutetakis, Panos Seferlis, Simira Papadopoulou and Yorgos Kyriakos
Dynamic modelling and optimization of hydrogen storage in metal hydride beds pp. 2428-2446 Downloads
Eustathios S. Kikkinides, Michael C. Georgiadis and Athanasios K. Stubos
Energy consumption analysis of integrated flowsheets for production of fuel ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass pp. 2447-2459 Downloads
C.A. Cardona Alzate and O.J. Sánchez Toro
An improved model of an ASR pyrolysis reactor for energy recovery pp. 2460-2468 Downloads
A. Chiarioni, A.P. Reverberi, B. Fabiano and V.G. Dovì
Long-term electricity contract optimization with demand uncertainties pp. 2469-2485 Downloads
Pang Chan, Chi-Wai Hui, Wenkai Li, Haruo Sakamoto, Kentaro Hirata and Pu Li
Energy recovery and environmental concerns addressed through emergy–pinch analysis pp. 2486-2498 Downloads
T.K. Zhelev and R. Ridolfi
Integrating renewable sources of energy into an existing combined heat and power system pp. 2499-2511 Downloads
Martin Pavlas, Petr Stehlík, Jaroslav Oral and Jiří Šikula

Volume 31, issue 12, 2006

Quantifying global exergy resources pp. 1685-1702 Downloads
Weston A. Hermann
Electricity tariffs based on long-run marginal costs for central grid system of Oman pp. 1703-1714 Downloads
Arif S. Malik and Al-Zubeidi, Salem
CO2 capture from air and co-production of H2 via the Ca(OH)2–CaCO3 cycle using concentrated solar power–Thermodynamic analysis pp. 1715-1725 Downloads
V. Nikulshina, D. Hirsch, M. Mazzotti and A. Steinfeld
Hydrocarbon production cost functions in the Gulf of Mexico pp. 1726-1747 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser
Mitigation potential of greenhouse gas emission and implications on fuel consumption due to clean energy vehicles as public passenger transport in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal: A case study of trolley buses in Ring Road pp. 1748-1760 Downloads
Shreekar Pradhan, Bhakta Bahadur Ale and Vishwa Bhusan Amatya
Optimal location of advanced static VAR compensator (ASVC) applied to non-linear load model pp. 1761-1768 Downloads
M.R. Qader
Performance of secondary aluminum melting: Thermodynamic analysis and plant-site experiments pp. 1769-1779 Downloads
Tianxiang Li, Mohamed Hassan, Kazunori Kuwana, Kozo Saito and Paul King
The effects of different greenhouse covering materials on energy requirement, growth and yield of aubergine pp. 1780-1788 Downloads
Bilal Cemek, Yusuf Demir, Sezgin Uzun and Vedat Ceyhan
Impact of micro-combined heat-and-power systems on energy flows in the UK electricity supply industry pp. 1804-1818 Downloads
A.D. Peacock and M. Newborough
Optimum size and structure for solar energy collection systems pp. 1819-1835 Downloads
Viorel Badescu
Barriers to and driving forces for energy efficiency in the non-energy intensive manufacturing industry in Sweden pp. 1836-1844 Downloads
P. Rohdin and P. Thollander
Cost of power interruptions to electricity consumers in the United States (US) pp. 1845-1855 Downloads
Kristina Hamachi LaCommare and Joseph H. Eto
Comparison of wave energy flux for northern, central, and southern coast of California based on long-term statistical wave data pp. 1856-1869 Downloads
Asfaw Beyene and James H. Wilson
Effect of material flows on energy intensity in process industries pp. 1870-1882 Downloads
Liru Liu, Lu Aye, Zhongwu Lu and Peihong Zhang
An innovative approach for demand side management—optimal chiller loading by simulated annealing pp. 1883-1896 Downloads
Yung-Chung Chang
Cost effective second generation AC-modules: Development and testing aspects pp. 1897-1920 Downloads
Saiful Islam, Achim Woyte, Ronnie Belmans, Peter Heskes, P.M. Rooij and Ron Hogedoorn
Specific energy consumption in microwave drying of garlic cloves pp. 1921-1926 Downloads
G.P. Sharma and Suresh Prasad
Comparative first- and second-law parametric study of transient diesel engine operation pp. 1927-1942 Downloads
C.D. Rakopoulos and E.G. Giakoumis
Optimization of integrated photovoltaic–wind power generation systems with battery storage pp. 1943-1954 Downloads
A. Rajendra Prasad and E. Natarajan
Simulation of a thermal power plant with district heating: Comparative results of 5 different codes pp. 1955-1968 Downloads
João G.S. Fonseca and Paulo S. Schneider
Barriers to energy efficiency in small industry clusters: Multi-criteria-based prioritization using the analytic hierarchy process pp. 1969-1983 Downloads
N. Nagesha and P. Balachandra
From fluid milk to milk powder: Energy use and energy efficiency in the European dairy industry pp. 1984-2004 Downloads
C.A. Ramírez, M. Patel and K. Blok
An exergy analysis of small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) liquefaction processes pp. 2005-2019 Downloads
C.W. Remeljej and A.F.A. Hoadley
Heat loss through the piping of a large solar collector field pp. 2020-2035 Downloads
El-Nashar, Ali M.
Performance improvement of the combined cycle power plant by intake air cooling using an absorption chiller pp. 2036-2046 Downloads
S. Boonnasa, P. Namprakai and T. Muangnapoh
How much energy to process one pound of meat? A comparison of energy use and specific energy consumption in the meat industry of four European countries pp. 2047-2063 Downloads
C.A. Ramírez, M. Patel and K. Blok
Future fuel cell and internal combustion engine automobile technologies: A 25-year life cycle and fleet impact assessment pp. 2064-2087 Downloads
Andreas Schäfer, John B. Heywood and Malcolm A. Weiss
Morphology and electrochemistry of spinel Li–Mn–O optimized by composite technology pp. 2088-2093 Downloads
Jinduo Han, Yongzhong Jia, Shan Jin, Yan Jing, Monique Tillard and Claude Belin
Thermo-economic optimization of hot water piping systems: A comparison study pp. 2094-2107 Downloads
İ.T. Öztürk, H. Karabay and E. Bilgen
Thermoeconomic optimization of subcooled and superheated vapor compression refrigeration cycle pp. 2108-2128 Downloads
Reşat Selbaş, Önder Kızılkan and Arzu Şencan
Comparing linear and nonlinear forecasts for Taiwan's electricity consumption pp. 2129-2141 Downloads
Hsiao-Tien Pao
Optimal Reynolds number for the fully developed laminar forced convection in a helical coiled tube pp. 2142-2152 Downloads
T.H. Ko and K. Ting
Assessment of optimum tip speed ratio in wind turbines using artificial neural networks pp. 2153-2161 Downloads
M.A. Yurdusev, R. Ata and N.S. Çetin
A framework for local and regional energy system integration between industry and municipalities—Case study UPM-Kymmene Kaukas pp. 2162-2175 Downloads
Tor-Martin Tveit, Juha Aaltola, Timo Laukkanen, Mika Laihanen and Carl-Johan Fogelholm
Thermodynamically equivalent distillation schemes to the Petlyuk column for ternary mixtures pp. 2176-2183 Downloads
Salvador Hernández, Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Juan and Rico-Ramírez, Vicente
Combined catalytic partial oxidation and CO2 reforming of methane over ZrO2-modified Ni/SiO2 catalysts using fluidized-bed reactor pp. 2184-2192 Downloads
Q.S. Jing and X.M. Zheng
Incentive pricing and economic profitability of load management program pp. 2193-2209 Downloads
J.N. Sheen
Multicriteria evaluation of demand side management (DSM) implementation strategies in the Indian power sector pp. 2210-2225 Downloads
Sanjay Vashishtha and M. Ramachandran
Second law analysis of forced convection in a circular duct for non-Newtonian fluids pp. 2226-2244 Downloads
Shohel Mahmud and Roydon Andrew Fraser

Volume 31, issue 10, 2006

A relaxation-based heuristic for the design of cost-effective energy conversion systems pp. 1346-1357 Downloads
Ahadi-Oskui, T., H. Alperin, I. Nowak, F. Cziesla and G. Tsatsaronis
Thermoeconomic analysis of a fuel cell hybrid power system from the fuel cell experimental data pp. 1358-1370 Downloads
Tomás Álvarez, Antonio Valero and José M. Montes
Preliminary results from simulations of temperature oscillations in Stirling engine regenerator matrices pp. 1371-1383 Downloads
Stig Kildegård Andersen, Henrik Carlsen and Per Grove Thomsen
Energy efficient upgrading of biofuel integrated with a pulp mill pp. 1384-1394 Downloads
Eva Andersson, Simon Harvey and Thore Berntsson
Silicon as energy carrier—Facts and perspectives pp. 1395-1402 Downloads
Norbert Auner and Sven Holl
Design criteria for distributed cogeneration plants pp. 1403-1416 Downloads
Gian Luigi Berta, Alessandro Pini Prato and Luca Garbarino
Cogeneration from poultry industry wastes: Indirectly fired gas turbine application pp. 1417-1436 Downloads
M. Bianchi, F. Cherubini, A. De Pascale, A. Peretto and B. Elmegaard
High-efficiency coal-fired power plants development and perspectives pp. 1437-1445 Downloads
Jørgen Bugge, Sven Kjær and Rudolph Blum
Performance evaluation of chemically recuperated gas turbine (CRGT) power plants fuelled by di-methyl-ether (DME) pp. 1446-1458 Downloads
Daniele Cocco, Vittorio Tola and Giorgio Cau
Performance evaluation of small size externally fired gas turbine (EFGT) power plants integrated with direct biomass dryers pp. 1459-1471 Downloads
Daniele Cocco, Paolo Deiana and Giorgio Cau
Simulation study of a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system with autothermal reforming pp. 1490-1500 Downloads
Atilla Ersoz, Hayati Olgun and Sibel Ozdogan
Development of a model for thermoeconomic design and operation optimization of a PEM fuel cell system pp. 1501-1519 Downloads
Christos A. Frangopoulos and Lambros G. Nakos
CO2-free power generation in combined cycles—Integration of post-combustion separation of carbon dioxide in the steam cycle pp. 1520-1532 Downloads
Björn Fredriksson Möller, Mohsen Assadi and Ian Potts
Production of lime, hydrogen, and methanol by the thermo-neutral combined calcination of limestone with partial oxidation of natural gas or coal pp. 1533-1541 Downloads
M. Halmann and A. Steinfeld
The design, construction and operation of a 75kW two-stage gasifier pp. 1542-1553 Downloads
Ulrik Henriksen, Jesper Ahrenfeldt, Torben Kvist Jensen, Benny Gøbel, Jens Dall Bentzen, Claus Hindsgaul and Lasse Holst Sørensen
A chemically intercooled gas turbine cycle for recovery of low-temperature thermal energy pp. 1554-1566 Downloads
Hongguang Jin, Hui Hong and Ruixian Cai
Optimum production plans for thermal power plants in the deregulated electricity market pp. 1567-1585 Downloads
Andrea Lazzaretto and Cristian Carraretto
Four approaches compared on the TADEUS (thermoeconomic approach to the diagnosis of energy utility systems) test case pp. 1586-1613 Downloads
A. Lazzaretto, A. Toffolo, M. Reini, R. Taccani, Zaleta-Aguilar, A., Rangel-Hernandez, V. and V. Verda
Technical, environmental and economic analysis of co-firing of gasified biofuel in a natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) combined heat and power (CHP) plant pp. 1614-1631 Downloads
Âsa Marbe, Simon Harvey and Thore Berntsson
Exergy recovery from steelmaking off-gas by latent heat storage for methanol production pp. 1632-1642 Downloads
Nobuhiro Maruoka and Tomohiro Akiyama
Oxy-co-gasification of coal and biomass in an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant pp. 1643-1655 Downloads
Antonio Valero and Sergio Usón
R&D (Research and Development) on distributed power generation from solid fuels pp. 1656-1665 Downloads
Kunio Yoshikawa
A novel near-zero CO2 emission thermal cycle with LNG cryogenic exergy utilization pp. 1666-1679 Downloads
Na Zhang and Noam Lior

Volume 31, issue 8, 2006

Exergy analysis for resource conversion of the Chinese Society 1993 under the material product system pp. 1115-1150 Downloads
B. Chen and G.Q. Chen
Alternative depreciation policies for promoting combined heat and power (CHP) development in Brazil pp. 1151-1166 Downloads
Jeferson Borghetti Soares, Alexandre Salem Szklo and Maurício Tiomno Tolmasquim
Analysis of the overall energy intensity of alumina refinery process using unit process energy intensity and product ratio method pp. 1167-1176 Downloads
Liru Liu, Lu Aye, Zhongwu Lu and Peihong Zhang
A combined power and cooling cycle modified to improve resource utilization efficiency using a distillation stage pp. 1177-1196 Downloads
S. Vijayaraghavan and D.Y. Goswami
Simulating a combination of feebates and scrappage incentives to reduce automobile emissions pp. 1197-1214 Downloads
Todd BenDor and Andrew Ford
Multi-criteria evaluation of cooking devices with special reference to utility of parabolic solar cooker (PSC) in India pp. 1215-1227 Downloads
S.D. Pohekar and M. Ramachandran
Energy performance of independent air dehumidification systems with energy recovery measures pp. 1228-1242 Downloads
L.Z. Zhang
Energy use pattern analyses of greenhouse vegetable production pp. 1243-1256 Downloads
M. Canakci and I. Akinci
SPECO: A systematic and general methodology for calculating efficiencies and costs in thermal systems pp. 1257-1289 Downloads
Andrea Lazzaretto and George Tsatsaronis
Market efficiency, cross hedging and price forecasts: California's natural-gas markets pp. 1290-1304 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, A. Olson and I. Horowitz
Estimating energy requirement in cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) nut processing operations pp. 1305-1320 Downloads
S.O. Jekayinfa and A.I. Bamgboye
Energetics of coal substitution by briquettes of agricultural residues pp. 1321-1331 Downloads
Pallav Purohit, Arun Kumar Tripathi and Tara Chandra Kandpal
Passive options for solar cooling of buildings in arid areas pp. 1332-1344 Downloads
Emad H. Amer

Volume 31, issue 6, 2006

Costs of electricity deregulation pp. 747-768 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, M. King, A. Tishler and L.C.H. Chow
Electricity deregulation in OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries pp. 769-787 Downloads
Al-Sunaidy, A. and R. Green
Electricity industry reforms in smaller European countries and the Nordic experience pp. 788-801 Downloads
S.D. Thomas
The myth of the single solution: electricity reforms and the World Bank pp. 802-814 Downloads
Yi-chong, Xu
Electricity reform in developing and transition countries: A reappraisal pp. 815-844 Downloads
J.H. Williams and R. Ghanadan
Likely failure of electricity deregulation: Explanation with application to Israel pp. 845-856 Downloads
A. Tishler and Chi-Keung Woo
The prerequisites for effective competition in restructured wholesale electricity markets pp. 857-864 Downloads
R. Haas and H. Auer
Integrating competition and planning: A mixed institutional model of the Brazilian electric power sector pp. 865-876 Downloads
S.V. Bajay
Market power monitoring and mitigation in the US wholesale power markets pp. 877-904 Downloads
Udi Helman
A law enforcement perspective of electricity deregulation pp. 905-907 Downloads
Ira Horowitz
Electricity deregulation, spot price patterns and demand-side management pp. 908-922 Downloads
Y. Li and P.C. Flynn
Global electricity transformation: The critical need for integrated market design and risk management research pp. 923-939 Downloads
Hung-po Chao,
Electricity derivatives and risk management pp. 940-953 Downloads
S.J. Deng and S.S. Oren
Transmission investment and expansion planning in a restructured electricity market pp. 954-966 Downloads
F.f Wu, F.L. Zheng and F.S. Wen
The North American power delivery system: Balancing market restructuring and environmental economics with infrastructure security pp. 967-999 Downloads
S. Massoud Amin and Clark W. Gellings
Power plant operation and management in a deregulated market pp. 1000-1016 Downloads
Cristian Carraretto
A survey of transmission tariffs in North America pp. 1017-1039 Downloads
C. Lusztig, P. Feldberg, R. Orans and A. Olson
Designing Pareto-superior demand-response rate options pp. 1040-1051 Downloads
I. Horowitz and Chi-Keung Woo
Expectations for renewable energy under market restructuring: the U.S. experience pp. 1052-1066 Downloads
M.K. Heiman
Environmental impact of electricity deregulation pp. 1067-1083 Downloads
Joel N. Swisher and Maria C. McAlpin
Avoided cost estimation and post-reform funding allocation for California's energy efficiency programs pp. 1084-1099 Downloads
C. Baskette, B. Horii, E. Kollman and S. Price
Measurement and evaluation of energy efficiency programs: California and South Korea pp. 1100-1113 Downloads
E. Vine, C.H. Rhee and K.D. Lee

Volume 31, issue 5, 2006

The exergy fields in transport processes: Their calculation and use pp. 553-578 Downloads
Noam Lior, Sarmiento-Darkin, Wladimir and Al-Sharqawi, Hassan S.
Least-energy optimization of air-cooled heat sinks for sustainability-theory, geometry and material selection pp. 579-619 Downloads
Bar-Cohen, Avram, Raj Bahadur and Madhusudan Iyengar
Constructal multi-scale structures for maximal heat transfer density pp. 620-635 Downloads
A.K. da Silva, S. Lorente and A. Bejan
Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based micro-scale direct methanol fuel cell development pp. 636-649 Downloads
Shi-Chune Yao, Xudong Tang, Cheng-Chieh Hsieh, Yousef Alyousef, Michael Vladimer, Gary K. Fedder and Cristina H. Amon
Utilization of existing deep geological wells for acquisitions of geothermal energy pp. 650-664 Downloads
Tomasz Kujawa, Władysław Nowak and Aleksander A. Stachel
Experimental thermal behavior of a power plant reheater pp. 665-676 Downloads
M. Manuela Prieto González, F. Javier Fernández García, Inés Suárez Ramón and Hilario Sánchez Roces
A long term study of residential home heating consumption and the effect of occupant behavior on homes in the Pacific Northwest constructed according to improved thermal standards pp. 677-693 Downloads
A.F. Emery and C.J. Kippenhan
Experimental and numerical simulations of turbulent ventilation in aircraft cabins pp. 694-705 Downloads
Johannes Bosbach, Julien Pennecot, Claus Wagner, Markus Raffel, Thomas Lerche and Stefan Repp
Application of computational fluid dynamics and pedestrian-behavior simulations to the design of task-ambient air-conditioning systems of a subway station pp. 706-718 Downloads
Kazuhiro Fukuyo
The influence of wind speed, terrain and ventilation system on the air change rate of a single-family house pp. 719-731 Downloads
Björn Mattsson
Thermodynamical analysis of human thermal comfort pp. 732-743 Downloads
Matjaz Prek

Volume 31, issue 4, 2006

Modeling the cost of shut-in production and the value of information in the Gulf of Mexico pp. 385-408 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser and Allan G. Pulsipher
Optimal distribution of cooling during gas compression pp. 409-424 Downloads
J. Bonjour and A. Bejan
Olefins from conventional and heavy feedstocks: Energy use in steam cracking and alternative processes pp. 425-451 Downloads
Tao Ren, Martin Patel and Kornelis Blok
Performance investigation of flat plate, v-corrugated and finned air collectors pp. 452-470 Downloads
Md Azharul Karim and M.N.a Hawlader
Well-to-wheels analysis of hydrogen based fuel-cell vehicle pathways in Shanghai pp. 471-489 Downloads
Zhijia Huang and Xu Zhang
A new approach to exergoeconomic analysis and design of variable demand energy systems pp. 490-515 Downloads
E. Cardona and A. Piacentino
Simulation, optimization and control of a thermal cracking furnace pp. 516-527 Downloads
M.E. Masoumi, S.M. Sadrameli, J. Towfighi and A. Niaei
Thermal analysis of an enriched flame incinerator for aqueous residues pp. 528-545 Downloads
Pedro Teixeira Lacava, João A. Carvalho, Amilcar Porto Pimenta and Marco Aurélio Ferreira

Volume 31, issue 2, 2006

A comparative multivariate analysis of household energy requirements in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, India and Japan pp. 181-207 Downloads
Manfred Lenzen, Mette Wier, Claude Cohen, Hitoshi Hayami, Shonali Pachauri and Roberto Schaeffer
Models for mid-term electricity demand forecasting incorporating weather influences pp. 208-227 Downloads
S. Mirasgedis, Y. Sarafidis, E. Georgopoulou, D.P. Lalas, M. Moschovits, F. Karagiannis and D. Papakonstantinou
A comparative study of charcoal gasification in two types of spouted bed reactors pp. 228-243 Downloads
P. Abdul Salam and S.C. Bhattacharya
Design, simulation and performance of a waste heat driven adsorption ice maker for fishing boat pp. 244-259 Downloads
L.W. Wang, R.Z. Wang, J.Y. Wu, Y.X. Xu and S.G. Wang
Part load performance analysis of recuperated gas turbines considering engine configuration and operation strategy pp. 260-277 Downloads
T.S. Kim and S.H. Hwang
HEATSPOT—a simulation tool for national district heating analyses pp. 278-293 Downloads
David Knutsson, Jenny Sahlin, Sven Werner, Tomas Ekvall and Erik O. Ahlgren
The benefits of integrated treatment of wastes for the production of energy pp. 294-310 Downloads
J.D. Murphy and E. McKeogh
Life-cycle cost analysis of energy efficiency design options for residential furnaces and boilers pp. 311-329 Downloads
James Lutz, Alex Lekov, Peter Chan, Camilla Dunham Whitehead, Steve Meyers and James McMahon
Low-grade coal and biomass co-combustion on fluidized bed: exergy analysis pp. 330-344 Downloads
Carmen Martín, Miguel A. Villamañán, César R. Chamorro, Juan Otero, Andrés Cabanillas and José J. Segovia
Energy analysis of a cogeneration plant using coal gasification and solid oxide fuel cell pp. 345-363 Downloads
S. Ghosh and S. De
An experimental study of energy balance in low heat rejection diesel engine pp. 364-371 Downloads
Imdat Taymaz
Aircraft emissions at Turkish airports pp. 372-384 Downloads
Ugur Kesgin

Volume 31, issue 1, 2006

Prospective/retrospective on strategies pp. 3-9 Downloads
Robert A. Herendeen
Energy efficiency—a critical view pp. 10-20 Downloads
Horace Herring
The prosperous way down pp. 21-32 Downloads
Howard T. Odum and Elisabeth C. Odum
Steps toward the hydrogen economy pp. 33-43 Downloads
S.S. Penner
Energy transformations and post-normal science pp. 44-58 Downloads
Joseph A. Tainter, T.F.H. Allen and T.W. Hoekstra
Integrated assessment and energy analysis: Quality assurance in multi-criteria analysis of sustainability pp. 59-86 Downloads
Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi and Giuseppe Munda
The global socioeconomic energetic metabolism as a sustainability problem pp. 87-99 Downloads
Helmut Haberl
Exergy-based lumped simulation of complex systems: An interactive analysis tool pp. 100-111 Downloads
Daniela Milia and Enrico Sciubba
Land use impact evaluation in life cycle assessment based on ecosystem thermodynamics pp. 112-125 Downloads
Tim Wagendorp, Hubert Gulinck, Pol Coppin and Bart Muys
A.R.T. (Associated Reversible Transformations) as a basis for thermodynamic cycles analysis pp. 126-137 Downloads
M. Reini
Natural gas and the environmental results of life cycle assessment pp. 138-148 Downloads
Angelo Riva, Simona D'Angelosante and Carla Trebeschi
An integrated assessment of energy conversion processes by means of thermodynamic, economic and environmental parameters pp. 149-163 Downloads
S. Tonon, M.T. Brown, F. Luchi, A. Mirandola, A. Stoppato and S. Ulgiati
Exergy accounting: Capabilities and drawbacks pp. 164-180 Downloads
A. Valero
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