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Volume 126, issue C, 2017

Numerical investigations on combustion characteristics of H2/air premixed combustion in a micro elliptical tube combustor pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wei Zuo, Jiaqiang E, Wenyu Hu, Yu Jin and Dandan Han
Energy life-cycle analysis of soybean biodiesel: Effects of tillage and water management pp. 13-20 Downloads
Roxana Piastrellini, Alejandro Pablo Arena and Bárbara Civit
Design and analysis of the novel concept of high temperature heat and power storage pp. 21-33 Downloads
A. Arabkoohsar and G.B. Andresen
Burning velocities of DME(dimethyl ether)-air premixed flames at elevated temperatures pp. 34-41 Downloads
Robin John Varghese, V. Ratna Kishore, M. Akram, Y. Yoon and Sudarshan Kumar
Microwave-induced electrical discharge of metal strips for the degradation of biomass tar pp. 42-52 Downloads
Yuli Zhou, Wenlong Wang, Jing Sun, Lunjing Fu, Zhanlong Song, Xiqiang Zhao and Yanpeng Mao
Optimization of multi-source complex district heating network, a case study pp. 53-63 Downloads
Mattias Vesterlund, Andrea Toffolo and Jan Dahl
A novel tool for thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of trigeneration systems: A case study for a hospital building in Italy pp. 64-87 Downloads
Francesco Calise, Massimo Dentice d'Accadia, Luigi Libertini, Edoardo Quiriti and Maria Vicidomini
Pt-Pd nanoparticles decorated sulfonated graphene-poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) nanocomposite, An efficient HER electrocatalyst pp. 88-96 Downloads
Ali A. Ensafi, Zandi-Atashbar, N., Z. Mohamadi, A. Abdolmaleki and B. Rezaei
System scaling approach and thermoeconomic analysis of a pressure retarded osmosis system for power production with hypersaline draw solution: A Great Salt Lake case study pp. 97-111 Downloads
Thomas T.D. Tran, Keunhan Park and Amanda D. Smith
Conceptualizing sustainable development of conventional power systems in developing countries – A contribution towards low carbon future pp. 112-123 Downloads
A. Merzic, M. Music and Z. Haznadar
Electricity consumption forecasting in Brazil: A spatial econometrics approach pp. 124-131 Downloads
Joilson de Assis Cabral, Luiz Fernando Loureiro Legey and Maria Viviana de Freitas Cabral
Game-Theory based dynamic pricing strategies for demand side management in smart grids pp. 132-143 Downloads
Dipti Srinivasan, Sanjana Rajgarhia, Bharat Menon Radhakrishnan, Anurag Sharma and H.P. Khincha
Long-term electrical energy consumption formulating and forecasting via optimized gene expression programming pp. 144-164 Downloads
S. Hr. Aghay Kaboli, A. Fallahpour, J. Selvaraj and N.A. Rahim
An inexact multi-objective programming model for an economy-energy-environment system under uncertainty: A case study of Urumqi, China pp. 165-178 Downloads
Z.H. Fu, Y.L. Xie, W. Li, W.T. Lu and H.C. Guo
Enforcement of cost-effective energy conservation on single-fed asynchronous machine using a novel switching strategy pp. 179-191 Downloads
R. Raja Singh and Thanga Raj Chelliah
Evaluation of economic regulation in distribution systems with distributed generation pp. 192-201 Downloads
Yalin Huang and Lennart Söder
Optimization of pyrolysis efficiency based on optical property of semicoke in terahertz region pp. 202-207 Downloads
Yi Z. Li, Shi X. Wu, Xiao L. Yu, Ri M. Bao, Zhi K. Wu, Wei Wang, Hong L. Zhan, Kun Zhao, Yue Ma, Jian X. Wu, Shao H. Liu and Shu Y. Li
NixCo1-x(OH)2 nanosheets on carbon nanofoam paper as high areal capacity electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors pp. 208-216 Downloads
Tuyen Nguyen, Michel Boudard, M. João Carmezim and M. Fátima Montemor
Blade-end treatment for axial compressors based on optimization method pp. 217-230 Downloads
Zhihui Li and Yanming Liu
An integrated source-grid-load planning model at the macro level: Case study for China's power sector pp. 231-246 Downloads
Ning Zhang, Zhaoguang Hu, Bo Shen, Gang He and Yanan Zheng
Predictive, adaptive model of PG 9171E gas turbine unit including control algorithms pp. 247-255 Downloads
Marcin Plis and Henryk Rusinowski
Production strategy for oceanic methane hydrate extraction and power generation with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pp. 256-272 Downloads
Lin Chen, Hirotoshi Sasaki, Tsutomu Watanabe, Junnosuke Okajima, Atsuki Komiya and Shigenao Maruyama
An optimal integrated planning method for supporting growing penetration of electric vehicles in distribution systems pp. 273-284 Downloads
Bo Zeng, Jiahuan Feng, Jianhua Zhang and Zongqi Liu
Integrated assessment of a phase-out of coal-fired power plants in Germany pp. 285-305 Downloads
Heidi Ursula Heinrichs, Diana Schumann, Stefan Vögele, Klaus Hendrik Biß, Hawal Shamon, Peter Markewitz, Johannes Többen, Bastian Gillessen, Fabian Gotzens and Anna Ernst
Phase equilibria and characterization of CO2 and SF6 binary hydrates for CO2 sequestration pp. 306-311 Downloads
Jeong-Hoon Sa, Gye-Hoon Kwak, Bo Ram Lee, Kunwoo Han, Seong Jun Cho, Ju Dong Lee and Kun-Hong Lee
Mathematical modeling, simulation and validation of a boiler drum: Some investigations pp. 312-325 Downloads
P.U. Sunil, Jayesh Barve and P.S.V. Nataraj
Potential for valorization of dehydrated paper pulp sludge for biogas production: Addition of selected hydrolytic enzymes in semi-continuous anaerobic digestion assays pp. 326-334 Downloads
Sabina Kolbl, Forte-Tavčer, Petra and Blaž Stres
Investigation on performance of a spark-ignition engine fueled with dimethyl ether and gasoline mixtures under idle and stoichiometric conditions pp. 335-342 Downloads
Changwei Ji, Lei Shi, Shuofeng Wang, Xiaoyu Cong, Teng Su and Menghui Yu
Exergy and energy analysis of photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid systems pp. 343-351 Downloads
Dianhong Li, Yimin Xuan, Qiang Li and Hui Hong
Value of wind power – Implications from specific power pp. 352-360 Downloads
V. Johansson, L. Thorson, J. Goop, L. Göransson, M. Odenberger, L. Reichenberg, M. Taljegard and F. Johnsson
Investigation on flow distribution of the fuel supply nozzle in the annular combustor of a micro gas turbine pp. 361-373 Downloads
Kyu Hyung Do, Taehoon Kim, Yong-Shik Han, Byung-Il Choi and Myungbae Kim
An inexact cost-risk balanced model for regional energy structure adjustment management and resources environmental effect analysis-a case study of Shandong province, China pp. 374-391 Downloads
Y.L. Xie, D.H. Xia, L. Ji, W.N. Zhou and G.H. Huang
Optimal sizing of a standalone photovoltaic system for remote housing electrification using numerical algorithm and improved system models pp. 392-403 Downloads
Ibrahim Anwar Ibrahim, Tamer Khatib and Azah Mohamed
A novel plugged tube detection and identification approach for final super heater in thermal power plant using principal component analysis pp. 404-418 Downloads
Jungwon Yu, Jaeyeong Yoo, Jaeyel Jang, June Ho Park and Sungshin Kim
District heating and cooling in Sweden pp. 419-429 Downloads
Sven Werner
Dynamic energy, exergy and market modeling of a High Temperature Heat and Power Storage System pp. 430-443 Downloads
A. Arabkoohsar and G.B. Andresen
Assessment of solar thermal tower technology under Algerian climate pp. 444-460 Downloads
Noureddine Yamani, Abdallah Khellaf, Kamal Mohammedi and Omar Behar
Optimization of PV-biomass-diesel and grid base hybrid energy systems for rural electrification by using HOMER pp. 461-474 Downloads
Rumi Rajbongshi, Devashree Borgohain and Sadhan Mahapatra
Benchmarking of a micro gas turbine model integrated with post-combustion CO2 capture pp. 475-487 Downloads
Usman Ali, Font-Palma, Carolina, Homam Nikpey Somehsaraei, Mohammad Mansouri Majoumerd, Muhammad Akram, Karen N. Finney, Thom Best, Nassya B. Mohd Said, Mohsen Assadi and Mohamed Pourkashanian
A modified DIRECT algorithm for hidden constraints in an LNG process optimization pp. 488-500 Downloads
Jonggeol Na, Youngsub Lim and Chonghun Han
Solidification enhancement in a triplex-tube latent heat energy storage system using nanoparticles-metal foam combination pp. 501-512 Downloads
Jasim Mahdi and Emmanuel C. Nsofor
Switching to efficient technologies in traditional biomass intensive countries: The resultant change in emissions pp. 513-526 Downloads
L. Cutz, O. Masera, D. Santana and A.P.C. Faaij
Harvesting acoustic energy by coherence resonance of a bi-stable piezoelectric harvester pp. 527-534 Downloads
Zhiyong Zhou, Weiyang Qin and Pei Zhu
Effect of blade tip pattern on performance of a twin-stage variable-pitch axial fan pp. 535-563 Downloads
Xuemin Ye, Jiankun Zhang and Chunxi Li
Model predictive control with finite control set for variable-speed wind turbines pp. 564-572 Downloads
Dongran Song, Jian Yang, Mi Dong and Young Hoon Joo
Optimal sizing of stand-alone photovoltaic systems in residential buildings pp. 573-584 Downloads
Chiemeka Onyeka Okoye and Oğuz Solyalı
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of biogas-fed Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) plant pp. 585-602 Downloads
E. Rillo, M. Gandiglio, A. Lanzini, S. Bobba, M. Santarelli and G. Blengini
Hydraulic performance optimization of meshed district heating network with multiple heat sources pp. 603-621 Downloads
Yaran Wang, Shijun You, Huan Zhang, Wandong Zheng, Xuejing Zheng and Qingwei Miao
Demand side management in a smart micro-grid in the presence of renewable generation and demand response pp. 622-637 Downloads
G.R. Aghajani, H.A. Shayanfar and H. Shayeghi
Application of nano emulsion method in a methanol powered diesel engine pp. 638-648 Downloads
Dinesh Kumar Soni and Rajesh Gupta
Environmental and economic life cycle assessment of energy recovery from sewage sludge through different anaerobic digestion pathways pp. 649-657 Downloads
Huan Li, Chang Jin, Zhanying Zhang, Ian O'Hara and Sagadevan Mundree
Prediction of flame speed and exergy analysis of premixed flame in a heat recirculating cylindrical micro combustor pp. 658-670 Downloads
Uttam Rana, Suman Chakraborty and S.K. Som
Reducing energy requirements for ETBE synthesis using reactive dividing wall distillation column pp. 671-676 Downloads
Jasdeep Kaur and Vikas Kumar Sangal
Experimental study on urea hydrolysis to ammonia for gas denitration in a continuous tank reactor pp. 677-688 Downloads
Xiangyu Zhang, Bo Zhang, Xu Lu, Ning Gao, Xiaofeng Xiang and Hongjie Xu
Improvement of lean flame stability of inverse methane/air diffusion flame by using coaxial dielectric plasma discharge actuators pp. 689-706 Downloads
Maria Grazia De Giorgi, Antonio Ficarella, Aldebara Sciolti, Elisa Pescini, Stefano Campilongo and Giorgio Di Lecce
Multi-objective optimization of the combustion of a heavy-duty diesel engine with low temperature combustion under a wide load range: (I) Computational method and optimization results pp. 707-719 Downloads
Guangfu Xu, Ming Jia, Yaopeng Li, Maozhao Xie and Wanhua Su
Hydropower system operation optimization by discrete differential dynamic programming based on orthogonal experiment design pp. 720-732 Downloads
Zhong-kai Feng, Wen-jing Niu, Chun-tian Cheng and Sheng-li Liao
The choice of energy saving modes for an energy-intensive manufacturer under non-coordination and coordination scenarios pp. 733-745 Downloads
Jianjun Ouyang and Peng Ju
Analysis of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) effects on exergy terms in an engine operating with diesel oil and hydrogen pp. 746-755 Downloads
Samad Jafarmadar and Peyman Nemati
Open-source energy planning tool with easy-to-parameterize components for the conception of polygeneration systems pp. 756-765 Downloads
Satya Gopisetty, Peter Treffinger and Leonhard Michael Reindl
Performance evaluation of profile modifications on straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine by energy and Spalart Allmaras models pp. 766-795 Downloads
Vivek Shukla and Ajay Kumar Kaviti
Numerical study on laminar burning velocity and ignition delay time of ammonia flame with hydrogen addition pp. 796-809 Downloads
Jun Li, Hongyu Huang, Noriyuki Kobayashi, Chenguang Wang and Haoran Yuan
Risk constrained economic dispatch with integration of wind power by multi-objective optimization approach pp. 810-820 Downloads
Y.Z. Li, K.C. Li, P. Wang, Y. Liu, X.N. Lin, H.B. Gooi, G.F. Li, D.L. Cai and Y. Luo
A novel composite calculation model for power coefficient and flapping moment coefficient of wind turbine pp. 821-829 Downloads
Chao Peng, Jianxiao Zou, Yan Li, Hongbing Xu and Liying Li
Hydrogen generation as a clean energy through hydrolysis of sodium borohydride over Cu-Fe-B nano powders: Effect of polymers and surfactants pp. 830-840 Downloads
Mohammad Hassan Loghmani, Abdollah Fallah Shojaei and Morteza Khakzad
Hybrid Gravitational Search Algorithm-Particle Swarm Optimization with Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients for large scale CHPED problem pp. 841-853 Downloads
Soheil Derafshi Beigvand, Hamdi Abdi and Massimo La Scala
Experimental and numerical simulation study of oxycombustion of fast pyrolysis bio-oil from lignocellulosic biomass pp. 854-867 Downloads
S.I. Yang, M.S. Wu and T.C. Hsu
Optimal design and integration of a cryogenic Air Separation Unit (ASU) with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as heat sink, thermodynamic and economic analyses pp. 868-885 Downloads
Armin Ebrahimi and Masoud Ziabasharhagh
Ensuring diversity of national energy scenarios: Bottom-up energy system model with Modeling to Generate Alternatives pp. 886-898 Downloads
Philip B. Berntsen and Evelina Trutnevyte
Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of a regenerative two-stage organic Rankine cycle coupled with liquefied natural gas and solar energy pp. 899-914 Downloads
Mehdi Mehrpooya, Milad Ashouri and Amin Mohammadi
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