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Volume 114, issue C, 2016

Performance and long-term stability of nickel/yttria-stabilized zirconia anode-supported solid oxide fuel cell in simulated biosyngas pp. 1-9 Downloads
Xiaoyan Wu, Yu Tian, Xiaoliang Zhou, Xiaowei Kong, Jun Zhang, Wei Zuo, Dezhen Wang and Xuesong Ye
Novel process for performance enhancement of a solar continuous adsorption cooling system pp. 10-23 Downloads
Abdellah El Fadar
Numerical investigation of electricity generation potential from fractured granite reservoir through a single vertical well at Yangbajing geothermal field pp. 24-39 Downloads
Yu-Chao Zeng, Jie-Min Zhan, Neng-You Wu, Ying-Ying Luo and Wen-Hao Cai
Intelligent control for energy-positive street lighting pp. 40-51 Downloads
András Kovács, Roland Bátai, Balázs Csanád Csáji, Péter Dudás, Borbála Háy, Gianfranco Pedone, Tibor Révész and József Váncza
Thermal and stress analyses in thermoelectric generator with tapered and rectangular pin configurations pp. 52-63 Downloads
Bekir Sami Yilbas, S.S. Akhtar and A.Z. Sahin
Advanced exergy analysis of novel flash based Helium recovery from natural gas processes pp. 64-83 Downloads
Mehdi Mehrpooya and Arash Shafaei
The environmental competitiveness of small modular reactors: A life cycle study pp. 84-99 Downloads
Travis S. Carless, W. Michael Griffin and Paul S. Fischbeck
Performance indices and evaluation of algorithms in building energy efficient design optimization pp. 100-112 Downloads
Binghui Si, Zhichao Tian, Xing Jin, Xin Zhou, Peng Tang and Xing Shi
Integrating spatial and biomass planning for the United States pp. 113-120 Downloads
Sicong Wang and Shifeng Wang
Gasification of dried sewage sludge in a newly developed three-stage gasifier: Effect of each reactor temperature on the producer gas composition and impurity removal pp. 121-128 Downloads
Young-Kon Choi, Tae-Young Mun, Min-Hwan Cho and Joo-Sik Kim
Techno-economic and carbon emissions analysis of biomass torrefaction downstream in international bioenergy supply chains for co-firing pp. 129-142 Downloads
Athanasios A. Rentizelas and Jun Li
Experimental and modeling studies on CO2 gasification of biomass chars pp. 143-154 Downloads
Guangwei Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Jiugang Shao, Zhengjian Liu, Haiyang Wang, Xinyu Li, Pengcheng Zhang, Weiwei Geng and Guohua Zhang
Exergoeconomic analysis of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) mixed mode greenhouse solar dryer pp. 155-164 Downloads
Sumit Tiwari and G.N. Tiwari
Integrated biomass gasification using the waste heat from hot slags: Control of syngas and polluting gas releases pp. 165-176 Downloads
Yongqi Sun, Seshadri Seetharaman, Qianyi Liu, Zuotai Zhang, Lili Liu and Xidong Wang
Identification and isolability of multiple gross errors in measured data for power plants pp. 177-187 Downloads
Sisi Guo, Pei Liu and Zheng Li
Weather and market specificities in the regional transmission of renewable energy price effects pp. 188-200 Downloads
Nuno Carvalho Figueiredo, Patricia Silva and Derek Bunn
Mathematical modelling and energy performance assessment of air impingement drying systems for the production of tissue paper pp. 201-213 Downloads
Paolo Di Marco, Stefano Frigo, Roberto Gabbrielli and Stefano Pecchia
Optimization of the catalyst loading for the direct borohydride fuel cell pp. 214-224 Downloads
Fatma Gül Boyacı San, Çiğdem İyigün Karadağ, Osman Okur and Emin Okumuş
Lab-scale experiment of a closed thermochemical heat storage system including honeycomb heat exchanger pp. 225-238 Downloads
Fopah-Lele, Armand, Christian Rohde, Karsten Neumann, Theo Tietjen, Thomas Rönnebeck, Kokouvi Edem N'Tsoukpoe, Thomas Osterland, Oliver Opel and Wolfgang K.L. Ruck
Exergoeconomic valuation of a waste-based integrated combined cycle (WICC) for heat and power production pp. 239-252 Downloads
Yannay Casas Ledón, Patricia González, Scarlett Concha, Claudio A. Zaror and Arteaga-Pérez, Luis E.
Optimal operation of multicarrier energy systems using Time Varying Acceleration Coefficient Gravitational Search Algorithm pp. 253-265 Downloads
Soheil Derafshi Beigvand, Hamdi Abdi and Massimo La Scala
Calculation of solar irradiation prediction intervals combining volatility and kernel density estimates pp. 266-274 Downloads
Juan R. Trapero
Heat transfer performance enhancement and thermal strain restrain of tube receiver for parabolic trough solar collector by using asymmetric outward convex corrugated tube pp. 275-292 Downloads
Wang Fuqiang, Tang Zhexiang, Gong Xiangtao, Tan Jianyu, Han Huaizhi and Li Bingxi
Global energy model hindcasting pp. 293-301 Downloads
Shinichiro Fujimori, Hancheng Dai, Toshihiko Masui and Yuzuru Matsuoka
Multi-criterion optimization of building envelope in the function of indoor illumination quality towards overall energy performance improvement pp. 302-317 Downloads
Norbert Harmathy, Zoltán Magyar and Radomir Folić
Performance improvement of a vertical axis wind turbine by comprehensive assessment of an airfoil family pp. 318-331 Downloads
Jian Chen, Liu Chen, Hongtao Xu, Hongxing Yang, Changwen Ye and Di Liu
The analysis of the underground coal gasification in experimental equipment pp. 332-343 Downloads
Marek Laciak, Karol Kostúr, Milan Durdán, Ján Kačur and Patrik Flegner
The evolution model of electricity market on the stable development in China and its dynamic analysis pp. 344-359 Downloads
Wenbin Zhang, Lixin Tian, Minggang Wang, Zaili Zhen and Guochang Fang
Evaluating co-benefits of battery and fuel cell vehicles in a community in California pp. 360-368 Downloads
Markus F. Felgenhauer, Matthew A. Pellow, Sally M. Benson and Thomas Hamacher
Socioeconomic costs of replacing nuclear power with fossil and renewable energy in Taiwan pp. 369-381 Downloads
Yi-Hsuan Shih, Nian-Xun Shi, Chao-Heng Tseng, Shu-Yuan Pan and Pen-Chi Chiang
Numerical and experimental characterization of multi-stage Savonius rotors pp. 382-404 Downloads
Sobhi Frikha, Zied Driss, Emna Ayadi, Zied Masmoudi and Mohamed Salah Abid
Robust energy storage scheduling for imbalance reduction of strategically formed energy balancing groups pp. 405-417 Downloads
Shantanu Chakraborty and Toshiya Okabe
Multi-period stochastic mathematical model for the optimal design of integrated utility and hydrogen supply network under uncertainty in raw material prices pp. 418-430 Downloads
Soonho Hwangbo, In-Beum Lee and Jeehoon Han
Supply and demand of biofuels in the fuel market of Thailand: Two stage least square and three least square approaches pp. 431-443 Downloads
Anuman Chanthawong, Shobhakar Dhakal and Juthathip Jongwanich
Investigation of Diesel Hybrid systems for fuel oil reduction in slow speed ocean going ships pp. 444-456 Downloads
Eleftherios K. Dedes, Dominic A. Hudson and Stephen R. Turnock
Scrap tire pyrolysis using a new type two-stage pyrolyzer: Effects of dolomite and olivine on producing a low-sulfur pyrolysis oil pp. 457-464 Downloads
Gyung-Goo Choi, Seung-Jin Oh and Joo-Sik Kim
Public acceptance and preferences related to renewable energy and grid expansion policy: Empirical insights for Germany pp. 465-477 Downloads
Valentin Bertsch, Margeret Hall, Christof Weinhardt and Wolf Fichtner
Estimating the hourly electricity profile of Japanese households – Coupling of engineering and statistical methods pp. 478-491 Downloads
Hiroto Shiraki, Shogo Nakamura, Shuichi Ashina and Keita Honjo
Energy consumption, economic growth and carbon emissions: Cointegration and causality evidence from selected African countries pp. 492-497 Downloads
Jacques Esso and Yaya Keho
Short-term power load probability density forecasting based on quantile regression neural network and triangle kernel function pp. 498-512 Downloads
Yaoyao He, Qifa Xu, Jinhong Wan and Shanlin Yang
The effect of receiver geometry on the optical performance of a small-scale solar cavity receiver for parabolic dish applications pp. 513-525 Downloads
Ahmed M. Daabo, Saad Mahmoud and Al-Dadah, Raya K.
Inclusion of entropy generation minimization in multi-objective CFD optimization of diesel engines pp. 526-541 Downloads
M. Jafari, M.J. Parhizkar, E. Amani and H. Naderan
Development of a combined reduced primary reference fuel-alcohols (methanol/ethanol/propanols/butanols/n-pentanol) mechanism for engine applications pp. 542-558 Downloads
Xinlei Liu, Hu Wang, Zunqing Zheng, Jialin Liu, Rolf D. Reitz and Mingfa Yao
The role of the electronic structure and solvent in the dye-sensitized solar cells based on Zn-porphyrins: Theoretical study pp. 559-567 Downloads
Foroogh Arkan, Mohammad Izadyar and Ali Nakhaeipour
Optimization of annual energy demand in office buildings under the influence of climate change in Chile pp. 569-585 Downloads
Rubio-Bellido, Carlos, Pérez-Fargallo, Alexis and Pulido-Arcas, Jesús A.
A comparative study of two SOFC based cogeneration systems fed by municipal solid waste by means of either the gasifier or digester pp. 586-602 Downloads
Mortaza Yari, Ali Saberi Mehr, Seyed Mohammad Seyed Mahmoudi and Massimo Santarelli
Wear element analysis using neural networks of a DI diesel engine using biodiesel with exhaust gas recirculation pp. 603-612 Downloads
V. Manieniyan, G. Vinodhini, R. Senthilkumar and S. Sivaprakasam
Stability analysis of governor-turbine-hydraulic system by state space method and graph theory pp. 613-622 Downloads
Xiaodong Yu, Jian Zhang, Chengyu Fan and Sheng Chen
Fine energy consumption allowance of workpieces in the mechanical manufacturing industry pp. 623-633 Downloads
Wei Cai, Fei Liu, XiaoNa Zhou and Jun Xie
Characterization of the decomposition behaviors of catalytic pyrolysis of wood using copper and potassium over thermogravimetric and Py-GC/MS analysis pp. 634-646 Downloads
Shiyou Xing, Haoran Yuan, Huhetaoli,, Yujie Qi, Pengmei Lv, Zhenhong Yuan and Yong Chen
An adaptive clustering approach to dynamic load balancing and energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks pp. 647-662 Downloads
Chirihane Gherbi, Zibouda Aliouat and Mohamed Benmohammed
Correlation between wind power generation in the European countries pp. 663-670 Downloads
Jon Olauson and Mikael Bergkvist
Generation-scheduling-coupled battery sizing of stand-alone hybrid power systems pp. 671-682 Downloads
Ce Shang, Dipti Srinivasan and Thomas Reindl
A hydraulic hybrid propulsion method for automobiles with self-adaptive system pp. 683-692 Downloads
Wei Wu, Jibin Hu, Shihua Yuan and Chongfeng Di
Designing an integrated model for a multi-period, multi-echelon and multi-product petroleum supply chain pp. 708-733 Downloads
N. Moradi Nasab and Amin-Naseri, M.R.
Have market-oriented reforms improved the electricity generation efficiency of China's thermal power industry? An empirical analysis pp. 734-741 Downloads
Ming Meng, Sarah Mander, Xiaoli Zhao and Dongxiao Niu
An advanced real time energy management system for microgrids pp. 742-752 Downloads
Moataz Elsied, Amrane Oukaour, Tarek Youssef, Hamid Gualous and Osama Mohammed
Comparative evaluation of R1234yf, R1234ze(E) and R450A as alternatives to R134a in a variable speed reciprocating compressor pp. 753-766 Downloads
Mendoza-Miranda, J.M., Mota-Babiloni, A., Ramírez-Minguela, J.J., Muñoz-Carpio, V.D., Carrera-Rodríguez, M., Navarro-Esbrí, J. and Salazar-Hernández, C.
Dynamics of water vapour adsorption by a monolayer of loose AQSOA™-FAM-Z02 grains: Indication of inseparably coupled heat and mass transfer pp. 767-773 Downloads
Ilya S. Girnik and Yuri I. Aristov
Research and application of key technologies in drawing energy storage operation chart by discriminant coefficient method pp. 774-786 Downloads
Zhiqiang Jiang, Anqiang Li, Changming Ji, Hui Qin, Shan Yu and Yuanzheng Li
Residential heat pumps in the future Danish energy system pp. 787-797 Downloads
Stefan N. Petrović and Kenneth B. Karlsson
A generic framework for distributed multi-generation and multi-storage energy systems pp. 798-813 Downloads
Kaveh Rajab Khalilpour and Anthony Vassallo
Designing and optimising anaerobic digestion systems: A multi-objective non-linear goal programming approach pp. 814-822 Downloads
J.D. Nixon
Thermoelectric module design strategy for solid-state refrigeration pp. 823-832 Downloads
Kyle Pietrzyk, Brandon Ohara, Thomas Watson, Madison Gee, Daniel Avalos and Hohyun Lee
RePSIM metric for design of sustainable renewable based fuel and power production processes pp. 833-845 Downloads
Mariano Martín
Managing the risk of uncertain wind power generation in flexible power systems using information gap decision theory pp. 846-861 Downloads
Ahmad Nikoobakht, Jamshid Aghaei and Mohammad Mardaneh
Characteristics of the products of hydrothermal liquefaction combined with cellulosic bio-ethanol process pp. 862-867 Downloads
Rundong Li, Yinghui Xie, Tianhua Yang, Bingshuo Li, Yang Zhang and Xingping Kai
Real-time exergoeconomic optimization of a steam power plant using a soft computing-fuzzy inference system pp. 868-884 Downloads
Mostafa Baghsheikhi and Hoseyn Sayyaadi
A simplified model to study the location impact of latent thermal energy storage in building cooling heating and power system pp. 885-894 Downloads
Yin Zhang, Xin Wang, Yinping Zhang and Siwen Zhuo
Demand side management in developing nations: A mitigating tool for energy imbalance and peak load management pp. 895-912 Downloads
Jagruti Thakur and Basab Chakraborty
Market integration of local energy systems: Is local energy management compatible with European regulation for retail competition? pp. 913-922 Downloads
Cherrelle Eid, L. Andrew Bollinger, Binod Koirala, Daniel Scholten, Emanuele Facchinetti, Johan Lilliestam and Rudi Hakvoort
Technical and economic assessments of grid-connected photovoltaic power plants: Iran case study pp. 923-934 Downloads
Saeed Edalati, Mehran Ameri, Masoud Iranmanesh, Hakimeh Tarmahi and Maysam Gholampour
Biogas and bioethanol production from pinewood pre-treated with steam explosion and N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO): A comparative life cycle assessment approach pp. 935-950 Downloads
Benyamin Khoshnevisan, Marzieh Shafiei, Mohammad Ali Rajaeifar and Meisam Tabatabaei
DC energy yield prediction in large monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV plants: Time-domain integration of Osterwald's model pp. 951-960 Downloads
J.V. Muñoz, G. Nofuentes, M. Fuentes, J. de la Casa and J. Aguilera
Experimental and numerical studies on NOx emission characteristics in laminar non-premixed jet flames of ammonia-containing methane fuel with oxygen/nitrogen oxidizer pp. 961-972 Downloads
Mino Woo, Byung Chul Choi and Ahmed F. Ghoniem
A genetic algorithm for minimizing energy consumption in warehouses pp. 973-980 Downloads
Seval Ene, İlker Küçükoğlu, Aslı Aksoy and Nursel Öztürk
Electricity demand response in China: Status, feasible market schemes and pilots pp. 981-994 Downloads
Weilin Li, Peng Xu, Xing Lu, Huilong Wang and Zhihong Pang
Operational energy minimisation for forced draft, direct-contact bulk air cooling tower through a combination of forward and first-principle modelling, coupled with an optimisation platform pp. 995-1006 Downloads
Waldo Bornman, Jaco Dirker, Deon C. Arndt and Josua P. Meyer
Natural gas consumption and economic growth: Panel evidence from OECD countries pp. 1007-1015 Downloads
Mehmet Destek
Exploring the reliability effects on the short term AC security-constrained unit commitment: A stochastic evaluation pp. 1016-1032 Downloads
Jamshid Aghaei, Ahmad Nikoobakht, Pierluigi Siano, Majid Nayeripour, Alireza Heidari and Mohammad Mardaneh
Improved energy supply for non-road electric vehicles by occasional charging station location modelling pp. 1033-1040 Downloads
Patrick Fekete, Sirirat Lim, Steve Martin, Katja Kuhn and Nick Wright
Prediction of ice accretion and anti-icing heating power on wind turbine blades using standard commercial software pp. 1041-1052 Downloads
Fernando Villalpando, Marcelo Reggio and Adrian Ilinca
Cost, energy use and GHG emissions for forest biomass harvesting operations pp. 1053-1062 Downloads
Fengli Zhang, Dana M. Johnson, Jinjiang Wang and Chunxia Yu
Experimental study of evacuated tube collector/storage system containing paraffin as a PCM pp. 1063-1072 Downloads
P. Feliński and R. Sekret
Net load forecasting for high renewable energy penetration grids pp. 1073-1084 Downloads
Amanpreet Kaur, Lukas Nonnenmacher and Carlos F.M. Coimbra
Measuring and assessing the effective in-plane thermal conductivity of lithium iron phosphate pouch cells pp. 1085-1092 Downloads
S.J. Bazinski, X. Wang, B.P. Sangeorzan and L. Guessous
Thermal degradation of ethanolic biodiesel: Physicochemical and thermal properties evaluation pp. 1093-1099 Downloads
Wellington Costa Silva, Maria Priscila Pessanha Castro, Victor Haber Perez, Francisco A. Machado, Leonardo Mota and Marcelo Silva Sthel
Analysis of energy cascade utilization in a chemically recuperated scramjet with indirect combustion pp. 1100-1106 Downloads
Jiang Qin, Kunlin Cheng, Silong Zhang, Duo Zhang, Wen Bao and Jiecai Han
Effect of variable spacing on performance of plate heat exchanger using nanofluids pp. 1107-1119 Downloads
Vikas Kumar, Arun Kumar Tiwari and Subrata Kumar Ghosh
Weather forecasting for optimization of a hybrid solar-wind–powered reverse osmosis water desalination system using a novel optimizer approach pp. 1120-1134 Downloads
Akbar Maleki, Morteza Gholipour Khajeh and Marc A. Rosen
Combustion and emission performance of a split injection diesel engine in a double swirl combustion system pp. 1135-1146 Downloads
Xiangrong Li, Haobu Gao, Luming Zhao, Zheng Zhang, Xu He and Fushui Liu
Hydrogen storage properties of non-stoichiometric Zr0.9TixV2 melt-spun ribbons pp. 1147-1154 Downloads
Yunlong Zhang, Jinshan Li, Tiebang Zhang, Hongchao Kou, Rui Hu and Xiangyi Xue
On the problem of optimizing through least cost per unit, when costs are negative: Implications for cost curves and the definition of economic efficiency pp. 1155-1163 Downloads
Fabian Levihn
Modeling of chemical exergy of agricultural biomass using improved general regression neural network pp. 1164-1175 Downloads
Y.W. Huang, M.Q. Chen, Y. Li and J. Guo
Evaluation of biomethane technologies in Europe – Technical concepts under the scope of a Delphi-Survey embedded in a multi-criteria analysis pp. 1176-1186 Downloads
Eric Billig and Daniela Thrän
Control, energy management and performance evaluation of desalination unit based renewable energies using a graphical user interface pp. 1187-1206 Downloads
Mariem Smaoui and Lotfi Krichen
Economic efficiency analysis of substitute natural gas (SNG) production in steam gasification of coal with the utilization of HTR excess heat pp. 1207-1213 Downloads
Piotr Krawczyk, Natalia Howaniec and Adam Smoliński
Does the Environmental Kuznets Curve for coal consumption in China exist? New evidence from spatial econometric analysis pp. 1214-1223 Downloads
Yu Hao, Yiming Liu, Jia-Hsi Weng and Yixuan Gao
Using bias-corrected reanalysis to simulate current and future wind power output pp. 1224-1239 Downloads
Iain Staffell and Stefan Pfenninger
Macroscopic characteristics and internal flow pattern of dimethyl ether flash-boiling spray discharged through a vertical twin-orifice injector pp. 1240-1250 Downloads
Dehao Ju, Zhong Huang, Xiaoxu Jia, Xinqi Qiao, Jin Xiao and Zhen Huang
Long-term patterns of European PV output using 30 years of validated hourly reanalysis and satellite data pp. 1251-1265 Downloads
Stefan Pfenninger and Iain Staffell
A method for SOC estimation based on simplified mechanistic model for LiFePO4 battery pp. 1266-1276 Downloads
Junfu Li, Qingzhi Lai, Lixin Wang, Chao Lyu and Han Wang
Global oil market and the U.S. stock returns pp. 1277-1287 Downloads
Maryam Ahmadi, Matteo Manera and Mehdi Sadeghzadeh
Vulnerability to climate change impacts of present renewable energy systems designed for achieving net-zero energy buildings pp. 1288-1305 Downloads
Pengyuan Shen and Noam Lior
Analysis of decision alternatives of the deep borehole filter restoration problem pp. 1306-1321 Downloads
Yerkin G. Abdildin and Ali E. Abbas
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