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Volume 74, issue C, 2014

Influence of working fluid properties on system performance and screen evaluation indicators for geothermal ORC (organic Rankine cycle) system pp. 2-11 Downloads
Huixing Zhai, Lin Shi and Qingsong An
A detailed MILP optimization model for combined cooling, heat and power system operation planning pp. 12-26 Downloads
Aldo Bischi, Leonardo Taccari, Emanuele Martelli, Edoardo Amaldi, Giampaolo Manzolini, Paolo Silva, Stefano Campanari and Ennio Macchi
Simulation of heat transfer enhancement by longitudinal vortex generators in dimple heat exchangers pp. 27-36 Downloads
H.H. Xia, G.H. Tang, Y. Shi and W.Q. Tao
An energy sustainability metric pp. 37-44 Downloads
Dusan P. Sekulic, Rahul Nehete, Cheng-Nien Yu and Hai Fu
Exergy destruction and losses on four North Sea offshore platforms: A comparative study of the oil and gas processing plants pp. 45-58 Downloads
Mari Voldsund, Tuong-Van Nguyen, Brian Elmegaard, Ivar S. Ertesvåg, Audun Røsjorde, Knut Jøssang and Signe Kjelstrup
Experimental studies on a combined refrigeration/power generation system activated by low-grade heat pp. 59-66 Downloads
Wei Han, Qiang Chen, Liuli Sun, Sijun Ma, Ting Zhao, Danxing Zheng and Hongguang Jin
Structural and regional variations of natural resource production in China based on exergy pp. 67-77 Downloads
Qier An, Haizhong An, Lang Wang and Xuan Huang
Mid and low-temperature solar–coal hybridization mechanism and validation pp. 78-87 Downloads
Yawen Zhao, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Comparison of energy efficiency assessment methods: Case Bio-SNG process pp. 88-98 Downloads
T. Kohl, T. Laukkanen, M. Tuomaala, T. Niskanen, S. Siitonen, M.P. Järvinen and P. Ahtila
Performance of small-scale bladeless electromagnetic energy harvesters driven by water or air pp. 99-108 Downloads
Dan Zhao, Chenzhen Ji, C. Teo and Shihuai Li
Comparison of linear, mixed integer and non-linear programming methods in energy system dispatch modelling pp. 109-118 Downloads
Torben Ommen, Wiebke Brix Markussen and Brian Elmegaard
Assessing the energy efficiency of a jaw crusher pp. 119-130 Downloads
Daniel Legendre and Ron Zevenhoven
Regional disparities in carbon dioxide reduction from China's uniform carbon tax: A perspective on interfactor/interfuel substitution pp. 131-139 Downloads
Mian Yang, Ying Fan, Fuxia Yang and Hui Hu
Optimization of the concentration field in a suspended photocatalytic reactor pp. 140-146 Downloads
Fei Cao, Huashan Li, Hailiang Chao, Liang Zhao and Liejin Guo
Dynamic environmental efficiency evaluation of electric power industries: Evidence from OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries pp. 147-157 Downloads
Bai-Chen Xie, Li-Feng Shang, Si-Bo Yang and Bo-Wen Yi
Study of a liquid-piston traveling-wave thermoacoustic heat engine with different working gases pp. 158-163 Downloads
Dong-Hui Li, Yan-Yan Chen, Er-Cang Luo and Zhang-Hua Wu
Laboratory investigation of hydraulic fracture networks in formations with continuous orthogonal fractures pp. 164-173 Downloads
Tie-gang Fan and Guang-qing Zhang
A polygeneration system for methanol and power production based on coke oven gas and coal gas with CO2 recovery pp. 174-180 Downloads
Hu Lin, Hongguang Jin, Lin Gao and Na Zhang
Energetic and exergetic evaluation of residual biomass in a torrefaction process pp. 181-189 Downloads
D.A. Granados, H.I. Velásquez and F. Chejne
Multi-criteria analysis as a tool for sustainability assessment of a waste management model pp. 190-201 Downloads
Biljana Milutinović, Gordana Stefanović, Michele Dassisti, Danijel Marković and Goran Vučković
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a double reheat system in an ultra-supercritical power plant pp. 202-214 Downloads
Yuanyuan Li, Luyao Zhou, Gang Xu, Yaxiong Fang, Shifei Zhao and Yongping Yang
NOx emissions and NO2- formation in thermal energy storage process of binary molten nitrate salts pp. 215-221 Downloads
Xiaolan Wei, Yan Wang, Qiang Peng, Jianping Yang, Xiaoxi Yang and Jing Ding
A comparison of carbon allocation schemes: On the equity-efficiency tradeoff pp. 222-229 Downloads
Xunzhang Pan, Fei Teng and Gehua Wang
Multi criteria dynamic design optimization of a small scale distributed energy system pp. 230-239 Downloads
Andreas Rieder, Andreas Christidis and George Tsatsaronis
A feasible system integrating combined heating and power system with ground-source heat pump pp. 240-247 Downloads
HongQiang Li, ShuShuo Kang, Zhun Yu, Bo Cai and GuoQiang Zhang
Process integration of solar thermal energy with natural gas combined cycle carbon capture pp. 248-253 Downloads
Tristan Lambert, Andrew Hoadley and Barry Hooper
Features and evolution of international crude oil trade relationships: A trading-based network analysis pp. 254-259 Downloads
Haizhong An, Weiqiong Zhong, Yurong Chen, Huajiao Li and Xiangyun Gao
A comparison of advanced heat recovery power cycles in a combined cycle for large ships pp. 260-268 Downloads
Ulrik Larsen, Oskar Sigthorsson and Fredrik Haglind
Exergy based methods for economic and risk design optimization of energy systems: Application to a gas turbine pp. 269-279 Downloads
G. Cassetti, M.V. Rocco and E. Colombo
Recent progress on desiccant materials for solid desiccant cooling systems pp. 280-294 Downloads
X. Zheng, T.S. Ge and R.Z. Wang
Releasing behavior of chlorine and fluorine during agricultural waste pyrolysis pp. 295-300 Downloads
Shenglei Du, Xianhua Wang, Jingai Shao, Haiping Yang, Guangfu Xu and Hanping Chen
Combustion, performance and emission characteristics of direct injection diesel engine fueled by Jatropha hydrogen peroxide emulsion pp. 301-308 Downloads
Kim-Bao Nguyen, Tomohisa Dan and Ichiro Asano
Water free anaerobic co-digestion of vegetable processing waste with cattle slurry for methane production at high total solid content pp. 309-313 Downloads
Yiqing Yao, Yang Luo, Yingxue Yang, Hongmei Sheng, Xiangkai Li, Tian Li, Yuan Song, Hua Zhang, Shuyan Chen, Wenliang He, Mulan He, Yubing Ren, Jiangli Gao, Yali Wei and Lizhe An
Life cycle environmental impacts from CZTS (copper zinc tin sulfide) and Zn3P2 (zinc phosphide) thin film PV (photovoltaic) cells pp. 314-321 Downloads
Jennifer Collier, Susie Wu and Defne Apul
An empirical analysis of China's energy efficiency from both static and dynamic perspectives pp. 322-330 Downloads
Zhao-Hua Wang, Chao Feng and Bin Zhang
Theoretical and experimental investigation of steam injected diesel engine with EGR pp. 331-339 Downloads
Görkem Kökkülünk, Adnan Parlak, Vezir Ayhan, İdris Cesur, Güven Gonca and Barış Boru
A study on current characteristics of induction motor while operating at its base frequency in textile industry pp. 340-345 Downloads
Y. Dhayaneswaran and L. Ashok Kumar
Computational and experimental study of a complete heat dissipation system using water as heat carrier placed on a thermoelectric generator pp. 346-358 Downloads
Patricia Aranguren, David Astrain and Miren Gurutze Pérez
Fuzzy logic home energy consumption modeling for residential photovoltaic plant sizing in the new Italian scenario pp. 359-367 Downloads
Lucio Ciabattoni, Massimo Grisostomi, Gianluca Ippoliti and Sauro Longhi
Relaxation effect analysis on the initial state of charge for LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2/graphite battery pp. 368-373 Downloads
Zhang Yanhui, Song Wenji and Xu Guoqing
A novel MPPT (maximum power point tracking) algorithm based on a modified genetic algorithm specialized on tracking the global maximum power point in photovoltaic systems affected by partial shading pp. 374-388 Downloads
Stefan Daraban, Dorin Petreus and Cristina Morel
Start-up strategies for thermophilic anaerobic digestion of pig manure pp. 389-395 Downloads
V. Moset, E. Bertolini, A. Cerisuelo, M. Cambra, A. Olmos and Cambra-López, M.
Multi-objective optimization of an underwater compressed air energy storage system using genetic algorithm pp. 396-404 Downloads
Brian C. Cheung, Rupp Carriveau and David S.K. Ting
Analysis of impact factors on China's CO2 emissions from the view of supply chain paths pp. 405-416 Downloads
Shusen Gui, Hailin Mu and Nan Li
Study on a gas-steam combined cycle system with CO2 capture by integrating molten carbonate fuel cell pp. 417-427 Downloads
Liqiang Duan, Jingnan Zhu, Long Yue and Yongping Yang
Study of mixtures based on hydrocarbons used in ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) for engine waste heat recovery pp. 428-438 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Yuanyuan Gao, Hua Tian, Haiqiao Wei and Xingyu Liang
Fossil & renewable energy consumption, GHGs (greenhouse gases) and economic growth: Evidence from a panel of EU (European Union) countries pp. 439-446 Downloads
Gülden Bölük and Mehmet Mert
Studies on preparation and adaptive thermal control performance of novel PTC (positive temperature coefficient) materials with controllable Curie temperatures pp. 447-454 Downloads
Wen-long Cheng, Shuai Yuan and Jia-liang Song
Modelling future uptake of distributed energy resources under alternative tariff structures pp. 455-463 Downloads
Andrew Higgins, George Grozev, Zhengen Ren, Stephen Garner, Glenn Walden and Michelle Taylor
Structural features and gasification reactivity of coal chars formed in Ar and CO2 atmospheres at elevated pressures pp. 464-470 Downloads
Yonghui Bai, Yulong Wang, Shenghua Zhu, Fan Li and Kechang Xie
Exergy driven process synthesis for isoflavone recovery from okara pp. 471-483 Downloads
Lena Jankowiak, Jochem Jonkman, Rossier-Miranda, Francisco J., Atze Jan van der Goot and Remko M. Boom
A numerical method for the efficient design of free opening hoods in industrial and domestic applications pp. 484-493 Downloads
Michele Pinelli and Alessio Suman
Optimization of peak loads among multiple provincial power grids under a central dispatching authority pp. 494-505 Downloads
Jianjian Shen, Chuntian Cheng, Xinyu Wu, Xiong Cheng, Weidong Li and Jianyu Lu
Numerical simulation and experimental validation of the turbulent flow around a small incurved Savonius wind rotor pp. 506-517 Downloads
Zied Driss, Olfa Mlayeh, Dorra Driss, Makram Maaloul and Mohamed Salah Abid
Enhancing hydropower modeling in variable generation integration studies pp. 518-528 Downloads
Eduardo Ibanez, Timothy Magee, Mitch Clement, Gregory Brinkman, Michael Milligan and Edith Zagona
Wave energy and hot spots in Anzali port pp. 529-536 Downloads
Sanaz Hadadpour, Etemad-Shahidi, Amir, Ebrahim Jabbari and Bahareh Kamranzad
A comparative exergy and exergoeconomic analysis of a residential heat supply system paradigm of Japan and local source based district heating system using SPECO (specific exergy cost) method pp. 537-554 Downloads
Ivar Baldvinsson and Toshihiko Nakata
Linear algebra solution to psychometric analysis of air-conditioning systems pp. 555-566 Downloads
Christian Ghiaus
Micro-energy markets: The role of a consumer preference pricing strategy on microgrid energy investment pp. 567-575 Downloads
Isaac Faber, William Lane, Wayne Pak, Mary Prakel, Cheyne Rocha and John V. Farr
Supply chain design under uncertainty for advanced biofuel production based on bio-oil gasification pp. 576-584 Downloads
Qi Li and Guiping Hu
The relationship between European electricity markets and emission allowance futures prices in phase II of the EU (European Union) emission trading scheme pp. 585-594 Downloads
Arieke Boersen and Bert Scholtens
Carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption, economic growth, and foreign direct investment: Causality analysis for Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 595-606 Downloads
Pendo Kivyiro and Heli Arminen
Greenhouse gas emissions from recovery of various North American conventional crudes pp. 607-617 Downloads
Md Mustafizur Rahman, Christina Canter and Amit Kumar
Reducing the total life cycle energy demand of recent residential buildings in Lebanon pp. 618-637 Downloads
André Stephan and Laurent Stephan
Exergetic and exergo-economic analyses of an aero-derivative gas turbine engine pp. 638-650 Downloads
Onder Turan and Hakan Aydin
Maximum power tracking in WECS (Wind energy conversion systems) via numerical and stochastic approaches pp. 651-661 Downloads
M. Elnaggar, H.A. Abdel Fattah and A.L. Elshafei
Feasibility study of heat-integrated distillation columns using rigorous optimization pp. 662-674 Downloads
Hossein Shahandeh, Javad Ivakpour and Norollah Kasiri
Heat exchanger operation in the externally heated air valve engine with separated settling chambers pp. 675-681 Downloads
Zbyszko Kazimierski and Jerzy Wojewoda
Determining reserve requirements in DK1 area of Nord Pool using a probabilistic approach pp. 682-693 Downloads
Saez-Gallego, Javier, Juan M. Morales, Henrik Madsen and Tryggvi Jónsson
Economic comparison of ORC (Organic Rankine cycle) processes at different scales pp. 694-706 Downloads
Dominik Meinel, Christoph Wieland and Hartmut Spliethoff
A Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) based Photo-Voltaic (PV) excitation control strategy for single phase operation of three phase wind-turbine coupled induction generator pp. 707-718 Downloads
Arunava Chatterjee, Krishna Roy and Debashis Chatterjee
Critical temperature criterion for selection of working fluids for subcritical pressure Organic Rankine cycles pp. 719-733 Downloads
Jinliang Xu and Chao Yu
Influence of devolatilized gases composition from raw coal fuel in the lab scale DCFC (direct carbon fuel cell) system pp. 734-740 Downloads
Seongyong Eom, Seongyool Ahn, Younghoon Rhie, Kijoong Kang, Yonmo Sung, Cheoreon Moon, Gyungmin Choi and Duckjool Kim
Experimental and simulation investigation of the combustion characteristics and emissions using n-butanol/biodiesel dual-fuel injection on a diesel engine pp. 741-752 Downloads
Haifeng Liu, Xin Wang, Zunqing Zheng, Jingbo Gu, Hu Wang and Mingfa Yao
Conceptual design of syngas production systems with almost net-zero carbon dioxide emissions pp. 753-761 Downloads
Wei Wu, Hsiao-Tung Yang and Jenn-Jiang Hwang
Assessment regarding energy saving and decoupling for different AHU (air handling unit) and control strategies in the hot-humid climatic region of Iraq pp. 762-774 Downloads
Raad Z. Homod
Influence of different swirl vane angles of over fire air on flow and combustion characteristics and NOx emissions in a 600 MWe utility boiler pp. 775-787 Downloads
Shuguang Ti, Zhichao Chen, Zhengqi Li, Yiquan Xie, Yunlin Shao, Qiudong Zong, Qinghua Zhang, Hao Zhang, Lingyan Zeng and Qunyi Zhu
Combined fluidized bed retorting and circulating fluidized bed combustion system of oil shale: 2. Energy and economic analysis pp. 788-794 Downloads
Xiangxin Han, Mengting Niu and Xiumin Jiang
Hybrid unscented particle filter based state-of-charge determination for lead-acid batteries pp. 795-803 Downloads
Yanqing Shen
Investigation of thermal characteristics of high-capacity loop heat pipes after a long-term storage pp. 804-809 Downloads
Yu.F. Maydanik, M.A. Chernysheva and V.G. Pastukhov
Operational analysis of a small-capacity cogeneration system with a gas hydrate battery pp. 810-828 Downloads
Shin'ya Obara, Yoshinobu Kikuchi, Kyosuke Ishikawa, Masahito Kawai and Yoshiaki Kashiwaya
Combustion and emissions characteristics of a spark-ignition engine fueled with hydrogen–methanol blends under lean and various loads conditions pp. 829-835 Downloads
Bo Zhang, Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang and Xiaolong Liu
Study on a heat recovery system for the thermal power plant utilizing air cooling island pp. 836-844 Downloads
Jian Sun, Lin Fu, Fangtian Sun and Shigang Zhang
Oxy-combustion of corn, sunflower, rape and microalgae bioresidues and their blends from the perspective of thermogravimetric analysis pp. 845-854 Downloads
R. López, C. Fernández, J. Fierro, J. Cara, O. Martínez and M.E. Sánchez
Innovative correlation for calculating thermal performance of counterflow wet-cooling tower pp. 855-862 Downloads
M. Khamis Mansour and M.A. Hassab
Numerical simulation of nanofluid application in a C-shaped chaotic channel: A potential approach for energy efficiency improvement pp. 863-870 Downloads
Mehdi Bahiraei and Morteza Hangi
Comparison between graphene supported Pt hollow nanospheres and graphene supported Pt solid nanoparticles for hydrogen evolution reaction pp. 871-876 Downloads
Reza Ojani, Roudabeh Valiollahi and Jahan-Bakhsh Raoof
Heating, cooling, and electrical load forecasting for a large-scale district energy system pp. 877-885 Downloads
Kody M. Powell, Akshay Sriprasad, Wesley J. Cole and Thomas F. Edgar
A coupled three dimensional model of vanadium redox flow battery for flow field designs pp. 886-895 Downloads
Cong Yin, Yan Gao, Shaoyun Guo and Hao Tang
MHD (magneto-hydrodynamic) flow and radiative nonlinear heat transfer of a viscoelastic fluid over a stretching sheet with heat generation/absorption pp. 896-905 Downloads
Rafael Cortell
Risk, innovation, electricity infrastructure and construction cost overruns: Testing six hypotheses pp. 906-917 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool, Alex Gilbert and Daniel Nugent
Gross error isolability for operational data in power plants pp. 918-927 Downloads
Xiaolong Jiang, Pei Liu and Zheng Li
A fuzzy multiobjective linear programming model for design and management of anaerobic digestion based bioenergy supply chains pp. 928-940 Downloads
Şebnem Yılmaz Balaman and Hasan Selim
Spectrally corrected direct normal irradiance based on artificial neural networks for high concentrator photovoltaic applications pp. 941-949 Downloads
Eduardo F. Fernández and Florencia Almonacid
Combustion of biodiesel in a large-scale laboratory furnace pp. 950-955 Downloads
Caio Pereira, Gongliang Wang and Mário Costa
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