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Volume 284, issue C, 2023

Synthesis of mono, bi, and trimetallic Sn–Ni–Cu based ionic micro-emulsion catalysts and optimization of catalytic performance in heavy oil upgrading Downloads
Mahdi Abdi-Khanghah, Arezou Jafari, Goodarz Ahmadi and Abdolhossein Hemmati-Sarapardeh
Frontier ocean thermal/power and solar PV systems for transformation towards net-zero communities Downloads
Zhengxuan Liu, Yuekuan Zhou, Jun Yan and Marcos Tostado-Véliz
Trading behavior strategy of power plants and the grid under renewable portfolio standards in China: A tripartite evolutionary game analysis Downloads
Minmin Teng, Kunfeng Lv, Chuanfeng Han and Pihui Liu
Diffusion characteristics of shale mixed gases on the wall of microscale fractures Downloads
Bin Nie
Spatio-temporal correlation for simultaneous ultra-short-term wind speed prediction at multiple locations Downloads
Bowen Yan, Ruifang Shen, Ke Li, Zhenguo Wang, Qingshan Yang, Xuhong Zhou and Le Zhang
Revenue and risk of variable renewable electricity investment: The cannibalization effect under high market penetration Downloads
L. Reichenberg, T. Ekholm and T. Boomsma
Battery safety issue detection in real-world electric vehicles by integrated modeling and voltage abnormality Downloads
Da Li, Lei Zhang, Zhaosheng Zhang, Peng Liu, Junjun Deng, Qiushi Wang and Zhenpo Wang
Simulation of the temperature distribution of lithium-ion battery module considering the time-delay effect of the porous electrodes Downloads
Xin Lu, Ning Chen, Hui Li, Shiyu Guo and Zengtao Chen
Fused multi-model predictive control with adaptive compensation for proton exchange membrane fuel cell air supply system Downloads
Haowen Hu, Kai Ou and Wei-Wei Yuan
Energy processes prediction by a convolutional radial basis function network Downloads
José de Jesús Rubio, Donaldo Garcia, Humberto Sossa, Ivan Garcia, Alejandro Zacarias and Dante Mujica-Vargas
Study on optimal configuration of EV charging stations based on second-order cone Downloads
Wanjun Yin, Jianbo Ji and Xuan Qin
Temperature-entropy and energy utilization diagrams for energy, exergy, and energy level analysis in solar water splitting reactions Downloads
Buchu Lu, Fan Jiao, Chen Chen, Xiangyu Yan and Qibin Liu
Combining integrated solar combined cycle with wind-PV plants to provide stable power: Operation strategy and dynamic performance study Downloads
Nan Zhang, Yumeng Zhang, Liqiang Duan, Hongjuan Hou, Hanfei Zhang, Yong Zhou and Weiwei Bao
Proposal of fully-coupled actuated disk model for wind turbine operation modeling in turbulent flow field due to complex topography Downloads
Shuanglong Fan and Zhenqing Liu
Overcoming driving challenges in complex urban traffic: A multi-objective eco-driving strategy via safety model based reinforcement learning Downloads
Jie Li, Xiaodong Wu, Jiawei Fan, Yonggang Liu and Min Xu
An efficient federated transfer learning framework for collaborative monitoring of wind turbines in IoE-enabled wind farms Downloads
Lijin Wang, Weipeng Fan, Guoqian Jiang and Ping Xie
Measurements and spatio-temporal evolution of regional energy efficiency convergence in China Downloads
Xiongfeng Pan and Jinming Li
The congestion cost of pipeline networks under third-party access in China's natural gas market Downloads
Qi Wei, Peng Zhou and Xunpeng Shi
Experimental test, numerical analysis and thermal calculation modeling of hundreds kWth-class supercritical CO2 fossil-fired boiler system Downloads
Meng Zhu, Lei Chen, Lingang Zhou, Long Jiang, Sheng Su, Song Hu, Kai Xu, Can Wang, Aishu Li, Haoran Qing, Jing Zhou, Yi Wang, Hanjian Li and Jun Xiang
Recovery of chemical energy from retentates from cascade membrane filtration of hydrothermal carbonisation effluent Downloads
Agnieszka Urbanowska, Lukasz Niedzwiecki, Mateusz Wnukowski, Christian Aragon-Briceño, Małgorzata Kabsch-Korbutowicz, Marcin Baranowski, Michał Czerep, Przemysław Seruga, Halina Pawlak-Kruczek, Eddy Bramer, Gerrit Brem and Artur Pożarlik
Fractal characteristics of coal surface structure during low-temperature oxidation and its effect on oxidizability Downloads
Jiawen Cai, Zhaoyang Yu, Shengqiang Yang, Jingxia Tang, Zhenqian Ma, Xionggang Xie and Xincheng Hu
The role of climate policy uncertainty on the long-term correlation between crude oil and clean energy Downloads
Hongwei Zhang, Huojun Hong and Shijie Ding
A perspective of using nuclear power as a dispatchable power source for covering the daily fluctuations of solar power Downloads
Samo Gerkšič, Damir Vrančić, Dušan Čalič, Gašper Žerovnik, Andrej Trkov, Marjan Kromar and Luka Snoj
Experimental study on damage law of liquid CO2 cyclic freeze–thaw coal Downloads
Gang Bai, Zhongjie Zhou, Jue Wang, Xiangliang Tian, Xihua Zhou, Xianlin Li and Ying Chen
Preparation and properties of tea polyphenol nanofoamed gel for preventing coal spontaneous combustion Downloads
Zhian Huang, Rongxia Yu, Hao Ding, Hongsheng Wang, Sainan Quan, Donghong Song, Yukun Lei, Yukun Gao, Yinghua Zhang and Pengfei Wang
Energy management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles based on speed prediction fused driving intention and LIDAR Downloads
Kai Gao, Pan Luo, Jin Xie, Bin Chen, Yue Wu and Ronghua Du
Experimental study of the startup of a supercritical CO2 recompression power system Downloads
Xinyu Li, Zheng Qin, Keyong Dong, Lintao Wang and Zhimin Lin
Modeling and performance analysis of a pre-cooling and power generation system based on the supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle on turbine-based combined cycle engines Downloads
Xiaofeng Ma, Peixue Jiang and Yinhai Zhu
Fossil fuel facilities exergy return for a frontier of analysis incorporating CO2 capture: The case of a coal power plant Downloads
Marcus Vinicius da Silva Neves, Alexandre Szklo and Roberto Schaeffer
Experimental and numerical studies of thermal power conversion and energy flow under high-compression ratios of a liquid methane engine (LME) Downloads
Haoran Xi, Jianqin Fu, Feng Zhou, Juan Yu, Jingping Liu and Zhongwei Meng
Dynamic programming improved online fuzzy power distribution in a demonstration fuel cell hybrid bus Downloads
Hongxu Zhou, Zhongwei Yu, Xiaohua Wu, Zhanfeng Fan, Xiaofeng Yin and Lingxue Zhou
Comprehensive hydraulic performance improvement in a pump-turbine: An experimental investigation Downloads
Yonglin Qin, Deyou Li, Hongjie Wang, Zhansheng Liu, Xianzhu Wei, Xiaohang Wang and Weibin Yang
Dynamic modelling of geothermal heat pump system coupled with positive-energy building Downloads
Vittoria Battaglia, Laura Vanoli, Clara Verde, Perumal Nithiarasu and Justin R. Searle
Evaluation of a novel polymer solar collector using numerical and experimental methods Downloads
P. Filipović, D. Dović, I. Horvat and B. Ranilović
Oxy-combustion characteristics of torrefied biomass and blends under O2/N2, O2/CO2 and O2/CO2/H2O atmospheres Downloads
Luis I. Díez, Alexander García-Mariaca, Paula Canalís and Eva Llera
A comparative thermoeconomic analysis of fourth generation and fifth generation district heating and cooling networks Downloads
Francesco Calise, Francesco Liberato Cappiello, Luca Cimmino, Dentice d’Accadia, Massimo and Maria Vicidomini
The Russia-Ukraine conflict and the automotive energy transition: Empirical evidence from China Downloads
Wei Liu, Xiao Chen and Jihong Zhang
Chloroplast-granum inspired phase change capsules accelerate energy storage of packed-bed thermal energy storage system Downloads
Haichen Yao, Xianglei Liu, Jiawei Li, Qingyang Luo, Yang Tian and Yimin Xuan
A spatio-temporal forecasting model using optimally weighted graph convolutional network and gated recurrent unit for wind speed of different sites distributed in an offshore wind farm Downloads
Xuefang Xu, Shiting Hu, Huaishuang Shao, Peiming Shi, Ruixiong Li and Deguang Li
A comparative review on advanced biomass oxygen fuel combustion technologies for carbon capture and storage Downloads
Jester Lih Jie Ling, Won Yang, Han Saem Park, Ha Eun Lee and See Hoon Lee
An improved decentralized scheme for incentive-based demand response from residential customers Downloads
Chaman Lal Dewangan, Vineeth Vijayan, Devesh Shukla, S. Chakrabarti, S.N. Singh, Ankush Sharma and Md. Alamgir Hossain
Thermodynamic and sensitivity analyses on drying subprocesses of various evaporative dryers: A comparative study Downloads
Mengjie Li, Ming Liu, Can Xu, Jinshi Wang and Junjie Yan
Improved solid radiation model for thermal response in large crude oil tanks Downloads
Jianfeng Yang, Bo Zhang, Liangchao Chen, Xu Diao, Yuanhao Hu, Guanyu Suo, Ru Li, Qianlin Wang, Jinghai Li, Jianwen Zhang and Zhan Dou
Experimental study on pulverized coal swirl-opposed combustion preheated by a circulating fluidized bed. Part A. Wide-load operation and low-NOx emission characteristics Downloads
Shujun Zhu, Jicheng Hui, Qinggang Lyu, Ziqu Ouyang, Xiongwei Zeng, Jianguo Zhu, Jingzhang Liu, Xiaoyang Cao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Hongliang Ding and Yuhua Liu
Investigating the performance of a water-based PVT system using encapsulated PCM balls: An experimental study Downloads
Alaa Hamada, Mohamed Emam, H.A. Refaey, M. Moawed and M.A. Abdelrahman
Gross electricity consumption forecasting using LSTM and SARIMA approaches: A case study of Türkiye Downloads
Mehmet Bilgili and Engin Pinar
A two-dimensional design and synthesis method for coordinated control of flexible-operational combined cycle of gas turbine Downloads
Nianci Lu, Lei Pan, Simon Pedersen and Ahmad Arabkoohsar
Towards the Carnot efficiency with a novel electrochemical heat engine based on the Carnot cycle: Thermodynamic considerations Downloads
Ruihua Chen, Weicong Xu, Shuai Deng, Ruikai Zhao, Siyoung Q. Choi and Li Zhao
Modelling the geopolitical impact on risk assessment of energy supply system: The case of Italian crude oil supply Downloads
Eleonora Desogus, Daniele Grosso, Ettore Bompard and Stefano Lo Russo
New method of integrating experiment for maintaining low indoor temperature into numerical modelling: A feasibility demonstration in reduced-scale building model Downloads
Xing Xie, Bin Xu, Yuan-xia Cheng and Gang Pei
Combustion and interaction mechanism of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene/1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane as an environmentally friendly mixed working fluid Downloads
Yubo Chen, Zhao Yang, Yong Zhang, Hongxia He and Jie Li
Thermal decomposition mechanism and thermal stability prediction of n-pentane/n-butane mixture Downloads
Erguang Huo, Dong Xu, Shukun Wang and Yongping Chen
Evaluation of the ventilation mode in an ISO class 6 electronic cleanroom by the AHP-entropy weight method Downloads
Gang Han, Guozeng Feng, Chunli Tang, Chongyao Pan, Weiming Zhou and Jintang Zhu
Evaluation of thermal performance and energy efficiency of a Trombe wall improved with dual phase change materials Downloads
Minoo Askari and Mohammad Hossein Jahangir
Synthesis of Rankine cycle systems with cascade and separate configurations utilising multiple heat sources at different temperature levels Downloads
Monika Dokl, Rok Gomilšek, Petar Sabev Varbanov, Yee Van Fan, Zdravko Kravanja and Lidija Čuček
TimeGAN based distributionally robust optimization for biomass-photovoltaic-hydrogen scheduling under source-load-market uncertainties Downloads
Yuwei Wang, Minghao Song, Mengyao Jia, Lin Shi and Bingkang Li
Optimal bidding strategy for virtual power plant participating in combined electricity and ancillary services market considering dynamic demand response price and integrated consumption satisfaction Downloads
Shufan Mei, Qinliang Tan, Yuan Liu, Anupam Trivedi and Dipti Srinivasan
An intraperiod arbitrary ramping-rate changing model in unit commitment Downloads
Jizhe Dong, Yuanhan Li, Shi Zuo, Xiaomei Wu, Zuyao Zhang and Jiang Du
A novel constant power operation mode of constant volume expansion process for AA-CAES: Regulation strategy, dynamic simulation, and comparison Downloads
Feng Xiao, Wei Chen, Bin Zhang, Tong Zhang, Ningning Xie, Zhitao Wang, Hui Chen and Xiaodai Xue
Optimization of hydraulic distribution using loop adjustment method in meshed district heating system with multiple heat sources Downloads
Zhikai Liu, Huan Zhang, Yaran Wang, Xianwang Fan, Shijun You, Yan Jiang and Xinlei Gao
Experimental study on the effect of high-temperature nitrogen immersion on the nanoscale pore structure of different lithotypes of coal Downloads
Hewei Zhang, Jian Shen, Geoff Wang, Kexin Li and Xiaojie Fang
Theoretical and numerical study on the contribution of multi-hole arrangement to coalbed methane extraction Downloads
Aitao Zhou, Jingwen Li, Weili Gong, Kai Wang and Changang Du
Comparative analysis of CO2 capture technologies using amine absorption and calcium looping integrated with natural gas combined cycle power plant Downloads
Magdalena Strojny, Paweł Gładysz, Dawid P. Hanak and Wojciech Nowak
Stress and permeability evolution of high-gassy coal seams for repeated mining Downloads
Chao Xu, Sibo Ma, Kai Wang, Gang Yang, Xin Zhou, Aitao Zhou and Longyong Shu
An outlook analysis on China's natural gas consumption forecast by 2035: Applying a seasonal forecasting method Downloads
Guangyue Xu, Yaqiang Chen, Mengge Yang, Shuang Li and Kyaw Jaw Sine Marma
A micro-macro coupled permeability model for gas transport in coalbed methane reservoirs Downloads
Fengrui Sun, Dameng Liu, Yidong Cai and Yongkai Qiu
Effect of shear on durability of viscosity reduction of electrically-treated waxy crude oils Downloads
Yiwei Xie, Hongying Li, Miaomiao Xu, Yang Su, Chaoyue Zhang, Shanpeng Han and Jinjun Zhang
LES of a turbulent lifted methanol spray flame using a novel spray flamelet/progress variable model Downloads
Yicun Wang, Changxiao Shao, Kun Luo, Ruipeng Cai, Tai Jin and Jianren Fan
Experimental investigation on the electrospray counterflow flame in a small combustor with a porous media as the grounding electrode Downloads
Ningguang Chen, Yunhua Gan, Dunfeng Shi, Yanlai Luo and Zhengwei Jiang
Wave mode analysis of a turbine guide vane-integrated rotating detonation combustor based on instantaneous frequency identification Downloads
Chenwei Ding, Yuwen Wu, Yakun Huang, Quan Zheng, Qun Li, Gao Xu, Chaohui Kang and Chunsheng Weng
Shock tube experiments and kinetic modeling of ignition of unsaturated C5 methyl esters Downloads
Chong Li, Mingzhi Ye, Bo Liu, Yanlei Shang, Hongbo Ning, Jinchun Shi and Sheng-Nian Luo
Data envelopment analysis based energy optimization for improving energy efficiency in wheat established following rice residue management in rice-wheat cropping system Downloads
Pritpal Singh, Gurdeep Singh, Alok Gupta and Gurjinder Pal Singh Sodhi
Production of highly reactive cokes by adding alkali metals and alkaline earth metals and their effect mechanism Downloads
Xiangyu Fan, Yang Liu, Mingdeng Wang, Chao Li, Yajie Zheng, Yang Liu, Xiangyun Zhong, Guozhong Xu, Yaru Zhang, Yifei Feng, Bin Bai and Jinfeng Bai
Anisotropic strain of anthracite induced by different phase CO2 injection and its effect on permeability Downloads
Jienan Pan, Haixia He, Guofu Li, Xianglong Wang, Quanlin Hou, Liangliang Liu and Nannan Cheng
Modeling of a bidirectional substation in a district heating network: Validation, dynamic analysis, and application to a solar prosumer Downloads
Giuseppe Edoardo Dino, Pietro Catrini, Alessandro Buscemi, Antonio Piacentino, Valeria Palomba and Andrea Frazzica
A study of particle flow in a ribbon reactor: Effect of ribbon configuration on mixing and heat transfer performance Downloads
Zhijian Zuo, Tian Liu, Weihong Li, Hong Xiao, Taiping Lin, Shuguang Gong and Jianping Zhang
Optimal planning of hybrid energy storage systems using curtailed renewable energy through deep reinforcement learning Downloads
Dongju Kang, Doeun Kang, Sumin Hwangbo, Haider Niaz, Won Bo Lee, J. Jay Liu and Jonggeol Na
The role of power – to – hydrogen in carbon neutral energy and industrial systems: Case Finland Downloads
Tero Koivunen, Ali Khosravi and Sanna Syri
Study of a three-dimensional model simulation of a speed amplified flux switching linear generator for wave energy conversion and its design optimization in the ocean environment Downloads
Zhenwei Liu, Cameron McGregor, Songlin Ding and Xu Wang
Utilizations of reaction exothermic heat to compensate the cost of the permanent CO2 sequestration through the geological mineral CO2 carbonation Downloads
Mingwei Ouyang and Yan Cao
Experimental study on the performance of a great progress 10 kW organic Rankine cycle for low-grade heat source based on scroll-type expander Downloads
Yong-qiang Feng, Hui-jie Liang, Kangjing Xu, Yu Wang, Yuanyuan Lu, Chih-Hung Lin and Tzu-Chen Hung
Thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling simulation for fracture propagation in CO2 fracturing based on phase-field model Downloads
Yuwei Li, Genbo Peng, Jizhou Tang, Jun Zhang, Wanchun Zhao, Bo Liu and Yishan Pan
Effects of oxidation temperature on microstructure and spontaneous combustion characteristics of coal: A case study of Shendong long-flame coal Downloads
Quanlin Shi, Wenjie Jiang, Botao Qin, Mingyue Hao and Zhenyu He
The determinants of oil consumption in Tunisia: Fresh evidence from NARDL approach and asymmetric causality test Downloads
Mohamed Ilyes Gritli and Fatma Marrakchi Charfi
Influences of various metal oxide-based nanosized particles-added algae biodiesel on engine characteristics Downloads
C. Dhayananth Jegan, T. Selvakumaran, M. Karthe, P. Hemachandu, R. Gopinathan, T. Sathish and Ümit Ağbulut
Experimental investigations on the thermal performance of a novel ground heat exchanger under the synergistic effects of shape-stabilized phase change material and nanofluid Downloads
Qinggong Liu, Yao Tao, Long Shi, Yi Huang, Yuanling Peng, Yong Wang and Jiyuan Tu
Topology optimization of thermally activated building system in high-rise building Downloads
Xianya He, Jingzhi Huang, Zekun Liu, Jian Lin, Rui Jing and Yingru Zhao
Multi-objective optimization and loss analysis of multistage centrifugal pumps Downloads
TianXin Wu, DengHao Wu, ShuYu Gao, Yu Song, Yun Ren and JieGang Mou
An efficient and privacy-preserving algorithm for multiple energy hubs scheduling with federated and matching deep reinforcement learning Downloads
Minghao Chen, Yi Sun, Zhiyuan Xie, Nvgui Lin and Peng Wu
Coupling thermodynamics and economics of liquid CO2 energy storage system with refrigerant additives Downloads
Xintao Fu, Xuewen Yan and Zhan Liu
Thermal performance augmentation of solar air heater with curved path Downloads
Salman Al-Zahrani
Co-optimization of injection parameters and injector layouts for a methanol/diesel direct dual-fuel stratification (DDFS) engine Downloads
Yaopeng Li, Hua Li, Bin Pang, Fei Liu, Ming Jia, Wuqiang Long, Jiangping Tian and Lijun Guo
Enhancing sustainable energy conversion: Comparative study of superheated and recuperative ORC systems for waste heat recovery and geothermal applications, with focus on 4E performance Downloads
A.A. Mana, S.I. Kaitouni, T. Kousksou and A. Jamil
Effects of fracture aperture distribution on the performances of the enhanced geothermal system using supercritical CO2 as working fluid Downloads
Dejian Zhou, Alexandru Tatomir, Ingrid Tomac and Martin Sauter
Evolution pattern of African countries' oil trade under the changing in the global oil market Downloads
Yue Wang, Zhenke Zhang and Minghui Xu
Effect of key structure and working condition parameters on a compact flat-evaporator loop heat pipe for chip cooling of data centers Downloads
Hainan Zhang, Yaling Tian, Changqing Tian and Zhiqiang Zhai
Air and oxy-fuel combustion characteristics of coal gangue and weathered coal blends Downloads
Yuanyuan Zhang, Wenrui Li, Xiangying Cheng, Kezhou Yan, Wenxin Zhao and Fengling Yang
The transfer of energy-intensive projects under carbon constraints: Does energy structure matter? Downloads
Boqiang Lin and Qianxiang Zhang
Techno-economic feasibility of fluid catalytic cracking unit integrated chemical looping combustion – A novel approach for CO2 capture Downloads
Fatih Güleç, Jude A. Okolie and Ahmet Erdogan
Experimental study of the effect of the duct on dual co-axial horizontal axis wind turbines and the effect of rotors diameter ratio and distance on increasing power coefficient Downloads
Mohammad Ali Rahmatian, Pooyan Hashemi Tari, Sahand Majidi and Mohammad Mojaddam
Can China's decentralized energy governance reduce carbon emissions? Evidence from new energy demonstration cities Downloads
Shuai Che, Jun Wang and Honghang Chen
Research on cross sensitivity of NOx sensor and Adblue injection volume in accordance with the actual situation based on cubature Kalman filter Downloads
Lulu Kang, Diming Lou, Yunhua Zhang, Liang Fang and Chagen Luo
Assessing the role of digital economy agglomeration in energy conservation and emission reduction: Evidence from China Downloads
Hongyang Yu, Jinchao Wang and Jiajun Xu
Sustainable energy transition in Southeast Asia: Energy status analysis, comprehensive evaluation and influential factor identification Downloads
Wuliyasu Bai, Long Zhang, Shengfang Lu, Jingzheng Ren and Zhiqiao Zhou
Improved singular filtering-Gaussian process regression-long short-term memory model for whole-life-cycle remaining capacity estimation of lithium-ion batteries adaptive to fast aging and multi-current variations Downloads
Shunli Wang, Fan Wu, Paul Takyi-Aninakwa, Carlos Fernandez, Daniel-Ioan Stroe and Qi Huang
Bulk and interfacial properties of methane-heavy hydrocarbon mixtures Downloads
Dan Guo, Xuewen Cao, Lihui Ma, Pan Zhang, Yang Liu and Jiang Bian
Critical stress related to coalbed methane migration pattern: Model development and experimental validation Downloads
Changxin Zhao, Yuanping Cheng, Wei Li, Liang Wang, Kaizhong Zhang and Chenghao Wang
Multi-objective optimization design of a grid-connected hybrid hydro-photovoltaic system considering power transmission capacity Downloads
Yusheng Zhang, Xuehua Zhao, Xin Wang, Aiyun Li and Xinhao Wu
Explosive characteristics of non-uniform methane-air mixtures in half-open vertical channels with ignition at the open end Downloads
Qifen Wu, Shixin Han, Shanshan Li, Minggao Yu, Kai Zheng, Haitao Li, Bei Pei and Xiaoping Wen
Experimental study on the effect of magma intrusion and temperature on the pore structure of coal Downloads
Jun He, Bohao Wang and Zhongliang Lu
A novel process for the simultaneous production of methanol, oxygen, and electricity using a PEM electrolyzer and agricultural-based landfill gas-fed oxyfuel combustion power plant Downloads
Xiaodong Li and Wang Jinxi
How does renewable energy consumption affect carbon emission intensity? Temporal-spatial impact analysis in China Downloads
Xiaoxiao Liu, Qian Niu, Shuli Dong and Shuiying Zhong
Grandfathering or benchmarking? The performance of implementing blockchain technology in a low-carbon supply chain Downloads
Miaomiao Wang, Jun Wu, Xinyu Chen and Xiaoxi Zhu
Experimental study and model development of bifacial photovoltaic power plants for Indian climatic zones Downloads
Joji Johnson and S. Manikandan
Difference analysis and recognition of hydraulic oscillation by two types of sudden faults on long-distance district heating pipeline Downloads
Jingjing Yan, Huan Zhang, Yaran Wang, Zhaozhe Zhu, He Bai, Qicheng Li, Lijun Zheng, Xinyong Gao and Shijun You
Guidelines for designing a digital twin for Li-ion battery: A reference methodology Downloads
Concetta Semeraro, Haya Aljaghoub, Mohammad Ali Abdelkareem, Abdul Hai Alami, Michele Dassisti and A.G. Olabi
Oil well production prediction based on CNN-LSTM model with self-attention mechanism Downloads
Shaowei Pan, Bo Yang, Shukai Wang, Zhi Guo, Lin Wang, Jinhua Liu and Siyu Wu
Performance of HZSM-5 agglomerated in a mesoporous matrix in the fuel production from ethylene at atmospheric pressure Downloads
Zuria Tabernilla, Ainara Ateka, Javier Bilbao, Andrés T. Aguayo and Eva Epelde
Determinants of public preferences on low-carbon energy sources: Evidence from the United Kingdom Downloads
Juyong Lee and David M. Reiner
Life cycle assessment and cost benefit analysis of concentrated solar thermal gasification of biomass for continuous electricity generation Downloads
Yi Fang, Xian Li, Simon Ascher, Yize Li, Leilei Dai, Roger Ruan and Siming You
Experimental investigation on the characteristics of XG/GG/HPAM gel foam and prevention of coal spontaneous combustion Downloads
Xin-li Fan, Li Ma, You-jie Sheng, Xi-xi Liu, Gao-ming Wei and Shang-ming Liu
Devising strategies for sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa: The roles of renewable, non-renewable energy, and natural resources Downloads
Qingran Guo, Shujaat Abbas, Hauwah K.K. AbdulKareem, Muhammad Shehu Shuaibu, Khurshid Khudoykulov and Tanaya Saha
Multi-aspect prediction of the sensitivity of thermodynamic/thermoeconomic performance metrics of an innovative solar-driven trigeneration system utilizing thermal energy storage Downloads
Hossein Sheykhlou, Mehdi Mohammadi Aghdash, Samad Jafarmadar and Yashar Aryanfar
Exploring energy efficiency barriers and drivers In the Portuguese water sector Downloads
Bruno J. Cardoso, Ana R. Amaral, Adélio R. Gaspar and Álvaro Gomes
Assessing the effects of internet technology use on rural households' cooking energy consumption: Evidence from China Downloads
Huaquan Zhang, Fan Yang, Abbas Ali Chandio, Jing Liu, Martinson Ankrah Twumasi and Ilhan Ozturk
Mechanisms and field application of in-situ heat injection-enhanced gas drainage Downloads
Linjie Hu, Zengchao Feng, Dong Zhou and Xing Wang
Renewable energy forecasting: A self-supervised learning-based transformer variant Downloads
Jiarui Liu and Yuchen Fu
Technical benefits of the subcritical inlet condition for high-speed CO2 centrifugal compressor in the advanced power-generation cycle Downloads
Yuzhe Li, Jiaqi Feng, Xu Zhang and Bofeng Bai
Microwave Co-pyrolysis of mulberry branches and Chlorella vulgaris under carbon material additives Downloads
Chunxiang Chen, Yixue Wei, Guangsheng Wei, Song Qiu, Gaixiu Yang and Yingxin Bi
Performance characteristics and exhaust emissions of a single-cylinder diesel engine for different fuels: Experimental investigation and artificial intelligence network Downloads
Karim Aliakbari, Amir Ebrahimi-Moghadam, Mohammadsadegh Pahlavanzadeh and Reza Moradi
Study on the influence of different-voltage plasma breakdowns on functional group structures in coal Downloads
Xiangliang Zhang, Shen Jian, Baiquan Lin and Chuanjie Zhu
Exploring influence of MgO/SiO2 on viscosity-temperature property of coal ash slags under entrained flow gasification condition Downloads
Meng Li, Hao Wu, Jianliang Xu, Guangsuo Yu and Xueli Chen
Modelling the spectral influence on photovoltaic device performance using the average photon energy and the depth of a water absorption band for improved forecasting Downloads
Rajiv Daxini, Robin Wilson and Yupeng Wu
Effects of intake air temperature on energy, exergy and sustainability analyses in an RCCI engine fueled with iso-propanol and n-heptane Downloads
Serdar Halis and Battal Doğan
Experimental investigation of the co-combustion of LPG-hydrogen blends on LPG-fueled systems Downloads
Claudio Munoz-Herrera, Christian Hernández, Paula Rojas, Luciano Bernal, Cristóbal Monzó, Rodrigo Cartagena, Nicolás Ripoll and Mario Toledo
Application of adaptive extended Kalman algorithm based on strong tracking fading factor in Stat-of-Charge estimation of lithium-ion battery Downloads
Mingjing Zhan, Baigong Wu, Guoqi Xu, Wenjuan Li, Darong Liang and Xiao Zhang
Fast energy transition as a best strategy for all? The nash equilibrium of long-term energy planning strategies in coupled power markets Downloads
Antun Pfeifer, Felipe Feijoo and Neven Duić
Two-stage multiple cooperative games-based joint planning for shared energy storage provider and local integrated energy systems Downloads
Changming Chen, Yongqing Zhu, Tianhan Zhang, Qingsheng Li, Zhen Li, Hongle Liang, Chang Liu, Yuanqian Ma, Zhenzhi Lin and Li Yang
A battery capacity estimation method based on the equivalent circuit model and quantile regression using vehicle real-world operation data Downloads
Yan Jiang and Xin Meng
Renewable energy time series regulation strategy considering grid flexible load and N-1 faults Downloads
Yongkang Xiong, Zhenfeng Zeng, Jianbo Xin, Guanhong Song, Yonghong Xia and Zaide Xu
A new approach for evaluating photosynthetic bio-hydrogen production: The dissipation rate method Downloads
Xinxin Liu, Junhui Zhao, Chao He, Liang Liu, Gang Li, Xiaohui Pan, Guizhuan Xu, Chaoyang Lu, Quanguo Zhang and Youzhou Jiao
Comparative assessment of different grades of coal for methanol production: Simulation, optimization, environmental and economic analysis Downloads
Shailesh Pandey, Vimal Chandra Srivastava and Vimal Kumar
The environmental and economic impacts of phasing out cross-subsidy in electricity prices: Evidence from China Downloads
Zhiqing Yang and Jing Liang
Greenhouse gas protection and control based upon the evolution of overburden fractures under coal mining: A review of methods, influencing factors, and techniques Downloads
Pengxiang Zhao, Risheng Zhuo, Shugang Li, Haifei Lin, Chi-Min Shu, Haiqing Shuang and Zongyong Wei
The least-cost abatement measure of carbon emissions for China's glass manufacturing industry based on the marginal abatement costs Downloads
Yujiao Xian, Zhihui Hu and Ke Wang
Effect of interlayer mixed zone and effective stress on permeability anisotropy of NGH turbidite reservoir Downloads
Ruirui Li, Luqing Zhang, Zhenhua Han, Jian Zhou, Song Wang and Holger Schüttrumpf
Roadmap towards clean and low-carbon heating to 2060: The case of northern urban region in China Downloads
Meiyan Ma, Xu Tang, Changning Shi, Min Wang, Xinying Li, Pengfei Luo and Baosheng Zhang
Modelling analysis and performance evaluation of a novel hybrid CdTe-PCM PV glass module for building envelope application Downloads
Wei Ke, Jie Ji, Chengyan Zhang and Hao Xie
Data-driven method for optimized supply temperatures in residential buildings Downloads
I. Pothof, D. Vreeken and M. van Meerkerk
An investigation of the density of nano-confined subcritical/supercritical water Downloads
Bowei Zhang, Xiao Zhao, Jie Zhang, Junying Wang and Hui Jin
Deformation and seepage characteristics of water-saturated shale under true triaxial stress Downloads
Chongyang Wang, Dongming Zhang, Chenxi Liu, Yisha Pan, Zhigang Jiang, Beichen Yu and Yun Lin
Distributed collaborative optimal economic dispatch of integrated energy system based on edge computing Downloads
Jun Yang, Fengyuan Sun and Haitao Wang
Effects of coal permeability rebound and recovery phenomenon on CO2 storage capacity under different coalbed temperature conditions during CO2-ECBM process Downloads
Zhengdong Liu, Xiaosong Lin, Wancheng Zhu, Ze Hu, Congmeng Hao, Weiwei Su and Gang Bai
Enhancement of hydrogen production in steam gasification of sludge: Comparing different strategies for deeper conversion of hydrogen sources in biomass Downloads
Ying Gao, Yuang Wang, Yue Jiang, Yuan Guo, Jiayu Xu, Shuai Ran, Kezhen Qian, Hong Zhang, Hui Xu and Hui Ying Yang
Agglomeration mechanism of Fe2O3/Al2O3 oxygen carrier in chemical looping gasification Downloads
Jinxia Quan, Zhenwu Miao, Yousheng Lin, Juan Lv, Hailu Liu, Chunzhou Feng, Enchen Jiang and Zhifeng Hu
Large size heat pumps advanced cost functions introducing the impact of design COP on capital costs Downloads
Alberto Vannoni, Alessandro Sorce, Alberto Traverso and Aristide Fausto Massardo
Multi-objective optimisation for energy saving and high efficiency production oriented multidirectional turning based on improved fireworks algorithm considering energy, efficiency and quality Downloads
Jiaqi Zhang, Xin Han, Li Li, Shun Jia, Zhigang Jiang, Xiangmin Duan, Kee-hung Lai and Wei Cai
Experimental investigation and chemometric analysis of gasification and co-gasification of olive pomace and Sida Hermaphrodita blends with sewage sludge to hydrogen-rich gas Downloads
Adam Smoliński and Natalia Howaniec
Dynamic contact angle effect on water-oil imbibition in tight oil reservoirs Downloads
Weibing Tian, Keliu Wu, Dong Feng, Yanling Gao, Jing Li and Zhangxin Chen
Power-to-Gas for energy system flexibility under uncertainty in demand, production and price Downloads
Emanuela Marzi, Mirko Morini, Costanza Saletti, Stavros Vouros, Valentina Zaccaria, Konstantinos Kyprianidis and Agostino Gambarotta
Energy loss analysis of transition simulation for a prototype reversible pump turbine during load rejection process Downloads
Faye Jin, Yongyao Luo, Qiang Zhao, Jiali Cao and Zhengwei Wang
Model predictive control based on air pressure forecasting of OWC wave power plants Downloads
Jorge Marques Silva, Susana M. Vieira, Duarte Valério and João C.C. Henriques
Improvement of fuel characteristics for forest by-products applied surface torrefaction process Downloads
Seok Jun Kim, Sun Yong Park, Kwang Cheol Oh, La hoon Cho, Young Kwang Jeon and Dae Hyun Kim
Effect of demineralization on waste tire pyrolysis char physical, chemical characteristics and combustion characteristics Downloads
Yanyu Qiao, Zhichao Chen, Xiaolan Wu and Zhengqi Li
Bayesian optimization of multiscale kernel principal component analysis and its application to model Gas-to-liquid (GTL) process data Downloads
Radhia Fezai, Byanne Malluhi, Nour Basha, Gasim Ibrahim, Hanif A. Choudhury, Mohamed S. Challiwala, Hazem Nounou, Nimir Elbashir and Mohamed Nounou
Optimization under uncertainty of a hybrid waste tire and natural gas feedstock flexible polygeneration system using a decomposition algorithm Downloads
Avinash S.R. Subramanian, Rohit Kannan, Flemming Holtorf, Thomas A. Adams, Truls Gundersen and Paul I. Barton
Coupling dynamic thermal analysis and surface modification to enhance heat dissipation of R410A spray cooling for high-power electronics Downloads
Shangming Wang, Zhifu Zhou, Xuehao Sang, Bin Chen, Alexandros Romeos, Athanasios Giannadakis and Panidis Thrassos
Thermodynamic analysis of a novel combined heating and power system based on low temperature solid oxide fuel cell (LT-SOFC) and high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell (HT-PEMFC) Downloads
Xinru Guo, Yumin Guo, Jiangfeng Wang, Xin Meng, Bohao Deng, Weifeng Wu and Pan Zhao
Thermodynamic analysis of a hybrid energy system coupling solar organic Rankine cycle and ground source heat pump: Exploring heat cascade utilization Downloads
Liangqi Chen, Huifeng Yue, Jiangfeng Wang, Juwei Lou, Shunsen Wang, Yumin Guo, Bohao Deng and Lu Sun
Liquid hydrogen cold energy recovery to enhance sustainability: Optimal design of dual-stage power generation cycles Downloads
Haneul Mun, Sihwan Park and Inkyu Lee
Thermodynamic analysis of combined heating and power system with In-Situ resource utilization for lunar base Downloads
Chong Zhang, Lingfeng Shi, Gang Pei, Yu Yao, Kexin Li, Shuo Zhou and Gequn Shu
Parametric analysis and multi-objective optimization of a heat pump dryer based on working conditions and using different refrigerants Downloads
Mahdi Deymi-Dashtebayaz, Vajihe Davoodi, Julia Khutornaya and Olga Sergienko
Deep learning integrated approach for hydrocarbon source rock evaluation and geochemical indicators prediction in the Jurassic - Paleogene of the Mandawa basin, SE Tanzania Downloads
Christopher N. Mkono, Shen Chuanbo, Alvin K. Mulashani and Grant Charles Mwakipunda
Proposal and analysis of a combined cooling, heating, and power system with humidity control based on solid oxide fuel cell Downloads
Sheng Yang, Zhengpeng Jin, Feng Ji, Chengwei Deng and Zhiqiang Liu
Modelling of solar assisted district heating system with seasonal storage tank by two mathematical methods and with two climatic data as input Downloads
Daniel P. Hiris, Octavian G. Pop, Alexandru Dobrovicescu, Mircea C. Dudescu and Mugur C. Balan
Oscillator design for high efficiency DC-DC of micro direct methanol fuel cell Downloads
Shuo Fang, Nan Song, Yuntao Liu, Chaoyang Zhou, Chunhui Zhao and Yun Wang
Energy, exergy, and economic analyses on coal-fired power plants integrated with the power-to-heat thermal energy storage system Downloads
Lin Miao, Ming Liu, Kezhen Zhang, Yongliang Zhao and Junjie Yan
Building integrated concentrating photovoltaic window coupling luminescent solar concentrator and thermotropic material Downloads
Haixiang Liu, Wei He, Xianghua Liu, Jian Zhu, Hancheng Yu and Zhongting Hu
Investigation of novel expandable polystyrene/alumina aerogel composite thermal insulation material Downloads
Yuxuan Tan, Weicheng Chen, Yutang Fang, Min Cheng and Shuangfeng Wang
A data-driven model for the optimization of energy consumption of an industrial production boiler in a fiber plant Downloads
Pedro R.X. do Carmo, João Victor L. do Monte, Assis T. de Oliveira Filho, Eduardo Freitas, Matheus F.F.S.L. Tigre, Djamel Sadok and Judith Kelner
Identifying the spatiotemporal carbon footprint of the petroleum refining industry and its mitigation potential in China Downloads
Shujie Zhao, Qingbin Song, Dongfeng Zhao and Yongqiang Wang
Performance assessment of compound parabolic concentrating photovoltaic system based on optical-thermal-electrical-environmental coupling Downloads
Shi-Jie Xu, Shuang-Ying Wu, Lan Xiao and Zhi-Li Chen
Decomposition spectral graph convolutional network based on multi-channel adaptive adjacency matrix for renewable energy prediction Downloads
Jiarui Liu and Yuchen Fu
Advances in research on gas storage in sediment void of salt cavern in China Downloads
Xinxing Wei, Xilin Shi, Yinping Li, Hejuan Liu, Peng Li, Shengnan Ban, Xiaopeng Liang, Shijie Zhu, Kai Zhao, Kun Yang, Si Huang and Chunhe Yang
Tracing and excavating critical paths and sectors for embodied energy consumption in global supply chains: A case study of China Downloads
Xiaoxin Song and Rongrong Li
Lithium battery health state assessment based on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) real-world data and natural gradient boosting model Downloads
Shuang Wen, Ni Lin, Shengxu Huang, Zhenpo Wang and Zhaosheng Zhang
Ozone-assisted combustion and emission control in RCCI engines: A comprehensive study Downloads
Müjdat Fırat, Şafak Melih Şenocak, Mutlu Okcu, Yasin Varol and Şehmus Altun
Energy-optimization design and management strategy for hybrid electric non-road mobile machinery: A case study of snowblower Downloads
Ngoc-Lam Vu, Pascal Messier, Bảo-Huy Nguyễn, Thanh Vo-Duy, João Pedro F. Trovão, Alain Desrochers and António Rodrigues
Evaluation of lithium battery immersion thermal management using a novel pentaerythritol ester coolant Downloads
Chu Huang, Haixi Zhu, Yinjie Ma and Jiaqiang E
Study on low-frequency torsional vibration suppression of integrated electric drive system considering nonlinear factors Downloads
Jianjun Hu, Qi Guo, Zhicheng Sun and Dianzhao Yang
Review of heating and cooling technologies for buildings: A techno-economic case study of eleven European countries Downloads
Benjamin Mitterrutzner, Claudio Zandonella Callegher, Riccardo Fraboni, Eric Wilczynski and Simon Pezzutto
Dynamic response of a dual-opposed free-piston Stirling generator Downloads
Lei Xiao, Zhanghua Wu, Qilu Zhu, Zilong Jia, Dong Zhao, Jianying Hu, Shunmin Zhu and Ercang Luo
Potential changes of regional natural gas market in China amidst liberalization: A mixed complementarity equilibrium simulation in 2030 Downloads
Weidong Jia, Chengzhu Gong, Kai Pan and Shiwei Yu
Multi-objective optimisation of a thermal-storage PV-CSP-wind hybrid power system in three operation modes Downloads
Hongtao Liu, Rongrong Zhai, Kumar Patchigolla, Peter Turner, Xiaohan Yu and Peng Wang
Evaluation of operational strategy of cooling and thermal energy storage tanks in optimal design of multi generation system Downloads
Amin Saleh, Hassan Hajabdollahi, Vahid Ghamari and Mohammad Shafiey Dehaj
The non-isothermal drying characteristics of lignite and prevention strategies for structure damage Downloads
Mingqiang Gao, Cheng Cheng, Zhenyong Miao, Yufang Zhou, Keji Wan and Qiongqiong He
Hydrate-based composition separation of R32/R1234yf mixed working fluids applied in composition-adjustable organic Rankine cycle Downloads
Xi Lai, Li Zhao, Xianhua Nie, Yue Zhang and Qi Zhang
Triaxial tests on anisotropic consolidated methane hydrate-bearing clayey-silty sediments of the South China Sea Downloads
Weiguo Liu, Qi Song, Peng Wu, Tao Liu, Lei Huang, Shuheng Zhang and Yanghui Li
Proactively selection of input variables based on information gain factors for deep learning models in short-term solar irradiance forecasting Downloads
Yunxiao Chen, Mingliang Bai, Yilan Zhang, Jinfu Liu and Daren Yu
Economic, environmental, exergy (3E) analysis and multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization of efficient and energy-saving separation of diethoxymethane/toluene/ethanol by extractive distillation with mixed extractants Downloads
Haiyang Cheng, Yangyang Wang, Wenxin Wang, Chunhe Wen, Xuewen Wei, Yu Wang, Yinglong Wang, Peizhe Cui and Zhaoyou Zhu
Multi-criteria decision analysis for the planning of island microgrid system: A case study of Yongxing island, China Downloads
Huiying Miao, Yadong Yu, Ali Kharrazi and Tieju Ma
LSTM-based energy management algorithm for a vehicle power-split hybrid powertrain Downloads
Shuyue Bao, Shifa Tang, Ping Sun and Tao Wang
Harvesting CO2 reaction enthalpy from amine scrubbing Downloads
Kaiqi Jiang and Kangkang Li
The impact of platform motion phase differences on the power and load performance of tandem floating offshore wind turbines Downloads
Alireza Arabgolarcheh, Daniel Micallef and Ernesto Benini
The crucial role of oxygen in NO heterogeneous reduction with NH3 at high temperature Downloads
Anyao Jiao, Zining Zhou, Xiuchao Yang, Hongtao Xu, Feng Liu, Xiaowei Liao, Jiaxun Liu and Xiumin Jiang
Sensible heat aided gas production from gas hydrate with an underlying water-rich shallow gas layer Downloads
Aoxing Qu, Dawei Guan, Zhibo Jiang, Qi Fan, Qingping Li, Lunxiang Zhang, Jiafei Zhao, Lei Yang and Yongchen Song
Supersonic nozzle performance prediction considering the homogeneous-heterogeneous coupling spontaneous non-equilibrium condensation Downloads
Guojie Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Jiaheng Chen, Songzhen Tang, Krystian Smołka, Mirosław Majkut, Zunlong Jin and Sławomir Dykas
Solar and sodium fast reactor-based integrated energy system developed with thermal energy storage and hydrogen Downloads
Mert Temiz and Ibrahim Dincer
Exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental analyses of a potential marine engine powered by eco-friendly fuel blends with hydrogen Downloads
Shaimaa Seyam, Ibrahim Dincer and Martin Agelin-Chaab
Molecular dynamics simulation on thermophysical properties and local structure of ternary chloride salt for thermal energy storage and transfer system Downloads
Heqing Tian, Zhaoyang Kou, Xinchang Pang and Yinsheng Yu
Emerging phase change cold storage gel originated from calcium chloride hexahydrate Downloads
Mu Li, Chuanchang Li, Baoshan Xie, Penghui Cao, Daifei Liu, Yaxi Li, Meicheng Peng and Zhenwei Tan
Stacking integrated learning model via ELM and GRU with mixture correntropy loss for robust state of health estimation of lithium-ion batteries Downloads
Jingsong Xue, Wentao Ma, Xiaoyang Feng, Peng Guo, Yaosong Guo, Xianzhi Hu and Badong Chen
Effects of heating film and phase change material on preheating performance of the lithium-ion battery pack with large capacity under low temperature environment Downloads
Jiaqiang E, Yisheng Qin, Bin Zhang, Huichun Yin and Yan Tan
Using a hybrid system to improve a lithium-ion battery in the presence of phase change material and the effect of air on the battery charge and discharge Downloads
Xiaohui Zhang, Z. Li, S. Mohammad Sajadi, Mohammed N. Ajour, Nidal H. Abu-Hamdeh, Elias M. Salilih, Aliakbar Karimipour and Pmh Viet
Knock probability determination employing convolutional neural network and IGTD algorithm Downloads
M. Hosseini and I. Chitsaz
Adaptive state of health estimation for lithium-ion batteries using impedance-based timescale information and ensemble learning Downloads
Yuli Zhu, Bo Jiang, Jiangong Zhu, Xueyuan Wang, Rong Wang, Xuezhe Wei and Haifeng Dai
Reynolds number-based global modification of EDC constants and simulation of a syngas and a piloted CH4/air flames Downloads
Di He, Yusong Yu, Xinwu Zhang, Yan Jia and Chaojun Wang
A multi-physics coupled multi-scale transport model for CO2 sequestration and enhanced recovery in shale formation with fractal fracture networks Downloads
Bo Li, Hao Yu, WenLong Xu, HanWei Huang, MengCheng Huang, SiWei Meng, He Liu and HengAn Wu
Study on production performance characteristics of horizontal wells in low permeability and tight oil reservoirs Downloads
Jiangtao Li, Xiaofeng Zhou, Abdumalik Gayubov and Sultanov Shamil
Energy recovery from waste animal fats and detailed testing on combustion, performance, and emission analysis of IC engine fueled with their blends enriched with metal oxide nanoparticles Downloads
T. Sathish, Ümit Ağbulut, Vinod Kumari, G. Rathinasabapathi, K. Karthikumar, N. Rama Jyothi, Sumanth Ratna Kandavalli, T. Vijay Muni and R. Saravanan
Multi-objective optimization of electrokinetic energy conversion efficiency and entropy generation for streaming potential driven electromagnetohydrodynamic flow of couple stress Casson fluid in microchannels with slip-dependent zeta potentials Downloads
Sujit Saha and Balaram Kundu
Thermal stability and thermal decomposition mechanism of octamethyltrisiloxane (MDM): Combined experiment, ReaxFF-MD and DFT study Downloads
Wei Yu, Chao Liu, Luxi Tan, Qibin Li, Liyong Xin and Shukun Wang
Generation mechanism and emission characteristics of N2O and NOx in ammonia-diesel dual-fuel engine Downloads
Binyang Wu, Yusong Wang, Decheng Wang, Yongming Feng and Shouying Jin
Thermodynamic analysis of electric to thermal heating pathways coupled with thermal energy storage Downloads
Xiaoxue Kou and Ruzhu Wang
Evaluation of hosting capacity of the power grid for electric vehicles – A case study in a Swedish residential area Downloads
Maria Sandström, Pei Huang, Chris Bales and Erik Dotzauer
Market power evaluation in the electricity market based on the weighted maintenance object Downloads
Xiong Cheng, Xin Lv, Xianshan Li, Hao Zhong and Jia Feng
A numerical study of thermal management of lithium-ion battery with nanofluid Downloads
Ozge Yetik, Ugur Morali and Tahir Hikmet Karakoc
New coordination framework for smart home peer-to-peer trading to reduce impact on distribution transformer Downloads
Sadam Hussain, M. Imran Azim, Chunyan Lai and Ursula Eicker
Design optimization of energy systems for zero energy buildings based on grid-friendly interaction with smart grid Downloads
Shuning Jia, Kai Sheng, Dehai Huang, Kai Hu, Yizhe Xu and Chengchu Yan
Coordinated control of mHTGR-based nuclear steam supply systems considering cold helium temperature Downloads
Zhe Dong, Zhonghua Cheng, Yunlong Zhu, Xiaojin Huang, Yujie Dong and Zuoyi Zhang
Reinforcement learning-based multi-objective differential evolution for wind farm layout optimization Downloads
Xiaobing Yu and Yangchen Lu
Experimental and numerical study on direct injection of liquid ammonia and its injection timing in an ammonia-biodiesel dual injection engine Downloads
Ebrahim Nadimi, Grzegorz Przybyła, Terese Løvås, Grzegorz Peczkis and Wojciech Adamczyk
Analysis and prediction of green hydrogen production potential by photovoltaic-powered water electrolysis using machine learning in China Downloads
Guishi Cheng, Ercheng Luo, Ying Zhao, Yihao Yang, Binbin Chen, Youcheng Cai, Xiaoqiang Wang and Changqing Dong
Inhibition on methane hydrate formation by polyacrylate superabsorbent hydrogel Downloads
Dong Chen, XiaoMing Wang, JiaYi Zhang, Yan He, Yan Lin and Fei Wang
Thermodynamic analysis of isothermal compressed air energy storage system with droplets injection Downloads
Ziyu Gao, Xinjing Zhang, Xiaoyu Li, Yujie Xu and Haisheng Chen
Evolutionary mechanism of permeability of coal-rock combination considering interface effect: Model development and analysis Downloads
Kai Wang, Long Wang, Feng Du, Wei Zhao, Huzi Dong, Yangyang Guo and Yang Ju
Comprehensive performance investigation of a novel solar-assisted liquid air energy storage system with different operating modes in different seasons Downloads
Xingqi Ding, Yufei Zhou, Liqiang Duan, Da Li and Nan Zheng
Investigation of system optimization and control logic on a solar geothermal hybrid heat pump system based on integral effect test data Downloads
Yu Jin Kim, Evgeuniy Entchev, Sun Ik Na, Eun Chul Kang, Young-Jin Baik and Euy Joon Lee
Development of a novel dual-loop optimization method for the engine electric turbocompound system based on particle swarm algorithm Downloads
Rongchao Zhao, Lei Huang, Zhen Wang, Weilin Zhuge, Zhanming Ding and Yangjun Zhang
How family structure type affects household energy consumption: A heterogeneous study based on Chinese household evidence Downloads
Yuanping Wang, Lingchun Hou, Lang Hu, Weiguang Cai, Lin Wang, Cuilian Dai and Juntao Chen
Coordinated post-disaster restoration for resilient urban distribution systems: A hybrid quantum-classical approach Downloads
Wei Fu, Haipeng Xie, Hao Zhu, Hefeng Wang, Lizhou Jiang, Chen Chen and Zhaohong Bie
Tripartite evolutionary game analysis of power battery carbon footprint disclosure under the EU battery regulation Downloads
Xiaoning Xia, Pengwei Li and Yang Cheng
A generalized equivalent circuit model for lithium-iron phosphate batteries Downloads
Antonio José Torregrosa, Alberto Broatch, Pablo Olmeda and Luca Agizza
Exploring the inhibitory effect of H2O on CO2/CH4 adsorption in coal: Insights from experimental and simulation approaches Downloads
Hongmin Yang, Ningning Kang, Xiangjun Chen and Yuan Liu
Optimal sizing and design of renewable power plants in rural microgrids using multi-objective particle swarm optimization and branch and bound methods Downloads
Carlos Roldán-Blay, Guillermo Escrivá-Escrivá, Carlos Roldán-Porta and Daniel Dasí-Crespo
Efficient coordination of top-down and bottom-up models for energy system design: An algorithmic approach Downloads
Paolo Pisciella, E. Ruben van Beesten and Asgeir Tomasgard
Pavement PV array reconfiguration strategy based on traveling salesman problem Downloads
Mingxuan Mao, Siyu Chen, Liuqing Zhao, Xinying Feng and Fuping Ma
Optimum design of bivariate operation strategy for a supercritical/ transcritical CO2 hybrid waste heat recovery system driven by gas turbine exhaust Downloads
Yue Cao, Jun Zhan, Boqing Jia, Ranjing Chen and Fengqi Si
Performance assessment of a demonstration-scale biomass gasification power plant using material and energy flow analyses Downloads
Fabio Montagnaro and Lucio Zaccariello
A comparative study of the reaction mechanism for deep reduction hydrogen production using two special steel solid wastes and a chemical looping hydrogen production scheme Downloads
Shuanghui Liu, Qixuan Rui, Zongqi Chen, Lihui Zhang and Feng Duan
Harvesting low-speed wind energy by bistable snap-through and amplified inertial force Downloads
Qi Liu, Weiyang Qin, Zhiyong Zhou, Mengjie Shang and Honglei Zhou
Robust low-carbon energy and reserve scheduling considering operational risk and flexibility improvement Downloads
Gaohang Zhang, Fengting Li, Sen Wang and Chunya Yin
The impact of supercritical CO2 exposure time on the effective stress law for permeability in shale Downloads
Shifeng Tian, Junping Zhou, Xuefu Xian, Quan Gan, Chengpeng Zhang, Zhiqiang Dong and Nianjie Kuang
Multi-agent reinforcement learning for electric vehicle decarbonized routing and scheduling Downloads
Yi Wang, Dawei Qiu, Yinglong He, Quan Zhou and Goran Strbac
Study on the impacts of refrigerant leakage on the performance and reliability of datacenter composite air conditioning system Downloads
Yiqi Zhang, Mengyi Li, Jiaxiang Dong, Ce Zhang, Xiuming Li and Zongwei Han
A comprehensive analysis of the minimum energy and thermodynamic efficiency of regenerating aqueous electrolyte solutions in air-conditioning systems Downloads
Bo Sun, Shifang Huang, Wei Su, Lin Lu and Xiaosong Zhang
Prediction model of drilling wellbore temperature considering bit heat generation and variation of mud thermophysical parameters Downloads
Liangjie Mao, Changjiang Wei, Hai Jia and Kechong Lu
A power-sharing electro-hydraulic actuator system to downsize electric motors for electric mobile machines Downloads
Feng Wang, Jiaming Wu, Zichang Lin, Haoxiang Zhang and Bing Xu
Structure-activity relationships for hydration inhibition and environmental protection with modified branched polyethyleneimine: Experiments and simulations Downloads
Danchao Huang, Xin Li, Yang Bai, Gang Xie, Shilin Chen, Hong Chen, Jian Zhang, Renxin Liang and Pingya Luo
Energy and cost savings through heat trading between two massive prosumers using solar and ground energy systems connected to district heating networks Downloads
Minwoo Lee, Changho Han, Soonbum Kwon and Yongchan Kim
Power allocation strategy for fuel cell distributed drive electric tractor based on adaptive multi-resolution analysis theory Downloads
Xian-zhe Li, Ming-zhu Zhang, Xiang-hai Yan, Meng-nan Liu and Li-you Xu
The effect of ash fusion characteristic on the structure characteristics of carbon and the migration of potassium during rice straw high-temperature gasification process Downloads
Tianxing Zhou, Weiwei Zhang, Siyi Luo, Zongliang Zuo and Dongdong Ren
Optimal configuration of improved dynamic carbon neutral energy systems based on hybrid energy storage and market incentives Downloads
Zhonglian Zhang, Xiaohui Yang, Moxuan Li, Fuwei Deng, Riying Xiao, Linghao Mei and Zecheng Hu
Experimental study on mechanical properties of pore-filling and fracture-filling clayey silt hydrate-bearing sediments Downloads
Wei Guo, Yiming Li, Rui Jia, Yuan Wang, Gege Tang and Xiaolin Li
Functional classification and dynamic prediction of cumulative intraday returns in crude oil futures Downloads
Xuemei Li and Xiaoxing Liu
Perspectives for the green hydrogen energy-based economy Downloads
Kumaran Kannaiyan, G.S. Lekshmi, Seeram Ramakrishna, Misook Kang and Vignesh Kumaravel
Direct and non-contact measurement of liquid fraction in unconstrained encapsulated PCM melting Downloads
Ashkan Boroojerdian, H. Nemati and Ehsan Selahi
Hydrogen leakage location prediction at hydrogen refueling stations based on deep learning Downloads
Yubo Bi, Qiulan Wu, Shilu Wang, Jihao Shi, Haiyong Cong, Lili Ye, Wei Gao and Mingshu Bi
Effect of unsteady heat source condition on thermal performance for cascaded latent heat storage packed bed Downloads
Qianjun Mao and Yufei Zhang
Research on operational characteristics of coal power centrifugal fans at off-design working conditions based on flap-angle adjustment Downloads
Wei Xu, Genglin Chen, Huijin Shi, Pengcheng Zhang and Xuemei Chen
Novel thermoelectric generator enhanced supercritical carbon dioxide closed-Brayton-cycle power generation systems: Performance comparison and configuration optimization Downloads
Kunlin Cheng, Jiahui Li, Jianchi Yu, Chuanjie Fu, Jiang Qin and Wuxing Jing
Optimized geometric designs of desiccant wheels with metal-organic frameworks considering dehumidification capacity and energy Downloads
Myeong Hyeon Park, Jun Yeob Chung, Seong Ho Hong, Hyun Ho Shin, Dongchan Lee and Yongchan Kim
Vibration characteristics and strength analysis of two-stage variable-pitch axial-flow fan based on fluid-solid coupling method Downloads
Youhao Wang, Lihui Sun, Chang Guo, Suoying He, Ming Gao, Qinghua Xu and Qiang Zhang
Exergy-related process monitoring for hot strip mill process based on improved support tensor data description Downloads
Chuanfang Zhang, Kaixiang Peng, Jie Dong, Xueyi Zhang and Kaixuan Yang
Design and research of a water energy piezoelectric energy harvester that changes the linear arrangement of magnet Downloads
Lipeng He, Shuangjian Wang, Renwen Liu, Baoyu Sun, Junlei Wang and Jieqiong Lin
Adsorption mechanisms and regeneration heat analysis of a solid amine sorbent during CO2 capture in wet flue gas Downloads
Chenhuan Xu, Yongmin Zhang, Tianlei Yang, Xiaohao Jia, Feng Qiu, Cenfan Liu and Shuai Jiang
The linkage between natural gas consumption and industrial output: New evidence based on time series analysis Downloads
Mohd Shahidan Shaari, Temitayo B. Majekodunmi, Nor Fadzilah Zainal, Nor Hidayah Harun and Abdul Rahim Ridzuan
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