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2018, volume 227, issue C

Thermal efficiency enhancement of the direct contact membrane distillation: Conductive layer integration and geometrical undulation pp. 7-17 Downloads
Isam Janajreh, Mohammed Noorul Hussain, Raed Hashaikeh and Rizwan Ahmed
Powering an island system by renewable energy—A feasibility analysis in the Maldives pp. 18-27 Downloads
Jiahong Liu, Chao Mei, Hao Wang, Weiwei Shao and Chenyao Xiang
Numerical study of gas production from methane hydrate deposits by depressurization at 274K pp. 28-37 Downloads
Minghao Yu, Weizhong Li, Lanlan Jiang, Xin Wang, Mingjun Yang and Yongchen Song
Improvement of combustion performance and emissions in diesel engines by fueling n-butanol/diesel/PODE3–4 mixtures pp. 38-48 Downloads
Haozhong Huang, Qingsheng Liu, Wenwen Teng, Mingzhang Pan, Chang Liu and Qingxin Wang
The influence of complicated fluid-rock interactions on the geothermal exploitation in the CO2 plume geothermal system pp. 49-63 Downloads
Guodong Cui, Shaoran Ren, Zhenhua Rui, Justin Ezekiel, Liang Zhang and Hongsheng Wang
Co-digestion of sewage sludge and microalgae – Biogas production investigations pp. 64-72 Downloads
Eva Thorin, Jesper Olsson, Sebastian Schwede and Emma Nehrenheim
Hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived phenoic compounds to hydrocarbon fuel over supported Ni-based catalysts pp. 73-79 Downloads
Xinghua Zhang, Wenwu Tang, Qi Zhang, Tiejun Wang and Longlong Ma
Performance assessment of a hybrid SOFC/MGT cogeneration power plant fed by syngas from a biomass down-draft gasifier pp. 80-91 Downloads
Alessandra Perna, Mariagiovanna Minutillo, Elio Jannelli, Viviana Cigolotti, Suk Woo Nam and Kyung Joong Yoon
Characterization of char from biomass gasification and its similarities with activated carbon in adsorption applications pp. 92-99 Downloads
Vittoria Benedetti, Francesco Patuzzi and Marco Baratieri
High temperature gasification of high heating-rate chars using a flat-flame reactor pp. 100-107 Downloads
Tian Li, Yanqing Niu, Liang Wang, Christopher Shaddix and Terese Løvås
Thermodynamic investigations of the supercritical CO2 system with solar energy and biomass pp. 108-118 Downloads
Xiaohe Wang, Qibin Liu, Zhang Bai, Jing Lei and Hongguang Jin
A non-stoichiometric equilibrium model for the simulation of the biomass gasification process pp. 119-127 Downloads
Agostino Gambarotta, Mirko Morini and Andrea Zubani
Production of bio-jet fuel from corncob by hydrothermal decomposition and catalytic hydrogenation: Lab analysis of process and techno-economics of a pilot-scale facility pp. 128-136 Downloads
Yuping Li, Cong Zhao, Lungang Chen, Xinghua Zhang, Qi Zhang, Tiejun Wang, Songbai Qiu, Jin Tan, Kai Li, Chenguang Wang and Longlong Ma
Effect of torrefaction on physiochemical characteristics and grindability of stem wood, stump and bark pp. 137-148 Downloads
L. Wang, Barta-Rajnai, E., Ø. Skreiberg, R. Khalil, Z. Czégény, E. Jakab, Z. Barta and M. Grønli
Assessment of uncertainties of laminar flame speed of premixed flames as determined using a Bunsen burner at varying pressures pp. 149-158 Downloads
S. Hu, J. Gao, C. Gong, Y. Zhou, X.S. Bai, Z.S. Li and M. Alden
EGR control on operation of a tar tolerant HCCI engine with simulated syngas from biomass pp. 159-167 Downloads
Subir Bhaduri, Hervé Jeanmart and Francesco Contino
Coupling detailed radiation model with process simulation in Aspen Plus: A case study on fluidized bed combustor pp. 168-179 Downloads
Yukun Hu, Jihong Wang, Ck Tan, Chenggong Sun and Hao Liu
A power dispatch model for a ferrochrome plant heat recovery cogeneration system pp. 180-189 Downloads
Lijun Zhang, Michael Chennells and Xiaohua Xia
Tuning dry reforming of methane for F-T syntheses: A thermodynamic approach pp. 190-197 Downloads
Pengfei Cao, Stephen Adegbite, Haitao Zhao, Edward Lester and Tao Wu
Dynamic analysis of direct internal reforming in a SOFC stack with electrolyte-supported cells using a quasi-1D model pp. 198-205 Downloads
Jakub Kupecki, Konrad Motylinski and Jaroslaw Milewski
Active and stable Ni based catalysts and processes for biogas upgrading: The effect of temperature and initial methane concentration on CO2 methanation pp. 206-212 Downloads
Kristian Stangeland, Dori Yosef Kalai, Hailong Li and Zhixin Yu
The novel perovskite-type Ni-doped Sr0.92Y0.08TiO3 as a reforming biogas (CH4+CO2) for H2 production pp. 213-219 Downloads
Byeong Wan Kwon, Joo Hyeng Oh, Ghun Sik Kim, Sung Pil Yoon, Jonghee Han, Suk Woo Nam and Hyung Chul Ham
Performance evaluation of a low-grade power generation system with CO2 transcritical power cycles pp. 220-230 Downloads
Y.T. Ge, L. Li, X. Luo and S.A. Tassou
Environmental impact of energy refurbishment of buildings within different district heating systems pp. 231-238 Downloads
T. Lidberg, M. Gustafsson, J.A. Myhren, T. Olofsson and Ödlund (former Trygg), L.
Tolerance analysis of electrified vehicles on the motor demagnetization fault: From an energy perspective pp. 239-248 Downloads
Hongwen He, Nana Zhou, Jinquan Guo, Zheng Zhang, Bing Lu and Chao Sun
Predictive air-conditioner control for electric buses with passenger amount variation forecast☆ pp. 249-261 Downloads
Hongwen He, Mei Yan, Chao Sun, Jiankun Peng, Menglin Li and Hui Jia
Performance of an electrical distribution network with Soft Open Point during a grid side AC fault pp. 262-272 Downloads
Avinash Aithal, Gen Li, Jianzhong Wu and James Yu
State-of-health estimation for the lithium-ion battery based on support vector regression pp. 273-283 Downloads
Duo Yang, Yujie Wang, Rui Pan, Ruiyang Chen and Zonghai Chen
Impacts on the solidification of water on plate surface for cold energy storage using ice slurry pp. 284-293 Downloads
Shengchun Liu, Hailong Li, Mengjie Song, Baomin Dai and Zhili Sun
Multi-objective optimization research on the start condition for a parallel hybrid electric vehicle pp. 294-303 Downloads
Hongwen He and Xiaoguang Guo
Comparison of air-conditioning systems with bottom-supply and side-supply modes in a typical office room pp. 304-311 Downloads
Chenxiao Zheng, Shijun You, Huan Zhang, Wandong Zheng, Xuejing Zheng, Tianzheng Ye and Zeqin Liu
Experimental investigation into the effectiveness of a super-capacitor based hybrid energy storage system for urban commercial vehicles pp. 312-323 Downloads
Ottorino Veneri, Clemente Capasso and Stanislao Patalano
Exploring the interactive effects of ambient temperature and vehicle auxiliary loads on electric vehicle energy consumption pp. 324-331 Downloads
Kai Liu, Jiangbo Wang, Toshiyuki Yamamoto and Takayuki Morikawa
Maximizing intermittency in 100% renewable and reliable power systems: A holistic approach applied to Reunion Island in 2030 pp. 332-341 Downloads
Nadia Maïzi, Vincent Mazauric, Edi Assoumou, Stéphanie Bouckaert, Vincent Krakowski, Xiang Li and Pengbo Wang
Interregional carbon flows of China pp. 342-352 Downloads
Cuncun Duan, Bin Chen, Kuishuang Feng, Zhu Liu, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi and Bashir Ahmad
Multiregional input–output and ecological network analyses for regional energy–water nexus within China pp. 353-364 Downloads
Saige Wang, Yating Liu and Bin Chen
Methodology for optimization of component reliability of heat supply systems pp. 365-374 Downloads
Ivan Postnikov, Valery Stennikov, Ekaterina Mednikova and Andrey Penkovskii
PM2.5 footprint of household energy consumption pp. 375-383 Downloads
Siyuan Yang, Bin Chen, Muhammad Wakeel, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi and Bashir Ahmad
Market equilibrium analysis with high penetration of renewables and gas-fired generation: An empirical case of the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power system pp. 384-392 Downloads
Hongye Guo, Qixin Chen, Qing Xia and Chongqing Kang
Do all sectors respond to oil price shocks simultaneously? pp. 393-402 Downloads
Shupei Huang, Haizhong An, Xuan Huang and Yue Wang
How will sectoral coverage affect the efficiency of an emissions trading system? A CGE-based case study of China pp. 403-414 Downloads
Yaqian Mu, Samuel Evans, Can Wang and Wenjia Cai
Cost–benefit analysis of China’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions based on carbon marginal cost curves pp. 415-425 Downloads
Xi Yang, Fei Teng, Xiaoqian Xi, Egor Khayrullin and Qi Zhang
Substitution effect of renewable portfolio standards and renewable energy certificate trading for feed-in tariff pp. 426-435 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Ge Wang, Yan Li, Hailong Li, Benjamin McLellan and Siyuan Chen
Explorative study on Compressed Air Systems’ energy efficiency in production and use: First steps towards the creation of a benchmarking system for large and energy-intensive industrial firms pp. 436-448 Downloads
Miriam Benedetti, Francesca Bonfa', Ilaria Bertini, Vito Introna and Stefano Ubertini
The water-food-energy nexus optimization approach to combat agricultural drought: a case study in the United States pp. 449-464 Downloads
Jie Zhang, Pietro Elia Campana, Tian Yao, Yang Zhang, Anders Lundblad, Forrest Melton and Jinyue Yan
Life cycle sustainability assessment of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation: A case study of Northeast England pp. 465-479 Downloads
Tianqi Li, Anthony Paul Roskilly and Yaodong Wang
Measuring the transient airflow rates of the infiltration through the doorway of the cold store by using a local air velocity linear fitting method pp. 480-487 Downloads
Shen Tian, Yuping Gao, Shuangquan Shao, Hongbo Xu and Changqing Tian
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of multistage latent heat storage unit under unsteady inlet temperature based on entransy theory pp. 488-496 Downloads
Y.K. Liu and Y.B. Tao
Techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic battery system configuration and location☆ pp. 497-505 Downloads
Amin Lahnaoui, Peter Stenzel and Jochen Linssen
Lithium as energy carrier: CFD simulations of LI combustion in a 100MW slag tap furnace pp. 506-515 Downloads
Pascal Maas, Martin Schiemann, Viktor Scherer, Peter Fischer, Dan Taroata and Günther Schmid
A CFD decompression model for CO2 mixture and the influence of non-equilibrium phase transition pp. 516-524 Downloads
Bin Liu, Xiong Liu, Cheng Lu, Ajit Godbole, Guillaume Michal and Anh Kiet Tieu
Microfluidics-based pH-differential reactor for CO2 utilization: A mathematical study pp. 525-532 Downloads
Xu Lu, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Huizhi Wang and Jin Xuan
A comparison of radial-flow and axial-flow packed beds for thermal energy storage pp. 533-541 Downloads
J.D. McTigue and A.J. White
Numerical investigation of heat transfer performance of a rotating latent heat thermal energy storage pp. 542-554 Downloads
Jundika C. Kurnia and Agus P. Sasmito
Molecular dynamics simulations of the local structures and transport properties of Na2CO3 and K2CO3 pp. 555-563 Downloads
Jing Ding, Gechuanqi Pan, Lichan Du, Jianfeng Lu, Weilong Wang, Xiaolan Wei and Jiang Li
How to upgrade an enterprise’s low-carbon technologies under a carbon tax: The trade-off between tax and upgrade fee pp. 564-573 Downloads
Senyu He, Jianhua Yin, Bin Zhang and Zhao-Hua Wang
Modelling and optimisation of a hydrogen-based energy storage system in an autonomous electrical network pp. 574-586 Downloads
K.A. Kavadias, D. Apostolou and J.K. Kaldellis
Industrial energy use and carbon emissions reduction in the chemicals sector: A UK perspective pp. 587-602 Downloads
Paul W. Griffin, Geoffrey P. Hammond and Jonathan B. Norman
Post combustion CO2 capture in power plant using low temperature steam upgraded by double absorption heat transformer pp. 603-612 Downloads
Dandan Wang, Sheng Li, Feng Liu, Lin Gao and Jun Sui
Dynamic control strategy for the electrolyte flow rate of vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 613-623 Downloads
Tao Wang, Jiahui Fu, Menglian Zheng and Zitao Yu
Analysis of depressurization mode on gas recovery from methane hydrate deposits and the concomitant ice generation pp. 624-633 Downloads
Bin Wang, Zhen Fan, Pengfei Wang, Yu Liu, Jiafei Zhao and Yongchen Song
Numerical investigation of the effect of two-stage injection strategy on combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine pp. 634-642 Downloads
Hanzhengnan Yu, Xingyu Liang, Gequn Shu, Yuesen Wang, Xiuxiu Sun and Hongsheng Zhang
Investigation of thermo-fluidic performance of phase change material slurry and energy transport characteristics pp. 643-654 Downloads
F. Ma, P. Zhang and X.J. Shi
An adaptive Fuzzy logic-based approach to PID control of steam turbines in solar applications pp. 655-664 Downloads
S. Dettori, V. Iannino, V. Colla and A. Signorini
Combustion modeling in RCCI engines with a hybrid characteristic time combustion and closed reactor model pp. 665-671 Downloads
Dezhi Zhou, Wenming Yang, Jing Li, Kun Lin Tay and Markus Kraft
Investigation on small-scale low pressure LNG production process pp. 672-685 Downloads
M.A. Ancona, M. Bianchi, L. Branchini, A. De Pascale, F. Melino, M. Mormile, M. Palella and L.B. Scarponi
Investigation on methane recovery from low-concentration coal mine gas by tetra-n-butyl ammonium chloride semiclathrate hydrate formation pp. 686-693 Downloads
Dong-Liang Zhong, Wen-Chun Wang, Zhen-Lin Zou, Yi-Yu Lu, Jin Yan and Kun Ding
The use of electrical heating for the enhancement of gas recovery from methane hydrate in porous media pp. 694-702 Downloads
Bo Li, Sheng-Dong Liu, Yun-Pei Liang and Hang Liu
Dynamic measurements of methane hydrate formation/dissociation in different gas flow direction pp. 703-709 Downloads
Pengfei Wang, Shenglong Wang, Yongchen Song and Mingjun Yang
Evaluation of thermal stimulation on gas production from depressurized methane hydrate deposits☆ pp. 710-718 Downloads
Bin Wang, Hongsheng Dong, Yanzhen Liu, Xin Lv, Yu Liu, Jiafei Zhao and Yongchen Song
Experimental and numerical study on pressure drop and heat transfer performance of grille-sphere composite structured packed bed pp. 719-730 Downloads
Jingyu Wang, Jian Yang, Zhilong Cheng, Yan Liu, Yitung Chen and Qiuwang Wang
A detailed study on phonon transport in thin silicon membranes with phononic crystal nanostructures pp. 731-741 Downloads
Qi Liang, Ya-Ling He, Qinlong Ren, Yi-Peng Zhou and Tao Xie
Techno-economic evaluation of biogas upgrading using ionic liquids in comparison with industrially used technology in Scandinavian anaerobic digestion plants pp. 742-750 Downloads
Yujiao Xie, Johanna Björkmalm, Chunyan Ma, Karin Willquist, Johan Yngvesson, Ola Wallberg and Xiaoyan Ji
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