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Volume 144, issue C, 2015

Optimal displacement of photovoltaic array’s rows using a novel shading model pp. 1-9 Downloads
Nuria Novas Castellano, José Antonio Gázquez Parra, Juan Valls-Guirado and Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro
Effect of thermal conductivities of shape stabilized PCM on under-floor heating system pp. 10-18 Downloads
Wenlong Cheng, Biao Xie, Rongming Zhang, Zhiming Xu and Yuting Xia
The impact of weather variation on energy consumption in residential houses pp. 19-30 Downloads
Mahelet G. Fikru and Luis Gautier
Long term performance of different SAGSHP solutions for residential energy supply in Finland pp. 31-50 Downloads
Francesco Reda
Optimization of a network of compressors in parallel: Real Time Optimization (RTO) of compressors in chemical plants – An industrial case study pp. 51-63 Downloads
Dionysios P. Xenos, Matteo Cicciotti, Georgios M. Kopanos, Ala E.F. Bouaswaig, Olaf Kahrs, Ricardo Martinez-Botas and Nina F. Thornhill
Inclusive environmental impact assessment indices with consideration of public acceptance: Application to power generation technologies in Japan pp. 64-72 Downloads
Tomoki Takahashi and Toru Sato
A review on dark fermentative biohydrogen production from organic biomass: Process parameters and use of by-products pp. 73-95 Downloads
Anish Ghimire, Luigi Frunzo, Francesco Pirozzi, Eric Trably, Renaud Escudie, Piet N.L. Lens and Giovanni Esposito
Options for allocating and releasing distribution system capacity: Deciding between interruptible connections and firm DG connections pp. 96-105 Downloads
Karim Anaya and Michael Pollitt
Automated measurement and verification: Performance of public domain whole-building electric baseline models pp. 106-113 Downloads
Jessica Granderson, Phillip N. Price, David Jump, Nathan Addy and Michael D. Sohn
A synergetic pretreatment technology for woody biomass conversion pp. 114-128 Downloads
Shijie Liu
Future power market and sustainable energy solutions – The treatment of uncertainties in the daily operation of combined heat and power plants pp. 129-138 Downloads
Peter Sorknæs, Henrik Lund and Anders N. Andersen
Conventional and advanced exergy analysis of an ejector refrigeration system pp. 139-151 Downloads
Jianyong Chen, Hans Havtun and Björn Palm
Glazing solar heat gain analysis and optimization at varying orientations and placements in aspect of distributed radiation at the interior surfaces pp. 152-164 Downloads
K.J. Kontoleon
Pursuing air pollutant co-benefits of CO2 mitigation in China: A provincial leveled analysis pp. 165-174 Downloads
Huijuan Dong, Hancheng Dai, Liang Dong, Tsuyoshi Fujita, Yong Geng, Zbigniew Klimont, Tsuyoshi Inoue, Shintaro Bunya, Minoru Fujii and Toshihiko Masui
Behavior of the aggregate wind resource in the ISO regions in the United States pp. 175-181 Downloads
Udaya Bhaskar Gunturu and C. Adam Schlosser
CO2 adsorbent pellets produced from pine sawdust: Effect of coal tar pitch addition pp. 182-192 Downloads
M.G. Plaza, I. Durán, F. Rubiera and C. Pevida
A spatial analysis of woodfuel based on WISDOM GIS methodology: Multiscale approach in Northern Spain pp. 193-203 Downloads
Sandra Sánchez-García, Elena Canga, Eduardo Tolosana and Juan Majada
Numerical investigation of the effect of distributed heat sources on heat-to-sound conversion in a T-shaped thermoacoustic system pp. 204-213 Downloads
Dan Zhao, Shihuai Li, Wenming Yang and Zhiguo Zhang
Outdoor overall performance of a novel air-gap-lens-walled compound parabolic concentrator (ALCPC) incorporated with photovoltaic/thermal system pp. 214-223 Downloads
Guiqiang Li, Gang Pei, Jie Ji and Yuehong Su
Lagrangian dynamic large-eddy simulation of wind turbine near wakes combined with an actuator line method pp. 224-233 Downloads
Hongmin Zhong, Pingan Du, Fangning Tang and Li Wang
A novel method to determine the motor efficiency under variable speed operations and partial load conditions pp. 234-240 Downloads
Yunhua Li, Mingsheng Liu, Josephine Lau and Bei Zhang
Measuring the CO2 shadow price for wastewater treatment: A directional distance function approach pp. 241-249 Downloads
María Molinos-Senante, Nick Hanley and Ramón Sala-Garrido
Comparative investigation of drum-type and once-through heat recovery steam generator during start-up pp. 250-260 Downloads
Nicolas Mertens, Falah Alobaid, Ralf Starkloff, Bernd Epple and Hyun-Gee Kim
Modeling and forecasting energy consumption for heterogeneous buildings using a physical–statistical approach pp. 261-275 Downloads
Xiaoshu Lü, Tao Lu, Charles J. Kibert and Martti Viljanen
Improved parallel mild hybrids for urban roads pp. 276-283 Downloads
Ajay Babu and S. Ashok

Volume 143, issue C, 2015

Recent development and application of thermoelectric generator and cooler pp. 1-25 Downloads
Wei He, Gan Zhang, Xingxing Zhang, Jie Ji, Guiqiang Li and Xudong Zhao
A new perspective for sizing of distributed generation and energy storage for smart households under demand response pp. 26-37 Downloads
Ozan Erdinc, Nikolaos G. Paterakis, Iliana N. Pappi, Anastasios G. Bakirtzis and João P.S. Catalão
Effects of natural convection on latent heat storage performance of salt in a horizontal concentric tube pp. 38-46 Downloads
Y.B. Tao and Y.L. He
Development and experimental study of the characteristics of a prototype miniature vapor compression refrigerator pp. 47-57 Downloads
Weixing Yuan, Bo Yang, Yufei Yang, Kexian Ren, Jian Xu and Yibing Liao
Study on cycle-by-cycle variations in a diesel engine with dimethyl ether as port premixing fuel pp. 58-70 Downloads
Ying Wang, Fan Xiao, Yuwei Zhao, Dongchang Li and Xiong Lei
Implications of widespread algal biofuels production on macronutrient fertilizer supplies: Nutrient demand and evaluation of potential alternate nutrient sources pp. 71-80 Downloads
Christina E. Canter, Paul Blowers, Robert M. Handler and David R. Shonnard
A three-dimensional numerical investigation of trapezoid baffles effect on non-isothermal reactant transport and cell net power in a PEMFC pp. 81-95 Downloads
Shiang-Wuu Perng and Horng-Wen Wu
Interpreting the crude oil price movements: Evidence from the Markov regime switching model pp. 96-109 Downloads
Yue-Jun Zhang and Lu Zhang
SE-SR with sorbents based on calcium aluminates: Process optimization pp. 110-118 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini and F. Gallorini
CO2 absorption/regeneration enhancement in DI water with suspended nanoparticles for energy conversion application pp. 119-129 Downloads
Jong Sung Lee, Jae Won Lee and Yong Tae Kang
Parametric investigation of natural gas port injection and diesel pilot injection on the combustion and emissions of a turbocharged common rail dual-fuel engine at low load pp. 130-137 Downloads
Bo Yang, Chengxun Xi, Xing Wei, Ke Zeng and Ming-Chia Lai
Performance evaluation and comparison of fuel processors integrated with PEM fuel cell based on steam or autothermal reforming and on CO preferential oxidation or selective methanation pp. 138-153 Downloads
Giuliana Ercolino, Muhammad A. Ashraf, Vito Specchia and Stefania Specchia
Peak shaving strategy through a solar combined cooling and power system in remote hot climate areas pp. 154-163 Downloads
A. Perdichizzi, G. Barigozzi, G. Franchini and S. Ravelli
Spectroscopic analysis of the phases of premixed combustion in a compression ignition engine fuelled with diesel and ethanol pp. 164-175 Downloads
Ezio Mancaruso and Bianca Maria Vaglieco
Effects of ethanol addition on biodiesel combustion: A modeling study pp. 176-188 Downloads
H. An, W.M. Yang and J. Li
Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the recovery and extraction of crude bitumen from Canada’s oil sands pp. 189-199 Downloads
Balwinder Nimana, Christina Canter and Amit Kumar
Accurate and versatile simulation of transient voltage profile of lithium-ion secondary battery employing internal equivalent electric circuit pp. 200-210 Downloads
T. Tanaka, S. Ito, M. Muramatsu, T. Yamada, H. Kamiko, N. Kakimoto and Y. Inui
Operating range extension of RCCI combustion concept from low to full load in a heavy-duty engine pp. 211-227 Downloads
S. Molina, A. García, J.M. Pastor, E. Belarte and I. Balloul
Influence of India’s transformation on residential energy demand pp. 228-237 Downloads
Subhes C. Bhattacharyya
A multi-period mathematical model for simultaneous optimization of materials and energy on the refining site scale pp. 238-250 Downloads
B.J. Zhang, K. Liu, X.L. Luo, Q.L. Chen and W.K. Li
An MAS based energy management system for a stand-alone microgrid at high altitude pp. 251-261 Downloads
Bo Zhao, Meidong Xue, Xuesong Zhang, Caisheng Wang and Junhui Zhao
Injection strategy for simultaneous reduction of NOx and soot emissions using two-stage injection in DME fueled engine pp. 262-270 Downloads
Su Han Park and Seung Hyun Yoon
A dynamic nucleate-boiling model for CO2 reduction in internal combustion engines pp. 271-282 Downloads
Sergio Bova, Teresa Castiglione, Rocco Piccione and Francesco Pizzonia
Embodied CO2 emissions and cross-border electricity trade in Europe: Rebalancing burden sharing with energy storage pp. 283-300 Downloads
Dimitrios Zafirakis, Konstantinos J. Chalvatzis and Giovanni Baiocchi
Assessment of direct normal irradiance and cloud connections using satellite data over Australia pp. 301-311 Downloads
Abhnil A. Prasad, Robert A. Taylor and Merlinde Kay
The effect of inertia and flap on autorotation applied for hydrokinetic energy harvesting pp. 312-323 Downloads
Ali Bakhshandeh Rostami and Antonio Carlos Fernandes
Operational optimization and demand response of hybrid renewable energy systems pp. 324-335 Downloads
Xiaonan Wang, Ahmet Palazoglu and Nael H. El-Farra
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: How individual movement patterns affect battery requirements, the potential to replace conventional fuels, and economic viability pp. 336-347 Downloads
Lars-Henrik Björnsson and Sten Karlsson
Designing a green gas supply to meet regional seasonal demand – An operations research case study pp. 348-358 Downloads
J. Bekkering, E.J. Hengeveld, W.J.T. van Gemert and A.A. Broekhuis
Mapping and benchmarking regional disparities in China’s energy supply, transformation, and end-use in 2010 pp. 359-369 Downloads
Peggy Mischke and Weiming Xiong
Techno-economic and policy requirements for the market-entry of the fuel cell micro-CHP system in the residential sector pp. 370-382 Downloads
Sandro Pellegrino, Andrea Lanzini and Pierluigi Leone
Temperature-dependent thermal properties of solid/liquid phase change even-numbered n-alkanes: n-Hexadecane, n-octadecane and n-eicosane pp. 383-394 Downloads
C. Vélez, M. Khayet and J.M. Ortiz de Zárate
A review on Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Energy Assessment and Life Cycle Carbon Emissions Assessment on buildings pp. 395-413 Downloads
C.K. Chau, T.M. Leung and W.Y. Ng
Potential for regional use of East Africa’s natural gas pp. 414-436 Downloads
Jonathan Demierre, Morgan Bazilian, Jonathan Carbajal, Shaky Sherpa and Vijay Modi
Change impact analysis on the life cycle carbon emissions of energy systems – The nuclear example pp. 437-450 Downloads
Victor Nian
Global zero-carbon energy pathways using viable mixes of nuclear and renewables pp. 451-459 Downloads
Sanghyun Hong, Corey J.A. Bradshaw and Barry W. Brook
Energy self-supply of large abattoir by sustainable waste utilization based on anaerobic mono-digestion pp. 460-471 Downloads
Markus Ortner, David Wöss, Alexander Schumergruber, Tobias Pröll and Werner Fuchs
The study and application of a novel hybrid forecasting model – A case study of wind speed forecasting in China pp. 472-488 Downloads
Jian-Zhou Wang, Yun Wang and Ping Jiang
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