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2018, volume 214, issue C

The combined value of wind and solar power forecasting improvements and electricity storage pp. 1-15 Downloads
Bri-Mathias Hodge, Brancucci Martinez-Anido, Carlo, Qin Wang, Erol Chartan, Anthony Florita and Juha Kiviluoma
Techno-economic analysis of thermal deoxygenation based biorefineries for the coproduction of fuels and chemicals pp. 16-23 Downloads
Sampath Gunukula, Sharon J.W. Klein, Hemant P. Pendse, William J. DeSisto and M. Clayton Wheeler
A risk-based approach for modeling the strategic behavior of a distribution company in wholesale energy market pp. 24-38 Downloads
P. Sheikhahmadi, S. Bahramara, J. Moshtagh and M. Yazdani Damavandi
How do demand response and electrical energy storage affect (the need for) a capacity market? pp. 39-62 Downloads
Agha Salman M. Khan, Remco A. Verzijlbergh, Ozgur Can Sakinci and Laurens J. De Vries
Temperature profiling to maximize energy yield with reduced water input in a lignocellulosic ethanol biorefinery pp. 63-72 Downloads
Chengyu Dong, Ying Wang, Ka-Lai Chan, Akanksha Bhatia and Shao-Yuan Leu
Dynamic prediction of a building integrated photovoltaic system thermal behaviour pp. 73-82 Downloads
Ya Brigitte Assoa, Leon Gaillard, Christophe Ménézo, Nicolas Negri and François Sauzedde
Maximizing the energy harvest from a microbial fuel cell embedded in a constructed wetland pp. 83-91 Downloads
Lei Xu, Bodi Wang, Xiuhua Liu, Wenzheng Yu and Yaqian Zhao
Raman spectroscopic studies on carbon dioxide separation from fuel gas via clathrate hydrate in the presence of tetrahydrofuran pp. 92-102 Downloads
Jing Cai, Yu Zhang, Chun-Gang Xu, Zhi-Ming Xia, Zhao-Yang Chen and Xiao-Sen Li
Configuration optimization for improving fuel efficiency of power split hybrid powertrains with a single planetary gear pp. 103-116 Downloads
Huanxin Pei, Xiaosong Hu, Yalian Yang, Xiaolin Tang, Cong Hou and Dongpu Cao
Effect of horizontal wellbore on the production behavior from marine hydrate bearing sediment pp. 117-130 Downloads
Zheng Rong Chong, Jianzhong Zhao, Jian Hua Rudi Chan, Zhenyuan Yin and Praveen Linga
Structural design of a flexible thermoelectric power generator for wearable applications pp. 131-138 Downloads
Choong Sun Kim, Gyu Soup Lee, Hyeongdo Choi, Yong Jun Kim, Hyeong Man Yang, Se Hwan Lim, Sang-Gug Lee and Byung Jin Cho
Impact-based piezoelectric vibration energy harvester pp. 139-151 Downloads
Suna Ju and Chang-Hyeon Ji
Thermo-hydraulic analysis and numerical simulation of a parabolic trough solar collector for direct steam generation pp. 152-165 Downloads
Ahmed Amine Hachicha, Ivette Rodríguez and Chaouki Ghenai
Charge and discharge behavior of elemental sulfur in isochoric high temperature thermal energy storage systems pp. 166-177 Downloads
K. Nithyanandam, A. Barde, R. Baghaei Lakeh and R.E. Wirz
A model-based design optimization strategy for ground source heat pump systems with integrated photovoltaic thermal collectors pp. 178-190 Downloads
Lei Xia, Zhenjun Ma, Georgios Kokogiannakis, Zhihua Wang and Shugang Wang
Contributions of heat pumps to demand response: A case study of a plus-energy dwelling pp. 191-204 Downloads
Laura Romero Rodríguez, José Sánchez Ramos, Servando Álvarez Domínguez and Ursula Eicker
Germany’s “No” to carbon capture and storage: Just a question of lacking acceptance? pp. 205-218 Downloads
Stefan Vögele, Dirk Rübbelke, Philip Mayer and Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs
Uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis for the optimal design of distributed energy systems pp. 219-238 Downloads
Georgios Mavromatidis, Kristina Orehounig and Jan Carmeliet

2018, volume 213, issue C

Combined vs separate heat and power production – Primary energy comparison in high renewable share contexts pp. 1-10 Downloads
Michel Noussan, Matteo Jarre, Roberta Roberto and Daniele Russolillo
Solar plus: Optimization of distributed solar PV through battery storage and dispatchable load in residential buildings pp. 11-21 Downloads
Eric O'Shaughnessy, Dylan Cutler, Kristen Ardani and Robert Margolis
Roles of wind and solar energy in China’s power sector: Implications of intermittency constraints pp. 22-30 Downloads
Sheng Zhou, Yu Wang, Yuyu Zhou, Leon E. Clarke and James A. Edmonds
Thermodynamic feasibility evaluation of hybrid dehumidification – mechanical vapour compression systems pp. 31-44 Downloads
K. Thu, S. Mitra, B.B. Saha and S. Srinivasa Murthy
Towards improving throughput and reducing latency: A simplified protocol conversion mechanism in distributed energy resources network pp. 45-55 Downloads
Yoon-Sik Yoo, S.H. Shah Newaz, Peter David Shannon, Il-Woo Lee and Jun Kyun Choi
Interpretation of the first hours of a thermal response test using the time derivative of the temperature pp. 56-75 Downloads
Philippe Pasquier
A realistic and integrated model for evaluating oil sands development with Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage technology in Canada pp. 76-91 Downloads
Zhenhua Rui, Xiaoqing Wang, Zhien Zhang, Jun Lu, Gang Chen, Xiyu Zhou and Shirish Patil
50-kWth methane/air chemical looping combustion tests with commercially prepared CuO-Fe2O3-alumina oxygen carrier with two different techniques pp. 92-99 Downloads
Ranjani Siriwardane, Jarrett Riley, Samuel Bayham, Douglas Straub, Hanjing Tian, Justin Weber and George Richards
High temperature systems using solid particles as TES and HTF material: A review pp. 100-111 Downloads
Alejandro Calderón, Anabel Palacios, Camila Barreneche, Mercè Segarra, Cristina Prieto, Rodriguez-Sanchez, Alfonso and A. Inés Fernández
Energy efficiency convergence across countries in the context of China’s Belt and Road initiative pp. 112-122 Downloads
Lei Han, Botang Han, Xunpeng Shi, Bin Su, Xin Lv and Xiao Lei
Time series aggregation for energy system design: Modeling seasonal storage pp. 123-135 Downloads
Leander Kotzur, Peter Markewitz, Martin Robinius and Detlef Stolten
Kinetic studies on organic degradation and its impacts on improving methane production during anaerobic digestion of food waste pp. 136-147 Downloads
Yangyang Li, Yiying Jin, Hailong Li, Aiduan Borrion, Zhixin Yu and Jinhui Li
Blade shape optimization of the Savonius wind turbine using a genetic algorithm pp. 148-157 Downloads
C.M. Chan, H.L. Bai and D.Q. He
Slow pyrolysis of organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW): Characterisation of products and screening of the aqueous liquid product for anaerobic digestion pp. 158-168 Downloads
Yong Yang, S. Heaven, N. Venetsaneas, C.J. Banks and A.V. Bridgwater
The effect of the full-spectrum characteristics of nanostructure on the PV-TE hybrid system performances within multi-physics coupling process pp. 169-178 Downloads
Yi-Peng Zhou, Ming-Jia Li, Wei-Wei Yang and Ya-Ling He
Absorption refrigeration cycles based on ionic liquids: Refrigerant/absorbent selection by thermodynamic and process analysis pp. 179-194 Downloads
Daniel Moreno, Víctor R. Ferro, Juan de Riva, Rubén Santiago, Cristian Moya, Marcos Larriba and José Palomar
Probabilistic forecasting of electricity consumption, photovoltaic power generation and net demand of an individual building using Gaussian Processes pp. 195-207 Downloads
D.W. van der Meer, M. Shepero, A. Svensson, J. Widén and J. Munkhammar
GDP and energy consumption: A panel analysis of the US pp. 208-218 Downloads
Brinda Mahalingam and Wafa Orman
Modeling and field testing of an electromagnetic energy harvester for rail tracks with anchorless mounting pp. 219-226 Downloads
Teng Lin, Yu Pan, Shikui Chen and Lei Zuo
Rapid methane hydrate formation promoted by Ag&SDS-coated nanospheres for energy storage pp. 227-234 Downloads
Fei Wang, Yuan-Mei Song, Guo-Qiang Liu, Gang Guo, Sheng-Jun Luo and Rong-Bo Guo
Determining wasted energy in the airside of a perimeter-cooled data center via direct computation of the Exergy Destruction pp. 235-246 Downloads
Silva-Llanca, Luis, Alfonso Ortega, Kamran Fouladi, Marcelo del Valle and Vikneshan Sundaralingam
Performance evaluation of hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system models for predicting monthly global solar radiation pp. 247-261 Downloads
Laith M. Halabi, Saad Mekhilef and Monowar Hossain
Optimal subhourly electricity resource dispatch under multiple price signals with high renewable generation availability pp. 262-271 Downloads
David P. Chassin, Sahand Behboodi and Ned Djilali
Techno-economic evaluation of integrating torrefaction with anaerobic digestion pp. 272-284 Downloads
Tharaka Rama Krishna C. Doddapaneni, Ramasamy Praveenkumar, Henrik Tolvanen, Jukka Rintala and Jukka Konttinen
Characteristics of a 10 kW honeycomb reactor for natural gas fueled chemical-looping combustion pp. 285-292 Downloads
Hao Zhang, Xiangyu Liu, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Experimental study on the performance of a vanadium redox flow battery with non-uniformly compressed carbon felt electrode pp. 293-305 Downloads
Q. Wang, Z.G. Qu, Z.Y. Jiang and W.W. Yang
BioHEAT: A policy decision support tool in Ireland’s bioenergy and heat sectors pp. 306-321 Downloads
Emrah Durusut, Foaad Tahir, Sam Foster, Denis Dineen and Matthew Clancy
Energy modeling and saving potential analysis using a novel extreme learning fuzzy logic network: A case study of ethylene industry pp. 322-333 Downloads
Qun-Xiong Zhu, Chen Zhang, Yan-Lin He and Yuan Xu
Ultra-low NOx emissions from catalytic hydrogen combustion pp. 334-342 Downloads
B. Fumey, T. Buetler and U.F. Vogt
Performance study on a passive solar seawater desalination system using multi-effect heat recovery pp. 343-352 Downloads
Shuang-Fei Li, Zhen-Hua Liu, Zhi-Xiong Shao, Hong-shen Xiao and Ning Xia
Harvesting mechanical energy, storage, and lighting using a novel PDMS based triboelectric generator with inclined wall arrays and micro-topping structure pp. 353-365 Downloads
V.L. Trinh and C.K. Chung
Towards a uniform distribution of zinc in the negative electrode for zinc bromine flow batteries pp. 366-374 Downloads
H.R. Jiang, M.C. Wu, Y.X. Ren, W. Shyy and T.S. Zhao
Temperature rise prediction of lithium-ion battery suffering external short circuit for all-climate electric vehicles application pp. 375-383 Downloads
Zeyu Chen, Rui Xiong, Jiahuan Lu and Xinggang Li
Use of biomass in integrated steelmaking – Status quo, future needs and comparison to other low-CO2 steel production technologies pp. 384-407 Downloads
Hannu Suopajärvi, Kentaro Umeki, Elsayed Mousa, Ali Hedayati, Henrik Romar, Antti Kemppainen, Chuan Wang, Aekjuthon Phounglamcheik, Sari Tuomikoski, Nicklas Norberg, Alf Andefors, Marcus Öhman, Ulla Lassi and Timo Fabritius
Effect of nano-size of functionalized silica on overall performance of swelling-filling modified Nafion membrane for direct methanol fuel cell application pp. 408-414 Downloads
Jing Li, Guoxiao Xu, Xingying Luo, Jie Xiong, Zhao Liu and Weiwei Cai
Using change-point and Gaussian process models to create baseline energy models in industrial facilities: A comparison pp. 415-425 Downloads
Joseph Carpenter, Keith A. Woodbury and Zheng O'Neill
Hydrogen desorption using honeycomb finned heat exchangers integrated in adsorbent storage systems pp. 426-434 Downloads
Claudio Corgnale, Bruce Hardy, Richard Chahine and Daniel Cossement
California end-use electrification impacts on carbon neutrality and clean air pp. 435-449 Downloads
Siavash Ebrahimi, Michael Mac Kinnon and Jack Brouwer
Numerical investigation on adding/substituting hydrogen in the CDC and RCCI combustion in a heavy duty engine pp. 450-468 Downloads
Rouhollah Ahmadi and S. Mohammad Hosseini
Use of spatio-temporal calibrated wind shear model to improve accuracy of wind resource assessment pp. 469-485 Downloads
Jiale Li, Xuefei Wang and Yu, Xiong (Bill)
Uncertainty-based life-cycle analysis of near-zero energy buildings for performance improvements pp. 486-498 Downloads
Pei Huang, Gongsheng Huang and Yongjun Sun
Power load probability density forecasting using Gaussian process quantile regression pp. 499-509 Downloads
Yandong Yang, Shufang Li, Wenqi Li and Meijun Qu
Energy conversion and gas emissions from production and combustion of poultry-litter-derived hydrochar and biochar pp. 510-519 Downloads
Vivian Mau and Amit Gross
Process integration of a multiperiod sugarcane biorefinery pp. 520-539 Downloads
Cássia M. Oliveira, Leandro V. Pavão, Mauro A.S.S. Ravagnani, Antonio J.G. Cruz and Caliane B.B. Costa
Bed configuration effects on the finned flat-tube adsorption heat exchanger performance: Numerical modeling and experimental validation pp. 540-554 Downloads
Milad Mohammadzadeh Kowsari, Hamid Niazmand and Mikhail Mikhailovich Tokarev
How to decarbonize the natural gas sector: A dynamic simulation approach for the market development estimation of renewable gas in Germany pp. 555-572 Downloads
Thomas Horschig, P.W.R. Adams, Erik Gawel and Daniela Thrän
Asymptotic analysis for the inlet relative humidity effects on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell pp. 573-584 Downloads
Yongfeng Liu, Lei Fan, Pucheng Pei, Shengzhuo Yao and Fang Wang
Improving economics of lignocellulosic biofuels: An integrated strategy for coproducing 1,5-pentanediol and ethanol pp. 585-594 Downloads
Kefeng Huang, Wangyun Won, Kevin J. Barnett, Zachary J. Brentzel, David M. Alonso, George W. Huber, James A. Dumesic and Christos T. Maravelias
Optimal integration of renewable based processes for fuels and power production: Spain case study pp. 595-610 Downloads
Mariano Martín and Ignacio E. Grossmann
Fuzzy model of residential energy decision-making considering behavioral economic concepts pp. 611-625 Downloads
Constantine Spandagos and Tze Ling Ng
Integrated strategic and tactical optimization of forest-based biomass supply chains to consider medium-term supply and demand variations pp. 626-638 Downloads
Shaghaygh Akhtari, Taraneh Sowlati and Verena C. Griess
Energy-efficient control of electric vehicles based on linear quadratic regulator and phase plane analysis pp. 639-657 Downloads
Zhongliang Han, Nan Xu, Hong Chen, Yanjun Huang and Bin Zhao
Optimal supply and demand bidding strategy for an aggregator of small prosumers pp. 658-669 Downloads
José Iria, Filipe Soares and Manuel Matos
Simulation of a biomimetic façade using TRNSYS pp. 670-694 Downloads
Matthew Webb, Lu Aye and Ray Green
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