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2013, volume 101, issue C

Sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems pp. 3-5 Downloads
Neven Duić, Zvonimir Guzović, Vyatcheslav Kafarov, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Brian vad Mathiessen and Jinyue Yan
An integrated system for buildings’ energy-efficient automation: Application in the tertiary sector pp. 6-14 Downloads
Vangelis Marinakis, Haris Doukas, Charikleia Karakosta and John Psarras
Potentials for energy savings and long term energy demand of Croatian households sector pp. 15-25 Downloads
Tomislav Pukšec, Brian Vad Mathiesen and Neven Duić
Sustaining high energy efficiency in existing processes with advanced process integration technology pp. 26-32 Downloads
Nan Zhang, Robin Smith, Igor Bulatov and Jiří Jaromír Klemeš
Advanced multimedia engineering education in energy, process integration and optimisation pp. 33-40 Downloads
Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Zdravko Kravanja, Petar Sabev Varbanov and Hon Loong Lam
Reducing the CO2 emissions in Croatian cement industry pp. 41-48 Downloads
Hrvoje Mikulčić, Milan Vujanović and Neven Duić
The estimation of energy efficiency for hybrid refrigeration system pp. 49-57 Downloads
Wiesław Gazda and Joachim Kozioł
Thermoeconomic assessment of a natural gas expansion system integrated with a co-generation unit pp. 58-66 Downloads
Wojciech J. Kostowski and Sergio Usón
Multi-objective optimisation for generating sustainable solutions considering total effects on the environment pp. 67-80 Downloads
Zdravko Kravanja and Lidija Čuček
Gas and steam combined cycles for low calorific syngas fuels utilisation pp. 81-92 Downloads
R. Chacartegui, D. Sánchez, J.M. Muñoz de Escalona, A. Muñoz and T. Sánchez
Impacts of Electric Vehicle charging under electricity market operations pp. 93-102 Downloads
Aoife Foley, Barry Tyther, Patrick Calnan and Brian Ó Gallachóir
Comparison between hydrogen and electric vehicles by life cycle assessment: A case study in Tuscany, Italy pp. 103-111 Downloads
I. Bartolozzi, F. Rizzi and Marco Frey
CO2 emissions from a spark ignition engine operating on natural gas–hydrogen blends (HCNG) pp. 112-120 Downloads
Emilio Navarro, Teresa J. Leo and Roberto Corral
A control-oriented simulation model of a power-split hybrid electric vehicle pp. 121-133 Downloads
Mihael Cipek, Danijel Pavković and Joško Petrić
Virtual power plant mid-term dispatch optimization pp. 134-141 Downloads
Hrvoje Pandžić, Igor Kuzle and Tomislav Capuder
Specifics of integration of wind power plants into the Croatian transmission network pp. 142-150 Downloads
Tomislav Capuder, Hrvoje Pandžić, Igor Kuzle and Davor Škrlec
Harvesting high altitude wind energy for power production: The concept based on Magnus’ effect pp. 151-160 Downloads
Luka Perković, Pedro Silva, Marko Ban, Nenad Kranjčević and Neven Duić
Analysis of financial mechanisms in support to new pumped hydropower storage projects in Croatia pp. 161-171 Downloads
Goran Krajačić, Dražen Lončar, Neven Duić, Mladen Zeljko, Roberto Lacal Arántegui, Rodica Loisel and Igor Raguzin
Methods of measuring sustainable development of the German energy sector pp. 172-181 Downloads
Holger Schlör, Wolfgang Fischer and Jürgen-Friedrich Hake
Transition from traditional to sustainable energy development in the region of Western Balkans – Current level and requirements pp. 182-191 Downloads
Mirjana Golušin, Olja Munitlak Ivanović and Srdjan Redžepagić
Culture aspects of Isochrysis galbana for biodiesel production pp. 192-197 Downloads
Ángel Sánchez, Rocio Maceiras, Ángeles Cancela and Alfonso Pérez
Biodiesel production by non-catalytic supercritical methyl acetate: Thermal stability study pp. 198-202 Downloads
Noorzalila Muhammad Niza, Kok Tat Tan, Keat Teong Lee and Zainal Ahmad
Assessment of the energy and economic performance of second generation biofuel production processes using energy market scenarios pp. 203-212 Downloads
Stefan Heyne and Simon Harvey
Short-term effects of temperature and COD in a microbial fuel cell pp. 213-217 Downloads
A. Gonzalez del Campo, J. Lobato, P. Cañizares, M.A. Rodrigo and F.J. Fernandez Morales
Exergetic analysis of a biodiesel production process from Jatropha curcas pp. 218-225 Downloads
Blanco-Marigorta, A.M., Suárez-Medina, J. and Vera-Castellano, A.
Evaluation of alternatives for microalgae oil extraction based on exergy analysis pp. 226-236 Downloads
Peralta-Ruiz, Y., González-Delgado, A.-D. and V. Kafarov
Torrefied, spherical biomass pellets through the use of experimental design pp. 237-243 Downloads
Andrew Duncan, Andrew Pollard and Hachimi Fellouah
Solar and pellet combisystem for apartment buildings: Heat losses and efficiency improvements of the pellet boiler pp. 244-252 Downloads
Aivars Žandeckis, Lelde Timma, Dagnija Blumberga, Claudio Rochas and Marika Rošā
A mathematical model to develop a Scheffler-type solar concentrator coupled with a Stirling engine pp. 253-260 Downloads
José Ruelas, Nicolás Velázquez and Jesús Cerezo
Applicability of multicriteria decision aid to sustainable hydropower pp. 261-267 Downloads
B. Vučijak, T. Kupusović, Midžić-Kurtagić, S. and A. Ćerić
Water modeling in an energy optimization framework – The water-scarce middle east context pp. 268-279 Downloads
Aurelie Dubreuil, Edi Assoumou, Stephanie Bouckaert, Sandrine Selosse and Nadia Maı¨zi
The effect of retrofitting Portuguese fossil fuel power plants with CCS pp. 280-287 Downloads
Hana Gerbelová, Peter Versteeg, Christos S. Ioakimidis and Paulo Ferrão
Greenhouse gas emissions from Thailand’s transport sector: Trends and mitigation options pp. 288-298 Downloads
Jakapong Pongthanaisawan and Chumnong Sorapipatana
Economics of centralized and decentralized compressed air energy storage for enhanced grid integration of wind power pp. 299-309 Downloads
Reinhard Madlener and Jochen Latz
Building operation and energy performance: Monitoring, analysis and optimisation toolkit pp. 310-316 Downloads
Andrea Costa, Marcus M. Keane, J. Ignacio Torrens and Edward Corry
Hydrodynamical model and experimental results of a calcium looping cycle for CO2 capture pp. 317-322 Downloads
Pilar Lisbona, Ana Martínez and Luis M. Romeo
Residential carbon emission evolutions in urban–rural divided China: An end-use and behavior analysis pp. 323-332 Downloads
Jing-Li Fan, Hua Liao, Qiao-Mei Liang, Hirokazu Tatano, Chun-Feng Liu and Yi-Ming Wei
A comparison between Miscanthus and bioethanol waste pellets and their performance in a downdraft gasifier pp. 333-340 Downloads
Kyriakos X. Kallis, Giacomo A. Pellegrini Susini and John E. Oakey
Geothermal heat pump systems: Status review and comparison with other heating options pp. 341-348 Downloads
Stuart J. Self, Bale V. Reddy and Marc A. Rosen
Exhaust emissions from liquid fuel micro gas turbine fed with diesel oil, biodiesel and vegetable oil pp. 349-356 Downloads
David Chiaramonti, Andrea Maria Rizzo, Adriano Spadi, Matteo Prussi, Giovanni Riccio and Francesco Martelli
Real life performance of domestic pellet boiler technologies as a function of operational loads: A case study of Belgium pp. 357-362 Downloads
V.K. Verma, S. Bram, F. Delattin and J. De Ruyck
Modelling and forecasting fossil fuels, CO2 and electricity prices and their volatilities pp. 363-375 Downloads
García-Martos, Carolina, Julio Rodríguez and María Jesús Sánchez
A comparative study of small-scale rural energy service pathways for lighting, cooking and mechanical power pp. 376-392 Downloads
Mirco Gaul
Synergic and conflicting issues in planning underground use to produce energy in densely populated countries, as Italy pp. 393-412 Downloads
Fedora Quattrocchi, Enzo Boschi, Angelo Spena, Mauro Buttinelli, Barbara Cantucci and Monia Procesi
Prediction of multiphase combustion and ash deposition within a biomass furnace pp. 413-422 Downloads
Domenico Borello, Paolo Venturini, Franco Rispoli and Saavedra G.Z. Rafael
The IPRP (Integrated Pyrolysis Regenerated Plant) technology: From concept to demonstration pp. 423-431 Downloads
D’Alessandro, Bruno, D’Amico, Michele, Umberto Desideri and Francesco Fantozzi
An application of the actuator disc model for wind turbine wakes calculations pp. 432-440 Downloads
Francesco Castellani and Andrea Vignaroli
Assessing demand response and smart metering impacts on long-term electricity market prices and system reliability pp. 441-448 Downloads
Manho Joung and Jinho Kim
Analysis, synthesis, and design of a one-step dimethyl ether production via a thermodynamic approach pp. 449-456 Downloads
Hsi-Jen Chen, Chei-Wei Fan and Chiou-Shia Yu
Investigation of porous carbon and carbon nanotube layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 457-464 Downloads
Guo-Bin Jung, Wei-Jen Tzeng, Ting-Chu Jao, Yu-Hsu Liu and Chia-Chen Yeh
Development of an engine control system using city gas and biogas fuel mixture pp. 465-474 Downloads
Yudai Yamasaki, Masanobu Kanno, Yoshitaka Suzuki and Shigehiko Kaneko
Correlated wind-power production and electric load scenarios for investment decisions pp. 475-482 Downloads
L. Baringo and A.J. Conejo
Are fluctuations in US production of renewable energy permanent or transitory? pp. 483-488 Downloads
Hooi Hooi Lean and Russell Smyth
A new hybrid day-ahead peak load forecasting method for Iran’s National Grid pp. 489-501 Downloads
M. Moazzami, A. Khodabakhshian and R. Hooshmand
Assessment of wave energy resource of the Black Sea based on 15-year numerical hindcast data pp. 502-512 Downloads
Adem Akpınar and Murat İhsan Kömürcü
Environmental evaluation of power transmission in Norway pp. 513-520 Downloads
Raquel S. Jorge and Edgar G. Hertwich
Importance of occupancy information for building climate control pp. 521-532 Downloads
Frauke Oldewurtel, David Sturzenegger and Manfred Morari
Wind power design in isolated energy systems: Impacts of daily wind patterns pp. 533-540 Downloads
K. Suomalainen, C. Silva, P. Ferrão and S. Connors
A methodology for the synthetic generation of hourly wind speed time series based on some known aggregate input data pp. 541-550 Downloads
Roberto Carapellucci and Lorena Giordano
Hydrogen and synthesis gas production from activated carbon and steam via reusing carbon dioxide pp. 551-559 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Bo-Jhih Lin
Local measurements of hydrogen crossover rate in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells pp. 560-566 Downloads
Kyung Don Baik, Im Mo Kong, Bo Ki Hong, Sae Hoon Kim and Min Soo Kim
Spontaneous ignition of low-concentration nano-sized Al-water slurry pp. 567-571 Downloads
Tran X. Phuoc and Ruey-Hung Chen
Environmental, economic and energy analysis of double glazing with a circulating water chamber in residential buildings pp. 572-581 Downloads
Gil-Lopez, Tomas and Gimenez-Molina, Carmen
Generalized feed-forward based method for wind energy prediction pp. 582-588 Downloads
Ali N. Celik and Mohan Kolhe
New investigation on diagnosing steam production systems from multivariate time series applied to thermal power plants pp. 589-599 Downloads
J.M. Blanco, L. Vazquez, F. Peña and D. Diaz
Life Cycle Assessment of alveolar brick construction system incorporating phase change materials (PCMs) pp. 600-608 Downloads
Albert Castell, Karim Menoufi, Alvaro de Gracia, Lídia Rincón, Dieter Boer and Luisa F. Cabeza
Assessment of wind power predictability as a decision factor in the investment phase of wind farms pp. 609-617 Downloads
R. Girard, K. Laquaine and G. Kariniotakis
Exploring the potential of grease from yellow mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor) as a novel biodiesel feedstock pp. 618-621 Downloads
Longyu Zheng, Yanfei Hou, Wu Li, Sen Yang, Qing Li and Ziniu Yu
Study on spark assisted compression ignition (SACI) combustion with positive valve overlap at medium–high load pp. 622-633 Downloads
Hui Xie, Le Li, Tao Chen, Weifei Yu, Xinyan Wang and Hua Zhao
Estimation of electrical power consumption in subway station design by intelligent approach pp. 634-643 Downloads
Philip C.M. Leung and Eric W.M. Lee
A flexible and efficient multi-agent gas turbine power plant energy management system with economic and environmental constraints pp. 644-654 Downloads
Robin Roche, Lhassane Idoumghar, Siddharth Suryanarayanan, Mounir Daggag, Christian-Anghel Solacolu and Abdellatif Miraoui
Multistage distribution system expansion planning considering distributed generation using hybrid evolutionary algorithms pp. 655-666 Downloads
Mohsen Gitizadeh, Ali Azizi Vahed and Jamshid Aghaei
Stochastic short-term maintenance scheduling of GENCOs in an oligopolistic electricity market pp. 667-677 Downloads
Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini, Bruno Canizes, Zita Vale and Hugo Morais
Demand side management of a domestic dishwasher: Wind energy gains, financial savings and peak-time load reduction pp. 678-685 Downloads
P. Finn, O’Connell, M. and C. Fitzpatrick
A new modelling method and unified code with MCRT for concentrating solar collectors and its applications pp. 686-698 Downloads
Z.D. Cheng, Y.L. He and F.Q. Cui
An experimental evaluation of an integrated biomass gasification and power generation system for distributed power applications pp. 699-708 Downloads
Uisung Lee, Elango Balu and J.N. Chung
Emergent synchronisation properties of a refrigerator demand side management system pp. 709-717 Downloads
Enrique Kremers, José Marı´a González de Durana and Oscar Barambones
Research on a diesel HCCI engine assisted by an ISG motor pp. 718-729 Downloads
Fuyuan Yang, Guojing Gao, Minggao Ouyang, Lin Chen and Yuping Yang
Dual-mode power regulator for photovoltaic module emulation pp. 730-739 Downloads
Younghyun Kim, Woojoo Lee, Massoud Pedram and Naehyuck Chang
Comparison between evaporative cooling and a heat pipe assisted thermal loop for a commercial wind tower in hot and dry climatic conditions pp. 740-755 Downloads
John Kaiser Calautit, Hassam Nasarullah Chaudhry, Ben Richard Hughes and Saud Abdul Ghani
The effects of intake backflow on in-cylinder situation and auto ignition in a gasoline controlled auto ignition engine pp. 756-764 Downloads
Nan Li, Hui Xie, Tao Chen, Le Li and Hua Zhao
Aerodynamic design and economical evaluation of site specific small vertical axis wind turbines pp. 765-775 Downloads
Davood Saeidi, Ahmad Sedaghat, Pourya Alamdari and Ali Akbar Alemrajabi
Proton exchange membrane fuel cells for electrical power generation on-board commercial airplanes pp. 776-796 Downloads
Joseph W. Pratt, Leonard E. Klebanoff, Munoz-Ramos, Karina, Abbas A. Akhil, Dita B. Curgus and Benjamin L. Schenkman
Hybrid photovoltaic–thermal solar collectors dynamic modeling pp. 797-807 Downloads
N. Amrizal, D. Chemisana and J.I. Rosell
A new model for State-of-Charge (SOC) estimation for high-power Li-ion batteries pp. 808-814 Downloads
Yao He, XingTao Liu, ChenBin Zhang and ZongHai Chen
Kinetics of the steam gasification of a phenolic circuit board in the presence of carbonates pp. 815-821 Downloads
Shangzhong Zhang, Kunio Yoshikawa, Hideki Nakagome and Tohru Kamo
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