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2016, volume 176, issue C

A theoretical framework for multiphysics modeling of methane fueled solid oxide fuel cell and analysis of low steam methane reforming kinetics pp. 1-11 Downloads
Baoxuan Wang, Jiang Zhu and Zijing Lin
A pilot-scale study of gas production from hydrate deposits with two-spot horizontal well system pp. 12-21 Downloads
Bo Li, Yun-Pei Liang, Xiao-Sen Li and Lei Zhou
Comparative evaluation of GHG emissions from the use of Miscanthus for bio-hydrocarbon production via fast pyrolysis and bio-oil upgrading pp. 22-33 Downloads
Mobolaji B. Shemfe, Carly Whittaker, Sai Gu and Beatriz Fidalgo
A study on combustion of oil palm empty fruit bunch in a fluidized bed using alternative bed materials: Performance, emissions, and time-domain changes in the bed condition pp. 34-48 Downloads
Pichet Ninduangdee and Vladimir I. Kuprianov
A design approach for integrating thermoelectric devices using topology optimization pp. 49-64 Downloads
S. Soprani, J.H.K. Haertel, B.S. Lazarov, O. Sigmund and K. Engelbrecht
Sharing wind power forecasts in electricity markets: A numerical analysis pp. 65-73 Downloads
Lazaros Exizidis, S. Jalal Kazempour, Pierre Pinson, Zacharie de Greve and François Vallée
A high-performance carbon nanoparticle-decorated graphite felt electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 74-79 Downloads
L. Wei, T.S. Zhao, G. Zhao, L. An and L. Zeng
Generation and evaluation of space–time trajectories of photovoltaic power pp. 80-91 Downloads
Faranak Golestaneh, Hoay Beng Gooi and Pierre Pinson
Real-time state-of-health estimation for electric vehicle batteries: A data-driven approach pp. 92-103 Downloads
Gae-won You, Sangdo Park and Dukjin Oh
A parameter extraction technique exploiting intrinsic properties of solar cells pp. 104-115 Downloads
Nhan Thanh Tong and Wanchalerm Pora
Bacillus sp. strains to produce bio-hydrogen from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste pp. 116-124 Downloads
A.T. Shah, L. Favaro, L. Alibardi, L. Cagnin, A. Sandon, R. Cossu, S. Casella and M. Basaglia
Analysis of downshift’s improvement to energy efficiency of an electric vehicle during regenerative braking pp. 125-137 Downloads
Liang Li, Xujian Li, Xiangyu Wang, Jian Song, Kai He and Chenfeng Li
A feasibility study of microgrids for reducing energy use and GHG emissions in an industrial application pp. 138-148 Downloads
Mengyu Li, Xiongwen Zhang, Guojun Li and Chaoyang Jiang
Investigations on the double gas diffusion backing layer for performance improvement of self-humidified proton exchange membrane fuel cells pp. 149-156 Downloads
Im Mo Kong, Aeri Jung and Min Soo Kim
Offshore wind power resource assessment using Oceansat-2 scatterometer data at a regional scale pp. 157-170 Downloads
Sanjeev Gadad and Paresh Chandra Deka
An improved CO2-based transcritical Rankine cycle (CTRC) used for engine waste heat recovery pp. 171-182 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Lingfeng Shi, Hua Tian, Xiaoya Li, Guangdai Huang and Liwen Chang
Day-ahead coordinated operation of utility-scale electricity and natural gas networks considering demand response based virtual power plants pp. 183-195 Downloads
Hantao Cui, Fangxing Li, Qinran Hu, Linquan Bai and Xin Fang
Integrated gasification combined cycle with carbon dioxide capture by elevated temperature pressure swing adsorption pp. 196-208 Downloads
Xuancan Zhu, Yixiang Shi and Ningsheng Cai
The characteristic of spray using diesel water emulsified fuel in a diesel engine pp. 209-220 Downloads
Sangki Park, Seungchul Woo, Hyungik Kim and Kihyung Lee
Experimental investigation on the thermal performance of a heat sink filled with porous metal fiber sintered felt/paraffin composite phase change material pp. 221-232 Downloads
Hongfei Wang, Fanxu Wang, Zongtao Li, Yong Tang, Binhai Yu and Wei Yuan
Lessons from spatial and environmental assessment of energy potentials for Anaerobic Digestion production systems applied to the Netherlands pp. 233-244 Downloads
F. Pierie, R.M.J. Benders, J. Bekkering, W.J.Th. van Gemert and H.C. Moll
A physics-based integer-linear battery modeling paradigm pp. 245-257 Downloads
Michael S. Scioletti, Johanna K. Goodman, Paul A. Kohl and Alexandra M. Newman
Experimental investigation on NH3–H2O compression-assisted absorption heat pump (CAHP) for low temperature heating under lower driving sources pp. 258-271 Downloads
Wei Wu, Wenxing Shi, Jian Wang, Baolong Wang and Xianting Li
Sizing and control of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas microTurbine hybrid power system using a unique inverter for rural microgrid integration pp. 272-281 Downloads
Sylvain Baudoin, Ionel Vechiu, Haritza Camblong, Jean-Michel Vinassa and Linda Barelli
Effect of engine parameters on in-cylinder flows in a two-stroke gasoline direct injection engine pp. 282-294 Downloads
Addepalli S. Krishna, J.M. Mallikarjuna and Davinder Kumar
Forecasting volatility of wind power production pp. 295-308 Downloads
Zhiwei Shen and Matthias Ritter
Techno-economic assessment of an off-grid PV system for developing regions to provide electricity for basic domestic needs: A 2020–2040 scenario pp. 309-319 Downloads
Ghassan Zubi, Dufo-López, Rodolfo, Guzay Pasaoglu and Nicolás Pardo

2016, volume 175, issue C

Generalizable occupant-driven optimization model for domestic hot water production in NZEB pp. 1-15 Downloads
H. Kazmi, D’Oca, S., C. Delmastro, S. Lodeweyckx and S.P. Corgnati
A thermal battery mimicking a concentrated volumetric solar receiver pp. 16-30 Downloads
M. Khalil Anwar, B.S. Yilbas and S.Z. Shuja
How to subsidize energy efficiency under duopoly efficiently? pp. 31-39 Downloads
Pu-yan Nie, Yong-cong Yang, You-hua Chen and Zhao-hui Wang
Critical peak electricity pricing for sustainable manufacturing: Modeling and case studies pp. 40-53 Downloads
Yong Wang and Lin Li
Mineral carbonation of Victorian brown coal fly ash using regenerative ammonium chloride – Process simulation and techno-economic analysis pp. 54-68 Downloads
Tahereh Hosseini, Nawshad Haque, Cordelia Selomulya and Lian Zhang
Evaluation of imidazolium-based ionic liquids for biogas upgrading pp. 69-81 Downloads
Yujiao Xie, Chunyan Ma, Xiaohua Lu and Xiaoyan Ji
Tween-80 is effective for enhancing steam-exploded biomass enzymatic saccharification and ethanol production by specifically lessening cellulase absorption with lignin in common reed pp. 82-90 Downloads
Wenxiang Jin, Ling Chen, Meng Hu, Dan Sun, Ao Li, Ying Li, Zhen Hu, Shiguang Zhou, Yuanyuan Tu, Tao Xia, Yanting Wang, Guosheng Xie, Yanbin Li, Baowei Bai and Liangcai Peng
ANN-based modeling and reducing dual-fuel engine’s challenging emissions by multi-objective evolutionary algorithm NSGA-II pp. 91-99 Downloads
S. Lotfan, R. Akbarpour Ghiasi, M. Fallah and M.H. Sadeghi
Scenario analysis of CO2 emissions from China’s civil aviation industry through 2030 pp. 100-108 Downloads
Wenji Zhou, Tao Wang, Yadong Yu, Dingjiang Chen and Bing Zhu
Fluctuation behavior analysis of international crude oil and gasoline price based on complex network perspective pp. 109-127 Downloads
Minggang Wang, Ying Chen, Lixin Tian, Shumin Jiang, Zihao Tian and Ruijin Du
A comparison and accuracy analysis of impedance-based temperature estimation methods for Li-ion batteries pp. 128-140 Downloads
H.P.G.J. Beelen, L.H.J. Raijmakers, M.C.F. Donkers, P.H.L. Notten and H.J. Bergveld
Review on microwave–metal discharges and their applications in energy and industrial processes pp. 141-157 Downloads
Jing Sun, Wenlong Wang, Qinyan Yue, Chunyuan Ma, Junsong Zhang, Xiqiang Zhao and Zhanlong Song
Allocation of ESS by interval optimization method considering impact of ship swinging on hybrid PV/diesel ship power system pp. 158-167 Downloads
Shuli Wen, Hai Lan, Ying-Yi Hong, David C. Yu, Lijun Zhang and Peng Cheng
Impacts of feed-in tariff policies on design and performance of CCHP system in different climate zones pp. 168-179 Downloads
C.Y. Zheng, J.Y. Wu, X.Q. Zhai and R.Z. Wang
Adaptation of rammed earth to modern construction systems: Comparative study of thermal behavior under summer conditions pp. 180-188 Downloads
Susana Serrano, Alvaro de Gracia and Luisa F. Cabeza
A planning approach for reducing the impact of natural gas network on electricity markets pp. 189-198 Downloads
Theodoros D. Diagoupis, Panagiotis E. Andrianesis and Evangelos N. Dialynas
Circulating inclined fluidized beds with application for desiccant dehumidification systems pp. 199-211 Downloads
Yuan-Ching Chiang, Chih-Hao Chen, Yi-Chin Chiang and Sih-Li Chen
An experimental study on the hydrogen crossover in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells for various current densities pp. 212-217 Downloads
Aeri Jung, Jongkil Oh, Kookil Han and Min Soo Kim
Field synergy analysis for enhancing heat transfer capability of a novel narrow-tube closed oscillating heat pipe pp. 218-228 Downloads
E. Jiaqiang, Xiaohuan Zhao, Haili Liu, Jianmei Chen, Wei Zuo and Qingguo Peng
Quantification and location of a renewable gas industry based on digestion of wastes in Ireland pp. 229-239 Downloads
O’Shea, Richard, Ian Kilgallon, David Wall and Jerry D. Murphy
Re-mapping sub-Sahara Africa for equipment selection to photo electrify energy poor homes pp. 240-250 Downloads
Kant E. Kanyarusoke, Jasson Gryzagoridis and Graeme Oliver
Classification of global island regarding the opportunity of using RES pp. 251-258 Downloads
Henning Meschede, Peter Holzapfel, Florian Kadelbach and Jens Hesselbach
Cold storage condensation heat recovery system with a novel composite phase change material pp. 259-268 Downloads
Mingzhu Xia, Yanping Yuan, Xudong Zhao, Xiaoling Cao and Zhonghua Tang
Effects of process configurations for combination of rotating packed bed and packed bed on CO2 capture pp. 269-276 Downloads
Cheng-Hsiu Yu, Ming-Tsz Chen, Hao Chen and Chung-Sung Tan
Experimental study of CaO/Ca(OH)2 in a fixed-bed reactor for thermochemical heat storage pp. 277-284 Downloads
J. Yan and C.Y. Zhao
Enhancement of maximum temperature drop across thermoelectric cooler through two-stage design and transient supercooling effect pp. 285-292 Downloads
Hao Lv, Xiao-Dong Wang, Jing-Hui Meng, Tian-Hu Wang and Wei-Mon Yan
Performance evaluation of a solar adsorption chiller under different climatic conditions pp. 293-304 Downloads
Ali Alahmer, Xiaolin Wang, Al-Rbaihat, Raed, K.C. Amanul Alam and B.B. Saha
Design technologies for eco-industrial parks: From unit operations to processes, plants and industrial networks pp. 305-323 Downloads
Ming Pan, Janusz Sikorski, Jethro Akroyd, Sebastian Mosbach, Raymond Lau and Markus Kraft
Energy and economic analysis of building integrated with PCM in different cities of China pp. 324-336 Downloads
Xuming Mi, Ran Liu, Hongzhi Cui, Shazim Ali Memon, Feng Xing and Yiu Lo
Effects of inlet pressure on wall temperature and exergy efficiency of the micro-cylindrical combustor with a step pp. 337-345 Downloads
E. Jiaqiang, Wei Zuo, Xueling Liu, Qingguo Peng, Yuanwang Deng and Hao Zhu
Experimental investigation on the knocking combustion characteristics of n-butanol gasoline blends in a DISI engine pp. 346-355 Downloads
Haiqiao Wei, Dengquan Feng, Mingzhang Pan, JiaYing Pan, XiaoKang Rao and Dongzhi Gao
Integration of sampling based battery state of health estimation method in electric vehicles pp. 356-367 Downloads
Celil Ozkurt, Fatih Camci, Vepa Atamuradov and Christopher Odorry
The value of energy storage in decarbonizing the electricity sector pp. 368-379 Downloads
Fernando J. de Sisternes, Jesse D. Jenkins and Audun Botterud
A power-saving control strategy for reducing the total pressure applied by the primary air fan of a coal-fired power plant pp. 380-388 Downloads
Yuelan Wang, Zengyi Ma, Yueliang Shen, Yijun Tang, Mingjiang Ni, Yong Chi, Jianhua Yan and Kefa Cen
A parametric study for enabling reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) operation in diesel engines at various engine loads pp. 389-402 Downloads
Yifeng Wang, Mingfa Yao, Tie Li, Weijing Zhang and Zunqing Zheng
Template-free synthesis of three-dimensional nanoporous N-doped graphene for high performance fuel cell oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media pp. 405-413 Downloads
Sheng Tang, Xuejun Zhou, Nengneng Xu, Zhengyu Bai, Jinli Qiao and Jiujun Zhang
Degradation analysis and durability improvement for SOFC 1-cell stack pp. 414-420 Downloads
Dong Yan, Chi Zhang, Linjiang Liang, Kai Li, Lichao Jia, Jian Pu, Li Jian, Xi Li and Tao Zhang
Flower–like Ni and N codoped hierarchical porous carbon microspheres with enhanced performance for fuel cell storage pp. 421-428 Downloads
Shujun Chao, Yatian Zhang, Kui Wang, Zhengyu Bai and Lin Yang
Novel Ag@C nanocables supported Pd anodes and its implication in energy conversion using direct liquid fuel cells pp. 429-434 Downloads
Zhengyu Bai, Rumeng Huang, Min Shi, Qing Zhang, Lin Yang, Zongxian Yang and Jiujun Zhang
3D multi-physics modeling of a gas diffusion electrode for oxygen reduction reaction for electrochemical energy conversion in PEM fuel cells pp. 435-450 Downloads
Nicolò S. Vasile, Ronan Doherty, Alessandro H.A. Monteverde Videla and Stefania Specchia
More sustainable electricity generation in hot and dry fuel cells with a novel hybrid membrane of Nafion/nano-silica/hydroxyl ionic liquid pp. 451-458 Downloads
Yan Li, Yan Shi, Nada Mehio, Mingsheng Tan, Zhiyong Wang, Xiaohong Hu, George Z. Chen, Sheng Dai and Xianbo Jin
Hierarchical porous N-doped graphene foams with superior oxygen reduction reactivity for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells pp. 459-467 Downloads
Xuejun Zhou, Sheng Tang, Yan Yin, Shuihui Sun and Jinli Qiao
N/S-Me (Fe, Co, Ni) doped hierarchical porous carbons for fuel cell oxygen reduction reaction with high catalytic activity and long-term stability pp. 468-478 Downloads
Mingjie Wu, Enguang Zhang, Qinping Guo, Yongzhen Wang, Jinli Qiao, Kaixi Li and Pucheng Pei
Energy efficiency of platinum-free alkaline direct formate fuel cells pp. 479-487 Downloads
L.Q. Wang, M. Bellini, J. Filippi, M. Folliero, A. Lavacchi, M. Innocenti, A. Marchionni, H.A. Miller and F. Vizza
TiO2 hierarchical hollow microspheres with different size for application as anodes in high-performance lithium storage pp. 488-494 Downloads
Xiaobing Wang, Qiuxia Meng, Yuanyuan Wang, Huijun Liang, Zhengyu Bai, Kui Wang, Xiangdong Lou, Bibo Cai and Lin Yang
Morphology controlled La2O3/Co3O4/MnO2–CNTs hybrid nanocomposites with durable bi-functional air electrode in high-performance zinc–air energy storage pp. 495-504 Downloads
Nengneng Xu, Jinli Qiao, Xia Zhang, Chengyu Ma, Saiai Jian, Yuyu Liu and Pucheng Pei
Application of tris(trimethylsilyl)borate to suppress self-discharge of layered nickel cobalt manganese oxide for high energy battery pp. 505-511 Downloads
Xiaolin Liao, Peiyi Sun, Mengqing Xu, Lidan Xing, Youhao Liao, Liping Zhang, Le Yu, Weizhen Fan and Weishan Li
Scalable synthesis of functionalized graphene as cathodes in Li-ion electrochemical energy storage devices pp. 512-521 Downloads
Dongbin Xiong, Xifei Li, Hui Shan, Bo Yan, Dejun Li, Craig Langford and Xueliang Sun
Facile large-scale synthesis of core–shell structured sulfur@polypyrrole composite and its application in lithium–sulfur batteries with high energy density pp. 522-528 Downloads
Yanping Xie, Hongbin Zhao, Hongwei Cheng, Chenji Hu, Wenying Fang, Jianhui Fang, Jiaqiang Xu and Zhongwei Chen
Amorphous SnO2/graphene aerogel nanocomposites harvesting superior anode performance for lithium energy storage pp. 529-535 Downloads
Linlin Fan, Xifei Li, Bo Yan, Xiaojia Li, Dongbin Xiong, Dejun Li, Hui Xu, Xianfa Zhang and Xueliang Sun
Novel hierarchical SnO2 microsphere catalyst coated on gas diffusion electrode for enhancing energy efficiency of CO2 reduction to formate fuel pp. 536-544 Downloads
Yishu Fu, Yanan Li, Xia Zhang, Yuyu Liu, Jinli Qiao, Jiujun Zhang and David P. Wilkinson
Specific electrical conductivity in molten potassium dihydrogen phosphate KH2PO4 – An electrolyte for water electrolysis at ∼300°C pp. 545-550 Downloads
A.V. Nikiforov, R.W. Berg, I.M. Petrushina and N.J. Bjerrum
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