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2016, volume 170, issue C

An optimization framework for the integrated planning of generation and transmission expansion in interconnected power systems pp. 1-21 Downloads
Omar J. Guerra, Diego A. Tejada and Gintaras V. Reklaitis
An ensemble approach for short-term load forecasting by extreme learning machine pp. 22-29 Downloads
Song Li, Lalit Goel and Peng Wang
DR-Advisor: A data-driven demand response recommender system pp. 30-46 Downloads
Madhur Behl, Francesco Smarra and Rahul Mangharam
Experimental study on catalytic cracking of model tar compounds in a dual layer granular bed filter pp. 47-57 Downloads
Fu-Xiang Hu, Guo-Hua Yang, Guo-Zhu Ding, Zhen Li, Ka-Shuai Du, Zhi-Fa Hu and Su-Rui Tian
Rechargeable hybrid aqueous batteries using silica nanoparticle doped aqueous electrolytes pp. 58-64 Downloads
Changyu Lu, Tuan K.A. Hoang, The Nam Long Doan, Hongbin Zhao, Ran Pan, Li Yang, Weisheng Guan and P. Chen
A transient quasi-3D entire time scale line source model for the fluid and ground temperature prediction of vertical ground heat exchangers (GHEs) pp. 65-75 Downloads
Linfeng Zhang, Quan Zhang and Gongsheng Huang
Dynamic thermal response of building material layers in aspect of their moisture content pp. 76-91 Downloads
K.J. Kontoleon and C. Giarma
Performance prediction of horizontal hydrokinetic energy converter using multiple-cylinder synergy in flow induced motion pp. 92-100 Downloads
Eun Soo Kim and Michael M. Bernitsas
A novel approach for optimal combinations of wind, PV, and energy storage system in diesel-free isolated communities pp. 101-115 Downloads
Amir Ahadi, Sang-Kyun Kang and Jang-Ho Lee
Characterisation of stormwater in biomass-fired combined heat and power plants – Impact of biomass fuel storage pp. 116-129 Downloads
Magnus Larsson, Jinying Yan, Carl Nordenskjöld, Kerstin Forsberg and Longcheng Liu
A novel phase-change cement composite for thermal energy storage: Fabrication, thermal and mechanical properties pp. 130-139 Downloads
He Zhang, Feng Xing, Hong-Zhi Cui, Da-Zhu Chen, Xing Ouyang, Su-Zhen Xu, Jia-Xin Wang, Yi-Tian Huang, Jian-Dong Zuo and Jiao-Ning Tang
Non-catalytic pyrolysis of scrap tires using a newly developed two-stage pyrolyzer for the production of a pyrolysis oil with a low sulfur content pp. 140-147 Downloads
Gyung-Goo Choi, Seung-Jin Oh and Joo-Sik Kim
Sensitivity analysis of a vertical geothermal heat pump system pp. 148-160 Downloads
Chanjuan Han and Yu, Xiong (Bill)
Vehicle to Grid regulation services of electric delivery trucks: Economic and environmental benefit analysis pp. 161-175 Downloads
Yang Zhao, Mehdi Noori and Omer Tatari
Process and techno-economic analysis of green diesel production from waste vegetable oil and the comparison with ester type biodiesel production pp. 176-185 Downloads
Sandra B. Glisic, Jelena M. Pajnik and Aleksandar M. Orlović
Biomass gasification process with the tar removal technologies utilizing bio-oil scrubber and char bed pp. 186-192 Downloads
Shunsuke Nakamura, Shigeru Kitano and Kunio Yoshikawa
Exergoeconomic analysis of utilizing the transcritical CO2 cycle and the ORC for a recompression supercritical CO2 cycle waste heat recovery: A comparative study pp. 193-207 Downloads
Xurong Wang and Yiping Dai
Flex fuel polygeneration: Integrating renewable natural gas into Fischer–Tropsch synthesis pp. 208-218 Downloads
Matthew Kieffer, Tristan Brown and Robert C. Brown
An experimental study on the combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine under low temperature combustion of diesel/gasoline/n-butanol blends pp. 219-231 Downloads
Haozhong Huang, Chengzhong Zhou, Qingsheng Liu, Qingxin Wang and Xueqiang Wang
Performance evaluation of solar adsorption cooling systems for vaccine preservation in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 232-241 Downloads
A. Allouhi, T. Kousksou, A. Jamil, Y. Agrouaz, T. Bouhal, R. Saidur and A. Benbassou
The effects of allowance price on energy demand under a personal carbon trading scheme pp. 242-249 Downloads
Jin Fan, Jun Li, Yanrui Wu, Shanyong Wang and Dingtao Zhao
A review on compressed air energy storage: Basic principles, past milestones and recent developments pp. 250-268 Downloads
Marcus Budt, Daniel Wolf, Roland Span and Jinyue Yan
Engineering, environmental and economic performance evaluation of high-gravity carbonation process for carbon capture and utilization pp. 269-277 Downloads
Shu-Yuan Pan, Ana Maria Lorente Lafuente and Pen-Chi Chiang
Modeling a power-to-renewable methane system for an assessment of power grid balancing options in the Baltic States’ region pp. 278-285 Downloads
Toms Zoss, Elina Dace and Dagnija Blumberga
A refractory selective solar absorber for high performance thermochemical steam reforming pp. 286-292 Downloads
Dongyue Jiang, Wenming Yang and Aikun Tang
Multi-objective optimization of the building energy performance: A simulation-based approach by means of particle swarm optimization (PSO) pp. 293-303 Downloads
N. Delgarm, B. Sajadi, F. Kowsary and S. Delgarm
Data-driven real-time power dispatch for maximizing variable renewable generation pp. 304-313 Downloads
Zhigang Li, Feng Qiu and Jianhui Wang
Experimental investigation of the thermal and electrical performance of the heat pipe BIPV/T system with metal wires pp. 314-323 Downloads
Zhangyuan Wang, Feng Qiu, Wansheng Yang, Xudong Zhao and Sheng Mei
Macro-encapsulation of metallic phase change material using cylindrical-type ceramic containers for high-temperature thermal energy storage pp. 324-328 Downloads
Ryo Fukahori, Takahiro Nomura, Chunyu Zhu, Nan Sheng, Noriyuki Okinaka and Tomohiro Akiyama
Evaluating the 2014 retroactive regulatory framework applied to the grid connected PV systems in Spain pp. 329-344 Downloads
Jordi de la Hoz, Helena Martín, Jaume Miret, Miguel Castilla and Ramon Guzman
CO2 abatement from the iron and steel industry using a combined Ca–Fe chemical loop pp. 345-352 Downloads
Sicong Tian, Kaimin Li, Jianguo Jiang, Xuejing Chen and Feng Yan
Performance of an effectively integrated biomass multi-stage gasification system and a steel industry heat treatment furnace pp. 353-361 Downloads
Duleeka Sandamali Gunarathne, Pelle Mellin, Weihong Yang, Magnus Pettersson and Rolf Ljunggren
Dynamic photovoltaic greenhouse: Energy efficiency in clear sky conditions pp. 362-376 Downloads
Alvaro Marucci and Andrea Cappuccini
Demonstrating demand response from water distribution system through pump scheduling pp. 377-387 Downloads
Ruben Menke, Edo Abraham, Panos Parpas and Ivan Stoianov
Numerical investigations on ethanol electrolysis for production of pure hydrogen from renewable sources pp. 388-393 Downloads
S. Mohsen Mousavi Ehteshami, S. Vignesh, R.K.A. Rasheed and S.H. Chan
Fuel consumption model for conventional diesel buses pp. 394-402 Downloads
Jinghui Wang and Hesham A. Rakha
Using variable piston trajectory to reduce engine-out emissions pp. 403-414 Downloads
Chen Zhang and Zongxuan Sun
Separation and structural characterization of the value-added chemicals from mild degradation of lignites: A review pp. 415-436 Downloads
Fang-Jing Liu, Xian-Yong Wei, Maohong Fan and Zhi-Min Zong
Optimal scale of carbon-negative energy facilities pp. 437-444 Downloads
Daniel L. Sanchez and Duncan S. Callaway
Well-to-wheel analysis of bio-methane via gasification, in heavy duty engines within the transport sector of the European Union pp. 445-454 Downloads
Alberto Alamia, Ingemar Magnusson, Filip Johnsson and Henrik Thunman
Day-ahead hourly electricity load modeling by functional regression pp. 455-465 Downloads
Yonghan Feng and Sarah M. Ryan
Performance analysis of solar cogeneration system with different integration strategies for potable water and domestic hot water production pp. 466-475 Downloads
N.T. Uday Kumar, Gowtham Mohan and Andrew Martin
Synergy of smart grids and hybrid distributed generation on the value of energy storage pp. 476-488 Downloads
Pedro Crespo Del Granado, Zhan Pang and Stein Wallace

2016, volume 169, issue C

Energy–water nexus of wind power generation systems pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jin Yang and Bin Chen
Methodology of comprehensive building energy performance diagnosis for large commercial buildings at multiple levels pp. 14-27 Downloads
Huilong Wang, Peng Xu, Xing Lu and Dengkuo Yuan
Impact of EV penetration on Volt–VAR Optimization of distribution networks using real-time co-simulation monitoring platform pp. 28-39 Downloads
M. Manbachi, A. Sadu, H. Farhangi, A. Monti, A. Palizban, F. Ponci and S. Arzanpour
Fading Kalman filter-based real-time state of charge estimation in LiFePO4 battery-powered electric vehicles pp. 40-48 Downloads
KaiChin Lim, Hany Ayad Bastawrous, Van-Huan Duong, Khay Wai See, Peng Zhang and Shi Xue Dou
Thermodynamic feasibility of alternative supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles integrated with an ejector pp. 49-62 Downloads
Ricardo Vasquez Padilla, Yen Chean Soo Too, Regano Benito, Robbie McNaughton and Wes Stein
A spectral-splitting PV–thermal volumetric solar receiver pp. 63-71 Downloads
Ahmad Mojiri, Cameron Stanley, Rodriguez-Sanchez, David, Vernie Everett, Andrew Blakers and Gary Rosengarten
Experimental investigations on prototype heat storage units utilizing stable supercooling of sodium acetate trihydrate mixtures pp. 72-80 Downloads
Mark Dannemand, Janne Dragsted, Jianhua Fan, Jakob Berg Johansen, Weiqiang Kong and Simon Furbo
Dual estimation: Constructing building energy models from data sampled at low rate pp. 81-92 Downloads
Simone Baldi, Shuai Yuan, Petr Endel and Ondrej Holub
MILP model for long-term energy mix planning with consideration of power system reserves pp. 93-111 Downloads
Michal Wierzbowski, Wojciech Lyzwa and Izabela Musial
Potentials of cooled EGR and water injection for knock resistance and fuel consumption improvements of gasoline engines pp. 112-125 Downloads
Fabio Bozza, Vincenzo De Bellis and Luigi Teodosio
Experimental investigation of partially premixed methane–air and methane–oxygen flames stabilized over a perforated-plate burner pp. 126-137 Downloads
Sherif S. Rashwan, Abdelmaged H. Ibrahim, Abou-Arab, Tharwat W., Medhat A. Nemitallah and Mohamed A. Habib
Energy and environmental assessment of integrated biogas trigeneration and photovoltaic plant as more sustainable industrial system pp. 138-149 Downloads
Wiesław Gazda and Wojciech Stanek
Observations of offshore wind characteristics by Doppler-LiDAR for wind energy applications pp. 150-163 Downloads
Z.R. Shu, Q.S. Li, Y.C. He and P.W. Chan
Experimental study on enhancement of thermal energy storage with phase-change material pp. 164-176 Downloads
Jialin Yang, Lijun Yang, Chao Xu and Xiaoze Du
Experimental study on heat pipe assisted heat exchanger used for industrial waste heat recovery pp. 177-186 Downloads
Hongting Ma, Lihui Yin, Xiaopeng Shen, Wenqian Lu, Yuexia Sun, Yufeng Zhang and Na Deng
Are fluctuations in Japan’s consumption of non-fossil energy permanent or transitory? pp. 187-196 Downloads
Yuan Wang, Li Li, Jumpei Kubota, Xiaodong Zhu and Genfa Lu
A multi-dimensional well-to-wheels analysis of passenger vehicles in different regions: Primary energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and economic cost pp. 197-209 Downloads
Francesco Orsi, Matteo Muratori, Matteo Rocco, Emanuela Colombo and Giorgio Rizzoni
Improved operating strategy for continuous fermentation of carbon monoxide to fuel-ethanol by clostridia pp. 210-217 Downloads
Haris Nalakath Abubackar, Frank R. Bengelsdorf, Peter Dürre, María C. Veiga and Christian Kennes
Experimental study on the dynamic performance of a novel system combining natural ventilation with diffuse ceiling inlet and TABS pp. 218-229 Downloads
Tao Yu, Per Heiselberg, Bo Lei, Chen Zhang, Michal Pomianowski and Rasmus Jensen
Performance and economic analysis of a direct injection spark ignition engine fueled with wet ethanol pp. 230-239 Downloads
Thompson Diórdinis Metzka Lanzanova, Macklini Dalla Nora and Hua Zhao
Investigation of real life operation of biomass room heating appliances – Results of a European survey pp. 240-249 Downloads
Marius Wöhler, Jes Sig Andersen, Gero Becker, Henrik Persson, Gabriel Reichert, Claudia Schön, Christoph Schmidl, Dirk Jaeger and Stefan K. Pelz
Energy and reliability optimization of a system that combines daylighting and artificial sources. A case study carried out in academic buildings pp. 250-266 Downloads
Ferdinando Salata, Iacopo Golasi, Maicol di Salvatore and Andrea de Lieto Vollaro
Modelling and screening heat pump options for the exploitation of low grade waste heat in process sites pp. 267-286 Downloads
Gbemi Oluleye, Robin Smith and Megan Jobson
A methodology to identify potential markets for small-scale solar thermal power generators pp. 287-300 Downloads
David Sánchez, Anna Bortkiewicz, José M. Rodríguez, Gonzalo S. Martínez, Giacomo Gavagnin and Tomás Sánchez
Constructing an energy efficiency benchmarking system for coal production pp. 301-308 Downloads
Ning Wang, Zongguo Wen, Mingqi Liu and Jie Guo
Estimating hourly cooling load in commercial buildings using a thermal network model and electricity submetering data pp. 309-323 Downloads
Ying Ji, Peng Xu, Pengfei Duan and Xing Lu
Day-ahead resource scheduling of a renewable energy based virtual power plant pp. 324-340 Downloads
Ali Ghahgharaee Zamani, Alireza Zakariazadeh and Shahram Jadid
Economic assessment of integrated coal gasification combined cycle with sorbent CO2 capture pp. 341-352 Downloads
Ehsan Esmaili, Ehsan Mostafavi and Nader Mahinpey
Energy minimization of MEA-based CO2 capture process pp. 353-362 Downloads
Se-Young Oh, Michael Binns, Habin Cho and Jin-Kuk Kim
Application of ‘potential carbon’ in energy planning with carbon emission constraints pp. 363-369 Downloads
Dongwei Yu and Hongwei Tan
The potential role of solid biomass for rural electrification: A techno economic analysis for a hybrid microgrid in India pp. 370-383 Downloads
Simone Mazzola, Marco Astolfi and Ennio Macchi
Long run dynamic volatilities between OPEC and non-OPEC crude oil prices pp. 384-394 Downloads
Hassan Ghassan and Hassan Rafdan AlHajhoj
Simultaneous optimization of heat-integrated water allocation networks pp. 395-407 Downloads
Xiaodong Hong, Zuwei Liao, Binbo Jiang, Jingdai Wang and Yongrong Yang
A new integration model of the calcium looping technology into coal fired power plants for CO2 capture pp. 408-420 Downloads
C. Ortiz, R. Chacartegui, J.M. Valverde and J.A. Becerra
Innovative mineral fiber insulation panels for buildings: Thermal and acoustic characterization pp. 421-432 Downloads
Elisa Moretti, Elisa Belloni and Fabrizio Agosti
Integrated techno-economic and environmental assessments of sixty scenarios for co-firing biomass with coal and natural gas pp. 433-449 Downloads
Ezinwa Agbor, Adetoyese Olajire Oyedun, Xiaolei Zhang and Amit Kumar
Impact of the electric vehicles on the air pollution from a highway pp. 450-459 Downloads
Enrico Ferrero, Stefano Alessandrini and Alessia Balanzino
Characterization of asymmetric ultracapacitors as hybrid pulse power devices for efficient energy storage and power delivery applications pp. 460-468 Downloads
Wenhua H. Zhu and Bruce J. Tatarchuk
Measured thermal performance of a combined suspended particle switchable device evacuated glazing pp. 469-480 Downloads
Aritra Ghosh, Brian Norton and Aidan Duffy
Transient growth of acoustical energy associated with mitigating thermoacoustic oscillations pp. 481-490 Downloads
Xinyan Li, Dan Zhao, Xinglin Yang, Huabing Wen, Xiao Jin, Shen Li, He Zhao, Changqing Xie and Haili Liu
Optimization of hydrogen production with CO2 capture by autothermal chemical-looping reforming using different bioethanol purities pp. 491-498 Downloads
García-Díez, E., García-Labiano, F., L.F. de Diego, A. Abad, P. Gayán, J. Adánez and J.A.C. Ruíz
CO2 transport: Data and models – A review pp. 499-523 Downloads
Svend Tollak Munkejord, Morten Hammer and Sigurd W. Løvseth
A cooperative game theoretic analysis of incentives for microgrids in regulated electricity markets pp. 524-541 Downloads
Chiara Lo Prete and Benjamin F. Hobbs
Automation of flexible distributed multi-generation systems by utilizing optimized middleware platform pp. 542-554 Downloads
Stjepan Sučić and Tomislav Capuder
A Robust Model Predictive Control for efficient thermal management of internal combustion engines pp. 555-566 Downloads
Francesco Pizzonia, Teresa Castiglione and Sergio Bova
A self-adaptive evolutionary fuzzy model for load forecasting problems on smart grid environment pp. 567-584 Downloads
Vitor N. Coelho, Igor M. Coelho, Bruno N. Coelho, Agnaldo J.R. Reis, Rasul Enayatifar, Marcone J.F. Souza and Frederico G. Guimarães
Decomposition of methane to hydrogen using nanosecond pulsed plasma reactor with different active volumes, voltages and frequencies pp. 585-596 Downloads
Omid Khalifeh, Amin Mosallanejad, Hamed Taghvaei, Mohammad Reza Rahimpour and Alireza Shariati
Experimental study of mixed additive of Ni(II) and piperazine on ammonia escape in CO2 capture using ammonia solution pp. 597-606 Downloads
Shuangchen Ma, Gongda Chen, Sijie Zhu, Jiaqi Wen, Ran Gao, Lan Ma and Jin Chai
A review of energy systems models in the UK: Prevalent usage and categorisation pp. 607-628 Downloads
Lisa M.H. Hall and Alastair R. Buckley
High purity hydrogen production via sorption enhanced chemical looping reforming: Application of 22Fe2O3/MgAl2O4 and 22Fe2O3/Al2O3 as oxygen carriers and cerium promoted CaO as CO2 sorbent pp. 629-641 Downloads
A. Hafizi, M.R. Rahimpour and S. Hassanajili
Simulation of the calcium looping process (CLP) for hydrogen, carbon monoxide and acetylene poly-generation with CO2 capture and COS reduction pp. 642-651 Downloads
Zhao Sun, Shiyi Chen, Shiwei Ma, Wenguo Xiang and Quanbin Song
Toward a functional integration of anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis for a sustainable resource management. Comparison between solid-digestate and its derived pyrochar as soil amendment pp. 652-662 Downloads
F. Monlau, M. Francavilla, C. Sambusiti, N. Antoniou, A. Solhy, A. Libutti, A. Zabaniotou, A. Barakat and M. Monteleone
A medium-term coalition-forming model of heterogeneous DERs for a commercial virtual power plant pp. 663-681 Downloads
Morteza Shabanzadeh, Sheikh-El-Eslami, Mohammad-Kazem and Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam
An optimization model for selecting the optimal green systems by considering the thermal comfort and energy consumption pp. 682-695 Downloads
Jimin Kim, Taehoon Hong, Jaemin Jeong, Choongwan Koo and Kwangbok Jeong
Performance evaluation of a novel method of frost prevention and retardation for air source heat pumps using the orthogonal experiment design method pp. 696-708 Downloads
Jinchen Tang, Guangcai Gong, Huan Su, Fanhao Wu and Cila Herman
Microgrid and renewable generation integration: University of California, San Diego pp. 709-720 Downloads
P. Sreedharan, J. Farbes, E. Cutter, Chi-Keung Woo and J. Wang
A framework for technological learning in the supply chain: A case study on CdTe photovoltaics pp. 721-728 Downloads
Joseph D. Bergesen and Sangwon Suh
Performance of calcium manganate as oxygen carrier in chemical looping combustion of biochar in a 10kW pilot pp. 729-737 Downloads
Matthias Schmitz and Carl Johan Linderholm
A hybrid model for explaining the short-term dynamics of energy efficiency of China’s thermal power plants pp. 738-747 Downloads
Ming-Jia Li, Chen-Xi Song and Wen-Quan Tao
An optimal power management system for a regenerative auxiliary power system for delivery refrigerator trucks pp. 748-756 Downloads
Soheil Mohagheghi Fard and Amir Khajepour
Life Cycle Assessment and resource analysis of all-solid-state batteries pp. 757-767 Downloads
Stefanie Troy, Andrea Schreiber, Thorsten Reppert, Hans-Gregor Gehrke, Martin Finsterbusch, Sven Uhlenbruck and Peter Stenzel
Improved Simple Analytical Model and experimental study of a 100W β-type Stirling engine pp. 768-787 Downloads
Mingjiang Ni, Bingwei Shi, Gang Xiao, Hao Peng, Umair Sultan, Shurong Wang, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen
Experimental study of an oil-free steam piston expander for micro-combined heat and power systems pp. 788-798 Downloads
Jean-Louis Bouvier, Vincent Lemort, Ghislain Michaux, Patrick Salagnac and Thiebaut Kientz
A model of state and federal biofuel policy: Feasibility assessment of the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard pp. 799-812 Downloads
Adam Christensen and Benjamin Hobbs
Electricity costs for an electric vehicle fueling station with Level 3 charging pp. 813-830 Downloads
Robert J. Flores, Brendan P. Shaffer and Jacob Brouwer
Adaptive energy management strategy and optimal sizing applied on a battery-supercapacitor based tramway pp. 831-845 Downloads
Victor Herrera, Aitor Milo, Haizea Gaztañaga, Etxeberria-Otadui, Ion, Igor Villarreal and Haritza Camblong
Solar driven air conditioning and refrigeration systems corresponding to various heating source temperatures pp. 846-856 Downloads
R.Z. Wang, Z.Y. Xu, Q.W. Pan, S. Du and Z.Z. Xia
Optimal microgrid scheduling with peak load reduction involving an electrolyzer and flexible loads pp. 857-865 Downloads
Lucas Bolívar Jaramillo and Anke Weidlich
Methodologies to estimate industrial waste heat potential by transferring key figures: A case study for Spain pp. 866-873 Downloads
Laia Miró, Sarah Brueckner, Russell McKenna and Luisa F. Cabeza
Numerical investigation of soot formation and oxidation processes under large two-stroke marine diesel engine-like conditions using integrated CFD-chemical kinetics pp. 874-887 Downloads
Kar Mun Pang, Nikolas Karvounis, Jens Honore Walther and Jesper Schramm
An enhanced dynamic model of battery using genetic algorithm suitable for photovoltaic applications pp. 888-898 Downloads
S. Blaifi, S. Moulahoum, I. Colak and W. Merrouche
Response of different injector typologies to dwell time variations and a hydraulic analysis of closely-coupled and continuous rate shaping injection schedules pp. 899-911 Downloads
A. Ferrari and A. Mittica
Temporal multiscalar decision support framework for flexible operation of carbon capture plants targeting low-carbon management of power plant emissions pp. 912-926 Downloads
Norhuda Abdul Manaf, Abdul Qadir and Ali Abbas
Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plants: Paving the way for thermal solar pp. 927-936 Downloads
Bandar Jubran Alqahtani and Patiño-Echeverri, Dalia
Multi-pole system analysis (MPSA) – A systematic method towards techno-economic optimal system design pp. 937-949 Downloads
Mario Holl and Peter F. Pelz
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