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Volume 163, issue C, 2016

Thermal analysis of Al–Si alloys as high-temperature phase-change material and their corrosion properties with ceramic materials pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ryo Fukahori, Takahiro Nomura, Chunyu Zhu, Nan Sheng, Noriyuki Okinaka and Tomohiro Akiyama
Application of weather forecast in conjunction with price-based method for PCM solar passive buildings – An experimental study pp. 9-18 Downloads
Reza Barzin, John J.J. Chen, Brent R. Young and Mohammed M Farid
Bulk monolithic Ce–Zr–Fe–O/Al2O3 oxygen carriers for a fixed bed scheme of the chemical looping combustion: Reactivity of oxygen carrier pp. 19-31 Downloads
Zhenhua Gu, Kongzhai Li, Hua Wang, Shan Qing, Xing Zhu, Yonggang Wei, Xianming Cheng, He Yu and Yan Cao
Load forecasting of supermarket refrigeration pp. 32-40 Downloads
Lisa Buth Rasmussen, Peder Bacher, Henrik Madsen, Henrik Aalborg Nielsen, Christian Heerup and Torben Green
Enhancing properties of iron and manganese ores as oxygen carriers for chemical looping processes by dry impregnation pp. 41-50 Downloads
S.K. Haider, G. Azimi, L. Duan, E.J. Anthony, K. Patchigolla, J.E. Oakey, H. Leion, T. Mattisson and A. Lyngfelt
Enclathration of CO2 as a co-guest of structure H hydrates and its implications for CO2 capture and sequestration pp. 51-59 Downloads
Yohan Lee, Dongyoung Lee, Jong-Won Lee and Yongwon Seo
Fuel crossover and internal current in proton exchange membrane fuel cell modeling pp. 60-62 Downloads
Uttara Chakraborty
Assessment of renewables for energy security and carbon mitigation in Southeast Asia: The case of Indonesia and Thailand pp. 63-70 Downloads
Subhash Kumar
Investigation of particulate emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with higher alcohols/biodiesel blends pp. 71-80 Downloads
Zhi-Hui Zhang and Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
Optimal behavior of responsive residential demand considering hybrid phase change materials pp. 81-92 Downloads
M. Shafie-khah, M. Kheradmand, S. Javadi, M. Azenha, J.L.B. de Aguiar, J. Castro-Gomes, P. Siano and J.P.S. Catalão
Occupancy-based demand response and thermal comfort optimization in microgrids with renewable energy sources and energy storage pp. 93-104 Downloads
Christos D. Korkas, Simone Baldi, Iakovos Michailidis and Elias B. Kosmatopoulos
Ultra-high speed imaging study of the diesel spray close to the injector tip at the initial opening stage with split injection pp. 105-117 Downloads
Ziman Wang, Haichun Ding, Xiao Ma, Hongming Xu and Miroslaw L. Wyszynski
Optimal structural design of residential power and heat supply devices in consideration of operational and capital recovery constraints pp. 118-133 Downloads
Tetsuya Wakui, Hiroki Kawayoshi and Ryohei Yokoyama
Forecasting the EV charging load based on customer profile or station measurement? pp. 134-141 Downloads
Mostafa Majidpour, Charlie Qiu, Peter Chu, Hemanshu R. Pota and Rajit Gadh
Optimization-based energy management strategy for a fuel cell/battery hybrid power system pp. 142-153 Downloads
K. Ettihir, L. Boulon and K. Agbossou
Modelling soot formation from wall films in a gasoline direct injection engine using a detailed population balance model pp. 154-166 Downloads
Buyu Wang, Sebastian Mosbach, Sebastian Schmutzhard, Shijin Shuai, Yaqing Huang and Markus Kraft
A dual-scale analysis of a desiccant wheel with a novel organic–inorganic hybrid adsorbent for energy recovery pp. 167-179 Downloads
Huang-Xi Fu, Li-Zhi Zhang, Jian-Chang Xu and Rong-Rong Cai
Performance of a pavement solar energy collector: Model development and validation pp. 180-189 Downloads
Gert Guldentops, Alireza Mahdavi Nejad, Cedric Vuye, Wim Van den bergh and Nima Rahbar
Comparison of energy management strategies of a battery/supercapacitors system for electric vehicle under real-time constraints pp. 190-200 Downloads
Ali Castaings, Walter Lhomme, Rochdi Trigui and Alain Bouscayrol
Identifying main factors of capacity fading in lithium ion cells using orthogonal design of experiments pp. 201-210 Downloads
Laisuo Su, Jianbo Zhang, Caijuan Wang, Yakun Zhang, Zhe Li, Yang Song, Ting Jin and Zhao Ma
Cutting CO2 intensity targets of interprovincial emissions trading in China pp. 211-221 Downloads
Kai Chang and Hao Chang
Wind farm siting using a spatial Analytic Hierarchy Process approach: A case study of the Städteregion Aachen pp. 222-243 Downloads
Tim Höfer, Yasin Sunak, Hafiz Siddique and Reinhard Madlener
Win–Win strategies to promote air pollutant control policies and non-fossil energy target regulation in China pp. 244-253 Downloads
Lining Wang, Pralit L. Patel, Sha Yu, Bo Liu, Jeff McLeod, Leon E. Clarke and Wenying Chen
The structure and pyrolysis product distribution of lignite from different sedimentary environment pp. 254-262 Downloads
Peng Liu, Dexiang Zhang, Lanlan Wang, Yang Zhou, Tieying Pan and Xilan Lu
On the use of SAFT-VR Mie for assessing large-glide fluorocarbon working-fluid mixtures in organic Rankine cycles pp. 263-282 Downloads
Oyeniyi A. Oyewunmi, Aly I. Taleb, Andrew J. Haslam and Christos N. Markides
An optimal time-of-use pricing for urban gas: A study with a multi-agent evolutionary game-theoretic perspective pp. 283-294 Downloads
Chengzhu Gong, Kai Tang, Kejun Zhu and Atakelty Hailu
Regional level approach for increasing energy efficiency pp. 295-303 Downloads
Juha Viholainen, Mika Luoranen, Sanni Väisänen, Antti Niskanen, Mika Horttanainen and Risto Soukka
Measuring fuel mixing under industrial fluidized-bed conditions – A camera-probe based fuel tracking system pp. 304-312 Downloads
Erik Sette, Teresa Berdugo Vilches, David Pallarès and Filip Johnsson
New equivalent parameters for thermal characterization of opaque building envelope components under dynamic conditions pp. 313-322 Downloads
Vincenzo Corrado and Simona Paduos
Characterization of an ilmenite ore for pressurized chemical looping combustion pp. 323-333 Downloads
Firas N. Ridha, Marc A. Duchesne, Xuao Lu, Dennis Y. Lu, Dimitrios Filippou and Robin W. Hughes
Membranes for direct ethanol fuel cells: An overview pp. 334-342 Downloads
Z. Zakaria, S.K. Kamarudin and S.N. Timmiati
Probabilistic load flow for distribution systems with uncertain PV generation pp. 343-351 Downloads
M.N. Kabir, Y. Mishra and R.C. Bansal
Energy-positive nitrogen removal using the integrated short-cut nitrification and autotrophic denitrification microbial fuel cells (MFCs) pp. 352-360 Downloads
Yan Li, Isaiah Williams, Zhiheng Xu, Baikun Li and Baitao Li
Dynamic building energy performance analysis: A new adaptive control strategy for stringent thermohygrometric indoor air requirements pp. 361-386 Downloads
Annamaria Buonomano, Umberto Montanaro, Adolfo Palombo and Stefania Santini
Comparing pelletization and torrefaction depots: Optimization of depot capacity and biomass moisture to determine the minimum production cost pp. 387-395 Downloads
Li Chai and Christopher M. Saffron
An experimental investigation on a small-sized parabolic trough solar collector for water heating in cold areas pp. 396-407 Downloads
Bin Zou, Jiankai Dong, Yang Yao and Yiqiang Jiang
Interactive energy management of networked microgrids-based active distribution system considering large-scale integration of renewable energy resources pp. 408-422 Downloads
Tianguang Lv and Qian Ai
Carbon capture from pulverized coal power plant (PCPP): Solvent performance comparison at an industrial scale pp. 423-435 Downloads
Mahdi Sharifzadeh, Prateek Bumb and Nilay Shah
A structural decomposition analysis of global energy footprints pp. 436-451 Downloads
Jun Lan, Arunima Malik, Manfred Lenzen, Darian McBain and Keiichiro Kanemoto
An incentive-oriented early warning system for predicting the co-movements between oil price shocks and macroeconomy pp. 452-463 Downloads
Keyi Ju, Bin Su, Dequn Zhou and Yuqiang Zhang
Finite Element Method for forecasting the diffusion of photovoltaic systems: Why and how? pp. 464-475 Downloads
Emrah Karakaya
Design tool for offgrid hydrogen refuelling systems for aerospace applications pp. 476-487 Downloads
E. Troncoso, N. Lapeña-Rey and M. Gonzalez

Volume 162, issue C, 2016

Heat integration of heat pump assisted distillation into the overall process pp. 1-10 Downloads
Minbo Yang, Xiao Feng and Guilian Liu
Energy performance and economic viability of advanced window technologies for a new Finnish townhouse concept pp. 11-20 Downloads
Sudip Kumar Pal, Kari Alanne, Juha Jokisalo and Kai Siren
Wind power scenario generation through state-space specifications for uncertainty analysis of wind power plants pp. 21-30 Downloads
Guzmán Díaz, Javier Gómez-Aleixandre and José Coto
Efficiency improvement of heat storage materials for MgO/H2O/Mg(OH)2 chemical heat pumps pp. 31-39 Downloads
E. Mastronardo, L. Bonaccorsi, Y. Kato, E. Piperopoulos and C. Milone
Coordinated dispatch in multiple cooperative autonomous islanded microgrids pp. 40-48 Downloads
Xinli Fang, Qiang Yang, Jianhui Wang and Wenjun Yan
Pulsed electric field treatment of sugar beet tails as a sustainable feedstock for bioethanol production pp. 49-57 Downloads
Fouad Almohammed, Houcine Mhemdi and Eugène Vorobiev
CO2 capture with solid sorbent: CFD model of an innovative reactor concept pp. 58-67 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini and F. Gallorini
Shape stabilised phase change materials based on a high melt viscosity HDPE and paraffin waxes pp. 68-82 Downloads
Mulan Mu, P.A.M. Basheer, Wei Sha, Yun Bai and Tony McNally
Power demand control scenarios for smart grid applications with finite number of appliances pp. 83-98 Downloads
John S. Vardakas, Nizar Zorba and Christos V. Verikoukis
Injection timing effects on partially premixed diesel–methane dual fuel low temperature combustion pp. 99-113 Downloads
E. Scott Guerry, Mostafa S. Raihan, Kalyan K. Srinivasan, Sundar R. Krishnan and Aamir Sohail
Energy-efficient natural gas hydrate production using gas exchange pp. 114-130 Downloads
Dong-Yeun Koh, Hyery Kang, Jong-Won Lee, Youngjune Park, Se-Joon Kim, Jaehyoung Lee, Joo Yong Lee and Huen Lee
A new approach for measuring the environmental sustainability of renewable energy production systems: Focused on the modelling of green gas production pathways pp. 131-138 Downloads
F. Pierie, J. Bekkering, R.M.J. Benders, W.J.Th. van Gemert and H.C. Moll
Renewable resources portfolio optimization in the presence of demand response pp. 139-148 Downloads
Sahand Behboodi, David P. Chassin, Curran Crawford and Ned Djilali
Performance analyses of a hybrid geothermal–fossil power generation system using low-enthalpy geothermal resources pp. 149-162 Downloads
Qiang Liu, Linlin Shang and Yuanyuan Duan
Online state of charge estimation and open circuit voltage hysteresis modeling of LiFePO4 battery using invariant imbedding method pp. 163-171 Downloads
Guangzhong Dong, Jingwen Wei, Chenbin Zhang and Zonghai Chen
Improvement of NO and CO predictions for a homogeneous combustion SI engine using a novel emissions model pp. 172-182 Downloads
Apostolos Karvountzis-Kontakiotis and Leonidas Ntziachristos
The homeostasis solution – Mechanical homeostasis in architecturally homeostatic buildings pp. 183-196 Downloads
Lin-Shu Wang and Peizheng Ma
Lithium-ion storage capacitors achieved by CVD graphene/TaC/Ta-wires and carbon hollow spheres pp. 197-206 Downloads
Liwei Zhao, Hongji Li, Mingji Li, Sheng Xu, Cuiping Li, Changqing Qu, Lijun Zhang and Baohe Yang
Energy performance of building envelopes integrated with phase change materials for cooling load reduction in tropical Singapore pp. 207-217 Downloads
Jiawei Lei, Jinglei Yang and En-Hua Yang
Extended forecast methods for day-ahead electricity spot prices applying artificial neural networks pp. 218-230 Downloads
Dogan Keles, Jonathan Scelle, Florentina Paraschiv and Wolf Fichtner
Technical assessment of a micro-cogeneration system based on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and fluidized bed autothermal reformer pp. 231-244 Downloads
Gioele Di Marcoberardino, Leonardo Roses and Giampaolo Manzolini
Devolatilization kinetics of woody biomass at short residence times and high heating rates and peak temperatures pp. 245-256 Downloads
Joakim M. Johansen, Rasmus Gadsbøll, Jesper Thomsen, Peter A. Jensen, Peter Glarborg, Paul Ek, Nikolai De Martini, Marco Mancini, Roman Weber and Reginald E. Mitchell
Influence of the operational conditions on the performance of a chemisorption chiller driven by hot water between 65°C and 80°C pp. 257-265 Downloads
Rogério Gomes de Oliveira and Daniel João Generoso
Feasibility of ground coupled heat pumps in office buildings: A China study pp. 266-277 Downloads
Zhihua Zhou, Zhiming Zhang, Guanyi Chen, Jian Zuo, Pan Xu, Chong Meng and Zhun Yu
Development of a skeletal mechanism for biodiesel blend surrogates with varying fatty acid methyl esters proportion pp. 278-288 Downloads
Teng Liu, Jiaqiang E., Wenming Yang, An Hui and Hao Cai
Split fuel injection and Miller cycle in a large-bore engine pp. 289-297 Downloads
Matteo Imperato, Ossi Kaario, Teemu Sarjovaara and Martti Larmi
Analytical assessment of a novel hybrid solar tubular receiver and combustor pp. 298-307 Downloads
Jin Han Lim, Graham J. Nathan, Eric Hu and Bassam B. Dally
Integration of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer and Fischer-Tropsch: A sustainable pathway for synthetic fuel pp. 308-320 Downloads
Giovanni Cinti, Arianna Baldinelli, Alessandro Di Michele and Umberto Desideri
A fast response free-piston engine generator numerical model for control applications pp. 321-329 Downloads
Boru Jia, Andrew Smallbone, Huihua Feng, Guohong Tian, Zhengxing Zuo and A.P. Roskilly
Optimum design of horizontal ground-coupled heat pump systems using spiral-coil-loop heat exchangers pp. 330-345 Downloads
Gyu-Hyun Go, Seung-Rae Lee, Seok Yoon and Min-Jun Kim
Study of a thermoelectric generator based on a catalytic premixed meso-scale combustor pp. 346-353 Downloads
L. Merotto, C. Fanciulli, R. Dondè and S. De Iuliis
Mass transfer of ammonia escape and CO2 absorption in CO2 capture using ammonia solution in bubbling reactor pp. 354-362 Downloads
Shuangchen Ma, Gongda Chen, Sijie Zhu, Tingting Han and Weijing Yu
Integrating water resources and power generation: The energy–water nexus in Illinois pp. 363-371 Downloads
Tyler A. DeNooyer, Joshua M. Peschel, Zhenxing Zhang and Ashlynn S. Stillwell
Large scale experimental evaluation to methane hydrate dissociation below quadruple point in sandy sediment pp. 372-381 Downloads
Yi Wang, Jing-Chun Feng, Xiao-Sen Li, Yu Zhang and Gang Li
A blueprint for an energy policy in Greece with considerations of climate change pp. 382-389 Downloads
Kalliopi Chatzizacharia, Vasilis Benekis and Dimitris Hatziavramidis
Reactivity enhancement of calcium based sorbents by doped with metal oxides through the sol–gel process pp. 390-400 Downloads
Huichao Chen, Pingping Zhang, Yufeng Duan and Changsui Zhao
Economic potential for future demand response in Germany – Modeling approach and case study pp. 401-415 Downloads
Hans Christian Gils
Process intensification characteristics of a microreactor absorber for enhanced CO2 capture pp. 416-427 Downloads
Harish Ganapathy, Sascha Steinmayer, Amir Shooshtari, Serguei Dessiatoun, Michael M. Ohadi and Mohamed Alshehhi
Influence of intumescent flame retardant on thermal and flame retardancy of eutectic mixed paraffin/polypropylene form-stable phase change materials pp. 428-434 Downloads
Liping Li, Gang Wang and Chuigen Guo
Green growth: The economic impacts of large-scale renewable energy development in China pp. 435-449 Downloads
Hancheng Dai, Xuxuan Xie, Yang Xie, Jian Liu and Toshihiko Masui
Design and optical analyses of an arrayed microfluidic tunable prism panel for enhancing solar energy collection pp. 450-459 Downloads
Vinayak Narasimhan, Dongyue Jiang and Sung Y. Park
A passive cooling wind catcher with heat pipe technology: CFD, wind tunnel and field-test analysis pp. 460-471 Downloads
John Kaiser Calautit and Ben Richard Hughes
Modeling office building consumer load with a combined physical and behavioral approach: Simulation and validation pp. 472-485 Downloads
C. Sandels, D. Brodén, J. Widén, L. Nordström and E. Andersson
Concept and potential of pumped hydro storage in federal waterways pp. 486-493 Downloads
Peter Stenzel and Jochen Linssen
A brief review on convection heat transfer of fluids at supercritical pressures in tubes and the recent progress pp. 494-505 Downloads
Dan Huang, Zan Wu, Bengt Sunden and Wei Li
A pilot study of activated carbon and metal–organic frameworks for methane storage pp. 506-514 Downloads
Matthew Beckner and Anne Dailly
Exergoeconomic and environmental analyses of an air conditioning system using thermal energy storage pp. 515-526 Downloads
A.H. Mosaffa and L. Garousi Farshi
Evaluation of an electric turbo compound system for SI engines: A numerical approach pp. 527-540 Downloads
Gianluca Pasini, Giovanni Lutzemberger, Stefano Frigo, Silvia Marelli, Massimo Ceraolo, Roberto Gentili and Massimo Capobianco
Diesel ignition delay and lift-off length through different methodologies using a multi-hole injector pp. 541-550 Downloads
Raúl Payri, F.J. Salvador, Julien Manin and Alberto Viera
Using proxies to calculate the carbon impact of investment into electricity network assets pp. 551-560 Downloads
Laura Daniels, Phil Coker, Alice Gunn and Ben Potter
A cost-effective evaluation of biomass district heating in rural communities pp. 561-569 Downloads
Aaron M. Hendricks, John E. Wagner, Timothy A. Volk, David H. Newman and Tristan R. Brown
Experimental and numerical assessment of methods to reduce warm up time of engine lubricant oil pp. 570-580 Downloads
D. Di Battista and R. Cipollone
Energy efficiency of electrical infrared heating elements pp. 581-588 Downloads
K.J. Brown, R. Farrelly, O’Shaughnessy, S.M. and A.J. Robinson
Modelling study, efficiency analysis and optimisation of large-scale Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage systems with low-temperature thermal storage pp. 589-600 Downloads
Xing Luo, Jihong Wang, Christopher Krupke, Yue Wang, Yong Sheng, Jian Li, Yujie Xu, Dan Wang, Shihong Miao and Haisheng Chen
Optimal trading of plug-in electric vehicle aggregation agents in a market environment for sustainability pp. 601-612 Downloads
M. Shafie-khah, E. Heydarian-Forushani, M.E.H. Golshan, P. Siano, M.P. Moghaddam, M.K. Sheikh-El-Eslami and J.P.S. Catalão
Selective separation of CO2 and CH4 for biogas upgrading on zeolite NaKA and SAPO-56 pp. 613-621 Downloads
Zoltán Bacsik, Ocean Cheung, Petr Vasiliev and Niklas Hedin
Smart polygeneration grids: experimental performance curves of different prime movers pp. 622-630 Downloads
Mario L. Ferrari, Alberto Traverso and Aristide F. Massardo
Impact of the level of temporal and operational detail in energy-system planning models pp. 631-643 Downloads
Kris Poncelet, Erik Delarue, Daan Six, Jan Duerinck and D’haeseleer, William
Influence of design on performance of a latent heat storage system for a direct steam generation power plant pp. 644-652 Downloads
Tolga Pirasaci and D. Yogi Goswami
Quantification of flexibility in buildings by cost curves – Methodology and application pp. 653-665 Downloads
Roel De Coninck and Lieve Helsen
Simulation-based optimization of an integrated daylighting and HVAC system using the design of experiments method pp. 666-674 Downloads
Wonuk Kim, Yongseok Jeon and Yongchan Kim
Modeling of the surface temperature field of a thermoelectric radiant ceiling panel system pp. 675-686 Downloads
Yongqiang Luo, Ling Zhang, Zhongbing Liu, Yingzi Wang, Fangfang Meng and Lei Xie
Energy recovery by pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) in SWRO–PRO integrated processes pp. 687-698 Downloads
Chun Feng Wan and Tai-Shung Chung
The critical role of the industrial sector in reaching long-term emission reduction, energy efficiency and renewable targets pp. 699-712 Downloads
Birgit Fais, Nagore Sabio and Neil Strachan
Net metering and market feedback loops: Exploring the impact of retail rate design on distributed PV deployment pp. 713-722 Downloads
Naïm R. Darghouth, Ryan H. Wiser, Galen Barbose and Andrew D. Mills
Optimization of combined heat and power production with heat storage based on sliding time window method pp. 723-732 Downloads
Tingting Fang and Risto Lahdelma
The effect of renewable energy consumption on economic growth: Evidence from top 38 countries pp. 733-741 Downloads
Mita Bhattacharya, Sudharshan Reddy Paramati, Ilhan Ozturk and Sankar Bhattacharya
Oxy-fuel combustion of pulverized fuels: Combustion fundamentals and modeling pp. 742-762 Downloads
Chungen Yin and Jinyue Yan
A data-driven approach for characterising the charging demand of electric vehicles: A UK case study pp. 763-771 Downloads
Erotokritos Xydas, Charalampos Marmaras, Liana M. Cipcigan, Nick Jenkins, Steve Carroll and Myles Barker
Planning renewable energy in electric power system for sustainable development under uncertainty – A case study of Beijing pp. 772-786 Downloads
S. Nie, Charley Z. Huang, G.H. Huang, Y.P. Li, J.P. Chen, Y.R. Fan and G.H. Cheng
The Calcium-Looping technology for CO2 capture: On the important roles of energy integration and sorbent behavior pp. 787-807 Downloads
Antonio Perejón, Luis M. Romeo, Yolanda Lara, Pilar Lisbona, Ana Martínez and Jose Manuel Valverde
An improved multi-step forecasting model based on WRF ensembles and creative fuzzy systems for wind speed pp. 808-826 Downloads
Jing Zhao, Zhen-Hai Guo, Zhong-Yue Su, Zhi-Yuan Zhao, Xia Xiao and Feng Liu
Analysis and characterization of photovoltaic modules of three different thin-film technologies in outdoor conditions pp. 827-838 Downloads
Rafael Moreno-Sáez, Mariano Sidrach-de-Cardona and Llanos Mora-López
Realistic lifetime prediction approach for Li-ion batteries pp. 839-852 Downloads
E. Sarasketa-Zabala, E. Martinez-Laserna, M. Berecibar, I. Gandiaga, L.M. Rodriguez-Martinez and I. Villarreal
Grid support coefficients for electricity-based heating and cooling and field data analysis of present-day installations in Germany pp. 853-867 Downloads
Konstantin Klein, Robert Langner, Doreen Kalz, Sebastian Herkel and Hans-Martin Henning
Driving-behavior-aware stochastic model predictive control for plug-in hybrid electric buses pp. 868-879 Downloads
Liang Li, Sixiong You, Chao Yang, Bingjie Yan, Jian Song and Zheng Chen
LTE: A procedure to predict power plants dynamic behaviour and components lifetime reduction during transient operation pp. 880-891 Downloads
A. Benato, S. Bracco, A. Stoppato and A. Mirandola
Evaluation of the cost of using power plant reject heat in low-temperature district heating and cooling networks pp. 892-907 Downloads
Antonio Colmenar-Santos, Enrique Rosales-Asensio, David Borge-Diez and Eduardo Collado-Fernández
Application of an entrainment turbulent combustion model with validation based on the distribution of chemical species in an optical spark ignition engine pp. 908-923 Downloads
Adrian Irimescu, Simona Silvia Merola and Gerardo Valentino
New technology adoption for Russian energy generation: What does it cost? A case study for Moscow pp. 924-939 Downloads
Alexandra Bratanova, Jacqueline Robinson and Liam Wagner
Experimental study of copper modified manganese ores as oxygen carriers in a dual fluidized bed reactor pp. 940-947 Downloads
Lei Xu, Hongming Sun, Zhenshan Li and Ningsheng Cai
A review on lithium combustion pp. 948-965 Downloads
Martin Schiemann, Jeffrey Bergthorson, Peter Fischer, Viktor Scherer, Dan Taroata and Günther Schmid
Dynamic frequency response from electric vehicles considering travelling behavior in the Great Britain power system pp. 966-979 Downloads
Jian Meng, Yunfei Mu, Hongjie Jia, Jianzhong Wu, Xiaodan Yu and Bo Qu
Value streams in microgrids: A literature review pp. 980-989 Downloads
Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, Salman Mashayekh, Thibault Forget, Nicholas DeForest, Ankit Agarwal and Anna Schönbein
Analysis and comparison of Integrated Solar Combined Cycles using parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel reflectors as concentrating systems pp. 990-1000 Downloads
Antonio Rovira, Rubén Barbero, María José Montes, Rubén Abbas and Fernando Varela
Power system balancing for deep decarbonization of the electricity sector pp. 1001-1009 Downloads
Ana Mileva, Josiah Johnston, James H. Nelson and Daniel M. Kammen
Reduced order modeling and parameter identification of a building energy system model through an optimization routine pp. 1010-1023 Downloads
V.S.K.V. Harish and Arun Kumar
The influence of chain extender on properties of polyurethane-based phase change materials modified with graphene pp. 1024-1033 Downloads
Kinga Pielichowska, Michał Nowak, Piotr Szatkowski and Beata Macherzyńska
Continuous hydrothermal co-liquefaction of aspen wood and glycerol with water phase recirculation pp. 1034-1041 Downloads
T.H. Pedersen, I.F. Grigoras, J. Hoffmann, S.S. Toor, I.M. Daraban, C.U. Jensen, S.B. Iversen, R.B. Madsen, M. Glasius, K.R. Arturi, R.P. Nielsen, E.G. Søgaard and L.A. Rosendahl
Advances on the semi-transparent modules based on micro solar cells: First integration in a greenhouse system pp. 1042-1051 Downloads
Marco Cossu, Akira Yano, Zhi Li, Mahiro Onoe, Hidetoshi Nakamura, Toshinori Matsumoto and Josuke Nakata
Power spectrum and multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of high-frequency wind measurements in mountainous regions pp. 1052-1061 Downloads
Luciano Telesca, Michele Lovallo and Mikhail Kanevski
Influence of boundary conditions and component size on electricity demand in solar thermal and heat pump combisystems pp. 1062-1073 Downloads
Stefano Poppi, Chris Bales, Michel Y. Haller and Andreas Heinz
A multi-objective model for the day-ahead energy resource scheduling of a smart grid with high penetration of sensitive loads pp. 1074-1088 Downloads
João Soares, Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini, Zita Vale and P.B. de Moura Oliveira
Robustness methodology to aid multiobjective decision making in the electricity generation capacity expansion problem to minimize cost and water withdrawal pp. 1089-1108 Downloads
Daniel Jornada and V. Jorge Leon
A cryogenic air separation process based on self-heat recuperation for oxy-combustion plants pp. 1114-1121 Downloads
Qian Fu, Yasuki Kansha, Chunfeng Song, Yuping Liu, Masanori Ishizuka and Atsushi Tsutsumi
Carbon dioxide removal using calcium aluminate carbonates on titanic oxide under warm-gas conditions pp. 1122-1130 Downloads
Ching-tsung Yu, Huan-ting Kuo and Yi-ming Chen
Carbon dioxide hydrate kinetics in porous media with and without salts pp. 1131-1140 Downloads
She Hern Bryan Yang, Ponnivalavan Babu, Sam Fu Sheng Chua and Praveen Linga
Characterization of catalytic partial oxidation of methane with carbon dioxide utilization and excess enthalpy recovery pp. 1141-1152 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen and Shih-Cheng Lin
Hydrate-based CO2 capture and CH4 purification from simulated biogas with synergic additives based on gas solvent pp. 1153-1159 Downloads
Zhi-Ming Xia, Xiao-Sen Li, Zhao-Yang Chen, Gang Li, Ke-Feng Yan, Chun-Gang Xu, Qiu-Nan Lv and Jing Cai
Screening of conventional ionic liquids for carbon dioxide capture and separation pp. 1160-1170 Downloads
Yingying Zhang, Xiaoyan Ji, Yujiao Xie and Xiaohua Lu
Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 and CH4 over immobilized titania nanoparticles coated on mesh: Optimization and kinetic study pp. 1171-1185 Downloads
Saeed Delavari and Nor Aishah Saidina Amin
Investigation of hydrogen generation in a three reactor chemical looping reforming process pp. 1186-1194 Downloads
Mohammed N. Khan and Tariq Shamim
Investigation of rye straw ash sintering characteristics and the effect of additives pp. 1195-1204 Downloads
Liang Wang, Øyvind Skreiberg, Michael Becidan and Hailong Li
An organic group contribution approach to radiative efficiency estimation of organic working fluid pp. 1205-1210 Downloads
Xinxin Zhang, Noriyuki Kobayashi, Maogang He and Jingfu Wang
Controlled desorption of mercury in wet FGD waste water treatment pp. 1211-1217 Downloads
Barna Heidel, Tobias Rogge and Günter Scheffknecht
Flash calcination of kaolinite rich clay and impact of process conditions on the quality of the calcines: A way to reduce CO2 footprint from cement industry pp. 1218-1224 Downloads
Abraham Teklay, Chungen Yin and Lasse Rosendahl
Quantifying the co-benefits of decarbonisation in China’s steel sector: An integrated assessment approach pp. 1225-1237 Downloads
Ding Ma, Wenying Chen, Xiang Yin and Lining Wang
Combined analysis of electricity and heat networks pp. 1238-1250 Downloads
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