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2001, volume 69, issue 4

Energy use in commercial buildings in Hong Kong pp. 243-255 Downloads
Philip C.H. Yu and W.K. Chow
Strategic cogeneration -- fresh horizons for the development of cogeneration in Brazil pp. 257-268 Downloads
Alexandre Salem Szklo and Maurício Tiomno Tolmasquim
Analysis of variable-base heating and cooling degree-days for Turkey pp. 269-283 Downloads
Orhan Büyükalaca, Hüsamettin Bulut and Tuncay YIlmaz
CO2 adsorption equilibria of the honeycomb zeolite beds pp. 285-292 Downloads
K. Kamiuto, Ermalina and K. Ihara
Pyrolysis products from different biomasses: application to the thermal cracking of tar pp. 293-306 Downloads
L Fagbemi, L Khezami and R Capart
Comparative analysis of embodied liabilities using an inter-industrial process model: gasoline- vs. electro-powered vehicles pp. 307-320 Downloads
Kazuhiko Nishimura, Hiroki Hondo and Yohji Uchiyama

2001, volume 69, issue 3

Forecasting the United Kingdom's supplies and demands for fluid fossil-fuels pp. 161-189 Downloads
R. M. Mackay and S. D. Probert
Solar radiation model pp. 191-224 Downloads
L. T. Wong and W. K. Chow
Development of porous solid reactant for thermal-energy storage and temperature upgrade using carbonation/decarbonation reaction pp. 225-238 Downloads
Masahiko Aihara, Toshiyuki Nagai, Junro Matsushita, Yoichi Negishi and Haruhiko Ohya
Letter to the Editor pp. 239-241 Downloads
C. M. Krohn and C. G. Krohn

2001, volume 69, issue 2

Brayton refrigeration cycles working under quantum degeneracy conditions pp. 77-85 Downloads
Hasan SaygIn and Altug Sisman
Enhanced forced-convection from ribbed or machine-roughened inner surfaces within triangular ducts pp. 87-99 Downloads
C. W. Leung, T. T. Wong and S. D. Probert
Clustering of chaotic dynamics of a lean gas-turbine combustor pp. 101-117 Downloads
A. Fichera, C. Losenno and A. Pagano
Design of a fuzzy system for living space thermal-comfort regulation pp. 119-144 Downloads
A. I. Dounis and D. E. Manolakis
Environmental evaluation of introducing electric vehicles using a dynamic traffic-flow model pp. 145-159 Downloads
Yuki Kudoh, Hisashi Ishitani, Ryuji Matsuhashi, Yoshikuni Yoshida, Kouji Morita, Shinichi Katsuki and Osamu Kobayashi

2001, volume 69, issue 1

Future electricity-demands and greenhouse-gas emissions in Jordan pp. 1-18 Downloads
J. O. Jaber, M. S. Mohsen, S. D. Probert and M. Alees
Heat-pump/energy-store using silica gel and water as a working pair pp. 19-27 Downloads
M. A. Tahat
Correlations for heat dissipation and natural convection heat-transfer from horizontally-based, vertically-finned arrays pp. 29-38 Downloads
Filino Harahap and Daru Setio
Exergy analysis of a pressurized-water reactor nuclear-power plant pp. 39-57 Downloads
Ahmet Durmayaz and Hasbi Yavuz
Impact of energy-conservation measures on cooling load and air-conditioning plant capacity pp. 59-67 Downloads
G. P. Maheshwari and Al-Murad, R.
Energy-saving potential of an indirect evaporative cooler pp. 69-76 Downloads
G. P. Maheshwari, Al-Ragom, F. and R. K. Suri

2001, volume 68, issue 4

Combined cooling and heating using a gas engine in a supermarket pp. 321-335 Downloads
G. G. Maidment, X. Zhao and S. B. Riffat
Clearness index estimation for spectral composition of direct and global solar radiations pp. 337-346 Downloads
U. Ali Rahoma
Heat transfer by natural convection from an isothermal downward-facing round plate in unlimited space pp. 347-366 Downloads
E. Radziemska and W. M. Lewandowski
The improvement effect of quantum degeneracy on the work from a Carnot cycle pp. 367-376 Downloads
Altug Sisman and Hasan Saygin
Energy efficient simultaneous oxidative conversion and thermal cracking of ethane to ethylene using supported BaO/La2O3 catalyst in the presence of limited O2 pp. 377-386 Downloads
V. R. Choudhary and S. A. R. Mulla
Thermodynamic properties of superheated and supercritical steam pp. 387-393 Downloads
A. Malhotra and D. M. R. Panda

2001, volume 68, issue 3

Classic wall gas boiler regulation and a new thermostat using fuzzy logic -- Improvements achieved with a fuzzy thermostat pp. 229-247 Downloads
Jacques Miriel and Florence Fermanel
Optimal design of the regenerative gas turbine engine with isothermal heat addition pp. 249-264 Downloads
L. Berrin Erbay, Selahattin Göktun and Hasbi Yavuz
Evaluation of a freeze resistant integrated collector/storage solar water-heater for northern Europe pp. 265-274 Downloads
M. Smyth, P. C. Eames and B. Norton
Heat transfers and radial flows via a viscous fluid squeezed between two parallel disks pp. 275-288 Downloads
Bourhan Tashtoush, Mahmoud Tahat and Doug Probert
Application of cool storage air-conditioning in the commercial sector: an integrated resource planning approach for power capacity expansion planning and emission reduction pp. 289-300 Downloads
B. Limmeechokchai and S. Chungpaibulpatana
Life cycle CO2 analysis of LNG and city gas pp. 301-319 Downloads
Itaru Tamura, Toshihide Tanaka, Toshimasa Kagajo, Shigeru Kuwabara, Tomoyuki Yoshioka, Takahiro Nagata, Kazuhiro Kurahashi and Hisashi Ishitani

2001, volume 68, issue 2

Energy demand, poverty and the urban environment in Jordan pp. 119-134 Downloads
J. O. Jaber and S. D. Probert
Numerical studies of airflows induced by mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning (MVAC) systems pp. 135-159 Downloads
W. K. Chow
Study on a new ejection-absorption heat transformer pp. 161-171 Downloads
Lin Shi, Juan Yin, Xin Wang and Ming-Shan Zhu
Double-lift absorption refrigeration cycles driven by low-temperature heat sources using organic fluid mixtures as working pairs pp. 173-185 Downloads
M. Medrano, M. Bourouis and A. Coronas
Heat transfer by free convection from an isothermal vertical round plate in unlimited space pp. 187-201 Downloads
Witold M. Lewandowski and Ewa Radziemska
Energy and the non-energy inputs substitution: evidence for Italy, Portugal and Spain pp. 203-214 Downloads
J. Medina and Vega-Cervera, J. A.
Life-cycle emission of oxidic gases from power-generation systems pp. 215-227 Downloads
Noboru Nomura, Atsushi Inaba, Yutaka Tonooka and Makoto Akai

2001, volume 68, issue 1

Domestic energy use and air quality; a case study of the city of Belfast pp. 1-18 Downloads
S. N. G. Lo, B. Norton and A. Mannis
Optimization of a liquefaction plant using genetic algorithms pp. 19-29 Downloads
G. Cammarata, A. Fichera and D. Guglielmino
Improving the efficiency of the numerical modelling of built environment earth-contact heat transfers pp. 31-42 Downloads
M. Davies, S. Zoras and M. H. Adjali
Design, optimisation and conversion-efficiency determination of a line-focus parabolic-trough solar-collector (PTC) pp. 43-50 Downloads
G. C. Bakos, I. Ioannidis, N. F. Tsagas and I. Seftelis
Improving the energy balance of bioethanol production from winter cereals: the effect of crop production intensity pp. 51-67 Downloads
A. Rosenberger, H. -P. Kaul, T. Senn and W. Aufhammer
Modelling of a domestic-scale co-generation plant thermal capacitance considerations pp. 69-82 Downloads
M. A. Smith and P. C. Few
Effects of changes in the UK energy-demand and environmental legislation on atmospheric pollution by oxides of nitrogen and black smoke pp. 83-117 Downloads
F. B. Blakemore, C. Davies and J. G. Isaac

2000, volume 67, issue 4

An engineering model for heating energy and emission assessment The case of North Karelia, Finland pp. 353-381 Downloads
J. -P. A. Snäkin
Estimation of forest area near deserts -- production of Global Bio-Methanol from solar energy pp. 383-393 Downloads
Yasuko Nishigami, Hiroshi Sano and Toshinori Kojima
Coal gasification system using nuclear heat for ammonia production pp. 395-406 Downloads
Yoshitomo Inaba, Motoo Fumizawa, Makoto Tonogouchi and Yutaka Takenaka
The trend in current and near future energy consumption from a statistical perspective pp. 407-417 Downloads
Shiro Kadoshin, Takashi Nishiyama and Toshihide Ito
Heat transfers from pin-fin arrays experiencing forced convection pp. 419-442 Downloads
M. Tahat, Z. H. Kodah, B. A. Jarrah and S. D. Probert

2000, volume 67, issue 3

Energy efficient bio fuel drying with an open absorption system Parameter study in order to reduce investment costs pp. 231-244 Downloads
L. Johansson and L. Westerlund
Economic potential of natural gas-fired cogeneration in Brazil: two case studies pp. 245-263 Downloads
Alexandre Salem Szklo, Jeferson Borghetti Soares and Maurício Tiomno Tolmasquim
Optimum performance of irreversible cascaded and double effect absorption refrigerators pp. 265-279 Downloads
Selahattin Göktun and I. Deha Er
Performance analysis of an absorption heat transformer with different working fluid combinations pp. 281-292 Downloads
Juan Yin, Lin Shi, Ming-Shan Zhu and Li-Zhong Han
Simulation of the behaviour of transparent insulation materials in buildings in northern China pp. 293-306 Downloads
Hongxing Yang, Zuojin Zhu and John Burnett
Energy content and indirect greenhouse gas emissions embedded in [`]emission-free' power plants: results for the Low Countries pp. 307-330 Downloads
Kris R. Voorspools, Els A. Brouwers and William D. D'haeseleer
Numerical determination of energy losses at duct junctions pp. 331-340 Downloads
Guohui Gan and Saffa B. Riffat
Water and sediment movements in harbours pp. 341-352 Downloads
J. Yin, R. A. Falconer, Y. Chen and S. D. Probert

2000, volume 67, issue 1-2

Preface pp. 1-1 Downloads
Tokio Ohta
Energy systems and adaptive complexity pp. 3-16 Downloads
Tokio Ohta
Applications of artificial neural-networks for energy systems pp. 17-35 Downloads
Soteris A. Kalogirou
Constructal theory of economics pp. 37-60 Downloads
A. Bejan, V. Badescu and A. De Vos
Brownian motion of particles in concentrated suspensions pp. 61-89 Downloads
Makoto Takeo
Turbulence as a complex mechanical-system pp. 91-116 Downloads
Tomomasa Tatsumi
Probability-density function model of turbulent hydrogen flames pp. 117-135 Downloads
A. T. Hsu and G. -B. He
Energy-carrier hierarchy and the interface pp. 137-145 Downloads
Tokio Ohta
Does a lightning channel show a fractal? pp. 147-158 Downloads
Zen Kawasaki and Kenji Matsuura
Mechano-catalytic overall water-splitting into hydrogen and oxygen on some metal oxides pp. 159-179 Downloads
Kazunari Domen, Shigeru Ikeda, Tsuyoshi Takata, Akira Tanaka, Michikazu Hara and Junko N. Kondo
Mechano-catalytic water-splitting pp. 181-193 Downloads
Tokio Ohta
Design and scale-up methodology for multi-phase reactors based on non-linear dynamics pp. 195-219 Downloads
Atsushi Tsutsumi and Ryuji Kikuchi
Hierarchical structure of thermodynamics pp. 221-230 Downloads
Masaru Ishida
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