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2017, volume 195, issue C

An analysis on the energy consumption of circulating pumps of residential swimming pools for peak load management pp. 1-12 Downloads
Chunhe Song, Wei Jing, Peng Zeng and Catherine Rosenberg
A new modified-serpentine flow field for application in high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell pp. 13-22 Downloads
Debanand Singdeo, Tapobrata Dey, Shrihari Gaikwad, Søren Juhl Andreasen and Prakash C. Ghosh
Residential electricity cost minimization model through open well-pico turbine pumped storage system pp. 23-35 Downloads
T.T. Anilkumar, Sishaj P. Simon and Narayana Prasad Padhy
Interactions between the design of short-term electricity markets in the CWE region and power system flexibility pp. 36-51 Downloads
Tom Brijs, Cedric De Jonghe, Benjamin F. Hobbs and Ronnie Belmans
Characteristics and effect factors of pressure oscillation in multi-injection DI diesel engine at high-load conditions pp. 52-66 Downloads
Qinghui Zhang, Zhiyong Hao, Xu Zheng and Wenying Yang
Co-generation of hydrogen and carbon aerosol from coalbed methane surrogate using rotating gliding arc plasma pp. 67-79 Downloads
Angjian Wu, Xiaodong Li, Jianhua Yan, Jian Yang, Changming Du, Fengsen Zhu and Jinyuan Qian
Optimum design of CO2 storage and oil recovery under geological uncertainty pp. 80-92 Downloads
W. Ampomah, R.S. Balch, M. Cather, R. Will, D. Gunda, Z. Dai and M.R. Soltanian
Experimental study of the operation characteristics of an air-driven free-piston linear expander pp. 93-99 Downloads
Yaodong Wang, Lin Chen, Boru Jia and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Optimal scheduling of a byproduct gas system in a steel plant considering time-of-use electricity pricing pp. 100-113 Downloads
Xiancong Zhao, Hao Bai, Qi Shi, Xin Lu and Zhihui Zhang
Exploring multi-objective trade-offs in the design space of a waste heat recovery system pp. 114-124 Downloads
Maizura Mokhtar, Stephen Burns, Dave Ross and Ian Hunt
Energy and water nexus in power generation: The surprisingly high amount of industrial water use induced by solar power infrastructure in China pp. 125-136 Downloads
X.D. Wu and G.Q. Chen
Thermodynamic and economic investigation of a screw expander-based direct steam generation solar cascade Rankine cycle system using water as thermal storage fluid pp. 137-151 Downloads
Jing Li, Pengcheng Li, Guangtao Gao, Gang Pei, Yuehong Su and Jie Ji
Supercritical carbon dioxide cycles for power generation: A review pp. 152-183 Downloads
Francesco Crespi, Giacomo Gavagnin, David Sánchez and Gonzalo S. Martínez
Reduction of heat pump induced peak electricity use and required generation capacity through thermal energy storage and demand response pp. 184-195 Downloads
Brecht Baeten, Frederik Rogiers and Lieve Helsen
Integrating starchy substrate into cellulosic ethanol production to boost ethanol titers and yields pp. 196-203 Downloads
Youjie Xu and Donghai Wang
Novel methodology for microgrids in isolated communities: Electricity cost-coverage trade-off with 3-stage technology mix, dispatch & configuration optimizations pp. 204-221 Downloads
Cristian Bustos and David Watts
A short-term building cooling load prediction method using deep learning algorithms pp. 222-233 Downloads
Cheng Fan, Fu Xiao and Yang Zhao
Blockchain technology in the chemical industry: Machine-to-machine electricity market pp. 234-246 Downloads
Janusz J. Sikorski, Joy Haughton and Markus Kraft
Thermodynamic analysis of a gas turbine engine with a rotating detonation combustor pp. 247-256 Downloads
Jorge Sousa, Guillermo Paniagua and Elena Collado Morata
Mathematical model to optimize design of integrated utility supply network and future global hydrogen supply network under demand uncertainty pp. 257-267 Downloads
Soonho Hwangbo, In-Beum Lee and Jeehoon Han
Cooling performance measurement of two cross-flow indirect evaporative coolers in general and regenerative operation modes pp. 268-277 Downloads
Hui-Jeong Kim, Sang-Woo Ham, Dong-Seob Yoon and Jae-Weon Jeong
Experimental and numerical analysis of a three-dimensional flow field for PEMFCs pp. 278-288 Downloads
Wenkai Li, Qinglei Zhang, Chao Wang, Xiaohui Yan, Shuiyun Shen, Guofeng Xia, Fengjuan Zhu and Junliang Zhang
Bio-Energy with CCS (BECCS) performance evaluation: Efficiency enhancement and emissions reduction pp. 289-302 Downloads
Mai Bui, Mathilde Fajardy and Niall Mac Dowell
Enhanced performance of ilmenite modified by CeO2, ZrO2, NiO, and Mn2O3 as oxygen carriers in chemical looping combustion pp. 303-315 Downloads
Zhenkun Sun, Dennis Y. Lu, Firas N. Ridha, Robin W. Hughes and Dimitrios Filippou
Development of MEA-based CO2 phase change absorbent pp. 316-323 Downloads
Weidong Zhang, Xianhang Jin, Weiwei Tu, Qian Ma, Menglin Mao and Chunhua Cui
Improved PEM fuel cell system operation with cascaded stack and ejector-based recirculation pp. 324-333 Downloads
Dirk Jenssen, Oliver Berger and Ulrike Krewer
A portable renewable solar energy-powered cooling system based on wireless power transfer for a vehicle cabin pp. 334-343 Downloads
Hongye Pan, Lingfei Qi, Xingtian Zhang, Zutao Zhang, Waleed Salman, Yanping Yuan and Chunbai Wang
Spatial variability of tight oil well productivity and the impact of technology pp. 344-355 Downloads
J.B. Montgomery and O’Sullivan, F.M.
Modelling to generate alternatives: A technique to explore uncertainty in energy-environment-economy models pp. 356-369 Downloads
James Price and Ilkka Keppo
Exploring path dependence, policy interactions, and actor behavior in the German biodiesel supply chain pp. 370-381 Downloads
J.A. Moncada, M. Junginger, Z. Lukszo, A. Faaij and M. Weijnen
Beneficiaries of transmission expansion projects of an expansion plan: An Aumann-Shapley approach pp. 382-401 Downloads
Banez-Chicharro, Fernando, Luis Olmos, Andres Ramos and Jesus M. Latorre
Study of solvent-based carbon capture for cargo ships through process modelling and simulation pp. 402-413 Downloads
Xiaobo Luo and Meihong Wang
Solar steam generation through bio-inspired interface heating of broadband-absorbing plasmonic membranes pp. 414-425 Downloads
Xinzhi Wang, Yurong He, Xing Liu, Gong Cheng and Jiaqi Zhu
Numerical analysis of a vertical double-pipe single-flow heat exchanger applied in an active cooling system for high-power LED street lights pp. 426-438 Downloads
Gerd Schmid, Zun-Long Huang, Tai-Her Yang and Sih-Li Chen
Energy-efficient predictive control of indoor thermal comfort and air quality in a direct expansion air conditioning system pp. 439-452 Downloads
Jun Mei and Xiaohua Xia
A novel study of using oil refinery plants waste gases for thermal desalination and electric power generation: Energy, exergy & cost evaluations pp. 453-477 Downloads
Mohamed A. Sharaf Eldean and A.M. Soliman
Investigation on a small-scale pumpless Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system driven by the low temperature heat source pp. 478-486 Downloads
L. Jiang, H.T. Lu, L.W. Wang, P. Gao, F.Q. Zhu, R.Z. Wang and A.P. Roskilly
Active management in state-owned energy companies: Integrating a real options approach into multicriteria analysis to make companies sustainable pp. 487-502 Downloads
Hernandez-Perdomo, Elvis A., Johnathan Mun and Claudio M. Rocco S.
High efficiency dual-fuel combustion through thermochemical recovery and diesel reforming pp. 503-522 Downloads
Flavio D.F. Chuahy and Sage L. Kokjohn
An improved perturbation and observation maximum power point tracking algorithm based on a PV module four-parameter model for higher efficiency pp. 523-537 Downloads
Qiyu Li, Shengdun Zhao, Mengqi Wang, Zhongyue Zou, Bin Wang and Qixu Chen
Forecasting high proportions of wind energy supplying the Brazilian Northeast electricity grid pp. 538-555 Downloads
Pieter de Jong, Roger Dargaville, Jeremy Silver, Steven Utembe, Asher Kiperstok and Ednildo Andrade Torres
Climate change and agriculture under CO2 fertilization effects and farm level adaptation: Where do the models meet? pp. 556-571 Downloads
Presley K. Wesseh and Boqiang Lin
Scaling of wind energy variability over space and time pp. 572-585 Downloads
Mehdi Shahriari and Seth Blumsack
Recent progresses on nickel-rich layered oxide positive electrode materials used in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles pp. 586-599 Downloads
Yin Ding, Daobin Mu, Borong Wu, Rui Wang, Zhikun Zhao and Feng Wu
Hierarchical coordination of TSO-DSO economic dispatch considering large-scale integration of distributed energy resources pp. 600-615 Downloads
Zhao Yuan and Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh
Operational planning and optimal sizing of microgrid considering multi-scale wind uncertainty pp. 616-633 Downloads
Joohyun Shin, Jay H. Lee and Matthew J. Realff
Dynamic time warping based non-intrusive load transient identification pp. 634-645 Downloads
Bo Liu, Wenpeng Luan and Yixin Yu
Performance analysis of a supercritical water-cooled nuclear reactor integrated with a combined cycle, a Cu-Cl thermochemical cycle and a hydrogen compression system pp. 646-658 Downloads
Al-Zareer, Maan, Ibrahim Dincer and Marc A. Rosen
Short-term electrical load forecasting using the Support Vector Regression (SVR) model to calculate the demand response baseline for office buildings pp. 659-670 Downloads
Yongbao Chen, Peng Xu, Yiyi Chu, Weilin Li, Yuntao Wu, Lizhou Ni, Yi Bao and Kun Wang
Laminar flame characteristics of cyclopentanone at elevated temperatures pp. 671-680 Downloads
Xiuchao Bao, Yizhou Jiang, Hongming Xu, Chongming Wang, Thomas Lattimore and Lan Tang
Spacial and dynamic energy demand of the E39 highway – Implications on electrification options pp. 681-692 Downloads
M. Taljegard, L. Göransson, M. Odenberger and F. Johnsson
Experimental study of the gaseous and particulate matter emissions from a gas turbine combustor burning butyl butyrate and ethanol blends pp. 693-701 Downloads
Longfei Chen, Zhichao Zhang, Yiji Lu, Chi Zhang, Xin Zhang, Cuiqi Zhang and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Potential use of liquid metal oxides for chemical looping gasification: A thermodynamic assessment pp. 702-712 Downloads
M.M. Sarafraz, M. Jafarian, M. Arjomandi and G.J. Nathan
Characterisation of the morphological changes and interactions in char, slag and ash during CO2 gasification of rice straw and lignite pp. 713-724 Downloads
Lu Ding, Yan Gong, Yifei Wang, Fuchen Wang and Guangsuo Yu
Optimization of effective parameters on solar updraft tower to achieve potential maximum power output: A sensitivity analysis and numerical simulation pp. 725-737 Downloads
Kamel Milani Shirvan, Soroush Mirzakhanlari, Mojtaba Mamourian and Soteris A. Kalogirou
Prediction of electric vehicle charging-power demand in realistic urban traffic networks pp. 738-753 Downloads
Mariz B. Arias, Myungchin Kim and Sungwoo Bae
Flexible pyroelectric device for scavenging thermal energy from chemical process and as self-powered temperature monitor pp. 754-760 Downloads
Tingting Zhao, Weitao Jiang, Dong Niu, Hongzhong Liu, Bangdao Chen, Yongsheng Shi, Lei Yin and Bingheng Lu
Cyclic thermal characterization of a molten-salt packed-bed thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power pp. 761-773 Downloads
Bing-chen Zhao, Mao-song Cheng, Chang Liu and Zhi-min Dai
Exploring deep decarbonization pathways to 2050 for Canada using an optimization energy model framework pp. 774-785 Downloads
Kathleen Vaillancourt, Olivier Bahn, Erik Frenette and Oskar Sigvaldason
Photovoltaic self-sufficiency of Belgian households using lithium-ion batteries, and its impact on the grid pp. 786-799 Downloads
Guilherme de Oliveira e Silva and Patrick Hendrick
East Asia’s gas-market failure and distinctive economics—A case study of low oil prices pp. 800-809 Downloads
Xunpeng Shi and Hari M.P. Variam
Urban energy flux: Spatiotemporal fluctuations of building energy consumption and human mobility-driven prediction pp. 810-818 Downloads
Neda Mohammadi and John E. Taylor
Integration between supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles and molten salt solar power towers: A review and a comprehensive comparison of different cycle layouts pp. 819-836 Downloads
Kun Wang, Ya-Ling He and Han-Hui Zhu
Impacts of the coming emission trading scheme on China’s coal-to-materials industry in 2020 pp. 837-849 Downloads
Guangyao Li, Jin Yang, Dingjiang Chen and Shanying Hu
Potassium catalyst recovery process and performance evaluation of the recovered catalyst in the K2CO3-catalyzed steam gasification system pp. 850-860 Downloads
XiangZhou Yuan, ShuMin Fan, Seung Wan Choi, Hyung-Taek Kim and Ki Bong Lee
Thermodynamic and environmental evaluation of biomass and coal co-fuelled gasification chemical looping combustion with CO2 capture for combined cooling, heating and power production pp. 861-876 Downloads
Junming Fan, Hui Hong, Lin Zhu, Qiongqiong Jiang and Hongguang Jin
Dynamic modeling of a sensible thermal energy storage tank with an immersed coil heat exchanger under three operation modes pp. 877-889 Downloads
Austin L. Nash, Apurva Badithela and Neera Jain
Comparison of typical year and multiyear building simulations using a 55-year actual weather data set from China pp. 890-904 Downloads
Ying Cui, Da Yan, Tianzhen Hong, Chan Xiao, Xuan Luo and Qi Zhang
Wind farm hub height optimization pp. 905-921 Downloads
Vasel-Be-Hagh, Ahmadreza and Cristina L. Archer
Energy supply modelling of a low-CO2 emitting energy system: Case study of a Danish municipality pp. 922-941 Downloads
Dadi Sveinbjörnsson, Ben Amer-Allam, Sara, Anders Bavnhøj Hansen, Loui Algren and Allan Schrøder Pedersen
Simulation of the current generation of a microbial fuel cell in a laboratory wastewater treatment plant pp. 942-949 Downloads
Thomas Krieg, Franziska Enzmann, Dieter Sell, Jens Schrader and Dirk Holtmann
Modelling and simulation of a novel Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Receiver for Solar Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) power plants pp. 950-973 Downloads
Deju D. Nation, Peter J. Heggs and Dixon-Hardy, Darron W.
Network-aware approach for energy storage planning and control in the network with high penetration of renewables pp. 974-990 Downloads
Khashayar Mahani, Farbod Farzan and Mohsen A. Jafari
Enhancement of electricity generation in CO2 mineralization cell by using sodium sulfate as the reaction medium pp. 991-999 Downloads
Heping Xie, Tao Liu, Yufei Wang, Yifan Wu, Fuhuan Wang, Liang Tang, Wen Jiang and Bin Liang
Competition, risk and learning in electricity markets: An agent-based simulation study pp. 1000-1011 Downloads
Danial Esmaeili Aliabadi, Murat Kaya and Guvenc Sahin
Experimental evaluations of solid-fueled pressurized chemical looping combustion – The effects of pressure, solid fuel and iron-based oxygen carriers pp. 1012-1022 Downloads
Liangyong Chen, Liang Kong, Jinhua Bao, Megan Combs, Heather S. Nikolic, Zhen Fan and Kunlei Liu
Real-time electricity pricing for industrial customers: Survey and case studies in the United States pp. 1023-1037 Downloads
Nasim Nezamoddini and Yong Wang
Fabrication and evaluation of a novel wavy Single Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cell via in-situ monitoring of curvature evolution pp. 1038-1046 Downloads
Indae Choi, Jung-Sik Kim, Vijay Venkatesan and Manoj Ranaweera
Quantifying demand flexibility based on structural thermal storage and comfort management of non-residential buildings: A comparison between hot and cold climate zones pp. 1047-1054 Downloads
L.A. Hurtado, J.D. Rhodes, P.H. Nguyen, I.G. Kamphuis and M.E. Webber
Cost optimization of biofuel production – The impact of scale, integration, transport and supply chain configurations pp. 1055-1070 Downloads
Sierk de Jong, Ric Hoefnagels, Elisabeth Wetterlund, Karin Pettersson, André Faaij and Martin Junginger
Simple solution-based synthesis of pyridinic-rich nitrogen-doped graphene nanoplatelets for supercapacitors pp. 1071-1078 Downloads
Min Seok Lee, Hyun-Jung Choi, Jong-Beom Baek and Dong Wook Chang
Ultrathin LiFePO4 nanosheets self-assembled with reduced graphene oxide applied in high rate lithium ion batteries for energy storage pp. 1079-1085 Downloads
WeiWei Yang, JianGuo Liu, Xiang Zhang, Liang Chen, Yong Zhou and ZhiGang Zou
Dynamic modeling of solid oxide fuel cell and engine hybrid system for distributed power generation pp. 1086-1099 Downloads
Sanggyu Kang and Kook-Young Ahn
Effects of CO2 sequestration on lipid and biomass productivity in microalgal biomass production pp. 1100-1111 Downloads
Eloka-Eboka, Andrew C. and Freddie L. Inambao
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