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2002, volume 72, issue 3-4

Influence of quantum degeneracy on the performance of a Stirling refrigerator working with an ideal Fermi gas pp. 541-554 Downloads
Jizhou He, Jincan Chen and Ben Hua
Effect of desorption temperature on CO2 adsorption equilibria of the honeycomb zeolite beds pp. 555-564 Downloads
K. Kamiuto, S. Abe and Ermalina
Applying condensing-temperature control in air-cooled reciprocating water chillers for energy efficiency pp. 565-581 Downloads
K. T. Chan and F. W. Yu
Performance simulation of an absorption heat transformer operating with partially miscible mixtures pp. 583-597 Downloads
Dominique Alonso, Thierry Cachot and Jean-Marie Hornut
Feasibility study of a hybrid wind/hydro power-system for low-cost electricity production pp. 599-608 Downloads
George C. Bakos
A systematic techno-economic assessment of a WEC system installation for low-cost electrification of a habitable dwelling pp. 609-619 Downloads
G. C. Bakos
Technical feasibility and economic viability of a small-scale grid connected solar thermal installation for electrical-energy saving pp. 621-630 Downloads
G. C. Bakos and N. F. Tsagas
Liquefaction of wood in two successive steps: solvolysis in ethylene-glycol and catalytic hydrotreatment pp. 631-644 Downloads
Sid-Ahmed Rezzoug and Richard Capart
CO2 emissions per individual based on a survey of university students pp. 645-658 Downloads
Isanobu Kihara and Takashi Inoue
Study on underground thermal characteristics by using digital national land information, and its application for energy utilization pp. 659-675 Downloads
Yasuhiro Hamada, Kaoru Marutani, Makoto Nakamura, Shigeyuki Nagasaka, Kiyoshi Ochifuji, Shigeki Fuchigami and Shintaro Yokoyama
Carbon tax for subsidizing photovoltaic power generation systems and its effect on carbon dioxide emissions pp. 677-688 Downloads
Tetsuo Tezuka, Keisuke Okushima and Takamitsu Sawa
Sensitivity analysis of total CO2 emission intensities estimated using an input-output table pp. 689-704 Downloads
Hiroki Hondo, Shinsuke Sakai and Shiro Tanno
Recovery of fluorocarbons in Japan as a measure for abating global warming pp. 705-721 Downloads
Tatsuya Hanaoka, Hisashi Ishitani, Ryuji Matsuhashi and Yoshikuni Yoshida

2002, volume 72, issue 2

Numerical study on the design parameters of a jet ejector for absorption systems pp. 467-478 Downloads
A. Levy, M. Jelinek and I. Borde
Behaviours of near two-dimensional ventilation configurations pp. 479-494 Downloads
M. B. Russell, P. N. Surendran and S. D. Probert
Influence of several irreversible losses on the performance of a ferroelectric Stirling refrigeration-cycle pp. 495-511 Downloads
Jin T. Wang and Jincan Chen
Neural prediction of combustion instability pp. 513-528 Downloads
L. Cammarata, A. Fichera and A. Pagano
Performance analysis of an irreversible cascaded heat-transformer pp. 529-539 Downloads
Selahattin Göktun and Ismail Deha Er

2002, volume 72, issue 1

Optimal analysis on the performance of a chemical engine-driven chemical pump pp. 359-370 Downloads
Guoxing Lin, Jincan Chen and Ben Hua
Heat-load modelling for large systems pp. 371-387 Downloads
A. J. Heller
Novel approach for improving power-plant availability using advanced engine diagnostics pp. 389-407 Downloads
Stephen Ogaji, Suresh Sampath, Riti Singh and Douglas Probert
Quantifying acceptable mesh dependencies for computational investigations of airflows within rooms pp. 409-425 Downloads
M. B. Russell, P. N. Surendran and S. D. Probert
Assessing energy technologies and environmental impacts with the principles of thermodynamics pp. 427-441 Downloads
Marc A. Rosen
Waste-to-energy application in an industrial district pp. 443-465 Downloads
Antonella Meneghetti, Gioacchino Nardin and Patrizia Simeoni

2002, volume 71, issue 4

Regulatory and voluntary approaches for enhancing energy efficiencies of buildings in Hong Kong pp. 251-274 Downloads
W. L. Lee and F. W. H. Yik
A proposed industrial-boiler efficiency program in Shanxi: potential CO2-mitigation, health benefits and associated costs pp. 275-285 Downloads
Jinghua Fang, Guanghai Li, Kristin Aunan, Haakon Vennemo, Hans M. Seip, Kenneth A. Oye and János M. Beér
Performance of an improved design for storage-type domestic electrical water-heaters pp. 287-306 Downloads
Adel A. Hegazy and M. R. Diab
Solar radiation estimation using artificial neural networks pp. 307-319 Downloads
Atsu S. S. Dorvlo, Joseph A. Jervase and Al-Lawati, Ali
Multiple-sensor fault-diagnoses for a 2-shaft stationary gas-turbine pp. 321-339 Downloads
S. O. T. Ogaji, R. Singh and S. D. Probert
Transient behavior of a radiative distiller/condenser system pp. 341-349 Downloads
O. M. Haddad and Al-Nimr, M. A.
Solar radiation on Adana, Turkey pp. 351-358 Downloads
R. Tugrul Ogulata and S. Noyan Ogulata

2002, volume 71, issue 3

CO2 payback-time assessment of a regional-scale heating and cooling system using a ground source heat-pump in a high energy-consumption area in Tokyo pp. 147-160 Downloads
Yutaka Genchi, Yukihiro Kikegawa and Atsushi Inaba
Ventilation of enclosed train compartments in Hong Kong pp. 161-170 Downloads
W. K. Chow
Performance of a triple-pressure-level absorption cycle with R125-N,N'-dimethylethylurea pp. 171-189 Downloads
M. Jelinek, A. Levy and I. Borde
Determining the optimal configuration of a heat exchanger (with a two-phase refrigerant) using exergoeconomics pp. 191-203 Downloads
M. Dentice d'Accadia, A. Fichera, M. Sasso and M. Vidiri
Energy integration of methane's partial-oxidation in supercritical water and exergy analysis pp. 205-214 Downloads
Richard L. Smith, Tadafumi Adschiri and Kunio Arai
Optimum autonomous wind-power system sizing for remote consumers, using long-term wind speed data pp. 215-233 Downloads
J. K. Kaldellis
A two-stage heat transformer with H2O/LiBr for the first stage and 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol(TFE)/N-methy1-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) for the second stage pp. 235-249 Downloads
Xin Wang, Lin Shi, Juan Yin and Ming-Shan Zhu

2002, volume 71, issue 2

On the effect of glazing and code compliance pp. 75-86 Downloads
E. A. Omar and Al-Ragom, F.
Modeling of the appliance, lighting, and space-cooling energy consumptions in the residential sector using neural networks pp. 87-110 Downloads
Merih Aydinalp, V. Ismet Ugursal and Alan S. Fung
Effects of electric vehicles (EV) on environmental loads with consideration of regional differences of electric power generation and charging characteristic of EV users in Japan pp. 111-125 Downloads
Keisuke Nansai, Susumu Tohno, Motoki Kono and Mikio Kasahara
Thermo-environmental evaluation of traditional cogenerative and fuel cell plants pp. 127-146 Downloads
Petronilla Fragiacomo and Davide Gambarotti

2002, volume 71, issue 1

Performance of a low-energy-consumption house experiencing a Mediterranean climate pp. 1-13 Downloads
M. A. Tahat, Al-Hinai, H. and S. D. Probert
Future energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Jordanian industries pp. 15-30 Downloads
Jamal O. Jaber
Purchased-energy consumptions in Jordan's commercial and public-service sector pp. 31-43 Downloads
J. O. Jaber and S. D. Probert
Experimental study of capillary-assisted water evaporators for vapour-absorption systems pp. 45-57 Downloads
H. M. Sabir and A. C. Bwalya
Correlation models of diffuse solar-radiation applied to the city of São Paulo, Brazil pp. 59-73 Downloads
Amauri P. Oliveira, João F. Escobedo, Antonio J. Machado and Jacyra Soares

2001, volume 70, issue 4

Energy savings in indoor swimming-pools: comparison between different heat-recovery systems pp. 281-303 Downloads
L. Johansson and L. Westerlund
Thermodynamic behaviour of an air-conditioning system employing combined evaporative-water and air coolers pp. 305-319 Downloads
Bourhan Tashtoush, Mahmood Tahat, Al-Hayajneh, Ahmed, Victor A. Mazur and Doug Probert
Evaluation of overcast-sky luminance models against measured Hong Kong data pp. 321-331 Downloads
Danny H. W. Li, Chris C. S. Lau and Joseph C. Lam
Optimal wind-hydro solution for Aegean Sea islands' electricity-demand fulfilment pp. 333-354 Downloads
J. K. Kaldellis and K. A. Kavadias

2001, volume 70, issue 3

Technological impact on energy consumption in rainfed soybean cultivation in Madhya Pradesh pp. 193-213 Downloads
Dipankar De, R. S. Singh and Hukum Chandra
Domestic-scale combined heat-and-power system incorporating a heat pump: analysis of a prototype plant pp. 215-232 Downloads
M. A. Smith and P. C. Few
Performance instability of a refrigerator with its evaporator controlled by a thermostatic expansion-valve pp. 233-249 Downloads
M. A. Tahat, G. A. Ibrahim and S. D. Probert
Life-cycle analysis of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles pp. 251-265 Downloads
Keisuke Nansai, Susumu Tohno, Motoki Kono, Mikio Kasahara and Yuichi Moriguchi
Increasing electricity generation per unit of fossil fuel so expended in diesel engines pp. 267-280 Downloads
D. Dunstan and D. Probert

2001, volume 70, issue 2

Consequences of aero-engine deteriorations for military aircraft pp. 103-133 Downloads
M. Naeem, R. Singh and D. Probert
Bin weather data for Turkey pp. 135-155 Downloads
Hüsamettin Bulut, Orhan Büyükalaca and Tuncay YIlmaz
Energy from waste incineration -- a state of the art emissions review with an emphasis on public acceptability pp. 157-167 Downloads
Andrew Porteous
Pressure drop of HFC refrigerants inside evaporator and condenser coils as determined by CFD pp. 169-178 Downloads
S. J. Smith, L. Shao and S. B. Riffat
Experimental analysis of thermo-acoustic combustion instability pp. 179-191 Downloads
A. Fichera, C. Losenno and A. Pagano

2001, volume 70, issue 1

CO2 mitigation options and barriers to implementation in the Jordanian energy-sector pp. 1-15 Downloads
J. O. Jaber and S. D. Probert
Influence of active heat sinks on fabric thermal storage in building mass pp. 17-33 Downloads
M. B. Russell and P. N. Surendran
Optimal analysis on the cyclic performance of a class of chemical pumps pp. 35-47 Downloads
Guoxing Lin and Jincan Chen
Joule-Thomson coefficients of quantum ideal-gases pp. 49-57 Downloads
Hasan SaygIn and Altug Sisman
Energy saving by realistic design data for commercial buildings in Hong Kong pp. 59-75 Downloads
W. L. Lee, F. W. H. Yik, P. Jones and J. Burnett
Windows for buildings in hot arid countries pp. 77-101 Downloads
H. Askar, S. D. Probert and W. J. Batty
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